The Key to Eternal Happiness - Tips For Loving Yourself Deeply and Completely! | Anna Kay | Skillshare

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The Key to Eternal Happiness - Tips For Loving Yourself Deeply and Completely!

teacher avatar Anna Kay, Spiritual mentor and healer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Self-Love Introduction


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      Skillshare Self Love Tip 1


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      Skillshare Self Love Tip 2


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      Skillshare Self Love Tip 3


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      Skillshare Self Love Tip 4


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      Skillshare Self Love Conclusion


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About This Class

I'm a happiness and wellbeing coach and I've come to believe  over the past year or so that loving yourself deeply and completely is the key to eternal happiness!

When you start to love yourself you find that everything in your life improves in a big way.  Your relationships, friendships, work life, family life, and lots more change in really positive ways and you feel generally happier and healthier and content in your own skin.

I want to spread my message of self-love to as many people as possible so I've created this taster course as an example of what's in my larger course on self-love, Want Some Self-Love? Love Yourself Deeply and Completely - Forever! which you can find on my website.  I also have a course on increasing your happiness, and I do one to one coaching if you'd like to delve deeper and have someone there to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction!

If you need any help or tips or have any questions at all, just give me a shout in the comments of this class or via my website.

Also on my website you can find free stuff to download, and check out my YouTube channel for tips on living your happiest life possible, as well as more info about me, my courses, my approach to happiness coaching and my general philosophy on happiness.

I really hope this taster helps you kickstart your journey to complete self-love as it really is a life changer!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anna Kay

Spiritual mentor and healer


Hi, I'm Anna.

I’m a spiritual mentor, intuitive, healer and educator.

I’m super passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge and experience to help you feel empowered to love yourself, to have a strong voice in the world, to feel confident about showing your true self and sharing your amazing creations, and to feel great about getting paid for your hard work and bringing in all of the abundance you deserve.

I have a MFA in Fine Art, life coaching, energy healing and hypnotherapy qualifications and over twelve years’ experience running my own creative businesses, which all puts me in a perfect position to help you with your creativity, self-care and creative business.

Join my Skillshare classes to help you build a life full of freedom, lov... See full profile

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1. Self-Love Introduction: Hi, I'm Anna from once, Um, happy. And today I'm here to talk about how to increase your self love. So the message we tend to get given is that loving yourself is arrogant and conceited. And if you love yourself, you're not a very nice person. But I really want to change that view because I truly, truly believe that loving yourself has benefits for you and for everyone around you. When you start to love yourself, you'll notice improvements in your relationships, your friendships, your work. You might find that you discover your life purpose because you know yourself so much better . You just generally feel more home in your own skin. And don't worry about what other people think all the time. And people will just love spending time with you because you give out this kind of radiant glow and they just love to kind of soak up your positive vibes. 2. Skillshare Self Love Tip 1: So here are my top tips for increasing yourself. Love Tip number one is to use affirmations. So I have to admit, when I started saying affirmations, I was really skeptical. I thought it was just a load of hype. I had seen them, you know, all over the place on instagram on, Do you know, just beautifully hand written on day Look amazing. But yeah, I really thought this is just a load of hype. It's not gonna really make any difference to my life on I was so wrong because it really has made such a big difference. So I recommend saying them out loud or writing them down or both. And you can just say them as you're going about your daily life. I say them when I'm in the car driving or, you know, when I'm tidying the house or when I'm cooking on, I just I go around going. I am confident I am happy. I'm beautiful. I love myself deeply and completely. Andi, I must look ridiculous. I would imagine when I'm driving in the car people probably sterile, but I don't care. Andi. Yeah, do them for 30 days because studies have shown that if you use affirmations for 30 days, they start to rewire your brain. So you actually do start to believe them and you start to think differently naturally. So it's what it's doing for 30 days. And even beyond that, it's, yes, life changing. So I do that every day, and I highly recommend that you do, too. Eso affirmations that I recommend for self love. I love myself deeply and completely. Andi, I am enough. Which is something you No way. Forget about a lot. I am enough. You are enough just the way you are. And it's really important to remember that. Andi, my other favorite, is I am awesome just the way I am on. And I say that quite a lot. And it just reminds me that if someone else doesn't think I'm awesome, then it really doesn't matter what they think. Because you know, I love myself just the way that's fine. So, yeah, to say them 30 days out loud just as you're going around your life, Andi, they will change your life. I promise. 3. Skillshare Self Love Tip 2: My next tip is to stop putting conditions on loving your cell. So we are all guilty quite a lot of the time off, not really believing that we can love ourselves until we've reached a certain goal or, you know, met a certain target that we're aiming towards quite often there really unrealistic. You know, we might think I can't be happy until I've got a super toned stomach or I've lost two stone or I had a certain amount of money or I live in a humongous mansion on. The problem with that is that even if you do reach your target, you always think of another one. Andi just kind of go round and round in a spiral of hating yourself pretty much for never reaching all the goals that you think that you should reach before you can love yourself. So stop doing that. Really? That's really could do, Just stop. And what you need to do is just be happy with yourself the way you are at the moment. Um, because you have to live with that every single day. Andi. Okay. He might be aiming towards losing to Stone on, and you know it might be going really well, and that's fantastic. But you have to be happy just living with yourself as you are. Well, you get the goal. Um, so, yeah, please stop putting conditions on loving yourself, because it's never gonna work. 4. Skillshare Self Love Tip 3: so that leads nicely into my next tip, which is gratitude. So having gratitude for everything you've already got is so important for just being content with the way that you are on, do everything you have now and your life just is is at the moment because you really do have to live with that every day on You are amazing just the way you are. So I highly recommend writing a list every day off 5 to 10 things that you're grateful for . Four. Increasing self love. I would recommend writing down things that you're grateful for about yourself. Eso it might be, you know, a part of your body that you really like. Or it might be something about your personality. Or, you know, it could be your sense of humor because you make people laugh. Or it could be your ears because they allow you to hear this. You know, just think of anything big or small. It doesn't matter, even if you think it's really silly. Write it down, and I guarantee you will have so many amazing things about yourself. Andi, you probably didn't even think of them before. Yeah, you'll find that you really do start to change the way you see yourself. When you do this, especially feed it every single day on again, do it for 30 days at least, and preferably just every day for the rest of your life. Really, because it really does help you. Just be happy with yourself the way you are, Andi, it really will help you love yourself more. 5. Skillshare Self Love Tip 4: So my next tip is to remember that you're human. This is so so important because it's true. You are only human on. Humans make mistakes and they have flaws on. Do you know, they say things that they think already silly sometimes on. Do you really do things sometimes that we wish we hadn't done? But the fact is that you can't be perfect, Andi, you're allowed to make mistakes. You need to give yourself permission to be human and to make mistakes on. And the fact is that it's your floors and your quirks that make you really unique. Andi, just make you so amazing on. Do you need to embrace your floors and your quirks? And you know all the things that make you you because no one else in the world can be you. And you know this thing That's really incredible that no two people in the world are alike , and it just makes the world amazing place to live. So remember that you're human, and if you do something that you wish you hadn't done or that you're beating yourself up about, let it go. Say I choose to let this go and just relax and try and go easy on yourself. Give you give yourself permission to mess up sometimes because we all do. It's not just you, by any means on, you know, I'm supposed to have all the keys to eternal happiness. Andi, I have bad days on end. You know, I do silly things I wish I hadn't done, even though I am supposed to be an expert in this field. So yeah, it's everybody. It's not just you. So remember that. And don't try to be perfect. Just try to be good enough, Andi. That's all you can dio, Andi, and you will be good enough. Andi, you know it's Yeah, it's what Macy unique on. But it's an incredible thing, so just embrace it. 6. Skillshare Self Love Tip 5: My final tip is to have fun, and this is so important, but we forget about it all the time. It's fine to have fun. It's a good thing for you to have fun on. And if you're having fun, then it means that you can look after everybody else. Better on do all the things you need to do. You can people productive at work on take better care of your Children and you know all the things you need to do. So don't forget to have fun and give yourself permission to have fun, because so often we don't. We think that you know we're being selfish or whatever. If if we're having fun and enjoying ourselves and if we're feeling happy, good about ourselves, it's a good thing. It's an amazing thing for you to feel good about yourself. It's really, really important, Andi, It really does make a difference to other people's lives. If you love yourself and you feel good about yourself and you feel energized and happy, so do something that you love to do or something that you'd forgotten that you love to do or you know, something that makes you feel alive. something that you've always wanted to try. Get out of your comfort zone, and that's always a good way to remember that you feel alive. Um, and really, you know, just enjoy yourself. Treat yourself well, while you're doing it. I often tell people to date themselves, which sounds a bit crazy, but it's it's really what you should be doing. You should take yourself out and treat yourself as well as you would the other person if you actually on the date. Andi, you should, um, be kind to yourself and have compassion for yourself on. Just really relax and enjoy yourself. Turn your phone off, Andi, just have an evening or a day or whatever off you time on bond, and it really makes a big difference to how you feel. So I really think that that will help increase yourself. Love. If you do it regularly, don't just make it a one off. You have to make an actual regular time to go and have some fun and just chill and enjoy yourself and b you and remember how it feels to be you because you are amazing. Andi, it's a great thing to be you, and you will start to believe it. A prophecy. Oh, 7. Skillshare Self Love Conclusion: So those are my top tips for increasing yourself. Love. I really, really hope that they help you. Andi, if you have any questions or you would like some 1 to 1 coaching with me to help you take this further, then please get in touch with me. I always love hearing from people. You can get in touch with me via my website, which is once, um, happy dot com. On there's a contact form there that you can fill in Andi. There's also an online course on self love, which goes into a lot more detail than I have done here today, and it's really, really useful if you don't have myself having you want. You really want to change your life forever, because it it is life changing. Once you start loving yourself, it just makes everything so much better. I honestly believe that loving yourself is the key to eternal happiness. So I really, really hope that this is just the stuff of your journey. Andi, get in touch with me if you need any help or anything. Okay. Thanks for watching. By