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How to find your true Self

teacher avatar Emerelle, Singer & Video Creator

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Save yourself years of practice and searching..

Your 'true self' is nothing you have to achieve or develop in the future. It means your natural being, what you already are! Realizing this is simple and the only way to find lasting peace & happiness in this world.

That's all 'awakening' really means and what Buddha, Jesus and all the great sages pointed to.

You don’t need to sit naked in a cave, read tons of spiritual & self-help books or be good at Yoga. It's also not about your personal self; discovering your 'purpose' or unleashing your 'full potential'.

I've tried and seen a lot of BS over the last 10+ years on my spiritual journey, so I'd love to share what it really comes down to.

You can find out right here and now - all it takes is an open heart & mind :)

DISCLAIMER: Seeking truth since I was 15, it only clicked after having met a true spiritual master called Mooji. What I'm sharing in this course is greatly inspired by his wisdom & teaching. It comes from a lineage called 'Advaita' which originated in India. However, this does not replace any therapy!

PS: I'm very aware of and very sorry for the bad audio quality.
It's better when you listen without headphones!

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this class. I'm so happy you're here. I'm memory and I've been on a spiritual journey since I was 15. I've seen and done it all energy healing, meditation, raw food, diet your God. She go on a course in miracles. Lost attraction, you name it. That's why I'm burning to tell you that you don't have to duel the chest. You want me direct? He live in astrology. Angels are energy to know what the Buddha. You also don't have to eat clean, jump Montrose or wear a turban. I mean, it's nothing wrong with those things and you can enjoy them. But it is not required to a wedge into who you are and you will not find yourself in those things. It also doesn't matter where you come from, how old you are or what religion you were raised to believe all that. That's not matter. When it comes to your true self, it's that I said it put a Jesus moment Krishna, Rama, Nama Hashi and all the great saints and SAGES. We remember they all the same thing. They just differed in expression. But this is not about religion or believe That's what people made out. If it This is about the nature of all human beings. Also, for infants and animals, this is completely natural until they develop ego. So I'm going to try and express it in s simple language. It's possible because it is so utterly simple. A child could understand it, yet it is the biggest secret in the world. However, it is not so hard to access. As long as you have an open heart and mind, it is totally possible. But in most cases require some time. And I'm just saying this now, so you know, and I'm going to address it at the end of the course and give you some tools for that. But for now, we want to have a taste of what's true and experience are yourself first. So let's get started. We're going to do a little exercise together, and for this I ask you to turn off all distractions and give him a full attention for the next few minutes. Oh, just a little disclaimer. A lot of what I'm going to share is what I've learned from listening to Muji over the last couple of years. 2. Explanations: Before we start with the actual exercise, I'd like to cover some theory whether you'd like to call it finding your true self, your inner being the present moment. God, your higher self. In essence, that's all the same. It has to be. Truth cannot be partial to sometimes, and then not. I'm going to stick with true self for a moment, but you could always exchange that in your head for the term you feel most drawn to. So the topic we're looking into today it's exactly that finding your troops up and in my opinion, that's the most important thing in the world. Let me explain. If you don't know who you are, how can anything make sense that you do? You can distract yourself in many, many different ways and try to fill that void, but you will never feel completely content. You could be the greatest musician, doctor or business owner in the world. Yet if you don't know yourself, you won't be happy. These are bold words, but I stand with them finding that inner peace is the most important thing a human being can do because let's be honest. Look around and in the world. It's a showcase off what's going on on an individual level, and it's not looking too good. So the only thing that would actually here humanity is that people come to peace within themselves first, including you. So let me be clear here. This is not about sprinkling some spiritual glitter over your personality or polishing your ego. This I like to call the real deal. Actually, your ego or self image is the exact thing we have to get rid off in order for your true self to shine. But it's not as threatening as it may sound. That's just another misconception. Out dared it after awakening, you are nothing more than some willingness food. So if you haven't turned off this video yet, thank you and Congress, that means you are actually interested in and drawn to knowing the truth. Now you might have years off spiritually practice yourself or you have never really heard of it before. It doesn't matter. They're people who have bean practicing and meditating for years and just don't get it and other stumble upon this by accident, and it just kicks why or for whom? This is. I cannot say maybe It's destiny, God of race. I don't know. It's not that important. What's important is that you clear your mind off all those thoughts and your history off who you think you are and just be open. That's enough because truth is already are you yourself? It's always here. It's so simple. It just means you exist. You are. It's not some spirit to offend, to see that only people clairvoyants can see or something like that. It's nothing you have to build or achieve by medication or some practice in that way. It's like you have a name, right? And you know you're a man or a woman. You don't need to remember and practice that. It's just who you are. If someone called your name, you immediately turn your head and no, it addresses you. If you're married and someone calls Jordan, you won't get a second to think, whether it's you or not, and justice naturalist, that is it for himself. It's just what you are. So how come we don't know about that? Well conditioning, concerts and identification it's how this world works for some reason, and maybe there'll come a time when we don't have to talk about these things anymore. But for now we do have to hear over and over again until our minds become reconditioned with tooth. So there we go. God is always here. It is all there is, the good, bad and the ugly. It's all within the great universe you already hired to himself. There's nothing you have to do, fix or he'll before You can realize that, in fact, it's just a father way. A little change in perception is all you really need to feel the presence within. It's like a little tweak in consciousness. Imagine a coin. Did you flip? It's still the same coin, but you can see a completely different side of it now. Maybe that's not the best example, because your true self is not just another side. But I guess you know what I'm trying to see. There's also metaphor I quite like, which goes something like that. Before awakening, Fisher is chopping wood, making fire going on the lake after awakening, the Fisher was chopping wood, making fire going on the lake. So that means it's not about other things you do are seeing. You don't have to change things in order to see what the sage sees. Or do you think that is intimidated by you eating too much chocolate again? That it doesn't matter? In that way, realizing truth doesn't changed expression you have within this body. You don't need to quit your day job and start chanting It's OK for something. Yes, you might want to change things in your life, to the border in you anyways, and this recognition, my just finally give you the strength to do so. But it is nothing that would threaten or destruct things you love. It cannot take away from you things that are truly but what is not just for away. So it's a win win. So I hope I could give you a basic understanding about this topic. But the theory is nothing without the actual experience. There are thousands of people out there who think they know but are not a true living expression off that. So let's start rambling and figure right to it. Are you ready 3. The Exercise: So if you're still here, I assume you want to find your true self. Whatever brought you here in life, you must know that there's more to it waiting for you. Maybe you've seen someone talking about a piece that never leaves about the Choi Without reason are about no worry in the world being able to bother you. So if you're open to death possibility and want to explore how far you can go, I say, Come with me, I'll take you on a little introspection. It won't take long, and it's very easy. You don't need to do or prepare anything. There's only one thing I ask when you walk with me, Leave your mind behind. We can't take it with us on this journey. It's too heavy, but you can have it back when we return. So you might think, How on earth should I leave that thing behind? It's attached to me. Well, that's not really true. It's actually very easy to leave it for a moment. It's more like a backpack you can put down, so just start by not thinking about your past. Now cut it out. Everything from what you've done today to what you experienced as a child and why you are askew are etcetera. All the regrets and things that bother you, everything others might have done to you or you to them. Leave it, Leave it all here. And when we come back, you might see it in a different light. So you've left past and already feel a bit like to maybe no. Also cut out future. Don't think about what you expect from this or in general, what kind of person you'd like to be. Your goals and aspirations. What? You're working tardes. All that. Leave it behind. No. Also forget about what they stay or week might bring you. We don't need that now. Just drop it like a hot potato. Meaning, Just stop thinking about it right now. Ignore it. I want you to come with me empty and light so there's no past now and no future if cut it back and remain with yourself and what's going on right now. But I say even leave that ignore even the present moment and yourself, meaning the person you think you are, It's not so important. I don't care about the thing. Now you can be free off all your usual tightness is and thoughts you have of yourself and your life. Go back a bit deeper inside yourself and feel what it's like to be empty off your mind. You are still here, aren't you? You are a mayor and the weak, but don't have to think. Should thoughts come, they don't matter. You can see them. No big deal. But you are and nothing can change. A thing about that feel you're being how is it? Do you feel a bit more light? The rucksack off our minds is pretty heavy, but we don't notice until we take it down. So, like this, we can walk together. Actually, without you realizing it, we've already reached the destination. This journey is not like any other. It's just one footstep long. So now, as I already have you here, I might just will ask you some questions. Displace you're in right now. Three from your usual Morris. Is it anything in particular, like male or female? Doesn't it feel like it's just neutral? You don't have to label it. You don't have to do anything. There's nothing to anticipate. Imagine there was no next. You're just here. Don't accept any new thoughts or concepts now for one moment, just be yourself without see if that is possible. You're just aware off yourself. That's enough. Nothing special. Nothing new, nothing fancy. It might feel quite ordinary to you because it is. That's what's always here. That's just well, what you are so simple. So the mind might say. But that's boring. What has that to do with God or my true self? I don't feel anything in particular. No bliss or super piece is just nothing here. Well, don't listen to your mind now that nothing is three exact thing that people have been looking for since ages. Just give it a little bit more space. Soon we will finish. But now just be in this empty place and answer some more of my questions. This Can it be seen or touched? Could you take a selfie off it? No. Then look further. Did it come from somewhere? Can it go away? Can you just Manish? Or isn't it always here? Also, can this be offended by anything? Does it have strong judgments or opinions, or is it just neutral here to moment? Like all these things are not so important and far away from this place. And is it a place? Really? If it is a place, how much distance is there between you and it? Or is it the same? Are you it? If so, you have just discovered what people from all over the world from all walks of life and religions have been trying to find since the beginning of time. These are big words, and what you see now might feel quite unspectacular. But I tell you, this is it. It's just yourself that, uh, and speaking off toe, What religion does it belong? Does it belong to any Now? Tell me, have you ever felt so pure, complete and content? You might also feel a warm policy feeling in your body, like your present in your whole being instead of Onley in your thoughts and your head. Look at how you feel right now and tell me in your class project afterwards because you actually haven't lost the ability to see feel or touch. You could still type on the keyboard or do the laundry. Our natural functioning isn't affected by this. It's just that now you are aware off your yourself. At most times we are distracted from that by our minds. But this can stop, and that's called freedom, so enjoy. 4. Tips & Tools: So welcome back. I hope you enjoy this little walk together and immediately notice how you don't have to leave that place in order to feel and see and look around. I mean, how could you just stop in all of us that not be yourself anymore? That's just ridiculous. It's like saying, because what you movie and I'm mesmerized by it. You stop being you, and that which you just found is nothing else but you. So knowing that you can easily take figure things now if you want. When you pick up your backpack, however, you might realize that it's way easier just carrying this thing. And you know what you are is a whole other story. So of course I won't lie about the fact that habit and conditioning are powerful as well, and the reflex to go back to how you were before will come. However, it is just a distraction, no matter what. Always remember this. Nothing can take you away from who you are. You can only do. You get kind of hypnotized by the thoughts and concepts in your head in which you happen to play the main character, just like with movie But with a movie, you will feel all the feels and still. No, it's not you that doesn't make the feelings on you, but it keeps you from thinking that the character acting on screen issue it's quite a thing with us, really. But he will come to seated yourself. So always remember, even if you do get distracted by the plate still, that can be watched within your own awareness. Then there's another thing I have to tell you about Boston us. That's a term that refers to strong waves off negative thinking, bad feelings or pain. It's when you identify with those things and feel that you just can't escape it and have to act out anger, sadness or guilt or whatever it comes in many forms and will be triggered. Bester. In situations and circumstances, everyone has to deal with those, and it's usually always the same things for each person. Truth is, when you realize you really are does might become even stronger to distract you from your piece and go back to how you were and what's familiar because apparently that's how our human brain works. So I'd like to give you some more tools to deal with that. Number one just stayed the easiest and most important thing. No matter what storm is hidden, you always try and find the silent place inside you. First. It might seem almost too simplistic, like how would this solve any of my problems? But it works. In fact, it is the one medicine for everything. I guess all problems are personal, and if you go back to the neutral place, many will fall away by themselves and you'll find better and quicker solutions to those who remain. Number two. Ask yourself to who these things are happening. Don't try to push the thoughts and feelings away. You can't stop a storm that's already raging inside you. Let it pass. Let it happen. The thing you can do, however, is not getting too involved in it and a rather watch it to do so. Ask yourself who the actual sufferer off those thoughts and feelings is, you might think, Well, it's just me, but really try and find it as if I had asked you to bring it forward so that I concede to as in your body. But that storm is inside you, so show me who's suffering it exactly. Doing this kind of inquiry might realize that you can't find the actual sufferer, but only your himself again, which surprising you might be quite still in the eye of the storm. Number three bath in it While it's eaten, meaning, practice your spiritual muscle while you are relatively untroubled. Morningood used to consciously being your true self easier. You will conquer those mind attacks. Don't just wait until they come to see if any of these things work. Being this all the time. Mind use have all weren't over until it's completely natural again. You might also want to take some time off now on the weekend, beat a few hours days just to bath and strengthen this recognition. Or you may take out a few minutes every morning before you start your day to center. Listen to this exercise again and again. Or which other redus off masters who speak Lecter's just Google Chiappucci Moochie or anger , too More chips. Now I want to share some. One point is with you that you can ponder, own or just use this reminder stealing today some of them you immediately. It just clicks and others you might just forget, pick some and leave to rest. We are like fish in the sea, asking where the waters. I really liked this image, you know. It's like one fish asking the other. Hey, have you seen any water here? Enter one goes, Oh, well, yes, I had an experience off water a few weeks ago, but I can't remember where it is. It's just ridiculous, right? But it's the same with us. When we were talking about ourselves, it's like it's all there is. We are in it, We aren't. And yet we try to find it. And then we have experience and we forget about it. Really, It's It's a bit. It's a bit funny, but I totally get that. It feels like that it's the same from you as well. But whenever I remind myself, I know that it must be here in this moment, and so it brings me back to myself quite quickly. The next thing is the question. Who am? I might have heard it. It's just a very simple and ancient question, really, to just ask yourself again and again, like, Who am I? If you having thoughts that won't stop, you can ask who is thinking those thoughts or who is having those feelings and like that, you again come back to your own self very quickly. Just see that that you are not those things. Those thoughts, those feelings that those images, that there's you and there's the things you see. And with that comes disgrace, peace and joy. Then wherever you are, is a door to your most being. I like to sometimes a lot, because it shows that no matter the circumstances, wherever you find yourself and this is a great in mind of you in the day that right there, you can entered this state off peaceful presence and it doesn't matter what what is. Which brings me to the next thing, which is, if truth is ever present, it must be here. Now. It's the same thing. It means it includes all. There is kind of on acceptance that things are as they are. It doesn't mean it's good. It's just as it is and like that you can leave it. You can say, OK, that's deaths, how things are, and I'm here watching it, and I'm the touch button and again to spring so much freedom and you can do this in any given moment, Good or bad. Next thing is be the Watcher. Yes, be a watcher off your own self. Not just a bit things he perceived, but also off your own self. Perceiving them like doing things and thinking thoughts You see yourself do that. It might sound a bit strange, and maybe you can get what I'm talking about. It's just another way you can experiment, going about your day, watching yourself like you were a spectator in your own movie. So to say, Yeah, that brings me to an export point with cheese awareness. Awareness is always in the background. No matter what you do, no matter how far away from truth you feel you are, this awareness can't go anywhere. It's always there. And it's also a way to go about your day to day life that you still sense this awareness but more background off your being. So you do things, you answer elements. You have your meetings. But this this presence is still there. It's just another word for your true self what justice colored. But maybe that's something you can work with. Yes, and you could also try and find the space between and behind thoughts again. It's the same place all I'm talking about. Now it's It's the same but kind of different routes to go and just different pointers that can guide you there. So if you concentrate on just watching your thoughts, you realize that there's a space between you and the thoughts or behind the thoughts or between the thoughts. No matter how you want to describe it, um, here's myself and there are the thoughts, and you'll see how this distance makes all the difference in the world. Next thing ISS. Also something I discovered recently that it's just a very subtle thing. It's like a time tweaking consciousness. It it doesn't change a thing about you or the things around you or even your thoughts. It can stay exactly the same. But if you change, your positions ought to say just your way of perceiving. It's It's all it makes all the difference. It's like it's even the same you but identified as something else. Maybe maybe, words are not sufficient to describe what what I want to say. No, I just want to point out that it's not, uh, huge thing. It's not like a huge difference. You feel it's subtle thing. It's almost too easy, almost too obvious. So that's why we miss it so easy. Yes, and this true self. It can be hurt or changed or, you know, like affected by anything can be stained. It's not because you've done something bad that now you must some fit. That's just that that's, you know, in our head, in our mind you are that and no guilt, no soul. And no pain can change a thing about that and really, you know, let that sink in so that it gives you comfort that you are, I don't know, maybe good enough or birth e off realizing that now what goes with this is you are the same you all throughout your life. And you can realize that right now. If you look and think about when you were a child, then when you are 20 and when you are 30 or whatever your thoughts, your appearance, your age apparently changed. But it wasn't it the same you. I mean, there must be something that's the same all throughout. When you can see that it's all just play and you are the same. So that means you will also be the same future. No matter what you maybe achieve or lose, it cannot change things about you. And then last last image army give you is the voters be like the Lotos that grows in the march but always isn't top off it. If the sea level rises, it's still on top and it can't be touched by n dirt. And that's how you are when you don't identify with the thoughts on your actions and stuff . So come what will always stay on top of it when you stay in this realization off this true self. No, it's It might be a little paradox that you can experience thoughts and feelings just like you have done forever. But at the same time, you watch it, so your act and at the same time you watch it and thats homes day in top off the game, on top of the mother who march being older, swirls and worlds off. Thoughts and images have feelings, and you know it's stuff. Yeah, so I think that's way more than enough for now, as a sad to take what you need to leave the rest. You can come back later. I just really wanted to throw all the good stuff into one course and share everything. So yeah, See you in the next video for the closing words, but very important as well, so yeah. 5. Closing Words: so to wrap this up might or might not have experienced your true self. Now, maybe if you deeply touched or you feel nothing at all. Maybe something inside you feels like, Yes, that's what I've been waiting for or you're just confused or angry. All is alright. Look, everybody's expression is different, and every path is different and unique. For some, it just happens like that. For others, it takes time to sink in. We can't say why is But trust that life is just Maybe you wake up one morning and realize spontaneously what we talked about, who knows? Or you just forget about it all and find someone else who uses different words who speak to you more. But there is something in every human being that's drawn to the same truth, and all it really takes is to say yes fully. I want this to keep being open and not settling for less to keep. This is the highest priority in your life, so everything else can flow accordingly because there is not a misconception out there that , as a spiritually awakened being, you can't live a normal life. That's just not true. Your individual expression just keeps unfolding. Naturally, quite the opposite is true. Actually, life flows much more easily and intuitively, and you deal with with stuff in a much more calm and centered way because you have more space between you and the things happening. You don't take everything so personally anymore, and you realize just how beautiful and magnificent life really is. Maybe you're confused about whether you felt it or not. Well, when you're in love, do you need somebody to tell you this is laugh? You just know, and quite the same way we know when we found this place? No. When you found your true place, you just feel it. There's this paradox about searching being alternate. It takes a lot of time. I stand with what I said that finding yourself doesn't take time. As you have just seen. It's always here, and you've never been anything else. But at the same time, staying in this recognition seems to take practice and time. Speaking off one last tip, don't try and estimate how far you've come. Don't set anything in stone like now I've done it. Only the mind stills, bags and milestones and anchors stay open like to see and flexible like the wind I hope to serve you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know. Now for a class project, all you have to do is create a project and writing it a few sentences or more about experience. I want to know. Could you answer those questions we did in the exercise? How did you feel, or did you find some blocks at all to be extremely happy to get to know you? Introduce yourself and share a bit about your background story and your spirit to journey. So far, how come you've kicked on this course? There's also pdf. You can download and print out with all the important things we covered today and the exercise you can follow along at home at any given time. Just make sure you do it slowly if you're hearing them for the first time. Lastly, I'd like you to know that I also create more videos like this on my own YouTube channel. I make music that's inspired from this place and that also can help you remember. So yeah, over. If you like the legs, I'm a profile and you can also just Google or search for emerald on YouTube. You find me. So thank you so much for following along. Until now, I know it might have been a large Andi, I know your time is precious, so I really hope you've gotten something out of it. I send you all my love and blessings. And remember, this is not just about meditation or spiritual practice. It's about who you are. It's about your true self, which is God no must.