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The German Alphabet part 1 - say the ABC & spell your name in German

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction to the German Alphabet


    • 2.

      The letters from A to M


    • 3.

      The letters from N to Z


    • 4.

      First listening exercise


    • 5.

      The extra German letters


    • 6.

      Second listening exercise


    • 7.

      Some extra words you might need when spelling things in German


    • 8.

      How to spell your email address in German


    • 9.

      The German Spelling Alphabet


    • 10.

      How to use Google Translate for some extra practice


    • 11.

      An A Z of abbreviations


    • 12.

      Your project


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About This Class

This course is designed to help you with German spelling. It will teach you

  • how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in German
  • how to pronounce the extra German letters
  • any extra words you need to spell words in German
  • how to spell email addresses in German
  • how to spell words using the German spelling alphabet

Listening exercises will reinforce what you have learned.

Anybody who has started learning German or has an interest in the German language will benefit from this course.

Intermediate or advanced German learning won't need this course but may still have fun practising their listening skills

At the end of this course, you will be able to...
- say the German alphabet
- understand when people spell words in German
- be able to spell words in German
- be able to spell email addresses in German

For free students, here are some free coupons: free ABC

For a follow up, if you wish to learn how the letters sound within German words, check out my 2nd ABC class: The German Alphabet part 2 - the sounds of the letters within words (or use of of the free coupons here)

Meet Your Teacher

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Introduction to the German Alphabet: Welcome to the German Elsa Bickell's. I felt I start you off with five facts about this course SEC number one German swelling is as easy as a B C because that's what it is. We have got the same letters as an English alphabet, A B C D e. All the way up to is it except that they're not pronounced exactly the same. Some of them are pronounced completely different. Some of them are pretty close, and some of them actually are almost same as in the English alphabet. So really, it is easy number two, the German else a bit does have four extra gratis. We have got what is called a note. That letter is pronounced differently than the A. We haven't. Oh, I'm loud. And that's different from the, um, loud. And then we have what looks like a capital B letter he s set, which is a sharp s. Um, recover those is one of the coals, and then you will be fine with him. No problem. Number three, if you're teaching yourself German or is your learning German in a lesson with a tutor? She using a textbook at some stage there will be the question vish hype Monday us. How do you write that? Be to both turbulence E police spell usually election lectured two or three obviously depends on which books are you using? There will be the alphabet, and then you have to spell your names and where you come from and things like this, and we will be practicing that here as well. Flight number four If you like the international spelling else a bit, you know, also gravel. Charlie Delta. There is a German wasn't version as well, which I will be taking you. And that's also son. And then you can choose how you want to spell your name and second in the size. At the end of this school's you will know everything you need to be able to spell in germ, because that's the idea of this course. So let's get started. Hey, self, a pen and paper ready for the next lecture because it's a good idea to write down the alphabet as we go through. I'll see you then 2. The letters from A to M: okay, Before we begin, I have tried to write down how the letter sound phonetically, but on some of them, it is really difficult. So I suggest you get yourself a paper and pen right on the Alfa bitch on then right next to it. What you hear? Especially if you already know other foreign languages. You may come up with a better sound than the one that I've written down, but let's start first letter are, uh and words that begin with the letter would be absolute or Arjuna be be the baby older. See? See says use begins with C de de. Of course there d does begin with D E the l A fund. Yes, yes. Fish begins with E G Give offer Garten. I begin with G. Huh? He HASA e e the ins er yacht yacht. The cook. Come, uh, cutter begins with a car and news and I m the muta. And that's the first part off the alphabet. I'll go through it again. Uh, be see De Yeah, gay, uh, yacht. Uh um And when we cover the next, not in the next video 3. The letters from N to Z: ready for part two. Here we go. En And as a nest. Oh, isn't Puma p p. Park Platts To who? I was in Kerala. Yeah. Ah is in the hog, Zack. Yes, yes. Dozens even t t Tigua Who as in you're foul foul as in for good. The Z as in Vives. Geeks, Geeks, I think soon a phone which starts with X Pepsi long steps along. Not too many German words. Start with Absalon. You've got over Yvonne here. But of course, a lot off English words. Lots of English names end in Absalom. So you may well need it depending on what your name is. Sit to it like a T s set. C block. Sit. So here we have the second part again. And Mm pain comb. Ah, yes. T uh, foul Z X absalon set on. Before we move on to the extra letters, we do a little bit of a listening exercise which you can do in the next video 4. First listening exercise: for our first listening exercise. We won't need the extra letters yet because these are five English towns on five American states, which I will spell to you in German. They don't have any extra German letters in it. But you never know. You may need to spell in Germany. The name off the town or the state. Where you coming from? So post a video, get a pen and paper. Make sure you sit nice and comfortably. Onda, listen to the words. I will say them twice each time. But if that's not enough, feel free to rewind it over and over and over again until you think you've got it. And only then can you go and check in the next lecture to see if you are right. So don't worry if you need to listen to it more than twice, it doesn't matter. Okay? First word be, uh, t Uh huh. And I repeat, be, um t huh? Second word and and de Oh. Mm. And I repeat, and Mm. And de who? And third word, but longer. And, uh, and see, uh, um yes to Mm. I m. And I do that a little bit slower. I m, uh, And see, uh um s to? Yeah, on the next would and e. So, um and, uh oh, and I repeat and foul. Hmm? Yeah, P Oh, who And on the last English place be? Mm. Yeah, I m and gay. Uh uh, And And I repeat, be e and I m and gay. Uh huh. Um, I m and the five American states the 1st 1 if and mm. And mm de, uh, And I repeat if and you and de ah, the 2nd 1 to beaks Uh, but that was nice and easy, but I repeated t mm geeks. Ah, the next one, The lips alone. Oh, I m and day. And I repeat the epsilon who I m mm. And gay. And the next one, um, you know, sit. Mm. And And now repeat, um and mm state. Mm. And, uh, and the last one. See Mm. And and see to see who t and I repeat. See Mm. And and e see t see huh? To like I said before, listen, as many times as you lied paying attention to the four really tricky letters the A and the r. Because A is Ah, and the R is, uh, and the I and the E which people get mixed up. I is you and he is e. 5. The extra German letters: Now we come to the extra four letters that we don't have in the English alphabet We do have in the German alphabet on the 1st 1 is Oh, our home loan. That was really difficult to find anything to write it phonetically. So in the end, I decided not to. On the good news is, if you needed to spell a word with an aom loud, you can actually say, Ah, I'm loud. Sometimes even Germans do it, but most of the time they will say what the letter is. So it, um um the other one is Oh, I'm loud or a war room loud. Oh. Ah. Um, not who. But on then we have the You will note I'm loud, which is her. Um, there is really that much different. This there Who? Um, but there is. And the last one, the funny letter that looks like a capital B but is actually an s sound on it's called s set. Sometimes you hear people call it sharp office s because it is a sharp s sound. But most of the time, people say s sit. And those are the four extra lettuce. Ah. Um, uh huh. test it. Like I said before, if you need to use them, you can say our home love. He, um loud whom now s set is not a problem, But you may still here it is another state once more. Ah ah. Mm. And that's it. Have a go at the listening exercise in the next lecture lecture and see how you get on. 6. Second listening exercise: for this listening exercise. I will give you six German towns. One doesn't have unloading it, but some may have more than one extra letter. And to make it really difficult for you, I'm not going to say our own loud or anything that this I will say a uh Yeah, And yes, it's it. See how you get home the first word and and you know, and and be e and, uh, Dean and I repeat and, uh, and I m be e ah de the 2nd 1 and mm, who, um, s sick. I repeat that one and mm you uh huh, uh s stick And the next month, and and, uh, be and, uh see, uh mm. And that. Also, repeat already. Sorry. Mm. Uh um um be and, uh, see come and the next would dean. Mm. Then, um, the, um and T huh? And I repeat, that one. De, um uh mm. The, um and T uh huh. On the next one. Uh, who? Epsilon e. And yes, the e Yeah, De ah, and I repeat, uh mm. Epsilon E And yes, the e and, uh, de ah, and the last one and mm ESTs it and mm t sit. And I repeat and Mm, this is it and t sit. They were a lot harder than the first lot. Don't you think? You never know. Somebody may need to spell a German word to you one day on it. May just have one of the only out all the s set lettering it. Like I said before, if you need to listen to it again, go ahead. Nobody's counting. How many times? 7. Some extra words you might need when spelling things in German: Okay, now we come to some extras. There been district, which is a hyphen. Now you may have a double barrel name. If you were called Smith Jones with a hyphen in between, you would spell it like yes and tea. Ha. Been different Yacht. Who? And e this so just about Smith and then mentioned the word industry, which is the hyphen and then Jones Doper. Now, quite often in English. If we have a double l or double T, we don't say. L l t t we just say double l double T in German. Very often we just say t t ah pp all people to use the word dropper. So Dr P would be a double p would be a double. L just be very careful, Doctor. Who? It's not a w doctor. It would actually be you. You remember w is the so don't get those mixed up a post wolf. The apostrophe. You don't normally have it in names. What? Not surnames or anything, but it may come up in the name. No use What new word say? For instance, you lift at lands INGE and you have to spell it. You would need to say and ah n d a post als yes. Noise. What e en de because lands is with an apostrophe and lands end is two words. So we would need an apostrophe on the new word, but as well. So one of the questions are mentioned The Schreiber Monday s how does one right it? So if I had introduced myself to somebody and said my now missed Angelica Davey on there, then said Wish Heitman does this is what I would say. Um and de um uh ah. Noise watch. De, um, So any hip saloum and there it is, but a boost Abuse. Lindsay, please spell. Sometimes you get that sometimes you're being asked to reshape mend us. Sometimes they even say the book, the beauty Amanda's. So if I said I live in Welcher in England, I would spell it like this. And if you like, get a pen and paper and try writing it down as well on, I'll give you the answers again in a minute. So I want a wheelchair on England, and I would stand V and t Yes. Uh hmm. And e noise what? Um, and G and, um and de Did you get it? There we are. Will chair England when fee high. Sens e. We took off turbulence e. This is the end of this video and you'll start to make sure that you know how to spell your name. Maybe even practice when you come from. 8. How to spell your email address in German: and now a little bit about email addresses. My email address is would be minor email address er ist, and then you will start spelling it, and then you probably get stuck on a couple of symbols. So what could they be that? Luckily, the Germans call it that as well, although there pronounce it more like yet somewhere, as we say at they say it. Coat is the dot so pumped the would be dot de or pulled car RINOs. Now the hyphen in an email address is not been industry. It's mean us, because it's like a minus sign. If you have an underscore in your email address, then you need to say, Industry whom test? If everything is in lower cases, you would say Alice Klein grocery literally means everything. Spelled little Alice Klein grocery. And if it's all in capital letters, Alice goals Cochrane. Just as an aside, you see the S set letter. It's not a B. It's the s set. Alice goals theist, either. Eamon addresses. What's your email address I made one up on? I'm going to spell it to you. She want to pause the video and get yourself pen and paper see if you can write down what I'm spelling to you on. I'll show it to you afterwards. Que mine email. It was ist uh z Mm IHS and mm. Want history? Um, and game e um, come, Uh, not whom de Mm. And Absalon couldn't de and I repeat that one, uh, z IHS, um And I mean, um and game and, uh uh out Dean aim and salon poot de you think you've got it? That's what it waas I just like to emphasize again, This is not a really email address. Even with I would like it to be like that the east you email addresses which most abuse e this is over to, you know, this is the end of this video on. It's time for you to write down your email address and practice spelling. It has some 9. The German Spelling Alphabet: if you're interested in the international off of it, you know Alpha Bravo, Charlie, etcetera. You may like to know that there is a German version as well. Which are briefly goes through with you, Anton, That so se za do, uh, a mere legally good stuff. Hi, English Eder. You lose Houseman blutrich matter not cool What? To Paoletta? Conveyor The shot Zam Will todo really victor ville him? Some tipper rips along separately? Yes, And we have the extra letters and go local newme in the moot? Yes, it. Or as it's also called Sharpless s. So if you ever have to spell anything and you don't like to use the letters B c and you like the spelling alphabet, then use this one. Either way, you should be able to do it. 10. How to use Google Translate for some extra practice: in this video. I'm going to show you how you can use Google. Translate to help you with your German spelling practice because it works with any other language as well. But we're looking at the German. So the first thing you do is when you've gone on to Google translate, you make sure that the first button is not your language, but German, because this is the only box we're interested in. We're not interested in the translation or anything else. And you probably already know that if you type a word in like I've just done there and your press on the listening button, Google will actually read it to you. There we are. That doesn't help us with the spending. Watch this. I'm putting a gulf between each individual letter. Now, listen. How, Wendy? Huh? Who? Nd That's how you can practice if I put something else in there. My name. Ah, Now this is good. I can show you something here because I just felt my name wrong. I didn't put a capital letter in there. That is not important, but I've put in f in there by accident instead off the G on at the bottom. You can see it comes up with showing translation for Angelica, which isn't really be or translate instead that now, if I'm not interested in the translation, I'm just interested in the pronunciation. Let's go for that one. So now Google has accepted that, and it will now spell out my name even with the wrong letter. Let's see. What shall I say? Let's listen on you. Ah, and S E ca But I would like my name spelt properly. So let's try again. That should know. Say, are n g e a ika on the ah, let's try another letter. Another word. Let's try a longer one. Just always make sure you put the gap in between. Otherwise it will not accept it. Let's see how it's belts. This it should say. B l m e N T o P Yes, B. And, um You Teoh here, there. Yeah. So now if you fancy a bit off practicing, you can type any word in there that you want to practice. A should even work with English words. Any words? What could be put in there? What did I read there? I think I read Edward support earlier on So let's put support in there. Andi. It should still spell it in German. It should now say, S O P P. T. That's will be here on anti See National on this should say who D e m Absalom 40 Emmett's. So now if you have a few minutes spare time on Do you fancy a little bit off practicing? But you have got nobody there who can actually tell you how these words are spelled out. Type them into Google. Translate. Make sure you leave a gap in between on, then say it yourself. So this case go who? D e m Absalon, and then press on the listening that the Oh, that was nice and slow, wasn't it? You also know whether you said it right or wrong. Happy practicing. 11. An A Z of abbreviations: Are you ready for another listening exercise? How about an A to set off abbreviations? The following words. Well, they're not words on the privations. I will read to you. I've got them in alphabetical order. So you have one advantage. You know the first letter, but you won't know any of the other ones. They're all German companies or things that are used in Germany. There is one Austrian term in there as well, actually two. And there is even one with a normal or just the only one I could find that I could use. So you got a pen and paper? Are you ready? If not Porc video for a minute. Get yourself already on. Let's start. So the 1st 1 starts with an A. Onto the letters are Ah di uh see, I d at sea and the word waas or the letters were a d a C, which is a German automobile club. Andi, Uh, see the next one be I m v b m the and that is that BMW B m. The next one. See day C d mm. On that is a political party in Germany. The C D you next one de foul d days, so D And you most likely have got quite a few of those Because that was a DVD de so d mm Oh , just two letters. E. And that, of course, is to European Union e f d p s d p. And that is another political party, the FDP. Do you m be, huh? G m baby, huh? And that are the initials for a limited company. So instead of on lt d, the Germans use G m B h. Uh huh. Yes, so, huh? Yes. So on football fans will recognize this as the Hamburg sports hamburger spots. Fine. Huh? S so S b and E s b. And And you will have all seen those initials, which is the international standard book number. I ESPN. You got Veii. You got the he And that's a Jane WG, which is a youth welfare law. You condemn all fats visits? Uh huh. Mm s t so, huh, I repeat this one. Sorry. Cool. Uh, careful with this one s t faux. And that was an Austrian term. And that's the one with, um, loud, foolish camera. More is called now cattle. Alicia who start issues to dent in ther ein off the Bund said Catholic Austrian student organization. So car mm s t so an easier one again. And, uh, v and, uh, the and that stands for last cuffed bar, which is just another word for Laurie El Car V I m, uh, and and, um and looks like an English word. But it's, of course, a logistic company in Germany. And de Yeah, and de Yeah, And that is a TV channel in the ah Mm. And if, um, yeah, if And that is another TV channel P see Official P see And you most likely sitting in front of one right now. Your PC, your personal computer. Cool. How? See, I was really pleased to find some abbreviations with acute cool foul. See on that it's a dropping channel which also exists on German TV. So Q v, c and Germany's cool fault. See? Yeah, T and Yeah, T and which is another TV channel? Yes, Pay day s Hey De. And that is another political party in Germany. The SPD to so g t, fao g and those initials were TV G, which is a wage agreement Law. No. Yes, be Yeah, yes, Be. And you probably have one or two of those lying around your USB sticks. Well, the socket short one. So the so very now that, of course, is your V W the D A v D. Yeah, and that's another TV's channel v D. Air. I struggled a bit to get something for X and why, but I did manage it. Two letters, geeks and speaks and And that, of course, is extra large, just in case you need to buy a jumper or a T shirt. Absalon See capsule on C and that stands for UFT Club or Yacht Club on the final One. Sit D f sit. Be if and that is another TV channel. How did you do? Was it hard or wasn't easy? Let me know.