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Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Beginners' German for busy people - Part 2


    • 2.

      Day 11 - Where is ...?


    • 3.

      Day 12 - Directions


    • 4.

      Day 13 - Ordering drinks


    • 5.

      Day 14 - Ordering food


    • 6.

      Day 15 I am allergic to


    • 7.

      Day 16 - Numbers from 11 - 20


    • 8.

      Day 17 - Numbers from 20 - 100


    • 9.

      Day 18 - What's the time?


    • 10.

      Day 19 - How much is that?


    • 11.

      Your project


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About This Class

Part 2 of a 30 day challenge for learning basic German in time for your awesome holiday or successful business trip to Germany.

If you haven't done part 1 yet (which covers day 1 - 10), you may like to complete it first.

If you are a busy person who finds it hard to fit in time for language lessons, then this course is perfect for you!

Each topic comes in a bite-sized challenge, lasting no more than 5 - 10 minutes work a day.

This will be enough to make you feel less uncomfortable when in Germany and people speak to you or you read German instructions.

And for the business person, who wants to exhibit in Germany or who is meeting a prospective client - this course may just help you get that deal!

Contrary to popular belief, not all Germans do speak English - and even if they do, a few polite sentences in German may just be what they needed to hear to be persuaded to buy from you.

Topics covered are

  • Where is…?
  • directions
  • ordering drinks
  • ordering food
  • I'm allergic!
  • numbers from 11- 20
  • numbers from 21 - 100
  • What's the time?
  • How much does it cost?

Day 20 is your turn, as it's time to celebrate your progress. Day 20 is not a video but your project, which will be answering questions about day 1 to 9, test yourself and then celebrate :-)

Part 3 is here. And part 4 is here :)

Want free entry to this course? Try this link: Free German lessons

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EDIT: I have now also added PDFs of the videos. You'll find them attached to the project. You don't need to do anything with them unless you wish to check something but don't want to watch again :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Beginners' German for busy people - Part 2: If you think this light looks familiar, you think I've seen this beginner's German for busy people before then you probably have because originally I decided on a 30 day challenge with 30 little bite size tasks, which I have now turned into three courses to make it even more light size. And if you have seen this night before then you probably have done part one off the beginner's German for busy people challenge. That was 10 days, nine little tasks and then the 10th day Waas. Celebrating your success, which wants the project. If you haven't done it yet, it may be a good idea if you do it. I'll put the link in the description, or you can find it on my page anyway. So Beginner's German for busy people, part one if you haven't done it yet, if you're looking forward to part two, then you're in the right place on depart to We're looking up directions, ordering food and drink some advice for those who may be allergic to certain items of food . We move on with the numbers from 11 to 100 now. We checked the time Andi some basic prices and as in part one part two consists off nine videos. Nine small tasks for you to do, which is day 11 to 19 on day 20 off. The 30 day challenge is your project, where you will be celebrating your success again and see how much you've learned. So if you're looking forward to this, press the blue enroll button. Get ready to learn more German. I'll see you then. 2. Day 11 - Where is ...?: welcome today. 11. Despite the fact that so many people have smartphones and only our school for directions, I think it's still nice to talk to real people. And not everyone has got a smartphone anyway. So today we'll learn how to ask for places as in English. There are several ways off asking how to get somewhere. Some are easier than others. Some make a lot of sense, but in worth quite a bit of grammar. Grammar sounds scary to beginners, so we will just learn a very basic sentence by asking where is where is in German is voiced ? And then you just up the place you need, Um, no, stop. Not quite so easy. You may already know that German ounce can be masculine, feminine or neuter. So instead of the you'll need dare for muscular announce de for feminine ounce and death for new turn owns. So if you're asking where the station is, you would say Voest, there bahnhof and I repeat, rule ist they're bound. Horvath. If you need to know where the chemist ISS, you'll say Voest de apu tika a repeat Voest the APU take. And if you need to know where the hotel with whatever name it is. Roar ist dust hotel dot, dot dot Vore ist das hotel. If however, you just want to know whether it's a supermarket in the area, you could ask Vore ist eine Super Mart Voest eine Super Mart If you want to know where there is a puppet nearby voiced in a sniper war ist ein a sniper And if you fancy going to the cinema, you could say Voest Im ki no rule ist eine kino. Other examples rule ist der doom. She looking for the cathedral Voest their doom. Other masculine ounce Ruis dares upper marked If you know there is one voiced death. So Perma Voest their park plants. If you're looking for the car park voiced their park plants. If you're looking for any car park Voest Ein Park Platts Voice ist eine Park Platts, If you're looking for other Femine, announce Ruis DK here. If you're looking for the church Morris D care here and any church rue ist aina care here Who is? I know care here The pup Maybe you know the name Voest Deacon Ieper. Truest Deke Knipe er a chemist voiced aina a Partyka Voest Aina a partake and a few new to announce voiced in hotel If you're looking for any hotel really voiced iIn Hotel, who is thus restaurant? Who is that restaurant? If you're looking for a particular restaurant voiced Ein my strong rule ist eine my strong . She looking for any restaurant who is dusk? A fee? Who is dusk coffee? A particular one voiced Ein coffee. If you're just looking for a coffee, who is fine? Coffee. Plural would be frozen. Wasn't as in wasn't detour election. If you know there are toilets, but you don't know where they are. If you're looking for any toilets, you don't need to use the D. And you just say wasn't to let in wars and to let in to re couple the words that I've mentioned in the video. Voest is where is with a masculine noun. You would either use dare if you're looking for a particular one or mine if it's anyone. The words I've mentioned so far were barn horse off for the station Doom for the Cathedral Zoop er marked supermarket park plats, which is a car park feminine noun. I've mentioned yeah, key here for the church can Ieper for the pump and a Partyka for the chemist. And if you're looking for those you need D. If you want to say the or I know if you want to say a new turn owns, which you would need us if you're looking for the or line for a again who tell restaurant caffee, which are nice and easy because they're almost like an English dusky, know the cinema. If you need to ask for something plural you use wasn't where are as in Rose and deter Letten. Now there's a pretty good chance that I have mentioned places here that you probably never asked for, and you really want to go to other places. For that. You would need to go and get the dictionary and find out what it says. Now some dictionaries will tell you the gender by saying daddy or dust. Others will just say masculine or an M even feminine or an F or neuter or in in Google. Translate will also give you the gender if you type the plus the word in English and then you get dare d or dust on the German side, and you can then click on the listening button to find out how to pronounce those words. Whatever means you use, try them out before you go on holidays. There's there's nothing worse than trying to find your way around a dictionary when you need it urgently. One last thing. All these different genders seem quite daunting for beginners. So here's one tip, but I'm not going to say it out too loud when you're in Germany for the first time and you're about to say something but can't remember whether to say dear e or dust, use any off them or even mumble it because most of the time the Germans only listen out for the important word on. They don't even notice if you've got it wrong. So today's task right. The new phrases into your notebook at any other ones that you may need practice asking where these places are. Find somebody who you can ask in German or message me he here or right Twitter and most importantly, enjoy yourself. See you tomorrow 3. Day 12 - Directions: Welcome to day 12th. I hope all those different gender bits yesterday didn't confuse you too much. People always ask me how contestation be masculine were apart, feminine. It's not the item that has to gender. It's the word for that item. But to explain that in more detail may make you lose the will to live, so we won't discuss this here. But if you are interested, I'm hoping to do a new course on gender, so look out for it anyway. Did you practice your questions yesterday? Good. Because today we look at some answers. The chances that you would does allow the Germans with your knowledge of the German language, and they would then give your answers in German. If that scares you, the other chances that this put your English accent and reply in English, as a lot of Germans like to practice their English. But don't be complacent. Not every German speaks English again. As in English. There are several ways off giving directions, so today I'll give you some key words or phrases to listen out for. Hopefully, they will be enough for you to understand the given directions. They would start the sentence with G and Z. If you're walking or far frenzy if you're driving links left lists, right God, a house straight on de esta Strassel links the first street on the left despite ER star celebrates the second street on the right. Did British Strasser. The third Street defeated Strasser the Four Street so you could hear despite er Strasser links litter Strasser rates or any combination like that. I don't think we need to go any further because I think you would have lost count if you needed to count any more streets. But you still need after fish tins ICTR on the right hand side after Kristen's ITER or if things are on the left hand side off their Lincoln's ICTR off telling Con's ICTR, let's do some listening exercises. I'm giving you some directions, Andi. I will read them twice each time, but feel free to stop it. Pause it, rewind it as many times as you wish. So imagine you're looking for the bank. Rawest debunk on the instructions you get, uh, Ganzi Karada house. The Neiman's et Twitter Strauss arrests debunk ist after vacations. ICTR and I repeat that a little bit slower gins the garage house done name and ZD tritter Strasser vests debunk pissed off their visions ICTR did you hear the keywords gainsay Karada house Go straight on the name and zd Twitter Strasse officiates and take the third street on the right Debunk ist after Brexit inciter The bank is on the right hand side Another one You're looking for the cathedral Doom their doom yet again See here Carter House than the treatise Trust links on Dundee Esther Strauss arrests the door Miss after Lincoln's ICTR I repeat that one a bit slower. Dead doom yeah dot Ganzi here Card house Dundee British Trust links on Dundee Esther Stars Elects The dome is off their Lincoln's ICTR Did you hear the keywords? Their doom? He had a gainsay here Karada house the cathedral Well, you go straight on here then the British Tarsa links Then the third Street on the left on Dundee Ester starts awaits and then the first street on the right. The doom ist after Lincoln's ICTR. The cathedral is on the left hand side. Let's do one more. You're asking for the chemist who is the Partyka and the answer Waas again? See here Karada House and its fighter Strasser Links on the upper taken is going on the air killings and a bit slower. The GNC here got a house and its vital Strassel links on the oppo taker is like under Ecker links. Did you hear it? Duggins? I hear God a house go straight on here and its vital Strassel links Then the second street on the left on the Partyka iss clash under Ecker links And the chemist is straight away at the corner on the left Well done. If you did hear the words don't panic if you're still learning them So the new phrases you've learned today Ah GNC Go Father Nz Dr Links left Leszcz right Gotta house straight on the s dish Tarsa links the first street on the left It's vital Strasser vacates the second street On the right did the British Rossa the Third Street Defeatist rasa the full street off their vest inciter on the right hand side And after Lincoln's ICTR on the left hand side Today's task is right The new phrases in your notebook on use any Mup and see if you can give very basic directions to a place in German. See you tomorrow 4. Day 13 - Ordering drinks: welcome today. Searching. How did you get on with the directions yesterday? Especially with those three listening bits? Did you hear and understand the important words? Good. So if you need to find the way to a cafe or a pub, hopefully you won't get lost because they were looking asking for some drinks. Most times you start the sentence with issue muster, I would like and then you act what you want. Now there is one slight difference. Do you remember in day 11 when we said that won was mine or China? Now that applies to when the now Nissa subject the main part off the sentence. Now, if you like something, you are the subject off the sentence on whatever it is you want is the object. Anything that you want, which in German has a masculine noun. Remember? Dare or mine needs to be changed when it's the object. So instead off, I'm you need to say einen If the noun is feminine or neuter, it doesn't change. So, for example, coffee is masculine. So you would need to saying each muster in and coffee I'd like a coffee. You can add the word bitter at the end. But unlike in English with a sentence without police sounds rude. It isn't in German because it, Mr, is already a polite request. You can also just say Gun and Cuffy bitter, just like we do in English. One coffee, please. Or you could say I natasa coffee, especially if maybe you want more cuts. So that would be its my cousin Coffee. Just as an aside, if you are wondering about the writing on the cup Austin a book is a town in Germany on I was born Not far from it. I found the cup factory in a charity shop that's just in the side. So let me give you some other examples muster on an ice coffee or in this case, actually we have to survive ice coffees. It must have an anti or Mr Aina Tacit e. The writing on this pot is shut off, which is the town in Germany, in northern Germany. On that's where I come from. It must unq engine t, which is a pot of tea. I'm Kenshin t You must sign an or functions aft muster einen or hundreds aft on orange juice. Must I mean a vile Vasa. It must find Mina I Vasa. Or you may want a whole bottle on a slasher. Meaning I Vasa. I'm a Flasher. Mean Arrive, Asa. It must in a corner. Or maybe you want a glass and glass cooler. Maybe you want something alcoholic, muster and glass, Orthwein. Or maybe you want to bottle muster on a flusher or fine. He must eyeglass vice. Fine. A glass of white wine? Yes, Mr Ein Bier, if you want to be a If you're just asking for Ein bier, you get your standard sort off half a pint glass. If you rather have a big one, you would need to saying I'm goal sous beer can. It's fine. Adores er I'm adores up a bottle. I know flusher. I'm a flusher. A glass on glass. I'm glass to re couple those phrases again. Muster, I'd like muster. I'm and Cassie. One coffee I in and coffee einen t won t einen t Svay cussin coffee If you want two cups of coffee or at any other number Svay cussin coffee. I'm Kenshin coffee or I'm Kenshin T. If you want to put off coffee or tea on an ice coffee, a nice coffee on an ice coffee. I Nakoula I Nakoula a Coke. I mean, ever I Vasa. I mean, of I Vasa a mineral water. I'm an old versions oft in an Ohio engines oft on orange juice. What a fine red wine. Vice vine, White wine, beer. I'm beer. A beer? I'm a Flasher. A bottle. I'm glass. A glass. China do za. It can. So now you can ask for a glass or a bottle of wine, a cap or a pot of coffee, a can a bottle or a glass of coke. Today's task right. The new phrases into your notebook Ignore any that you know you're never going to buy anyway at any other drinks you might want to ask for. Make sure again. You get the correct gender. I give you one little tip. All alcoholic drinks are masculine except beer, which is dust spear. Practice those phrases that you most likely need in Germany. Send me a message or a tweet, but don't expect me to supply you with the drinks. Sorry about that. I'll speak to you tomorrow 5. Day 14 - Ordering food: welcome Today. 14. Today's lesson is almost identical to yesterday's, except we will order something to eat. Obviously, I don't know what you like eating, so I will just give you a few basic words or phrases on hope you will enjoy trying out all those wonderful names you may find on menu cards. So again we starting with each muster muster on shook up for corn. So I'm stuck is a piece. Absolute. Is Apple Co on this cake? So I'd like a piece off apple cake. It's muster. I'm stuck up through corn. Mr. And Shook Shook, Elad and torture. By the way, I suggest if you haven't eaten yet, you pause the video, have something to eat first. Otherwise, you will be extremely hungry at the end of this. If you muster And she took sugar Latin torture, he must on ice an ice cream. I'm ice. He must China Pitzer. That's nice and easy. A pizza. It must underpin TSA. He must on a promise. It's a portion of chips. It comes actually from the fringe pomme frites. But most of the time we just say I know promise much. Dinah Bart forced the one item of food. The Germans are so famous for the sausage much. Dinah Bart worst much the islands a lot much the islands a lot. A salad is Marston son, which I don't think you need to guess what that one is. A sandwich. It must dine sandwich. So here are the phrases again again as yesterday, a muster I'd like and she took cool, huh? That's just generally a piece of cake. I'm stuck and you may want to insert the type off cake like we have. Lunch took up through corn, a piece off apple cake you could ask for. And she took case the cool a piece of cheesecake, and she took sugar laden torture piece of chocolate gateau on ice on ice cream on a pizza. I know pomace on a bat roost. Tainan's a lot. I'm sandwich. So today's task right? Then you phrases into your notebook. Practice those phrases and add any other ones you know you will need. And as before, ignore any If you know you're definitely not going to eat it. Tell me your orders in a message or a tweet, but again, don't expect me to supply you with those meals, either. I'll speak to you again tomorrow 6. Day 15 I am allergic to : Welcome today, 15 Yesterday I told you to use a dictionary to look up items you'd like to try and eat in Germany today I'd like to ask you to look up some even mawr Important words items you don't like to eat or even more importantly items you are allergic to. For instance, you don't like garlic. Make sure you know that garlic is new blow in German so that you can avoid it. If, however, you are allergic to say nuts, it is important that you know that nuts on Mrs now any allergy allergic things If you need to say I'm allergic to you need the bit issue been a languish giggle, been a waggish gegen And then you add the word Whatever I commit is that you are allergic to So once you've found out what the German word is, make sure you know how to pronounce it by clicking on the listening battening in Google translate or any online dictionary that you are using. But if you just don't like something, you could also use kind plus whatever. Now a little bit off grandma here in English, of course you're just saying no and then you add the word as's you've probably worked out by now, as we have three genders in German and masculine, feminine and neuter announce. We also have three different words for no. So if you didn't like any spinach, which is a muscular now or dare word, then you need kind and kind and peanut. If you don't like gravy, which is a feminine now when you say kinder Zorzor, if you don't want any bread, which is Neutra Kind board, I don't want any meat, kind flesh. And if you don't want any nuts not because you're allergic because you don't want them, then kindness. It will be enough. And if you find this kind and kind of kind or whatever, it is too daunting. Just say kind, you'll get away with it. So today's task. Write down any items off food you don't like and definitely don't want to eat. Write down any wood in any item that you are allergic to find out how to pronounce those words asked me on Twitter, the 30 day German hashtag attitude tweed used a contact former more website or posted in the community section. If you have any problems with the translation off. Anything you are allergic to. This is far too important to get room. So don't skip on this one. I'll see you in the next listen. 7. Day 16 - Numbers from 11 - 20: Welcome today. 16. Today we learned the numbers from 11 to 20. They're similar to the English numbers. Except that 14. We used a word for 10 her just seen. If you can't remember how to say the numbers from 0 to 10 check Day nine or lecture 14 again as you need them to carry on. So 11 is Elf elf 12. It's both. It's vials. 13 The right scene So it's literary like free and 10 3 is dry. 10 16 So the height Scene 14 is feared. Scene Fear Scene 15 5 and 10. Fun 15. Food Scene 16. The Scene ZEC Scene If you wondering about the spelling, there is a ness missing in these six, but otherwise it is still six and 10 now for 17 as a slight variation. Seven is even but 17 Zipped scene zip Scene 18 Scene I've seen 19 nine. Seen nine seen on 20 is Clancy, 70. So today's task right. The new numbers in your notebook Here they are again. And if Sir votive the height seen fear scene. Food scene ZEC scene Zipped scene seen nine seen seven c and practice saying those numbers because tomorrow we're adding one to them 8. Day 17 - Numbers from 20 - 100: Welcome today, 17. Today we're going to have fun with those numbers from 21 to 100. Do you remember the nursery song Sing a song of sixpence? Yes. Good. Because there is a line four and 20 blackbirds. Don't worry I wanting any further And that's how we count in German from 21 to 99. 21 is I'm on transit literally one on day 20 I'm on 20. Let you say it. I'm wounded. Fancy 22 therefore to 20. It's my under 20. I repeat, it's my fancy Your turn 23 dry on fancy I repeat high on Swansea and your turn 24 Fear on months Fear on 20 you'll go 25 Finfronts Muncie Funf wants fancy. Let's hear it from you 26 Vicks on Swansea ZX on 20 and your turn 27 z. Banon's fancy. Now we've got the full word for Z Been again? Not like the short version when we had 17 z been on 20 and you go 28 at on 20. I repeat I don't fancy and I give you chance to say it 29 nine on sunset nine on fancy and your turn 30 It's the high C And if you look at the spelling, that's the only one that's got the S set. So it's got a set i g at the end where it's all the other ones have got Zet G. But if you noticed a pattern Oh, I see three and then see so 30 The high c on 31 carries on with I'm on Try Say spy on pricey Dry on Tyson Fear on try See fun phone try See Vex on Ty Si ze been on dry so I don't know I don't know I see Fi etc. Fitzy four plus the See Sophie etc. 40 Fun to see 50 food. See Zixia which is 60 or the numbers career carry on with the same pattern. So 44 would be fear on fear t think off four and 40 52 would be spying on 52 50 65 would be foot formed City literally five and 60 And the last lot 70 Zip See here we've got the short version again So not Z buoyancy but zip 80 I see I see 99 nine and 100 is just the same as in English. Sometimes people say 100. Sometimes people just say 100 is either I'm 100 or wounded. So today's task right? The new words into your notebook practice saying those numbers practice saying your telephone number in double digits. It doesn't really matter in which way you say them when somebody asks you for the number, but it is quite nice to practice them in double digits on may be whenever you spot a double digit number. Now say it in German. I'll speak to you tomorrow. 9. Day 18 - What's the time?: Welcome to Day 18. Now that you can count to 100 give you telephone number in either single or double digits, whichever you prefer, there really is no rule. We will have a go telling the time. As in English, there's a 12 40 clock on the 24 hour clock. The trough. Our clock is a bit complicated, but the 24 o'clock is easy as long as you know your numbers. Officially, the Germans used to 24 hour clock. You find it on bus and train timetable TV programs on when people arrange business meetings . So that is the time we will look at basically 7 30 reads as Z been were dry. See? All you do is read the number for the hour Z, even at the words or where the colon is and finish with a number for the minutes. The high C and that's it. You need to know how to say the numbers off the hours and minutes and add You're in between those two numbers. A few more examples. 13 20 The heights inwards Onesie 20 100. It's once a war. There are no minutes, so you don't need to say anything. 0/12. No work on the last example. 1945 19 were sent for infinity. If somebody asked you what the time is or if you need to ask the question, they're actually two ways off. Saying it. Wish beat ISS this that literally actually means how late is it? But we were translated as What's the time? So I repeat again, V speed ist s and I'll let you have a go all. Sometimes people say the feel you're ist this. That's a bit like how many hours is it again? We don't say that in English. So both of those sentences really mean What's the time? I repeat that one V feel were ist s. I'll let you have a go. No, it doesn't matter in the slightest which one you use. So if you want to memorize one juice of one that you like best, I'm going to give you a few examples now on. I want to see whether you can hear what the time is. So are you ready to listen to the 1st 1? It's ist zest. In were as ist Zakes in Were the area assist citizens were its full PM as is it's worth were nine on the high seas, as it's worth were nine on prices. To get that one, it is 12 39. So nearly 20 minutes to one in the afternoon, one more assist. Fun for assist. Fun were, and that's five oclock in the morning. 5 a.m. assist. Fun for another one for fun. Assist 15 Word high on fun 50 assist front often were high on fun. There it is. 15 53 assist 15 or the high on fun 50 and one last one assist elf were sex on 50 assist elf were sex on foot. Infancy. There were four minutes before lunch time if was excellent food. So today's task. Make some notes about the 24 hour clock, right down the one sentence that you want to remember to ask about what time it is and practice saying the time and I speak to you again tomorrow 10. Day 19 - How much is that?: Welcome today. 19. How did you get on with telling the time yesterday? Did you find it easy or hard? I can hear your answers now. It's easy to tell the time, but not so easy to understand. When somebody says it, I'm all right. That's normal and nothing to worry about. You find that with practice, it does get easier. Anyway, Today we'll continue with our number practice but checking out prices. First of all, if you want to find out how much something costs, there are more than one way to ask that question. I will stick to one for simplicity. The easiest way to ask. It's just a general question. How much is that bus costed us thus costed is how much does something cost, and then you used us and point to it, and that's the easiest way to do it. Thus costed us. If you'd like to be a bit more specific, you can ask how much that particular item is. In that case, you just at the name off that item, including the gender, for example, if you want to know how much the Wyness you would say rust costed dare vine for any other now owns. You will need their D or dust just like we did when we asked with the building. Waas. If you want to ask the price off more than one item, you say, ask Austin D, which is how much are the on in plural. It's always D so vast cost and D plus the plural word off the item. If you've got an idea of what you would like to buy in Germany, or if you're going to the trade fair and you need to know prices off certain things, it might be a good idea to check the dictionary for those words to start off with before you go with agenda so that you can practice how much those things cost. If you're using an online dictionary, most of them have got the pronunciation guide as well. If you're using a paper dictionary and you don't know how to pronounce the things, go to Google translate. But dont type in the English but first after strike that on bears a good chance that the translation may not be correct. Type in the German sentence, so of us costed, and then there D does whatever you're asking for on Listen out for the pronunciation, the anti you'll get. Convey varias well, just like the question can. But most times you just hear the prices. Or sometimes you also hear dust costed. If you get in good at understanding double digit numbers, I guess you may not buy anything that costs more than £100 or 100 euros. In this case, he shouldn't have too many problems understanding the prices. And if you're struggling, make sure you can see the price on the till. The price is human. Here are just as in English, except it's euros. So if something cost 12 year or 50 you may hear very foil from 50 cent or 12 oil fund city or just slow 50. And just as an aside, German money is written with a comma between the Euros and scents and not a full stock. And just to repeat again, the word for euro is oil. Just think off. Oy, I'm going to give you a few examples now for listening to see if you can work out what the prices are ready. Thus costed deck easa de Keyzer costed the high oil from from fancy. I repeat that one. They're Keyser Cost. A dry oil. Finfronts. Fancy, vast cost A deck easa. The high oil finfronts months First costed dish ladder last costed Ishioka, Lad de Chocolat accosted Annoy ofit. The show colada costed. I'm oilfield Viscosity Chocolat. I'm Oil Fitzy. That's cost the dust board. That's what cost. It's my oil lotion from that sport cost. It's my oil fund phone Sex Last costed Passport. It's my oil fitful on the last one. Thus cost money to Martin. Deter Martin costing on Hole nine. Owns it. Peter Martin, Causton in Oil nine on city, West Coast on oil, 1960 You may just want to pause the video. Get yourself a piece of paper and a pen because I'm going to give you just four prices. But these are slightly bigger numbers. See if you can work out what they are. The 1st 1 is, I swear, if oil who ZX on dry sick and I repeat a bit slower, it's worth or you ZX on dry. See the 2nd 1 finance Ixtoc Oil executive and I repeat, I'm on Step six or your ho. The 3rd 1 The riots from fish Oil 996 and I repeat, Taiwan Swansea or you who? Knowing on 90 and the last one violent Fitzy oils, Ipsen and I repeat, it's violent. Fitzy oil. Zip sane. There we are. It's worth oils. Exxon, dry. See, hopefully have written down 12 euro 36. I don't keep the oilseed fish. That was 71 euro 60. The high on 20 oil hood. No, No. 90 was 23 year old 99 on my own feet. Six oil zipped scene was 42 year old 17. Well done. If you've got them, don't worry if you didn't quite get them. So today's task right, the new phrases and maybe some of your own into your notebook, especially if you're going to a trade fair and you to give prices for your goods. Make sure you've got them all before you go practicing some prices. How about reading out the cost of your shopping list or grab a catalogue and ask and answer what certain items cost? I speak to you tomorrow