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The Empowered Morning Routine: Build Your Best Miracle Morning Routine

teacher avatar Felipe Yanez, Confidence & Social Skills Coach

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome & Overview of the Course


    • 2.

      The Importance of a Morning Routine


    • 3.

      Journal Your Dreams


    • 4.

      How to Journal Your Dreams


    • 5.

      Meditate Daily


    • 6.

      Meditation Session


    • 7.

      Cleanse Your Emotions - Fear


    • 8.

      Cleanse Your Emotions - Guilt & Self-hate


    • 9.

      Cleanse Your Emotions - Shame


    • 10.

      Cleanse Your Emotions - Resentment


    • 11.

      Cleanse Your Emotions - Desire & Attachment


    • 12.

      Use this method to let go


    • 13.

      Practice Gratitude


    • 14.

      Build Confidence Daily


    • 15.

      Visualize and Affirm Yourself Confident


    • 16.

      Recreate Your Story


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About This Class

Skyrocket Your Productivity, Enhance Your Energy and Accomplish Your Goals. 

Are tired of dreading every day?

Perhaps every single time the alarm goes off you're gripped by anxiety, fear, depression, anger, self-hate, insatisfaction and just feeling cathartic.

Transform your anxiety, fear and stress into core confidence. Seriously. It all begins as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. How you start your day largely determines the quality of your day, your work, and your life. The power morning gives you the ultimate morning routine to embody the most confident version of you. This is guaranteed to improve your life ten-fold.

  • Implement a morning routine that creates SUCCESS from day 1!

  • Learn how meditation can help you to become more relaxed, grounded, but overall more focused and confident.

  • Know what the power of visualization to super charge your confidence and daily succcess.

  • Learn how  a dream journal can help you to increase your confidence and digest unconscious thoughts and emotions.

  • Implemente my #1 secret method to releasing emotions (fear, shame, hate, resentment, desire/attachment etc.) and mental blocks to take on the day without any baggage.

  • Learn the importance of gratitude and how it fits into your daily ritual.

  • Use your past successes to fuel TODAY's success.

  • Implement my story creation method to control your thoughts and determine your outcomes for the day!

  • Know how important it is to 'Envision' your life and how it affects your mood?

And, much more!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felipe Yanez

Confidence & Social Skills Coach


Hi, I'm Felipe. Welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

I've been in the self-development path for nearly 20 years. I focus on helping you improve your confidence and create abundance in your social, dating, financial & overall life.

My Mission is to help you find love, significance, purpose, self-confidence, and discover your limitless potential through inner transformation.

My goal is to produce the absolute best courses and help you level up your confidence. I'm very excited to show you how to hack your mindset, self-image, and habits to live a life true to you, and beyond your imagination! ;)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. Check out my courses which I have created ... See full profile

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1. Welcome & Overview of the Course: How's it going, guys? Funny, but young is here. I am a confidence, social skills and transformation. Coach on in this course, I want to teach you about my personal routine to not only lower stress and in society, but also improve your confidence, your self esteem as well as just live a more relaxed, carefree lifestyle. And that all has to do with how you wake up in the morning and also how you go to bed. But more importantly, how you wake up in the morning, and so that's why I'm kind of filming this from my bed here. Um, and so what? I use more, you know, to really keep me really disciplined and consistent is you know, I put together a specific routine that I use on here on my laptop and that I go through every single day, that incompetence, everything from meditation, all the way to releasing emotions in visualizations and different things like that. So I'm gonna take you through that in this course. So if you're excited, I'm excited. We'll see you in the first lesson 2. The Importance of a Morning Routine: Alright, So first let's talk about the importance of a morning routine. So they're saying it's so important is because it dictates absolutely everything in your life. And it dictates your your professional, your business life as well as you're dating social and relationship life. So, really, it all comes down to how you wake up and what kind of things you're putting into your mind . And what kind of things are you letting go off as well as are you being centered? And are you really, um, really removing any kind of subconscious blocks that you have currently or in the past, as well as really putting in a new conditioning, a new thought patterns, a new self talk as well as a new image for yourself every single day of what you want to creed and what kind of day you wouldn't live? More importantly as well. So that's the importance of it. It dictates also your mood. Of course, it's gonna dictate your mood. You're dealing with, you know, really letting go of everything that has happened in your day or yesterday and so forth, as well as your centering yourself with meditation and putting in you new thoughts into your into your mind. So it's gonna dictate your mood is gonna dictate how people react to you. Hamadeh reacts to you how situations react to you. In fact, you know this has to do I talk a lot about in my courses about vibe. This has to do with that. And this is what creates that not only transforming your story as they talk in some of my courses, but really going through a sequence of different exercises that will make you more confident, more more relaxed and more carefree. And the reason for that is simply because you are stacking in another type of conditioning , settling down your mind, conditioning it to be more positive and so forth. So when you do this type of stuff, it stacks up a compounds to a point where in a week in a month, in six months, in a year in two years you'll notice some incredible results. So this is something that is done consistently, and there's Onley improved over time. 3. Journal Your Dreams: all right. Very first thing that I do when I wake up is actually write down my dreams. So that might be in, you know, either in no book for me. Personally, I prefer to do it on the phone record. My dreams. And the reason for that is not only in my interested personally in Lucid dreaming, which is one of the courses that I talk about on some of the other courses, rather, but also, I believe, that dreams are incredibly important to tell us and where we're at mentally, spiritually and in our lives. So for me, recording my dreams, it's kind of my night meditation, if you will. So the more I record them, the more familiar I am with my thought patterns. What's going on in my subconscious and Aiken deal with things that I might not be aware off on a regular basis, because again, you know, as you probably know, you forget most of your dreams and a view thing. You don't dream again. That is, that is not true because most of us dream five or six dreams at night, so that's important. That's the very first thing that I do in the morning. So at the end of the week, I usually just kind of go over my dreams and see any patterns that I have going on. And again, it gives me insight into my not only my self conscious, but things that I might not be dealing with directly. And so it gives me really good, really good view of the things that I need to work on psychologically, spiritually, energetically and so forth. So it's really, really important. 4. How to Journal Your Dreams: So here is how you record your dreams. It's not a simple SSE what is pretty simple, but it's not very straightforward. So the first thing you want to know about dreams is that they fade away the moment that you begin to feel your senses. So the moment that you move around or even turn on the light or go to the bathroom, whatever it is that you might be doing, Aaron gave it. And when you wake up, it's gonna it's gonna really make your dreams fade very fast. So the first thing you want to do is you want to do not move too much. So have your cell phone or your notebook or whatever gonna be recording nearby. If you want to turn off your phone and then turn it on when you wake up, that's fine. Just make sure that you are visualizing your dream. A sit happens so that you don't forget it and let it fade away. So, in fact, that's one of the waste to imprint your dreams. So you do remember that you just gonna continue Teoh, relive them in your mind of you will until until your record him so again. First thing you want to do is not move so much. Grab your phone and begin recording your dream. And so that is the biggest thing that you want to start doing. Ah, the second thing I want to say is, it's one thing that helps is if you want to really be more disciplined with dreams and it's up to you asses. You can set your alarm a couple hours prior to your normal waking time and simply record your dreams. Then you probably interrupting one of your dreams. If you do that, so that will be more likely that you'll remember them if you're having trouble with that again. One of the reasons why I'm so adamant about you recording your dreams is because it will help you with confidence and will help you within society. And it will help you with stress because even in your dreams you're still stressing you're still having the same issues that you have in your waking life mentally. So if you're able to see those things, you can begin to let them go with some of things I'm gonna be talking about in this routine course. So again, super important don't move too much recorded on your phone and that's it. Then you go back to sleep if you like whatever you want to do. But if you did wake up a couple of hours early, for example, you can go back to sleep and then continue the routine after that. But let's say that you want to continue. The routine will go on to the next thing on the next lesson. 5. Meditate Daily: all right, So once I've recorded my dream, then I will on sit down and on with a little bit of a pillow and a little bit of us import . Here I will start my meditation, which in this course I'm going to include a guided meditation for you. So the way that I do it is, I simply assumed, for me, this position is comfortable. I just don't know there's a name for him, but this is kind of the position that I take, usually for meditation. Close my eyes and then simply what you want to do is focus on your breathing so poor, then through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. That's kind of how you want to breathe. Other than that, you don't want to control your breathing too much or simply want to focus on your breathing , meaning, bringing awareness to your breathing as they go. Sin No, let's have it goes in and noticing how we go sound. So that's all you want to be doing. If you have a specific meditation, feel free to use that personally, a use transcendental meditation, which goes into a mantra. Practice eso I have a mantra that repeated my head. So the way that I like to do my meditation is I like to think of it, kind of Assam mine body and spirit type of meditation. The way that I see the mind is through my mantra with my mantra, I begin to quite in my mind, I see my months are over and over, and then, in terms of body, I begin to just simply begin to notice my body, how it feels, my feet for my feet all the way to my head and how that feels and spirit wise. The way I like to think about it is the breath right. So I notice how the breath goes in and it comes out. So it goes in in a, you know, visualize that going all the way to my toes and out again through my mouth. And so that's how I really began to bring myself to the moment and to really begin to be more focused and began to be a lot more center in present. So the benefits of this ISS again you are being more present. Your also it's going to relax you. It's gonna make you a lot more focused at work. It's going to make you more focused in interactions with people in general. So again, all these things were gonna benefit every single area of your life because you're dealing directly with yourself. So, you know, with you are gonna be showing up in the best way possible through this routine, it's super important. Uneasy. It's the number one thing when it comes to me socializing, which I teach social skills as well, or when I am working, Um, and it pretty much everything that I do this routine is the foundation of it all. So super, super important that you don't miss a day. Consistency is number one. So as far as the minute going back into the meditation, um, I do it for 20 minutes and they put on So you can see here I have my computer here I put on by neuro beats, which I'm going to include in this course as well and just play this thes beats for about 20 minutes. And once it's over, I stayed, You know, I stay there, sitting and still for another 5 10 minutes. I opened my eyes and I don't engage the world right away. Kind of. Just relax a little bit, just take take the room in and just relax. That's it. It's kind of relax a little bit, and then I go on to the next thing, which I will cover in the next lesson. 6. Meditation Session: I like to do a little bit of a meditation if you guys don't mind. So I like you guys to kind of close your eyes. I got you through. It will be very simple. It'll be mainly focusing on your breath and getting a feel for your body. So, um, yeah, close your eyes. We do this for ah for a few minutes and, um so just begin to focus on your breath as it goes in and out. And as the thoughts come up, just redirect your mind back into your breath breathe in and outs and begin to feel perhaps how your feet are feeling right now as they touch the floor. Maybe your hands and he sounds that are happening. Just accept everything that is coming into your perception breathing in and out, focusing on how the breath goes in and how it naturally comes out way. But okay , - way , - way , cool way. - No , no, no. - All right. As we come out of this meditation, take a deep breath, fully inhale, and that's hell. And when you're ready, open your eyes. How you feeling 7. Cleanse Your Emotions - Fear: All right. So the next thing that I like to do is a really cleanse my emotions and kind of let go of any negative emotions that I might have from the dream from yesterday from the week before , Or that these might be consistent, negative emotions that you might be dealing with but personally, like Teoh gonna release those emotions right after meditation. So one of the first, most negative emotions that you wouldn't let go of is fear. So if you have any fear around anything, maybe right now, for example, your you know there's a pandemic right now going on in the world. So you have some kind of a fear around that you want to release that fear? Um, and I will give you a technique for that. By the way, you want to release any fear that you have going on in regards to anything, whether it's what people think of you, whether it's a knocking economic fear, that you're afraid that you're not gonna have enough money or fear of losing someone a relationship or a fear of again anything any kind of fear, you wanna release it and, um, like you just kind of move on from it. So again, in the future lesson, I will be showing you how to do this. 8. Cleanse Your Emotions - Guilt & Self-hate: another emotion that you want to let go off every single day. And again, these are very, very important because these emotions are gonna be controlling you like crazy. They're going to control your your decisions and your actions so really important for you to let go of all these emotions that are limiting that are blocking you and just cleanse yourself every single day to operators you know, at the best possible level in ST for you. So again, nobody's perfect. But it's important for you to really cleanse yourself. It's much responsible. So the next emotion that you want to let go of is any kind of guilt or any kind of self hate. We all have things that we regret. We all have things that we wish would have done differently, and that's fine. You know, we definitely want to be learning from those things, but it doesn't help to be to be consumed by them and to be really having them control us in terms of how we act and how we feel, because that will not only bring it, bring stress in society, but a will cripple our confidence. So especially this one, the whole self hit in the fear stuff that we were talking about. The last lesson they would will cripple your confidence. So let go of any self eight and guilt they got going on. Any self criticism that you have going on, just let it go. 9. Cleanse Your Emotions - Shame: All right, so then it next emotion you want to be letting go of gonna go so long with fear a little bit as well. It's the emotion of shame. If you have shame around anything and again, it could be something that happened yesterday or something that you have to do today, and they feel a little bit of shame of or maybe embarrassed about. Maybe you have a presentation happening at work. Whatever it is, they maybe. Or maybe it is something that you have been carrying for a while. And you want to get over whatever it is that you are feeling embarrassed, shy or just a shame of you want to be dealing with and you want to be letting it go, Aziz much as possible. So again, another emotion that will limit you and we'll limit your personal power. 10. Cleanse Your Emotions - Resentment: All right. So the next motion you want to be letting go on a daily basis is any kind of resentment or hatred towards others. So, for example, someone cuts you off in traffic that would happen yesterday, or something like that happens. Or maybe it is something that you have going on with someone in your life. You want to be letting go of those emotions because that will limit you so very important for you to let go those emotions again. Things will happen and so forth doesn't mean that you have to be, you know, around them. Or, you know, or, you know, be in that situation over and over again. Gonna be what to call a dormant. But it does mean that you have. You want to be letting go of those emotions so they don't control you. You simply means that 11. Cleanse Your Emotions - Desire & Attachment: in the final emotion. You want to be letting go off so you can live a more carefree day. Today is the emotion of attachment or desire any kind of wanting that you have going on. For example, if you have a presentation happening today at work, you want to let go of any desire to be like to any desire to get validation approval with its from your boss, your employees, if you're the boss or you know, or co workers, or if you are gonna go out and about. And maybe you have a date going on, you know you want to let go of any, any attachment to outcome, any desire they have going on or maybe have all these big goals in life. Which goals are fantastic. Attachment to those goals are not fantastic is not fantastic. So you wanna be letting go of any kind of attachment? Teoh. Anything in your life, anything in the future, anything they have happening. For example, today let go of those emotions. And so now, in this following lesson, I'm going to go over the exact method that I use for letting go of these emotions every single day. and I do it every single day on a regular basis, not only in this routine, but if emotions come up, I will use this technique. 12. Use this method to let go: All right, So now let's go into letting go of those negative emotions. Bring in, bring up really any emotion that you have going on your strongest emotion that you want to be letting go of today. That might be anger in my anger towards yourself, anger towards other people. There might be fear, shame, resentment or even, like I said, any attachment or desire that you have going on focus on one at a time. But let's start with the biggest one that you have going on. So think about that emotion. Think of that situation that brings up that emotion that triggers that emotion. So as you think about that emotion, I'm gonna ask you a series of questions. And the questions are derived from the Sedona method, which is, ah, great method to really let go of any emotions and in any negative emotions that are just limiting you in your life. So think of the emotion and I'm gonna ask you a few questions. First question is that I'm gonna be asking you is can you welcome this emotion and simply what that means is, can you let this emotion be? It doesn't mean that you're welcoming the situation or or you're you're okay with the situation we're with. Whatever it is, it just means that you're okay with feeling that emotion right now as best as you can. Now, the second question I'm gonna ask you is could you let go of this emotion? That question simply means to have the ability to let it go. And the third question I'm gonna ask you is would you let it go? And that simply means would you be willing to let it go? And the fourth question I'm gonna ask you is when? Now with the first question, you can answer yes or known second question yes or no third question, yes or no? That's completely up to you. The releasing technique will work either way. So whether you're not ready to let it go right now, you could say no. Could you let it go? No. Would you let it go? No, it's totally OK. But we want to get you to a yes when I ask you when you will simply say right now, regardless of the other answers. So let's go through it. So think of that emotion that you wouldn't let go off right now. Really going to the situation. Feel it. It's best that you can just notice it. You notice where where you feel it in your body. Now, could you welcome this emotion as best as you can, just for right now? Just let it be here for you again. Whether the answer is yes or no. That's totally okay. Now, could you let it go as best such again? Would you let it go? When? Now, as you're still feeling this emotion, could you welcome this feeling this best as you can? Just for right now. Could you let it go? Would you let it go? When? Now. If you're still feeling this emotion, we're gonna go even deeper into this emotion. Could you welcome this feeling or emotion just for right now? Now, if you're still feeling it, could you go even deeper into this feeling? Is there more emotion deeper underneath? Could you go even deeper? Even deeper than then, Giulio, Even deeper into this emotion, that's the best that you can. Now, if you're still feeling this emotion, could you go even deeper than that even deeper into this emotion? Could you go even deeper? than that Now, once you reach a point where you're no longer feeling it to that point, you can't go any deeper. That's okay, but could you go even deeper than that? They're more emotion underneath that surface, all right. Now, could you let go of this emotional? It's best that you can. Could you let it go? It's best as you can now. Would you let go of this emotion as best as you can wind now you still have that emotion going on. Could you welcome this emotion? It's best that you can just for Could you let it go? Would you let it go when it went? Now it used to have this emotion. You're still feeling it. Let's continue. Otherwise, see if there's another emotion that you want to deal with. Now go even Mawr into this emotion into this situation. Whether it's something that happened with person or whatever, you won't be going through go into that emotion that's full. That's fully yesterday. Could you welcome this emotion as best as you can? Okay, now could you let it go? Would you let it go? Well, could you welcome this motion, Aziz? Best that you can. Just for this now, could you let it go? It's best that you can. Now Would you let it go? This best as you can just for right now, Wen. And if you're having any resistance with letting go of the emotion, I feel that resistance now. Could you welcome this feeling of assistance? It's best that you can just for right now. Now, could you let go off wanting to let go of the emotion that might be an emotional hate, fear, desire or any emotion that might be limited? Could you let go of one team to let it go? Would you let go of one to let it go? When? Now, Could you walk up this feeling as best as I can, whether it's ever assistance or simply the emotion? Now, could you let go? Wanting to let it go as best as you can? Yes, again, yes or no is fine. Would you let it go when? Now keep going through that. If you still have that emotion until you no longer feel it and kind of let it go release those emotions. Otherwise, at the end, I went through, releasing the desire for wanting to letting go of an emotion that's just as important as letting go the emotion. So you definitely want to do that many times. We don't let go of emotions because we are just feeling them with the desire to change them , to desire to control them and not have them so many times. Our own desire to control our emotions is what keeps those emotions around. So so you do that, and that is how you cleanse your emotions on an everyday basis. So you want to spend 5 to 10 minutes every single day when you wake up right after meditation, just releasing those emotions and starting not only with a clean slate over your mind but also a clean slate of your emotions on a daily basis. 13. Practice Gratitude: All right. So the next thing you want to incorporate into your morning routine, it's gratitude. I'm sure everyone has heard of it. It's, you know, it works grade in terms of settling down your desires, settling down your stresses and really bring an appreciation into your life and about yourself as well. So one of the things that you wanna be grateful for is definitely you know, the simple things. I think everything from the food that you have the water that you have breath that you take , the place that you have to live in. These are things that I think about every single day. And, you know, I take maybe two or three minutes to really go through it in my head. And, um, you know, thank for my family and my friends, Uh, you know, whoever it is that you're think before in your life, whatever person it is, that has made a difference. Maybe they made a difference yesterday in your life, and you're really appreciative of them. Begin to think about that as well as thinking for anything that happened to you yesterday. That was positive. Be focusing on those things on a regular basis, but again, it just takes two or three minutes. But again, it's very important. It's kind of a transition if you notice we started by digesting all of your everything that happened in your dreams. And then you go on to really center yourself and gettinto a neutral state of mind through meditation. Then we went into releasing any motions that might limit you. And from there we are now beginning to feel appreciation. You know, that's definitely one of the best ways to flow into this many tests. We just you know, many times we wanna You've heard of the law of Attraction. People are just kind of doing affirmations and all this kind of stuff. They don't work as well as if you release any blocks that you have as well any subconscious stuff that you got going on. So this is the best way that I found to really flow into a more positive way of thinking, being more confident and attracting better things into your life. So that is the next thing I want you to do is simply be grateful for things, especially simple things. Nothing crazy. You can just be simple to be healthy, especially nowadays with everything that's going on, just be grateful to be healthy. Um, And if you're you know, you know, if you're doing you know well, in your career of you're doing well and whatever, be grateful for that as well. But focus on the simple things First, I would recommend 14. Build Confidence Daily: All right, So the next thing I want you to really focus on is building confidence. So this is the first element of your routine that you gonna be using to build more confidence directly. So begin to write down. Whether it's on a piece of paper or on your computer again, I'm gonna share a little bit of a template what used on my computer that I go through every single date. But you know, a list of your magic moments off anything that has happened to you that you're proud of, that you were happy about that you're grateful for. That may mean success in your career and your business success, your social dating lives that says, in creating great relationships with your family and so forth, whatever it is that makes you feel really incredible. Maybe it's an achievement that you did in school or in college. Anything that has happened to you, that has really been, um, a really important moment for you. You want to write those down and begin to go through a mom you know, kind of quickly in your head and just begin to feel how you were feeling that day or in that moment when that happened. And so your training yourself to first it says your training yourself to feel confident, your training yourself to feel happy and your trading yourself to live, that those step of moments more and more so and to expect those type of moments. So again, not only you're becoming more confident, releasing emotions and stress and anxiety, but you're also beginning to allying yourself more and more with the law of attraction by simply making whatever top Orpik moments your norm and as well as those emotions, beat your norm. So again, focus on those steaks, right him down. And after you are grateful for your life and great for different things, go on into your magic moment list and began feeling great about it. 15. Visualize and Affirm Yourself Confident: All right. So now we have gone through everything from recording your dreams in digesting those thoughts and emotions that you have left over from those dreams. Aziz. Well, as meditation and bringing you to, um, or center ground it, please, uh, and letting go of any emotions that might be living in you, limiting you from, you know, your past 345 years ago that something that happened. Or maybe you're dealing with your emotions, your releasing them and again, you're doing this on a regular basis, and we've gone into gratitude. We've also a gun into your past successes and your magic moment list. Now we are going to go into visualization, an affirmation. So with this with visualizations, I would recommend that you put on it was just begin listening to some music, your favorite music. Um, and maybe your favorite song last, you know, maybe five minutes. So begin to visualize for those five minutes. You know what you want to happen in your life as well as what we want to happen in your day and your ideal life. So I will kind of go into recreating your story a little bit very shortly. cover that in one of my other courses, but you want to be really creating an empowering vision for your life and empowering mission for yourself in every single area of your life. So if you want to attract its partner, if you want to live a certain kind of life, sell ah, track. It's an amount of money or certain lifestyle within your professional life. Whatever it is, you want to write them down and begin to visualize them in this specific exercise. So again, put on your favorite song and V into visualize how your ideal day in life looks like. How are you walking? How you speaking? What is your ideal self? Also look like what? How are you acting Aziz? Well, as what kind of things are you living or having in your life? And what kind of people are you surrounded by? And what are people doing? How are they reacting to you? So those sort of things you want to be visualizing? I recommend that you do it for at least five minutes. Personally, I do it for anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. I visualize whatever I am, I want o only manifest but also how I want to be and what kind of person I wish to be. Aziz. Well, as I do it mainly to how it makes me feel and what can a person I show up as whenever I go to an event to the grocery store or whatever it is that I'm going to, it makes me a completely different person simply through a civilization. I no longer do it to manifest things. Although that happens. I do it for how it makes me feel, how I show up. It's a person. So you want to do that now. The second thing that you want to be doing is affirmation. So whatever your story is, uh, you know that currently in terms of all right, well, my life sucks because of this. It's it's okay over here. But it's really terrible here, and this always happens to me. Anything negative they have going on, you want to rewrite it into the positive. Simply put, the method is your write down your negative on the left piece of paper and a right piece of paper. You want to write down all your positives on the opposite of basically over your previous story, and they you will say it to yourself in front of the mirror on. Don't want to be having be more than three or five minutes as well. So you could say, you know, I'm incredible. Amazing. This is gonna be the best night of my life. You wanna get excited about it and see in front of the mirror And because of this and then the other And again, whatever your story is, um, I'll include a little bit about this in a future lesson, but for now, again, that is the exercise. So you want to be doing the visualization for five minutes, at least in the affirmation would be also around three or five minutes. So I'm sorry. The affirmations would be three or five minutes. So that's how it works. In the next lesson, I'm gonna show you a little bit of quick crash course on recreating your story. 16. Recreate Your Story: All right, So here is how you re create your story. First of all, you write down everything bad that happens to you on a regular basis or any kind of limiting leaves. You have about yourself about your body, about your thoughts about your personality, whatever it is you got going on, you want to write it all down a piece of paper and again in another piece of paper, you want to write down the opposite. So if you say I'm always shy when I do presentations, you want to say I'm super confident when I do presentations and so forth, or I'm always shy in networking events or I'm always shy when I go on a date or, you know, I'm feeling inexperienced business feeling super experience in business. I'm super confident when I go on first dates. I am incredibly confident and securing myself in super social. When I goto networking events, those are some of the things, in fact, so much so that I have to end conversations first. So here are the elements that kind of went a little bit further in that one, but here are the elements that you want to put it into your story. First element it has to be in the present. Has to be positive, so there's no negative talk, and I don't mean necessarily negative in terms of anything bad in the story. But there's no Don's never stop. So I wouldn't say I stopped being shy, for example, because you're still focusing on shy. It's like Don't think of the color yellow. You'll think of the color yellow. So again it has to be in the present moment. It has to be positive. You also wanna have a you know you want to stop chasing and you want to stop desire. And so the best way to do that is to tell yourself that it is chasing you, whatever it is that you want to create. So, for example, that, say, its clients at work, you know, I'm always getting new clients, in fact, so many that I have to turn a lot of them down because I only have so much time, for example, so that kinda stuff so that's a 2nd 3rd thing. Four thing you want todo put into your story is that you are giving so in. Whatever you do, you're giving So, for example, if you go to a social event, you know I'm going out just to have a great time and spread the good energy, I'm inspiring people to be more confident to be more social as I'm social myself. Those gonna think so. You wanna be focusing on giving in your story as well? Other than that, those are the main things. And again, you're gonna be seeing this assay mentioned in the previous lesson. You're gonna be saying this in front of the mirror and you don't want the story to be too large. So focus on the biggest things you want to work on. You want to be. You want to have a B of maybe 345 minutes long, maximum five minutes, but ideally, three minutes. Um, and then you can use this as a reference a structure on what you're gonna visualize on a regular basis, and that's about it. So, other than that, um, that's how you go from, you know, feeling frustrated, feeling stress in the morning or that wanted to get out of bed until being very empowered and showing up, you know, maybe into a coffee shop, maybe to work, maybe to a networking event or a presentation. Very, very confident and relaxed and not, um, yeah, gonna show the fearful inches or anything else and projecting the right body language, projecting the energy and bringing the right type of situations, your weight and attracting the right people as well. That is how you do it. And that's how I built everything from businesses to social, my social life in my personal life and how I've really have managed my dating life as well . And it's freaking incredible. I mean, if I could tell you stories from this video is just amazing. The kind of coincidence coincidence is that you will be creating the synchronicity that you will be having on more importantly, to be honest, I think it's more important and more importantly, the feeling that you'll get from doing this routine and the kind of person you will become if you become very, very valuable because you're becoming on very secure in yourself. So that is what that with this routine is all about. So if you have any questions, put him down below. If you you know, if you want to check out some of my other courses there, there there about confidence, social skills, leadership, dating and that sort of thing. But it all involves confidence. So all the courses involve confidence. And this is the foundation of it all. The morning routine. Another thing I want to mention before this course is over is, um definitely do this and night as well. So you can do it twice a day. It's gonna have twice as much impact. Also, you want to be doing this. Um, you know consistently. So this is not something that you do for 30 days. This is not something that you do for a week, this subtle lifetime routine. It's like anything else. It's like going to the gym. So it's a muscle. You're working the muscles of your mind, the muscles of positivity, of gratefulness on and so forth. So you want to really take it us a life practice on only improve it. Find new tool city, find other teachers. Maybe you you bring in new tools into this routine, but you want to keep it up and keep improving it. So that's the next thing I want to mention. Other than that, um, any questions you have to put him down below, like I said, but that's about it. So thanks so much for joining this course. I really enjoy doing it. It's really something that that I do every single day. So I wanted to share this with you and benefit you as much as possible. And it really is the number one thing when it comes to you into your life, so do it and let me know what happens.