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The Definitive Guide to Channeling Automatic Writing

teacher avatar Julian Jenkins

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      1 intro


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      2 how does automatic writing work


    • 4.

      3 Creating The Right Enviroment


    • 5.

      4 The Intention Prayer


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      4.2 Your Channelling Meditation


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      4.3 How To Ask Questions


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      4.4 Automatic Writing Practice


    • 9.

      5 Finding Your Purpose


    • 10.

      6 Raising Vibrations


    • 11.

      7 Lear To Break Negative Patterns


    • 12.

      8 Working With The Spiritual Realm


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      9 The Round Up


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About This Class

The Definitive Guide to Channeling Automatic Writing.

Master how writing through channeling can help you answer life's most difficult questions, Healing The Inner You

Have you ever wanted to be able to answer the deep questions that are in front of us, ever wondered who you are or what your purpose in this world is.

Well this course will help you to help yourself live a balanced, happy spiritual life with clarity and purpose.

We will look at how AW works, How to Create the right environment, the opening intentions the meditations, how to ask question and how to let the whole thing flow.

This course will unlock your inner wisdom, higher self through a series of lessons that take you on a journey to connection through a pen and pad.

It doesn't matter if you are an ace meditation buddha or just starting out this course will break automatic writing down for you and deliver a linear approach to your spiritual channeling. Allowing you to master the art of Automatic Writing.

Whether you call it angels, guides, higher self, God, or simply your inner wisdom, that voice is always there, always loving, and always waiting to give you a guiding hand. We only need to reach out and take it.

Join me today on this journey as we walk hand in hand down the road of The Definitive Guide To Channeling Automatic Writing.

Meet Your Teacher

I help people grow, personally and spiritually empowering them to live a full life of love, clarity and purpose x

My mantra is " I help you to help yourself live a happy balanced spiritual life with clarity and purpose"

I am so pleased spirit guided me to Udemy and the work that I do has helped so many people and the response has been incredible.

I am so proud to be one of the highest rated teachers online and that I have shared my experience and love with so many bright souls like yourself and over 40,000 students.

My spiritual journey started over 40 years ago and I know our pathway can be on times challenging and lonely.

That is why I started teaching, so that you can have the support, love and guidance along your journey.

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1. 0 Promo: Hello, my name is Julian James and I'm here today to see why you should join me in a definitive guide to channeling automatic writing. Hello, and welcome to the introduction of promotional video of the definitive guide to channeling automatic writing. Lot of people talk to me about automatic writing and how it works. And I say to these, there's a number of facets here. Angels, Indiana tuition, higher, self guides, God, the divine, or simply just your own inner wisdom. That's the voice that is always there, always loving, always wanting to give you a guiding hand. We only need to reach out to take it in. How does the automatic writing experience work? Well, in simplest terms, it's a very powerful and incredibly easy meditation technique that allows you to get into those wonderful spaces, even the most ardent non meditator, if you have never meditated before or if you want to be sat as a monk in a field somewhere, then it's entirely up to you. But this is about you getting away from that incessant subconscious mind, that chatter, that incessant noise that we talked about. And we looked at how automatic right works, how we can channel, how we can create the right environment, the opening intentions, the meditation's how to ask questions and how the whole thing just flow through. Automatic writing is an amazing way to get the answers for you, but also to get answers for others, to help others to understand their pathways as well. This is an amazing course. It's a course that's going to look at so many different facets. As I said, it's a great course in addition to a lot of the spiritual causes which will help you to reconnect with yourself to be a true self, to have that clarity and purpose, to be able to connect in with those inner guides, the aspirations with your soul, with the divine, with anything you want to do with your angels, whatever it is, we can help you through the definitive guide, the channel in automatic writing. We can help you out today. So join me as we walk through this wonderful journey. And as you know, I always say it this bed, when the student is ready, the teacher would always appear. So let's do this together. Join me today, sign up, and let's learn to enhance this amazing gift that we have never done it before. Or whether you're an experienced automatic right to this course has something for everybody. Have a wonderful day. And I hope you sign up. Susan, Take care. Bye bye. 2. 1 intro: Hello and welcome to this course. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for signing up. This is the definitive guide to channeling automatic writing. This course is going to look at a number of key areas, areas that are going to allow us to connect in with ourselves, automatic writing and I'll go through it a little bit more in depth in a minute in the how it works section. But automatic writing is a voice channel. If I was connected into ourselves, to connect into our salt or highest self to our purpose. We allow us to really come from here rather than here. But when we're coming from here and we create this space you would have seen in some of my psychic or medium ship courses as well, is that when we create this space, it's very conducive for us to be lower our altered state of consciousness, increase our awareness to sort of sense and feel psychic or spiritual energies. Psychic energies is working with the energy of the people of the world. Everything else who can connect into those medium ship is about connecting into the energies of spirit. Two very different things. Sometimes gets confused. Psychic medium shot, medium, psychic, which one of mine, which I don't worry about any of that. This is specifically looking at autumn definitive going to channel in automatic writing. We're going to connect into ourselves and whatever comes with that comes with that. We're going to let it flow. We're gonna learn how to let it for us. So we're gonna go through what is automatic writing and how it works. Then we're going to look at creating the right energy and environment. That's really important. If you want to go into a meditation, you're gonna spend some time just being in that space, just writing away LK asking questions, lucidly asking questions and feeling and sensing and moving. Then we're going to need to create the right environment. The foundations where we're gonna look at the intention, pray we need to set an intention. We need then to call upon ourselves that connect into ourselves through meditation. Then we're going to learn how to ask questions. Then we're going to know how to give gratitude because that's really important. But also about getting into that writing space, getting into that frame of mind when we've done all of these things. And then once we've sorted that out, we said right, okay, this section knows the foundations, I know how to do. I've sort of can connect in a star to make it, right and I start to make it feel. Real question is, do I need to ask what questions would you like answered today? Well, some of the things we're looking at is finding your purpose. Also learning how to break some of these very negative self-talk thought patterns that when we move away from the subconscious egoistic noise here, it really is about a chance for us to move away patients and those patterns in doing so will learn to raise our vibrations. Then we'll look to see initially, it's very much about in a South China and in divine consciousness, all of these things. But at the end we're gonna be looking at how we can work with the spiritual round in terms of connected in as well for some beautiful answers and Philosophy, working with our guides that help us and inspire us, our guardian angels, whoever it is we're working with. The UBI, working with, they're there for us and then therefore allow us to do it. And at the end then we're going to round it all up. So thank you for taking this course. I hope you enjoy it. As I always say, as I go through these things, is there anything you need? You can just drop a message here in the Udemy section are any questions and answers. You can do that as well in the Udemy sections. So thank you very much for joining me. I really do appreciate you taking the time and working with me on this and I hope that you get out of it as much as I've put into it because if that's the case, then we'll all be alright. So thank you for joining managed course. I really do appreciate it. God bless you. Can give love. And I'll see you in the next section, which is, how does it work? Take care. Bye bye. 3. 2 how does automatic writing work: Hello. Again. Went into the how does it work section. I'm filming this. The currently the end of February 2022, and I'm actually scheduled this into film is today in the middle of a rather large stone. If you do hear some banging or if you do, Here's some wind. I'm not going to edit it and never edit any of my videos. It's not from the other side or it may be, I don't know, but it's more than likely be from the wind that is blowing all around me. See how dedicated I am. I'm risking my life and limb to bring you this course today. It's really not that bad, but it does sound because I live right on the edge of the cliff by the sea level to place to live in the summer, not so good in the winter. Anyway, I digress, How does it work? Well, automatic writing works in many ways. And as I said earlier, the initial part we're gonna be doing is working with our intuition. We may be working with angels, whoever you connected, your guardian angels. But whether you call it your angels, you gauge your higher self, the divine, or simply urine, inner wisdom. It's that voice that is always there. It's always loving, it's always wanted to give you a very much a guiding hand. Conversely, to your subconscious mind, which is what we've programmed. This car drive that we've programmed here is being built over our experiences, built over our teachings, built over our environment, built over our people, built over a softening of things. Over how long you've been on this planet. For me, that's just 21 years. So this is 21 years of being ingrained into my mind of how my subconscious works when we worked from there, everything generally is a cycle because we're only going back over making decisions based on our experiences. So sometimes it's difficult to break that we'll talk about a little bit earlier, later on. But what we're gonna do in this section is we're talking about how it works and we're talking about working with your highest self, working with your inner wisdom. And that voice is always much more compassionate as always, there's a guiding hand because it's there to guide you this hard drive here in your soul has your blueprint for your life. Unfortunately, we don't listen to it because we've built a hard drive here, but we really need to connect into this hard drive. That's where we're going to connect into. Where we really connecting to do our channel in our automatic writing. We only need to reach out and take it and reach into that area. Does automated mathematic writing, does it work Well? Yeah, in its simplest terms, it doesn't. An early on you're going to learn some extremely powerful meditation techniques. I love meditation. Most of my courses are based around meditation. The reason for that is because I believe that's where we get into the right space. We get into the right opposite Murayama random Ys color. Anyway, send them at that. But it's there for us to use, for our, for us to be able to connect in and really do our best work. Even if you are not the most ardent, you and most other non meditator, you don't learn. You don't need to learn to become a monk or sitting a field and meditate for hours. It's just a Boas trying to quiet the mind to stop that incessant hard drive whirling around for us to come away from that and get into the deep where the real answers are. When we have a dozen are lots of computing a competing things go in, in our mind. It's difficult to listen to anything, let alone the voice of wisdom. So the process that we're gonna do is going to allow you to come back into this inner voice. After learning the meditation, you're going to learn some key simple praise to step into. So you can get into that meditative state. And we know that when we enter into this different brainwave, when it's theta beta types, theta alpha state reading is where you're thinking mine goes quiet and expansive spiritual Mundell Putin's. So think about that beta, alpha theta and delta warmer automatic writing. We are sort of lower alpha high Theta. That's where our mind starts to really open up. If you've seen some of my other courses in terms of trends, medium ship, that's when we get right into that Theta state. But it's sort of a mind TransE style type channeling. We're going to learn the most basic processes. We're gonna learn the rituals. It's gonna help us to step down even further for us to really learned some great techniques for us to be able to manifest, for us to be able to even. The end of this, talk to people who've passed into the spirit world and Mother Earth. There's no limit to where you can go with automatic writing. Why do we call it automatic writing? Because it's the last thing you feel when you you're in there. It does feel as if you are. I'm writing automatically, whether that comes from the mind or whether it comes from your hand, then that's a material. But it's like you can hear things, you can feel things, you can sense things. Your heart's going to expand. You're gonna know that you're not alone. We're never alone. And never will you be alone again within this course, because the ability to drop into this incense is a wonder that absolutely fills our spiritual heart and Gibbs us that courage and strengthened guidance to live again, to live completely a different level. In essence, board somatic writing is the state you get into through automatic writing where your pen is moving, the words continue to flow and then not coming from you, you get direction really and clarity almost like feels sometimes like something completely different. But more importantly, you get a higher level of perspective of your life. And it's a great vehicle where you can ask the Divine or your inner wisdom or you guys, you're inspired to help with your angels, whoever it is. The question, do you want you can get those reassurances to know you're not alone, that you can go through this. Everything is all right, perfect. In its own way. We're getting better at it. Unlike prayer with automatic writing, you ask questions and actually get answers virtue simultaneously. It's simply turn the page and you'll learn how to work with this inner wisdom, this way of a sense to simply accessible way of getting answers to your questions. It's not magic. It's just where you connect into. When we start to hear from these things. When we started practice, when the start, the word starts to flow, we know that we can plug in to the divine because this is the voice we want to work with. For years. We've been yanked around this wheel of life, going through all of the things without disconnecting into this inner wisdom to see the things that we're waiting for. Let's be honest. It's been there waiting for you to ask. And there's a lot of people in here think about an automatic writing. Do I contact evil spirits? And what happens in it tells me something bad or all of those things your highest self is coming from a very creative space. It's gonna give you your process along your journey. I firmly believe that there is no such thing as bad spirits, evil spirits, there are evil people. And they certainly make life difficult. So even if you're writing something and I had this just today funny enough. When you're writing something, you may think that there's somebody who was trying to put your download this and they're always around you or they're not gonna leave you on where am I? You think, Oh my God, that's spirit. Know what spirit is doing all your inner self is doing and say, Wake up, Wake up. There are people around you who aren't very nice that if people around you are taking in their actions that you don't want to go in. I hope that makes sense for you. We're gonna move into the next section, which is Section three. We're gonna be looking at the foundations and all of those things, but just sit with it and be with it and allow it to flow. And I get lots of questions here. And when I sat there and I was thinking I was thinking I was thinking I was thinking it doesn't seem to work. That's because meditation isn't about that. Meditation is about letting everything go. As humans. We consistently want to label things as humans. We consistently want to answer everything. Some of these things don't need answering. If you can just go with the flow, setting the energy, follow that divine life purpose with uncertainty. I think you've probably the first course you wouldn't have heard me say that if you've been on many of my courses, It's about bathing in the sea of uncertainty and enjoy swimming in it. Let go of the need and the control to be in control and everything, just let things gum and flow and be angio channels, some wonderful words, I'm sure of it. I hope you enjoyed this section. I'll see you in the next. By the way, if anybody's asked you already in Udemy, they do sometimes quite early. If you like this course, if you can please just answered it for me. And also when it gets to the point where they do ask you if you can leave some comments in there as well, because obviously it has kept me to try and help you to live a happy balance spiritual life with clarity and purpose, but also how to improve the courses that I do complex you and I'll see you in the next section. Take care. Bye bye. 4. 3 Creating The Right Enviroment: This section is looking specifically at creating the right environment and also the right space. I want to really be able to help you to do here is to understand that for us to truly get into this space of S, being able to connect in and be able to do automatic or a channel in through our highest self down and in-between. You have to have the right environment, but you also have to be in the right mind space. Because a lot of people say to me, Do you know what? I tried that meditation, I, it didn't work. And then when they start digging into it, They say, Well, yeah, the dog was barking halfway through lifespans. Either kids were sort of polynomial coattails and my husband or my wife was calling down for t's ready or or I'm in a room that's quite jumped up. So I just squeezed myself into the corner and there's a magnitude of things really that can prohibit you getting yourself into that space. Some of those things that environmental, if you think about my environment here, I created this environment for me to be able to come in, sit down, turn my computer around, turn my camera on, turn everything on, and it's got back conducive state. I liked my jaw sticks. I I play my music, I've got my incense burners. I've got everything in here that I need. Even a glass of water. Oh, very nice indeed. But it's an environment that is very conducive. I had my own little sound system. Any other I play my music on whether that's Reiki angel healing or wherever the scenarios, it's a space for me to come and for me to be when I created this environment. And it took me awhile, took me awhile to get to this space because I try this or try that out and I just thought no STI again, rip it all out and go again. Even I created an environment downstairs which I thought was this is the one. I realized no, I wanted it to be up. I went to be higher and want to be lighter. So I live in a three-story townhouse, so my I'm operate in now to the back. In essence, the back bedroom, which is out looking out over the sea, which is lovely. And I have to close the blinds on a day like today because I need to be able to guarantee the light so you get a nice image. But I've done all of these things to create an environment that is conducive for me to come in and sit down and go through. Which is hugely important. Because when I wanted to do my work, when I want to be in that space. This is where I do it. This is where I do my work. This is where I do my meditation. This is where I do my trans medium ship. This is where I do a lot of things. I'm not over again this, but it is very important that you create the right environment. This isn't just for this course, this is for lots of courses. Creating that right environment that is conducive to you doing whatever you want to do in it. When we created this environment for automatic writing, for instance, we're then going to get ourselves into that space. The environment is important. Maybe it's nice, it's warm, it's calm. It's maybe a little desk by turned all these lights, so it would be very dark in here now because I've closed the window up, but it's very much a nice ambient light. It's a nice environment. It, I've had some music on. I burnt some just sticks. I might even lead to another one as we speak. Because these things are done life as I'm thinking about it, then I will do it. These are what are called chopsticks. But it is about creating the right environment. Alright, so if I'm gonna do some form of meditation, I do like to like to just stick. I do love the smell of just sticks and I've got lots of flavors and favors and favorites and things like that. Okay. All right. Unlike their jobs, this is conducive to my environment. Then when I'm in this space and I've got my environment, you'll see the smoke noticed across the camera. Then I want to get my head into that right space. And really when we want to get into that space and we want to come out of our mind and we're going to go into much deeper foundations. But this is like the premeditation of the meditation. We're just going to, all I wanted to do in this stage, if you've created a nice environment, great, you can sit in it now. Make sure you fine. Tune your phone, which probably difficult because you may be using your phone for this course. But when we're doing meditation gain, if it's not a guided meditation obviously. But getting into flight mode. Okay, get out of that fight and flight. Put a hint or flight mode, get yourself five-minutes. What we're going to denote, just very simple. Just get yourself comfortable. Just close your eyes. I'm gonna do what I call my five conscious breaths. I want you to do. I just wanted to take a deep breath in. And counting one big deep conscious breath in. And then 33 out. Foreign. Now, I would be amazed if at this point you don't tell me that you're not feeling slightly more relaxed than you were when you started that. Can you imagine if you're gonna, before you start your automatic writing, before you start to go into your main meditation is that you have the gift inability to get yourself into the right environment and get your mind to slowly start to quiet. You're gonna quiet in your mind. All right? This is why this environment and this very basic. If you feel as if you're still a little bit edgy, do another 51 in three out of five in your body. Relax, I am that for sure. But if you don't get the right environment and you don't suddenly yourself down, your results can be patchy. So when people say to me I can't do it or it wouldn't work for me on this didn't work or that didn't work when I routed back. The majority of the reasons why it doesn't work. Because the environment and your mind was not in a conducive space for you to be able to do it. This isn't a binary I'm done automatic writing on-off 10101010. No. This is about you getting into that space, preparing yourself to get into this very powerful meditation that's going to allow you to open up yourself for you to channel and work at the highest level for your own automatic writing. Hope that makes sense here, we're gonna go into section for now, which is the foundations. But this is really, really important. People overlook the mindset and the environment when they're working spiritually and then they think it's them or they're not connected or whatever the scenarios, you have to get yourself into the right space. Both in terms of an environment of space and the mind space, the best and double-space that we can get. Thank you for watching this section. I'll see you in the next section when we're looking at foundations. Take care, Bye bye. 5. 4 The Intention Prayer: Section four, this is the intention. Pray. Everything that we do, the physical and the spiritual in wherever it is, is generally set around an intention. My intent is to go to the shop or get this. My intent is to do this. My intent is to do that maintenance to this work in spiritually or for working in this instance, channeling automatic writing. It, the intention is important and it's the first step in opening yourself up to that pot of deeper wisdom. The intention prayer is if you like, the ability to really get yourself into this wonderful space, this beautiful sacred vessel that allows you to call in the words. This is really just a first step into this unknown for some people to try and build up this Germanic experience like oceanic journey. It's like the starting of the drones. It's like heading into the different, giving gratitude for the four corners going into this underworld is when, when I work with people is asking them to connect in with source, they hire self, the wisdom, whoever it is. For some people, it can be quite religious. This automatic writing, bringing the inner wisdom of Jesus or allow whoever it is, it's, it's out of complete respect that we do these things we work on intention press. It takes us, allows us to get into that highest level of ourselves where we're going to call in information. And this is what I do. And it works for a lot of people, but feel free to use whatever works for you. That is a resource section in your head. If you want to click on the resource, I've written out some of my own intention, press for you to use and whether you are massively religious, whether you're an atheist, whether you are a spiritual person, whatever it is, it's ability for you to set the intention to work with it in her wisdom. Automatic writing works no matter what, whether whatever your religious beliefs are, you get to bring your spiritual and your religious beliefs together in a practice. That's where it's really important for me. I call myself a Christian spiritual. So I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, but I believe in a much wider facet than some of the constraints and controls that are being put in through religion or being written about in the Bible. I think some of it is duality to garner control. That's just my own opinion. But what I'm saying is, is what works and what feels most comfortable for you is where it's at. And automatic writing is very inclusive. We'll work with anything but I recommend that you bring everything into this. Let's not leave anything at the door. Let's do this with an open heart that's find the answers and where they're going to come from. For myself, I write to the divine in my prayers. That doesn't mean that that is a person. We will stare instead, it'll typically looking like we're led to believe Jesus looks like our God looks like or wherever else. I'm talking to an energy i'm I'm I'm referring to the loved I feel I'm referring that who we are and for me, you know, we're talking in many ways about how we get into this Akashic side of things, the field of love and the information that is there for us to tap into. And this is the energy that we're surrounded by. So literally we can, we can work with that divine, we can work with God, allah, whoever we said, we can allow them to create our own intention, knowing whomever, whatever works for us. So you're really setting the table for your own intention, for your own flow of automatic writing, you can modify anything you want to do. When you write out your intentional prey. I always recall the words and I right. Thank you. I always start my prayer and this is how I started this. Thank you for guiding me with love and night. Thank you for surrounding myself with 11 light. Begin giving me the gift to be able to do this by protecting me with your love and night. Thank you for bringing level night into my life. Thank you Divine. Thank you, Divine. Thank you, divine. And that is That's how I do it. But if you wanted to do setting, that wasn't so religious. You could just say thank you in a wisdom for guiding me with your level night. Thank you In a wisdom for surrounded me with your love and light. Thank you inner wisdom for protecting me with your love and night. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This is something that I think it's important. It shows that gratitude. And we get to know that when we develop this relationship, when we start to work out on cultivate these relationships, we need to water the process. We need to think about how we can commit to just sometimes just doing that gratitude, pray, that prayer of intention. And it's there at about, It's really using it. And it really is there for us to commit and do things in our lives. That really is a process of inner wisdom. And it's there to keep up with it. If you want to do something that's everyday, just setting the intention. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. And just working out my intention today and this is my intention is to help you, to help yourself live a happy balance spiritual life with clarity and purpose. But we have this spiritual sat nav in scientists that's trying to guide us, that's trying to figure things out there. Wants to go forward, that wants to practice, wants to and see you develop in a way that is really important when we're doing the automatic writing. It really is a question about writing out your prayer, writing out your, your words to set the intention. Then we can manifest more things. We can visualize more things. We can, we can work on a lot of things and there's a lot of doing this and the opening when we've got that gratitude and who is setting the intention, the opening prayer. It's about creating that vessel of love and light to spoke, connecting to your inner wisdom. And that's really, really important that we have that intention prayer on the table. There's a resource in here that you can write that intention, prayer out. And I'll give you a few examples in there as well. Like I've, I've said mine, mine is about the divine. Yours can be worn about what I wanted to be. And it's important that we get that intention prayer that we sit in that space. We take those five conscious breaths. We then work with the intention prayer. It's like as if you'd like, it's setting the foundations, It's laying all of those things. Then invite in your inner wisdom, your guidance so the words can flow and that's where we call for me anyway, is the writing prayer. It's a welcoming in prayer. And again, I put some resources for you to do it how you want to do it. But it's there really for you to really apply your inner wisdom and really think about how you can work with all of the things that we've got that really allows us to do so. I hope you enjoyed this section. Look in the resource section, look at my intention bread. What we're gonna do is we're going to talk you through the intention prayer. Then we're going to talk about the writing prayer. And then we're gonna, then what we'll do is solvable questions. And then we'll do the gratitude. And then at the end of it, I'll show you a demonstration of me doing it myself. Hope that makes sense. These are steps that you will need to put together. Like I'm putting them together. So at the end of it, when I'm doing my demonstration, you will be in a position to do your demonstration. In fact, I will talk you through how I'm doing mine. Now it's difficult for me to say that there's a meditation I'm gonna give you because you might want to change it. As I said, you might want to say God, you might want to say Jesus, you might want to say the divine. You might want to say, bumble my dog. It doesn't matter what you put in that, it's just the way in which we do it. Hope you enjoyed that section. I'll see you in the next. Take care. Bye bye. 6. 4.2 Your Channelling Meditation : Hello, whatever. Writing meditation section, we're not actually gonna do the meditation in this section, I'm just going to talk to you about what it does for me when we are connecting in. So just think of this from a linear point of view. You've created a nice environment. You've done your fine, you've conscious breaths. You've written out your intention prey because don't forget you're going to write that out so you can use that. You're going to use that before you go into this next section. You're going to write that out and you're just going to take your five breaths, then you're going to say your intention prayer, as we just said a few moments ago. Then you're going to go into your automatic writing meditation. All right. Now for me, this is where we start to call in and connect with the people that we'd like to call in and connect with. Will they respond? Well, that's entirely up to them. So I basically say, good morning, good morning, divine. I'm here today to connect with you and with my guides, my helpers and in inspirers to connect with you, to allow you to help me to answer the questions of my day. What do I need to know today? It really is as simple as that. It's about the key to it though is getting into that mindset. Now, I've done a little bit of a shortened version of that. And we're going to go into a demonstration or I'll go into a full-blown meditation. But I wanted to break it down before we did it. So I didn't want to just go into a meditation is a wall. I don't understand this burnout bit. The key components are environmental space minded environment, space, the intention, and then the automatic writing. But I'll do it in a way in the next section where we will actually undertake it. So you got to get your pen and paper ready. And we're gonna, I'm gonna take you down into this meditation and then we're going to see where you go with it. Then There's a section in here to ask more questions. All right? Automatic writing really is about five to ten minutes. Even if you haven't gotten anything at the time when we're doing it, it's good just to do some scribbling and see where you go. Alright? Just allow the words to come. Don't ask your mind what to write. Simply keep the pen flowing and let it keep flowing itself. All right, don't worry about spelling or grammar or logic or how it looks. The most important thing when this is when we get into that meditation is that you write without stopping. This mean don't stop to analyze it. Don't stop to go through the contents of it. Don't stop to put a comment in. Don't worry about what's coming out, where it's coming from. Just let the pen and the words flow. And this is the part really where the process allows you to loosen the grip from your subconscious mind to move past that resilience of the human, which has a magnitude of fear and control and self-criticism. And just write what is coming to you, right? Simply what is coming to you and simply keep the pain flowing. So many beginners talk about that experience where they've had anxiety, where they've had failed at fear, where they don't think they're going to be able to do it. But the meditation is going to be a case of saying, boom, boom, boom, here we go. And just allow the best, allow the outcome to come. Except a lot of some of the stuff that you're gonna write you may not be able to read except once you've done the meditation that by design it might not make much sense, but there could be bits in there that an absolute pearls of wisdom. And find even you might find that you throw a lot of weight, but you might find your key plot which may become very dear to your heart. And it's then, I don't know what to write. I don't know how to write the city. What am I gonna do is gonna be okay? Oh my God, what's going to happen? Just relax. Everything is going to be fine. I don't know. I never know what I'm about to write or I don't know what to write, but it's just the words that keep coming in. These words may start to come in as snippets at first, but it's important that it's coming out. It's important that we get that connection. I would always say that makes sure that once you've done it, once, give yourself a break because some people get excited. All right, give yourself that break. Clarification is okay to write and do what you want to do it in your own writing or whatever it means. But don't stop writing. If you're writing is very illegible. Don't worry, even if it's not making any sense, don't worry. We can go back over it afterwards. It means that you're in a place of writing, stay in that space. And at some point, it may even feel like a third-person sneaks in some advice to if they're not coming out in a writing voice, just keep writing. What happens is, don't worry, just keep going with it. It's important to give the penny energy to keep it flowing and you can just keep going and going and going. My mind where I start is pretty blank. And you can get to that space, then you're reaching that point of I have a good space because that's where the enlightenment starts and we know that. And I joke about this, is that I like to meditate, but I my, I still have thoughts as well. It's not you're not having thoughts about you actually doing the intention, the writing prayer, and then just letting your hands go. And it's about five to ten minute process. It's really, it's the start as we start to move forward and we start to do things, things start to gain speed and then you can analyze your writing and everything else when you want to come back to it. You just gonna keep going and going and going and don't over criticize yourself. Don't put yourself down. Dog, do anything like that. When you start this process, just go with it. And the meditation prayer is an important part of it because it's part of the foundation. If you don't know, just let it flow. You don't have to worry. You're going to have beautiful experience. And words will just seem to come tiny snippets. And then we can keep working on it. That's the best way to do this. The meditation prayer we're going to work on in the next section, because the next section we're gonna talk about asking questions. But I just want you to understand space, mind, and environment, intention, the meditation, what the expectation is when we're in it, how do I ask a question is the next one. And then right at the end, we're going to put it altogether. And we're gonna see where it goes. And then you can share your writing experiences with me. I hope you enjoyed this section. It's not the meditation itself. It's the foundation of why this meditation is in place. Brilliant news, and I'll see you in the next section where we're going to talk about how do we ask questions. Take care, Bye bye. 7. 4.3 How To Ask Questions: When we were just talking in the last section about the meditation, the automatic writing meditation, which we'll do in a few moments. It was more about the foundations of the understanding of the meditation and what's going to potentially happen. Next. The question there was, what sort of day am I going to have when that starts coming out and you start writing, at that point, you can ask any questions you want. But what's good? For a lot of people when we start this is who am I? It's quite profound question. But this question really helps you to understand from your deepest point of view who you are when you're in that space, which will be, you can then say, who am I? Just again, allow the paper to work for five minutes, let it flow. Don't worry, don't think they'll try and answer the question again. The reality is that the human kicks in here and starts to say, I want to do that, don't just let it go. It could simply just say you're a parent or you're doing a job, Nice job, or you're doing that or the day to day, whatever it comes up with, it's going to be there for you. Again, don't think about why we're asking questions. Who am I? What does that mean and how am I going to get here? And hope is really profound and all of those things it's about, and it's not always about asking game changing questions. And it's more of a glimpse of who we truly are and why we're truly hear. It helps to change the direction of travel. And by doing so, that can have some fundamental changes in around it. So rather than asking the big questions, some of these smaller directions of travel reading for automatic writing and things that can really help us do and think about this, you know, you can, you can ask the same question in every day or you can change the question. If you fairly getting the right answers, then move on to another question. But you can do that by just every day, just asking a question. On another day, you might see that the answer may change a little or there's variations to that, but enjoy it, go with it. And when we get to the next one, Who am I? And the next question could be, what's my purpose? Which is a big question? Which is a big question. Normally. Sometimes when these things happen, when we start to write and think about it, you listening to some of the negative side of things which we'll talk about a little later on. But the question is for me as swot sort of day, am I going to have who am I? What's my purpose? There are three of the foundation questions. Now. The first one you might just do on day one, you might just say, Who am I? We're gonna go for three in our, in our meditation that we're gonna do in a few moments time that you can use them day after day or you can use with somebody else. It's going to be what sort of day am I going to have? What's, what's, what am I looking forward to today? Who am I? What's my purpose? Now? The reason why I asked the first one really, which is quite a nice and sensible simple question, is because then you don't have to think. We're not jumping straight off the deep end. We're actually opening ourselves up to the ability to have that question. All right, I hope that makes sense to you. We're gonna move into the next section, which is where you are going to need your pen and paper. We're going to go into the meditation itself. All right, good way to put it all together and see what comes out. A few moments, Take care. Bye bye. 8. 4.4 Automatic Writing Practice: I decided when I see she went to start with and I went in to have a day off. And then I wanted to come back tomorrow. And I want you to do a much more deeper one. What we're gonna do here is we're going to get into that space. So we talked about creating the right space, environmental space, the mind, the mind space. Then we're going to create our intention prey, which we're going to write without eyes closed. Okay, then we're gonna go into the automatic writing, pray, calling upon these people. And then we're going to ask the question is, how is my day you're going to be today? Like all of these things when we talk about rituals, the morning is a very good time to do it. All right. When you wake up in the morning, it's a very good time to do it. So if it is the morning brilliant. If it's the night, maybe wait until tomorrow or whatever it is. Let's just give it a go today. We're going to do it in a linear fashion. So I want you to get yourself comfortable in your chair with your pen in your hand. I want you to close your eyes and your papa video at bab, an image up now. With your eyes closed and with your pen handy in your hand. I went, we're gonna do five conscious breaths. So we're gonna breathe N1. We're going to breathe out one. We're going to breathe in two. We're going to breathe out two. We're going to breathe in three. We're gonna breathe out three. We're going to breathe in for we're gonna breathe out four. We're going to breathe in five. We're going to breathe out phi. When this instance we're gonna write down. Because we're going to connect with our inner wisdom. As I say this, I'd like you to write that this is your intention. Pray. Fit in nice and calm and relaxed with your eyes closed and a wonderful space. I'd like you to write this on one line. Thank you in a wisdom for guiding me with your 11 night. Thank you In a wisdom for surrounding me with your love and locked. Thank you, Anna wisdom for protecting me with your love and light. Thank you In a wisdom for connected me with your love and light. Then, right? Thank you and wisdom. Thank you. In a wisdom. Thank you, wisdom. Then we're going to set our prey. Automatic writing meditation again, very car. I'd like you to write. Hello. Mother, Earth. Hello, divine. Hello, Archangel Michael. Hello, archangel Raphael. Archangel Gabriel. I am calling upon. Connecting with my highest South. My higher team, my guides, angels, helpers, inspirers. For my highest good. For the highest good of all. Men. Take a nice deep breath in and just feel yourself just connecting with the energy that's all around you. Just feel that energy change. Now truly connected. Like you write down the question, how was my day today? How is my day-to-day? And then underneath, just start writing what you feel, what you sense. What do you hear, what you see? Even if you don't feel anything, just write some loops till you get that information coming through. But if you've got an information coming through, just let it flow. I'm going to leave you for five minutes now, just to write that. At this point, say thank you to the divine. Guides are helpers uninspiring as our angels to our inner wisdom. And also we laid the pen down. We take a nice deep breath in, hold it for a second. And then we let it go. Take another deep breath in. Hold it for a second. And then we let it go. Then just slowly open your eyes and come back. Well done. No matter what, you've got to be nice to share it in the questions and answers section. You can message me directly through Udemy. It takes a bit of practice. Get the environment, get your breath, write out your intentions. Write out your meditation, prayer. Dan, getting to your question and allow it to flow. You see the pattern. Do you see connecting into the energy we're talking to our inner wisdom. But when we connect into an inner wisdom, we naturally create the space for the divine. We now actually create space for our angels. We can actually expect bit of space for our loved ones. Okay. I hope you enjoyed that sexually about setting out of it. Go into the next section, which is about finding your purpose. So we're gonna ask those two big questions in the next section. If you feel as if you'd like to do it again, then great. But I would recommend that, you know, press pause. You give yourself a couple of hours or come back to this tomorrow. We can do the next bit. I hope that makes sense to you. Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you are being asked at this point to give us a flavor or a review of what you think, then it'd be great if you could do it really just helped me to move up those rankings, but also for me to understand what you think of the content and what are the things that I may be able to produce? B them, good luck, and I'll see you in the next section. Oh, what about purpose? 9. 5 Finding Your Purpose: Did you have a patient have you had a day off? Did you do when I said What have you come back a bit and it doesn't matter because all of these things are there to help us to move forward. This section is who am I? What's my purpose? But just bear in mind, we're just using a very small fraction of questions that can be used when we do an automatic writing. And it's important that when we do do, it's very Welsh thing we do to this, that we ask the questions and more permanent to ourselves to get levels of guidance and help and advice. And as I said, automatic writing is a great tool within your toolbox for you to be able to work with. If someone's got a question for you, sit down and do your meditation, do your five-minutes or your intention break, do your meditation, and then off you go writing. As we did in the last section. I'm gonna leave you for five minutes in the middle of the section. Get comfortable in your environment, create that space in your environment and in your mind. I'm going to again flip up a an image, get your pen and pan and pad, pen and pad. Ready, okay. All right. Then we're going to start to work our way through this. When we're here. We're just gonna take a deep breath. Him close our eyes. We are going to take five very conscious breaths, and then we're gonna write out our intention. Pray as we say again. So breathing in one, breathing outward. Breathing into breathing out. Breathing in, breathing out. Breathing in for breathing out. Breathing in. Breathing out for yourself, calm and relaxed. Then we can write down our intention. Calm and relaxed. After me. Write it down. Thank you In a wisdom for guiding me with your level night. Thank you In a wisdom for surrounding me with your love and light. Thank you In a wisdom for protecting me with your love and light. Thank you, Anna, wisdom for connecting me with your level night. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yourself, calm and relaxed. Then say, Hello, Mother Nature. Hello. Hello, Archangel Michael. Hello, archangel Raphael. Hello, Archangel Gabriel. Feel that energy changing around to you. Hello, my highest South. Hello, My higher team. Hello, My angel's, my guy, my helpers, and my inspires. For my highest good for the highest grade level. Then just ask the question, who am I? And allow your thoughts. Everything just to flow. If it doesn't actually start flowing, just start writing some loops until your mind brings the information or your pen starts to move. Leave you here now for two minutes before we ask a second question, just to allow it to flow. Who am I? We ask our guidance just to leave it there. And we ask our second question. What is my purpose? What is my purpose? For a few moments. Then we say, thank you. We finish off writing. We put our pens down. We take a deep breath. In fact, the divine. We breathe out, breathe in. We found garden and wisdom. And then you can just wiggle your fingers and open your eyes. Again. At this point, it'd be interesting to see what you wrote, how it worked for you. It all takes practice and you may have an essay, you may have war and peace. You may have the Magna Carta being drawn out in front of you. You may have had two words. It's all relative and it all takes time, takes practicing. But because you're doing it in a meditative state when you're moving away from your subconscious mind into that. For Theta state, it's important that you don't overdo it. You don't want to ask yourself 50 questions because you're gonna be burnt out. Those are very poignant questions. Ones, How's my day going into the last section? Finding your purpose in this section. Be great to know what you wrote. This is quite a cashier because you're going into those realms, the accessing the information. That's why automatic writing channel in his very close to the Akashic Records. I hope that makes sense. So you're gonna move into the next section now, which is crazy in your road vibrations. 10. 6 Raising Vibrations: In this section, just raising your vibrations. And I don't mean sort of metaphorically or metta meditation Italy. I'm going about just per se with automatic writing. And what we're finding here now is when you are journaling, when you're writing things down automatically, it takes it from your head and it puts it onto Packback. This is the definitive guide to channel in an automatic writing, but it's also gonna be in here about you as the individual, you as the person you as in doing this, and the ability just to, right. It's such a wonderful thing in that meditative state with your eyes closed, just allowing things to form. It's a natural form of mindfulness in many ways, mindfully writing, connecting with the realms are going to do a spiritual one a little bit later on. But this is about raising your vibration. What I wanted you to do in this exercise is I want you to close your eyes. I wanted to get your book. If you've got your book and you've got your close your eyes, I want you to do again take if deep five breaths in one in one out, three out, 44 out five in this instance, we're just going to ask us to connect with our archangels. Write it down. I am connecting with my archangels. Need to write. I would like you to help me write your name. I would like you to help me always look for the best in each and every situation. I want you to help me look for the best in each and everyone. Especially starting with myself. I come from divine love. I love. From this day forward. With your help. I will choose to look at the world differently. With love. With your help. I commit to filling myself with divine love to find bright. At the highest level possible. I am free. I am, I am grateful. What do I need to do? To succeed? I will leave you for a few moments just to let the writing flow and go with it again. We are eternally grateful. Fact the divine guides I help us and inspires, and in this case, guardian angels. Put the pen down, open our eyes and come back into the room. Sorry, I just got to get a drink of t. Just being brought a nice herbal teas could pop that, isn't it really. Put all my camomile, a marshmallow root in there today. Interesting combination, but one that is very nice and calming. I hope that, that automatic writing session about raising your vibrations was that as well. You see, I want you to look at this differently. And I want you to look at this as being a bit way for you to be able to help yourself to move forward in your journey. Automatic writing is a great tool for self-discovery. And that's important because sometimes it's used as a tool or a play thing, or I suppose in many ways a lot of the things have divination are the same. Whether you're doing rooms or Tarot or pendulum, describing or TV reading or reading the Cloud. So reading fire, whatever Mansi or Cartier Mansi or whatever posh words anybody who wants to throw at you is. The bottom line is about you connect in feeling it, going with it, allowing it to flow, to give you the guidance and help and love and support. Realize that you are not on this journey on your own and that you can do it where they're living, help of everything that's around you. In the next section, talk about how we're going to do something quite similar, but how we can break negative patterns. And please remember that you can use these for other people. So you can do an automatic writing session as a session to help heal people by guiding them as AI is guiding you, if that's a word. I hope you enjoyed this section. I'll see you in the next section, which is about breaking negative patterns. God bless you. Be 11 gabled roof and thank you for joining me. If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you want to pop some of you. Maybe you're writing if you feel into the messages to me or into the community Q&A, then please feel free to do so. God bless you. Well, I have a couple of common mile and marshmallow root t. I'll see you in the next section where we can break negative patterns. Buh-bye. 11. 7 Lear To Break Negative Patterns: Before we went to spiritual side of things. And I wanted to leave this at the end of this bits and pieces because it's important that a lot of people call our subconscious mind, the monkey mind. And that monkey mind is the thing that really stops us from connecting here. That because we just have all of these thoughts and the negative habits that we get ourselves into. Basically sat upon, as I said to you before, this hard drive of information that we have in our subconscious mind that is being dealt with over many years of experiences of her illness, of all of these things that really shape and build our mind into a space that limits our risk or our connection, or the way we do things. I'll tell you a little quick story. When I was playing football or soccer as they call it an America, I was pretty good at it and I was playing at a professional level until I badly damaged my knee and add to retire. And I went to play at a much lower level because it wasn't as quick or as physical. My left knee was bad and I thought right, that's it. Finished now, my knees are finished, I'm done and all of those things and I allowed my negative mine to talk me out of playing competitive football all those years ago, only to pick it up again 15 years later and realize that actually I could still play a bit. What's the relevance of that story? The relevance of that story is, is my negative mind told me I couldn't do it when really I could, but I gave into it and I allowed it to miss 15 years of me being able to play sports at a level that I enjoyed. That's because we consistently listened to our negative mind. It is important, and I've said this before, that when we are sat in a room with ourselves and all the noise that goes on in our mind. It comes from our Our roommate. If I roommate was that negative, then we'd ask them to leave. I'd like you now to take your pen and paper and I'd like you to close your eyes. And I would like you to just to write down with your eyes closed everything that you can't do. Write them down. Write down all the things that you can't do. I'd like you to write the reasons next to them why you can't do it. Eyes closed, just keep writing down what? Pour myself another cup of tea, by the way. Just be in that space account. This I can't do that or counters I counted out there I'd like you to do and I'll stop you there are like you with your eyes close to write down all the things that you would like to do. But you believe you can't do. What would you really like to do? And the reason why you can't do it. Write them all down. They might like you to do is to close your book, put your pen on top of it. Open your eyes. Like me. Put me on pause. Quite like that, but put me on pause and go down a cup of coffee. Are going to have a drink, will make yourself a drink. Go make yourself a sandwich. Go make yourself anything that you saw desire to have ten minutes away. I just want you to just get on for five minutes. Just have a cup of tea or coffee and not think about the book. Then I want you to go back with your eyes open. I'd like you to read it. Put me on pause. Go make yourself a cup of coffee and come back. Or wherever it is, sandwich weapon. Pause me now. Thank you for enclosing me. Open your book. Starts to read what you wrote. Sad to see how when we work for our subconscious mind, everything is negative. Everything is limited. Everything is fight or flight. Everything is fear, everything is hurt, everything is conditioned. Every single reason why you have written down on that piece of paper is generally because of the experiences are the things that have happened to you in the past. Some of them could be financial, some of them could be health, some of them could just be in your mind. But even half we can work towards something. Even with finance, we can save, we can do these things. If you really, really want to do something within reason, we will get there, but even without the reason, we throw them away. Now is the time to ask this negative roommate to leave, to pack their bags and do one, as they say here in the UK. Automatic writing can help you to do that. We've done finding the higher vibration, we've done the purpose and who I am, we've done what's happening for you today. This one is just as reason for you to write down the reason why you need to get rid of your roommate because they are not helping you in any way, shape, or form. What I'd like you to do now is I would like you to circle in that book, one of the things that you have written down that you cannot do, I want you over the next 30 days to work as hard as you possibly can to do whatever you need to do to achieve one of those things in that book. You can do it through automatic writing, can go through the process. Five deep breaths, the intention, the meditation, and then the question, how can I move forward with this today and see what comes and get on and do it, get on and do it, get on and do it. If it's health. Think about what you eat. Think about what you drink. Think about how you exercise. Think about the environment you're in. Think about the people who went around with thinking about the stress levels up around you. Think, think, think, and make those changes. Automatic writing is an amazing way. Even writing and journaling Through channel in is an amazing way for you to get these things. Then I know those things you've written in the book are all accessible, are all possible. You can do anything you want to in that book. You just have to breathe. Believe. That makes sense. The next section where we meet our spiritual realm. I have a cup of tea or coffee you made when you put me on posters as much as this one. See you soon. Take care. Bye bye. 12. 8 Working With The Spiritual Realm: A lot of things we've done a lot of writing, we've done lots of bits and pieces. This is the definitive guide to channel in automatic writing. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I am. And I'd like to film, of course, is on a Sunday afternoon because it's nice and calm and relaxing, good energy about it. Hope you can feel that energy. Feel like we're sat talking to each other, which is always a really nice feeling to have. Again, I've still got my cup of tea. Just having a cup of tea together and working through things. And I hope that you're enjoying this course and the many other courses. And I've done this. If you want to look me up on YouTube, you'll see that I've done quite a few courses and then all based around passion, desire for me to help you, to help yourself. They were happy, balanced spiritual life with clarity and purpose. But these things need to be done by you, that there's no magic ones. You can't buy the off-the-shelf product and just drink it and off you go. These things really need to be worked in cultivated through what you're doing. This section is all about the spiritual realm. This is a, this is a different type of meditation with a lot of things we've done there, reconnecting with the inner wisdom which would have had flavors of whichever had movements from. This is a specific meditation for you to do automatic writing. I am going to pop up image yet, but I'll play some music and I'd like you to get your pen in your hand and your book, and I'd like you to close your eyes. Thank you very much. This instance, we follow the same initial basics of taking five very conscious deep breaths. So we're going to breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe into gonna read out, to breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out before. What did I breathe in five. Then we're going to breathe out. Then we're just going to focus on our breath. I want you just to focus on your breath. In this instance when we breathe in, and I just wanted to say to yourself, I am focusing on when we breathe out, coming my mind. We are focusing on calming my mind. Breathing in, focusing on breathing out to come in my mind. You have your pain and pad in your hand. Focus in on come in my mind. Focusing on common in my mind. Just start to feel the energy building around you. Feel the energy change as we feel ourselves connecting into the spiritual realm. We ask our guides are helpers and inspire as angels to come and join us to come and work with us. In your mind's eye, you like you to see front of you a room with a table, with a pen and piece of paper. Now we're going to ask your writing guide, scribe to come and sit on that table to pick his pen up to smile at you and give you this wonderful feeling of connection inside is this divine energy and light is all around you. At this point, I'd like you to ask a question. When you ask that question, I'd like you to write the questionnaire. Once you've written the question out, you will see that your guide starts to write an answer. You will also send the information to you and you will start to write the answer as well. Just let it flow. Gonna leave you here for five minutes. Just answer that question. If you get to the end of it, you may ask a second question and then write it down. Just let the energy flowing in. We're always grateful and humble for these connections that we have. You see your guide, your writing guide, your ascribe in front of you. Has the same answers on his book, has sodium. You ask him to raise his book up your ratios and showing yours. They show you that you see the synchronicity and the connection of working with the spiritual realm. You place your book back down, close it, you put your pen on top. Your guides looks, smiles and send some wonderful energy away. And you feel the energy encompassing the whole of your body. Removing those negative self-talk, bringing you closer to the guidance and love of the divine light and Spirit with the healing of all full guide stands up, he borrows and leaves the room. You come back to your chair. Take a deep breath in your fingers, and you come back into the room. You see the beauty of doing in these courses for me as, as much for you. I have never, ever done that meditation before. And I didn't know where I was going until my guide stepped in and said, we've got a great one here. If I go and I follow my guide religiously without question, to get to that place where we all were. And I enjoyed it. And I hope you did too. Thank you for watching this section. Thank you for getting to this point in the course. Because the next section is just going to round it all up. We've worked through all of these things. It's been a pleasure. We've enjoyed cups of tea together. We've enjoyed some laughter. There may have been tiers, but the one good thing is, is that now as we stand here, having completed the definitive guide, the channel in automatic writing, I hope you have a much deeper understanding of what needs to take place as a tool for you to develop your journey in yourself. As much as others. I'll see you in the roundup. Take care. Bye bye. 13. 9 The Round Up: The bugle on this one, it's a wonderful course to do, and I ingredient enjoyed doing it on this beautiful Sunday afternoon. The way in which I like to teach and the way in which I like to work with people, It's all channel this all life never gets edited. You may hear the wind, you may hear the dog, you may hear wherever, but that's how real this is. And I don't want to create a fabricated environment that is not conducive to people actually thinking, This is just me, this is real it straight, it is what it is, is down to it. It's me giving you my pearls of wisdom and information being channeled by my guides in some of the meditation's that we do in the way in which we do it. This is the definitive guide to channel in automatic writing, and I hope you've enjoyed it. We've gone through how it works, what it is, the foundations, the ability to kind in mind, ability to ask questions, the ability to raise your vibrations, to find your purpose, to move away from negative chatter, to connect with your scribe guides. What a great saying a is your scribe guides. It's just a wonderful, wonderful opportunity and way of doing things. There's always if you've any questions at this point, please don't hesitate to reach out. I will pop some of the resources into the resource section here as well, which will have some of the MEMS, meditation's that I write out, some of the ones that are channeled more which I sorry. You'll have to write them out from listening to my voice. The ones I have got written out to the ones I do, but some other channeled ones is the first time I've ever done it and I can't remember what they were. So you'll just have to play them back and just take them down and then take down the words for it. I hope that makes sense for you as always. Thank you very much for joining me on this course. I have thoroughly enjoyed the energy that's come out of this course today. God bless you, and I hope you have 11. Give love. If any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you would like to see some more information, you can visit my YouTube channel and my official website, Jean Jenkins Or if you'd like to join over 6 thousand other people within the UDP Facebook group where there's a wonderful community of people that help each other. You can sit to the background and be quiet so you can be at the forefront and ask as many questions as you like. There's so many people in there to help you out so complex you be loving gift. Thank you for joining me on this wonderful journey and I'll see you all soon. Take care. Have a wonderful day. Bye bye.