The Complete Shopify eCommerce Masterclass (Clickfunnels, Facebook Advertising + FREE Sales Funnels) | Cheryl A. Spencer | Skillshare

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The Complete Shopify eCommerce Masterclass (Clickfunnels, Facebook Advertising + FREE Sales Funnels)

teacher avatar Cheryl A. Spencer, TikTok | Traffic Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Welcome to the Course!


    • 2.

      Join Our Free, Private Facebook Community


    • 3.

      Lesson 01 - Sales Funnel Overview


    • 4.

      Lesson 02 - Sign Up and Free Funnel Download


    • 5.

      Lesson 03 - Claim Your Free FunnelHacker TShirt


    • 6.

      Lesson 04 - Course 4 Week Structure


    • 7.

      Lesson 05 - Shopify Overview


    • 8.

      Lesson 06 - Shopify Free 14 Day Trial


    • 9.

      Lesson 07 - Your Domain Name


    • 10.

      Lesson 08 - Email Forwarding


    • 11.

      Lesson 09 - Shopify Settings and Legal


    • 12.

      Lesson 10 - Customize Your Theme


    • 13.

      Lesson 11 - Custom Menu


    • 14.

      Lesson 12 - AliExpress Introduction


    • 15.

      Lesson 13 - Oberlo App


    • 16.

      Lesson 14 - Importing Products


    • 17.

      Lesson 15 - Getting Verified


    • 18.

      Lesson 16 - Choosing Products


    • 19.

      Lesson 17 - Two Product Websites


    • 20.

      Lesson 18 - Google Trends for Product Research


    • 21.

      Lesson 19 - Pinterest for Product Research


    • 22.

      Lesson 20 - Etsy for Product Research


    • 23.

      Lesson 21 - Amazon for Product Research


    • 24.

      Lesson 22 - Secret Strategy 1


    • 25.

      Lesson 23 - Secret Strategy 2


    • 26.

      Lesson 24 - Secret Strategy 3


    • 27.

      Lesson 25 - Finding You First Product


    • 28.

      Lesson 26 - Print On Demand


    • 29.

      Lesson 27 - Print On Demand Apps


    • 30.

      Lesson 28 - Week 2


    • 31.

      Clickfunnels Upgrade - (Secret Discount) -


    • 32.

      Lesson 29 - Clickfunnels Dashboard


    • 33.

      Lesson 30 - Payment Processors


    • 34.

      Lesson 31 - Stripe


    • 35.

      Lesson 32 - Domain


    • 36.

      Lesson 33 - Opt In Page


    • 37.

      Lesson 34 - Editor


    • 38.

      Lesson 35 - Build Your Funnel


    • 39.

      Lesson 36 - Logo and Splash Image


    • 40.

      Lesson 37 - Copywriting


    • 41.

      Lesson 38 - Funnel Content


    • 42.

      Lesson 39 - Email Optin


    • 43.

      Lesson 40 - Footer


    • 44.

      Lesson 41 - SEO


    • 45.

      Lesson 42 - Favicon


    • 46.

      Lesson 43 - Building the Order Form


    • 47.

      Lesson 44 - Adding Products


    • 48.

      Lesson 45 - Custom CSS


    • 49.

      Lesson 46 - One Time Offer


    • 50.

      Lesson 47 - Build OTO Page


    • 51.

      Lesson 48 - Configure OTO Buttons


    • 52.

      Lesson 49 - Thank You Page


    • 53.

      Lesson 50 - Enable Test Mode


    • 54.

      Lesson 51 - Week 3


    • 55.

      Lesson 52 - Zapier Overview


    • 56.

      Lesson 53 - Creating A Zap


    • 57.

      Lesson 54 - Trigger Zap


    • 58.

      Lesson 55 - Zap Test


    • 59.

      Lesson 56 - Filter Step


    • 60.

      Lesson 57 - Shopify Customer Step


    • 61.

      Lesson 58 - Test Customer


    • 62.

      Lesson 60 - Test the Zap


    • 63.

      Lesson 61 - Oberlo Order


    • 64.

      Lesson 59 - Create Order


    • 65.

      Lesson 62 - Duplicating Zaps


    • 66.

      Lesson 63 - Week 4


    • 67.

      Lesson 64 - Facebook Business Manager


    • 68.

      Lesson 65 - Create Business Page


    • 69.

      Lesson 66 - Instagram Account


    • 70.

      Lesson 67 - Facebook Pixel


    • 71.

      Lesson 68 - Adding Pixel to Funnel


    • 72.

      Lesson 69 - Pixel Helper


    • 73.

      Lesson 70 - Ad Strategy


    • 74.

      Lesson 71 - Ad Cost Calculator


    • 75.

      Lesson 72 - Ad Content


    • 76.

      Lesson 73 - Create Campaign


    • 77.

      Lesson 74 - Create Ad


    • 78.

      Lesson 75 - Adsets


    • 79.

      Lesson 76 - PPE Campaign


    • 80.

      Lesson 77 - Customize Columns


    • 81.

      Lesson 78 - Scaling Strategies


    • 82.

      Lesson 79 - Adset Optimization


    • 83.

      Lesson 80 - Lookalike Audiences


    • 84.

      Lesson 81 - Thank You


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About This Class

This is the complete eCommerce sales mastery course for 2021 and beyond!

You are going to learn everything about the premier business strategy that is effective for eCommerce right now. Even if you are an absolute beginner to eCommerce or are looking for a blueprint for a successful business model, this is the perfect course for you. 

In this course, I will take you step-by-step through starting your very own profitable eCommerce business this year. We will set up a Shopify store, create a verified AliExpress account, and I will show you exactly how to choose winning products. 

Next, I will show you exactly how to increase conversions on your Shopify store using one of the best kept secrets for eCommerce - sales funnels! Clickfunnels is an amazing software tool that will allow you to quickly create beautiful landing pages that will help convert leads into buying customers.

I will walk you step by step through using the Clickfunnels editor to create stunning product pages, connecting Clickfunnels to your Shopify store, automating the order fulfillment process with Zapier, running targeted advertising campaigns with Facebook, and so much more. 

This course is perfect if you are a beginner, or if you are already familiar with Shopify and are looking for a reliable way to increase conversions on your store.

Hope to see you inside the course! 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cheryl A. Spencer

TikTok | Traffic Expert


Cheryl A. Spencer is an expert in creative content marketing. She has coached dozens of brands on how to create content to generate leads and sales, and helped businesses get millions of views.

She's taught thousands of students digital marketing in her online courses, and specializes in helping people discover their voice through their content to get their message heard online. 

Listen to the Podcast:

Join the Go Viral Challenge to learn how to go viral on TikTok and generate leads for your business:

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Level: Beginner

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1. Welcome to the Course!: if you're looking to learn e commerce than you have come to the right place. I'm so glad that you found this course, because this course is the only one that you will ever need to take to know exactly how to build a profitable e commerce business this year. Now e commerce truly is an amazing business model because it's a trillion dollar industry, and it's creating more new millionaires faster than any other industry has in the past 10 years. Well, retail stores are closing. E commerce has been growing 23% year over year, and that is not slowing down any time soon. So now is definitely the perfect time to get started learning e commerce in creating a lifestyle of financial freedom with a business that you own now. The reason that I created this course is that drop shipping has drastically changed even in the past few years, and many things that may have worked in the past are simply no longer effective. Thousands of Shopify stores open every single year and get a staggering 93% of Shopify store owners never make any money, and I'm going to be explaining exactly why that is in this course, but it basically comes down to this. If you want to be successful in e commerce today, you have to know how to do two things. The first thing is driving targeted traffic to your products using paid advertising such as Facebook and INSTAGRAM ads in. The second thing that you have to know how to do is create sales funnels for your products . They're going to be driving the traffic to now. The sales funnel is specifically designed to guide the potential customer through the psychological steps that are required in order for them to make a purchase decision Right now. Now, sales funnels truly are incredible tools because now only do they convert five times better than a regular product page. But you can offer bundled product deals. You can offer up cells. You can offer down cells. You can even collects the customers e mails. You can sell them products later on at zero advertising cost. Now, in this course, I'm not only going to be showing you exactly how to build a profitable product funnel from scratch, I'm also going to be giving you my own personal, high converting product funnels that are already tested in done for you so you can start making sales right away. Now, I believe that this course is the best and most complete course on E commerce that you're going to finds because you're going to be learning all the pieces that you need. In order to become successful, you're gonna be learning how to run targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram. We're gonna be learning how to create sales funnels in click funnels. You're gonna be learning how to choose winning products on Ali Express as well as my secret products strategies. You're gonna be learning the ins and outs of Shopify How to automate your orders in so much more. Thank you so much for watching. I'm so excited to get started and I can't wait to see you inside the course. 2. Join Our Free, Private Facebook Community: Hey everybody. So if you are enrolled in this course and learning how to do e-commerce, learning how to build your Shopify store, and learning how to use sales funnels to increase your conversions than I highly recommend joining our private Facebook mastermind group were called funnel mavericks. And this is a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. We're a community all sharing our insights and information with each other so that we can help each other have success on line. And it's also the best place to get a hold of me if you have any questions about your business or if you just get stuck on something and needs some extra help, it's a great place to reach out for help and information. Also, we have some really exciting things happening inside the group, like live streams, giveaways and also free software and other incentives for joining and being a part of this amazing community. So come check it out, visit forward slash groups for its slashed funnel mavericks, and hit the request to join button. And I hope to see you inside the group. 3. Lesson 01 - Sales Funnel Overview: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to explain exactly why sales funnels are essential for e commerce and why you'd be crazy not to use fit Sales funnels if you're selling physical products online. So let's jump into my computer here and let's take a look at a typical Shopify sales page. Now, whether you're familiar with Shopify or knots, I'm sure you've seen a type of product page like this online before. And this is basically how 90% of people they're selling products online go about. Doing it is with a product page such as this. Okay, now, the problem with using this type of page as a sales tool is that it simply doesn't convert very well. And I'm gonna be explaining exactly why that is so just to give you a side by side comparison. Um, here's a typical Shopify page, um, and selling it selling a pair of yoga pants. And here is a sales funnel selling the exact same pair of yoga pants. Now the difference between these two pages is like night and day in terms of how compelling it is for the customer to make a purchase decision. So here you can see on on this regular product page. Um, the customer basically comes to this page, and they don't really have a very strong called action. There's a small add to cart button here. They can maybe click around and see some of the different images of the leggings. Maybe read a little bit more about them. Um, but really, it's very passive. It's not very compelling. And it looks like, you know, there's a bunch of different links that you can click off on two different pages you can explore around, and we don't want that to happen. We want the customer to focus completely on why these leggings are absolutely essential for them to have. So here you can see that we can make a page that's entirely focused on selling these leggings. We can create branding, Um, uh, elements. We can make it graphically compelling, and we can explain exactly all the features and benefits. So as the customer reads more and more on this page, um, we're basically explaining why they absolutely need these leggings. So, for instance, they have a mesh phone pockets. You can take your phone with you wherever you go. You can listen to music while you work out stuff like that, and then you'll see on the bottom Here. There's a very strong called action, so you get a 50% off coupon when you enter your email and click on your size. So one of the really cool things about that is it's it's This is basically an opt in form. And so when you typically send people from an advertisement to a landing page such as this , if they click off the page, then you have no way of knowing who your customer is unless they actually go ahead and make the purchase. Now with a product page like this with using a sales funnel and using an opt inform, you actually capture a ton of customer emails who are interested in these types of products . And so why that's amazing is because you can create a list of, you know, hundreds of people say you're collect 102 105 100 people that are interested in this kind of thing. You can actually sell them similar types of products later on at zero cost, and so we're doing is you're building a brand you're establishing trust with the customer. Um, you're gaining this asset of this list of people, and that's how you eventually make passive income with e commerce is just by being able Teoh have a loyal customer base. So as you can see, the potential for using this type of funnel is much, much better. And it converts at least five times better than a typical product page such as this. So, um, look over another example here. Now this is a sales funnel, which is selling a Breathalyzer, as you can see again similar things that are going on here with this sales funnel. It's very strong. Graphically, it's compelling on. There's a very clear call to action again. We're utilizing the opt in form and were able to craft very compelling sales copy for why they need this product. So, for instance, getting a deal, I can cost your license your job in thousands of dollars. Why take the risk? So no, your B a. C. Um, we're explaining exactly how this product works, how accurate it is and all these additional features ends. Then again, a very clear call to action. So, um, once they click on this button and enter their email. They're taken to an order form. And I want to show you another really cool thing that you can do with sales funnels and that is offering multiple product deals at once. So if you were to drive traffic to a typical shop of five page such as this, you know, sometimes someone might be like, Okay, maybe I want to buy two. But that's honestly, that's not gonna happen very often because you're not telling the customer that they should do that. Um, when you do, uh, when you set up a funnel like this, however, so here on the order form, you can see that it's already auto selected for them to purchase three Breathalyzers at 60% off ends. They also have the option to buy, you know, four or five as well. So when a lot, when most people come to this page, most people are not going to buy just one Breathalyzer because people don't want to buy the least of something. They don't want to buy the most of something. They want to do what's most popular, And so a lot of times you're going to get people getting two or three instead of just one. So I mean, think about how amazing that is. Um, you know, if you're sending traffic to this product, you know, when you're making thousands of dollars $1000 a day, then you know, all of a sudden, if you implement a strategy like this, all of a sudden you're making 2000 or $3000 a day. So I mean, it's absolutely amazing what you can dio, and this is so powerful to just really increase that average order value from the customer . So, uhm, I'm going to show you another example of something that's really cool that you can do with funnels and that is using what's called an up sell. So one of the principals in in sales generally is that getting that first yes from the customer is the hardest yes to get. Once you get the customer agreeing in buying from you, then you know it's that much easier to make another sale. So we want to take advantage of that as much as possible. So here we have a landing page for a a really cool looking necklace and let's say Okay, so the customers interested in this product. So they fill out their information and they submit, and they buy this product well, are we gonna take them just to a regular confirmation page? Or like thank you. Bye. Thanks for your order. No, we're actually going to take them to an up sell page we're give them. We're giving them a one time special offer where they had now have the opportunity to purchase these earrings which matched the necklace that they just bought. And the really cool thing is that you don't have to have them enter their information and their billing information all over again. All the customer has to do is just click this button and it's added to the order. So it's so easy. And there so little resistance for them to make that second purchase. And then even after that, we're going to sell them something else. So we're going to give them another special offer for something else that similar, Aziz. Well, and again, all they have to do is just say yes. I want thes or no, no, thanks. I don't I don't want this right. And they're taken to the to the order confirmation page. So basically, um You know, uh, that's all I wanted to say really about Sales funnels For now, we're gonna be diving way deeper into building sales, funnels into optimizing them, customizing them, designing them and basically imposing the customer to get them to make a purchase decision . But I just want to get you guys really excited. I mean, surely the kinds of things that are possible with sales funnels because it's so exciting. What you can do and how much money you can make with this is a really powerful tool. So in the next video, I'm going to be showing you exactly how you can go ahead in download thes funnels that I've just shown you absolutely free. Now these funnels I'm selling for $200 each on funnel rolex dot com. Now you could go over there and buy them, but you don't have to, because I'm giving them to absolutely free as a thank you for joining me in this course. So go ahead and follow me over to the next video, and I'll show you exactly how you can download these funnels 4. Lesson 02 - Sign Up and Free Funnel Download: Okay, So some of you may have been wondering in the last video how am I actually creating these sales funnels? And the thing is that with creating these product funnels, it would not have been possible without an amazing software tool called click funnels. Now, click funnels is basically a complete funnel building system that gives you all the tools that you need in order to build highly effective sales funnels. So in this video, I'm going to be showing you exactly how you can sign up for your own click funnels account with a two week free trial. And then once you have your account, I'm gonna be showing you exactly how to download and import your free funnels directly into your account. So to get started, what we're gonna want to do is head over to this link right here. Fast final formula dot com backslash e commerce. And I'm gonna leave a link. Aziz. Well, in the video descriptions, you'll have it there as well. Now, when you, uh, head over to this link, um, you are going to be directed to a page that looks like this, and basically step one all you have to do is you're able to start your 14 day free click funnels trial just by clicking this link. So just go ahead and click the link and it's going to open up in a new tab for you, Um, where you can go ahead and start your 14 day free trial. So just go ahead, click this button and you're gonna be directed to the order page. Now, with click funnels like us and you do it, the 14 day free trial after that runs out Click Funnels is going to be $97 a month. But the cool thing is, you don't have to worry about that quite yet. And I know that $97 a month can kind of sound like a lot of money. But when you're making thousands and thousands of dollars with e commerce, um, you're gonna be so glad that you have this tool and it's just completely worth it. And you're gonna be leaving so much money on the table without it. So, um, yes, so just ah, all you have to do to sign up is enter your name email address. Choose a password. Um, the next page will prompt you for billing information. And then once you do that, I've already created in a free trial account. So that, um I know exactly how the dashboard looks. Um, when you first get started and I'm gonna be showing you exactly how you can navigate through the click funnels dashboard in later videos don't worry about that right now. All you have to do right now is just navigate back to this, uh, this page again. Again. Fast final formula dot com back such e commerce and go to step two where you're able to claim these high converting e commerce funnels. So all you need to do just enter your email address and click the link and you'll be directed to this page right here. Now, the really cool thing is that because you just created your click funnels account, all you have to do is just click these links, and basically, it's going to share the funnel with you. So it's gonna be downloaded directly into your click funnels account. So just go ahead and click all the links right here. So that was the 1st 1 will click on the 2nd 1 and the 3rd 1 Okay, So you see that they are all downloading directly into your account. And then basically, once they're done, you can actually view the funnel. And I'm gonna be showing you exactly how Ah, in future videos. Exactly how Teoh customize thes for your personal products also, how to build them from scratch. You know how to navigate this dashboard, How to do all the stuff in here that is basically going to really optimize your funnels. So I'm really excited to get started doing that. So thank you so much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next one. 5. Lesson 03 - Claim Your Free FunnelHacker TShirt: okay. So wanted to make sure that you guys didn't miss out on one of the awesome bonuses of being a new click funnels member. And that is getting your very own free funnel hacker T shirt. Um, this thing is awesome. I wear it all the time. It's super comfy, and you can get your very own free T shirt. Just buy a navigating to your quick funnels dashboard, and, um, there should be something on your dashboard that says something like, Get a free phone hacker T shirt. Should just click on that button right there and you'll be directed to this landing page. Now one of the cool things that they're doing is not only are they giving away a free T shirt, but they're also giving away, um, the Funnel Builder Secrets Light course, which is a $997 value. And they're giving over 100 plus free templates away as well. She could have those directly in your account, so all you're gonna want to do is just go through the video here. I think it's a little it's like 20 minutes, or maybe a little bit longer. And, um, it so it's gives a lot of good information about getting you oriented with click funnels, so it's definitely worth the watch. And then once you've done that, you'll have the opportunity to click on this button here. So, um, just click on that button and you'll be directed to this page where you can get your shirt . You can add funnel builder secrets lights, and you can access your funnels. So, um, just to get your T shirt, all you do is just enter your address ends. They'll send you your T shirt right there. So, yeah, definitely don't miss out on this opportunity. I don't know if they're going to be doing this forever, so definitely want to take advantage of it. Well, you can. So that's all for this video and I'll see you guys in the next one 6. Lesson 04 - Course 4 Week Structure: this course is designed to go from week 1 to 4. In each of the four weeks they're going to be teaching you a different core, uh, components in court information in order to make your e commerce business successful. Now, throughout the entire process, the four weeks structure will take you through how it's become a profitable e commerce business owner. In these four short weeks, you're going to go from beginner toe export in click funnels, Facebook advertising and Shopify Drop shipping. Now, in week one, we're gonna be going over setting up your shop. If I store with the two week free trial, which I'll be giving you the link for and optimizing your Shopify account, we're gonna be going over setting up Allie Express, which is a website which we'll talk about later. Anzio Barrel oh, app as well, which again will discuss later on on week one. You're also going to learn learning how to find winning products and my secret product research strategies. You're also gonna be learning about alternatives to drop shipping products from Ali Express , such as print on demands. I'm gonna be going over some recommendations for how to do that as well. Then in Week two, you're gonna be learning all about click funnels. So you're gonna be learning how to build your own funnels and customize funnels. You're gonna be learning all about building opt ins, order forms, one time offer pages up cells and the confirmation pages I'm also going to be giving you throughout this week. Expert strategies. In order to optimize your funnels four conversions you get AZM Any people buying as possible In Week three, we're going to go over integrating Shopify with click funnels using a software called Xabier. Um, this is going to be all about automating and processing your orders, and I'm going also going to be guiding you step by step, how to use a peer to build your very own automation. I'm also going to be going over a little bit about email marketing integrations with click funnels as well. Then in Week four, were family going to be going over Facebook and instagram advertising and how to drive traffic to these funnels that you're building. I'm going to be talking all about knowing your numbers in your profit margin and being able to calculate your ad spend ands basically maximize your profits, you're gonna be learning how to set up paper engagement as well as website conversion campaigns. And I'm also going to be talking about scaling your ads to maximize your revenue. So I just want you guys to get really excited because you're about to learn extremely valuable skills. And like I said before, all you have to do is just follow along step by step, completing all the action items in the lessons which I'm going to be giving you and all I want you to do is just enjoy learning this information and just stick with it for four short weeks and you'll have an invaluable skill set that's going to make you a lot of money . And you just get excited, guys, because you know this information is potentially life changing. If you apply it and actually do what I'm recommending in this course you're going, Teoh definitely find a lot of success with e commerce. So again, thank you so much for watching and I will see you in Week one 7. Lesson 05 - Shopify Overview: So in this video, I'm going to go over exactly what is Shopify and why it's such an amazing platform as well is how we're going to be using Shopify as a tool in this course. Now Shopify is an online platform which allows you to create an online e commerce store. And right now, Shopify is absolutely the best way to create an e commerce store online. And some of the reasons for that are a lot of times when people are creating an e commerce website, they can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the design and getting it to be secure and, you know, spending money on the hosting and all of these different things. And with Shopify, it's extremely affordable. It only costs $29 a month, so you can spend on Lee $30 a month instead of thousands, which is pretty incredible. Um, Shopify is extremely accessible and easy to use. You can design, customize in brand your entire store without hardly any technical obstacles, and they also offer many beautiful out of the box website designs. You can get started right away now, like I mentioned before, Shopify also take cares takes care of old back end issues as well. So they take care of the hosting which basically means all the information that's stored on your website is typically hosted on a server somewhere. And Shopify actually includes that in the $29 a month, so you don't have to worry about it. They also offer secure check out and SSL so your customers can feel completely secure shopping on your site. And again, you don't have to worry about that or figure it out. Shopify just does that automatically, which is super awesome. And the other thing that they do is they also offer a way to buy a domain on their side as well. So you can actually do all your domain hosting on the platform as well. I'm gonna be recommending that in this course in showing you exactly how to do that too. Now, Shopify is also amazing because it really does allow you to scale. Um, it offers a way to automate orders and process order refunds and returns extremely easily and just manage customer information. Um, the other really cool thing is that it integrates with hundreds of APS and I'm gonna be showing you guys how to use and navigate the Shopify App store later on in future videos. But basically what this does is it makes order for filming a breeze. So one of the apse that I mentioned before is Theo Bear Low App, which allows you to integrate drop shipping products right into your shop if I store. So that is one of the apse that that Shopify offers, which makes again fulfillment really easy. But they also offer a ton of print on demand APS as well. So say, for instance, you wanted to design a T shirt or something like that and sell it on your shop. If I store, there's actually a bunch of different APS that Shopify offers where you can actually design . Upload your design and create the the products and create the T shirt and then posted onto your store in drive traffic and get sales. And you know people will buy, uh, your designs as well. So print on demand is a really cool thing that you can do with Shopify. And like I said, there's tons of APS that integrate right into this platform. Another really cool thing that Shopify does is they integrate with social media. So, for instance, that they integrate with Facebook and Pinterest is well, so in many other platforms. So, like one thing that you can do, for instance, is, um, create buyable pins and put it on your Pinterest account, and people can find you organically and shop directly, um, from your Pinterest account over time. So there's a lot of really cool things that you can do with this platform now. How are we going to be using Shopify in this course? Well, as I mentioned before, we're going to be using it in conjunction with the Click Funnels platform. Now we're not going to be using the shop of high store itself as the primary sales tool. That's going to be the funnels that I was talking about earlier, which are going to be the main sales tool, and they're going to basically convert the potential customer into a buying customer. But what the Shopify store is going to allow you to dio it's going to allow you to establish a brands in a presence online so that people can find you and returning customers can come back and make purchases over time. Shopify is also going to be used to manage, process and automate order fulfillment. And I'm gonna be showing you exactly how to integrate. Click funnels funnels with your Shopify account. So Shopify really is essential for e commerce. And there's many benefits of having a Shopify store. And in the next video, I'm going to be showing you exactly how you can get started with Shopify for free with a two week free trials will be providing you the link in the next video for that. So, um, just follow me over to that next video end. We can get started right away. 8. Lesson 06 - Shopify Free 14 Day Trial: here is exactly how to claim your very own 14 day free trial of Shopify. So where you're gonna want to do is head over to this link right here, fast funnel formula dot com, backslash e commerce. And you're going to be directed to this landing page that you saw before when you were downloading. You're free funnels now step three right here is start your 14 days Shopify trial now. So are you gonna want to do is claim your free trial by clicking on this link right here, and you will be redirected to a landing page where your prompted to enter your email. So just enter your best email and click Start your free trial. Choose a password, obviously right down a password that you're going to remember and enter a store ning that you would like to use. Now, I don't want you to worry too much about the store name that you're going to use because it's not going to necessarily be the name of your actual store that customers will see. Nor is it necessarily going to be the domain name that you choose. It's simply a identify air that Shopify uses Teoh identify you as a sub domain of Shopify. So I want All you're gonna want to do is just pick a name that makes sense to you. Don't worry about it too much, and then just click create your store. Um, and you're going to be redirected to add a little bit more information about yourself so you can choose whatever makes sense for you. Um, whether you're selling products already or you're just starting out, um, and then you'll be prompted as well to enter your information. So just fill out your info right here, and you'll then be, um, prompted to visit your new store, which is great. So, um, once you are at your store, you'll see a dashboard that looks something like this and all are gonna want to do from this point on is just, um you can verify your email, which will basically complete the account registration process. So now you have your shop. If I store all ready to go and you're ready to move on to the next video 9. Lesson 07 - Your Domain Name: Okay, So now that you have your shop, if I store all set up, we can get into one of the really fun things which is branding and creating your store. And in this video, I'm gonna be showing you how to choose a name for your store as well as how to buy the domain name through Shopify. Now, one of the things that I want you guys to keep in mind going through this process is that having a the perfect name and brand for your store is important. But it's not absolutely essential right now, So I don't want you guys to worry about it too much. Um, you know, it's much more important when we're doing when we're learning e commerce to know how to drive traffic and know how to build funnels. And those skills are going to be much more important than having the absolute perfect brands name for your store. That being said, you know, later on down the line, once you start getting sales, it can be important to build up a brands and have people know where to find you. That's an important aspect. But for right now, the main focus is really just going to be getting started setting up your store in getting those first sales. So that's what I want you to focus on right now and just like that. You know, if you do decide that you want to change your name later on down the line, then it's super easy. Shopify makes it very simple. Where all you can do is just at the click of the button at the click of a button. You can just change your your your store name and just buy another domain so it's don't worry about it. Don't stress out about it too much right now. And, um, another consideration that I want to talk about is whether the domain in brands name of your store should be on the on the lines of more generic or more specific. Now, if you already know the types of products that you want to sell and you have a very specific idea for the niche that your store is going to be in and you've done your research and you know that it's a hot nation, it's gonna make you a lot of money. Then I would say, you know, you can maybe air on the side of being more specific in what your domain name alludes to. However, I would typically air on the side of being more generic because if you think about it, that's going to make it a little bit easier for you to sell different types of things. So whether you want Teoh sell yoga pants one day, maybe you want to sell print on demand products the next day. A more generic brands name is going to allow you the flexibility to make it just a little bit more easier for you to do that. But again, it's not super essential because you can always change these things. So let's help into your Shopify dashboard. And I don't know if you guys have taken a little bit of time to explore this already, but basically just to get you quickly oriented. This dashboard is where your sales and product information are going to show up. On the left hand side. You have the navigation dashboard, um, which I'm going to be walking through when we're going to be building out in customizing your store in the next couple videos. But for right now, um, I want to click on this, uh, online store button right here, and it's going to pull up another drop down menu and right down here near the bottom, it says domain so quick on that right there and you'll see that you have the Shopify um, the shop, your typical Shopify domain, um, already connected, and that's already set up. But what you want to do is you want to create a more, uh ah branded name that isn't connected with the Shopify. So you can create your your own domain so you can click this button right here at the top. It says buying your domain and the really cool thing like I said before is that Shopify manages all this, so it's very convenient. You can do this completely through Shopify, and the other really cool thing is that they offer this tool so you can see which names are available, which are unavailable. So you can just, you know, test this out. Let's say I want to do, like, awesome dot com. Um, you can see that awesome dot com is actually unavailable for purchase. Um, but if I do, you know something more specific leg awesome yoga dot com. Um, also unavailable. So you just kind of want to test and see the different kinds of domains that are available and then shoes something that works for you. So let's do, like, awesome possum dot com, and you'll see that that is actually unavailable. I could do awesome possum dot store. Um, but let's say how about I do awesome possum deals dot com. You'll see that actually is available. So if I wanted a really memorable but also generic brands name for my store, this might be a good one to choose. And as you can see, it has the dot com domain extension, which I prefer because it's what most people think about. It's the most popular domain extension, Um, and it's only $14 a year, so it's pretty inexpensive. And you can just, you know, own this domain just by clicking on this through Shopify right now. So yeah, again experiment. You can just test different things. Um, you can even create nonsense words. You can create really specific words. It doesn't really matter. Just choose something that works for you. And I'm gonna go ahead and buy this domain right now. and basically it's just gonna prompt you for your billing information. So just fill this out. And that's basically it for this video. Now, also, I'm going to be leaving in the description of each video some action item checklists for each video so that you'll know exactly what you need to complete before moving on to the next video. And it's really important to do this because, like I said, um, this entire courses completely actionable. So all you have to do really is just follow the steps and then make sure that you complete those tasks before moving on to the next piece of information. And if you do that, this is gonna be so easy for you. So check out, um, the video descriptions for your action items and this one for this week. All you have to do is just by the domain name before moving on to the next video. So I will see you in the next one 10. Lesson 08 - Email Forwarding: Okay, so hopefully now you have your domain all set up and your store is ready to go. And what we're gonna be doing in this video is setting up an email account for your new domain and email forwarding in Shopify. Now, this is extremely important because you need to have a point of contacts where customers can reach out to you for support and stuff like that. So, in order to set this up, um, just navigate to your Shopify dashboard and again click on the domains tab here that we're just done before and you'll see your new domain all set up and ready to go. So just click on your domain and you'll see that they actually already have set up to emails email forwarding emails for you already info at your domain in sales at your domain . And what you'll notice is that these both of these emails actually forward to the email that you used to sign up for your Shopify account. But if you used a personal email to sign up for your Shopify account, then what you're gonna want to do is create a business email specifically dedicated to customer support. So the way that I recommend doing this is to create your own Gmail account specifically for your e commerce store. So, um, all you need to do is just go ahead and create a Google account. Sign up with your information and what I would do is make your domain three user name at gmail dot com. So for me, my domain is awesome. Possum deals dot com So what I'm gonna do is say awesome possum deals at gmail dot com, and that's gonna be my handle. And then just figure out sent a pure your Google account here, um, and then come back to hear once you have that all set up and what you're gonna want to do is click on add forwarding email address. Now you can use info. You can use sales. I personally like to use support, So just rate support at awesome Possum deals dot com is going to forward to awesome possum deals at gmail dot com. Okay, and then once you do that, just click save, and it's right there, and you can even delete these as well. If you don't want emails coming to your personal email. So basically, now you have your email forwarding set up, and what we're gonna be doing is using this email in the next steps were gonna be setting up some settings in your Shopify account that basically are very important for you to be going into business as an e commerce store. So the only action item for this video is just set up a Google account for specifically for your e commerce business and then add a forwarding email address. You're getting all of your customer emails right to this one place, and I will see you in the next video. 11. Lesson 09 - Shopify Settings and Legal: Okay, So now that you have your email forwarding all set up through Shopify, what we're going to be doing in this video is setting up the general settings which will allow you to, um, operate your shop if I store. So what you're gonna want to do is head on over into this settings tab here at the bottom of the navigation menu, and it will take you to a page like this. And what will be doing first is the general settings. So here in the settings tab, you're going to notice that there's store details, store address, etcetera, and you want to make sure that you have a store name. Um, so just write down whatever you chose for your domain name. Pretty much the account email is going to be the personal email that you used to sign up for Shopify in the customer email. This is very important. This is going to be what customers will see. So you want to make sure that it is the email that we set up before. So the support email at your domain dot com, because again customers are going to be directed to this email right here now for the store address. You want to make sure that you have, um, the name of your business phone number, street, all of these things. Make sure that these these settings are accurate because this address is going to appear on your invoice. Um, next, we have the time zone, which these air the defaults based on wherever you signed up and the store currency either will be in U. S. Dollars. Or if you're in a different country, you can choose any of these other currencies as well. And when you're done with that, just click safe and back over to the settings tab. And what will be doing now is customizing the settings for your stores legal pages. So just go ahead and click on this button right here, and you'll notice that there's several different pages that you need to create in order to , um, basically have these pages for your customers for their information. So the 1st 1 is refund policy. Now, um, a lot of these, uh, you can simply create from templates. So if you click this button, then you can. It pre generates a response based on us a standard template for refund policy. Um, obviously, you want to make sure that these corresponds with your personal information, what you're doing on your store. And obviously these aren't legal advice. But for the most part, um, these are very good templates that you can use. So what you're gonna want to do is just go through these and, um, make sure that you know the emails, correct. So you'll see here it auto populated with the correct customer support email, which is great. And it gives you the, um you know your address as well. So you want to make sure that the address is accurate. Um, next we're gonna move on to the privacy policy. So again, we're gonna create this from template and just go through this and make sure that everything is accurate to your store. Um, next terms of service. So again, create from templates again, make sure that these, um, policies air relevant to you and that pretty much takes care of that. Now, the next thing that we're gonna want to do after we hit save is we're gonna want to create pages for each of these items. So the way that we're going to do that is, we're going to control a and copy all of this information at the refund policy here ends. Then we're going to open up, um, a new tab here where you can navigate two pages. So under it's under online store in pages. And what you're gonna want to do is create a page and label it Ah, refund policy. And then just copy and paste into you're the paragraph right here and then click Save. And we're gonna be doing this for all of the pages. So refund policy page was created. Now we're gonna create a page for the next one, which is privacy policies. So again, copy all of this navigates the pages at another page called privacy policy and save next terms of service. So just want to create another page for this and paste, and that's about it for the pages. Now, the last thing that we're gonna want to do is also creating about page as well as a frequently asked questions page. So I've prepared some templates in order for you to use at at your store is well and these are going to be in the resource is section under this video. So, um, all you need to do is just download the pdf called page templates, and I have to write here. There's the about us page. Um, So what we're gonna want to do is just copy this text right here and then come back over two pages and add a page for the about us about us. Okay, Ends again. You obviously, you want to make sure that this is customized to your specific store, and obviously you can further customize thes um, this is just a starting point. It's just a template. Obviously, the more detailed information that you can give about your store and, you know, the the, um, uh, the specific information that you can provide your customers obviously, the better, you know, quality store you're going to have. And it's just gonna create more trust with your customers when they do visit your store. So just update the email to reflect your email, and it's safe. And again this even if you just start off with this and you update it later, um, you can always continuously add to this. So don't worry too much about making it absolutely perfect right now in the last one that we have here is the frequently asked questions. So this is another templates that have prepared for you. So you can just copy it from the pdf and this. Then just create an additional page, okay? And then you can just hit save ends. There is your pages. So when we're building out the website, um, in the next couple videos, we're going to be adding links to these were going to be adding links to these pages so that customers, when they visit your store, they know what the terms and conditions are of shopping with you. So that's all for now. Um, basically, the action items for this video are to set up your settings in both the general tab and the legal tab and create pages for each of the pages that we made in this video. So that's it for now. And I'll see you in the next one 12. Lesson 10 - Customize Your Theme: Okay, so now we can get into further customizing your shop. If I store and in this video we're gonna be talking about customizing and optimizing the theme for your store. So the way that you do that is you just navigate to your Shopify dashboard and under online store on the navigation panel here there is going to be a section called Themes. So just click on that and it will take you to this page right here. Now there's a couple different ways that you can go about custom. Your customizing your theme. The first way is you can go right here. Ends. You'll see that there's ah Shopify theme store. So if we just visit that there are hundreds of different themes that you can choose for your store, which are basically just pre designed, um, templates for you to add your customized information to so you can typically customize all the images, all the text. Some of the themes have different modules that can do different things. Um, and you can just kind of search this store just to see, um, themes that you might want for your own shop. So, for instance, if we click on this theme right here. This looks pretty cool. We can actually test this out. So if you want to do that, we can save you demo, and it will show you, um, riel time what this theme looks like and how you can customize it. You can see they have these specific modules, the header backgrounds. They have, um, you know, products right here where you can call it a specific products. Ah, product list. So you can kind of get a sense of an idea of like what you can do with your own store if you install this theme. Um, now, uh, what I would recommend doing is if you go back to this theme dashboard here, there's also free themes that are available is well because a lot of the themes on this store actually cost, uh, cost money. So I don't think that's necessary at this point, because again, we're not gonna be using Shopify as the main sales tool. Teoh get potential customers to buy products. We're gonna be using the sales funnels as the primary sales tool. So it's nice to be able to customize your website, but you don't have to spend a ton of money on a crazy theme. Ah, lot of the free themes are actually really cool, and they have a ton of functionality, and there's a lot that you can do with them. So that's what I would recommend. I would say Explore the free themes and they give you, like, I guess, 10 themes that you can install right away. Um, absolutely free. So the one that's installed currently is this one called Debut. And I actually really like this theme. It has a lot of functionality, so we're just gonna be using this for the purposes of this video. Now, as you can see, it already comes pre installed on your store. And the way to customize it is you simply customize Ah, by clicking this button right here and it takes you to an interactive, um, interface here where you can change pretty much everything that you see on this site. So, um, obviously you can change all this text here. You can change the background images. You can change the menus. Um, there's a lot of cool stuff that you can dio now just to give you a brief orientation on the way that most themes work. A lot of them will have a header section, a footer section and a bunch of different modules in the middle. So if we navigate to the header section, there's a lot of different ways that we can customize this. So here's the logo. They actually just pre make a logo for you, which is just the name of your store. Um, you can center it. You can have it oriented to the left. Um, you can obviously design your own logo or create your own logo and upload that here. Um, you can also customize this menu here, which is, ah, setting in the shop if I, uh, navigation menu and you can do all these different types of things now, if we go over to the footer, you'll notice that they have a bunch of different modules. Here is well so you can create a different menu If you wanted to, you can add another menu, or you can add a text item. Um, there's a place for people to enter their email addresses, And if we navigate back to this main section here, you'll notice that each one of these things corresponds to a different module. So here is our image with text overlay. Um, they have a featured collection. So once you begin toe ad products to your store, you can customize, um, you can organize them based on a collection, and they will auto populate here, So it's very easy to work with. Um, you can also add a different section. So say, for instance, you wanted to add a gallery that this is what this looks like. You can add images of of products right here, and all you need to do is just hit ad. And then when you go back here, you'll see the gallery is added to your store, so it's pretty cool. There's a lot that you can do with this, and it's it's super easy to customize now. One thing that I wanted to mention is let's say we want Teoh. Just start to get this website to look nice. You already have the logo. You have a menu going. You have the search, um, in the shopping cart, so it already looks pretty cool. But let's say we want to just customize is a little bit further and add an image in the background here um, one way you can do that is using a free image, uh, search engine called Picks Obey. And this is what I use for free images on the web. Picks obeyed dot com. And it's really cool because they offer a ton of really high quality images and they're all completely free. So, you know, say you wanted Teoh ad like this image right here. All you would need to do is just download it and you're good to go. And then you can come back here to your, uh, your dashboard and click on image with text overlay, and you can actually select an image. So all you would do is just select the image. And there you have it. It's it looks pretty cool. It looks super professional and clean and nice. And now you have this customized aspect of your sites, and then you can add some text if you want as well. So, you know, shop here for great deals on clothes or whatever. Um, whatever works with your nation, your brand. So, uh, just click save when you're done customizing. That's very important. If you exit without saving than these changes won't be saved um, and that's just a basic orientation to how you can get started customizing your store again . I wouldn't recommend spending a ton of time, um, making everything look, you know, absolutely perfect and investing a ton of energy into that, because again, we're not gonna be using it as the primary sales tool. But I would recommend just going through and just, um, experimenting in taking maybe 10 minutes to see what you can do in terms of customization for your store. So just just have fun with that. And, um, the only action items for this video are just to experiment a little bit and get used to customizing your store, and I will see you in the next video. 13. Lesson 11 - Custom Menu: So one thing that I did want to mention really quickly as it relates to customizing your store is creating a customer care navigation menu. Um, so we can do this really easily. Um, it just gives customers a chance to sort of see information and contact information. Um, about your shop, which is very helpful. So the way that we're going to do this is by using the pages that we created in the previous videos and, um, basically, just creating a new menu. So here we are. You wanted Go on the left navigation panel and click on this navigation tab right here and you'll see that there are two menus already in your store. There's the foot of Mount menu and there's a main menu. Now where we want to customize this is on the footer section. You can also create a main menu as well. But for the purposes of this video, it'll be this foot or menu right here. So all you need to do is just click on the foot or menu, and, um, we're actually gonna just add a menu item and we're gonna search pages, and we're gonna be adding all of these pages as menu items. So the first thing about us, we're gonna click add um, frequently asked questions. Add navigating again two pages. Privacy policy, adding that refund policy and terms of service. So basically it's creating a menu item for its populating it with a link to each one of these pages that we created previously. So it's super simple. Um, we can also drag these around as well. So if we wanted search to be at the bottom, for instance, and about us to be at the top, we can do that. So now we have our foot or menu, and we're ready to go. All you need to do is save that. And then the second step to this is coming back to this, um, this theme page here, and we're gonna customize our theme again. So just click. Click on that button and you're going to be redirected back to this main interface here. So we want to go into the footer menu and under quick links. It says Under this particular theme, it's called quick Links. This is the where the foot or menu is populating, so you'll see that this is actually a navigation item right here, and we're gonna change it to the menu that we just created. So let's call it customer care. And as you can see, it's populating with the foot or menu that we just updated. So when we click on any one of these tabs, it will take us to a page where we have that information that we just I wrote previously. So this is a really great way of building trust with your customers that come to your site and just giving them the information that they need about shopping on your store. So that's it for this video. Um, just go through those quick, easy to step process, and you will have that navigation menu ready to go, so I will see you in the next video. 14. Lesson 12 - AliExpress Introduction: So now that we have our Shopify store up and running and ready to start selling products, we get to decide what products we want to sell. So I want to introduce you to a very cool website called ali express dot com and l express dot com is. Basically it's an online retailer that sells, um, wholesale products to international buyers. So it's really cool, because Alex was basically enables us to take advantage of the drop shipping business model because there we can purchase products at wholesale prices. It allows us a margin to be able to resell those products at higher costs and be able to make a profit. So basically, how the drop shipping model works is will choose a product on Allie Express that we know is going to be popular in going to sell. Then we drive traffic to the products. We basically are able to increase the price of the product, and when we shipped the products to the customer, we make we pocket the difference. So it's a very cool model. We don't actually have to create or even stock our own products. We can just basically order everything online when a customer places their order. So it's a very cool, um, business model, and it's very easy to implement as well. And Ali Express also integrates with this app called a barrel, which will be showing you in the next couple videos, which basically integrates completely with Shopify and makes it extremely simple to fulfill orders. So any time a customer makes a purchase, it will be processed through the Shopify Oh, bear low app. And then all we have to do is just ship it directly to the customer and then pocket the difference in the amount of money that the customer paid. So, um, just to get started, uh, I definitely recommends, you know, checking this website out and seeing all the amazing products that they have to offer. And there's so many really cool deals to like. For instance, here you can see they have this, um, this power tools and this is selling for, you know, 30 bucks, and we would