The Art of Paper Craft: Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads! | Kerri Klein | Skillshare

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The Art of Paper Craft: Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads!

teacher avatar Kerri Klein, Photographer/Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Intro-Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads!


    • 2.

      Tools & Materials for Tea-Dyed Paper Beads


    • 3.

      Step 1: Tea-Dyeing Your Paper Beads


    • 4.

      Step 2: Cutting Your Bead Strips


    • 5.

      Step 3: Rolling Up & Coating Your Beads


    • 6.

      Step 4: Sealing & Finishing Your Beads


    • 7.

      Closing Thoughts


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About This Class

Take a peek into the world of paper crafter, vintage picker & photographer Kerri Klein as she shows you how to make the tea-dyed paper beads that you see in her Etsy shop The Rehatchery using a few simple & inexpensive tools & materials.

In this class, I will lay out the steps to take basic watercolor paper & turn it into beautiful beads for your crafting projects & jewelry.  

This class is a great introduction for anyone wanting to get their hands a bit messy & sticky as well as anyone interested in basic paper beading techniques with a twist. This class is great for beginners & makers of all levels, & would be a great project for kids too! All participants should find a clean crafting space with plenty of room to work.

At the end of the class I will encourage you to share your finished beads & tell us how you might use them. These beads are great for jewelry, but they can also be used in making bookmarks, adding to tassels on sewing projects, constructing larger items like handbags, or gluing onto containers and bowls. I have used mine to add accents on my handmade ornaments!

Leave a project photo of your finished project & tell or show what you plan on using them for!

It's all about how you choose to combine what you make to create something simple yet magical.

Have fun!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kerri Klein



Kerri Klein is a Fine Art Photographer & Maker with a deep knowledge of analog photography & a love for printmaking, paper making, paper crafting & anything that involves her hands getting submerged/inky/gluey/pulpy. 

Welcome to class. 

Let's all learn from each other. 

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1. Intro-Make Chunky Tea-Dyed Paper Beads!: Hi, I'm Kari Kind. Welcome to the art of paper craft. And this is a class on learning out to make tea dyed paper. Today we will learn how to t die the paper and then dry it and then roll up your beads with just some basic tool, the materials that you should have lying around or should be able to give it the craft door for just a few books. This is a really fun and the easy thing to do. It is a bit messy and sticky. These beats can be used for many thing. They have all sorts of possibilities. Yeah, so now we're going to start. Let's get our tools and materials all gathered on. Let's make some paper beats. 2. Tools & Materials for Tea-Dyed Paper Beads: First of all, you need to boil some water, feel me 3 to 5 teabags. I'm using black tea. That's usually the easiest. And, Trey, I just got this at the dollar store because it will hold water easily with the tea bags. All right, so you've got those. And here's your watercolor paper. My size is nine by 12. So he's got that. I bought a cheap pad of £90 watercolor paper, some towels or some paper towel. Teoh. Lay your paper on to dry after you died at some mod podge. This is paper, but you can use regular manpad. This is a map financially to be whatever finish you like. A gauss will have a really shiny B semi gloss, basically pretty shiny. You're also going to coat them with some polyurethane. This is Anita's polyurethane, which it's a semi gloss, so it will make your beads little bit shiny. Er, after you apply your mom project that drives you just a basic cup to put some water in so you can rent your brush while you're putting them on. Coach on your beats on this is just a flat paintbrush. Need some scissors? Awesome. Me a realer. If you wish to more accurately draw or size your beads before you cut them. I just freehand them because I like the kind of random sizes get with your are some old lady needles, which is what I use to roll my beads. I find they're much easier to clean than using wood sticks, which is what a lot of people use. Just host. Wouldn't crops stick? And this is basically just a size five and a size seven. Both of those are good sizes. This is just the whole that your beans will have, so this will be slightly larger, and this is a little bit of a smaller hole if you want. Also for your surface to roll. This is just a super fancy dollar store placement that I got a little bit more textured. Probably getting is this backside to roll my beads. So when I'm done, I could just wipe it off and peel up any of the mod podge. After it dries, it can be reused, and that is about it for your materials 3. Step 1: Tea-Dyeing Your Paper Beads: Okay, so I pulled the water on our kettle. I'm going with this T bag. 34 no hot water. And here to cover cover much paper. You're dying. I'm just using a couple sheets. Limit going to do about 1/2 a venture 3/4 of and just let your tea's. Steve. All right, We'll come back in a few minutes and then see how dark our water is. Okay, so I let me, uh teabags steep for about five minutes. That's time I'm gonna pluck them out at this point in the water. Shouldn't meet to He can use a fork if you I don't risk burning your fingers. Okay, so we've got our t about the right color. The sheets. Just gently make sure they don't stick together. Make sure they get fully immersed. First she get a second chief, make sure it's fully immersed in the water. I think it's nice and soaked on now to add about distress booth to means I really like the extra texture that it gives once they get all the way. What? Come up. Kind of carefully crumpling you came Sure not to rip them. I can do it from the outside in this nice little one. Un crumple very carefully. Sure you don't tear them, push it back down over the Same with the other sheet. We've that in there. Not the t. Really. Soak in for about 5 to 10 minutes. Come back in about five minutes and see how it's doing. So now I live. Let me soak for about 10 minutes. We're gonna go ahead and get them out so we can let them dry. So we're gonna do it carefully. Remove them and leave them on our towels to nothing. So just picked from the side. No hold trip. Have access. T free them on your told. Don't forget to turn them cause will be little puddles. Surely kind of dreams off. Was your gentle with it? Should be fine. You wanna leave is in a nice spot to dry. I'm in California and everything drives superfast here because there's no humidity. So I just stick them outside in the sunshine. Basically, as long as they're kind of crisp Here. I have a couple dried pieces, but they did earlier, you know. Listen, Lee took about an hour for them to drive, but this is what you're finished. Dried T die paper. What look like 4. Step 2: Cutting Your Bead Strips: Okay, so now we're gonna cut our beads. The finished cut. It's gonna look something like this. This is a little bit of a smaller sheet of paper, so these beads are going to be whiter and fatter. Similar to this. If you want to trace what you're doing, I had a time and have a better idea how big your beads are going to be. Feel free to treat Hm. Like so it could be all different sizes. And then you just cut this one. Mary, you do those with both your sheets, since you have a nice little tidy pile of paper beads, pieces that you can roll up even if they're a little tourney. If you do it carefully, they'll all glued together, so you don't have to worry about it. 5. Step 3: Rolling Up & Coating Your Beads: Now we're going to roll up our beat, so you might need to have, um I saw went white nearby to keep your hands from getting to stick in a Vermont people brush. Okay, so I'm going to start with the smaller Knitting Needle, and we're just gonna use one of our pieces of paper. We're gonna take it and all, except for the very end. We're gonna coat with my podge. Feel free to dip it in the water a few times on, get it a little bit watered down. Makes the paper a little bit more flexible. Just make sure you get enough glue on there. That's nice, Louis. And you just roll it up, can curl it around the needle, roll it toward shoes. Kind of guide it as it goes on how you want, cause it's kind of gonna want to go one way or the other, and he kind of just going to keep it going in the right direction. Keep it nice and rolled up when you get to the end. What I like to do is take a little bit of extra mod podge. Could it on there? I'm kind of stamp it in there with your finger now to get it tacked on so it doesn't stick up. Should be loose on your needle because you didn't put glue on that first little part Like your fingers off a little bit, and then just code it with my patch. Keep going around and around here and get it. Don't get it too gloopy. It's gonna dry clear, so you don't have to worry about the white. There we go, and I'm gonna finish up the rest of these beads. 6. Step 4: Sealing & Finishing Your Beads: Okay, so I've let these beats dry overnight. You can wait a couple hours. They should dry enough to coat within an hour or two. But it was late in the day, so I just went ahead and waited. Just open up your polyurethane things thickened a little bit. So I'm gonna get some water. Just a Z. You did with a mod podge. Coat your beads. It's much easier when they're all over the on here. You can just spread it down, filling in the cracks. Help. But that water resistance, general durability got a nice coating on my beads after they dry. All kind of look, I might put an extra coat. Some people put several coats on them to make them super shiny and extra strong. I usually find one or two coats is sufficient for the look that I want. So here we go. We're gonna set these aside to dry. I kind of like toe hanging off the edge of this. They're not laying on anything. We'll be back to see what the finished product looks like. Okay, so I let my beans dry for a couple hours, and then we're gonna take him off the needle on takeoff and then they'll be ready to use. There still might be a tiny bit tacky, but if that's the case, then just said amount once they're off the needle and then you can continue using your needles to make more beads, and we just pull gently to separate thumb kind of pushed down on the ends. I kind of like to do that kind of make sure that the holes nice and clear If you don't roll them too tightly, they should separate pretty easily from the needle. When you're all done, I want to let your beads cure for about 24 hours before you actually used in a project, just to keep them from being too tacky and having problems, especially if you have humidity that might stick together, okay? 7. Closing Thoughts: e. Hope you had fun making your paper be. I'd love to see pictures of your finished beats and what you're gonna do with, um if you have any questions, feel free to lead some underneath in the class area and I will answer them just as quickly as I can. Things a whole lot for taking my class and have a good day.