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The 90 Day Plan to Achieve Your Business Goals

teacher avatar Pauline Bright, Artist, Coach and Mentor for Creators

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Introduction to class


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      Video 2 Why a 90 Day Plan


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      Getting started


    • 4.

      Choosing a Theme


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      Keeping it simple


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      Using the 90 Day Plan template


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      Final thoughts and tips


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About This Class

Get the important things done in your business in the next 90 Days.

The 90 Day Plan is a great productivity tool for new business owners as well as established business owners.

This class is made for people who would like to get more focused and organised to achieve their goals in a specific time, with the minimum of procrastination.

You'll decide on a Theme for the next 12 months then break that down into specific goals and action items to work on steadily over 90 days without getting off-track or into overwhelm. 

The class will help you recognize the difference between goals and strategies and help you identify 3 key goals that will help your business take a leap forward. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Pauline Bright

Artist, Coach and Mentor for Creators


Hello, I'm Pauline Bright. Welcome to my Skillshare channel.

I've worked for most of my life as a freelance artist and designer with a Diploma of Graphic Design. 

And for a big chunk of the last 19 years I've been a business coach and business designer.

A few years ago I discovered pastel painting - giving me the perfect counterbalance between creator brain and business brain.

As a teacher, I'm fascinated by seeing what people can do with an idea or a tool.  


I launched my first Skillshare class "The 90 Day Plan to Achieve Your Goals". It's been a great starting point, but I now have so much more to offer.

I'm developing workshops and courses in business and ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to class: welcome to the 90 day plan to achieve your business goals workshop. I am so pleased you're here. My name's Paul and Bright. I'm a business coaching mentor. I've bean coaching for the last 13 years with small businesses to help them achieve their goals. My background originally was in graphic design, and I've had lots of creative businesses. So I've had 11 businesses over a long period of time and absolutely love what I do. That was my apprenticeship to help people achieve their own business goals. So in this class, we're going to be working on a project together, and the project is to complete your 90 day plan with three major goals and strategies to achieve them. Now be telling you why there's only three major goals a little bit later, and it will make perfect sense for you. The class resource is I've got for you. Other 90 day planning template, the 90 day plan example and two page worksheet toe. Identify your three major goals and strategies, so let's dive in. Shall we 2. Video 2 Why a 90 Day Plan: before you start any planning, it's a good idea to understand where you are in the business lifecycle the progression off your business. So if you can understand it like this, there are certain stages that you go through so you'll be in the hunt stage where you're in either survival lost ability. So that could mean that you're working part time or full time. You're in the build stage where success and scale is what you're focusing on, and you could be working overtime and you're inter money, time at scale. And then you get to that lovely statement that we call flow, where we can buy time. You have significance. People understand you. They know who you are. They seek you out, and self is at the top where you have your own time. You can decide what it is that you want to do with your life in your business. Let's understand where you are now. So if you might be working at survival stage so your 90 day plan will focus on how do I get from survival up to stability. So I've got more work. I'm doing more of what I love. I'm doing the things I love, and I've got a lot more stability. If you're at stability things, they're pretty stable and your full time. And if you're heading towards success, you might be working overtime. You might be a little bit overwhelmed and is too much to do. So your plan, your 90 day plan will work out. How do you get from stability to success without getting into over Well. And if you're in overtime, if you're a success level where you're building your business and you want to get to scale , then that would be the focus of your 90 day plan. So how do you get from doing a lot of overtime into creating money time and probably getting to the stage where when you move up again your buying time, which means that other people are working for you making money for you? So wherever you are on this scale, you'll need to bear that in mind before you start to do you plan. Let's look at how to do this Now. Most people that I've coached most people I come across have Bean in the stage with her at overwhelmed, their drowning in a sing itsy of things to do. They really want a better way to get from here to there, where they really want to be somewhere from overwhelm through to enjoying life, enjoying their business, enjoying what they're doing and having more control over it. So what's going to happen largely depends on what you do differently over the next 12 months. Let's have a look at what that looks like from here to. There is a timeline, and most people try and cram way too much into a very short space of time. So when you look at it, there are 4/4 in a 12 month period. So we're gonna break those up into 90 day periods, which is about 13 weeks to get from here to there. We're gonna work out what we're going to do in the next three months, which is a 90 day plan. Now. To do that, we map out what the 12 months looks like, so we know where we're headed. So we're not veering off course. We got an idea of where we'll end up in 12 months and providing we do those kinds of activities and tasks that hit us in that right direction. everything will be wonderful. We do our three month plan. And at towards the end of three months, we start to do our six month plan on nine months plan in a 12 month plan. So every quarter you'll be reviewing your plan and doing the next plan. When we divide this up into months each quarter, what happens is we get all excited. We got all these things we want to do, and we cran everything into the first couple of months, and it starts to slow down by month three and then we really don't have a clear idea of what we're going to do for the next three months. But if you could just imagine if you have just a few projects on, say, three goals and good goals that are going to get you towards your 12 month plan, then you'll actually achieved some success as well. You'll get where you want to go, and you'll be doing really significant things to get there from here to there. Of course, you're going to sit some targets or milestones, and you can also call them goals. And here's what happens, which I just love. The transformation happens on the journey. It's not just a matter of getting to the end game. It's the transformation that happens while you're on the journey. We'll have a look at what to do next. 3. Getting started: Unfortunately, plans don't write themselves. So what you need to do is get out your calendar and die. Arise the time to write your 90 day plane, and you'll also need to die. Arise time for weekly reviews. So you stick to the plan, and I'd suggest you do that on a regular day of the week, so it becomes a really good habit to get into. So getting started. How long will it take to write a plan? Well, that depends on the size of your business. It could take anywhere from an hour or two up to a day, maybe two. It depends on the depth that you want to go into, but short and suite is actually the better way of doing it, because you will start to work it out as you go along as well. What will you need? Well, you'll need my templates. So the united A plan to achieve your business goals worksheet and that the template and there's an example shit for you as well, so you can see how it works and who should be included in the 90 day planning process. Well, if you have a business partner certainly include them. If you would like to include key team members, then that's a good idea. But if you bring everybody in anybody in, you may end up with a diluted plan and one that might not necessarily be what you want. Just think carefully about who you'd like to be in the planning process. Having said that, Ah, lot of the time team members who were included in the planning have much more buying to what's going to happen. And they understand their roles more fully as well. So you might consider that uncommon results. I need an uncommon approach. So the way that a lot of people approach business planning is looking at either challenges or opportunities. So if there are things in your business that are challenging you right now, so you could be having problems with star for customers or money, for example, then they are the things that you need to fix, and I call those reactive things. And then there are the opportunities which are the proactive things, the creative things and these are the opportunities where you get to. For example, if you get your staff customers and money right, it could be that you're opening up new markets, new products were expanding your business. You are getting into new joint venture partners. All sorts of interesting things. Mostly a 90 day plan will have a combination of those things. Sometimes we need to fix things before he can go on to the opportunities. So have a look at those on the worksheet. There is this checklist so you can check off the things that you're interested in that you think will help your business in the next 90 days. If you don't see it here, then feel free to put your own strategies in there as well. The rule is to keep it simple, think about what you're burning issues or you're burning desires and turned those into the goals of how you'd really like things to turn out the outcome. For example, a goal is not a strategy. A goal is the end game. It's the outcome. Think about it like winning a gold medal at the Olympics and imagine yourself standing on the podium with the medal around your neck. That is the goal. It is the end point, then the strategies that everything that you need to do to get you there. The training regime, the diet, the exercise, everything that you need to make sure you end up with that gold medal. 4. Choosing a Theme: next, we're going to choose a theme for the next 12 months. This will help you stay on track and decide on the strategies you need to put in place to actually achieve your goals. So here are some ideas you could grow the business to double your income. You could decide to support a charity. You might decide that system izing the business to make it run better. It's a good thing it could be that making more money will make a big difference to your business and increasing your profit. Or it could be that you need more time off, perhaps six weeks of vacation. It might be that you want to work on special projects and have time to doing more of the work you really love. It could be that training a team is the most important thing to dough, so the business is not solely dependent on you or it could bay. That you can see is an amazing opportunity with new business relationships and just really expand your horizons. What about exploring other avenues developing new markets or significance to be recognized as a leader in your field? It could be that your family is to reach more customers to double your customer base, to make a bigger difference in the world. Or you might decide that having three new team members is just the thing you need, because you've actually reached maximum capacity of what you could do. But whatever the theme is for you, it's your choice, and it's for you to decide what it is is gonna be the most important thing for you. So if you don't see the theme here that really likes you up for the next 12 months, then come up with your own fame and make it significant for you so that it becomes a really burning desire. Once you've chosen your fame, then I'll show you how to work it through and will use make more money, increase your profit as an example, and that will go all the way through the work shape so you can see how it pans out. So we've decided on making more money, then we have to work out. Why is this important? Why is it important to make more money? And I'm not just talking revenue? I'm talking profit profit that can be used in lots of different ways. So, for example, to grow the business, you might want to pay yourself more. You could want to perhaps pay off some debt. It could be that you'd like to start investing for the future. You might buy more equipment or buy more DOJ's. You might re want to reward detained for work well done, and it could be that you just want to take more time off. It also might be that you want to provide a bit of life for your family, and sometimes it's about employing better people to take over from you. But it's up to you to decide why this goal is important, because if you don't understand why it's important, it's unlikely that you'll hit the goal. It has to be a burning desire has to light your fire when you jump out of bed in the morning. You know exactly why you are going for this goal. So then, once you've chosen your goals for the next 90 days, and we used the example again if making more money, so to make more money and more profit, So in this example, you might decide to increase revenue by 20%. It could be that you need to hire an Edmund person to free up time for more billable work so you can get more valuable hours. It could be that you want to increase billable hours by 70% and it might be to develop new product to sell to your existing customers. Yes, I know that's four goals, so one of those will be your stretch goals. The other three will be your absolutely must have must do goals. If you can't see your goal here, anywhere here for money is your driver. Then you'll need to set your own goals for the next 90 days. It's on the worksheet. Make sure you choose something that makes you leap out of bed in the morning. Hungry to get at it. I'll show you had a work with this next 5. Keeping it simple: The key to a really good plan is to keep it simple. So don't go adding bright, shiny objects as they come up to stick to three main goals over 90 days, and you'll be absolutely surprised what you can achieve If you do happen to sneak in 1/4 goal, then if you don't achieve it, make sure it goes into the next quarter as a goal. It might even be that by the time you get next quarter, it's no longer significant. So do the most important things first, Then, to achieve your three goals over the next 90 days, have a look at the strategies you need to achieve its goal. So when you got your outcome in place, then you can work out. What are all the strategies I need? What are the action items I need to achieve each goal? So here's how we're gonna find the action items on the worksheets that you did the 90 day plan to achieve your business goals. We'd take the whole lot of boxes on this, and we decided on some business goals over here. So these business goals here go on to this 90 day plan over here. As we discussed, we decided to hire a new ad being person. By Week six, we've increased our revenue by 20% or $5000. Whatever has meaning for you, we've got 80% billable hours each month. We've got a new product with new online classes, so that would be outstretched goal. Not a major goal. Necessarily. It could be a stretch goal. Once you've got this in place, remember that you can have personal goals as well. So let's say you want to go for a holiday and Fiji looks nice and it's been begging for a long time. The best way to get it is to start putting into a 90 day plan and start working towards it . So as you'll see their strategies in place to achieve that 90 day plan of going on holidays , you can also put in things like dates with your partner. If you wanna walk to get some exercise, write a book or in if any project personal project you've gone on and any savings goals you've got. So it's a good way of recording all of the things that you want to achieve over 90 days, and I'm gonna show you how to actually use the template in the next video 6. Using the 90 Day Plan template: his how to use the 90 day plan template. It's done in Excel format, but you could also export it to a Google Docks document. Or you could print it out and use it as a manual document or even printed out as a PdF. So how to use it? The business goals, as we said, come in from the planning shapes that we did. So we've got four goals higher than you admin person, and I've put by Week six because I want some structure around that, and I've got increased revenue by 20% or $5000 per month, which ever one you relate best to money or or percentages and 80% billable hours each month . That's very measurable Goal. And then we've got the last goal, which is the 4th 1 And remember, it's a stretch goal. The new product. So three new online classes. So that's three classes done and dusted by the end of the quarter. So once we've got the goals down there, we can start working on the strategies and the activities, brainstorm the strategies, the task, the activities you need to do to make sure that you will achieve that goal. So, for example, here toe higher the new admin person we've got right The job description, right? The advertisement in Place the ads, start the interviews, visually interviews and select a new person and the induction process and training program . And as you'll see, we've allocated a week in which we're going to do those various activities you'll see. Bye Week six. We have hired that person and then by Week eight, when they're on board, we've got a training program in place to the end of the quarter. So it's pretty simple, really. Then let's have a look at this example, so we've got how to increase our revenue. So we've got identifying all products and services that make a high profit. We're going to do that in Week two. Calculate how many products and services we need to sell Week two, said a daily weekly target to achieve wake toe implementing bi weekly training program for marketing cells. That's in week three, and we're going to do that fortnightly. Then you've got it. Set the targets and budget for marketing, which I'm gonna do in week one. I need to know that first and develop the at marketing ideas for this 90 days. I'm gonna do that also in week one. So it doesn't really matter where you put the tasks as long as you allocate the weeks that you're going to do them in the right order and then we've got beginning the the marketing testing measure campaign. So that starts in week three once the markings up and running and then we're going to monitor and the tested measure weekly. So we're gonna measure everything, make sure it's working, so that's a simple as it gets. What you need to do is I'll just minimize this for you. So what you need to do is just have a look. If things get really busy and you're finding that you're a bit overwhelmed, look down in your plan and find out how many things you've set up for that week. So this looks pretty reasonable. I've spaced everything out so that it's not too overwhelming. So if you find that you are overwhelmed by your plan, then start moving some of those sections across so that it makes it much more realistic for you to achieve now. Once even shaved a strategy and it's finished then you can do a couple of different things . You could highlight that cell. Or you could just type in done whatever you like. Make sure that as you do this, it'll happens all the way across. So you, as you do these tasks, you want to be able to see your progress as you go. So this will give you a much greater sense of achievement as well as you achieve things that are on your least once you've got to the end of the quarter and you've got all those lovely marks in there that says that you have achieved something high. Five Well done. You've done a fantastic job so and you'll notice the difference in your business. You absolutely will, because you'll feel in the sense of fulfillment that you've done something worthwhile and it has meaning. And you've held yourself accountable by filling in your 90 day plan and even getting someone else to hold you accountable as well would be a great idea. 7. Final thoughts and tips: Once you've completed your plan, remember to share it in the project section and you'll find all of the downloads in the project section as well. The best success tips I can give you is stick with it and don't deviate from your plan. No matter how many bright, shiny objects pop up in front of you and saving your ideas for the next plan, you'll always have more new ideas, and the next plan is just gonna build on the one that you've just done. So amazingly, By the end of 12 months, you will have achieved some incredible things. Make sure you review weekly and monthly. It's really important to go back and see what you're about to do and see what you have done , what you have achieved and make sure you celebrate your achievements. I've been doing this for a very long time with hundreds of people, and it's a plan that I use myself to great success. So enjoy and make sure that you share everything that you've learned and share your own templates. I'll be really excited to say them jizz