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Student Meal Prep: Vegan Sweet Potato Curry [ Cheap + High Protein ]

teacher avatar Vicente (Vince) Baum

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Join me, student or anyone who's interested, in making delicious, nutritious and low budget meals to have throughout the week.

This is my personal favourite as it only takes about 1 hour to create 4 portions which you can eat at any time throughout the week.

At a cost of only 75p per meal!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Hey, my name is Vince and I have a little secret to tell you. Most Architecture schools don't teach you digital representation skills, they expect you to figure that out all by yourself.


I’m on a mission to teach you all the skills that I learned during my time at Architecture School. I know that I can save you a lot of time and frustration!


So, what are you waiting for? Get making! I can't wait to see the beautiful things that you'll create.


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1. 0. Introduction.: Welcome to my first cooking video, where I'll be showing you how to make a delicious sweet potato and shake the carry. Now this is a student stable. It's cheap, nutritious, and it's really easy to make. This recipe. We'll give you about four portions which you can refrigerate and throughout the week. Now, preparing meals in advance is a great way to save money and be healthier. Because if you haven't used compared in the refrigerator ready, you're way less likely said impulse, whether a takeaway or new enough details and anagram. The squred is high in fiber, determines ampere team. And by giving you mine reputedly, things move on. Jazzy, creative amateurism. That's EV, with as you live. Nutritional information like carbohydrates. But I'm protein content is going to be broken down at the end of the video alone was because for all the ingredients, hurting your great freedoms assumed is no mystery. So let me show you how to have an amazing meal. Mealtime into buffers, excuse me, zucchini. 2. 1. The Action.: And like to welcome you to what is your very standard student accommodation kitchen, albeit probably a little bit cleaner than most rural, fairly organized. Keep it clean. On the side. I've got my ingredients lined up on the board. It isn't a necessary step for the cooking versus I'm just trying to get a thumbnail. But you can see the bulk of the ingredient in sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and chickpeas. So join me as return or these things into a delicious meal. So the first order of business is cutting the onion. And I'm going to show you the quickest way that he can cut an onion of our gain. And it is. Now this sounds silly, but we're going to be using onions a lot on our cooking. So it's Importantly, we get it done quickly. So we're gonna need to take the top and the router. And we're going to cut it in half and just peel them with our thing is, I find that the quickest way. And if you can video, I can do this in half the time. Where he now to stop ourselves getting at is scanning the anion which is classic. We're going to just take the roots of. The roots is where all the chemicals are. That gives you the theory response. So by avoiding cutting that, what we're actually doing is avoiding spring those chemicals everywhere so that can go away. So I've max remains, put the onions on a flat site of wisdom, slipping around and just cut across the onion like this. We are getting for a pretty fine cut here. So now I'm going to spin around and cross-cut it the other way and get this little boy at the table as well. And now we've, you know, goes as the guide. Your slice is keeping your fingertips back. Because otherwise, you're going to repeat what I did in the first week and put a massive slice through your firm. And that's not pleasant. Up next, I'm going to transfer the Iranians across your plate. So I have more space on my cutting board, but feel free to just keep it on oneself is if you want. Up next, we're going to get the sweet potatoes that we've washed. Now take care to watch these really well, really thoroughly. Soil above it. Don't want to be eating soil. That's a big no-no. And so again, you stay the tops and bottoms off and we're going to cut it into round pieces to make it easier for peeling. Up. Next, we're going to put the potato down flap and using the knock-offs as a tracer, going to trace around this potato. Cut the P. Now, this is definitely not the fastest way of feeling a sweet potato. And, but by having it flat on the surface, it means the potatoes and going to slip and we're not going to take a chunk of our hand whilst we're doing this. So safety is a top priority. I didn't care so much about that until I like I said, I took a piece of my thumb wasn't pleasant. And it's not only that you take a piece of your thumb, is now that you've got blood all over your delicious meal. And you can't have anymore discussed in that idea. Save your thumb, save your meal, put it down flat, and after you get it. Then we're going to cut the sweet potato into small cubes. Now, the smaller these are, the quicker the meal is gonna cook. Yeah, it's a lot more pleasant than just having huge chunks of sweet potatoes as you take a spoonful out the meal. So yeah, again, be really careful in this 1K sweep tes is pretty hard to cut. You can see me putting a lot of force into it and the chopping board meeting all over the place. Yeah. Little note self, I think I'll put a towel down under the chopping board next time and make for a much better video. Stop. It's slipping about so much. But that's a work in progress, working progress. That's what life is like. Working progress. We're going to be repeating this process for all three of us, sweet potatoes. Now, if you want to be efficient, most cooking, you can go and put two to three tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and guess it heating already. But we'll cover that in the next step. So first, we're going to add 2.5 means cup of olive oil to the pan. And we're gonna let it heat up before we put the audience in. This being streamed kitchen stove is really, really slow. So bear with me here one Friday onions until they're soft and slightly colder. First of all, we're going to add the spices to cumin seeds going first, and we're gonna put a teaspoon of those in, as well as a teaspoon of the yellow mustard seeds. We put these ingredients in, now, give them a mix so that the heat from the frying allows with the flavors to be released into the food. After this, we're going to add 1.5 heat tablespoons. Of the curry powder and we're going to let it fry with the onions, again, letting all the flavors be released. Chopped tomatoes going next. And we just mix up through and that all the flavors from the onions absorbed into source. Now, because of the sweep Taser, I find that this meal needs a little bit more cayenne pepper, but be careful with this one and add it to taste. Remember, you can always add some more, but taking it to help is a whole different business. We're going to get the chalk tomato can and we're going to serve in vegetable stock cubed straight in and adding boiling water, we're going to mix it in and let it dissolve. Now this is going to take up all the tomato flavors as well. And we're going to add this straight to the pump against through this sweet potatoes and give it a mix. Next are going to add some. So I'm using a soul grinder, but so will do and some garlic flakes as well into the mix, again, giving us the chickpeas going next. So we're going to add our two cans into the pan and let it boil. And the next step here is just to add some boiling water, cover the pan and turn the heat down to low. He just started sim to speed things up a bit. I take the opportunity now was to me was cooking, to just go around and clean them occasion I put away my plates. Washington. And every now and again, I keep checking back on them. Your whole nature is not that. I then take the opportunity to get my rice cooker turned on. I just add the rise and the water above. So and I let it do its thing. Something you need to confess is the fact that I've never cooked rice in my life, or at least never clicked it successfully. I remember burning really bad ones. I thought this is enough. I'm going to get a machine and it was a best investment I've ever made. I think rice is really nutritious and it just serves as a staple and most of my nails. And I think having machine makes it really easy and it makes me much more likely to have this nutritious staple as opposed to just see noodles and things like that. And don't forget to clean the sides as well. Leave them dirty. Player. Remember to keep staring. Jamil settled, it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan and become a nightmare to clean later. You might also want to join me and having a coffee. This should be a relaxing experience. Up next we're going to grab a spoon and we're going to taste me altogether. So at this point, you might find that it needs some so awesome more spices. We always try and undo it at the start just so we can always add a laser. As I said, the stowage put too much salt in and there's not much you can do is take it out. Yeah, this one definitely need some more. So to rose again to add just a tiny bit of cayenne pepper. After about 40 minutes of cooking time, that the sweet potatoes and the chickpeas are soft. This meal was rates. So we're going to serve ourselves our proportion to enjoy tonight. We're also going to grab all the different containers and we're going to fill up meals to have throughout the week. One that these meals are gonna go in a fridge for us to have either tomorrow or the day after, but no longer than two days from being in the fridge. And the other two are going to go in the freezer for us. I have later in the week, next week, next month, whenever we want it. 3. 2. Wrapping It Up.: So there we have it. We've enjoyed a great Neil, and we still have three to have throughout the week. I've gone on bringing down the price per meal and it's worked out 75 p. Now, I do appreciate that the up-front cost might be a lot if you don't have the spices and so on. But when you make this small investment, you can have delicious nutritious meals, 75 p. Now you consider if you go out to a restaurant, the minimum you're going to pay is five pounds. That's a great saving. You can have a beer at the end of the week for safe or more. I've also broken down the nutritional information. So it's worked out to 15 grams for routine. 69 grams of carbs, a grams of fat, and 13 grams of fiber. That's really, really good. And all of a sudden 5V. I do really hope you enjoyed this video. I also have the ego and have a go at it yourself. If you're a student or not, doesn't matter, we can only do really great food. And I do also hope that you go and leave a review down in the comments and let me know how it went. Fea. Thank you very much. And until next time. Bye bye.