Lettrage en pierre : ajouter de la fausse calligraphie | Joy Tay | Skillshare

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Lettrage en pierre : ajouter de la fausse calligraphie

teacher avatar Joy Tay, Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction au lettrage en pierre


    • 2.

      Préparation : Préparer vos pierres et vos galets pour le lettrage


    • 3.

      Jouer : Choisir vos stylos à peindre pour le lettrage en pierre


    • 4.

      Jouer : Ajouter du lettrage aux pierres et aux galets


    • 5.

      Jouer : Comment enlever la peinture après le lettrage en pierre


    • 6.

      D'autres idées pour combiner le lettrage et l'art de galets


    • 7.

      Votre projet de cours et vous remercie


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About This Class

Le lettrage en pierre crée des poids sur papier significatifs pour les cadeaux et les cartes de lieu de mariage.

Dans ce cours de lettrage de 12 minutes rapide sur le lettrage de la stne Skillshare, apprenez de Joy Tay à transformer les galets, la pierre et les roches en intégrant vos compétences en lettrage à la main ou en calligraphie monoline pour créer cette touche spéciale supplémentaire dans votre décoration de la maison et de votre événement.

Vous serez adopté étape par étape sur la façon de choisir les pierres sur lesquelles travailler, de surmonter les défis que pose l'écriture des pierres et de supprimer le lettrage si vous souhaitez réutiliser les roches.

Le cours est idéal pour tous les niveaux ; que ce soit au niveau -

Niveau intermédiaire : La connaissance du style de la calligraphie monoline serait formidable pour de meilleurs résultats ; ou les débutants
 : pas d'expérience en matière de lettrage ou de calligraphie ? Ne vous inquiétez pas ! Obtenez un look similaire avec votre propre style de lettrage en utilisant des fournitures facilement disponibles dans les magasins d'approvisionnement artistique.

Ce que vous apprendrez

Préparation. Joy vous guidera à travers ses conseils pour choisir les pierres à choisir pour que votre beau travail de lettrage puisse briller.

Lettrage en pierre. Obtenez des conseils de dépannage du lettrage de la pierre pour que votre processus de lettrage soit beaucoup plus lisse.

Retirer le lettrage en pierre. Vous voulez réutiliser les roches ? Pas un problème. Joy partagera comment retirer le lettrage en pierre.

Ce que vous allez créer

  • Un projet de lettrage en pierre en utilisant les techniques de calligraphie et de lettrage apprises dans ce cours.

Soyons créatifs, les possibilités sont infinies !

Vous souhaitez travailler avec d'autres matériaux comme le cuir et le tableau de craie ? Consultez mes autres cours Skillshare ici. Vous pouvez également télécharger ces ressources GRATUITEMENT sur ma page de profil Skillshare :

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(A) Liste des stylos et des encres de 21 pages

Rencontrez votre enseignant·e

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Joy Tay



Oh, hi there! I'm Joy Tay, your gal behind the joy-soaked fingers you see in all my classes.

I'm here to help you to use art to evoke joy from our hands to our hearts, through creating art. Check out the mussel shell lettering video above where you can see how I teach classes, as well as my tutorials on Youtube.


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1. Introduction To Stone Lettering: welcome to We'll be learning how to use your dream, our peoples and store. You can call me Joy and I'm here to take you to your specific parts of the prep play on this plate process so that you learn help us like the right Truls and supplies can view cyclical fee hom honesty on pebbles and stones. You can use this asshole optical pieces or even if you're offering for your kind of events there no parenthesis in rule as long as you can write alphabets and that you can create your own style At this video, I'm using even water line all for calligraphy. So come on, join me. I cannot wait to see you on insight. 2. Prep: Preparing Your Stones And Pebbles For Lettering: Now let's get into the to see ese cleaning and choosing if you got your pebbles from nature is probably going to be full of dirt. It'll be a two on the scale. You would need to scrub him with a brush and rinse in salt water before you use the pebble . If you got your pebbles from a supplier like I did, it's like a table cleaner and Vince anyone? What they will do something to note is that pebbles can absorb water, so you will need to dry it out in the sun for several days to make sure that they're completely dry, choosing if we're thinking about the four s size, shape, surface and shape. Let's talk about if you want to write on the people s A like a stone that is free of dense . So this one has a lot of bumps and grooves and makes it very difficult halfway to write smoothly on it, because your nip might have to sink into these holes to make sure that the anchors filled up. However, I do like this rock because it's relatively flat. As you can see, this one is rounded. It is smooth, free off bumps and holes. But it can be harder to write on because off the curve nature off the surface, this will be easy to write. It doesn't have so many holes, and it's also relatively flat. 3. Play: Choosing Your Paint Pens For Stone Lettering: now that's play because of the rough surface of the pebble out. Really not recommend you using appointed nip because it will blind your times. You can choose to use a paintbrush with wash. If you prefer your calligraphy to be water resistant, you can always use acrylic paint with your paintbrush. Another alternative is to use a paint pen, so these are the three. Ever recommend so deco color in gold or difficulty in white and the pen tell pen both the pen tell pain pen and the cheetah deco color are fantastic choices. I do find that the Mahdi Decca color is just a tinge biter white than the pen tell I'm so let me just share this with you. It's a very, very minute difference. But you can see this is the pen. Tell pen, and this is the Mafia treated echo color, and you can see that the Ojeda deco color is just a tinge bright white, then the pen. Tell pen for either of these pens. It would take at least three courts before the ink appears or pick on the pebbles office. The reason why I suggest that using a paint pen it's because I've used all other kinds of thinks. You can see. So the aftereffects year. Yeah. This stone has actually been some merchant water for two days, and the only think that last is the mental pen and the echo color. So those are the true that I will recommend. 4. Play: Adding Lettering To Stones And Pebbles: I'll be going with the pen. Tell paint market for this. Give the penny sheet, test it on something else. Another surface off paper, just to make sure that the ink is flowing. Well, yeah, I'll be writing a piece on this rock. So for this one, I'm using the full calligraphy style. Second just havin morning line and you will go over now. The down strokes later on, Mr Meat, should that you have picker down strokes and thin ups. Trucks. Yeah. Says he can see the first court is pretty light. Asai mentioned you will need at least three coast before it looks opaque. So I'm gonna do another coat on exactly the same night just to make sure the first coat is a peak. Hey, all the rest and I'll be back with at least three Koth off paint. So this is the word peace drawn out. But this is after three coats off the mental marker. So if you're going to do this in the modern calligraphy style, you want to have thicker down strokes and dinner obstructs. So where you think you're down? Troops were gonna be draw a line beside it. In fact, it's joke. He If the team doesn't come out, make sure to give a good shake to get including Okay, There you go. The way the down strokes are, create another line beside E. That's true love to a body. Have to see and next set off again. This is just the first quote off the down stroke your Do this two more times. Here you have the lettering for the people of the three. Coat off the mental paint pin that it looks PDO pick. You can have more courts if you want to. UH, it also dries quite fast. If you want to feel the pain pen, there's a reef quality to it, which you might like. Yeah, so if you want to remove this from the people, you can always use a paint thinner. However, because the stone is porous, it cannot completely remove the paint. That's one thing to take note off if you're trying to reuse the peple 5. Play: How To Remove The Paint After Stone Lettering: So we have already been the full calligraphy on this peple peace, and it is not easily scratched off. As you can see, um, if you see my other glass video, you'll notice that both were using the same, um, supply for both were using the echo color in white, but on glass, it is quite easily scratched off. But on stone, it's not. So when if you made a mistake and you want to take the paint off, Well, the stone is actually quite porous, and because it's part of it is not going to be as easy to get all the paint out. Yeah, but the solvent for the Deco color is actually paid the no or stop in time amongst others. So here I have in this container, some amount off dinner, I'm gonna grab a rag remembering blows, because I I find that this paint that really drives out my often Okay, So So now with your rag, just the fit inside the paint enough and just try wiping it off. Yeah, So you can see that most off the pain pen Beth, come off. But because the rock is porous, not all will come out so you can still see some marking P. Yeah, but most of it will come off if I really look closely. LF you see some mocks me just being this close. Yeah, but most of this will come off, but not all. Unlike laugh. That's still if you made a mistake, all you want to reuse your stone, Pete. Enough. It's one of the methods taking youth ff allvine. 6. Other Ideas To Combine Lettering With Pebble Art: I really love pupils because there is so flexible for Pebble Art, and I just shared with you how to leper a name or word on pebbles. But there's so many other variations that you can undertake. So Visa a couple of ideas I'm gonna share with you in case you feel like doing it for your class project. So the 1st 1 is. You can combine your lettering with an illustration or painting, for example. Perhaps you can write the word dream, and then you can also draw or illustrate a dream catcher. That's one idea, and that the idea is to have different size pebbles creating a shape in the shadow box. So what I mean is, maybe you like, um, like, for example, for a baby that's born you can have like a big rock with the name of the baby and then smaller rocks making up the toes. That's another idea, and that one is also really popular online. It is motivational courts where you paint the rock, or maybe you even spray paint and then you write the motivational coat on it. So these are just some ideas how we can take the Pebble Art father and also infuse your lecturing 7. Your Class Project And Thank You: I'm back. So how would it? It's back. New ideas can't project. You're gonna take a piece of pebble or stone and going to use any of the methods that I shared in the video before. And you're gonna upload your finish, please, onto a pass community project, please let me know how used it. Use as a meditation. Stolen use as a home decor. So how do you use your project off Stone and veteran combined? Do you have any questions about this? Counts. Please feel free to pose a question in the community section, you know? And if you're interested in infusing your calligraphy on lecturing on other materials, I do have confidence ranging from a gate did the zucchini. So I hope to see you again once again. My name is Dr. And thank you for taking this house.