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Ribbon Lettering On Satin

teacher avatar Joy Tay, Maker

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction To Ribbon Lettering Class


    • 2.

      Ribbon Lettering Project Overview


    • 3.

      Prep: Challenges Working With Ribbon


    • 4.

      Prep: Choosing Suitable Ribbons For Lettering


    • 5.

      Play: Comparison of Suitable Pen Markers For Ribbon Lettering


    • 6.

      Play: Ribbon Lettering With Alcohol-based Pen


    • 7.

      Play: Ribbon Lettering With Paint Pen


    • 8.

      Your Class Project And Thank You


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About This Class

Ribbon lettering adds a classy aesthetic to your flower bouquets or gift wrapping presentation. In this 19-min Skillshare class, learn from Joy Tay how to incorporate your hand lettering, or monoline calligraphy skills, to create that extra special touch in your gift wrapping through using personalised ribbon lettering.

You will be taken through a step-by-step approach of how to overcome the challenges of working with satin ribbons, selecting the right types of supplies, and the types of ribbons which work best for hand lettering or monoline calligraphy.

The class is great for all levels; whether at the -

Intermediate level: Familiarity with the monoline calligraphy style would be great for best results; or as
Beginners: No experience in lettering or calligraphy? No worries! Get a similar look with your own style of lettering using supplies readily available at art supply stores.

What You'll Learn

Preparation. Joy will take you through her tips for selecting the most appropriate types of ribbons to choose from so that your beautiful ribbon lettering work can shine.

Ribbon Lettering. Get troubleshooting tips when working with the satin fabric so that your lettering process is much smoother.

What You'll Be Creating

  • A ribbon lettering project using the calligraphy and lettering techniques learnt from this class.

Let's get creative; the possibilities are endless!

Interested in working with other materials like leather and chalkboard? Check out my other Skillshare classes here. You can also can download these resources FREE on my Skillshare profile page:

(A) 20-page Guide to Lettering & Calligraphy On ANY Material

(B) 21-page Curated List of Pens and Inks

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joy Tay



Oh, hi there! I'm Joy Tay, your gal behind the joy-soaked fingers you see in all my classes.

I'm here to help you to use art to evoke joy from our hands to our hearts, through creating art. Check out the mussel shell lettering video above where you can see how I teach classes, as well as my tutorials on Youtube.


1. Introductory Material-ligraphy "Add Your Calligraphy On Any Material" Course 2 Bonuses

- 20-page Guide to Lettering & Calligraphy On ANY Material &

- 21-page Curated List of Pens and Inks):

2. Basics of Brush Pen Calligraphy Course Bonus

- 28-page Brush Pen Calligraphy for Begin... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Ribbon Lettering Class: Welcome to this. Maybe Lenny. How do you infuse your beautiful lecturing on ribbons? You can call me Joy, and I'm here to take you do specific paths off a press play and play free book. In this class, you learn how to select the right kind of ribbons, the kind of tools and supplies to truth so that they all work together harmoniously in being able to help you put your lettering effectively on ribbons. These can be used esque. It's or you can also have a popular business offerings. Well, there's no prerequisites to enroll. I'm using the model line lecturing style in this video. However, if you know how to write up of us and I bet that's you, you can choose to use your old spell of veteran and use this class as a launching pad for information. So come do join me. I cannot wait to see you inside off 2. Ribbon Lettering Project Overview: One way in which you want to use calligraphy on ribbon is if you are trying to wrap a present and you'd like to customize it. Here. I already have a box already wrapped. You can see the wrapping paper is also calligraphy beans. And I have a ribbon here and have not stopped the ribbon on the paper yet. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to do a calligraphy on this ribbon and make it something that is customized to the person I'm giving it to. 3. Prep: Challenges Working With Ribbon: Here's the thing that makes ribbons a lot harder to what with then bags. So for bags, if you have the light colored fabric, you can always use the textile marker. It wouldn't really bleed. But for weapons, because it is so thin and this is satin silk ribbon, you can see that the ink will bleed. So I'm just gonna show you what that looks like. And you would think that if it's a fabric marca that it's meant not to breed. But, um, it could be because of the fabric. It's always a mixture off. What is the supply that you use? It was the tools that you use in this grace just for satin silk ribbon. It poses a bit of challenge because the ink will not stay crisp. So if I want to write love, it is 1/2 photo work on the up strokes. When you're working with ribbons, so already you can see that the leads. So this is the reason why it's quite important. Teoh. Remember that you need to protect your surface because the inkwells talk through. It bleeds through the fabric, and it also soaks through through through the other side as he can see. So what can you use if you can't use a fabric mock up? I'm so excited to tell you what I used in what looked. 4. Prep: Choosing Suitable Ribbons For Lettering: when we're choosing ribbons, it's quite normal for us to pay attention to the color as well as to the with. So these are two similar ribbons off the same color. But I want to show you, actually, that they can be quite different when it comes to doing calligraphy. All lettering on the ribbon. So what should you look out for? If you're trying to use your satin silk ribbons to dio calligraphy work, so the first thing you need to look at is feel the ribbon, so so some surface is easier to what with them at this. It's very difficult to see from the video, but maybe I can just show you what you can do when you are trying to buy you ribbons. So first, feel through this office and see what it's moves. Okay, so move your fingers back and forth, up and down, especially up and down, because it is the thing about doing faux calligraphy or doing calligraphy on ribbon is that the up strokes are always the most difficult because they're going against the fiber off the cloth. So one thing to look up for, so the surface needs to be as smooth as possible. That's one. So and you also need to look at the thickness is very hard to know which one is thick. But if you have two or similar ribbons is easier for you to compare. So if the ribbon is too thin, what's gonna happen is that the ink is just going to soak through. So you'll need a weapon that is a little bit thicker. I'm gonna show you something that, um So how do you know if a ribbon is thicker or not? I will show you a totally unscientific way off finding out. So what I I wanna show you is this So I have a book here. He put the ribbon through the book and you can see that one flops a lot more than the other . So this just shows that different ribbons have different thickness. Okay, so let's try this totally and scientific approach. I'm gonna put the ribbon through the book, okay. Who's so it's gonna make sure that is the same length. Okay. Okay. So they're both roughly around the same length as you can see from the book. But if I were to pull out a little bit more. Not sure if we can see this. Yeah, you can see that. Actually, one is thicker than the other. This one is the nurse, which is why it goes down a little bit more than this one. Yes, if I were to do it a little bit more if I were to pull the ribbon, you can see the effect much more clearly. Yeah, so try to find a ribbon that is smooth. So when you feel up, few downs recites, make sure that it's something that it's easy for you to work on, because if not, your pen nips are gonna get caught in the fibers. The other thing to look out for is to make sure that you have ribbon is as thick as it can possibly get it. Because if not, if it's too thin, then what's gonna happen is that the ink is gonna bleed and it's not gonna look very nice 5. Play: Comparison of Suitable Pen Markers For Ribbon Lettering: remember to protect your surface before you're working on a weapon so that you're in doesn't sort through and staying your surface. Two good pence you can use is the Moloto, the quick room as well as the deco color for the Decca color. I also have it in white. I also have it in black. I think those are the other two colors I have other than gold. The interesting thing is that it is the goal that works best on weapons. Um, the rest also bleed a little bit more. So this is the color that leaves the least I'm gonna show you what it looks like on the ribbon. Just a demo. So remember to give it a shake, okay? And we're going to do a coughs of which is gonna right a c. You can see upstroke. They're a lot more difficult than downs drugs. So they go so you can see that the color does pop out and you can see the lines are quite crisp. It it's not that it doesn't breed, is just that compared to the other pants, he can see that the outlines are quite clear. Let's try the Moloto. Yeah, so you can see the ink also comes through a lot more If you wish you do a full calligraphy , you can pick it up. Get down strokes. 6. Play: Ribbon Lettering With Alcohol-based Pen: this small little series comes in one mm tip toe. Mm. And four. Mm. For ribbon the size I thought that one. Remember, be good, because the two women might be through thick, so you can choose which tip you want depending on the width off your ribbon. So before use the pen roommate to give it a shake. Remember again to line your surface with some protective sheeting. I just have a few pieces self rough people. You can see the sea that I did earlier already soaked through. So I have a few pieces of paper. Um, underneath the ribbon. I'm not gonna do the whole piece. I'm just gonna show you. May be the first you would so whole. Your ribbon thought so That the cloth doesn't crumple so I can hold it this way. Or you can hold it this way. All some people also like to put tape on it. - One thing I like to say, if this one mm tip is a lot easier to use, then the two mm tip Missionary Tinto. Mm. Tip for the two. Mm tip. Sometimes the fibers get caught. Um, the fibers off the tip gets caught with the fibers off the cloth and makes it very difficult to do an upstroke. So if your piece isn't too big and you're okay with a one mm tip, our really suggest that you go with the one empty because when you're doing the up strokes , the fibers off the cough don't against you. I'm going to finish the whole piece and I'm gonna show you what that will look like. If the immigrants out, you may want to give it a shake and see if the ink is coming through. I'm gonna show you what the whole piece would look like, Leader. Sometimes I like to climb up the peace and give it a little Shima. Currently with the multiple liquid chrome on this satin silk you can see there it's a silver kind of almost a gray, a little bit flat on certain things. The liquid chrome is lovely because of the closeness of the chrome. But on cloth it seems a little flat. So how do you compensate for and glam up a little bit? I usually at the Tierra by Sakura. He is very lovely. Shima, let me show you how it looks like on paper you go, you see is a fisherman. And once I have the Moloto on it, I will go over the words with the tiara. It doesn't believe so. It's a good option to use. And when it set against the light or the sun, the ship will come through. Yeah, So this is you see, it's a little bit different than some Shima as compared to my which is more flat. So you compare up the Moloto with the security are so you can feed the whole ribbon have been done. That is what? The whole republic lake. I'm not gonna tie into a bull and then I'm gonna complete the gift wrapping. Time to assemble a gift wrapped over Penniston. It's been time to a bull. I stuck a double sided tape by the fact I'm not gonna take off the cover and I'm gonna stick it on the middle off the books and they have it. Have fun creating your personalized ribbon 7. Play: Ribbon Lettering With Paint Pen: once you're ready to write, remember the ship. The pain. Pull your ribbon part so that you see a stable base to work from. I'll be writing the work. Blissful Go really slowly because the fibers off the pen his brush gives the fibers off. Never been. Okay, be so. Another option for you is if you want. If you have ah, large surface area toe work from you can have tape on both sides of ribbon. So it's much easier for it, right? The next word. L can be sure your ribbon is talked. Go still be. If you're not using tape, you may wanna have your fingers following the cloth. Has it been as you continue writing? - You hear this scratchy sound? Hopefully and you can touch up where you want to. Okay? So if you want to do a full calligrapher, you can go. Um, a second line. You can do a second lying, but that don strokes are supposed to be nostril of me. L my i at the not too dot menstrual me. Yes. Okay, so we have the word blissful and remember to protect your surface with people because the imbecile. True. So this is something that you can do. Do you know, just touch up with Olympic Mall here? Something can use. It just requires you to write Stilley. And I definitely find the Moloto much easier to work with if I am using, um, silver. But if the color you want his goal, the deco color is a good choice to use you go zestful. 8. Your Class Project And Thank You: Hello again. How was it? Did you get new ideas? I hope you inspired to go and create something awesome. But this project, you are gonna use your old ribbons and you're gonna do a lecturing on it. Based on the methods that I have shared with you. Just now, you can post a picture of your finish, please. On drew our class project. If you have any questions about this counts, you can go to the community section off the class below and post a new discussion. I think any other materials that you like to infuse and calligraphy or electric on. I have other concepts working on projects ranging from a gate to see the key. So I hope to see you again once again. My name is Joy and thank you for taking this class.