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Spoonflower Projects: Creating tea towels with an Ipad

teacher avatar Natalia Gonzalez, Love pattern making and illustration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 Intro


    • 2.

      2 Create a template


    • 3.

      3 Make a calendar template for your tea towel


    • 4.

      4 Creating a tea towel


    • 5.

      5 Uploading a tea towel to Spoonflower


    • 6.

      6 Tea towel with lettering


    • 7.

      7 Procreate pattern from start to finish_Demo


    • 8.

      8 Midcentury recipe Tea towel


    • 9.

      9 Your project


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About This Class


In this class we are going to create a collection of tea towels with your Ipad using the apps Procreate and Over. Then we will upload our files to Spoonflower where you will be able to sell them, print them or enter your designs in one of the tea towels challenges.

Spoonflower is a web based company where you can print your custom designs, they run weekly challenges and it's a great way show your work and get in contact with other designers. As you can open your own shop it is a good way for surface pattern designers to get passive income. 

This class is perfect to learn how to use Procreate to create products and you'll see how easy it is to develop your designs just using your Ipad. Also if you are looking for an opportunity to add some home decor designs to your portfolio this is a good opportunity to let your creativity run wild.

For the class you will need an Ipad, a stylus or Apple pencil, the apps Procreate and the free version of Over and an Internet conexion.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Natalia Gonzalez

Love pattern making and illustration


My name is Natalia Gonzalez. I am a Spanish surface designer and illustrator based in London. I love telling stories with my patterns and illustrations and enjoy trying new techniques and themes.

I have taken lots of classes in Skillshare, I really like how you can have access to many different topics and learn through practice.

In my classes I explore pattern making with fun projects to let go your creativity.


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Level: Beginner

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1. 1 Intro : Hi. My name is not in this class. We're going to create a collection of tea towels. Way are going to use this. An iPod with the up appropriate. We will see how to upload the designs to a spoon flour where you can sell their signs on their front talented. 2. 2 Create a template: we're going to starter project By creating a template, we'll need to create a new file in procreate, so click the plus sign she left. Create custom size thieves interests US units on Enter the dimensions 27 inches with by 18 inches. Height. 115 DP I on color TV. We will have 14 layers to create it. It our now click the rent icon in Surf OTA to inside the template with the guidelines that you can love from the private section selected in your camera. Roll on a scale to feed a document. Make sure that you have magnetic subjected to make it easier to escape. One Still done it too, will be able to start creating as many hours as you want. 3. 3 Make a calendar template for your tea towel: first data will that we're going to create is a calendar T tower. We will start creating the text for the month on the days. So we will start in stating the guidelines for the month that you will find in the birth that section. Once we have the guidelines in place, we will feel the greats to create. It takes power numbers. We will use the up over open, over flick, the plus sign said they thought inspiring background on size. Click Confirm and you will be able to start type in the text. Way will start typing all the number separate 18 naming weeks, then the names of the months. You can change the front if you want, but none of them are only available in the paid version Off over. You can also change the color. Once you are happy with text, you can just click conference on safety photos. Way will go back to procreate in state in the image that we have created in Over way will separate the text on numbers in two layers. He's in the selection tool, prescribing down with her fingers. We will select cut from paste once we have been on different layers. We can start arranging the text using the guidelines. We will start with a month selecting me to one moving. Then we transform toe way have finished. We will start with the days the first month that we will create with starting Monday Way will arrange the numbers trying to align them in. Lines are rose. We will copy the month one. It's finish campaign swiping down with three fingers to based. Then we will move the copy to the correct month. It's better to keep a copy of the month and make us many copies as they want. In that way, you can always go back to their you know, for the rest of the month. We will copy the original month position any to start in the great day of the week way. Then we will select Move toe. Place the Romanian numbers in the correct place. Sometimes you'll have to tweak the numbers based toe. Get a perfect alignment. Repeat the same process for every month. Consider that sound months are the same, so you just have to copy and paste. Also, consider that you will have to remove sand numbers front some month always double check that you have the right days trying to met the layers of the month to keep. Allow health players. Once you're finished, you can remember they read and you will have their calendar move This space between the months if they are too close by selecting are moving. 4. 4 Creating a tea towel: Now that we have the template on numbers, it's time to start with a farm part. I will create a frame for the safe zone of the detail to make it less distracting. So we have a guide, and we can always go back to the real, you know, for my tea tower, a winning set off or girlfriend, they come in a row with my escaped. First, I will lower the rapacity of this Kate in a new mayor. I will start seeing the shapes of the bottles with the selection to you . Start to selection to select more than one area. When you are done, you can feel it. I will select a color palette first to sing the colors on, clicking in any square off the pallet. Select a Brach that you like in a new layer that's pain free. This brush has a bit of texture, but you can choose anyone that you like. You'll also feel layer for the background with that Xterra brush. Now that I can see better the bottles, they will start row in the entails within our in their pain, from procreate to make the bottles who can painted once . I've seen is a reply. All follow to the Boater slayer with six people NC. I start creating the decorative lines of the bottles on the counters, but we still have to include a month, so I will create some furniture around the bottles. For that, I will create a weight using the greed rash in a new layer. I really see. That's how guys lying to frame the bottles. You seen the six p pensive I lost a week. The position of the bottles with a selection. Her move tools to feel the furniture. I use the six V pencil to give some Dexter for the decoration of the furniture. I am going to use the symmetry tool. Go into the rent hike on activity and drawing guide Eddie, during guide, said, like symmetry on assistant drawing What's your don? Everything. Drawing that layer will be repeated in the opposite side. Well, they read that I created us reference to create the space for the month in the layer. You can activate and deactivate their sister drawing if you want to create some elements that you don't want to be affected by the symmetry, like the gears of the month I use the six B pencil for the decoration on the gel pen for the numbers. I have traced the number instead of using the calendar that I have created before to give you the Hondros feeling. But you can use the calendar selecting are moving the months to position in the place you want. 5. 5 Uploading a tea towel to Spoonflower: once you have the tea towel is trying to upload it to a spoon flour. If you want to print it or enter a talent, hide any layers with guidelines on with two fingers with the compass to a landscape position, Go to the rent hike on share and select. They picked to a sport your file. Then open your Internet browser on log into a spoon flour. Go to the sign upload. Select your five friend. They come in a role. You have to confirm the couple right and click upload their files. It will take a couple of minutes to upload. Once you have uploaded, you will see the sign. Make sure the basic repeat is active toe under a talent select and there are talent and they want you want to enter. You will see that function in the left side of the screen. Then again in the layout option. Make sure basically beedies active and the challenge, and you will see hammock up off their lease sign. Then forget to feel the information off their design with the name description on tax things 6. 6 Tea towel with lettering: Our next project will be a tea towel with lettering to a star. We will open our template and create a simple frame. Asai. The next step will be to insert on a scale or skit to get a clean growing. I'm going to trace the skate in a new layer with 63 princes from procreate. I will feel the lettering with fencing to give the texture. I will continue with other elements in the registration. Tracing with pencil in the elements with lines come for the shapes I will select with the selection. Cool hand in a new layer. I will paint usin a text airbrush. - If you want to change the color of fun element, you can apply all follow to the layer on paint over the layer with a brush in its biggest size to release. I used common align Brush modified. - I feel this place composition. You can make it more interesting using textures. It works really well for playing elements. Complain backgrounds in dissidents. Strange, I have chosen a little blue to create a little variation. When a blind date, sure, I have created a new layer round up off the background for the texture in a way that I can lower their past sitting in case there is too much for the elements. Eyes on using the same light blue toe. Blythe, if you are not very confident about your letting you can important takes created, you know where you can modify it a bit. Raising the text with her extra Brad having some the car payments. This is a great way to incorporate text to your illustrations. 7. 7 Procreate pattern from start to finish_Demo: - it's . 8. 8 Midcentury recipe Tea towel: next detail would be a Recipe T tower inspired by the meat center illustration style. I have chosen to make something funny instead of the traditional recipe, but you can apply the same techniques to a traditional one. You can these ingredients and cooking instructions for this. I will use skate that I have gone in paper. I just took a picture on imported to the template file in for grade. I want to use this well somewhere friends, images, so I will swipe up to see the safari icon on with drug it to the right side of the screen, you will be able to search some images on just turn into fighting probate, and you will be able to use it as a reference thesis. Images to trace them say will do the phone. Just lower the capacity and tracing a new layer. You can create a digital collage with these limited on trace them after name this to your own style. You have to use the images as you find you can modify the images. Asuni. It's good to combine your sketches pictures as it will make this year the whole process. You can also use very simplified versions of the reference images like I did in this frustration, I will ease playing colors. Another details later isn't just lines. I like this style of feeling strange because it combines line some plain colors on. Although it looks simple, it looks very expressive to me for the dates. Will you? Some dates I have created in over this'll time I will be see. That's a reference Tracy need on adding something is to make it more personal to feel that's in the tower. I will also increased the thickness of the dance trucks too much. This style of illustration. I will rearrange the text cutting and pasting placing need in a similar way to my escape. Don't be afraid to make changes and on the way that's how to refine her size. E will add as well. Some lines the harbor more interesting composition. It's time to add some dates. This time I will do it in a new layer. In this way, I will be able to change the colors later if I have used as reference the images that I important it on my skit for the cake. I just thought it some lines, keeping in mind off the limit that I imported finished . I will apply some color to this illustration. I will merge that that players will apply Also selecting the color and a big brush with paint over the groins. You can see having 90 days in a separate layer is phase. I can change the color of the details to Black. He's in again Calphalon. This will act more contrasts. Now we have our illustration baby toe a blow to a school slower. 9. 9 Your project: Thank you so much for taking this. Just I hope you have enjoyed it. Now you know how to create different in kind of tea towels, including text on interesting illustrations. It offers a lot of possibilities and you can use them to create a nice case to include some home decor. The science in your portfolio. I hope to see your beautiful state, our soon in the gallery. See you in the next class.