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Spoonflower Big Projects for the little ones (with Procreate)

teacher avatar Natalia Gonzalez, Love pattern making and illustration

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Cut and sew. Design a doll.


    • 3.

      Cut and sew. Design a soft book.


    • 4.

      Design a gender neutral wallpaper


    • 5.

      Your project


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About This Class


In this class we are going to create some fun projects with your Ipad using the apps Procreate and Over. Then we will upload our files to Spoonflower where you will be able to sell them, print them or enter your designs in one of their challenges.

Spoonflower is a web based company where you can print your custom designs, they run weekly challenges and it's a great way show your work and get in contact with other designers. As you can open your own shop it is a good way for surface pattern designers to get passive income. 

In this class you'll have the opportunity to practice your Procreate skills designing fun projects for the kids market, that you will be able to add to your portfolio. We will star creating two cut and sew projects where you can let go your imagination designing a toy. Later we will design some home decor products like a gender neutral wallpaper and other fun designs.

For the class you will need an Ipad, a stylus or Apple pencil, the apps Procreate and the free version of Over and an Internet conexion.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Natalia Gonzalez

Love pattern making and illustration


My name is Natalia Gonzalez. I am a Spanish surface designer and illustrator based in London. I love telling stories with my patterns and illustrations and enjoy trying new techniques and themes.

I have taken lots of classes in Skillshare, I really like how you can have access to many different topics and learn through practice.

In my classes I explore pattern making with fun projects to let go your creativity.


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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi, My name is and I'm a sour face pattern designer administrator. I enjoy creating funny signs, kind of creating brooks for kids because you can go your imagination where you create many kind off further in this class, we are going to develop from the signs for kids justice in a night, and you will be able to sell them on a spoon flour using Faris World paper for wrapping paper. 2. Cut and sew. Design a doll.: we're going to start with Hattori Catan Super yet I have till cinema my daughter. But you contest any other femininity like the first thing to do is to create a new fight. So we will open pro grade, topped the blast, sign a select, create custom size. We want to print it in a fat quarter with 27 by 18 inches. As we can go larger in procreate, we will select 150 db. A color is our baby. You do have escaped. Just take a picture with you. Right, But on imported from your camera I have escaped mind making sure that I would be able to feed two of them in my fight. To be sure, I just if ic eight id my skit sweep horizontally on lowering the opacity lady toe toe, address the composition. - Make it cleaner. I overlapping parts on. Then let the two layers Once they are met I can stay to use all the space in the fight. Now that we have a sketch ready, we will use it to dry cities in the symmetry option in procreate to activate it where we go toe compass on said toe active drawing option in a drawing guide, we will set its symmetry and sister drawing that will make easy to create to mirror adults . We will start throw in an outline of the world in a new layer, but you have to activate their sister, throwing in the layers to make it work. Once you start throwing, it would be repeated in the other side of the compass. In a new layer, we will start rolling play with other layers on their ferocity. To use this skate as a reference way will create a shape with girls. Outline on. We will start at in the States as we have the shape of the on the outline. Different layers we contain to the color in any seaway. Just using alpha lock in the desire layer paint on top with a big brash like the Mona Lee in its speaking size, you can also use this technique to start creating needles in your dog. - Keep a sister literally active whenever you need the same elements in the different styles of the like I did with the parts off the hair on the day Andi, activate a sister throwing when you want to create details for just one of the sites, like I did with the face or the crown it's You can include an additional element if you have some space left with star. I just created one on, then copy Paste it on applied Flee Paris Santa. Now it's time to add text isn't up. Over stepping the plus sign, we will create any document. Select other expiring background on the square size selecting takes. You will be able to select a front on died so in instructions once you are done, just size color line and it's for you. Seen the sharing welcome had the right top on safe to fathers back in appropriate, we will. Inside the text that we have created, I will start with the title going to emit Insert photo. I wouldn't transit with the same brush to give the text one consistency with with the sewing instructions, we will do the same. We place it in this face available, using the transform to to escape on the select, to transform to move to the right place Well, a detail about sewing to make it easier to soap way , have to do a couple of things more to finish the 1st 1 is to greater that line to make it easier to get the pieces to make. It is there for us. We will create other debt brush. It's very easy. Just create a new file off 15 by 15 interns 300 FBI Great A victor Feeling most of debate You seem just black over white backgrounds. Then go to the rent icon. Select Coffee Campus. Goto brushes on top in the blood sign. Now you just have to paste it in the tapes. Sir, I have been on to seem based in grain stores, select from like and then select long. When you increase the spacing in the stroke properties, we will see that it has had black friends, so we will go to serves on select embarrass shape, and that's it. You have created other that brush. Now let's apply to the dole. Select a color on the size for the brush, turning a new layer. Create a lying around the door. You can change the color later by applying. All follow nice . I will last 70 days on mothers to the background, as if the memories were swimming. You can decorate the background to fill this space on give some context to your dog 3. Cut and sew. Design a soft book.: for our second project, we're going to create a soft book to bring in a fat quarter. To start, we will create a file with the fact quarter measures with child 27 by 18 interests. 150 db I Color is RGB Help you. I have created a template that you can download from the breakage section. We will import template indicating the pages to use it as a reference. I will start creating the baby's. My color palette is going to be very limited and I am going to create it. Hate with one color to create a separation between the bases. In this way, I will avoid the guidelines. For the second pate, I will desk opium based. The first pate using all follow. I will change the color once I have one page of color week opium based in to see one of the pieces. - It's cool toe. The babys said you can move them all at once, but remember to separate the guidelines from the dam paid as well. Yes, use the selection tool striping down with three fingers cut based. Then you come group of the elements off one piece created that that lying. We really, instead of that breast that we use before holding defense, feel at the end of the line, we will make a straight line. I have important Thomas sketches placing then in each page you see in the select and transformed to I will praise name to give a hand drawn on. Then I will use the selection to feeling later with bras in a bigger size. Are you seeing the six big offensive from brocade? Once you have selected feeling in any seaway, although we will have to polish the edges later ascended is to the animals. I will place this case to a flowing. The opacity in the layer with the animals will apply all follow on and start adding some faces. Other details for the rest of this place I have created some takes over and important it in my file as we leave Baby, I really is this election and transform tools to place thing each bait. Once I have the right composition, I will trace them to give more consistency. - As for the colors, I will stick to the limited color palette and create a nice contrast in the bathroom at the more elements. As you can see the finishing close to the edge of its animal. It's not very nice, so we will fix it knowing with six people still too soft in the edge now , the only things left are incorporating the phone instructions on day parade, the bathroom on a bit mark drawings to explain Sandy days about the sign instructions on. Of course a title means . 4. Design a gender neutral wallpaper: in this lesson, we are going to create a gender neutral this scale world paper. We will start looking for some inspirational on the Internet to finalize color palette. Once we find an interesting image, we will save it in a camera one to use it later. As you can see, there are many corruptions with gray color palettes, pastel colors on colorful traces. This kind of neutrally signs have a lot of the month, so let's begin with her. The signing program way will create a new file off 24 by 24 Intel's For a bigger scale. You can try a large style for a month. Just consider that if you create the style of 12 inches, it will be repeated two times. Six will be repeated four times on. If you make the tile off more than 24 intense, it will be scaled down to 24. You have more details. High links to the spoon, our article in the previous section for this partner. I'm going to keep it very simple. Starting with the palate, I will create a new empty palette. They're stopping the plus sign. Then I will import one of the images that I don't know it. Once you have your image or images ready, you're gonna start picking the colors from the images. Just stop this square between the brass styles. Any color of the it open the color options, stopping in the color. Stumble on new palette. Place the color you have chosen in any of the freon spaces. We will pick a couple of more colors. Toe. Have the phantoms and colors to add more contrast on variations. You can also go to the disk to study French or go to classic to San. You wonder. Do you want to include procreate? US follows you to other code of color. Just type in it. You want to be dead. One front. Your color palette there. Stop. Hold on. Select the elite. Once you're happy with the color police, you can name it unanswered to set us before the colorful is toe where we fit in your product. Now it's time to start button. Aye, Winn said they made with fishes that I use before thisted time. I will scale to use just the puffer fish. I want a very simple button, So I started tracing it with six p fancy. I'm feeling page with one color for the details. I never said to In that way I will be able to see the background and save me time If I want to recall her later, that's to change the color of the siege. I will apply. Follow campaigned with them on a line brush. Now that I have my main matif, I will copy and pasted two times to create a repeat. Also, I will create any layer on, well, feeling with a black color, allowing the capacity around 50% ticket that are player and that's all we need to create a repeat. We will make two groups with one that player way will save the ceremony for later in it. Now select one group with Magnetics lettuce movie to one of the sites. Be careful and keep it in the center. Procreate will help you show in the blue line in the center. Do the same with the other group to the opposite side. Stop moving when you harbor are playing in the center with transform tool selected. Tap the screen in the direction you want to move it, just stopping little by little, we will align them until the back line disappears. Check that everything is OK. If you see a white line, don't panic. Just undo by tapping with two fingers on the screen and try to make a clean alignment again . One. There is no line you can continue. I will open layers layer. Flatten the two layers with the original body. Now we have to do the same, but moving the bodies in the vertical so we will copy the layer with the motive on create too dark layers. We will make us well to groups like we've before we some of these another layer in each one , as we did previously. We will start moving carefully, one of the groups and then the other one on today's no dark or white lying in the middle top, little by little to be more accurate once you are done, that are player merged. Layers with the Motive way have theaters spreading to be repeated, and it's time to fill the center of the tile with other fish. To make the other more interesting, I will use the transform two on with two flipper Santa. I will also taste the color of the background and we'll add a bit of color with some bubbles. - If you want to see how the pattern looks, you can duplicate a file SK down the time, agree the repetition just complicating. - In this case, it was useful to see some places where I needed to other couple more bubbles. Once you have finished, you can export it on uploaders science with sour. 5. Your project: Thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. Now that you know how to create all those products for kids just have to choose one for this class product. Use your imagination. I think about the kind of things that you like when you were a kid or the favorite things of the kids in your life and wants to have chosen your pro. Yet you can start playing with the iPod. I hope to see here this nice in the brain. It Mallory Soon. Bye.