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Social Media Tools to 10X Your Productivity

teacher avatar Megs Hollis, #DoDigitalBetter

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Social Media Toolkit


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      Answering your FAQ's


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About This Class

There are so many tools which make the wild and wooly world of social media just that much more manageable and (most importantly) - FUN! This bonus section forms part of my Social Media Marketing 101 course but I thought it would be really handy as a stand alone too! 

I would love to know in the comments section which of the tools YOU use and love, or if there were some you had never heard of and are eager to try out. 

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Megs Hollis



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1. Social Media Toolkit: Welcome to burners at Toolkit section. This is honesty, my absolute favorite section because I'm going to be sharing with you guys htop tips and tools that are really invaluable, indispensable in the social media world. So we're going to run through them by category. And I'd love to hear it in the comments if any of them you already use and they've been changing your life or if there's some that you've just never heard of. So without further ado, we're really going to be running through Power App products of it see being productive on social media and in this world is honesty one of the most challenging things. There's so many things going on at any given time. And I've really noticed that the quantity of my work changes depending on whether I'm using a productivity tool or not. They are a lots of options out there and a lot of it is personal preference, but I'm going to be sharing with you two of my own favorites organization when when it goes without saying that if you fail to prepay, you prepared to fail. And this is especially true within the space with the amount of creative assets, video files we transfers that fly around between you, your clients, and maybe your teammates or business partners. It's really going to be critical that you ensure that all of your assets are beautifully organized. And that's where this section is going to come in handy. Next up is grand designs. This is my favorite sections. So how you actually going to create creative outputs and not necessarily using a designer. So a lot of us are not fortunate enough to have designers at our disposal. So we do kind of make do with what we have. They asked some really handy tools that are going to help you in that process. Number 4 is stuck snaps. So we would be nothing without free stock, stock photography. Obviously as far as possible, you're going to want to credit whoever took that photograph. But often it's not possible to either have stock photography or stock videography that you've shot yourself as B-roll. So actually you're just going to have to rely on what other people have provided for you on and snakes. Number 5 is shaped drilling tools. Unless you want to be logging in and out of every platform every day, I would strongly suggest looking at some scheduling tools. These can be expensive, but I'm going to share with you how I get around those with more cost-effective means. Paid media tools. Of course, we didn't cover too much on paid media in this particular course, but in future courses, we can certainly do a lot deeper dive into paid media. What I would suggest looking at all the tools to two tools that I suggest in the section, tracking and reporting. So particularly if you're doing social media on behalf of someone and not for yourself, it's going to be really important that you generate very beautiful and attractive reports. However, that being said, even if you are running social media just for yourself, you do still need to be keeping track of those matrix. Doesn't need to be as aesthetically pleasing. But certainly if it's a Google Sheet or something like that, it's going to be really important that you are keeping tabs on your milestones and making sure that you're holding yourself accountable. And then finally, learning resources I'm going to be sharing with you where I get a lot of my Intel all about the latest and greatest and social media. So let's get cracking with the very first section. So power up your productivity by two absolute favorite tools are Asana and Notion. Now I know you meant to use one productivity tool and my using two is probably contentious at best. But I find that they useful for quite different reasons. So Asana, I would really recommend if you're working as part of a team, you needing to allocate tasks forwards and backwards and just really get that operational fitness going. So if you work for a social media agency, a lot of them will use the sauna, potentially trailer those quite traditional project management tools that are really going to ensure that work is moving seamlessly through the Teams. Nourished and I find is a little bit less conventional. So although you can have team members on notion, for me, the way that it's set up, it doesn't really feel as kind of a pump as much work through the system as you can. It feels more around things like journaling. I use it for capturing some of my thoughts during my personal journaling. I even put recipes on my Notion. So it makes sense in my mind for a sonnet should be really like the heavy lift in terms of professional, my professional career and high interface with other people. And then Notion I kind of liked to keep as my corner of the Internet where I organize my thoughts. Although I must say obviously that the functionality is much of a madness. For example, if you are familiar with productivity terms, things like kanban boards are common across both. You can also set up timelines across both. So I think the end kind of output is quite similar, but the field certainly of the platforms, it's a little bit different. The great thing is that for both of these platforms, if you're the only used on the platform, I believe it's completely free notion for example, I don't pair thing asana, I'm on a premium version because I'm working with a bunch of other people. So it's really a good idea. If you have no idea, amu never worked with productivity tool before to potentially sign up for the free trial or both and just see which better suits your meetings. But certainly it's going to be one of those things that just APP levels how you show up in the social media space. Because everything can be preplanned using those Kanban boards to know what is going on when. You can set reminders and then it's not about having a 100 sticky notes all around your house. The one thing that I will say as a leg up on Asana is if you're wanting to track your time, that is a beautiful plugin called evolve. And that works with Asana, in which case, when you start on a task, you simply double-click a big green play button and that's thoughts to check your time and you then click stop once you've finished. So if you're working as a social media manager on behalf of other people and maybe needing to increase your retainer or host those sorts of discussions. It's really much easier to go back to a point of facts. And this is how much time I actually tracked on this retainer. So I really hope that this helps you pop up your products of it, z. All right, Next up organisation 1, 0, 1. So this is going to be the crucial parts of maintaining your sanity AND gates and everything that you need live when it needs to go live. The three kind of key tools that I'm using is Dropbox or Google Drive. This is really a matter of preference. I use to absolutely. He despised Dropbox until recently I realized it was because I was using the web version once you've downloaded the actual app version and have it sinking with all of your folders that are locally on your computer, I find that it's a much more seamless process to if you're having difficulty, that's a good tip. Otherwise, Google Drive works beautifully. Obviously, it's nice in that it syncs with other Google suites of products, especially if you have an Android phone and you may be using Google Photos, then that might potentially be a better option for you. Weigh these also come in handy is if you are using a Google Sheets method of planning your content. Or even a Google Slides means that you can always click and paste that link. So whether it links to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so that when you're looking for the asset that you need to schedule, it's all already there. So really hyper linking and keeping tabs in terms of where things will save is going to absolutely change your life. And then Google Slides and Google sheets, these are two different ways of keeping tabs on your content. So Google Sheets is obviously a great If you have high volumes of content and you're working with lots of people, google Slides is great because it's a little bit more aesthetic. So really it's going to be a matter of preference. I prefer using Google Sheets. I find it a little bit more pragmatic. But if, for example, you are pitching on a business, I'm sure you would then defer to something like Google Slides, which is going to allow you to make a little bit more of a pretty presentation when you actually put it forward to your client. All right, The next section is grand designs. This is possibly one of the most important sections. And for this, I used to have a bunch of different options for design. But really the more that I work with Canva more than I feel, it really is a one size fits all solution. So up until now I had had the free version of Canva and I felt like, Oh my gosh, this is great. Why would I ever need a premium version of Canva? I'm always one for advocating for the free trials. But I will sadly say to you guys that the premium version is just worth its weight in gold and it's so worth making that investment of every tool that I mentioned in this section, I would say this is the only one with a premium kind of perspective is really key. And the reason why I say that is because you're able to save your hex codes. Now a hex code is affected, the a digital Pantone code, it's like a little alphanumeric code, which is going to reference exactly what your color scheme is. And on top of that, you can also say funds. What that means is when you use in Canva templates, you can actually click on the Styles button on the left-hand side. And then it's actually going to transition that entire template to your saved template. So, and it was saved colors scheme. So instead of you having to do everything manually, it really is going to save you, I think more time than what you're spending on the subscription. The other thing that I love using envoys, of course, I have my YouTube channel which I sometimes need thumbnails for. So I like to deep H using the kind of background removal tool which is only available on the premium version. So that's definitely going to be a game changer for you. If there's anything you can't find in Canvas by way of icons, I use a website called flat icon. I use a full my Diggs. You'll see there's lots of iconography and that's also a really, really great one to use. So I hope between those two tools you'll kind of feel sorts of problems, design perspective even if you don't have a designer. All right, next step is stock snaps. So although Canada does have a lot of stock photography integrals, I would suggest looking at these three additional stock photography resources. Bear in mind also that and splash and pixels. I think they do have video repositories as well for free stock videography. So if you want to really push yourself, there is some kind of backup videography that she can get a two, but certainly from a photography perspective, these three are going to keep you absolutely sorted. I do like nappy dot curve because it does have a more representative kind of demographic of people. Whereas pixels and Unsplash can sometimes look a little bit older, kind of lacked diversity. So definitely do look at nappy if you're looking. And for young people of color and people that just are a little bit more representative. All right, next up is paid media tools. As I said, we're not covering those in extensive detail, but certainly things like the Facebook Creative Hub is going to be imperative to actually apply leveling your understanding of paid media. So even if you never run the ads, I like to look and creative hub to see are their ads which match my particular objective in terms of my social media. So if I'm wanting to capture email addresses, what does that format actually look like on Facebook or Instagram? And so this is one way of really having to be able to play or being able to. Ticket and a sandbox without making any real commitments. So definitely check out creative have pallidus, much of the same thing. A lot of agencies use it to mock up paid media formats without obviously having to sit them up with in the platform. So those two are well-worth, are checking out. The next step is scheduling tools. Now, this is a biggie. So there's a lot of different schools of thought in terms of how you should approach scheduling. But one thing that is kind of universally accepted is that Facebook doesn't like you to use third party platforms and it can result in diminished reach. So it's almost like they want you to schedule everything on Facebook. Shigella, which works for both Facebook and Instagram. Whatever. If you are very busy or you are running an agency, it is still not really feasible to use multiple platforms because, for example, you can use HootSuite and Sprout Social, which are two competitors for things like reporting. So some clients will just opt to kind of turn a blind eye to the fact that it may be impacting the Facebook reach for the sake of convenience, for the sake of being able to actually schedule everything through one tool. Other people will kind of go through the hassle and shigella and Facebook directly and then maybe use different tools for some of the others. You will ever end up with quite a fragments that approach like I've heard of some people that will use tailwind for Pinterest and then for Instagram they will use later. And so That's just gives me a headache to be frank. So I love using Sprout Social, that is my go-to, but I'm not saying that this is a one size fits all. I'm saying that if convenience is your 0101 prerogative, then certainly it's going to be your best bet. However, there are some drawbacks including reach, particularly on the Facebook platform. So the Facebook schedule, as I say, works for Facebook and Instagram. It is not the greatest of interfaces. I do think that's fraught. Social and HootSuite, a little bit more intuitive, but effectively what they're going to allow you to do is drag and drop against a calendar and prescheduled or your posts so that on the day you're not scrambling around looking for your assets, although hopefully you link them in your Dropbox. So definitely these are going to be your best friends. And as I say when it comes to reporting, it's also going to help to aggregate stuff as well. I also know, for example, HootSuite is very well used for community management, is actually getting back to people Clytoneus Lee. So for the sake of a one size fits all solution, I would say it's fraught social and HootSuite do have that consolidation factor, but of course, you just need to be mindful of some of those caveats that I've mentioned. Of course, we need to track our success on social media. So the three tools that I like to use for that, a Berkeley hourly if I'm using HootSuite. So Ali only works with HootSuite and then link tree. So he is really what allows people to shorten lengths. So instead of having www dot, whatever, forward slash and then a product, it's not going to look great on social media and you're not going to have that layer of tracking. However, if you use a Bitly, you only need a free account once you've signed up. It allows you to generate these links. It'll give you a much shorter length, which you can then review on the Bitly back in to see how many clicks that particular link, God. So but she is a really crucial part of any strategy in terms of how bigger brands will do it. They'll actually register a short URL with Bitly so many of the clothing retailers, it'll actually be a personalized, but Lee, and it looks like it's branded. So the bet the pot kinda freaks you out. There are ways around it, but you just have to pay for that branded shortened URL. Ali is going to mean that if you're using HootSuite, you don't necessarily have to use, but the you can just paste the link and it'll shorten it in your description kind of section. So that is a good time saver. And then finally, link trees. If you're not using link tree or some kind of link switchboard on your Instagram. It's going to make life very difficult because otherwise you obviously only have that one piece of real estate for an Instagram URL link tree is going to mean that you actually have that little mini switchboard going that's gonna get people exactly to where they need to be and you can reference stuff come up in your most recent posts. So definitely I would suggest looking at link tree and the reason I've included it in this section as it does also have a tracking layer as well. The second last section I'm going to share with you guys is educational resources at the end of this masterclass, I don't want you to feel like, you know, everything there is to know. Certainly social media is one of these things that is such a broad and ever-changing topic that you are going to want to stay abreast with the trends, particularly if you are doing social media on behalf of the client. I find whenever there is an awkward pause in a phone call or an a status meeting, I'm able to say like, did you, instagram has released a new piece of functionality and you really just feel a bit less like an honor. So in terms of my favorite resources, yeah, Facebook blueprint as my absolute go to, this is Facebook's a Training portal which covers Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. And it's very short and sweet courses so you can pick based on your objectives as a small business, you don't have to do these certifications. You can just watch a 10 minute kind of cheat sheet masterclass, which has great Social Media Examiner is great in terms of topical news around social media as well as some white papers on benchmark reports. So their mission is ready to help small business marketers and navigate the jungle, that is social media. And I love everything about them. And feel how it really does make you feel like you're exploring new terrains when it comes to social media. And just really get your passion for social media going. Next up is latest and later as an Instagram scheduling tool and later has a really insightful blog that has topical news pieces, particularly around Instagram, but also things in terms of how people are using Instagram. So if you ever need to get inspired, particularly on the IG platform that I think the laser blog is really going to help you out. Then Sprout Social and HootSuite both have really awesome resources section on they waive side. So do check them out if you're looking for some social media install. And finally, the Digital Picnic, a contract commandlets company enough and follow them on Instagram. They have the most amazing paid products around prompts, full story ideas and that kind of thing. So definitely if you wanting to get those juices flowing, the Digital Picnic is going to be at, and what I often say it with my students is when you think about educational resources online as you want and to really be like a snackable content. So instead of having to read a whitepaper every time you want to stay abreast. Why not do it on a tree sociable wave, and follow thought leaders in the space. So I'll also share the Instagram handle of the kind of hay that Instagram. He's also a brilliant one to follow because he actually forms a status IGTV is. So it means that you're not actively having to make an effort once a month to go and read a particular blog that you actually kind of incorporating it into your basic content diets. The other thing that I do often mention is if you are consuming what feels like the McDonald's or phosphide of social media content. Think the Kardashians and just maybe the cosmopolitan or very kind of vapid social media stuff. It can often be the reason why you feel about that when it comes to social media. So I find the mole that I fought with thought leaders in the space, amazing brands with cool content. And I just unfollow the stuff that's not bringing me joy. I really call it a curating my content diet. So much like you would changing your actual diets. It's a great idea to think about ways that you can change your content dive, which make being online so much as a social media manager or as the person managing social media on behalf of your own business or Rayleigh, much more bearable and fun place to be. And then finally, my quick fire hacks. These are things you didn't know you wanted to know until you know. The first is Whatsapp. So one of my favorite hacks is to actually add myself and a friend to a WhatsApp group and then remove the frame. That means you have a WhatsApp group by yourself, which means you can send things to yourself and easily transfer things between your desktop WhatsApp, as well as your phone, WhatsApp. So if you don't, for example, have an Apple phone and an African pizza and you're not able to use a job, you can actually transfer in that way without having to use emailing or Google Drive or anything like that, but just quickly transfer it post across. And then telegram has a very similar functionality. You don't have to use the workaround, I think it's called Saved messages, but I'll put it on the screen now. And that's really going to allow you to save your messages and have that be readily accessible if you need to post on the fly for whatever reason. So you can easily transfer stuff off your file explorer on your pizza. The next thing is a game changer lost pos. I only recently adopted this and it has made a marked improvement in terms of how I feel about being online and not having to stress about cyber security. So what will often happen when you are managing social media on behalf of clients, you will have all of their logins written down on a piece of paper that couldn't be blurred with the wind audio window, it's really, really not secure. So last pos is going to allow you to save all of your passwords in one place you sit a Mazda password for everything. And they you can see I have my personal stuff, I have my business stuff, I have everything all saved together. There's also things called secure notes, which again is going to help you to save things like ID numbers or social security numbers or anything like that, that you just want to stay safe, not even just in the social media realm, but beyond that. And I will say that this does make a big difference in terms of your feelings around being on the internet unready, having it be a safe place. So definitely if you need some assistance in that regard, I would suggest checking off last pass. And then finally, IV line break at IG can be notoriously difficult with how it changes. You'll copy when you're busy, the scheduling. So I'll have everything beautifully laid out in my Google Sheets. I'll copy and paste it over to Sprout Social and they, it'll just compress all my line breaks out. So I've also included a handy tool which you basically just copy and paste into. And then once you copy it out of there, it's going to ensure that your line spacing stays true to what you intended. And that brings us to the end of our super handy Toolkit section. I really hope that some of these tools to prove invaluable to you. Some of them are definitely worth the investment like Canvas, if you take nothing away from this, know that Canva is going to be a lifesaver, but some of the other tools are really going to make your journey online being a social media manager or as the person responsible for social media for your brand. Just a much happier and healthier place to be. And that's really my role is helping you guys do that. So I hope it was helpful. And see you guys soon. 2. Answering your FAQ's : Welcome to the FAQ bonus section where I am going to be answering all of your frequently asked questions. So hopefully if there's anything that was still a niggling you in the back of your mind in terms of stuff that wasn't clear, that secularly, if you're taking on board social media management on behalf of a client, this section is going to be super handy in addressing some of the documentation that you will almost certainly required before taking Ivan social media management, as well as some final handy resources just to make sure that you guys are truly well on your way. So let's brand through some of the most frequently asked questions.