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Sketching Animals in Soft Pastels with Kate Amedeo | Coco

teacher avatar Jekaterina Kotelnikova, Artist & Language Tutor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Choosing colors


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      Coco Part 1


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      Coco Part 2


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      Coco Part 3


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      Coco Part 4


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About This Class

Hi there! I'm Kate Amedeo. I am an artist and an illustrator and in this class, I will show you how to sketch painterly animal portraits. We will create painterly artwork of different animals, from cats and dogs to tigers, fishes and birds in one hour or less, thus - Sketching Animals :)

If you have never tried your hand at soft pastels I have another class here on Skillshare that will guide you through the basics. After completing the Soft Pastels for Beginners I will be happy to see you in this class.

Every week I will be adding a new animal to the tutorial here. We will go through all the stages of the artwork, from color selection to drawing, layering and adding color.

Hope to see your beautiful artwork in the gallery!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jekaterina Kotelnikova

Artist & Language Tutor


Hi there! I'm Kate and I am an artist and an illustrator (and a mom of a wonderful 5-year-old). I live and work in Jelgava, Latvia. 

When I was very young I went to art school but did not finish it as I got really tired of everyone telling me what 'the right way' to do things is. I believe that in art there is no right or wrong :)

I returned to drawing and then painting after I started having problems with my health. Right after I gave birth to my daughter I was in pain 24/7 for over a year and a half when I was finally diagnozed with fibromyalgia (for those of you who are lucky enough not to know what that is, it's an illness that makes your nerves transmit paint which is not there). 

I run my YouTube art channel, Patreon, my little online art school... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Hi there. I'm caked on the dale. I am an illustrator. And the night test? In this class I will show you how to sketch animals and soft pastels. We will be doing different animals in different breeds from horses to dogs, cats, tigers, birds, fish and so on. I will teach you how to sketch an animal so that it represents the likeness within a Knauer . You will not have to spend Asian please on one thing and you will have a beautiful painterly result. As you progress through the glass to hang on the wall I will be doing and you lessen the three weeks you can stay tuned and follow me. I hope that you enjoy the lessons and I really am looking forward to see those results. So don't forget to post gallery here. But for now, I'll see you in the first lesson. I 2. Sketch: in this tutorial, we will be drawing a border collie. I selected, uh, portrait, um, position of the paper. Because my dog, Yes, it's my dog that were will be drawing, um, she has with these tall years. So she's gonna fit better this way on the paper and again I'm using Also cancel Natanz paper. This is the smooth side. Get Take my board and I will be drawing freehand. If you are struggling to draw Freehand and you need to work on your drawing skills, don't worry. You can still follow this class. Simply transferred the image onto the paper. How to transfer the image onto the paper. I have another glass. I think, Um, I have to see how well differently post a video about that. But just in this tutorial, I wanted to concentrate more on that obligation of pastel themselves. So the first thing that I will do is also I want to talk about the choice of the paper. As my dog is black and white. I chose a dark gray surface where both black and white will look good and I will be able to use the color of the paper as well for those highlights, for example, on the Blacks. But we will get to the first thing I do is I take my charcoal pencil and I'm using a charcoal pencil in the past Taliban. So here, because I have black charcoal pencils. And once again in every tutorial that I do, I always remind that you cannot use graphite pencils or colored pencils. Please don't use them because pastel simply doesn't layer over them. And let's start. So the first thing that I do is I look at the shape of my dogs hedge. You can skip this part if you will not be drawing the, uh, cocoa with me, but I advise you don't because and try to follow me step by step as many times as necessary so that you come up with a great result and also very useful sometimes is to print out the image and just put it next to you when you were drawing so you can measure the proportions better and just drawing from my computer screen. So I'm gonna weapon where my dog's head is gonna be, and I see that she's tilted. They have gone too far. This is going to be a block from her head. Don't worry about, um, pencils. The charcoal pencil. It's going to disappear during the past toe. This is one easier then, from the heresy that there's this conducted the head. This is the line of the nose, and she has this. It's easy to draw her because you have that nose white and it kind of pops out at you so you can see where than those starts. There's this blogger here this'll Genero. So where the nose starts here, where there's this spot black. There's the line of the eyes, and it's tilted attention to how tilted it is. I'm just sketching in those eyes, and once again we're working in. I'm more sketch kind of way. We're not drawing photo realistic portrait on animals here for sketching animals. This is the year those it's kind of more tempted this way, which has this curious look on her. Here's particularly worried about those new he knows and the nose iss looking this way, so not facing us straight on and the nose is gonna block shape if you will get it. This is the thickness of the nose as it goes. This is the center of the news. So I'm not zooming in on my picture as I do when I'm doing more photo realistic things because I wanted to be a sketch. And if I zoom in, I will be tempted to go into details. And here she goes This is her body here, going like this. Okay, so just gonna drawing that people Just so that I have approximation where it is on the eyes. We will work more in detail and no weekend fixing the shape of the mouth. Let's let the overhangs 3. Choosing colors: So now we can start out in the color. What I'm going to do is I'm going to select the colors that I will be using. So I will be using blacks and whites. But they will not be pure blacks or pure whites. So these are the colors. I would put them at the bottom here so you can see them. This is going to be on my whites kind of warmer and cooler whites Greys. So these are going to be in my home white areas. I think I'm gonna coach award winning. So here and then on the blacks, I will choose race grace. So this is kind of dark, bluish gray. I would say this is a more earthy again and goes to the whites. And here this is a black. And then I can go with a bit off violent to add into the blacks. I don't want to mix and too many colors, to be honest. So I think I'm set with my hair color. The only thing that's missing now is the I in color and for the ours, I will have this over the past. All felt and broke. So this is going to be this greenish and some Would your color warmer brown take? Yes. So this warm brown was gonna do you good. So I'm stuffed with my colors? No, and start adding color to Coco. 4. Coco Part 1: once again I'm cleaning my hands and I will start with my darker areas and I will take my This is, uh, blue Gray. This one here. Now we'll go, because in this picture, the light is shining from the window from the right. So this year kind of turn towards us. Sen. It's quite dark, and I'm looking here Bulldogs over the your eyes. They have this kind of brown illustrative of the anatomy. And so I'm just going in broad strokes and I'm moving into the erection for proud her here is growing. I've drawn her so many times that I know that there's this darker edge here and the triangle under the the cheekbone. So there this side, we had an over narcs. I always try to use the pastel farm instead. If you want a more painterly kind of book on the side, I'm gonna do the same thing and those strokes to that year. And I see that there are those hair spoke ing out. It's also quite they're gonna decide that, but on the side, that's going to be later. So I'm gonna leave the color of the labour here so longer hears his call. These have these longer. Here's on the sites. This is one of the things that I like about breed that wreath. These cheeks I like them on this part of the face is going to be a lot darker than that. Because he was The light is shining in their enough again Here, the brown catches light, so it's going to be light here. It's going to be dark as the light kids, the brown and this side is turned away. And here the where I was going to face the light. So now we have the beginning here is just gonna send these strokes just kind of no to have the head floating. And that here, I'm going to. I'm so sorry for these noises today. I don't understand. Why there doing something, especially today. Okay, so this is the black and I'm going to have to this side, so just dark enough this side. So we showed a delay just hitting her from that side around the eye. And this part of the fees has turned away from the latest, So, yeah, I'm gonna intensify the darkness of it where the brow is and in this kind of cheap, the part that outlines or cheapo and that year is a lot that this is not a particularly amazing photo to be honest to work from, but it gives us the basic lights and shadows so quick. So I see this part here is going back this inside of the years also dark. We know we can start. I will also add this purple before I started blending just slightly where I don't see this darkness. So it's gonna mix with this color of the paper that's going to create us those beautiful highlights on the Black Guardia Que and the cheekbone. Was it that line's chief? And we will get to that white then Now what we will do is we will start to blend everything slightly in the direction of the for girls. Why did I start from the dark value here? Because if we add white and we try to put the dark over the top, we will not be able to, because it's going to get my need up. So if you add white, the darks will not be a stark anymore. So be careful when you're adding those weights. So here is even her. Here's fluffy around the eye. Carefully. It's 5. Coco Part 2: here we go fully out into those. So here I go, because the hair here is very short. I will move nothing to the direction of the here, but in the direction of the skull that I can see from here was blended out slightly So you can see we have the paper shining through, which gives us this wonderful pastel look I love when the paper shines through So that years quick, fluffy can see those fears being careful Then go around the year not to drive too much darkness on this side of the year because it's in the late and I have these hairs sticking out from the years. And here's our school again here and moving in the direction of the skull how its growing man was. Blend up the sport so you can see already that we have this more three D. Look to Coco. I'm just gonna take my GRE and those lines and intensified. The darkness is here and with the purple I can actually go in. That's more lights here. Is there going to be the high wise on the black? Somewhere black on this side of the paper doesn't show through as much because we have the shadow. But here, very important in dogs and cats. Look for the structure of the head. Don't ignore the structure of the skull. Two important when you're drawing any animal. So for new, the blacks are good. I would move into our rights. So again, I'm gonna go from the darkest areas. So I'm gonna use this from brownish gray. You can see how much later it is that the paper and I'm moving in the shadow areas here. But not, um I'm not feeling all of the paper with it. Then with this, um, purplish kind of color, it's actually this one here. It's not even for Bush story. It's a lighter color. Later, Brown going to have those later bits where I see them, this side of the muscle, the nose and then he was going to be a shadow on the white is going to come from here again , looking at how the fear grows. I'm going to use the same one the same color here, the bottom toward there's a shadow from muzzle or the white. Cool it down a bit. We're going to have this violent also to my whites, do you? High brow? No worry. If you put too much that color, you can still take it away. So I'm just adding a bit of the school violent in between the areas off light and shadow. So we kind of merch the blacks and the whites together. And this cooler blower, this is this colored blue were won. We have those lights here. Good news. 6. Coco Part 3: good news. Well, we can you know, Islam. So again I'm moving in the direction of the for girls and I'm blending so the hair grows from the nose out. It's growing upwards and upwards cleaning my hands. So this is the area of the knows where the hair kind of girls from, and I'm gonna light years. I lost it. You go. And this is the area in the shadow on the muzzle. So in this tutorial, we're gonna covering both blacks and whites in the for gonna add this light blue here, as we're catching, is the those is catching like there from the window. And here it goes and wraps around the muzzle. I'm not going is, you know, just enough adding those spots that she has yet I need delayed my colors in first and here where I went too far, the darkness back in trying to muddy it. Here we go. So we're gonna correcting to shape. So with this great that we have my photo escaped. So what this great that we used for our blacks are going to add those spots. I'm not lending amount just starting this boats or you just gonna keep them. So you have these spots around the nose and shoes belts here and on this side. Words later. I'm just gonna slightly about here we have the mouth. Also, let's gently blend out thes areas off the hair. Could you got this color? And the highlights decide and just gently blending the mountain. So the further away we go from the focus center of our drawing, actually, I prefer to call it painting Sens. The more blurry against I was just on some of those here girl florins. And here check this this color here, the lighter color just to outline, but from muzzle a bit. Just so we showed that line where her faces there's the white under the chin Player made it to white was to it so that we showed that it's right there and now not to lose the mouth bridge of this lower job. It was great and a lighter author knees. So we separated from them cast shadow with bottom and we have this kind of look also like their hairs on the lip thinking of this pardon toward the mouth kind of its lips. So now we have to do that knows I'm going to take my great to the shape of the nose. And I'm looking against a light and shadow with this Cray like Graham going to this highlight on the nose. Go even darker than this to create that shape of the nose, Lyndon slightly and with the black, those documents. So this side of the nose is going to be darker. 7. Coco Part 4: has it Curbs towards the light. It's going to be like you're on the red side. And also Lisbet goes in depth. That isn't the darkness. So for now, I'm quite happy with where we are. Hair strokes. We lost about this spot over here. Here. Just gonna bring those back. So every dog is going to have its own markings precise science where you put them. Okay, now we can go to the eyes that actually going to darken up a bit. Here, you in here? Here we go. Maybe even start even that it's just to bring out a darkness. I'm gonna back the late side here. So it's going to make that Gordon darker, like blues. Also, let's have some clues. There we go. Keep everything changed. Don't obsess over. Here's trends and stuff. These are not very important. At the moment. I have this purple here. You're also highlight in the same way here and now with this purple, I'm going to draw out the I because there is this thumb. Let that catches the light and it's only on the side. And I'm going to take my pastels. So handsome green, which in my iris working on both eyes at the same time. Brighter dial down orange Once again, I'm looking where my highlights are and where to place names, lights and darks. Some brown Judy I and the size going to be doctors has turned away from the lights are passing over with my brown or those oranges and greens. Check bit yellow on this side. Soft greens highlight on that guy, and also here just a bit as the cornea. It's transparent. It's going to let the light pass through the eye. So we will see the I, um, kind of have the highlight, and they reflected light on the other side. I have ah, video on YouTube that talks about the anatomy of the eye. So before I put in the people, I added Brown and no, with my black, I will let the pupil on top. That way, it's gonna go look very good listening way here. It's going to have a color to it, so you can see now these eyes, they look very flat. It's going to change as soon as we had that highlight on top. Before I do that, I want to sharpen my pencil music