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Simple Explainer Video in After Effects - Floating Icons around a Phone

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      What are we going to create


    • 3.

      Designing our phone (Part 1)


    • 4.

      Designing our phone (Part 2)


    • 5.

      Prepare icons you will use


    • 6.

      Creating the BEAM connection


    • 7.

      Creating the WIGGLE animation


    • 8.

      Connecting all icons


    • 9.

      Leave a Review, Please


    • 10.

      Adjusting and finalizing the composition


    • 11.

      Add a color control Layer


    • 12.

      Thank You!


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About This Class

In this class I will teach you how to prepare the animation which is playing below! t's a super useful technique and will be a great skill for you to have...and you learn AE by the way! :)

In case you would like to continue learning After Effects with me I have a bunch of other classes which teach interesting animation, motion graphics and After Effects usage. A few of them are listed below, you can find more on my profile:

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Andrew Pach ⭐

PowerPoint, Animation & Video Expert


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach and if you want to learn PowerPoint you are definately in the right spot! To my friends I'm known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience. If you look below you can select any of my PowerPoint classes to learn from them! 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to this after effects class here. I want to teach you how you can make this animation project. So by that I mean designing the object, making the lines go out of it and being able to wiggle them, change their colors and overall make adjustments to this project. We will design everything within aftereffect. At first we will design the phone and I'll show you a few tricks how you can work with Shea players, how you can recall them and how you can use masks to create an animation within the phone itself. Then we'll slowly at the icons around it will connect it with an effect well, at some wiggle expressions to it. And step by step, we will finalize this product. It's a super found project to follow along and know how to do so Enroll now, let us open after effects and let's start the work 2. What are we going to create: Hello and welcome. I hope you are. Well, I would like to walk you through today through a little project. I got a question on how something like that could be done. It starts at 1 35 36 Take a look. So the video goes and we have an animation like that. I can Sapir lines are connected to them. So as you can see, I can Sapir, the lines are automatically connected to them and I can float around. I'd like to show you a quick example how a project similar to that could be done. I'll focus on an area like that and try to create something similar. Let us not waste any time. Please go straight into after effects. Click this button to create a new composition. I can become pawned. The name can stays this. Please make it full HD size. So we have something to work with 30 frames in generation, 10 seconds. I think this will be okay for this project. So we have our empty composition. So we need to start with a background please. Right click, Select new and select a new solid. You can also press control or comment why on your keyboard I will create the solid and I see I have a green background selected, and I think this will look very fine for this product. So we have the green background and I'll close that down, so I'll not accidentally click on it. If you don't have any ideas for colors, you can also use the color scheme and just go with that. I will as well use a color scheme so I can go here in my adobe after effects. I have adobe color teams I can click on explore, and I can go either all teams or like the most popular, and I'll search the colors. We can pick a color scheme and try to follow this coloristic. For example, I see I have a Greenman like here, a similar green run so that remaining colors should also work well with the screen. Anyway, if you have your project prepared, if you have the background preferred in the background, this lock down than the first step is done, let's head over to the next lesson where I'll design something in the middle which will allow us to make an animation like that 3. Designing our phone (Part 1): Okay. Welcome back. So I have an idea that we could select a phone here. We could create a phone and from the phone because I have social media icons popping out on the site because something is going on on our news feed or were sliding through an application. So let me create a very simple phone here in the middle. I'll for that. Just select my lips stool. I click here and hold down because I would like to start with a rounded rectangle to okay, and let me also open title action safe. So I know where the middle is and I'll create a phone like that. Okay, this is my phone. Now. I need to go toe a line. I want to align it in the middle, align it in the middle once again. And I would like to put the anchor point as well. Perfectly in the middle. For that, I can select my control old and home key. This will place this anchor point perfected here. Okay. I don't think that we should have a blue phone. Let's make it at least white or grey or like a yellowish, a darker one. Okay. The phone can stay like that now by having still the stray player selected. We just need a few more shapes, so let's make our screen for that. I'll click here and go to my normal rectangle tool and just do the same. Do a phone like that. Just create a screen for it. Okay, well, off course, the screen needs to be white. So we see something. And this rectangle number two, right? Yep. And very similar to that I'll also press control are so I can open my guidelines and I'll take a new guideline. Put it in the middle so I'll know where the middle is and I'll go to the bottom side. I'll take here. I'll take the Ellipse tool and I'll make a circle like that, starting from the middle with my shift key and left control key. I'll make a bottom like this so it's like an iPhone or something similar. Okay, now does a little elements here. This would be no problem again. Maybe this time, the rounded rectangle tool And my mistake was here that this ellipse was created by not having the shape layer selected. So what I will do? I'll just copy it. Place it here and control. Vite! No one saw that. Okay? And we have the Ellipse here in the back. Suddenly it's in the back, so I would need to close this down. I need to put the ellipse above direct angles. Now I need to justice ellipse, so I'll open the Ellipse path and we have the position off this ellipse. Place it here. Places to the right side. Okay, that's perfect. Now the last object by having the shape layer selected, I will not make the mistake twice. Okay, by having the shape layer selected, be sure that you have rounded rectangle now and just create around the direct angle maybe one smaller like this, and one bigger like this. Now, I would like to make sure that those objects are in the middle. For that, I need to press my wiki, which is the selection tool, and I will open the selection tool and want to have their selection toe opened. And you click on this rectangle. You see, you'll see the exact middle. I see I'm a bit off, so I'll just take it a bit to the right side if I want to be super precise. I would also a justice anchor point. But we will not use this object. So it's OK now, this rectangle number four. Well, it's pretty Okay, A bit to the left and perfect. We have everything aligned to the middle line. Now the last check would be Oh, I see. The actual line is a bit off. That doesn't matter. It doesn't have to be 1 million% precise. Okay, These these ellipse, is it OK? All right. So now we have our phone created. Now, I see this rectangle is a bit too big, but please don't mind that this is just a very example. Phone. This will be the first part off the design. Please follow up to the next lesson where we will make one more cool adjustment to make this more realistic and really better motion graphics product 4. Designing our phone (Part 2): Okay, welcome to the second part where we'll make very amazing adjustments. Please stay organized. And this shape layer, I'll call it phone. So we will automatically know that this entire object is the phone. Now, I don't like this yellow calorie selected. It was rectangle one, wasn't it? Yeah. You can always go to this rectangle one and you can change its fill. Maybe we will use the colors I had here. Let's just preview how this would look. We haven't called phone. Let me close that down and let me show you something amazing you can do. I would like some news feed to be going on here, and but this news feed should be only revealed in this area. This is what we can use a track matte for. So take this phone and press control D on your keyboard. Now open up This second new phone opened up its content and you want to make sure that only the screen will be visible here. So the screen was the rectangle number two. I'll even rename it here, screen this press, enter and rename it screen, and I'll delete everything else. So this little screen will be our trackman. I also call it Track Matte. Yeah, Trek End. That's perfectly legit. And I'll change its color so you'll know that this is something else. Okay, Now I can have some fun and create the newsfeed. And then you see, it will be something super simple. Just go to your rectangle tool, Have everything de selected. So you will create a new object and create a rectangle like that. It should be in the middle of the screen. I see. I'm nearly precise. So I will go a bit to the right with it. And perfect. Now this rectangle, this will be Superfund. I can either create a new rectangles here. Are can control de this rectangle I can open it opened a pad and just change its position. Make it here on the bottom. Well, I'll unlike the size because I want this one to be smaller and discreet. A few objects like this you don't have to be super precise if you like. You can just click on this rectangle, click on the straight player and create a few objects like kiss like this. I'll try to be precise, but I don't have to be exactly perfect here. Okay, let's make a few objects. Few objects like that. And this is only your imagination. How many objects we want? It doesn't really matter. Let's created like that. I just want to stay in, at least in the sizes that we are using. Okay, I think that's enough, isn't it? All right, now let me show you the cool trick. So we have our newsfeed really much rectangles here, like 13. And put this shape layer under the track met and in the treatment options. If you don't see them, please select the second button here in the track. Matte options select. Also met tracked. Empt what this will do. It will show this layer newsfeed. I'll call this layer music. It'll show the newsfeed layer on Lee within this rectangle. So wherever the newsfeed is, it will be only visible in this area. Perfect. So what I need to do now is to press Pete on my keyboard right at the beginning, I will create a key frame like this. I will go like, eight seconds forward and just work with the second value. You can press the shift key to make it quicker, okay? And depending on how much you designed, he will have really a simple newsfeed going on on the phone. You see, this is the animation I wanted to achieve. So the phone isn't so boring. And you see, I'm a bit off here, so I should select a new suite, and I should go to the left here. Okay. Well, now I see why I am off. Because I wasn't precise. I wasn't copying this object. We have an animation like that. And that's all we wanted. We wanted a simple phone. And while the news fit is going on here, maybe the colors, the dark you can, of course, work with the color. You could use something gray or anything you'd like. And while this animation is going on, I would like the icons to pop up. I would like the icons to be connected here to the phone, and I would like them to float around. At this point, you should have your phone designed or any object you would like to have here. Please click here and get rid of the title action safe because right now we will not need it anymore. I'll also get rid off the guys. You can do so by clicking here and you will be perfectly ready to work along with this design. So we have our first initial object and now we can focus on the real thing. I wanted to show you which will be creating the objects which will float around. 5. Prepare icons you will use: Hey again in the next lesson where I decided that I work on the colors when I'm finished with the project, because right now I would waste time on trying to adjust the phones color the this middle newsfeed color, while I still don't have every object I will use in this product. So this is the reason why Maybe this time we'll work on the colors at the very end. So let us finally start to design. You could use icons you could import like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter icons and place them inside the design. But I'll just make it simply, or I'll just click here. I'll go to my next tool and I'll create circles here with my shift key. I make a perfect circle, or by holding also the control key. I make sure that the anchor point will be in the middle and this is very important. Look, now I have to say, Player, let me praise the wiki and the shape layer did put this anchor point in the middle of the screen. I do want this anchor point to be in the middle of the circle and in the middle, off the icon we will have, because this will be very important in terms off connecting the actual line effect. So what I can do? I can press. Why on my keyboard and I can place t here in the middle. Aftereffect is helping me with that. Or if you don't do it like that, you can also press the left control left, old and honky. This is a problem because the older versions off aftereffects didn't have this like CS six didn't have this shortcut, but right now, it's simply a tow work. But you can still use some third party plug ins like just for example. There are a lot of plug ins. I, for example, have the animation composer for after effects and animation. Composer comes with anchor point mover. This anchor point mover, as you can see, allows me to move the anchor point as I want with one click. So if you have after effects, see your six, you can use something like that. Okay, this will be my first icon, and let's pretend that I've imported a Facebook I can hear. I'll make it blue so it will be better visible for us. Let's try to select the blue. Okay, it's a It should be okay. It would be something like that and I'll just call it F B. Now please create all I can see would like to have in this project. Let's say that I'll create for I can't so I'll just control D on another layer. I'll put it here and I'll call it like and Nick name for Twitter and I will go to the film and I'll try to catch the call which should be used here like Twitter. Let's make one for Pinterest a reddish one. And what else do we have like Snapchat is re popular like now. So let's go with this. It has a really nice yellow vibrant color and okay, this would be my example icons I'll use for this product. Please create them as well. Your quest for this lesson before you you go forward, is to create the icons or toe import a PNG icons you would like to use with an after effect and to make sure that the anchor point are in the middle. This will be very important for our design. This will be very important for our design. Once you have those icons. You could, for example, recalled that to something else. So we still can differentiate between the previous things we've done, and now we can go forward and create the actual line animation. 6. Creating the BEAM connection: Hello there. Welcome back. So I have everything prepared in adjusted. And now let's create one more object in the middle because the lines have to be connected to something. I could connect him to the phone. But if it turns out that we will move the phone later, it would mess up our design. So I just right click, select New and select a new nil object. Nail object will appear in the middle. It's an empty layer, but we need this layer to be perfectly here in the middle. Okay? And we'll just call it Middle connect. And that's everything we need to do. Now let me show you how to create the lines. Please, Right. Click Select New and select A new soul did layer. It can be any color like white. OK, and OK, now go to your effects panel by clicking control and five on your keyboard. It will open up effect and select beam. Dean is a great feature and you see, we have, like, a laser line here. Just go to the land and make it 100%. So you see what's going on here? This is the starting point, and this is the ending point, so those points will be always connected. Now we need to make something to connect this little point. So the middle off this icon and this is how our entire connection will work. OK, so we have those often here we will work with them later. At first, we need to press under middle connect. Let's call it maybe beam one. So we will know what's going on or even better being FB because well connected to the potential Facebook I can. Okay, we have the beam FB and in this effect, we have the starting point and ending point. Police press on the middle connector and on the FBI can and press P toe, open up their positions now select the beam and in the starting and ending point left, old key and click on the stopwatch. This will open up an expression so we will link one value to another value with an expression. Expressions are a programming language which works and operates within after effects. Okay, you can You don't have to understand this programming language. You can just use the features we have. We have to click a pic whip and let me scroll down. So I see the position. The middle connector would be the first. Let me make it bigger. We can use the Pickwick and pick the position like that. Then you can click away. And you see this line is perfectly snapping to this little object. Now, no matter where you put this new object, these line will follow it. Okay? But we wanted to be in the middle behind the phone and the second value. Go to the beam again, or just click here. Ending thickness, not thickness. Sorry. Ending point left old click expressions have appeared. And you need to pick this this this value and link it with with the position off the f b. Okay, we can see it. Actors link it like that. De selected and wola, we have it perfectly preferred. Now we can make the adjustments. Let me close everything down and close this middle connector. So I do want the beam and the facebook. I can be behind the phone so they are invisible once I do something and I want them to have the same color, like maybe green. Okay, Now I know that this is the Facebook Aiken we have this animation. And during the animation, wherever you want press we have already the position. Okay, so take this, Aiken, take it here behind the phone. And you see, you have the position value. Click on the stopwatch toe, enter a key frame, go a bit forward and make this. I can pop out where you want. So you would have an animation like that. Boom. Okay, now it's very static, but it doesn't matter. This is our initial information. In a few seconds later, you want to place another key frame here, or what I like to do is I like to pointed just trying a bit away. Because now it will come to this point. It will float a little bit around, and then it will pop back again. So the pop back can be done like that. Click the F B and go back with it. This will be your first connected animation. If you want to make it better, please select this key frames, right Click key from assistant Eazy e's them go into the graph editor. Okay. After all, I don't like this key frame. I don't like it moving like that. So I could either adjust it, or I could simply take one gigantic ski frame. The league, this one place this one here and now it would stay in place. Boom. It stays in place, and then it's comes back. Now, let me go again here, Okay? I can make it a bit quicker. Like this as well. Boom. Well, maybe a bit too quick. Slower here. Oh, okay. Really, really nice. We have a slow study animation going in and out. This was the first initial thing you want toe have done within this project. Please head over to the next lesson and we will continue the work there. 7. Creating the WIGGLE animation: Welcome back to the product. Currently, we have something like that. Please click on the beam and I would like the color to be the same. And look what you can do with the beam. You can not only use the start and ending thickness like this, but you can also work with the course. And I would like it to have the same color like the icon. And I don't like the smoothness here, so it's called softness and you can select the softness to be 0%. And I do like this. This I can more now. And if you want a straight line here, that's no problem. Just goto starting techniques like to here to, and you have a normal line. Please remember that. Still, here on the beam Facebook. You can still add more effect to adjust the looks. For example, I could right click layer styles and I could select like stroke. A new stroke option would appear here, and I could have a different color off my stroke around here like a white stroke off course . Now this I can should be at the first place. The beam should be behind it. So the white is invisible, but this is just an example. I do not actually want the white. Okay, so we have this icon, but this is a bit boring. It's it's not moving what can be done here. You can add a wiggle expression to this little icon. Let me show you how we have this Facebook Aiken. It's here, and we have the position. We have position key frames, but we still can add an expression additionally to the key friends to open up the expression panel. Once again, select your left old key and click on the stopwatch and you see transformed position has appeared, but we want a very, very simple expression. Just type in wiggle, open the bracket keys and select one and, like 30. So during one second it will wiggle once for 30 pixels in the X and y value. So this is how it would look. This icon wiggles around, and if this is too much for you, select 10. If this is too slow for you, select three wiggles per second. So three wiggles for one second for 10 pixels. It would be a bit quicker. You see, I do like those slower with those. Maybe in this this thesis type of animation. So I will select one wiggle for 30 frames like we had initially, and this is all No, this is the animation and the Eiken Pope's back into the screen now. This will be a matter off, copying everything around, making adjustments and making this product look nice, simple and fluid in its overall composition. Okay, let us follow to the next lesson where we'll try to move this effect over toe other of our Aiken's. 8. Connecting all icons: hello and welcome back in the next lesson. So we already know that the beam affect itself. And the wiggle X effective itself is the most important thing in this animation. I have the beam of me and I will just duplicated. I'll put it here and let's call it, for example, Sorry I've entered this layer. Let's call it the Twitter. Okay, We have to be in Twitter, and we know that the starting and ending points are connected somehow. But this would be the same line. The starting point can stay. It is because we use the middle connector to connect all four lines. And of course, it should be also under the phone. And the Twitter should be under the phone like this. Let's make a similar caller for them. Like purple. All right. And now in the beam Twitter, you need to adjust ending point. You can open it here. You can make this entire screen bigger opened the effect opened a bean, and you need to work with the ending point. We have the Twitter somewhere. OK, it's here. Open Twitter or just person, peek toe open its position and choose the ending point again. with my left, bulky and click l delete expressions. I'll open up expressions once again, and I'll just pick with that. Let's pick up this click away and we have another connection, mate. Now this connection should be for a different color. Boom like this may be a different thickness. If you would like that, we can adjust this later. Now we can take the F B. We can press you, and we can copy those key frames over. Please let me know if you can follow because it gets a bit complicated. Now click on this Twitter, put it. Here are the key frames are and just control Vida. And let's say that that Twitter will appear of it later. Now the Twitter would appear in the same place, but we do not want that. So the second key frame here, that Twitter let me click on it. Twitter. Okay, it's gonna be smaller again. Twitter should appear somewhere here, and you see the crazy information which is happening right now. Boom! It's because the second key frame should be copied over Copy control V and boom! Beautiful. Now I'll put it a bit later. I can even close it down here on the beginning. And let's preview. What do we have? The first we have the second. And if you want to be a bit more fancy, you can also open this up. We have this expression and let's do just a different look. Like 1.2 wiggles for 15 frames, so they will be a bit different. You see, both icons appear and the wiggle on this object is a bit crazier than on this one. Oh, I made I shouldn't make it 1.2. So this would be different. Okay. Just remember to set a point here. You can do exactly the same for the remaining object. Please do not go any further until you have it. And if you have any problems, please let me know. I'll do the same by taking those objects, placing them on the bottom side. And I'll copy the beam two more times. Control de control de beam. Step under it. And the second will be beam pin and it will be under it. As you probably remember, you need to adjust the ending point. I'll do this right now, so I have my beam snap and my snapshot here. Let's look at the beam. Snap ending point old click, pick whip and select the snap Click away. Oh, sorry. I have some problems here. Ending point once again. Boom! Connect the position, Click away and you should have the position like that. Now I see we have an error here. Why is that? Did it on the Snapchat. And you see, this is why the anchor point was so important. You can select a plan behind to with your y key and just placed anchor point in the middle or anywhere you'd like. You can also connect this point. It's no problem. But I was connecting the middle because I think this looks really cool. Now it's a matter off copying the key frames to this object and it will have another snap. Okay, let's check the last one close to snap close to snap way have pin and being pinned. I will open it. I'll open the effects. I'll open the beam. We have the ending point once again. Left old click left, old click and connect the position wall. Whoa! Okay. Thank you. After effects. This was great. Once again, Position click away and you should have it like that. Off course. I see the Pinterest has also the anchor point. Weird. I don't know why. Because I just copied this object. But let's say this is the name of the game. And now we only need to copy over the position. Key frames create new animations for that and we would be ready. 9. Leave a Review, Please: Hey, it would be extremely helpful for this class if you go to the Review tab and click on leave a review and write something there. If you don't see this button yet, you need to watch a few more lectures and it will become available. Sculpture now requires that classes have recent reviews on them. So it would help me greatly. You just click here, you tell if you'd like to class or not, and you write a simpler view and click Submit. I would be very obliged if you can do this right now. Thank you so much and see you soon. 10. Adjusting and finalizing the composition: Okay. Welcome back. Now we need toe finally organize the project because it got a bit chaotic because we had a lot of things to do. I've set the ending thickness on all those layers to 10. And this is our initial entries. Old. I do really like the animation. The icons are popping up, and then they are going back. I'll press control A and l a press you. I see a lot of key friends, but actually, these are only position key frames here. What I would like to do, I would like to trim those layers with my old and left bracket key to the place where Dicky frame starts like this. Like this. And the last one like this. Now I want to select all layers with key frames and create one color. Fordham. Let's let's stay with the purple and let me try to place them near themselves. Okay? You. So this is the moment where icons appear. Purple layers will be our adjustment layers to make the icons appear sooner or later. Okay, Now I want to adjust the beams. The beams are pretty okay. They are near each other and they should as well have one caller Let me select folks CIA. Okay, I don't know that these are beams. These air icons and these determine when the icons appear. But those determined how dare line looks So we have an ending thickness of 10. We have coloristic set like this and beautiful If I would like to change anything, I can go to the according icon for example I think the Facebook I can should be further away. I press you I go to this key frame. I place it further away Control See control VDs key frame so they don't float around. And this is how the animation turns out. The new suit is going on and the icons one after another are appearing and disappearing. If you would like to place the icons later press you here, take all those key frames and place them later. I would, for example, like them to disappear at one moment So I take the key frame Place it closer, place it closer. They are a little bit staggered now Place it closer. OK, this is how we have it. And if you want the animation to have a bit more swing a bit more motion. You can enable motion blur for those movements. So enable motion blur for all of those layers and I'll enable Let me show it to you. I will enable motion blur for this entire composition. Boom. You see what happens as I enable motion blur. We get a little blur here. It will be heavier for your PC, but it looks really cool. So this would be the animation it will be now, of course, of its slower. It'll it should be just a little bit better. And now all those icons remember are connected to this middle connector. So wherever this middle connector will be, this is the place where everything is connected. If you would like to have every Aiken separately, like the snapshot here if interest here the Twitter here, the Facebook here you would need toe duplicate this object four times. And each time the according beam starting point should be connected to the according middle connector position. I would have I would have to rename them like middle connector FB middle connector Twitter . And it all depends on how I do want the project to be. For now, I'll delete them because I do like this, this one connection from middle, because it makes the animation green eyes. All icons are kind of similar, but they are still different. And now it would be a matter off colorizing this project, making some less adjustments to make it ready for publishing. With this lesson, I explained to the most important steps We have everything very nicely organized, and the rest I can still be one color like like brown. Okay, and now the project looks a lot better because we see what's going on here, and it's very easy for us to adjust. I want to remember that those layers are layers with key frames, and just to make this more visible, I could go toe layer at marker, and I'll note that the layers with the markers are the layers where I can adjust the key frames. If I go later to this product and I would forget it, you can also press on your number at the Starkey boom, and the marker is edit. If I would be more precise, I would add it to the position where the key frames appear and disappear. That would be a lot of work which I don't necessarily want to have now. Then I would close this layer and this would be now super professional work. At this point, this would be a very clean project. We have the markers, so we know when the icons disappear. Food. Please follow up to the next lesson where I'll show you how toe package, everything up, how to render it and how to have it proper for showcasing or for our products. 11. Add a color control Layer: I would like to be able to explore my options for the colors so I could make a quick global color control layer and let me show you how this is done. You right, click. You select new as you select a new nil object, which you call like color control. This is the most common name you can go to effect and also click control and select color control. I want one color control for for the phone, for the news feet and for the background at least I can call it like BG knees, feet, news feed and folks All right now, I don't need to call her those objects or take their color. But since we have here in the news feed so many items, I will just pick Phil and I will apply fill to the news feet. Then I'll apply Phil to our background. No, I don't want to watch this red, but it's a necessary evil. OK, goes the effects. Open up the BG and this color should be connected now to this color. So I'll go to effect. I go to the film and you see where the calories just again. Old click on it. And the expression should be linked with this BG color. So I linked this to the BG color. And wherever you change this color, that background will work accordingly to that. And I'll do the same for the phone and for the news feed for the phone. You need to open the phone, you need to open the content. And I remember that rectangle number one was the rectangle which set the color for the entire phone. So open up, Rectangle one wrecked. No, no, it's Phil. Okay, inside the film we have caller. So once again, we had the phone here, old click color and connected to the phone car. Perfect. Now this red gets even worse. But I want to explore my options for the news feet. Open the news feet and instead of contents, we have effects. We have to fill an old click and connected with the newsfeed color. Okay, we have the old clicked. This expression should be linked here. The selected Angela, we have our caller control. Everything is connected together. And now if you want to quickly explore your options, just select the color scheme where you have some color schemes and like the background. This news feet this okay? It looks bad. And the phone, like of Louis one. And this would be a very quick way off changing your your entire project. No, no, no, but not like that. But this is just an example. You could do the same for those objects. You could also connected to the core control layer. More core control options here, more color control effect and select. I could one line one Aiken to line two and you would have several of those here. All will be connected over reeling. And this would be a perfect way off. Being ableto adjust your project in a mother off few most clicks. This can be done a tiny bit quicker by selecting old off layers and in the search box typing color. Because we know that we have a fair color here. So this way I've acted the color pretty quick, so I could just select that color control now and where I have I can one. It will automatically open here. And I can select my tilde key on my keyboard. Oh, sorry. Not here. I can select the till. Lucky to make it full screen. Now I know that I can number one. Where do I have it? Facebook and the field old click connected caller who I can, too. Open up Twitter again. Old click connected Boom my country And this would be a bit quicker way. Then you select until lucky. In that way, you can recite everything to be full screen exactly where your mouse is pointing. It will extend the entire screen, so you have a bit more space to work with, and this would be a quick way to link it. 12. Thank You!: Okay. We arrived at the end. As you can see, I had the color control connected to all of the colors. I also set a few key frames on the phone itself. So it will have a nice entrance and nice closure. And this is the entire animation that we prepare. Now we can adjust it very freely. We could even change the actual lines by connecting them to different middle connectors. And this product could be nearly anything we wanted to be. Thank you so much for following through. And I hope you were able to create the same kind of project. If you run into any trouble, please let me know. I try to help you out and make sure that you really create this project if you want to. I think that's a really fun thing to do. And thank you so much, Karen, for asking the question about how to possibly do this. It was a lot of fun recording about it. If you think that this material deserves a good review, please leave me a thumbs up. A positive review. This will be the greatest. Thank you can give me once again. I hope you've enjoyed it and see you in the next one.