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SEO Training 2023: Practical SEO Course To Rank #1 On Google + EAT

teacher avatar Jackie Owen, Professional Online Marketer (SEO Geek)

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Basic Concepts


    • 3.

      Setting Up Necessary Plugins


    • 4.

      Connect Website To Google's Tools


    • 5.

      Understand Keywords (in-depth)


    • 6.

      Keyword Research That Works (Free Tools)


    • 7.

      Competitors Analysis & Keywords Qualification


    • 8.

      Formulate Content Strategy


    • 9.

      How To Write SEO Optimized Content: Part-1


    • 10.

      How To Write SEO Optimized Content: Part-2


    • 11.

      Everything You Need To Know About Page Speed


    • 12.

      Page Speed: Part-2


    • 13.

      Re-directions & 404 Error


    • 14.

      Introduction To AMP


    • 15.

      Content Clusters & Pillar Pages


    • 16.

      Site's Structure That Google Loves


    • 17.

      Understand Off-Page SEO & Backlinks


    • 18.

      Backlinks Basics


    • 19.

      Understand Links Power Authority)


    • 20.

      Understand Anchor Text


    • 21.

      How To Choose Anchor Text Effectively


    • 22.

      What Makes A Good Link


    • 23.

      Foundation Links & Trust Factor


    • 24.

      Guest Post Link Building


    • 25.

      Link Insertion Link Building


    • 26.

      Guest Post vs Link Insertion


    • 27.

      Risk Of Link Building & How To Minimize


    • 28.

      Introduction To EAT


    • 29.



    • 30.

      Authority And Trust


    • 31.

      How To Implement On-Page EAT


    • 32.

      How To Implement Off-Page EAT


    • 33.

      How To Win Snippets (position 0)


    • 34.

      How To Negotiate For Cheap Backlinks


    • 35.

      Rank Older Content Higher


    • 36.

      Get Authoritative Backlinks For Free


    • 37.

      Rank Consistently On The First Page


    • 38.

      How To Index Content Faster


    • 39.

      Questions That I Normally Get


    • 40.

      Final Note


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About This Class

***This course has recently been updated to make it more relevant for SEO in 2023 and beyond

Are you struggling to get results from learning SEO by yourself?

Getting overwhelmed by tons of online articles and tutorials about SEO?

Thinking of giving up on SEO? Think again because...This course is here!

Introducing The Complete SEO Training, the only course out there which focuses on a practically oriented approach to help you understand everything about SEO better.

Learn Everything Necessary About SEO by SEO Agency Founder To help You Rank On The Top Of Google And Search Engines

Throughout the course, I will be teaching you the concept + how to actually implement it on the real-world website, so you can have a clear idea and understanding.

The course is designed in such a way that only necessary working stuff will be taught. Specific knowledge, straightforward, and to-the-point.

Will This Course Works?

Just like any other courses out there, the results will vary from person to person. But you can ensure that whatever I will be teaching you, I've used them all on my own agency's website and my clients' - In which I have seen tremendous results. So I know what works and what doesn't. Everything is taught from my own experience

What Makes This Course Unique?

Here are the 3 privileges you get being my student:

  1. Get accessed to the private Facebook group, where I will personally answer each and every one of your questions, discuss SEO related topics among other students and post your achievements
  2. Get full support from me, whether it's 1 on 1 website's SEO audit and recommendations, direct Q & A, or any other support you need personally from me.
  3. Free consultation regarding your business online. As an online marketing agency founder, I can definitely help you with anything related to online marketing.

What Will You Achieve?

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of SEO and how Search Engines work that no one has taught you

  • Learn how to do SEO using free tools that bring results.

  • Master the art of keyword research that actually works

  • Knows the type of content and keywords to go after

  • Correct your technical SEO and design your site in such a way that Google and search engines will love

  • Come up with your own SEO strategies to outrank your competitors

  • Build authority and trust in Google's eye for ranking consistently on the top using EAT

  • Choose the right backlinks and knows how to go after valuable backlinks to skyrocket your ranking

  • Get accessed to my secret SEO tricks and complete SEO checklist to easily copy & paste my SEO strategies

  • And much more waiting in the course...

Is This Course For You?

This course is designed for everyone, whether you're a small business owner looking for a way to improve your website's ranking on search engines, an affiliate who's just frustrated by the SEO techniques that don't work, or simply a newbie digital marketer who's looking to sharpen his or her SEO skills. This course's techniques and strategies apply to all types of websites and businesses.

One thing to keep in mind is that this course may not be suitable for an absolute beginner who has never watched videos about SEO, read articles, taken any SEO course or hasn't had any idea about anything related to SEO before. So make sure you're aware a bit about SEO, for instance, the SEO benefits, key terms like keywords, ranking, backlinks, etc.

***But don't worry, if you're an absolute beginner and confused about anything, simply contact me and I'll give you my full support.

So, are you ready to dominate the search engines' ranking? Why not take this course, and see the results for yourself. The strategies work for me, my clients, and will definitely work for you. Looking forward to seeing you in the course :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie Owen

Professional Online Marketer (SEO Geek)


My name is Jackie Owen and I'm a passionate web developer & online marketer, specializing in WordPress web development & SEO. I'm the owner of Techjackie, an online marketing agency in Thailand. I'm also a computer science-turned online marketer who is commonly called "An SEO Geek", because of my obsession with the subject.

With my passion for helping people to understand how online marketing works, I decided to step into the teaching world, where I aim to deliver maximum value and educate people in an easy-to-understand way and full of practical knowledge where they can implement instantly and see results

See full profile

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1. Introductionn: Hi there. First of all, thank you for checking out this course. I'm your instructor. In this quick video, I introduced you to myself as well as the reason why you should take this course. If you really want to get the practical SEO knowledge on how to rank your website effectively in 2023. And moving forward, as this course is the only SEO course out there that teaches you how to do SEO effectively based on scientific testing. Now who am I? My name is Jackie 0, when I'm a passionate rep developer and digital marketer specialized in WordPress development and SEO. I've been running my own online marketing agency based in Thailand for a while now, my passion for educating people has led me to create this course for you. This course was launched back in 2021 and has since become one of the most Boat Bought, as well as the top rated course on the platform. And here's some of the quick screenshots taken from some of my projects as well as client rankings, e.g. this website is a new website we just launched back in beginning of April and quickly skyrocketed the impressions or this client's website e-commerce where he wasn't able to get some of the first page ranking result from some of the high volume commercial keyword. Even this website which managed to recover from the Google algorithm update using the strategies I'm going to teach you in this course. So who's this course for? Now? This course is for beginner and intermediate who are looking for a set of practical, up-to-date SEO knowledge based on real testing to either rank their own websites or their clients. Now, all of my knowledge, I'm going to teach you in this course came directly from my own working experience, as well as multiple tests and strategies that I've been implementing on my own website as well as my client. So you can be sure that you're in a good hand. Now, some of the things you will learn in this SEO courses are the fundamentals of how SEO works, is that no one actually has talked to you. You will learn some real life practical knowledge that you can instantly implement and see results. Throughout the course, I'll be giving real life examples as well as guiding you through each lesson using a real life website at a bill specifically to teach you how to do SEO. So you can follow along step-by-step. You also get access to my secret SEO tips and tricks which have gathered, gathered from my real life experience working on my own website as well as clients. You will learn all the necessary on Page technical and off-page SEO and how to do them the right way. You also understand what works and what doesn't for SEO in 23, 2023 and beyond. Now, SEO has changed so much over the past few years, especially right now we're in the age of AI and machine learning. This course has recently been updated to keep up with all the changes in SEO. So you can be sure that everything you learn from this course is completely up-to-date and will be relevant moving forward. You also learned how to determine the content and SEO strategies to outrank your competitors. Now, when you try to rank any of your keywords, a website, everything is against your competitors. So in this course, I'll teach you how to analyze your competitors effectively and come up with your own SEO strategies to outrank them. And obviously, there's much more to it in the course for you to explore. Plus a whole new module on how to build authority and trust in Google's eyes for ranking consistently on the top using IE, AAT, or expertise, authority, deafness and trustworthiness. Now this is the only course out there in the marketplace, or pretty much anywhere else that you can find. Now I introduce you and teach you how to apply the eat concept, which is Google set of algorithms to try to rank website at our expertise in their knowledge, authority, toughness and trustworthiness. Eit has becomes such a huge ranking factors or signals over the past few years. And in this course, I'll introduce you and I'll guide you through different steps on how to implement EIT. So you can consistently rank on the top of Google search results. And at the end of this course, you will have solid foundations about technical off-page, on-page SEO and clear all the misconceptions along the, along with getting news perspective. Now I'm sure you must have come across other SEO courses out there on the web. And there's a lot of misconceptions, misleading information out there. This course will help you clear all of the misconceptions. And we also introduced you to some of the new perspective that you will not find anywhere else online. You know exactly how to do SEO on any website based on tried and tested strategies. Now from this course, you'll be able to adapt. Different things, different strategies, and apply it to your own website, to your own client. So this course will essentially teach you how to do SEO the right way based on the tried and tested strategies that I've implemented on my own website as well as hundreds of websites or for my clients. You also understand what to do prior to each SEO campaign. Now, SEO actually starts right even before you start doing it. So right before any of the SEO campaign, you understand or you will know what it takes to execute that campaign effectively. You also be able to generate consistent flow of organic traffic and make your site algorithm proof. Now, all the oldest strategies and all the knowledge that you learn from this course is fully relevant to 2023 and moving forward. And everything is based through my tested and experience working on websites was my client. And therefore, you can be sure that everything that you apply from this course, we'll make, we'll pretty much make your website algorithm prove and you'll continue to get more traffic even if Google releases any new algorithm updates moving forward. You also learn how and what to prioritize in each campaign so you can get the best results without spending more or less than necessary. Now, of course, when you do SEO, you'll need some investment. You will need to invest both money and time. But many people actually spin either way too less or way more than is necessary. Once you have what it takes, once you know what it takes to get the result, you'll learn how to add what to prioritize in each SEO campaign. So you'll be able to spend both your time and money effectively. Besides the tremendous value that you get from this course, as well as the knowledge, you will also get access to the private Facebook group where I will personally answer each and every one of your questions. Discuss SEO related topics among other students, and post your achievements there. Now this is a huge value that you get out of this course. Once you enroll in this course, you will get access to the free private SEO group for a lifetime. So there's a huge value that you get here and all of your questions, all your doubt, will be personally answered, either by me or some other students who are knowledgeable enough to answer your questions. You also get support from me, whether it's one-on-one website SEO audit and recommendations, direct question and answering, or any other support you knew personally for me to make sure that you're right on track and getting the best results for your website and for your revenue for your business in general. So are you excited to dominate the rankings? I'm very excited for you. So if you're ready to take your SEO to the next level, make sure you enroll in this course right now, and I'll see you in the course. 2. Basic Concepts: Modu One introduction lesson one. How s your works? The way that no one has taught you s you, as you know, stands for search engine optimization. Is the process off content or site optimization around a particular key? Word or words? Keeping in mind how search engines work with the goal of increasing oil and visibility or what we call us ranking in search results s you, as you already know, stands for search engine optimization. Right? But the overall definition off this, you might not have heard it somewhere else. This is because I crafted this out by myself. Remember, whenever you create content, you're creating the content for the users, right? But you need to always keep in mind how such and just work in the background. This is because if you're simply just writing articles without, you know, keeping in mind how search engines work, your content is not going to rank. No matter how good you have written the content, search engines like Google use sophisticated algorithms to determine the rankings off webpages based on relevancy and authority. And the goal here is to deliver the most useful content to the users. And this makes sense because, you know if, for example, you search for, let's say how to bake a cake on Google and it returns on the results that say how toe bake a pizza weel That's completely off the topic, right? And with that, you know no one's gonna like Google, and the goal here is to actually make money right and makes people come back to their search engines more and more so, the source and James goal ultimately is to make money. And to do that, they need toe serve, the most useful or the most relevant content of their uses. Right. And the two most important ranking factors are relevancy. Or you know, how relevant your continues based on the search queries and the authority, or you know how expert you are in the content or how well people talk about your business online or something like that. You know, all this stuff now at the core of their algorithm, is powered by complex AI, right at the core of the source of engines are goes on, particularly Google is powered by complex AI. Now, in this course, I'm not obviously going to teach you how the AI works But, you know, at the fundamental level, you should know that I understand objects or environment based on previously learned or recognize patterns. For example, everyone to teach a computer what a ball looks like. You need to, you know, feed it with you know, whether what's the shape of the ball, right? What's the color? Wasn't dimension right? All these stuff And once you have fed, you know these information, the computer will learn from it, right? Just how human does, right? We learn from examples. We see, Then we remember we learned right. And as this goes, you know, when the cubes on generating more and more idea what the content or everything looks like. And this obviously, you know, just how, at a fundamental level the algorithm works, right? So you have a queries, for example, you search how to bake a cake. Right now, the search engines remember from the previous data. You know, for example, because you remember that Google has bean a while, you know, for let's say, almost 25 years. And also obviously they know, right? What? How to serve the content based on how to bake a cake. So they knows what type of you content users expecting? And with that, you know, they have learned right throughout the time, and they know how to serve the content. So you need to remember that you know how this actually works, because I'll be repeating this again and again as we move on the course. But just make sure that you get this right from the beginning. Now, in a nutshell, search engines used multiple signals combines with the data they have collected over time, which they think are most useful for users to rank. As I told you, you know, over the course of time, search engine molars and recognize what it thinks is best for the users and using their algorithm, you know, and they're mushy learning they're they're able to come up, you know, with all those search results or what we call that. The top 10 ranking results right lesson two important ranking factors or signals of their over 200 ranking signals, which are easier conformed by Google or based from observations by the CEO pros. Now the three most important ones are relevancy authority and user experience sites, relevancy or what we call us topical relevancy is the relevance of your overall website toe a particular main topic. For example, You have a website, let's say about digital marketing right. Then you would have a sub topic about s CEO SCM. Certain social media marketing, content, marketing, right, all these stuff. So you would basically don't create content around these stuff, right? And they're basically forms will because a topical relevancy now it doesn't make sense, right? If you have a web Silas about, do you know marking, but you start writing content or less, they know how to bake a pizza or something like that. Not that Google looks. And, as you know, a signed up lack off expertise and trust, which, obviously, you know, um, one make you rank higher. I'll talk about this, you know, in upcoming lectures in the course authority mainly, you know, is measured by the back ling's. The user generated signals, social signals and expertise in the field. Right back wings are basically you know, the number off extra links pointing to your website right user generated signals, for example, the reviews or comment. Something like that, social signals is you know how much people are talking about your business. Your website or your brand on social media and expertise in the field is you know how much you know the particular topic. Right? User experience. Most of deals with sites structure how you have organized your site. Technical s seal, Right. For example, how far your website loads is your website like Laghi or something like that? Or in users, behavior on your site. For example, How long? User stays on your website, right? Something like that. Or whether they like your content. Like, for example, if users like your content over there, they're gonna keep on navigating around your websites more right. Like to explore more of your content. So that's all for the multi one. Thank you for watching to see you in the next video. 3. Setting Up Necessary Plugins: getting started now, from this point onwards, I'll be demonstrating you do s e o on the actual demo website that have set up specifically for this course. So from this point, the requirements will be number one. You have to have your WORDPRESS website set up on a custom domain or hosting. But if you don't have right now, you can just go back and set up. Set it up right now. After this light, second ability to understand what press basic usage such as plug ins, installation, the installation, etcetera, and third, keeping my how s your works, which I explained to you in the previous period. Slight lesson three necessary plug ins and themes for WordPress. Now, the first plug ins which I have recommended you to install, is your s U or similar, such as rank meth all in one s. You pack etcetera. You know, if you have somewhere that some other plug ins install similar to these, that's well and good. But what I recommend you is your s U. But if you already have other, such as rank, math or all in one s, your pack or that's fine as well. Second WP fosters Catch. This is a catching plug ins ritual hell speed, but speed up your website much better. Third auto Optimize. It works to Miller Toe WP fastest catch, but it kinds are optimized your website at the court level, for example, as Gemmell Code CSS Court and Jealous Group called Next one Double Peace Much or W w image optimizer. Now these two plug ins are used to optimize your images or in a simple way to compress your image size. The reason being image is one of the main reason why your website Lord slow next one Redirection reduction is a plug and used to redirect your website toe. Another girl I'll talk about reduction again in coming Lecture in technical s you social pug is a plug in which will install a social sharing buttons on your pages or posts. Now, if you have installed some other sharing plug ins, that's well, that's well and good. It also works, but what I recommend social parking social pug is because I find it to be easy to use. Has, ah, very nice interface. Next one is AMP for WP that is an optional plug in. If you have them on your website. That's well and good. But if you don't have, that's fine. Us. Well, I'll talk about what is am in an upcoming lecture. Next one is Hash FC M. Plugging this plug in is used to install a code which you would get from Google tools such a search council and Google Analytics. And you have to pace this court on your website. What, this this plug in? Does it actually, you know, uh, act as a container where you can install those core directly on your website? Not the reason why, if I labelled us optional is because you can actually pays those codes into your WordPress theme file as well. But if you find that to be complicated, you can use this plug in instead. And the recommended themes for your WordPress is austra generate press and ocean WP Um, I personally used Astra and the reason being is I find it to be very flexible and easy to use as with lightning fast. But general press also loads very fast as well, but it may contents less functionality than Astra Ocean WP it has loss of functionalities but may not be as fast as these two. The reason why I recommend these three people off their flexibility. You used user friendliness and speed and speed on lightning. Wait. Okay, so let me show you my website which has set up so I can guide you through. You know, the installation and set up off yours s you. So this is the back end off mind, Emma website, which I set up special before this course. As you can see here, I've installed the list of plug ins already, such as I am for WP this one on optimize um s f c m reduction a smudge. And this is the the user interface the actual website has set up specifically for the schools. You can see here there's a pet care website and I'll be using this west I throughout this course to the most very know how, for example, have to write an essay, optimize article and and do everything else here. As you can see, this is just a starting template. Have I just said it up, You know, you know the actual content, yet you don't see it is Justin Lauren Ipsum text, and I've got a page set up like, you know, about a speech. This were service page blogged Get in touch, and it's just a button here. So once you have these plug ins, install on your WordPress, you can just go ahead, actuate them. But in this lesson, I'm just going to guide you through the set up off your S e o for the one that doesn't know what how to set this up correctly. So once having still used to just go in and activate it, let's give it a minute here. All right? So once you have activated, you get this kind of notification at the at the top and basically don't really have to worry about much about this, what you have to do next year's goto configuration result, which will have setting up except things off quicker. Then, you know, go to do it manually. Okay, so this is the first question which you'll get I would recommend you have Ah, you take this option. You know, the faster you get your website to get index, the better you're gonna Your rank. I mean, not the better, even around, but, um, the faucet rest. I gonna rank because you know it doesn't matter how many Clinton you have just quickly having index as soon as possible. Once you click that, then you click next and here. What does your website represent? I would represent it as Let's see, Let me is represented as a corporation this for now. I mean, if I just actually doesn't matter much, but it just gonna set up a schema for your website. I'll explain here what the schema means. Okay, so here is structured data. So you just have to name your organization. I'm just gonna name it s you daemul website. And here you can connect your social media mural here and you can just choose an image which I'm just gonna skip it for now. So in this, um, for not basically just also have just click yes, or now for every thing here. But for example, if you have other things that just template here, this is this belongs to my patient builder, for which I use for a website that is element or so what? I would not want this to actually shows up, so I would no index not index this page. But for you is probably going to be everything here. But if you have anything other than you know, pose pages, header food or template. Okay, I would also know in, like this one when besides pause and pages if you have other, let's say if you have an online shop that sells, you know, equal murder outside, then you would have products as well, which will pop up here. So you want to index those. But other than that, you know, a necessary thing. Just click no on this and click next. Multiple authors. How maney, Author or harmony, You know, administrated that. How many people that will be writing your content. So in this case, I have no multiple author. Of course, I'm the only one who you know gonna ride that content click. No. Here. And this This section basically isn't going to, um, let you choose how you would want your website title to get displayed on Google. Now, what I mean by Tyler title is for example, it was sold for pet care. Um, in Los Angeles for an example. No, What it will show up are these search results, right? And what I mean by title isn't this one as you can see here How its structure. So you got the name? You know, you got the key word here. The description. And then you got, uh, this hyphen here. So basically what yours is asking you is how you would you want this to looks on the search results. So body fall it has this, you know, dash regions. Exactly this one. But for some website, you might notice with this, uh, symbol here. So I would I would just leave it like that. But everyone, some other than that's fine. So it just click next. And this is just the use. Tutorials are set to sign up. So you really don't need that. And this click next and that's it. You've done it. You have set up the user s, you know, that's all for it. I mean, now, the next free, the next thing that you would want to use this yours is when you actually start writing the content, which I'll be teaching you in upcoming lecture. When we actually diving out to ride R s your optimized content. So that's offering for the U. S s. You set up and plug ins. Hope you have installed them and activate them. I would recommend you to activate only the recommended plug ins and leave the options one for now, for example, the AM for WP or has s f c m would want to leave that those first and just activate those which I recommend it. And, you know, once you have set up the yours, I mean, it will be right here in the your section. We really don't have toe, you know, go around and play with this. I mean, once you have set it up, that's all for the use. And that's all for the lecture and soon the upcoming lecture. 4. Connect Website To Google's Tools: lesson for Connect website to search console and analytics. Now these two tools are essence cleared the most. The two most important tools. You need to connect your website with the reason being Number one Google Search Consul and Go and Addicts gives an insight to your users and your website's performance of how it actually behaves or how it does in Google. Search on other traffic Source. Number two These two tools lead ghoul. Have access to your Web site data so you can understand they can understand more off how toe in tractor your websites and also have access to your Web site. Performance. Number three Thes two tools are essential to give you an insight so you can modify your website in such a way that it pleases users or, you know, toe in order to improve the conversion rate. Now, without much further ado, let's dive and go. How to set these tools tools up real quick, and I'll have show you an overview of what to expect. How to use this tool. Okay, so here we're back to the um or press at mean section. It's the same website that I introduced in the previous lecture as your course Temu. And this is the the plug ins that I activated install the previous lecture as well. So first we would want to connect with Google Analytics. The reason being when you actually connect, search, consult your website they will actual a bunch off ways that you want to verify the owner of your website that you are actually owner of the website. So and one of the ways to actually connect your website search console with Google Analytics account. So it's much easier toe registered with this force. So you do exhort mobile analytics and you click on the first link and you will be prompted to the registration panel here. For me, it looks a little bit different from yours because I have already set this up. But the interface is, um, very similar. What you will see is something similar. Like to guess so far as you get your account name. So here I'll give s e o day move website and you click next and you click your property. Your account. Where are your website? So here we're measuring website and we click next. So here your name on the website names Will s you. Course they move. And here you copy the exact your l of the website. So I'm just gonna copy this and the category here. You can select any, but just try to be precise and specific here, because so we will can have, ah, more insight into your website and categories. So here, I'm just gonna, um, select this one, and I really that sometimes when? As it is exit agreement and there you go. You have officially set up your Google analytics properties. And now what you would get is a chord that I told you earlier that we need to actually install it on our web sites. And is that chord? So what you would do is just copy this court and go about your website. Now, there are actually two ways that you can install. That code number one is using your theme editor. Like if some of you knows how to do it, you can do it that way. But the 2nd 1 and the reason why I told you to install this plug in S f C M is to actually pays that coat. Now I'm going to use the second method so you know it. It would be about it before it. It would be easier to understand for everyone, especially for a beginner. So I was gonna go ahead and activate the plug in and go to the plug in settings here at at new snippets or could so I just named a snippet names. So I'm gonna name it as ghouls tools and just leave it as it is. And I'm just gonna pay the snippets of cold here. I'm going to save this. And there you go. You can have a look at the snippets of the code. As you can see, make sure that this toggle iss us on so that you know, the court is now up and running on your web site. Now, in order to test if you have officially connected with your analytics or not, you can visit your website, right and come back to analytics. You go back to home here, and then this is the actual panel is you need to look when you actually testing that whether your website is connected or not. So, no, I'm running my website. I'm active on the website right now, and this should show as an active use right now is one. So this means that your website is obviously connected, and there you go. So, um, here's the interface, and I will come back on how to what you really need to look into in the interface who first let me set up the search console. So what you would do is repeat the same step here, so I can go sort type, search console, click start. Now, next station would want to repair similar steps you would want toe, um, put in your domain name of your website, so just copy and paste there. All right. Um, one thing to keep in mind is, if your domain has, ah, www dot and it make sure you include that as well, because Google search console would treat there must separate websites. Don't forget that. Just gonna continue it. So as you can see here it I already set this up earlier. So it auto, verify my website, and I connected using Google and the next. Now, when you act when you're doing this for the first time, you would get ox in a different way to verify it. The two most important most easy ways is toe where five. Either using, ask GMO method or connected. Using Google Analytics with extreme a method, you'll get the same similar type of court as good mechanics and just what he would do it. You just copy there and put it in the same way as it is. Here. You we add a new sleep. Better me added to existing snippets that's up to you. Or you can connected using Google and Alex, which I did earlier. So once you're done, you just go to the properties. And if you have set it up for the first time, you will see this matches that the day that is being processed, you can come back in few days. Now here the Google and Search Council will process your website data on and usually takes . I think a couple of days before it actually start listing something here, um, the main thing would go search counselors what we call a site map, no side. Matt is essentially a blueprint about your websites. It tells Google about your website and the structure of your website. So whenever it index and crawl your website, it has much, you know, details about it. So once you have set of your search council property next, you would want to submit your website excitement. So here. I already set up the side map here. You know, How do you find your side, man? If you're If you're you're not using your CEO, you may have to generate side map manually by yourself. But since you're using your S CEO so you would find your side, you decide meant will be generated for you automatically out of the box. So in order to find it, you just go to S E. O. Here is the U. S s your plug ins and go toe tools. I'm sorry. It would be in general. Just let this loss for a second and go to futures and you school down to site maps. You click this, you click seat a site map here. So this is your site map. It essentially contend everything about your website. Well, you would do it. You just copy this and, uh, pay it, paste it. Here, let me remove this. You submitted. All right. Sometimes this will show us couldn't fetch which it will be, You know it will be resolved after sometimes. Let's give it some time. Probably. It's because, you know I'm using, um I'm using the the subway in here, but it's not a big deal. I mean, for you. Able obviously, you know, be it should be read successfully Red in the first attempt only. So I didn't have to worry about that much after a, you know, a few days you start getting some graphs here where tales about impressions and clicks and everything like that Now, coming to the overview of power to actually use this. I'm just going to assure you another example. Here. So let first let let's have a look. And analytics. So here. How it, um So this is the tab. We're gonna be real, the active users. And here you grab showing a seven days you got Also have a look at, you know, yesterday last 28 days, the actually there just three area that you would really need to focus on. Number one is the audience section here. Very shows. You know, the overview of your audience. Um, for instance, you would see the number of tool users here. Over time, you can select it. You know, you can filter by date, and you can't even compare it like this. You're gonna see the number of sessions you're going to see a number of users and sickle is the acquisition or where your visitors come from, um, to your site. So here you can see you can see here the majority comes from organic surged direct six in my second thirties reference for the social. And you may have want to dig deeper and see, you know, organic search from which keywords they're coming from and you can see above new use recession. Here. You can also add segment here, but you would just want to, you know, focus on different. You can add the segment here, for instance, you can also and the third area is behavior where you would want to have a look at your users less. You know, the number of pages view by your users. You know, here, the top pages, this one for something like that. So you can basically politically around. This is very easy to use, But if you want to dive in really deep into it, go and it takes you may for, you know, sir, for videos on it on YouTube. You'll find bunch of tutorial on that coming next on search console. Basically, after Sometimes you start getting some graphs like this. So, Sarge, console will show you, you know, Ah, performance of your website over time and in the coverage. Or, uh, your site. Um, visibility. All search on the source result. Um, search consul work similar to cool and ethics, but in a little bit different way here. You can see, you know, here the data only is comes from Google search results, whereas and analytics you get you know, a report from he was there from different area, whether they're from social from ref ro from direct. But here is the only information are only from Google search results. You can see where you it is. A number of total clicks over in both periods. Three months. You can also feel the by day here by period. You can also compare, you know, the you can all have a custom. You can also feel they're here as well. There's a number of clicks, number of impressions and the average position and click through a now impressions on basically means the number of times your keywords a number of time, your cures or your website shows up whenever someone type for a party. Particular Cuba. Um and here also you You You may have a look at the number of keywords. Your website ranking, for instance. Here, you can you can you a toggle this. You can have a look at only position here. I'll come back to you again to this, on how to actually, you know, utilize this theater and ran your website better. Um, and the cold coverage here, Um, this area is very important as well. It reports every, you know, possible every possible errors on your website. For example, if your website has some missing pages here like this for 404 air errors, it will display You know how many pages you know are having that savory understanding? You know, these these these pages are missing on the website. So Google Source consular is reporting as heirs. Now, some of the errors are not, you know not to be worried about, but some for instance, mobile. You visibility here where it reports that you know which piers on your website or not? Mobile friendly, No mobile friendliness is you know, one of the main Google ranking factors. Google actually looks at your website and see if it is not mobile. Optimized Gould, will you, dear anger website? A little bit. So it basically belongs to user experience. Right? So here ever report that you know which pages having the areas, and you can come back and see, you know which bears to actually fix it. And yeah, I mean, besides from this how surely come packed and tell you how to use this again when to actually improve your rankings in a bonus section. And that's why, for the for this lecture and see you in the next lecture. 5. Understand Keywords (in-depth): So by now you must have understood what s e. O means. Set up your WordPress website and plug ins and connected your website to ghouls tools at such as analytics and searched council. So in this lesson, we'll dive there in tow, concept of eso and understand what your words mean. The key words are words or phrases. People used to search for something on search engines. Now they're two main types of keywords. Head a long tail head Keywords are cable. He worked with high search volumes generally consistent 1 to 2 word phrase. For example, restaurant Long tail keywords are keywords with low to medium. Search volumes generally consist of three words and above. For example, eso guide for restaurant business. Okay, we should always target long tail keywords because number one they're less competitive. And number two there what people would normally search for. For example, if you're looking for restaurant, you would You wouldn't just type the keywords restaurant in it, right? Hardly people do that. What you would normally type would be restaurant near me or the restaurant in your town, for example. Now the long tail keywords are further divided into two categories known as parent and Children parent. Long tail keywords on keywords that generally don't belong to the long tail category that is, they have high search volume but are related to given give the same idea to type phrase, which makes it difficult to rank. For example. Uh, if I type the keyword local eso tips now, instead of giving just the first results which are just local eso tips, Google would give me the results which contained local ASIO guide as well. Now, local s your tips is much less lesser companies less competitive than local s your guy. But because these two key words are they are related to each other or they're somehow relevant. So Google will give them the We'll show these two in the search results. So I would not target this keyword because, you know, local s O God is much more competitive. That local s your tips. And I know that if I go for the cure local assertive, I would have to, you know, compete against local s Oh, God results as well. So you should always when you before you do the keyword research you would, you know, actually do this kind of stuff for sweet. I'll discuss toe in the section where we in the keyword research section. Children, long tail keywords are the actual long tail keywords that you should go after that. Is there less competition and the one that we should go after because they're less competitions and you know you're easier to rank next up in keywords is searched or user intend. It is defined as the intention behind So Screw Reese or phrases, for example, every type of the cure restaurant near me. The intention, your you have type or the intention behind this search is actually looking for a restaurant to eat or to dine right? So that is the intention behind that. Now there are three main title search intend, informational buying and navigational information. For example, you're looking on Google on how to bake a cake that is an informational keyword. Because you're looking for an answer to the question. Buying keywords are actually you're looking to buy for something. For example, best Nike shoes in 2019 and navigational keywords are the Q word with normally associated with the brand or website name, for example, for some people, instead of typing the facebook dot com in the euro, they would just type Facebook in the source results and Google knows that people is actually looking for Facebook website. So the forced results will be Facebook website. Besides knowing what use is one, you should always understand the content structure. This is because when Google actually ranks the content, it knows what type of content users are expected. For example, for the keyword or the term best s your books 2019. If you analyze the search results, you'll find that the first page ranking are number one. The actual review off the books number two. They're structured in less formats and number three, they have images under each books. Now I'll talk about this concept again when we start writing about gonna start writing on the S u optimized content. Remember that source engines were always tried to deliver the most relevant results based on a previously recognized pattern. Now this definition is again taken from the from the introduction to ASIO. As I told you, I would repeat this again and again. And you should also remember this as we go along with the course, our emphasizes again and this will be used again when we start writing for the S u optimized content. Now, without proper search intend, you won't be able to rank well even if you have the best content and back Lings, Alison and Synonyms Alice. I stands for latent semantic indexing are the key words closely related to your main or primary keywords? Now, for example, if you're writing on an article on the key word in par state building your Alice like your worst would be NYC Times Square, etcetera. Now, as you can see, these NYC times Square, these things to keywords are not actually, you know, part of Empire State building. But they're closely related because, you know, Empire State is located in NYC, right? So Google is actually expecting, you know, this type of relevant keywords in your content. Well, seeing names as you know it comes from English grammar are keywords which Conway the same or similar meaning to the primary key words. For example, the Empire State Building the symptoms would be skyscrapers or tall building. Alice I and synonyms help increase the relevancy of the content which ultimately help us rank higher with real back Ling's as I told you earlier. Google always tried toe serve the most relevant content to the users back into 12 12 and 2013 where you would normally ranga content would be, you know, to insert as many main keywords as possible into the content. Now that is known esque. You're stuffing, and it is not effective anymore Nowadays, in fact, if you use that technique, your content may get penalized by Google. So in instead of, you know, repeating the same key where he again and again in your content you would actually add these type of Cuba, you know, the Alison and synonyms to enhance the relevancy of your content. Better now, you can use free online tools like Alice Siggraph or Text Optimizer to find out these Allers eyeing keyword ideas. I will talk about how to use these tools again when it comes to you know how to write as your optimized content, and that's our about understanding about key on keywords, Um, and see you in the next lecture 6. Keyword Research That Works (Free Tools): By now, you must have understood the eso fundamentals. Now, in this model, I'll be teaching you everything you need to know about On Page Seo optimization lesson one she would researched that works using free tools. I've always used free tools for my keyword research for my own website, as was my clients. But if you have any other paid tools, for example, ash refs or same ruch, now that's fine as well. In fact, it also gives you an advantage over the others. But for me personally, I find that free tools also worked as good as paid tool if you know how to use them properly. Now, if you don't have any tools yet, feel free to use all must recommended free tools. Here. Number one is over. Suggest it is a tool owned by famous Internet marketers. Neil Patel Number two keyword tool dot io, which essentially will fetch the keyword related toe your your your main keywords from Google Search results. Next one is answered. The public, which is the tool? Would real French the questions that people acts on Google related to your keywords and this one is a free most bar. It is a free chrome extension. Buy more's, which lets you analyze your competitors domain authority as well. Page authority. I'll talk about this again in the next lecture when we have to analyze our competitors and last word Google suggested results. And on a complete which essentially, we're utilizing Google search results to, you know, to come up with the keywords idea. Essentially, this lesson I'll be, you know, I'll be teaching you how to come up with as many keyword ideas as possible because SSC the first step. Yes, you would want to come up with many keywords. Ideas possible? Let's say 100 250 keywords before you actually start writing the content. So here are the steps. Overview number one brainstorm keywords related to your industry. Um, the idea is to actually know brainstorm some of the keywords related to your industry. You don't have to come up with you, say 50 or 100 discombobulate. Say 10 to 15. You know, men she work related to your industry. Second step is to copy the your all of your competitors and see the keywords, their ranking for using uber's against Now this step. Essentially say, if you're tons of time instead of, you know, brainstorming 400 or 150 she words. You can use this step and see the key words that your competitors are Ranking, you know, and you are. You will easily get about 100 250 cubits only from this step and to enhance the number of keywords Further, you would want to find related long tail keywords using que were tool that I owe. Google suggested results and other complete and answered the public. The fourth step is to qualify keywords to use as the primary keyword. Fifth is to determine the search intent behind the main keywords and start writing the content for the fourth and 50 steps here. I'll be discussing them again in upcoming lecture. In this lecture, your goal is to come up as many cute as possible before you actually know, start qualifying for keyword or choosing keywords to to use in your content. So, without further ado, let me demonstrate you with the rial example here. As you can see here, this is the website that I showed a little earlier, which is the pet care with website A so you can see I'll be showing how to do Cuba research related toe this industry. So the 1st 2 that you would be using is over. Suggest here. Um, which to go? You just go to. Neil Patel dot com are just typing were suggest dot com, which would bring you to this tool here. Now, this tool, you would want to, you know, pass in your computer. You are l and see the Cubans their ranking for To save the time for this. I have already know brainstorm a couple of key work related to my pet care. Industrious as well as identify my competitors here. Um, the more computers you have, the better the more number she was You're gonna get here, I will identify only one competitors, so I can just copy and paste there. Um, website, you're out here and click search. Now, what this tool will do is it will go and fetch all the keywords and a stat that about this website. And what you would do is you scroll down to the section where says s you keywords and click on view all Cuba testament rank for as you can see, the tool French issue every cure that this website is ranking for now, you know, You see, it would take me at least a week or two to actually know come up with these keywords. But instead, you know, this tool has saved me tons of times, you know, instead of you know, brainstorming about this key where you can use thes keywords in your content. So what you would do is, you know, just export this to a CS we file or copy to clip or impassive to your you know, your keyword research note pad, or negotiate or whatever tool your using and the next step is you want to use the answer the public goes to answer the public dot com this tool, what it essentially do is it will fresh the keywords. The questions related to your main key word that people act on Google search on Google search engine. So, for example, you know, for dark really the key word You know, the key word is groomed are and, you know, in order to expand the keyword idea related to Doom Dog, I would want to get questions related to this keywords. So I passing the groom dog and you just wait for a second for this to actually and get the data. As you can see here, it found 69 questions related to groom dark. You can click data here. You can see here. Can your dog can you groom docked with human clippers? Um, can I grew my dog at home for like, what you would do is you just, you know, copy and paste these questions besides question you can also come into the section where says Proposition and you're going to see, you know, you get more keywords idea from here, a swell. As you can see, some of them may not make sense, you know. But just first, just copy them for us into your sheets, right? We can just dollar everything a CS we file here. Comparison here is where this also very nice, you know dot groom dark. With clippers like this, you can see here some of them may not make sense, but it doesn't matter right now. You know, you would want to have as many viewers as possible. On next tool you can use is the Q were tool dot io, which will bring the suggested keywords that related to your make you work, For example, um, groomed dog will use the same here, and we click Search. As you can see, you also get a not another, you know, set off key word here. For example, Groom dog care with love room dog with clippers. And, you know, you can just copy all these cures. As you can see, no district section is blurred out because essentially, this is a freemium tools. You know what you have actually have to pay for you to see all these steps, But actually, they're not important. And I'll be, you know, teaching you how to see these, you know, for free. Anyway, the idea here is just to get maximum barbecuers from this, um, process. And for those questions and proposition section, they're essentially the same US. Answer the public because this tools and that are sort of public, you know, they're both pull data from Google search results and last last trick. You can use this to, you know, come up to a Google search results, and you can find more cures idea here. So let me use another set of keyword. For example, food to feed here. Food to feed cats as you can see Google gives me, suggest that you know, he were idea on these suggested or all the complete sexually Google is. Give me a suggestion based on people, the people that actually search for them. For example, food or free cat with diarrhea. If I click this so you can see they're a bunch of sort of little you would scroll down to the station where says, you know, search related toe, this one you can to copy these a swell to your key work, not Pat or Google sheets. And that's all for it. I mean, you would want to repeat the process for every you know, see keywords that you have here, for example, food to feed. I would paste this in tow under this section, right with the care, and you would want to expand this to at least 102 150 keywords. And in the next lecture, I'll be teaching you, you know, which key were to choose for your content, and that's all for it. Issue in the next lecture 7. Competitors Analysis & Keywords Qualification: Lesson two competition analysis and keywords qualification. So by now, you must have come up with at least 202 150 keywords. Idea for your content or your website. In this lesson, you will learn how to analyze the competitors and holding fly to keywords for your content keywords. Qualification is the process off. Selecting keywords from your keyword list to use as the main keyword combination and assist is one of the most important process. Before you begin choosing the keyword for your content, this is because you cannot rang for a each and every keywords you have selected. And some of the key words that you have gathered may not make sense. For example, if you have just built any website you may, you know, try to go after the keyword with the least combination, so you may have more chance off ranking them. Um, s U is basically all about, you know, out ranking each other. So, um, the more authority you have on your website the user, you're gonna rank for keywords. You know, once you start building up that kind of authority and you know, on trust for your website, you got to start going after big keywords. But if you have just started out, we want to target. You know the least competitive keywords as possible. This helps you determine the Cuba difficulty or how difficult it is to rank for particular keyword. Um, and in this lesson, I'll be teaching you how to analyze your competitors using a free tool called most bar. But if you have any other paid keyword research toe, for example, as refs or same ruch, um, this richer's over is already a valuable there. It is commonly known as keyword difficulty. Um, you can use the Cuba difficulty feature on as rest as well as some rush on dis Richer's available throughout. You know the majority of the S E O tools out there, but if you don't have you know those paid tools, you can use the same technique, which I'm going to teach you in this lesson. In fact, if you already have the paid tools, you can apply the same technique as well. You can combine this technique along with the results from your tools to get maximum results. It also helps you formulate content strategy and knows how to write content to outrank competitors in this lesson, we'll just see We'll just, uh, see how to pick the keywords and to actually, you know, pick the minke were for your content in the next lecture, I'll teach you how to actually, you know, formula, your content strategy. So this is kind of like a pre requested for the next lecture and before you actually start writing the contact. So, um, the qualified keywords or two key with which you should go after should be a Cuban with less competition reasonable on high CPC. It was transactional based keywords. CPC here stands for cost per click or the amount of money and advertisers billing. Willing toe bed for this is related to Google AdWords or the ad. You know, the ads, technical stuff. But basically what it means is, you know, whenever you advertise or, you know, company compete against each other in advertising, you would want to pay us, you know, the highest amount of money as possible. And if advertisers are willing to compete with each other, the CPC for the key word, you know, must be valuable means it should. You know, Dr Lots off sales and leads for the keywords. So if you're creating content for transactional based intention, for example, if you're selling shoes and you want to create, ah, an article on you know comparison or if you're running an outfit affiliate, um, affiliate website your most of your not most of your men. Some of your content would be transactional beds, you know, in order to generate the income so you would want to target a little bit with on a keyword . Really been higher. CPC, um, reasonable here. I mean, you know, by having some kind off Sarge volume. Now, if you use the keyword tools which I'm going to tell you, you know, using uber said yes to find the switch falling for a particular keyword wherever you have. Or if you use your paid s yo tools, you'll find that some of the key words may make get zero such bowling on. And that's okay. Your cube work tools will not be able to tell each and every key words that people are looking for, So if you find a key words with you, feel that it, you know, it's something that people normally would search for, but and if the tool reports as it has zero such, William, you still want to go after those keywords anyway? I have a couple of key words on my Web site, which say's let's say, No 50 search per month or 20 stores per month. But in reality, I get hunt at least 100 off visitors per day on those type of cure. So you though you can you may use the keyword tools toe, you know, kind of have an idea on the key word. But at the end of the day, if the keyword you know sounds reasonable for you, then you should go after it. All right, so that's all the, um, definitions here less no jump right into how to qualify keywords. So, first and foremost, I would recommend you to install a free chrome extension known as Moss Bar, which lets you deter amended the moral authority and pressure authority of the website. Now I'll explain about this later on in off page Seo section, but basically the main authority and patch authority means you know how authority of your website is, and this is measured by the amount of back links to your website. The math or is the amount of you know, the authority of your whole overall website and page authorities the authority of the particular page on your website. Um, there's a store stroke, correlation between high domain authority and power and authority and higher rankings on Google because, you know, back wings one of the main ranking factors for search engines, particularly Google. So I'll be teaching you how to use this. But first you would want to install this. Well, after you have install, you'll be prom toe released er on most website, which is a free registration. Once you have done that, you get the most bar right here. It will be in your Crume bar at the top. All right. So 1st 1st the first step to do the keyword qualification process actually go to Google and have a look at the at your key Worst, um, and analyzed their domain authority impasse authority. So, in order to save the time, this is the same list key word that I use in my previous lecture. And these are so I've come up with a couple of key words here, As you can see, you know, under Groom Dog, I have this one under food to feed your dog. Have this word just for you An example. Purpose here. So, um, for example, I want to target this keyword first. Oppose it. What if I want to know that? Should I go after this Keyword on my content? So what? I would do it. I'll just copy this past it here for a center, and you will see a bunch of search results. Now, what you do is, um you would turn on the free moss bar tool here, and you can analyze You're not. This is the debate authority and is the pay authority. Aziz, you can see that. You know, the majority of pages ranking on the first page for this particular keyword has a domain authority. Let's say greater than, um, 40 here. As you know, some of them are 40 23 38. You would also want to look at the patient tortillas. Well, because you know not just this. I mean, this toe combine gives the actual view off house like yours. Now, if you're just starting out this skewer, I would not go after this keyword if I were to start. If I have just started out my you know, my website or if I have zero to male authority or something like that, because if you look at it I mean, you see the amount of combination, the websites or a ranking before spirit are quite authoritative. You see 43 61 here, um 60 50 to 93. Now, this is not something that I would go after for sure when I started out so well, there's this website with a mandatory 23. Maybe you may wanna have a look at it and see how how the web's how this house, the content, mind you that this is not the absolute factor to look at because sometimes, you know, website may have Heidemann authority and power authority. But if the contents it's not good is not well enough, you can sometimes outright big website like this as well. So I told you Google tried toe provide the best content cross possible to the users, so it doesn't always look at back Ling's. But you have a website where if you have a search result with this much domain authority and page authority, then you would not go after it for sure I mean, if you just tired, But if you have a deliberative, you know, the authority and power authority, then what you would do is you may start, you know, we'll have have a look at the content. For example, this website has a demand story of 38. I may want Oh, I want to have a look at the house, the contact, and you can everything you can come up with a better content than you may try going after it and I will say that this content is quite well written and, you know, it serves the purpose. As you can see, it's very well structured as well. How about, um, this one with the men authority 23 immediately. So there's also another well written article, you know, with tables and on a list and also and call to action here. So I would say that you know, the majority of content rank in the first place are already well written. And if you're just starting, I I wouldn't even I wouldn't quite recommend you going after this key words. Okay, so here's Ah, uh, a takeover key. Take away from this number one you analyzed the domain authority and paid authority of the website and see, it's reasonable to go after a If you find that the majority of you know the website ranking are having hard the men's or impede authority, you would want to look after look at their content and see how. How's the majority of the Clinton there? If the content is already well written, you would want to skip it. Okay, Let may see another key word, um, and say about picnics. Keyword. Okay, type it here. All right, so this cure definitely is What? Something. I would go for a Z. You can see here in the majority of of, you know, the man authority of the page rank in the first place. You know, as 39 obviously you can compete with nine website um, the There's no absolute metrics that you have to keep in mind, though, that how, how much The mandatory imperial authority should actually look after look for in a website for the page ranking. But I would recommend you know, if you can find website with a t least two results with the authority less than authority, then I would recommend you go after that type of keyword. Now, this keyword is an absolute gold mine, As you can see here, 32 men Thor did 9,000,030 26. Now, if the first place ranking contended Demeter with only this much for sure you can do go after this, you will see here. Okay, maybe this one has a 63. The mandatory. But as you can see here, the main authority is not everything here. You, as you can see here, it has a very high pH authority and demands already. Actually, you know, higher than the top three. Like ranking results. But maybe, you know, the content here is not maybe not good enough, right? So yeah, I mean, this is the type of key were that I would really go after, in my opinion, because you have a very high chance off ranking here. Can you also may have a look at the their website, the content as well to have ah, rough idea how it is. So you can you know, maybe you can think that you can write a better thing than obviously. Then go for it. Now there's a very real written article. It has gone quite in depth in the content about this one. There's also another well written article, and it deserves to be in the top pace for short. So you would want to write something like this, Maybe try, You know, the goal of sus tried to outrun your computer. So your goal is tried to, you know, write the best possible content for users. So Okay, so once you have selected your keywords based on the competitiveness next issue would want to a copy or keyword goto over suggest toe recommended into my previous lecture and press Pass it there and see you would want to use were suggest, toe. See the search volume this keyword has and us cost per click. It's weird for a second. Let this and life, as you can see I mean, this keyword has zero search volume, which basically, according to the tools, no one actually searched for this keywords or hardly anyone source for the skewer. But to be honest, this Cuba, what does make sense to me? I mean, I believe that, you know, actually disk you, but I pulled it out from, you know, Google itself, which means, you know, people are actually looking for it. You know, like this one. You see, it means that people are actually looking for it. That's why Google has suggested. I mean, Google has suggested all these results based on the previous, you know, so just made by the users. So even if the search ballroom is reported at zero in your tool, you would still go up there dis keywords. I mean, for me, I would definitely go up for this. Keyword. Um, as you can see here, can you groom your dog with human clippers? All right, so you have found another variations. Look, you and dusky Where hasn't started going up 20. So, yeah. I mean, this keyword is basically the same as this killer. As you can see, When when I put this in, you can see, right? I mean, all the results are basically can you groom your dog with human clippers? Can groom riddled with human clippers. So, basically, whether it is a disk, you were or Doc, you what? It basically means the same thing. So, yeah. I mean, at least you know that there's a variation of disk uber which actually has certain call you so you would definitely go after this keyword for sure. For me. So if anyone you know has a pet care shop or website doesn't I've already o help you with the one key word here, so you can definitely go up for this. All right, so that's all for this lecture. Um, now I would ah, hi. Suggest you to go and, you know, install the free cruel moss bar. So in the next lecture, algae issue how to, you know, structure content on your selected key word Before you start writing the actual ASIO optimized content, that's all for it. See the next lecture? 8. Formulate Content Strategy: Lesson three. Formulate content strategy. So by now you must have selected keyword for your content. But before we start writing the actual content first, let's analyze how your content should be structure in order to serve the best content possible for users and what the search engine is expecting out from your content. Having the right content strategy gives you a chance to deliver the type of content sourced engines expect does giving you a hard chance of running in the four Spirit from Google. Now here The some of the steps Overview of how the formula Your Clinton strategy Number one . Check out the top 10 ranking pages on Google on a particular keywords that you have selected number two. No down the common sub topics. The pages cover number three. Come up with your own U P A or you need proposing angle or your unique point number four. No down The average war conquer all the 10 results. Number of immediate multimedia Acerra have an in depth understanding off source intent, so basically, try to understand the content writing in the forces as much as possible. Take your time. Analyze the content ranking the first page and number five Structure out your content. Or basically, um, just have an overview off how to Clinton should be. So let me show you how to do this real quick. Um, so here, uh, top 10. Ranking results for the from the previous keyword that I have selected a Z, you can see we know that this killer has Lescure difficulty or, you know, it's easier to rank. And we have also seen elevate of content wearing in the first rate. And we know that the Clintons were quite well written. So let me show you how to formulate your content strategy so far us you'd want to, you know, have a look at all the top 10 ranking results. Just open and still have a look of your their content. For example, I go through, you know, these far results and would want toe go it into each of everyone of them and see, you know, no, have a look first overview and see how the continent structure. So as you can see, is there trouble of content by having trouble of content in your article? This also makes it easier for users navigate us well so as you can see what's different Viewing dark clippers and human keep clippers Have a look at their sub topic. As you can see, can dog use ah clippers on human hair what to look for when buying dark clippers and you also have a look at this article Also has a YouTube video on it, right, So and also a couple of images as well as you're going to see. And, uh, there's a conclusion. So, um, eso this is your first content may have a look at a next hard to go a swell. And you can see here on the difference between human clippers and doc numbers again this Repeat it. Now, remember what I told earlier that no, down the common topic that the article are actually covering. So this is one that we can actually you know, Target does this sub topic and there's also teaches this one, right? Have a look at this article here. As you can see, um, can you caught dog with human clippers? So there's their title again. The same tops up sub topic here we have as you're going to see this. This article is more or less like a question on a certain you can see how to shape a dog home and clippers. You can include Issa's. Well, in fact, you know, um, this particular topic is one ghoul is suggesting here to share doctor human clippers. Um, you know, when you have actually picked the keywords, you can also have a look at, you know, have a look at the Google related keywords this section to actually include you some of these as your sub topic in your article like this article does. So it's kind of build relevant because Google associate that this keywords with all these cure. So Google try. You understand that this and this has some you know, really are related to each other. So overall, remember that our goal is to create the most relevant content for the users and for the search engines as well. So, as you can see, kind of caught my dog with hair. Caesar's. How often should I grew my dog. As you can see here, you know, this article goes very in depth. It covers, you know, the possible questions that users have. Um, your goal is to write the most comprehensive article out there on the Internet, you know, tried to cover as many questions that you either have tried to, you know, write as many topics that the article can you try toe right it, exhaustive. That's the goal here. How can I make my dog being groomed? Right. You can have a look. My dog bit me while I was trying to groom them. Okay, let's have a look at this article. As you can see, here's a difference again. So definitely I'm going to include this. Um, let me have a look here. So this is my note pad. I was just gonna you know, no doubt a couple off, um, similar topics, right? So difference between, um let me have a look here. Difference between human clippers and dark clippers, the Korean human clippers and dog clippers. So I'm a, you know, a Z content or her view. So here's I may start instructing also for the content, right. We would happen, introduction, and then we would have no next section was this one right and lets you What can we find here? Um, so you've got, you know, a couple of tools here is Well, um so there's also another you know, topic, which I've seen covering in, um, in many of the articles out here as well. Even here, even here, you know, you try to find a similar sub topic covered by these articles and, uh, come of us, you know, as many as you can and remember that you you need proposing angles or u p you pay basically means, you know, besides, all the similarities are among these results. What else can you come up, You know, which is unique to your article? Only. Now, the reason being is, you know, if you're right basically the same stuff with which other competitors does, you know, Google, who basically see your content us another, you know, type of content, which has no, you know, unique point. But when you're when you're able to come up with as many you know, unique points as possible for your content, you're kind of snow. Stand out among these results, And trust me, the more you p A you have. When you're content, the better you're gonna rank. Because, you know, if you have the exact same stuff with your competitors, you would be just, you know, among these 10 or you may. You know, Google will see no difference in your content from others. But if you have, you know many U P A. You'll be able to rank very high indeed. Okay, So what else here? This probably all this is selling the doc grooming Clipper here, so definitely we can do that. Let me have a look at this. Continous. Well, as you can see, this has been repeated so many times. Definitely. And also, you know, if you look at the content carefully, right, you can see that the issue of the articles kind of go, um, into the What is it? Ah, the type of clipper used for the dark. So I would definitely include that as well. So types off clipper use. So we've got here, you know, blades, more clippers. So this can be, you know, affiliate, right? Or just recommend Dacian. So if you're an affiliate, you may, you know, promote clippers from Amazon and, you know, use it us fleet. Or if you're not doing us relate you can you just recommend You know, each time you go through in details like this article does. So as you're going to see you know it. You have a look at the content. Careful. You know, the kind of follow similar structure here, and Ah, um, but I kind of like this articles a lot, because you know it. Answer. I'm not sorry. Not this one. This one kind of answers. You know, agent, every possible question that the user have on and and in fact, you know, it kind of ranks very well in the first page as well. So as you can see here, the article is also structured very, you know, in an easy to read manner as well and everyone to analyze the war count. Basically, I would not, actually, you know, give so much importance to the word count. But just to give you a rough idea, you can go to website, you know, um, work counter .net, which basically noble count all the world that your computer has on the articles. So, you know, just basically, it'll copy and paste their whole article here, right? Basically, you know, when you ride the content, don't worry much about the art number of boards. As you see, it has roughly about, you know, 1500 off. Obviously, I have added a couple of extra stuff here. Unnecessary. So, yeah. I mean, you would want to tire somewhere around this e mean, remember that the goal is to write the most in depth article on the Internet and, you know, in order to go in depth, obviously your word count should be high, right? So you don't really have to bother much about it. Even a 400 word articles is enough to run in the first part of Google if it answers, uses questions. So don't worry much about the word count. Just tried to, you know, cover as many things as possible and repeat the same stuff here. And don't worry, the only thing that will make you stand out from your competitors is to have as many u. P as possible or unique points in your article. The more unique points you have, the better you're gonna rank. Plus, with the, you know, a couple off common sections like this. So this is how you would have you know, you're over real content. This is, you know, just a very basic type you may want to dig deeper knew? How would you want to struck your into introductions or something like that. That's totally up to you know, when this is very important step before you start writing the actual content. That's all for this lectures in the next lecture. 9. How To Write SEO Optimized Content: Part-1: Lesson four. Start writing the content. Now you're over here for the content must be ready, and it's time to put all those into the actual content. In this lesson, we'll learn how to ride the S u optimized content for searching for search engines as well users. So have the exact match. Your main que were in the title, plus other related cured plus modifiers to compel people to click through. So the first and foremost things is to have your main cure in the your title attack or the one which get displaying the search results. Plus, you would want to have other related keywords, if possible, and other some of them modifiers to, you know, make people to click through your results because there's no point of ranking in the first place. If no one actually clicks on it, try having the main Cuba were in the first paragraph of the article, if possible. When writing, keep a maximum of 3 to 4 lines per paragraph. This makes the content easier for users to digest subdivide the content into multiple heading tax bullet points tables s era. The goal here is trying to come up, you know as many variations of for the continent's possible for it. For instance, if you have, you know, multiple heading tax, let's say I asked to 10 extra tax. This kind of, um separate the content into different, different sections, so it makes it easier for users to read bullet points. Also kinda summarize things, doing no structure and tables. Also, if you have any comparisons, have the make You were in the hash to attack at least once in the article. Other related keywords in the headings. So when you start writing, you would want to have your main keywords, you know, at least once in the hash to or as three, tax and other, some of the other related, cured in other heading tax. This helps improve the overall relevancy of the content. Have the minke would present in the body of the article at least three times? Um, you must have heard about the term Q or density before, which is, actually, you know, the ratio. The man keyword on your article, you know, to the the content length basically, you know, by keeping at least three times repeated in your content, right. The main keywords that that should be well enough. Search engine is smart enough to, you know, understand what your content is about. Interlinked to relevant articles. Extra link to relevant sources. Internal Lincoln's held you know, users going going with the flow of the articles as well. As you know, let them experience other articles on your website as well. An excellent linking to your relevant source, you know, really tells them that your article is a credible source, which again, you know, there's no evidence that Google really looked at this is the way out to improve the rankings, but into having a well internal links structure on the website really helped, you know, passing through all those links views that you have acquired. We'll discuss about this again in the technical CEO section. Try a betting at least one YouTube video at as many multimedia's possible. You know, nowadays you don't just get a bunch of text tohave an article. People prefer, you know, different types of media on an article or a content, you know, having just ah, disa boards are paragraphs, makes it looks boring. Pry, you know, having us media multimedia as possible, and by saying, you know, embedding at least one YouTube video in my experience and as well, some of the studies it find that you know they're kind of being or some correlation between first page ranking and YouTube video. Maybe it's because, you know Google owned YouTube, and you know they expect you to have YouTube videos in your article. But anyway, there's no clear evidence, don't this? But having videos on your article is a good way too little. Keep the users on your webpage give a meaningful find names to images. Don't forget the all attack, so you would want to have you know when you were. You want to add images to your articles you want toe have, ah useful, meaningful file names of the images. You may want to include your keywords in there as well. And also don't forget the all tag, which gives, you know, the definition or the meaning of the off the images with the keyword thing that this well, have Q Bert into you. Earl, Um, this is also it's not that important, but you know, by having two key where in the Euro area is also helped, telling your users what your content is about and finally Sprinkle in the Alice I and synonyms. As many as possible Where? But it makes sense. Remember, talked about Allah, Science in the news and how they improve your relevancy of your content. Um, you may want to add them. You know, maybe towards the end, when you finish writing the articles, Noto maybe, you know, increased overall content relevancy. So let me show you real quick on how to actually write the actual ASIO optimized content. So here's the back end of my WordPress and is the same website as your course. They move. So remember the key word that we picked last time? It was on the this one Gruma dog with human clippers. So these are main keywords. So what we would want to do is you want to add this to the title of the articles. So groom a doll with human clippers. So you would want, um, actually before that, you know, as you have a look at the search, our results here, as you can see, most of the surgeries are you know, can you cut a dog with hair hair with the human clippers? So basically, they're questions here. So you want to follow the similar structure as well here. Or maybe there's a difference between doc Clippers and human clippers. Basically, you know, remember, we have included this section into one of, you know, into our articles, So this will be our subsections. But since you know the good page first top three or top for actually questions like this. So we would want to actually include this actually, as instead of your title. And if you're in the WordPress, your hatch won Tak or your heading is basically your title, and this is the U. S S E o snippets, which will show you You know how your content looks in the search results and is remember, you know, it does. It will look like similar like this. So you want to can your dog hot hair with human clippers, right? Basically, the can your dog groom. Uh, let me change this a little bit on your dog. Can you groom dog hair? You know, because we basically just copied. So we may want to change a little bit. We may have some liberal modify here. Here, let's say, um, you so here. This is Mike. Have a key word in it, right? Have to cure starting in the title. And then I added a little bit of modifying it. So it makes people really you don't want to click through it and ah, you click. This result is actually show you that. You know, the title is kind of too long for it to, you know, actually get fully displayed. Right? Because sometimes you see, the title is too low. It gets truncated by the search engines here anywhere. This doesn't matter, right? I mean, sometimes he would just get fully displayed sometime. It isn't, but, you know, if you have this kind off, um, modifier entertainment really makes people want to click through it as well. No, no, With human clippers. Yeah. All right. So we got our key words in the title. Next, you would want to add the introduction right? According to our content overview. So I'm not going to, you know, start and write my own Clinton here. Basically, I'm just gonna copy for, you know, in order to save the time here. So let me just call paid pace here. All right, So we have cooperated. Patient is our introduction. Don't worry. You know, Um, once I finish, you know, with this, um, course, you're the morale. Surely no. Delete the whole website, so well, don't really bother about, you know, whether I'm, you know, any copyright stuff going on here? Yeah. So, as you can see here in this article, you know, you include the keywords right in the first paragraph of your content you may want You may not want to force frost this too much. You know, if it doesn't make sense to include it like this, you may. You may not have toe have it right here, but if you can have it, that's well and good as well. So you have it right here. So All right. And as I told you to keep it 3 to 4 paragraphs, Max. So you press enter here, and, uh, okay, I suppose this is your introduction and next, you know, you started, actually, you know, sub topic here, you got mean pay. Did you make this s has to attack here. Okay. And then you start. You know, you start, you know, writing the content. You know, in order to save time as usual, just copy and paste it here as you're gonna see you. No. You have used a bullet points to, you know, makes it readable for users. Easy to understand. And you may want to add Let's say you know, an image here as well to really, you know, enhanced you experience. And throughout the article, you would want to include in your main keywords grooming dogs right after you make your grooming dog with human clippers. Um, good. Just groomed dog or something related to it. It would be final Google really understand your content. And yeah, with yours, you would want to set your main key word here as well. Right? So, um, this is your focus, keyword. So our focus keyword is this one, Okay? Basically, you know, yours is we'll give you a recommendation. You know, as you can see here, you haven't outbound links with an external links. That's good job. I mean, you're goes, you know, not to get each and every, uh, you know, button here green, but rather no may just use yours as the way to remind you of what you have, what you are missing here. Um, basically nobody. Even if you make all these, you know, recommendation, Green, right? It doesn't guarantee that you run in the first place. These air just based on real recommendation on best practices, you know, using the, um that have analyze. But, you know, for example, this section very says, you know, the focus key. What was forms? Your times, Um, and it did recommend you to have at least two times of, you know, the key words in it. So that's fine. I mean, you may want to include, you know, you even if you included less lesser than what they recommend, right? Google goes to understand your content. Let's say you know, internal links. Yeah. I mean, as I said earlier, you know, try having at least one interlinked on it. Now, this reminds me to have it like that. So just use it as a way to, you know, really remind you what you're missing from the content rather than, you know, maintaining the perfect green lights here, which I find many beginners and, you know, really stick on it, too. So, yeah, I mean, you have went so you go through a, you know, strong structure it and, you know, Sprinkle it out like this. So you want to repeat this similar process here? Visitor s to tag. So let's say we copy a couple of stuff here, right? So I'm just gonna go this real quick. Okay, So you re playing. You follow similar structure here, right? And for the image optimization, for example, I want toe upload an image. Right. Let me a blow the image real quick. Let's say I upload this image. This is just a random image. Okay, So with wordpress, you know, if you have used it before, you know that you can specify the Al tack here, right? All texts or attack whatever you want to call that. So, um, from click on it, unless there, you know that. So you want to include your keyword in the attack us? Well, so here difference. Anyway, you know, I can use this. Cool is my all time because it already contains, you know, thickly wooded. Acutely know the clippers and darkly perso. This is actually how you would want to, you know, structural content. And don't forget the internal links. A swell, you know, suppose even want to at, um, a link to the home page. You know, let's say I want toe highlight this. So I want to add the internal links to the home page. So we take it like this and make it open in new tab, That's all. And yeah, last leader, the slug or the u r l hear you would want to have you know, you're key word there. Try keeping us luck, you know, us. Ah, shortest possible, because there's a kind of strong correlation between short euro and higher ranking. But anyway, you know So our Cree word is Gruma, Darwin, humans, clippers. So, um, let's say you know, we slug. Um, groom dark. I think this should be enough. You know, it doesn't matter. I mean, groomed dog with human clipper kind of looks quite long for me. So groom dog would be a nice you know, slug here and a meta description. Basically, we met a description is you know, these kind of, you know, description that go with pools. If we don't add your meta description what Google will do it. You know, it will pulled data from your first couple of your first paragraph and use it as a meta description. So it is best that is a good s your practice to actually includes meta description here. So let's say, you know, are you looking four and answer to, um, grew your dog hair with sleepers. Check out this article here now. Yeah. I mean, you would want to have your keywords in a swell right, and yeah, and that's all for this lecture. In the next lecture I'll talk about you know how you would want to Sprinkle in, uh, the Dallas I keywords to for this article. 10. How To Write SEO Optimized Content: Part-2: Welcome to the part two off how to write as your optimized content. So by now I would assume that I have completed writing the articles on I have mentioned the keywords at least three times in my content and also made sure that the majority of these lights are green. Right. And we have our slog set up and we have our titled a swell and everything is optimized Esper, the main Cuba disconcert. So in this video, I'll teach you how to um actually no Sprinkle in the Alice like you were. I should this process, you can do it, you know, right along, while when you write the article or after you have finished the article, you would want to know prove Read it and, you know, finance opportunity where you can insert the Alice, Ike or synonyms. So, um, the tour I recommend is the free tools called Alice siggraph dot com. So just go to Allah siggraph dot com here. And, you know what you would do is we just plug in your main keywords. So here I have groomed dog with human clippers and include generated key work. Okay, So complete this real quick So what this tool essentially do is it will go and browse in its database. You on fire on the keywords, which of things relevant to this main cured or essentially annual the Alice I keywords. As you can see, you got the trend and the volume was well, so some of them, you know will not make sense, right? For example, um you know, uh, let's say for this heart the groom accused of faith, I mean everyone to write, you know, dedicate your article just for a chief still docked, and that's fine. But you know that men will not make sense in the majority of the content. Or, you know, um, let's say for this keyword and these dog clippers were just target Specific dogs breed here , but, um, just tried to include as many as you. You can. You think it makes sense to your articles? Um, for example, of doc clippers versus human clippers. Right. You would want to make this. Actually, this belongs to our content overview section where we already highlighted. So this was this is one of our this. Actually, I remember this right. This belongs to our sub topic in the article, so we already have them included. Right on, DA. For example, let me show you how to groom a dog professionally. Now, this looks like something I can include. Remember that. You know, I said that I already copied the content from the previous side right from that site. So fortunately, if that site is quite well up s your optimize and they have been included right here, professional clippers. So even if it doesn't, you know, mash this completely. But you can see that it actually includes the word professional clippers. And it's so that side has done a very good job in, you know, optimizing their contents. And they have indeed already included it. Right? So I got a couple here or if you have, if you run, you know, an affiliate website where you sell. You know, while dark clippers were just brand of the of the Dark Clippers product, you can obviously talk about this, right? And you we may want to include it. So there's also improved your content relevancy. So hope you're getting the idea here. Right? Um just Sprinkle them aware it makes it into your content. You don't have to include all of them just want you thing makes sense. And this will help improve the overall relevancy content. Um, before we, you know, complete this, um, this lecture I would want to discuss. Ah, with you regarding the parent and Children long tail keywords, which I talked about earlier, you know, in the first section of the course. So remember the parent long tail keywords are the keywords which, actually, you know, you should not go after because, you know, they kind of relevant to the head keywords, which ultimately makes it very competitive and difficult to rank. So here's the example afford, uh uh for the parent long tail keywords. So if I type, how can I lose some weight? If you analyze, you know that the search results What you would see is, you know, there is none of none of them, actually, no. Include Has this keywords in its unless you have to look here, see what lose weight, farce and safely how to lose weight fast, how to lose weight. Hard to lose weight safely. So, basically, for this key words, you know, it triggers only, you know, these kind of search results, which you know let me show you the domain authority for this makes it very difficult to rank. As you can see, this keyword may look like a long tail keywords, right? But it basically belongs to the parent long tail keywords, which I talked about earlier. As you can see, the main authority 90 93 74 73 Now, this is not something you should go after. Definitely not even if you are quite a well established site. It would take you a year. At least two rang for this time of keywords, even though it looks, you know, very long tail and, you know, very easy to rank. But it belongs to the parent long till cures, which you definitely should not go after, so that she take away here is, you know, to first do a Google, uh, and see if you know, the actual keyword actually has the results in under Google search. If it doesn't have or, you know, if it has very few on that, you would want to skip the oh, you know, not to take this skewer anyway. So, yeah, that's all. Or in the know, the complete on page optimization, we still have one more lecture, which you know is a very short lecture. And how to, you know, actually, um, makes your content index faster on Google. Right? There's a small trick you can use with Google Source console. So remember, the key take away from this section is number one. Follow what's already ranking or what? Already doing well in the search results. We're not trying to, you know, reinvent. We're not trying to invent a new view rather than, you know, we just have to follow what you know already. Bean doing well, the source results number. To understand the search intent and the content structure, do a thorough computer analysis and see what your companies are doing with how they structure the content and you know everything and a last name properly. You know, invest your time into doing this. And number three, your goal is to always create better content. Um, you know, as she was all about out ranking each other, and Google will always try to serve the best possible results to a user's. So you're goes tried to come up with the best possible content, you know, like five x 10 x, like 15 X better than your competitors, and you always be rewarded for that. And that's all for how to write askew, optimize content and we'll see you in the last lecture for this lesson for this section. 11. Everything You Need To Know About Page Speed: module, three technical optimization or technical s you lesson war pay, speed, pay speed. Or how far a page loads is one of the most important ranking factor on Google as well as conversion perspective. Imagine ever users come to your page and he needs to away for at least 10 seconds for your patient load. Do you think is going to buy a product or service? Obviously not nowadays. Hardly anyone waits that long to, you know, to browse the Internet or browse the Web page. I had a client who was able to increase ranking upto five positions after correcting his page speed. So this particular client came to meet me a thing about two months back and asked me to investigate why his side was not able to rank well, even though he had done a proper on page optimization and a proper off page optimization. When I investigated his site, I found that his page took at least, you know, about 15 seconds to Lou. So what I did, I went back, optimize his images, improved his pasty and after a couple of weeks later, hey, saw a massive increase in years rankings. You know, even you know, some of them moved up three positions and even five positions after correcting his pace, speed and ideal loading time off a page is about 2.5 to 5 seconds. You would want to keep this The lawyers you can obviously, the lower the better. And here are some of the tools that I used to test the pace speed. And you know, these two will also give you a recommendation off how to improve them. My three favorite tools to test pay speed are GT metrics, Google pay speed and Ping gum. I'll show you how to use them in in this a few minutes from here. Use WP fastest cash and although optimize to speed up the website at a court level, if you're using WordPress, of course, remember the plaque and I told you these to plug ins. You must have already installed it. And if you haven't activated, I'll show you how to activate and how to you set it up correctly. In this lesson, use WPS much to bulk compress images on Wordpress website. There's also another recommended plugging that I told you, I'll show you how to set it up us well, images are the biggest issue always used J. Pick as an image file. This because J pic is normally lighter than other type of, um, a man extension, for example. P and G or G I f. Use online tools like compressed J p g dot com or tiny jeep jpg dot com. To compress Andrzej epic images. Try keeping the image files less than 100 KB. Obviously you try. You need to strive for Lisa's possible, but I find that, you know if you can keep it under 100 KB, that will be fine. Try and using the same image size throughout. This is to prevent you know the possible image resizing. For example, Um, if you have a page contains less that 10 images and some of them, you know, is 502 500 pixel wire, and some of them is, you know, 10 20 in tow, less a 7 68 pixel. Why? So what happened is when the page loads, you know, the page has toe had just different may size, so it has a potential to slow down a website or your pay, so it's better to keep them, you know, at the same image Size okay, without for you. Oh, do let me show you how to set up the used these tools that I recommend it. Okay, so here we are, back to the, uh, admin section of our s U courses and more website. And I'll show you how to set up the those three plug ins. So starting from WP, fastest catch. So go ahead, actuate it if you haven't. And 2nd 1 is auto optimized, and the 3rd 1 is W piece much horse much. All right, so we have activated those three plug ins. Next, let's set the plug ins up, starting from WP Fosse's catch. So you would want to enable everything here. You can see. Okay, so it all should just, um, click. OK, here. Didn't matter here. And don't show the cash Britain to logging users. You may want to see the cash. You know, after sometimes you'll start seeing the amount of cash that has bulk up into your website. Um, calf is basically, you know, a file on your website in which, like, a pre load file. So next time, when you know, when someone comes to your website and if you have a cash enable basically instead of, you know, requesting that the file again and again from the servers, the website will be able to serve the static content using the cash. Or, you know, let's like a snapshot of your Web site at a particular point. So it basically, you know, reduces reduces the, um, the time taken for your website toe socks or request you know, the files from the server. So that's basically a cash. So do you want to see the cash? You know how much you have catch your website so logged. And if you don't want to, just take that and obviously you can just take this as well. And, um, you see, as I said, cat is basic like a snapshot of the website. So basically, when you add a new post or new or update your post or you know your page or your content, you know, in order for those new content get displayed on a new on the website. You need to clear the cache because I say it is a snapshot. If you don't clear, you know, instead of showing a new content, your website or your page will show the the original content is not updated. Yeah, so here you take, you know, to basically clear all the cash. So you know, you would want to serve the fresh data every time you have a new pose or update the polls or, you know, you update your content. So do we want to undo Issa's well over clear or catch? I mean, if I asked you, Mel, you know, just click combined. Yes. Jesup browsing can basically, you know, just enable everything and disability more years. If you know everyone to display emojis on your website and everything, it's looking cool. You can you know we live this option. But if you don't, you know, if you don't mind about it, then you can just take that. And actually, that's it. Just click Summit. And there you go. You have set it up. Um, next limits of, uh um, the auto optimized plug ins. As you see here, all the optimize also behave similar. Toe WP fastest catch. But instead, it also added a couple of, you know, extra features. So these both are catching plug ins as well. So when you up when you you can, as I mentioned earlier, you can use either of these or you can use both combined ritual for the improve your website speak performance. But for example, for some hosting, if you enable these to plug ins together, you might find you an error on your website or something. So I would recommend you to, you know, the actuator auto optimize because all the optimize kind of optimized your website at the further, you know, court level. So it kinds of a mess around with it deeper than you know, that this black in because this plug in just enable the cash and that soul. So, yeah, you would want to, you know, make it just enable everything here and that's it. Save an empty my catch. If you have it, then I'll just click this and just wait for a bit. Let it, you know, clear the cache and set everything up. And there you go. Now you have both the plug and set up. Third, is the WPs much? Basically, the reason why I recommend this Blufgan is because you get a choice to, you know, bulks much. Um, your image so automatically optimized, upload. So there's also another cool feature, which I like, you know. So the next time you upload the image of all the Milic, it automatically get optimized or compressed. So that's a very handy feature and strip my mission at all. You'll also want to have this, um, lazy loading. Lizzie loading basically means not instantly, you know, Lord, your image right away. But, you know, keep us. It's sometimes before it loads forgettable a user's access your site. When he scrawled onto the section where there's an image, the image will look at that moment instead of, you know, preloaded before the customer or the user's reaches that section. So if you want to have lazy load, that's that's fine as well. But, um, for me, I personally I don't like using Lazy Load because it's kind of, you know, um, Detour really worsened, uh, user experience somehow. But if you enable this, it will make your site loads. Ah, a little bit faster as well. So if you want them to track your data, you would want oh, toppled is on. Otherwise you're in trouble, is off and finish the set up. And what this plug it essentially will do is it will you know, at the first installation, able, Ah, scan all the images on your WordPress and see, you know, if they're optimized or not, As you can see here, I have 78 attachments or some intimate images on this Web site, which needs to be optimized. So what? We're one of the thing I really like about this, um, plug in is you can bulks much so or basically it means bulk optimization. So just with the click of a button, you can, you know, optimize all of your image is present on your WordPress website. So it's a very handy feature, but mind you that this is, ah, free version so you can optimize upto 50 images with one click. Then after 50 minutes have been optimized, you toe klik box much again like that. But I think that's enough for it, right? I mean, you don't really need to buy any pregnant. As I mentioned earlier, everything you know can be done with free plug ins. Okay, so we have said all the necessary plug ins up in the next video. I'll show you how to use all the, you know, pay speed. Um, measuring tools and how you can, you know, further enhance with the tools. Ah, see, in the next lesson, 12. Page Speed: Part-2: welcome to part two of Pay speed. In this lesson, I will teach you how to use the recommended tools to measure your pay speed and see the improvement that you can apply on your website. So there's the forced tool that recommend and there's called G tree metrics. You can go to gt metrics dot com, and what you would want to do is you copy your U R L. So I copy my Dima work side. You're on a pleasant here test, my sire. So as you can see the servers located in Vancouver, Canada. So if your website is located somewhere in cat near Canada, so you you would see a faster piece loading times. Otherwise, you know, if you want to see other in Data point or the servers, you can sign up and you get the option to choose. You know you're testing servers. For example, they have a UK I'm servers, um, Hong Kong servers, US servers and maybe Australia service. If I remember it correctly, remove a label to see I'm different, you know, pay speeding, different different areas. As you see here. Sometimes you know, we need to wait because as you can see there 94 jobs I had but everyone to We'll skip this kind of waiting. You can just signed up logging into your account and when most of the time you'll be ableto get the results right away. So while waiting for this to finish up on the second tool, which I recommend is Google pastry it. So you type in Google Pace being into the source bar and you click the first link. Please repeat the same step here, and this is the official Google tools to make sure to pay speed. But in my experience, this tool is kind of, you know, measured only the practical pay speech. So, um and if you use what press your your score would be normally low. Right? For mobile, for Dex. Dex, stop. Should be a little bit higher for mobile. It was, um this is the optimizing hints score for your website. Basically how faster pace load is displayed right here. You can go through doing this and you can see here TFB This thesis factor depends on your servers. We have good servers. They should be lower on the lower point and the element rendering blocking resources you can five use auto optimized for the optimized. This as you see here, most of the optimizing have already been done using the auto optimize and WP fastest cash plug ins. Or is there other small optimizers And you can, you know, use other plugging, especially for those types off. Um, suggestion here. But if you're using WordPress getting score about 55 to 70 in Mobile and next up about 70 to 80 is considered as an ideal target. Well, obviously, you know, you can you can get a much better score for every do for the optimization. Okay, so I guess this has already finished. As you can see here, it takes 1.8 2nd for this to fully loads and is your pay size and is now remember, we request. As you can see here, there's a problem with the scale image it remember, you know, so that you need to have ah, the same m a size throughout in your page. So here it recommend that you know, this particular image needs to recites with their recommend you the perfect image here so you can go ahead and, you know, use air software like photo shop, too, you know, changer in May size here and basically thes these problems, right are mostly 100% solved by the loopy, fastest cash in order off the mind. So, as you can see, it is not 100% yet, so you can have a look and see what's happening here is going to be there. Uh, this image seems to be, you know, not working well. And this is basically, you know, the problem with, uh, Google code manager or the Google Analytics code that you installed earlier. So this is something that you can you can really fix, right? So don't you worry about that. Um, these are normally quality optimization scores, which you would not have to bother much about. Just check the pace, Pete. Right. Or how far is your page loads here? Similar to this as well? You know, no need to worry much about the optimization. Just see, you know what really slows your website down? As you can see here? No. For the images, you can obviously improve this further. You know, without, um I think it should really, you know, speed this up more if I had, you know, bugs much the image right on the server. So obviously this can improve more. The next tour is the ping dorm tools. So what you're going to do is you can do the same here as you can see here. It enables you to test from different, you know, server locations. Um, three ideal way to use this to his best. You know, to start testing, you know, in different difference. There were areas and find the average averaging out of these less. They know I've tested all of this. And a let's say it comes out to be an ever, um, you would want to plus all of the loading time here and divide violence. That +123456 71 by seven. You would get an average pay speed, for example. You buy tested from, you know, Asia. Japan. Right. So we want to, um, tested like this pay speed. It's mostly, you know, influenced by the looked now the server location and images on your website. So if you can correct these two, you know, if you can have a better hosting or if you have optimizer image well, you know, more than half of your problem have we'll have already been solved because of remaining. You know, for example, like cash validator, meaning fly, jealous script. All these are, you know, almost 100% sold by the plug into an I told you to. So you're gonna see you. It takes 2.59 seconds. So you would want to repeat similar steps here. And, you know, add all the load times up and divided by seven, and you would get their average time. I'm loading speed. And regarding the image optimization or compression, you can use a tool like compress jpg, which allows you to upload multiple images and, you know, com present at one time. Basically, if you ask me, you know, you might be wondering that well, I already have. This flag is set up. What's the new to optimize it with this tool, you know, manually the reason being just because this is a free tools for the ball. And second, it is a plug ins only right, so it can optimize your image only to a certain level. Normally, WPS much can optimize about, let's say, six or 7% only from the total amaze size, but by doing it by optimizing or normally using compressed jpg entirely. J p g. You can further, you know, optimizing to the next level. Let's say, um, this this website I really like because, you know, you can compress it up to more than 53% of the image size, so it's very handy tool. So what you can do is you can use this technique combined with the bulks much, and you would get very, very tiny, you know, in a size area website, which will obviously, you know, um, Lords much faster. But if you give your lazy and you don't want to, you know, use the manual stuff, you can, you know, obviously rely on this plug ins. But this plug ins alone cannot only optimize very less, in my opinion. So you would want to consider, you know, combining these toe tools together. So that's also where you can try playing around with the tools. And don't worry much about the optimizing and score like this. Or even like this. We will deal Or don't you know, because I've seen that even though have you reached 100 100 for these to school, right? And you pay speed may not be less a 1.8, or it could be, you know, five seconds and you achieve 100 out of 100 for the score. So it doesn't matter much about the score. You would want to, you know, focus on the pace speed, you know, as as the definition or is the word itself suggest pace. B writes how fast paced load. So you want to depend on this factor alone and basically there to things that influences space being a Morris you're hosting. And number two is your images and the remaining You know that according level, let's say, jealous cream unifying extreme all these you don't have to worry about. We got the plug ins that's always to install. They have already handled most of the stuff there who does all for this lesson. Soon The Next Ledge lecture 13. Re-directions & 404 Error: lesson to read directions and four or four pages or era read Eruptions are the process of redirecting users to other location or your URL on your website to most common. Redirection Czar 301 and 302 31 cents for permanently moved reductions and three or two stands for temporary moved. Redirection 44 Error code means the patient doesn't exist any more. Too many 44 air on your website can degree user experience thereby decrease the ranking. For example, you haven't article unless say how to bake a cake and you have a link to an article unless a how to bake a pizza. But for some reason, you delete our how to bake the pizza article. So now you're having a link linking to the page which doesn't exist on your website, or you may have a link on your website which links to other Web site which doesn't exist anymore. Now it s you recall this as broken links and if Google sees that your website has too many broken links on it, it is a sign off, you know, poor user experience, and you could potentially decreased or loose middle ranking So in order to fix that, you wouldn't make sure that you don't. You know, you go up into your article and fixed the links there instead of changing the location to where you're linking. Two. If you want to redirect your existing content to new Ural, use plugging like redirection to enforce three or one Redirect. Now, if you are using Free Joo's version of yours s you plug in, you might notice that there's a premium version or paid version as well. If you decide to purchase for, you know, the paid version of use, you get the three or one you know all the reductions functions out of the box or if you're using other s your plug ins, for example, rank mass, which comes with the redirection, you know, functions out of the box. So in that case, you don't need to install additional plugging like reduction. But if you're using, you know the free version of yours. Obviously you need, you know, supporting plug ins, which I recommended earlier. Call us redirection three, or to redirect. It's not recommended because it signals Google that is just a temporary moved, which may talk not past the Ling Ju through the new Ural. Now, for example, if you haven't article on your website which contains a couple of back clings to the page, you for some reason you want to decide, you decide toe, move it toe another u R L You know, for some reason, if you're using a 30 to redirect the back wing Jews or the back wings power, which you have on that page may not get transferred to the the new Ural, even though they might be the same content or similar on the clue. Penal, different content. But you want to have with new euro on it because Google treats you know them as two separate content. So in this in this scenario, you would want to, you know, choose three or 1/3, or to redirect in order to preserve the back links power. I'll talk about this again in the off page s yo section about the ling Jews or the back links Equity or power. Here. Too many reductions can slow down your website, thus lowering your youth or experience or pay speed, which we discussed earlier. Let me show you real quick how to set up the redirection plug ins If you don't have redirection functions with your s, your plug ins or if you don't, if you're using a free Yeo's s yo, tow plug in here. So he really back to the WordPress at Ming section of our demo website, as you can see. And here's the redirection plug ins. So you haven't activated it. Just go. But I had an activate, All right, so once you have actuated it, it exists under tools and read orations you now, since I already activated this earlier. So, um, I don't I'm not seeing any, you know, set up setting up the the welcome screen and all like that. But if you're doing it for the first time, you must see the welcome screen. Great. Lets you set up a couple of steps. Just, you know, followed the steps is very easy to use. And once you're done with that, you be prompted the screen like this. So it's very easy to add a new reduction. You know, for example, if you want to redirect your you know, your you're you older, your l to a new your Europe. For example, I have this article on my website. Right? So if I want to change the girl off this website, So let's say you know, right now, the euro of this website is you know, the domaine dot com forced as groom dogs. For some reason, if I wanted to change it as dogs groom. Right. So what you want to do is you want to change the promoting off this content or the slug if you want to call it that way. And now you know, now they're basically becoming a two separate content. But in order to make a user land on the same article, you would want to, you know, redirected. So instead, you know, I would cop. I would, you know, paste in the Ural, which I wanted toe redirect to write. So here, for example, I change it as dark groom. And once you have done, you can just click. Add redirect here. Now, before you do that, you might want to check out the settings option here, right? And make sure that it is said it has 301 Redirect not 302 here. And for example, if you want to, you know, delete this particular article right. So what you want to do, you want to put in the trash? And after that, you know, instead, you can just choose the error for four here, which, actually, you know, instruct Google that, Okay, this particular content doesn't exist anymore on our website, and we want to set it as a 44 page. Now, you don't really need to, you know, set it up manually like this. You know, Google is smart enough to recognize that you your content is actually deleted from your website. But, you know, in most of the cases, this might take longer than usual for Google to actually know, Recognize that your content is already dilated, and sometimes it may given error on this Google search console, right? So instead of, you know, going into your search consular fixing up the areas which actually know doesn't cause any ranking, you know, decrease or increase. But in order to maintain a good experience and best s your practices, you would want to manually instruct Google that Okay, we want to set it as a 44 errors here Or, you know, said as a not found page or the paint doesn't get him were and just click at redirect here , and that's all for it is pretty easy to use and straightforward and see in the next lecture . 14. Introduction To AMP: lesson three AMP or accelerated mobile page in Simple Word is the stripped down version of your Web page with all the necessary court are allowed to run. For example, if you have a webpage with all kinds off fancy stuff going on, for example, some animations right on your Web page. If you're running an AM version of that page, you basically, you know, have a very basic structure on it for them. But just a bunch of your content, text and images, and maybe if you have a videos on it, that's all, Um, and this makes it very lightweight in nature, right? So Am pages are foster to load than a normal page. Thus it is performed in country with poor Internet connection on mobile devices. And because you know, it's light weighted in nature AMP it is preferred in the countries with the poor Internet connections or, you know, mostly of your running on a mobile device. You would sometimes, you know, a patient was very fast with a with a very simple look. That's basically an AMP version of the webpage. With em, you get a chance to be featured on Google storage features on Mobile does increase your traffic channel on Google. Now, if you're from the U. S. You might notice that sometimes when you search for something on mobile device, you'll see a section where sales, you know, interesting findings, and then you would have a button to click where, you know, click to view 10 more stories. Something like that. That's the story features which you know are basically the ample version off that, um, webpage. To make it clear, M is basically the same with webpage of your website. But this is the strip downwards in orbit, for example, even I have a content unless a how to bake a cake. You know there is a two version of that content is basically the same content, but to version one is a normal version where you and I, you know, we can both see right. And the second version is the and fortune where it's appear only in the Google Story features or sometime Google. Serve that amped version two in the countries with poor Internet connection or mobile device in order to, you know, load the webpage faster youth flagging like am for WP to automatically set up on AM page for each of your pages on WordPress without having to court acing the line. Now, if you're using WordPress, you have this amazing flagging call am for WP, which I recommended you install in the previous lecture and what it does it, you know, just one click installation, and you get a chance to, you know, have all of your articles or your pages on your website. You know, having an AM version of them. So without having to quote a single line of, you know, off any quoting there, you know, if you're not running on WordPress and was basically, you know, you need to code ah, specific am page for each of the page and because, you know, we're using WordPress. We're very fortunate enough to have this kind of amazing plug in which I'll teach you how to set this up in a few minutes from now. And it's not a ranking factor now. Some people say that am Pisa ranking factor, while some say it's not. But from my experience, I don't think that it is a ranking factor because, you know it's not less a street for your website to have am feature as I mentioned, this plug in is optional. If you want to leverage, you know your traffic channel on Google, right? You can use an AM feature or plug in here, but if you don't, then that's fine. It's not a big deal anyway. So with afford to let me show you how to set up the and for W people again and how to use it on your wordpress website. So here we are, back to the at mean section off R s. Your course Dima website. And it is the plug in which I told you to install area. I mean, this is optional. If you want, you can, you know you can continue Washington If you don't want the amp version of your article, you can just skip and washing next lecture. So you just go ahead and activate if you haven't. All right, and, uh was you have activated you. Can you run the installation wizard, which makes it easier, you know, to set it up. All right. So just you know, you can set, you know, a logo for am. If you wish to have the same logo, assess your normal website and just click save here. Okay, So now you you select which pick you want to happen. AM version off that. So in this case, I want to have only, you know, um, opposed or my articles to be amp right. So I would click save if you want all of them to have an version that's fine as well. And here's their, you know, your Google and Alec code. So if you want to, you know, make your rule Olympic Court prison in your home, you can install it. Otherwise, you leave it because, you know, like I said, amp is stripped down version of your Web site, right of your webpage. So basically some of your code, for example, your Google Ahlerich court will not be present because it is removed, right, because it's kind of like an external quoting there. So here you have a chance to slacken design. So, as you're going to see here, you got a couple off pre designed template here. Just go with any one of them that you like. Just click skip and that's it. You're done with this. Now, if you want to further optimize the design of how your rampage would look like you can simply, you know, customizing in the AM may know section here. So we can just go to hear sitting right. You're going to play around with it from Okay, so you can see here. They also have a couple of adults where you can, you know, by them. But in my opinion, does not really a big case. For example, you know, here, you can, you know, topple all you am version of your web page, right? You can also upload a new, um, logo here as well. You have a look at the issues here. You can meta description. You know, everyone tohave keep the same air description as your normal repairs. You would talk all this otherwise, you know, here it also lets you select. Which s your plug ins you're having, basically, you know, all these settings. You there already? Well, pre def also really don't have to bother them. And for the design, you know, you can always chooses a swell. There's other pro version on this, right, And yeah, that's pretty much it. You can play around with all these settings and have a look at You know how it would look like. Now let me show you real quick. What would you know? The amp page looks like. Okay, So, for example, if you have a look here, this is our article. Right? So I have enable am version for all the posts or article on my website. So now, basically, this article now has an AM version of it. So in order to access the AM version, you know, after the force last year, just type MP to have a look at the amp version of the weapons. As you can see here, this is the AB version, right? It's a little bit different from, you know, from the from the normal Virginia. You can see it looks pretty simple and pretty straightforward. Just contains a couple of text and image and a little change in the, you know, styling. Because, you know, this is the AM theme that they suggested. And is the menu here. As you can see here, there's no menu here, So you maybe go back to your art for president. Just go and set this up. You know, in the man of section. Right. So here you have. Ah, option two. Um, basically, you know, added to the amp here. So this is our normal menu, right? So I added to the Fuller as well as I added to the apple may new here, So we save it and, uh, is where for this to be done in as Refresh this. So now you would You should have the same menu as a nor normal website. And, uh, you can also, you know, you can also play around with all other settings, you know, from the amp section here, right? And that's pretty much it. And let me show you a little bit of Google. Interesting findings, which I told you earlier. So this is the section where I told you that the stories, right? This I've seen this. A feature available only in the U. S. If you live outside the U. S, you might not have this future. As you can see, you know all these, um, all these settings are All these results are actually ab version. As you see here, this is an amberson, right? There is a symbol of, you know, this lightning bolt here. This mean that is an AM version of the page. So everyone to leverage you no more Google traffic from the stories features like this. You can obviously, you know, having am version of your web page as you're going to see here. Um, it's a present, you know, pretty much on the top, so you can have a good traffic from this source as well. So that's all for this. Like you're assuming next. 15. Content Clusters & Pillar Pages: Lesson four content clusters and pillar pages. Now, before I go on explain what? What does this mean? Um, this topic is not something which anyone would normally teach you because, you know, it is very quiet a high level as your strategies as well as quite a secret to most of the s . Your prose. So, um, and it also one of my favorite s your strategies which I've used on my website it with my clients. And I've seen a tremendous great results. So you can call us, you know, a golden s your tips and tricks. And I bet you you hardly see anyone you know teach about this topic on anywhere else. So you might want to, you know, take this topic very seriously. And also this topic is basically associated with their own page s u but because it requires a certain sites structure or internal linking structures, I decided to, you know, put it in the technical s you sect section here because this is a prerequisite. Before we reached the you know how to structure your site. Content at Google loves so content Cluster is a modeling strategy which you create a cluster or a supporting content around the topic. So basically, you're you know you're creating a smaller sub topic around the main topic. So you have a main topic in the middle and you have no say 5 to 6 small sub topics related to that main topic and that main topic right or the content on the topic, which is clustered around, is call US Pillar pages content. Cluster strategy is used to run content on broader topics, which generally are difficult to run for this topic. Clock content, cluster and pillar pages strategy is very effective when you know when you're side has few back Ling's or has ah lesser authority now in S. U. I have divided into it into to type of authority, oneness, content authority and other is no, um, brand recognition authority now content authorities basically and how experts you are in in a particular topic or, you know, or a particle of field and brand recognition authorities basically measured by, you know, the back ling's or the amount off. You know, Ah, how many people are talking about your company or your website on the Internet so you know , as you know, back wings are very difficult to acquire. So your you would, you know, focus on the content authority rather than back wings authority. And if your website has less back wings, you wouldn't need to, you know, leverage the content authority in order to, you know, help your overall s u. I will explain this again in the off page s you and towards the end to further, you know, clarify. What does this actually mean? This helps create the content, authority and relevancy which Google is looking for A particular topics. So, um, as I said, this content cluster topic leans toward the content relevance. Your thought authority basically contents cluster is ah is an authority on a particular topic. Whereas topical relevancy which I wish you must have heard this term earlier in the Lech in the course, basically is, you know, the one main topic relevancy, for example. You know, you have an article on s, you know that it's one topic on your whole website, right? That is one topic in your hopes. And you have other, you know, sub topics around it. Now that is the topic authority or content clusters. And then you have and then your overall website is about digital marketing. So if you have, you know, different, different type of content related to digital marketing now that is a topical relevancy or your overall sides topic authority. So there to type of, you know, content clusters. One is the content cluster itself, which is the topic. And 2nd 1 is the topic of relevancy or your overall sites topic. And this diagram, you know, depicts how the conscience cluster works. As you can see here, there the s e o topic, right? So, for example, your website just about digital marketing, so did the marketing. This one big topic and it is for the divided into, you know, sus cm, social media marketing content, marketing, etcetera, etcetera so as here would be one of your main topic on the website. Now suppose if I want to run for a keyword s you, I would need to create, you know, other related sub topics to sl. So, for example, there's a topic on How s your works? There's an introduction. There's acute research articles. There's a queue article on on PHS you article technical s You are going off page as your article. You know, Measuring. You're our oi on s you and important terms in Esso. So these all sub topics are called us supporting content, right? So these supporting content, you know, all links to this main topics. So basically Google when Google looks at your topping and say OK, this top because about Seo. Now any of Google recognized that you have other related sub topics to this main topping. This, you know, kind of signals to Google that your expert in this particular topic, you know, you have that authority in the this particle topic. So let me assure you really quick on a real life example of, you know, really sigh it implementing this particular strategy and CEO of great results. So here's the first, um, website for this keyword s yo guy. For beginners, it's a very tough keywords, right? And only big big websites are ranking for it. It's a very difficult you were. As you can see, this is Ah, this is the number one ranking results. And also this, um, particular result also has snippets two on it. Right. So, um, this is a moss website. As you know, if you're if you are no we have learned about s you a little bit you might know family with the moss. They're very big player in S e o Industri. Right. So I'll show you how their website looks like. So this is their particular you know, Main page or the pillar page. So this is there a liberal content, as you can see here they have. You know, all these links to the supporting topic on this main topic. Let's say you know, if I opened this or if I opened this, as you can see here, these are, you know, stand alone. Um, content, right? A So you can see here. These are stand alone content, as you can see, is very well written, Right? So basically, these are all you know, related sub topics, right? As you can see, these are all articles or content and ah, and these sub topics are made to support this page. Right? This Beginner's guide to SDO Page, which is basically a pillar pay pillar page and is the example of content cluster search results. Let me show you another search results here. You know, with a key. What restaurant s you now? As you can see here is also another very difficult keyword to rank for. Right is very as you can see there many big big website ranking. But if you notice that, you know there's this particular website which ranks on the second results, but they have went one. A snippet is well here. Right. Um let me show you the domain authority and, you know, so you can have an idea how difficult this key where it is. As you can see here, this has 86 deal domain authority 54 89 78 90 50 31. Right. You can see here to the main authority of sites, ranking on the force base is quite high, Which means the keyword is difficult to go after. If you remember from the on page, you know s e o section. But you would be surprised to see this website having just do me authorities 13 and writing a second page on the second results. So how's that possible? No, because the reason being is because this website has a topical relevancy or, you know, the authority in the content around a particular you know, big topic. Let me show you this article. Actually, I will show you this overall websites till you can have a nice idea. A nice idea. As you'll see here, Here's the content. So it's very wrote Well written as you're going to see. But to be honest, even if you have written this, you know this good content, right? It would be very difficult to actually break into the four space like this for sure. Like, you know, you know, it was very difficult, actually. Without back Ling's actually, his side has this content has 11 back wings to it. But you know, that's nothing compared to you know, this Ah, this article or you know, this article with 118 back links. But what this side has is a topical relevancy. Let me show you his So, first of all you know, Hiss website right is about is an s U agency in Georgia, which deals with mostly about local s you right? So local issue is once, um topics in s seal. So now he has, you know Hey, this is all his website is about. So about local issue number one. Number two. Right? Let me show you his blawg. So if you look at his block, you'll see that he has articles all related to, you know, local stuff. For example, um you know, Facebook ads versus boost opposed. This is not local stuff. Yeah, Facebook ads for restaurants. Now, this is for restaurant website, right? How to rank higher on Google maps. Google members also associated with local website clamber ASIO locally local, you know, local business restaurant Desio leaning towards local business and roofing us. You're leaning toward local business, as you can see here, you know, first of all, his website is about local s CEO. Secondly, his content here in the block articles are mostly about local s. You are, you know, local stuff. And if you type in Google for this keyword restaurant s you Google associating this restaurant eso keyword with you know, Roofing s your right and you know all this kind of stuff. So he has the content on roofing issue, which is Google Dame that's relevant to look restaurant ASIO. So we just started creating, you know, relevant content, right? You kind of build that kind of content authority around your website or topic. So as you can see here, he has a roofing issue and he has a restaurant issue. And let me show you his roofing issue Content here is well, I'm quite sure that he has linked to his restaurant Restaurant s you, um article this will, as you can see here. See, he has linked right to the restaurant s, um plum burst because these two articles are related to roofing issue. So now he he forms that kind of cluster, right? It was Go back and show you here. So there is something, you know, local issue, for example in the middle. And then he has restaurant s CEO Anthony s Lumber. ASIO Then he asked roofing issue So you kind of, you know, create that kind off content cluster or topical relevancy on your website and see in his website is about local as she also it does make sense to create this kind of content on his website. And that's the reason why he ranks so well. Even though I know some of his competitors has more back Ling's or north the authority than his website. So hope you're getting idea here. And if you're confused about you know this particular topic, you can always send me an email or a no axe. Me, I'll I'll reply, toe the questions as soon as possible if you're still not getting this. But if you're If you have understood, this will force. Definitely for sure. You're gonna do well in s you trust me. That's all for this, Lester. Like, sure, soon the next. 16. Site's Structure That Google Loves: Lesson five sites structure that Google loves. Great site structure doesn't only help improve your overall user experience, but also helps Google crawl and understand your site more efficiently. That's better ranking with great sites structure. You can pass the link juice to maximum number of pages, thus, increase your sights. Overall authority now side structures basically means how you structure out of your sight, how you place your categories, your content, how you kind of organized the site content and everything. Onda What I mean by you know, increasing your sights. A world authorities. For example, if you have a back, links laissez to one of your block article. And if that block article links out to other, several less a religion pages now, you kind of, you know past that links power from that page toe those patients that you have linked toe, um, this again is similar to the constable content. Closer was, I explained earlier. I'll explain this again in the off page Seo section. Here's some general rule of thumb when designing your site or how you would want to are gonna organize your site number one. Make sure number of clicks to the deepest pages on the site. It's less than or equal to three clicks now. This is an ideal please, you know, because imagine if I'm a user coming to your side, even have to keep on clicking, Let's say five or six clicks before actually reach, You know, whatever I'm finding for now, that's quite, you know, annoying for users and off course for overall user experience. Number to have maximum number of internal links on the home page. Two pages on the site. Now why I mentioned number of internal links on the home page. The reason being, you know, in more than a website, home pages basically going to be the page on your website, which has maximum Brokeback Ling's now in order to, you know, kind of distribute that back links power to your overall in their pages. You would want to have maximum number of internal links on the home page include important links in the side wide area, such as header and footer of your side with exact match keywords. This is again. You know, the clubs have all distributing your links. Um, your link structure on your website or your links power, basically, you know, having let's say links place in the side y areas. First of all, if you don't understand what side I want a real been there basically head and food or you know, the portion of your website which exists on each and every page. Obviously, you know, in most of the site head and food A is going to be a section on your website where it exists on each and every page, regardless of what type of content it is on the website. So by having important links on, you know, on the side, white areas, you kind of, you know, mentioning it again and again to Google that okay, thes particular links that I have on these areas are are important to my site. That's why I keep on having it, having them again and again. Number four make you so popular pages and categories. Pillar prejudice. Just what I explained in the previous lecture, um helps you know, Bill, your overall websites, content authority and categories basically makes you know, organizing your content too much more organized manner, which again helps Google and users to find your content much efficient internal link. Relevant pages entitling relevant pages again helps improve your overall content or sites relevancy, which Google is looking for. If you remember authority and relevancy are the two most important factors or ranking factors. Google are is looking from a website number six have privacy policy and terms at the side wide, preferably food er, now privacy policy and terms and condition. You know, these two, um, you know, kind of make your site transparent for the users as well as the Google Google, because sometimes you know ah in Google Commons. Look at your website and see that you don't have this kind of important pages on your website. Then you know, it might think that maybe your business is not really or is not Ledgett by having this important pages such as, you know, privacy policy terms and condition, or even about us and contact us makes your business looks more riel alleged and lastly have Author Box Author Box is basically when you create a you know, a content or less an article, then you know at the bottom you would have a small box which says, you know who has written the article This again help, you know, signal to Google that. You know, this is written by an expert in the field. And you know, Google will trust you better with the with this kind of stuff, who basically is You can say that these are like best s U of practices for websites, right? Some some of the whatever mentioned your, for example, privacy policy or, you know, having author box. Sometimes these things are not actually Google may not recognize them, but, you know, in orderto make it really alleged possible for users. Remember, we're creating content for users, not for search engines. You would want to have these as a you know, riel website, best practices. So here's an I O site structure that you should follow. You may have something similar or a little bit different, but here is something you know, which is which every idea website should look like. So here you haven't home, you have a home page, right, and the homepage is basically divided into further a lesser a pillar page or a categories. You can see your red stands for pillar, page or category. If you're unequal, Merce website, this will likely be, you know, category pages or your product categories. and further. You know, down the categories, you have all the related products or content. And as you can see here, you know, there's an internal linking Now, this can also be a pillar page, right? It doesn't have to always be a categories, or you can actually combine both those strategies here. Right? The pillar pitch in the categories. What I mean, I mean, here is basically, you know, this may be a category, right? And then any of these content, maybe a pillar page, and then remember how the pillar pay structure work, You internal link them together, and then you all the, you know, supporting content. Listen, 123 These were supporting content off this particular, um, pillar pay. So you want to link them all to this, right? As you can see here, these lines are represented internal links structure. So, um, remember, internal linking shouldn't be, you know, confused here. Basically, internal wings are used to link particular content section on your website, which are relevant to each other. So as these you know, section right, our president are relevant to each other, so you'll want to internal in each other. And, uh, I'm totally. Also, you know means that how important your content is basically all the links in s you are basically actors a vote. So the more vote or internal or the links right Internal external links together right there, Terms of votes. So the more links you have, whether it's internal, external means, the greater importance the content is. As you can see here, you know the content here. I can also link to the home page or you can have all of the links here present and under this section link to the home page, which kind of signal to Google that compassion is your most important pages. Suppose if I want to run for a homepage, so I would want tohave you know, each and every content here or ling back to the homepage, which basically tells Google that Okay, uh, my home practice the most important page on my website and that's the reason why I'm linking it from all of my content here. And as you can see here in a category in this right or a peeler, periods in this area can also interlinked with other related category. Other categorias Well, so there's no there's actually no hard rules here in internal linking, but basically you internal links are used just like a vote, right. The more the more internal links of page has, or an external links which are basically back Ling's right, the more important that page will be. So, as I say, if you want to run for a particular topic or a particular page, you would want that pace. You have the maximum number of internal links or if you can get back links that you, you know, really help a lot and that also, that's also how you know, content plasterwork rights, For example, this is your pillar page. So you would have all the, you know, supporting content linked to the pillar page. Because remember, we used the pillar page strategy to rank the content which are difficult to run, right, like the big Que er, for example, s CEO keyword, which is very difficult to rank. So you would need a supporting content and all supporting content links to that page, right? And the reason why we from the supporting from the pillar page willing to all the supporting content, is basically no, because the pillar players going toe basically being the most important page, right? So you wouldn't need the maximum about of back links to it. Now, in our in order to help the supporting page rank, you would want toe, Have you know, internal links from the filler base will be supporting contenders, William, in order to pass the back Ling's power here. So hope you're understand. Have you have understood this structure? And as you can see here, you know, the let's say you know this particular paces the deepest, um, page in your website that you're going to see here. There's only, you know, less than there's only a maximum of, um, two clicks here. So one click to the category page and another click toe the particle content. Pierce only two clicks here. All right, so remember, keep it less, um, number of clicks. So let me show you really quick off the particular website. Rs. Your course. Name a website. As you can see how how instructed to pay. So we have our home page are about us page service paid in a blocked page. As you will see, I have for the white of the block into dark hair and cat care. So in dark hair, I would, you know, have all the articles related to dock chair, and then the catcher would have all the articles related to capture. So here we're building the relevancy in each categories. Right? So we're grouping them separately, and obviously the contact us page. So, yeah, this is a very basic level off, you know, side structures. You can have something similar to this, which is fine as well. But remember, you know, You know what? Those, um, those general rule of thumb that you have to keep in mind. And that's all for this lecture. Soon the next lecture. 17. Understand Off-Page SEO & Backlinks: module for off page optimization or off page s you. So finally, we have come to the section where everyone is waiting for, right? I'm sure you must be waiting for this. So lesson one. Understand? Off Page Seo and back Lings off Page s U refers to optimization outside your website which obviously is out of your control. Now there are two factors. Ah, regarding toe off paid s you. Number one is obviously if you have if you are, they know back links on number two social signals back Ling's as I mentioned in the previous lecture, actors avoid on your website and the more back links you have means the more vote which essentially means you are important in Google's I now imagine if you're ah, you're a person and if people keeps on, you know, mentioning about you are, you know, keep talking about you. So basically those are like a vote, right? So people are talking about you is basically what I told earlier. It is a kind of brand recognition authority, and Google looks at this as you know, as a sign of confirmation that you're really an authority in this area and number two with social signals was basically an activity you know, about your website or your brand on the social media. So, you know, because nowadays social have becoming more and more, you know, important, right? So the more people talk about you or your brand of your business on social media, the more you know importance. It is to Google of your website or your business. Google really never confirms that social signal is a ranking factor, but there seems to be a strong correlation between sites rank on the force page and strong social signals. Google really never said that, you know, they're looking at social signals as the way you know, to rank website. But being, on the other hand, does confirm that it uses social signals. And I've tried testing many times, but after that has never seen results. I, I actually know tried purchasing, couple of you know so called social signals, right? Like for example, 100 off Facebook shares or 100 or Pinterest shares, whatever all these social signal packages. But so far I've never seen any, you know, uh, correlation between, you know, those social signals and my website ranking. So I think it may be true. It maybe not, I'm not sure, but it is a good way Noto actually have people talk about your business or your brand on social media. So that's also an alternately where to gain exposure in traffic. Now in 2019 2020 and beyond, back wings have become less important. Those still remains as number one ranking factor. As I mentioned in the introduction video, I have rank many of my pages on my website without a back lings and also a couple of my clients as well without a back links. You know, even though back wings have have lost their importance, but it's still there still remained his number one ranking factor, you know, besides the content and the Euler experience links, relevancy is becoming more important links. Relevancy basically means, you know, the source off back wings that you have or you know, the nature of the site or content that you got. You have from a za back links, for example. You know, if I have a content about s, you and I get a length from another, you know, digital marketing website, which somehow is related to s You're right now that is deemed as highly relevant back links . But if I have a continent s you, but I have back links from, let's say, a Forbes dot com is basically on ah publishing site that somehow you know it's not related to my website, right, or maybe a little bit related, you know if they have a digital marketing air section or category on your website. So the more relevant back legs you have coming from your relevant website, the better you're gonna rank now. In the past, it used to be that the maximum number of back links you have, the better you're gonna rank. But now it's not a case like that. Even though Google still gives important to number of back links, the quality or the relevancy of links are becoming more and more important. Not all back wings are equal. Google can devalue or ignore links if necessary. There's also another important thing to keep in mind, especially for beginners. Or even if you're intermittent and you don't know, not all back wings are equal. You see, not every backing said you get on your website. We'll give you some value. Some of them may give a little to no value Or, you know, Google may simply ignore those links at all. I mean, it depends on Google, and it also depends on where you're getting links from in 2019 2020 and beyond. Links like WEP two point no comments, forms and other low level links have little to no value even if it comes from high authority website. So if you have done s you before it less in 2012 2013 you must have used no techniques like comments back wings where you know you go to different, different website and just put down your website in a comments section and that goes all generators back wings, right, Because you're basically linking to your website or if you sign up for forums and you also put your links there now, those techniques used to work well until you know, recently starting from 2018 onwards. As I said, Google can devalue or totally ignore your links if necessary. And these, you know, kind of links, right? Comments, forums or reptile point. No initial termed us, you know, low level links. And generally Google is now getting smarter and variable to recognize what type of link you're getting. So you know, these kind of links may give little value. Are you know, Google may totally ignored those links And I believe that, you know, in the future, a new future. These links won't even, you know, give any value at all for internal at Seo out in the next lecture. I'll explain which type of back links you should go after, you know, to get the maximum. You know, um, back links power so people in links still work. So don't worry if you're, you know, PB and fan, or if you have you have, you know, like using people to people links to work. But obviously you have a risk, you know, of getting in card and penalized. Now, if you're quite new to s here and you don't know what a PB and means people basically stands for private block network is basically, you know, a group of websites where you are you have artificially built in order to rank your web site specifically now those you know, websites which wish you artificial build those are basically belonged to you only, For example, I have a website. Let's say x wise at dot com and I go ahead and create a people or basically no, by old domain names which has no lots of links and lots of authority. And I go ahead and create a website, let's say, 10 website um which I created it and I also, you know, and from those website their term. That's network, right? So they form a network or website. So those 10 website I created them basically just to link to my main website that is exercise that dot com. Now, this is the way off, you know, manipulating links right, which Google has in their guidelines. If you ever come across or you can just quickly search on Google, right, Guga guidelines. You'll see that they clearly mentioned that any action which are made to manipulate the ragging right, for example, buying links or, you know, creating this kind of private block networks. They deem this, as you know, violent off their guidelines. So basically, if Google catches that, they will penalize you are, you know, basically punish you for the consequent. I'll not go into further detail of what they're gonna do or, you know, all these kind of stuff but just keep in mind that it's not safe to go after these. Sign off. You know, shady back s you or what we call us Black Hat s you. But obviously in this course I'm going to teach you, you know, kind, almost 100% white hat. Even though, you know, in an upcoming lecture about back link, you will see that it's not totally 100% white hair. But you still being a safer site. Because to be honest, there's nothing as terminals, you know, White hat s you when I'll explain to you why there's nothing such as White Hat s you. So that's all for this lecture us in the next lecture. 18. Backlinks Basics: Lesson two, backlinks basics. There are basically two types of link that is do follow and nofollow. The difference lies in the HTML code itself. Now for those of you who have gone through some of the SEO course or have done SEO for sometimes, you'll note that there are two types of backlinks that is to follow and nofollow. But for those of you who are new to SEO or don't really know about this. Just letting you know that there are two basically two types of links. That is a dew fall link and a nofollow links. And a difference lies in the HTML code itself, which I'm going to show you in a second. A difference also in terms of value. The difference here is do Falling passes what's called Us page rank or link juice, or in another word, what many people refer to as the authority. Whereas nofollow links doesn't pass page rank, but can pass something what we call its relevance and trust factors. Now when it comes to how much value you get from a link, when it comes to, uh, do falling, what you get out of it. Here is a page rank or link juice are many, many people call it link authority. Now page rank is the algorithm that Google invented back in 1999 to kinda, to, to come up with how much or how much of a power and Lincoln gave you. Okay? And wears a nor falling was introduced a little bit later on, I think writing about 2006 or 2005. And the goal was to prevent the page rank or to prevent the link juice from flowing from one page to another due to a lot of manipulation going on when it comes to backlinks. However, are no following doesn't mean that it's a useless link, although you're not getting the link power of it. But I know, I know falling from a highly trusted website or a higher authority website can pass relevance or how relevant your backlink is, as well as the trust. Now there seems to be some kind of like a trust factor that you get from getting a link from a highly trustworthy websites. So just, let's say a big publisher news website or a big magazine website. We don't truly know what is that factor, but many SEO electric cars like a trust factor, right? So let's say if you got a link from Wikipedia, which is mostly nofollow backlink, although you're not gonna get any link power of it. But the trust factor that you get off that Wikipedia link can be really powerful and it can sometimes be a more powerful than do for links that you get from some website as well. Okay, so let's see a little bit of difference for those of you who are new to SEO, what is like, how to spot the difference between a do follow and nofollow backlink. So let me open up my screen here. As you can see, I'm I'm on a website called, which is a business directory in the US. There's a very big dark directory and there's a link. If I click on this website, if I click on this link, it opens up. Another webpage, means it opens to this target page. So this is a backlink page of this website, carpet cleaning Brooklyn, Right? So this is a a target page and is a backlink page. Now, if I right-click on this and I click on Inspect, you'll see that this is the HTML code of this link. And you'll find a word. When you zoom in, you'll see that there's this word cause, this phrase, cause rail equal to nofollow, right? So this rho equal to nofollow indicates that this is a no follow back link or no follow link. This doesn't pass any page rank or any link power. However, like I said, it could pass a relevant it could pass the trust signal or trust score as well. When it comes to trust signal in general, you will learn a little bit more when it comes to the foundation link lesson coming up. So don't worry about it. But generally speaking, if you're getting a link from a high trustworthy websites such as, let's say Although you're gonna get a lot of value out of it, but you can get some trust, some relevance power out of it as well. And just how you can spot the difference between a nofollow and do follow. For our do follow link or a link that passes page rank or link value is they're essentially not gonna be any, anything here in the code means is just gonna be like a normal link without any specific any mentioned that is a nofollow links. So any normal length that you do on a website or outside your website, all are all of them or do follow link by default. But if you're specifically specify in the code that is no falling, that it will be a nofollow links. So that's the main difference. Coming back to the presentation here. The value or weight of a link differs based on where the link is placed on a page, the relevancy of the page, the authority, and how much our link on a page half. Now know two links are created equal the value or the weight you get from each link differs. This is based on you where you've got the link from the irrelevancy and the authority of how much a page, a link, our page has. A link that plays contextually within the content on irrelevant page. Or even better, a relevant domain. Using the relevant anchor text is the only link out on that page is the best line you can get. So what I mean by this, so let's draw it off for you. Let's say this your backlink page and this is your target page to page you want to build links to. And let's say you've got a link from this page. Right? You got it linked from this page. This link is contained within the body of the content. So there's a paragraph, there's some content on this page. And somewhere in the middle of this content, you've got the link from it. Now this is a, this is called a contextual link. This the first thing that health, making sure that you get a lot of value from a linguist if it is placed within the context or reading the content of the page. Compared to, let's say we've got a link from a menu bar or footer at the bottom link within the content, we will have a high weight. Now, if this page is also relevant to your page, so if they are both on the same topic, that we will get increased the power of a link. And if this page is coming from, if this link is coming from a highly authoritative website, again, the authority or the power link will also increase as well. Lastly, if this page only links out to you, means there's no other linking out to other websites. Then you get 100% of link juice are linked power from this page compared to, let's say if this page also linked out to other two or three websites. So let's say links out to more website didn't. Now instead of getting 100% of link power from this page, you're getting about 30% off the link power from this page, right? Because all these link or a power are divided, now, your power is now reduced, right? So this also makes the link power or value you get from each link differ as well, right? So if you only get one link from a page that is reading the content from a very relevant page, from a very authoritative website, and that is the best link you can get. Now, backlink is one of the most abused aspects of SEO, or probably like the most or the second most below the keyword stuffing thing. And therefore, it's the most heavily safeguarded. So in order to get the most out of your link, it should make sure that everything is high-quality enough on your website and that Google trust your site. Now back leg in general has had a very bad reputation over the past decades or two, ever since. Seo or people started manipulating search results would get higher rankings. Now, when it comes to backlinks is the most probably one, the most abused aspects of SEO. And that's why Google is putting a lot of rules and a lot of strictness, two backlinks in general. So therefore, in order for Google to, to truly, truly reward your length, Google needs to make sure that your website is high-quality enough that Google trust your website now, first, before you can get the most out of your link. So let's say you just started on your website, you don't have a lot of good content on it. I know a lot of things going on in your website and suddenly you start building up a lot of links to it. Then obviously, it's going to look very unnatural for your website to get a lot of links within a short amount of time. And you're not gonna get a lot of value from those links. Or even worse, you could get a penalty from those link as well. So making sure that you have some good-quality content already on your website. Your website is a little bit more established. You have a good social media reputations, et cetera, et cetera. And also, this shows that your website is high-quality enough. Then once you start building backlinks, you'll see that you get more value out of each link that you built compared to, let's say, not a lot of things going on your website. So a pro tip here is making sure that you have, let's say the first couple of months just focus on building high-quality content. First, building a brand, making sure that you have good social profiles, good reputation going on, and making sure that people like the website, etc, etc. Then once you start building back links, afterwards, you will see that those backlinks worked much, much better compared to, let's say, if there's not a lot of things going on, on your website. So so that's, that's pretty much about what you need to know when it comes to backlink. That's all for this lesson. See you in the next lesson. 19. Understand Links Power Authority): lesson free, understand? Links, power or authority in throughout the course. You must have heard me mentioning about, you know, links power link authority. Um, length, equity, back legs. Use all these terms. Basically, these all means the same thing that is. You know how powerful the back wings are. And you might be wondering, you know, if your and bigger you never heard off these term before, it might be wondering what What does this mean? So in this lesson, I'll explain you the meaning for this, you know, links, power or authority. So basically link power, or what many s use referred to US authority is how strong a website or page is on. That particular website is based primarily on the back lines. Authority concept initially came from Moss, which obviously, you know, if you remember I mentioned in my previous lecture, they're very big player in the S e o. Company or industry, with their domain authority, D A and paid authority P a metric in their tool for Moses. You know, big player in s U industry. And they have, you know, many of the SQL tools, right? Remember that? Um, most bar chrome extension is basically from them Moss company from Besides Moore's There Other eso tools which utilize similar concepts such as ants, reps with domain rating, D R and you are all rating you are and majestic were just another, you know, famous Esso company with trustful TF and ciders and floor CF. Um, so these metrics are invented by all these third party companies in order to determine how strong or authority the back links is, right, Whatever metrics or tool your using or following, keep in mind that Google doesn't use them in their algorithm. Well, keep in mind that, you know, these tools are invented by third party company and they have nothing, you know, related toe how Google works, right? In fact, no one really knows how Google, you know, calculate the authority of the website. But obviously you can use these eso tools to really, you know, have some rough idea. And basically, you know, the these companies, they are you know, through their own research and their observation, they know their calculation. They came up with all these metrics in order to have some rough idea. No, it is not, is never 100% true that. You know, these, um, metrics are correct, right? Because obviously, Google says that they don't use them in their algorithm. So they're just an estimation based on various factors and mainly on back wings. So let me show you, um, the chrome mosque bar extension again so you can have a better understanding of you know what this is actually mean, right? So here we're backing over this particle key. What? Remember, on our own pace section, and as you can see here at the main authority, right is basically how authoritative particular website or domain is as a whole. And page authority is how authoritative a particular page is. Okay? And these are all based on the back Ling's number of back wings as well as the quality of back lings. As you can see here, um, the my authority missed me and that this one has and, um, one more thing. All these metrics, right? Really is, um CF or Sinus and flow are no domain rating or booming authority or page authority. Whatever these metrics are, these metrics, um, are on a scale of 1 200 you know, one being the lowest and 100 being the highest. So these score are basically no out of 100. You know, nine out of 129 out of 126 100 etcetera, etcetera. And when you're basically looking for links, right, you would want to look at both the value. But, you know, links are mostly calculated per page level. So, um so, for example, you know it's better to have links coming from a P A or page authority off, let's say 20 and a domain authority of less than 21 than links from domain authority off 70 and page authority of less than five. So you are always. But sometimes you know, the main authority may all also, you know, have more value. That pair authority it, you know, it depends. So there's no heart rule, you know, our formula to really, you know, choose which one to go after. But I'll teach you in an upcoming lecturing how to really, you know, look out for links when you're going for less there for guest pose, or actually looking out for the actual links to your website. Uh, thank you were watching the videos and see in the next lecture 20. Understand Anchor Text: Lesson four, understand anchor text. This is the first newly uploaded videos for this course. For those of you who have already purchased step. Moving forward, you'll find a newly uploaded lessons as well as the lessons that have been updated. Anchor text refers to the clickable words used to link one web page to another. The webpage link tube can either be located on the same website, cause internal anchor text, different website call US external anchor text. Anchor text is considered to be one of the most important ranking factors in SEO. Search engines like Google use anchor tags to understand the descriptive content or content of the web page and link to. So search engines, especially like Google, use anchor text in order to understand what is the webpage that is being linked tool is all about. However, anchor tags, it's also one of the most abused and misunderstood component in SEO. Search engines, especially Google, have been actively fighting the use of manipulative anchor text in order to game the system or rankings. Over the past few years, Google and other search engines have been pushing hard in Earth fight the use of manipulative anchor texts or anchor text that are designed in order to manipulate the search rankings. One of the most famous algorithms known as called as ten going algorithms, which I'm pretty sure you must have heard or come across. Therefore, getting the right anchor text for your website will not only help you ran well in a big way, That is because it is one of the most important ranking factors, but also to avoid any possible search engines penalties. Now before I go ahead and show you how to build the right anchor text for your website. Let me first explain to you the different types of anchor text. But before that, let me show you what it is actually an anchor techniques for the beginners who are watching this course. So when talking about anchor text, it is basically nothing but an hyperlinked use in order to link from one web page to another. In this case, as you can see here, I open this web page and this is the link linking to the homepage of this website. And the text used in order to link to that to the homepage of this website is called US anchor text areas. You can see the anchor text for this particular link, is this linked to the mosque homepage? As here, for example. Five types of anchor text. Although there are various ways to classify the anchor tech category, I have decided to group them into five types for ease of use and efficiency. I'm pretty sure you must have come across or seen on any online tutorials of various different types of anchor text. Some even mentioned more than 15 types of anchor text. However, from my own experience, AB classified and we do only five types. For ease of use and efficiencies. And they are as follows. First is keyword anchor text. For example, doc training. Let's say you want to have a piece of content on your website, on a topic called how to train your dog. And a primary keyword or the keyword you want to run for, for that particular piece of content is doc training. And therefore you would go ahead and start building links using the anchor text called Doc training, which is exactly the same word that you want to rank for. Now. However, for that particular anchor text, you're also using the keyword. And in this case, it is called as keyword anchor text. When talking about keyword vertex, it basically means any anchor text which contains at least one part of your keyword. So instead of doctrine and you can also use anchor text or his dog training or dog training as a whole. All this, we call it as keyword anchor text. Next time we'll anchor text is LSI or related anchor text. For example, higher trainer for your pet. Now, instead, instead of going and building back links to that piece of content on a topic called hot to train your dog using the keyword, you're now using other anchor text or other words which are related to your piece of content, but it doesn't contain any part of your keyword. For example, here, higher trainer for your pet. As you can see, for this particular anchor text, it doesn't contain any of your keyword you want to rank for. Third type of architects here is branded anchor text. Let's say for that particular piece of content on your website, it is on a website called patch sender, which is your brand name. And therefore, any income takes US. Being your brand name. It is called it as branded anchor text, which in this case, for example, your website name is pet sender. For type of vertex here is URL anchor text. You are anchor text basically means all variations of the URL address of your website or webpage. For example, let's say your website is patch Then you can go ahead and start building backlinks using the anchor text,, HTTPS colon slash slash or Whatever the variation of URL you're using, it has to be in a format of web address as shown here. And lastly, the miscellaneous anchor text. Miscellaneous anchor texts are those type of anchor text which doesn't contain any part of your keyword and are not related to your piece of content or in a keyword you want to rank for whatsoever. In this case, for example, click here, visit this website to learn more. As you can see, these words have no relations to your piece of content that you want to rank for, and it also doesn't contain any of your keywords. I hope you understand this concept. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to me. And in the next video, you will learn on how to build the right type of anchor text for your website. Thank you for watching. 21. How To Choose Anchor Text Effectively: How to choose the right anchor text. The percentage of the anchor text distribution for each type is calculated at the page level. And the first four needs to need keyword to key work. Now if you remember from the previous lesson, I have categorized the type of anchor text into five types of five categories. And that distribution for each category or East type for, for a particular keyword differs based on the key word, based on the needs or the business. What is the type of business? As well as this also is calculated on a page level, which means anchor text for one page on your website. The text distribution or the percentage for one page or your website will be different from another page on your website, right? And therefore, if you kind of phase and you penalties, right, then you would phase it only on a particular page. Therefore, in order to determine the right anchor text distribution for your keyword, you have to do a competitor analysis, which I'm going to show you in a minute. Now. You have to remember this, that Google doesn't rank of web page on the first page without our reasons. Their ranking there because Google loves it, right? Because they are doing, they must be doing something right? And therefore, if you want to figure out what is the right distribution for each type of anchor text for a particular keyword or the page that you want to rank for. We are going to kind of reverse engineer your competitors and see warnings. I would just like to get the idea were the distributions of each anchor text right? However, if you want to avoid complications, the safest and best anchor text moving forward in 2021 and move forward is brand and URL. Now in the method which I'm going to show you in a second from now on, is going to be a little bit complicated and will take some time thrive because we have to kinda look at your competitors and see, have a glance and look at what are the type of anchor text that Google Preferred for a particular keyword. However, if you wanted to make it as simple as possible and to avoid any, you know, penalties, you would want to go for branded and URL anchor text, right? Because remember, Google and other search engines are constantly fighting against the use of anchor text, which you can manipulate the search rankings and therefore the keyword and the Alice I type anchor text. These are the two most powerful anchor text type and also the two most risky type, right? So if you want to stay safe, you go, you can use branded and URL throughout, right? So took to avoid, to avoid going through the method which I'm about to show you. So and also before going ahead and showing you. I'm going to use all the free tools available, right? And therefore you will not go into the details or in-depth to kind of categorize each anchor text percentage, right? Because you know, if you want to do that, you have to kinda purchased a tool which, you know, I'm, I'm quite aware that many of you watching this course are beginners. So therefore, you will not be able to afford those expensive SEO tools, right? Especially as refs, which is actually the best backlinks analysis tool available right now for SEO. And it's also the, one of the most expensive one as well. Alright, so without further ado, let me, let me kinda demonstrate you the process. So we have only three simple steps to choose the anchor text for your wept, for your page, or for a particular keyword. Well, what you want to do is first, you select the competitors on the first page who are similar to you for a particular keyword. So you would go ahead and Google and type in a keyword that you want to run four and C, and then select the competitors, Warhol ranking on the first page. And what you want to do here is you want to ignore those site which are, you know, like, which are, which are not in the same category as your site. Let's say, for example, web directories, Wikipedia, government websites, right? Let's say if you're, if you're running in affiliate marketing website and get you would only select other affiliate marketing website as well as others know a similar type website. And you will go ahead and ignore the directories, Wikipedia's and government website, right? Because these are all outliers. They don't belong to the same category on your website, and therefore, you know, they're in a separate level like Google treat them separately because they are massive, authoritative site and therefore, you know, you can't really compare your site against them. Second step is to reverse engineer the backlinks for those competitors and have a glance at their anchor text. A glance here is to kind of go through their backlinks, profiling cheque. What are like the distribution of anchor text like are they're focusing more on cure anchor tags or are they focusing on more branded or URL type anchor text, right? And actually if you have like even give you all like ash reps or other keyword backlink analysis tool. You can also go ahead and start like kinda divide them into different separate categories and also find exact percentage as well, which actually isn't necessary at all. And you know, the method that I'm about to show you can also work as well, right? And the third step is to when, let's say you've got the idea now of what are the type of anchor text that Google prefer for a particular keyword? Then you would go ahead and start building backwards right? Now let's say, you know, if Google prefer cure anchor text for that keyword, what you want to do is to always, you know, regardless of whether we're typing anchor tag Guba prefers, you would always want to start off with conservative anchor tags, right? The tiebreaker texts that are safe for your website. And those are branded and URL right? Before hitting it with allicin keyword anchor text. And the reason why you want to start safe for us is to give more space, right? To kinda give more availability, availability to starving or throwing in some keyword anchor text or Alice I related anchor text, right? Because what Google looks at the anchor text ratio on your page, they will look at as a whole right there we can calculate as a whole. So if you start out by hitting it with a very like keyword anchor texts or you know, very targeted anchor text. Then what happened here is you will kinda, you know, bump up that ratio, right? Let's say out of all the 50 backlinks you bill initially, let's say, you know, all of them are keyword anchor text rise. So that makes a ratio to be 100%, right? Because 50 or 15 to 100 is a 100, right? Whereas if you start off with something more conservative, and that would make it much easier for you to go ahead and start building stock, eating it with other powerful anchor text layer on. Okay, so without further ado, let me kinda demonstrate to you to actually do this process. So first, here on Google, I've already decided for a keyword. So what we wanted to go for is how to train a cat not to bite food. Let's say, for example, you want to run for his particular keyword. So what do you want to do is to take out at least, you know, to check on at least three of your competence. And preferably, in most cases, I like to go with five, right? But for the sake of the example here, let me pick up three top three competitors, right? So first you make sure that you know, those competitors are, you know, like like they're in the same category as your website, right? So the spruce pets, if I go ahead and open it and perfect and, right, so let me pick the top 3 first. For more general idea, you would want to pick the top five, right? So you can go ahead and pick them up. So once you've opened the combinators, you want to do is reverse engineered that backlinks, right? So you can go ahead and copy their, their URL and go to the tool call H ref free backlink checker, right? So these are free, this is a part of up AS rest backlink checker tool. So this their free version, right, so it is available to everyone of you. Just go ahead too. Is go ahead and type in a four slash backlink Checker. No free tool allows you to analyze up to a 100 backlinks, right? So that is kind of enough to kinda get the idea, you know, like what is actually the top anchor text that Google prefer for that particular keyword, right? So go ahead and paste in the URL here and click on check backlinks. You'll be asked to complete the capture here. And once done, you'll get all that detail here, right? So when you start analyzing the backlinks of your competitors, what you can do here is you can ignore the type of links, you know, there are like spammy or you know, that, that, that, you know, like that doesn't add any value, right? Let's say for instance, Common backlinks, forum backlinks, right? All those type of battling such as this one right here you can see. So if you open this type of backlinks, the spammy one, right? Quite spammy. It likes this one. This, and this are a type of backlinks that Google are likely to ignore, right? Because as mentioned earlier in the course, Google can also choose to ignore backlinks and they actually ignore a lot of backlinks nowadays as well. And you know, from theory and from, you know, experiment and all the tests, we kind of confirm that most of the links that are being ignored, our, you know, like the spammy typed links, right? And what do you want to check on this only for the legit type website, right? Like for instance, this one, joyful And this is linking using this anchor text, right? Nine kips to stop your cat from biting. We go ahead and check up, check out this website. You can see it. Looks it looks legit, right? It is actually looking a legit looking business website. And therefore this is the type of links and you want to count right? And remember to ignore, you know, all the nofollow backlinks, right? So look locally for do follow. So on h ref, you can see that they have mentioned nofollow clearly here as well as the direct. So no need to no need to, to check out actually redirect also, you can check out, right, redirect, but sometimes it can be a little bit different here. So ignore all the nofollow backlinks and check only for, you know, backlinks coming from legit websites such as this one. So if you look at the baton for five for this particular page or results, you can see that most of them are, you know, like URL type, anchor, text, residency, and nofollow as well. So nofollow, nofollow as you can see. And just now we found one keyword anchor text for Isaac and see this one. So if you can see here from joyful descent do fall of backlinks. So without mentioning of nofollow here and this linking using keyword anchor check pregnancy. Stop your cat from biting because remember cure anchor text is any type of anchor text that contains at least one part of your keyword, right? And remember the key, whatever we want to run for this particular page is how to stop your cat from biting. And since it contains and this one pocket keyword reconsider desk keyword anchor text. So one queue or anchor tags here. And what else here we can find, right? And then we've got this one different between K12 and grown up cats. And this one also is coming from this one. This also contains at least one target keyword, right? Like k1 and Gorham, grown-up cats, right? So it contains one part of the keyword. So are not a keyword. Anchor text here, right? So we can go ahead and have a blast. This is another, this is another anchor tags here, and this is a URL anchor text, right? So this is not a nofollow, as you can see in nano nofollow backlinks. But it is an URL anchor text. And that is pretty much it. And also this one tips, right? So this is more or less like a generic or miscellaneous anchor text, right? You can see. So from, from a quick lands of this, you can safely assume that the most tiebreaker kicks use here is URL anchor text, right? As you can see in most cases. And a little bit off Q or anchor tags and just one or two. Remember this is not the overall, this is not the full backlinks for this particular, particular page, but the first 100 backlinks are enough to give you an idea, right? Because these are the top 100 backlinks, right? Top 100 brag, not any random backlinks. So this will give you a very good ideas. And that's why I mentioned that even a free tool are enough to get you a good idea of what are the type of anchor text, right? So for this page, we can kind of conclude that the most used type of anchor text areas URL anchor text. Now let me show you for the second results right on the second of our competitors. Then go ahead to the same tool. Repeated. Learn click, Check, check backlinks. And I'm not a robot here. An incomplete the capture here, right? Sometimes you may have do it multiple times. Alright? So as you can see, ok, and so coming up first here, this is a queue or anchor tags right? Now to stop a cat from biting when, when playing. So this is the exact keyword and you want to rank for. So this is an exact match I'm gonna text. And this is a, this a do follow backlinks and it is a URL anchor text, right? You can see, and this is not to bite. This also bike here, as you can see, right byte contains the cure that we want to rank for. And therefore another keyword anchor text and to nofollow backlinks. So and URL as well. So you'll see that 12, right? So 2Q or anchor text and the remaining are URL. So 123452 out of five RQ or anchor text. Again, you know, most preferred time of keyword echo of anchor text use here is URL anchor text. So from Tool competitors, we get an idea that you know, that you are architects seemed to be the most preferred type here, right? Which means that if you go ahead and start building a lot of backlinks using cure anchor text, you may have a higher chance of getting penalized right or getting punished by search engines because your competitors are not using. Because for this particular keyword, Google isn't preferring to use to R2 ran website or width high Q or anchor text right ratio. So for this website again, this one standing up to them, this is a miscellaneous type anchor text, right? Because it has no relationship to your page or to Q12 onto ran for. And this is how the stop your cat from biting this again, you know, spammy backlinks, you can ignore that. This one, how to start with Catherine binding again, this is exact keyword, this brand and anchor tags, right? But again, nofollow here according to heart for AI, because the name of the website hears And this is one way to prevent against this type of biting. This contains at least one popular key word, fighting, right? And therefore, these are key where anchor text. So we have found three keyword anchor text and the remaining, this is a, again nofollow. So all of them are no followed and the remaining are no follow. So as you can see here, again, for, for this particular page, the most preferred type of anchor text here is URL and protects. And only a few of q or anchor text air. So right now, I hope you're getting the idea right. Therefore, we can kinda conclude that for this particular keyword, the most preferred type anchor text that you are going to be building to your website. Here is URL or branded anchor text, right? Or the conservative ones. Which means you will not focus on a queue or anchor text shore you would want to include some of the queue or anti-tax as well, right? Like two or three from your competitor. And you can see, but then you know, you would, you would not want to kinda go over the board with this right? Now. Let's, now you might have to have some question and let's say you build less at 3Q or anchor text. And for some reason you are still not ranking well then what you do, then you may go ahead and build a little bit more, more than your competitor, right? Less it four or five. Because you know, the idea here is just to, the goal of doing this research is to get the idea right and what is the most preferred one? Way doesn't mean that, you know, you have to follow them exactly to the point, but you have to kind of make sure you get the idea right or what is the type of anchor text then you would want to focus the most on, right? I hope you're getting the idea now, right? And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'll try to answer your questions or your query and as soon as possible. And that's all for this lesson to the next one. 22. What Makes A Good Link: Lesson 4.1, what makes a good link? So this is the first video in the updated version of discourse for 2023. And a lot has changed when it comes to backlinks over the past few years. So I decided to release a new, a couple of new videos to make sure that everything is up to date. Now, major search engines like Google has been known for many years to ignore back links that are not relevant or helpful to the content. This includes things such as low-quality links and always paid links that are built with the purpose of ranking. Now obviously, what, for those of you who have already taken the course back when it was launched or maybe last year when I update it. I have been continuously preaching that Google has gotten better and better at recognizing bad backlinks are low-quality links. Know, a lot. Like I said, a lot has been changed. So Google's ability to be able to detect low quality links and phobias paid back links have gone a little bit better. So in this lesson, you'll get introduced to a couple of checklists that you can use to evaluate what type of links to actually build, right? You will see that there will be a small, slight difference from the previous lesson which I used to have. Now, Google even stated that roughly about 90% of total backlinks on the web asic is ignored. Now, this percentage could even be higher right now seems after a couple of related algorithm updates that Google released, mainly targeting spam and paid links. Therefore, in order to be successful in building the right backlink that works, here are some of the characteristics that it should be looking for based on my own test. So after the recent Google link spam updates, I went ahead and testing a couple of back links and the strategies. And these are based on my own test, what tends to be working nowadays. So the first thing is the link should be contextually relevant, at least on a page level. But better if the entire domain is relevel, is relevant. It hasn't been known for a couple of years now that you know, you need to have a contextually relevant link within the page that is relevant to your website or to your target keyword. But now, based on my own testing is even better. Even your entire domain is relevant. So of course, you know, trying to get relevant, linked at least on a page level is now a mandatory thing. But you could get, make sure that a domain is also relevant to your topic as well. Next to links should be coming from websites and have healthy organic traffic, at least 1,000 visitors per month. This hasn't been changed for some time now and backlinks from a website that has some organic traffic is assigned at Google, is Google loves and appreciates that website. So make sure that you get back links from website and have at least 1,000 visitors per month. Third, coming from sites that have high-quality links pointing to them. So it's not just about looking at the metrics anymore, but also making sure that when you're getting backlinks from a particular website, that website itself also should have some high-quality links pointing to them as well. So let's say you're getting links from New York Times and obviously New York Time also have a lot of other high-quality links pointing to that link. So that way you're not just looking at the traffic and you're just looking to relevant, but also making sure that it's high-quality as well. And also next point here is have a da or DR, domain authority or domain rating, at least 30. Now, you need to also check the profile, backlink profile, or where they're getting the link from first to see if they are not manipulated. When it comes to domain authority or da, or domain rating or DR, these metrics can be manipulated as introduced in the course. Right around the first few lessons. You know that these metrics are third party metrics. They're not. What Google is using for, is using for ranking, and therefore they can be manipulated. So if, let's say your target is to get links from a DR. D of at least 30. Make sure you check the back link profile first. Make sure that they're not manipulated or they're not looking so unnatural. And lastly, this is the kind of a new pointer that way, which makes it different from my previous lesson, is that the link should be placed on a page that doesn't meant mentioned things like sponsored guest posts, etc. Now, in this updated lessons, I will also introduce you to a couple of new strategies to find guest post or to find new, find backlinks opportunities which were not look, will not try to explore those that actually open up and say that they accept gas pause or sponsored posts anymore. Because based on my own testing, these type of website have been in Google, but it has to be in machine learning. So much that Google can easily recognize getting links from these type of website that clearly mentioned that they accept guest post or sponsored article to be d value, to be no, or to have little to no value. So let's see some of the examples of what makes a good link, right? So let me share the screen here. Now going back to this keyword, how to train a cat knocked to buy based from our anchor text analysis. Let's say I choose this website, the spruce, as you can see here. And I opened this website up. Now if I copy this entire URL and go to the free edge rubs back link checker, which was introduced in the anchor text analysis video. Here I pasted the URL inside and I click on Check backlinks. You can obviously notice that there's a slight change in the UI of a shreds because the previous video, the anchor text, lessons that was updated in 2022 and this is 2023. And Ashraf has updated their uart interface. Now if you look at the Backlink profile pointing to this page on the spruce pet, you see that obviously there's some of these foreign language backlinks. But let's say, if I open up this target, why does my cat bite me? These are paid or an article linking to this article that we're analyzing right now. If you go and check out this article, you see that the link should be coming from an anchor text saying reasons why cats byte. So I'm going to find that on the page. I'm going to find that on the page to make sure that I can identify the anchor text. And then you will see that the link is actually coming from the content itself. So this is where the link is, although it's not entirely inside the content, like this one, you can see the west at Paul, right? So this is, this is a contextual irrelevant links is coming from a context, coming from the content. This will have a higher weight for height important than these which are listed as kind of like a list. But nevertheless, it's still a good link because it's at least in the body of the content. Because let's say I know it's not in the comments or is not in the sidebar or something like that. Now obviously this website has a DR of 17, 57. As you can see, there's a DR. So obviously having a lot of power here. And nowhere on the page on a website mentioned about things like sponsored or guests pool or something like that. For advertise. You can have advertise sometimes website do have an advertising, a banner or something like that. But generally speaking, guest post or sponsored or post articles, something like that. You should not have that on the page. So this is a perfect link. First is relevance coming from a relevant article. Duck, the article here is reason why cat bites. And it's coming from a content which is on the same topic here, as you can see, the website itself is also relevant to pets or animals. Cats and dogs in general. And therefore there's a reading relevant domain, very relevant article, then also very high DR. D as well. And therefore it is a perfect link that this page is receiving from So I hope you are clear now and when you buy backlinks, and obviously last thing I have to check here is the traffic, but I'm pretty sure this website has a lot of traffic. But if you want to check, you can put this domain name inside any of your SEO tools like Uber suggest Ashraf SEM rush, anything and check for the organic traffic. That's that's pretty much all you need. That's all for this lesson. See you in the next lesson. 23. Foundation Links & Trust Factor: Lesson five, how to build backlinks, foundation links. There are various strategies to build backlinks such as guest posting, link insertion, PBMs, et cetera. However, the most often neglected types of links are called as foundation links. Obviously, you might have come across certain strategies or techniques to build backlinks such as guest posting, link insertion, etc, etc. However, every campaign, every SEO campaigns need to first start off with Foundation links. Now, Foundation links are important because there are aimed at establishing good foundation before your actual link building campaign, right? So without, you can think of it like building a building without good foundations, you're not going to have a strong building in a same way. You got to have to also build the type of links, cause foundation links as well. Foundation links, they provide an additional layer of trust your website and help validate your site overall trust score. Now, as I explained right in the beginning of the course, that link building or baffling manipulation, all these kind of link building activities have been spammed a lot in the past, and therefore backlinks in general don't have a good reputation when it comes to SEO or rankings in general. And that's why Google kinda really put a lot of strict rules and try to come up with different algorithms to try to combat back link spam or link manipulation in general. And that's why I Know Before You Go and built the different types of links, you need to first validate your website or show to Google that your site is trusted. And we do this through Foundation links. In general, foundation links our first type of links that you build prior to your actual layer building campaign, right after you've finished doing your on-page SEO. So in general, you know, right after you've finished your on-page SEO, when you're about to start with your off-page campaign, that is your link building strategies. The first type of links that you will be building will be Foundation links. Then you can move on to other types of links, such as guest posting links, searching, et cetera, et cetera. So they're mostly no followed and come from highly trusted website. They are also very important for local websites, which are also known as citations and are built to the homepage of the website. Now generally speaking, from all the pretty much, most of the foundation links are gonna be nofollow links, which you also learned. That is another type of link that is, you have to follow a nofollow. But nevertheless, even if it is, even it was a nor falling foundation Linz, like I said, we will provide you with a trust, a score for your website. And it is also especially important for local website. And we call it a citation, right? So whenever you do any local SEO campaigns, you're going to have to first build out citations which are nothing but Foundation links in general. And foundation links, they're all built to the homepage of the website. So just keep that in mind. I examples of foundation links are major social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, high-quality business directories like Yelp, yellow pay is trust Pilot profile or even Google My Business or Google business profile. Now, here's the game plan. Bill out all the major foundation links first, ripe. Before moving on, let's do an example of how to approach this. So let me show you how you can go ahead and quickly build out a foundation links that are important for your website. So coming back to this keyword, how to train a cabinet to bite, what you're going to be doing here is like I mentioned, all the major social profiles, right? So right after you finish off your on-page, you're going to have to create Facebook profile, Twitter profiles, Pinterest profile, U2 profiles, right? All these social profiles. And then after that, you also going to be creating other Of type of profiles from different websites that are important for your keyword, for your topics. And the best way or the quickest way you can do that is to reverse engineer your competitors brand name. So let's say e.g. you wanted to run for how to write a cat, not to buy it. And your website is, is about pad, is a pet block in general. So what type of foundation links you need for your website? So what you can do, you can search for any of your keyword. And it looked at some of the brands that are ranking on the first page. So let's say daily pause, right? So you can go on Google and then soy for daily pause. When you serve for brand name your competitors, you will see different profiles ranking for that competitors. So of course the first one will be their homepage, your website. And then when you scroll down, you'll see pretty much all the brands will have all the top social profiles on the first page. So as you can see, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, right? Then, then you will start seeing some other profiles that you might not expect or might not know off. So things like this website, mock, right? Maybe a press release, something like that. So PR Newswire is a press release, right? So press release also a backlink coming from trusted news website which is about this brand in general. So when you scroll down, you'll see Tik Tok there. And then there's this red, which is like maybe about that and pad in general, right. You can also list your website in this website as well, you can open and check it out. And of course, Pinterest is there. And then you repeat the process. You check from other websites as well, like e.g. per perfect pose. So per post. So you search for another competitor's brand name and then you get more ideas like Amazon. You can see if you can get your website listed on Amazon, that's a good thing. Obviously, Pinterest, YouTube, all these, right, so this how you would go about doing this if you are general website, national website, affiliate tight website, or let's say I'm a Software website, a blog website. You don't really have to go a lot in details because mostly it's gonna be your social profiles and then maybe trust pilot review profiles and then a couple of more profiles, right? And that's it. But let's say if you are a local website, then you'll local website generally will have more profiles like Yelp, Angie's List, etc, etc. So let's say if I search for roofing New York, so let's say you are roofing New York website. And you, let's say you identify some of the brand competitors like, let's say, let's say this one. Are our coal contracting, right? So our cool contracting. So you solve for your competitors. And you'll see, right, obviously Facebook will come up, LinkedIn, Twitter. And you'll see like other profiles, right? Like Yelp Neal, a triple,, map requests. So all of these are local profiles that you also need to build that as well. So these are all Foundation links, right, so that's all for this lesson. If you have any questions, just let me know and I'll see you in the next lesson. 24. Guest Post Link Building: Guest posting. So in this lesson, we will go through our first technique of building backlinks beyond the foundation links for those who have already watched the video. Before I update this lesson, you'll see that there'll be a couple of differences when it comes to techniques. So without further ado, let's get started. A guest posting is a technique of posting your content on other people's website. The aim of getting a link back to your website. So what happens in guest posting here is you actually write a content for other website owners. And in returns, you're getting a link back to your website within that content that you have written is currently one of the most famous techniques of link building and are widely used by SCO and business owners. At the time of recording this video, which is in 2023, guest posting has pretty much been the most famous technique used in building backlinks compared to other types of techniques. Due to safety, scalability, as well as the effectiveness of it actually working. Most of the guest posts, including other techniques I'm going to share our explain this course are now paid due to increase in demands of building high-quality links overall. Now, back when, when I launched this course in 2029, 2020 or maybe 2020, 2019. At that time, you could still get away with some free guest post means you could still get some free backlinks using the guest posting techniques or other technique. But now in 2023, since the trend has increased so much when it comes to backlinks are link building general. Also due to the high demand of link of guest posting in the market. The site owners now are all pretty much aware of this technique and now have started to charge a fee for you to publish a guest post or to get a link back to your website. And therefore getting a free backlinks nowadays, especially moving forward, since the exam is going to be more difficult to get high-quality links, you can expect to get a lot of paid options, right? So free option is pretty much dead now when it comes to link building general. So just keep that in mind. Hence, there are two ways you can go about this, or you can go about building links in general. Either you do it manually by reaching out to website owners, asking for a guest post and then pay for it in most cases or outsource this, the average cost of doing it yourself is roughly about $7,200. Whereas if you hire a company, then it will be roughly about 01:50 to $200. However, this can be more expensive for competitive niches like casinos, CBD, et cetera. Now there are two ways you can go about building links using guest post, or pretty much any link building in general is you can either do it manually by yourself. And the average cost of doing it yourself is going to be lower. So roughly about $70, $200 per guest post when you have to pay to the website orders. Or you can outsource this to a company or an agency where you can expect to pay roughly about 01:50 to $200 per link. Because when you hire a company to do this for you, they will also charge you the cost for the content writing as well. And of course, there will be some labor cost or some service cost that is involved as well. And that's why when you hire a company or agency, they're going to charge you quite a lot higher compared to you doing it yourself. The overall cost can obviously be a lot higher for other different types of niches and for other more competitive niches as well. Here's the game plan of doing it yourself. Let's say if you just do building links on a smaller scale or you're just doing it for your own website. So the first step is you have to find a guest post opportunities or finding a website that will allow you to pose a guest post on their website. Now, you might have come across the technique of finding grasp post online for some of the other courses or even before updating this lesson, I used to also teach you pretty much the same way. That is, you would go to Google and search for website that accepts guest post by using, let's say your niche plus your guests plus gets pulled or niche plus ripe for something like that. But if you remember from our previous lesson on on what makes a good link, you'll see that now, I don't recommend you doing that anymore because any website at openly state that they accept guest post or accept articles for a purpose of backlink is now in Google's kinda bad grades. So you don't want your link coming from website that openly stated that they accept gasp or something like that. So. You rather find opportunities by either checking your competitors or search for normal keywords, which I'll show you in a second. Once you find your opportunities. Next step is to do all the due diligence as given the previous lesson to to check whether the website is good or not for a guest posting. So e.g. whether side has at least 1,000 visitors per month, whether a site is relevant to your niche, et cetera, et cetera. So they can use that same checklist to do the due diligence. The third step is you want to also find the contact of the website owners and send an e-mail outreach. Now when it comes to sending email outreach and asking for permission to post a guest post. You don't have to think much about it because most of the guest's, most of those site owners are already aware of this technique. As I said, guest posting has become pretty much the most popular technique of building backlinks. And therefore most of the website owners have already been reached out to at some point by other companies prior to you. They're all pretty much aware of what is guest posting, et cetera, et cetera. In the past, I used to share some templates that you can use in the e-mail outreach. But right now it doesn't really matter. You can just send any generic email and they will all pretty much reply back with an answer whether yes or no and EBS, how much they're going to cause, etcetera, etcetera. And then after that, in the email, access them if there are any content guidelines and you have to follow, you can even suggesting the topics you're interested in writing on. Now, when it comes to the topics you want to write for other website. When it comes to guest posting. Some website owners do care about their content quality. And obviously if there, if you're going to build links, you're gonna buildings from a legitimate website. And most of the legitimate website are going to care for their content. And therefore, it will also be a better idea if you want to ask for some content guidelines if they have any, and also propose some topics that you'd be interested in writing for them as well. And then wants to confirm the topic. You can start writing the content along with adding your link there. Then you can send your content over, wait for confirmation for them to post your article. And then finally, you can make the payment. Here's a pro tip you want. I'd also suggest you to give the post or a guest post at least 24 to 48 h a chance to index in Google just to make sure that the link is counted and the link is being recognized by Google and then make the payment. Now, what happens here is some guest post might not even get indexed at all on Google search results. And if you decide to pay the site owner before the guest post gets indexed, you might lose money, right? You want your link to get index. You want your guest posts to get indexed on Google, so it will be counted for your backlinks. And therefore, I suggest you to give at least 24 to 48 h for the guest post to get index first and then make the payment just to make sure that your links will actually work. So let's take a quick look at how you wanna go above about carrying out these steps practically. So first you want to go to and obviously the first step is to find guest post opportunities. So the first step is obviously, I asked you to check your competitors for backlinks. You can go back to your keywords or the keyword that we've been using as to how to train your cat not to bite. So do a quick search for your keyword and then open up some of your top ranking competitors. So let's say you open up this website. And then the same step here is to copy the URL. You want to check what backlinks are pointing to this URL of your competitors. Then go to the free edge, back link, checker, paste it there, and then you'll see these are all the links that are pointing to your competitors. Brandon, let's say you want to check then you want to check out some of these website and see if they are a good fit for guest posting, to know whether or not they are good for it. Again, go through the checklist that I gave you in the previous lesson. Check if this website has organic traffic or not. If this website is relevant to your niche or not, etcetera, etcetera. And then reach out. Reach out to this website. Proposed some of your topics. And then Oxford them homework ox from them how much they cost for the guest post. And then start writing, send the content, and then clear the payment and then you're done, right? And then you want to also repeat this process by checking your second competitors, their competitors, as much as you want to find your opportunities here. The first step, the second step is to just do a quick search for goop on Google for any keyword that is relevant to your topic. So e.g. you can solve for how to train your cat. So it will be a different search. We're not searching for the same exact keyword, searching for a different keyword. And why so because we also want to reach out to some of these websites that are currently ranking for keyword that is relevant to your topic. So now, you know, you're not reaching out to your competitors. Of course, they're not going to allow to link back to you. But let's say you can reach out to this website, pet Right? And why this website would be a good fit for you to reach out is because number one, the ranking on Google search results. And therefore in a Google trust, this website will trust this page. And secondly, because they're going to mostly be relevant to your niche. And thirdly, they're not always your direct competitors, so you can always reach out to them and ask them for links. Then obviously, most of them are going to already be high-quality enough. That's why I know they're ranking in the first place, right? And the process follows the same. So you're going to reach out, you're going to propose a topic, then you're going to write content, then you're going to clear the payment, etc, etc. So we're not gonna do anything with which we used to do anymore like e.g. cat or pad. And then guess poles or right? For us, something like that. We're not gonna do that anymore. This is an old technique. Like I said, if you do this, you feel there are only four side that openly accepts guest posts. And according to my tests, these are not good websites to get links from, right? And that's all for it soon the next lesson. 25. Link Insertion Link Building: Link insertion or niche edit. This is the second technique in this course and I'm going to introduce you to call us link insertion or some people accent Sometime cause niche edits or cure that links. In this course. Since it's an SCO course in general, we're not going to dive into other techniques apart from Lincoln's assertion guest posts and of course are already covered. The foundation links, obviously more techniques and there's such as PBA, the cetera, et cetera. But based on my own testing working experience as well, guest posting link insertions are the two most easily scalable way of building links and also the most safest way as well. And this is pretty much applicable to all types of SEO, whether you're new or your intermediate already have some knowledge. When it comes to links, insertions, or niche edit. It's similar to guest posting with the only difference is that you're actually getting a link back to your website from an existing content. So compared to guest posting, the only difference here is you're not going to write any new content for the website owners, but rather you're going to reach out to website owners and asks for a link back on any of their existing content so they can go into there any of their old content or old post, edit the content, added your link there and then publish it or updated it. Rather. You don't have to write any content for that. So it's going to be faster. It's gonna be easier to build links using this technique as well. But obviously there are some downpour and are there some disadvantage to this technique as well which you will learn in the next lesson. I'll just like guest posting. You can also either pay or do it yourself or you can, you know, let's say hire an agency to do it for you. The average cost of buying a niche edit yourself is between $50 to $70 per link and roughly about $100 if you hire company. Now, link insertions or niche edits costs compared to guest posts is, is considerably cheaper. And the reason is because, like I said, it's gonna be much easier for website owners to add a link back to your website. They don't have to review the content, they don't have to edit the contrary anything, all they have to do is just log into their WordPress or their website, um, add your link there and then publish it. Russell is going to be much faster for them. And therefore the cost is generally much cheaper as well. And this also applies to when you hire company as well. They don't have to write your content for you. Alright? So here's a game plan of doing it yourself. First, you're going to find niche edits, opportunities, just like guest posts. And you're going to use the same techniques that I showed you in the previous lesson. That is, you can either check your competitors for backlink opportunities or you can search for any normal keywords that are relevant to your topic, right? And then you're going to choose out which website you want to get a link insertion from. Again, you're going to do all the due diligence as given the previous lesson to check whether the website is legitimate or is a legit website to build a links from or not. And then the same process goes here as well. You're going to find a contact of the site owners sent an e-mail outreach. Again, notice, think much about this in the email. Now here's a small difference. Instead of asking them about the content guidelines. Since you don't have to write a new content for them, you're going to be sending them the exact URL that you'd like to link to be featured on along with the anchor text you want. So instead of asking the website owners for a content guidelines, and since you're not going to write any content for them over so you're not going to add oxygen for content guidelines, but instead you're going to send them the exact URL where you want to link to be featured on, where you want to get a link from their website along with the anchor text you want. So you're going to let them know where you want your link to be featured on their existing content and what anchor text you want for that link to be as well. You've got to wait for their replies to see if they allow in ligand insertion on the URL. We want, as some website owners don't want some of their pages to be associated with link building. Now here's a small caveat with insertion is that let's say you found a very good page opportunities to get a link on. But then you know, some website owners might not allow that URL to be inserted with any link because some website owners, like I said, they do care about their content and do care about their website quality. And therefore they don't want some of their own pages, especially important pages that gets a lot of traction in traffic to be associated with link building. And therefore, you know, maybe the page you have selected is already good enough, but they might not allow you to add a link insertion there, right? So you have to first make sure that they allow that URL to put a link on. Here's a pro tip. When choosing a page for niche edit, make sure to choose a page that's already ranking for something or has some traction. So let's say you found, you want to get a page, you want to get your link on there. Makes sure that you get a link from a page that's already ranking on Google search results. Because in that way, like I said, if the pages are ranking for something means Google is already trusting that page or that that website for it's a wall but more important in DUC page in general. Therefore, you're going to get a lot of linked power by getting a link inserted on a pace that's already ranking for something. So let's have a quick look and see a little bit of difference of how this would be implemented in a practical way. So again, coming back to our keyword, how to turn a cabinet to buy, it's gonna be a similar process. You're going to search and you're going to find link insertion or edits opportunities. So you're going to open up some of these website and reverse engineer Checkout where they're going, they're getting the links from. But now let's say you wanna get your link from this website. You can open up this page directly. And then now you don't have to reach out to this website separately and asks for a guess, force or anything. You can reach out to this website directly and oxygen if you could get a link with, let's say, inserted somewhere here, right? So your competitors are also getting the links from this page somewhere as well. So you can access a website owner to get the link inserted somewhere in this article. So you're getting the link from within the same article than your competitors are getting. You can do this directly straight away because you know, we're not going to write any new content. Or you can just look around their website and then see what pages you want your link to go into, right? And remember the pro tip, make sure that you choose a page that is already ranking for something. So let's say you, let's say you go to this page, e.g. this page, let's say it's relevant to your keyword is similar. You might not find 100% exact relevant because this depends on what content your target Lincoln searching opportunity has. But let's say this is relevant enough. So next step is you want to also check out to see if this page is ranking for something, right? If this page is ranking for something means to getting some traffic is getting some traction. This page could prove to be a good page for Lincoln surgeon, right? Like like I said, it's better to get a link from a paste as getting some traffics that's getting some traction. So you might want to get checked this first, I'll check if this page is getting some traffic or not. You can use any of your SEO tools to analyze separately only for this page. And C is getting any traffic and traction, something like that. Right? So this is a pro tip there. Obviously the rest of the steps remains the same. You're going to reach out, you're going to, OK, you can add a link to this page. If they say no, we cannot, but they might give you some other some other opportunities or options, then you can see and evaluate based on those options. Right. So that's a minor difference between guest posts and Lincoln surgeon. And if you have any questions, do let me know. That's all for this lesson to the next lesson. 26. Guest Post vs Link Insertion: Guest post versus a link insertions the good and the bad. So just to recap, guest post outreach method or guest posting is basically a process of building backlinks in which you write a new piece of content for other website owners. And once the website owner publish that content, you'd get a link back to your website or your piece of content. Whereas for Lincoln assertions, you basically reach out to other website owners and ask them to update their existing content in order to link back to your website or your piece of content. In this lesson, I'll show you, or I will explain to you the advantageous and disadvantageous of bolt. First, we'll look at guest post. The advantageous are, number one, you have control over the relevancy of your content. Since guest posting, you're basically going to write a new piece of content for that website owners. So you have a choice of choosing a topic of your own, and therefore, you can control the relevancy of your content. For example, if you want to rank for a keyword of, let us say how to train of dark not to buy. Then you might, you might want to write a guest post on a topic, let's say five steps to train doc knock the by. As you can see here, the content that you want to rank and a guest posts articles are basically very similar or very relevant to each other. And here in this case, you have full control over the relevancy of the content, which actually will help you better when it comes to the effect of backlinks. As nowadays, Google is now looking towards the relevancy of the backlinks, as I explained to you earlier. Second, you have control over the anchor text use since it is the content that you write. And then deep to the website owners, you basically have a full control over what anchor text you want to use. Since you are the one who write the content. And third, because you're receiving a link from a brand new content is generally much safer downlink insertion. In general, when talking about risk gets policies basically the most, the most safest way to build backlinks for your website. And that is because you're actually getting backlinks from a brand new content and less top left. For example, you know, he will think about it on the internet. What do you think is the percentage of people who are actually going back to their older piece of content and update the content in order to link back to one other website. The chances here is very low, right? When we talk about naturalness, your tend to get backlinks from a brand new page rather than getting backlinks from an existing piece of content, right? Because let's say, you know, like for instance, you own website when you want to write a new piece of content on your website, what do you want to do first you want to research on that topic, right? So during the research process, you might find other website which you know. Which is a good resource for additional resource to your piece of content. So in the process of writing your own piece of content, you might also want to link out to that piece of content for a reference, right? So in this way you actually giving back links to other piece of content. So this also happens with other website as well. And that's why I know backlinks generally are more naturally bound to happen on a brand new piece of content rather than existing piece of content, which makes it much safer. Driveway comes to algorithms being, being able to detect as to whether or not, you know, you're trying to manipulate the rankings. Now let's look at some of the disadvantageous here. Number one, it is more expensive in general for both the cost of the content as well as a placement. Since you're going to, you're going to pay for to cost in this case, right? So first is going to be the cause of the content. So let's say you don't have time and you want to, you know, you need to build battling using guest posts. Then what you have to do is you have to high, alright, alright, alright, that piece of content. And once you pay for that writers, you also have to pay for the placement right off that backlinks. Because as I mentioned earlier, nowadays, building backlinks, in most cases, the website orders are going to ask you for some money here. And generally, they're going to act more when it comes to guest post as well because they have to check your content. They have to put some effort in editing the content right now to make sure that the content tosses during guidelines. And also, you're gonna pay a much higher rate than Lincoln assertions in general. But of course, if you decide to write the content by your own, then you save up the cost for the content. But again, the placement clause is usually much more expensive than Lincoln's assertion. Second is advantageous areas is not easy to scale which require, and that is because it required to write a new piece of content every times. So think about scalability here. Let's say you want to build backlinks from ten website using guest posts. So for each and every website, you have to keep on writing new piece of content, right? Because you climb, basically recycle the same content again and again. Because you know, every website owners wanted to have unique content on their website, right? So it is quite difficult or slow in scaling here. And thirdly, it is less powerful. And where you've talked about power here we are actually talking about authority or the bathymetry of R1, R2 power of the backlinks. So when you actually build backlinks from guest post, your building battling from a brand new page, right? Which has no authority, which has, you know, basically, you know, has nothing, right, has no power, has nothing. And noise coming from brand new page. And therefore, you know, you're not gonna get much of a power from it. You know, unless you let it sit on the other website for some times and then, you know, over time it will become more powerful. It will have more authority. And. We thought we would talk about authority here we're basically talking about the power of the page, right? Which is able to transfer the backlinks power two. So now we are continue and we'll look at the link insertions for both pros and cons. So number one for the prose is cheaper and total costs, as mentioned, Lincoln searching in general is much cheaper than gas pose. Here you don't have to actually reload. You actually have to write the piece of content still. But if you compare the causes of placement of Lincoln search into Kazaa play Mint for guest post is generally much cheaper because you know, it is much easier for other website owners to, to execute, right? Because all they have to do with just logging to their WordPress website and update the backlinks. Tacit. Secondly, is easier to scale, but you talk about scalability here is much easier to scale when comes to the link insertion outreach. And that's because, you know, you only require one piece of content on your website. And all you have to do next is just outreach and get secure the links, right? Because Let's say you want to build links to today an article on how to train, how to train a dock, not to bark, not to bite, right? Then you publish that piece of content. Now what do you do next? You just follow that tutorial which I just showed you on how to do Lincoln assertions. And you basically just have to reach out to other website owner and Oxford links to that piece of content. So you don't have to repeatedly create a neo backlinks every time, right? In order to link to your website. And thirdly, is more powerful Since you're actually building backlinks from existing piece of content on other website. That particular existing piece of content may also have backlinks pointing to that page as well, right? So you think about it, that piece of content can also, you know, how will become more authority or authority date, right? And we'll have more power. So let's say that protocol piece of content already have had some back links pointing to it. So if we go ahead and get that page to link back to you, then you're basically getting all the backlinks power that that particular page has and transferred to you. So you can imagine here how much part of actually getting here right from the existing piece of content. Now, what are some of the cons or disadvantageous here? When you're talking about link insertions. Number one, it's more risk. As explained in the previous light. Backlinks are more naturally bound to happen on a brand new page rather than existing bins of content. So it is generally much more risky if you want to, you know, build backlinks using link insertion on a large scale. Of course, you can use this method, but I would advise you to go with something betweens 6535 or 70-30 in in a form of racial rights. So sixty-five percent would be guessed both. 35% would be lincoln surgeons, or 70% guess pose and 30% Lincoln surgeons. So you would want to make sure that your guess postmen outreach method, you're actually building back links using guest posts are rich method more than Lincoln assertions. Second disadvantage here is a lack of control and content relevancy. Since you are actually getting backlinks from existing piece of content from other web site. You basically has no control over what, what their content is all about, right? So you have to, you, you have no control over that. So all you have control over is basically nothing, right? So, and that's basically the lack of controlling anchor text as well. So both the content irrelevancy as well, the anchor text here, because you know, you're just simply asking, although website owners to insert a link back from an existing anchor text, right? So in this way, you are basically, some website owners allow you to also change the anchor tags, but in most of the cases they won't allow. So that can also put your website at risk as well, right? Less Emile if you build backlinks using LinkedIn assertions from, let's say ten website and all those tens are using keyword anchor tags. And you know, let's say for your particular keywords, for your niche, it is not actually advisable to use more of a cure anchor text. And then now you have a problem, right? And that's why Lincoln surgeons can be a little bit more risky and harder to control. And that's all for this lesson. If you have any questions, once again, you can always reach out to Lee or oximeter Q&A sessions. Thank you for watching. See you next lesson. 27. Risk Of Link Building & How To Minimize: risk of ling building and how to minimize. There's no such thing as why had s you or ethical s you. If the link doesn't come naturally, you're essentially putting your side at risk again. Google's policy, which states that any action or effort made to manipulate the search rankings is against their policy. So whatever action we've been discussing for so far, whether it's guest posting or any other actions were essentially building links or make our website acquire links right, which in this case is artificial way. So, um, why has to exist only if you just create content, sit and wait for someone to naturally links to you, which in this case happened, you know, very rapidly, right? I remember now because, you know, people have really turned into a real business. So unless you're well known or recognized in the industry, people willing to you otherwise you know, you hardly gonna get any natural back wings, and you cannot succeed in s you without, you know, building back ling. So there's a assisting us. Why had s you? But you know we're relatives building wings through guest posting or any other method. If you're not doing it, You know, some in some shady stuff which is in that case of black and as you we normally call it as Grey hand s You you know, it exists in the middle, is not Shelley and at the same time is not pure act ical. The way to really minimize this is to add value so other it was guest posed. Don't just ride generate articles, right. Great content for goes on relevancy. You see, whenever you create a guest post, don't just do it for the sake of link building or improve your ranking right. Great quality content for other website or in exchange for back Ling's Don't just write generic 500 word article and you know, put your links there and that's it, you know, because in that case, Google knows that you're trying to manipulate their search ranking which you know against their policy. Don't build too many wildlings at once slowly building in overtime star small, for instance, it would look a national if you get a link from a day of 70 to your new site. Now Lee s u is all about time on and, you know, consistent effort. You can't just, you know, improve your ranking within days or weeks, right? Especially if you're just starting out for example. You know, buying 200 back wings in two days would obviously looks unnatural life, even though it will improve your rankings, you know, in some sort of period of time. But Google will catches tests, and we'll obviously you know, knows that you're trying to manipulate their search ranking. So you have to put in consistent effort, Do it slowly steady. But you know, I have to have have to be consistent the effort on obviously. You know, if you're just starting out your new website, no one's gonna know you. And if you suddenly get back wings from, let's say, a d of 70 which is a high authority website, that again looks very unnatural, right? The building links toe undeserved page just for the purpose of ranking will not only give you little to no result, but also can makes it look suspicious. What I mean by undeserved page here is basically some page on your website which no one is willing to, you know, it's not likely to link to, For example, a category page or contact us page are you know, if your e commerce website having a back against your category page doesn't looks right. Natural people only links to great quality content which add values, Right? For instance, um, have a back clings to your block article would make more sense than having into your contact us page. It doesn't. It won't. You know, basically, having back listed those type of page will not only, you know, hindered the results, but we'll also makes it look very suspicious. Obviously, if Google looks at this, they'll clearly know that you know, no one will likely to link toe categories page. But why you have it like that? So that looks unnatural. In this case, since a swell and lastly have some mix of no fallings, don't just build for do fallings. Remember in a couple of previous lecture where mentioned that you should always strive for do follow links whenever you go for guest post because they give us your values but in a reality in the reality you know, having 100% door do follow back ling through on your website is just a natural because no followed links exist in everywhere, right? Whether his comment mentions from other website forums. You know, all these kind of website, right? So if you have a mixture off no following do fallings That obviously makes it looks more natural because, you know, it kind of showed a google that in over the time you have committed a couple of back links your website which you know are mixture of no follow links from some source and do for links for some other source. If you have completely 100% do for lings, That obviously tells them that you have put in some effort to really build links artificially which they can catch you and obviously penalize or punish you. The point here of this lecture or this whole section is not to basically discourage you for from link building, but to actually, you know, help you reduce the risk of it. Because without link building, you're not going to succeed in s you And you know, with all really caution about this, you're not gonna strike well from it. Right? But there's a visit. Thes points can really you know, help you minimise the risk toe. Almost 0% chance, right? So make sure you keep these in mind. And that's all for this lecture of soon. The last conclusion video 28. Introduction To EAT: Module five, AAT. This is a special module in which I feel like to be included in this particular course. As over the past few years, II 18 SU has become a much more important topic than ever before. And I've believed that this course is one of the few or the only course available out there that offer training on e 18 SEO. So I'd like you to keep in mind that is a particular, it is a very important topic and therefore to listen carefully and implemented on your website moving forward. Lesson one, what is E a T and SEO and why it's important? Ea T stands for expertise, authoritative ness, and trustworthiness is actually a concept in SEO that defines the overall quality of your content and website to make sure that your information is the most reliable to the users. Now, unlike any other things that we discussed so far, AAT is not a ranking factors, but rather a concept as it encompasses or contains whole lot's of other signals that are quite subjective. And when it comes to this concept, it is used to actually defines the overall quality of your content on a website in order to make sure that you know it is the most reliable to the user's. This concept or acronym is wild discuss in detail in the quality of radar guidelines, a document used by quality radars all over the world. What are real human beings in order to rate the quality of the search results by looking at various websites randomly. Now this particular acronym or term VAT is being quite or explain in details in that document called quality raider guidelines, which is an official document by Google, which is available to the public right now, but earlier, let's say about 2-3 years back, it was only available to a group of people called quality LET raters, which are a group of people hired by Google in order to rate or, you know, kind of like look at the search results and rate the quality of the search results, right? And they also will also click through the results to look at the website as well. And this is like a group of people wrestled. They're scattered all over the world and in different places. And there'll be assigned to follow a particular instructions, which is, which are highlighted or outline inequality radar guidelines in order to rate right the search results. For the past few years, Google has been heavily focused in AAT in order to surface the best possible results for the users. Now, as you might have probably noticed, over the years, there have been arise in many of the spammy websites and like unworthy website, right? So in order to maintain a quality, quality search results and in order to make sure that, you know, Google delivers the most trustworthy, the most useful content to the users. They have the, they started new implementing AAT or this concept into their algorithms in order to make sure that, you know, the Google returns the most quality content or the most quality results to the users, right? And while the first few signs with, you know, Google actually kinda stated that they will be heavily focused on this particular concept is back in 2018 when they release a core update or a large annual update, ri, which Google does every year, called the medic update, which was released in August 2018. So you can go ahead and search about the medic update, which was, you know, what are the biggest updates that Google released in the recent years? And they were heavily focused on, you know, AAT. Although VAT concept is required by all types of businesses and website, it's more prominent or important for those niches that fall under the category called YM while, or your money or your life niches or queries. Now, VAT is actually a concept, right? It's being applied throughout for all kinds of businesses or niches. And but it is actually more important, important or prominent in the niches that fall under the category called y. While Nietzche, right? Or your money or live. Nietzsche's, which are basically a category created by Google in order to, you know, two defines the, the group of websites that actually happened impacts directly on people's life, right? So as you can see here, why well is how Google refers to web pages and content that could have a negative impact on the quality of people's lives or their finances. So VAT is more important for, you know, for certain niches that have, that have a direct impact on people's lives or their finances. So this includes niches such as health, fitness. Like anything that relates to their, you know, their health finances and their well-being. So these niches will require higher type of VAT or you have to focus more AAT. Whereas other niches such as, for instance, it's more local. Restaurants may require lower E a T, or may not have to really implement EIT at all on their website, right? So regardless of whatever you're nice you're in, whether your affiliate marketing, local businesses, e-commerce, right? You have to implement VAT on your website. And you know, over the years, like, especially in the upcoming years, it will become more important than ever before. And from my experience, from the trends that Google's going in, each of their algorithm updates. This seemed to be heavily focusing more and more AAT as, you know, as they're released, more and more algorithm updates. So in the next lesson, I will introduce you to the first element of e 18, that is expertise. And I'll also explain to you as well later on in the course on how to actually implement VAT on your website. But before that, let me show you what the actual what the actual quality of rater guidelines look like. So, you know, if you have time, I suggest, I highly recommend you to actually go through it. And you'll read right, what, what is it and you know, like, what is it that Google is looking for from a website? So this is actually the Google quality rater guidelines, which is available for free on the internet. So it can go to Google and search for Google quality rate or guidelines. And the first link should be at right? So this is the link here and say Go ahead and click on it. And it will open a PDF file here which contains about 175 pages and you can see here. So they update this document frequently, right? Like sometimes they would do a minor changes, sometimes they would do some major changes. So this is the actual documents, right? That the quality raters or the people who rate the search results. Actually we will have to read, write, and to perform different instructions in order to rate the search results. So as you can see here, go through everything in details, right? So we'd explain to you what is a good results looked like? What does a back results look like, right? What does it low quality results look like. What does a high-quality results look like? So you can go through it. I highly suggest you to read through it, right? Or you know, or you can find some some like a brief explanation about it as well on the internet. So you can search for something like, you know, short version or something like that, but it is better to go through the official document, right, so that's all for this lecture. See you next video. 29. Expertise: Lesson two, expertise. In this lesson, we will dive into the first element of e a t, and that is expertise. The first element in E8. He's expertise, which is defined by how much of an expertise the author of the content has on a particular topic. For example, if you were to search for a query on less say, how to feel allergy naturally, Google would choose to rank content that belong to either big, authoritative medical site or small websites run by actual people who have actually heal themselves of the disease and are providing his or her case studies. So when we talk about expertise, it is basically a who is actually behind the content that you know, that it's being surface on the search results, right? Because think about it like if you were to search for like in this instance, how did you allergy naturally, let's say, you know, even get a result from a new website, right? From someone who, you know, who doesn't even qualify to be a medical person, then of course, you know what that results would be. It could be, it could actually give you harm more than good, right? Because let's say if they give you some wrong advisor and you start implementing that in your health or your life than you ended up being in more serious health issues, right? And that's why I know Google is really like looking to surveys content written by experts on a particular topic, right? So like here, how to feel energy naturally. You would get the content either from a big, authoritative, trustworthy website, such as health or Web MD. Or you know, from a smaller website who, or which are run by actual people who have actually no heal themselves. And you'll have kinda documented his or her process. And in the case studies Ri, So Google will be able to determine whether or not a particular content is written by experts are not. However, keep in mind that these various from query to query, business to business. For, for instance, if your company expertise may be associated with your actual company itself rather than into UDL Hillman. Now, keep in mind that when we talk about expertise and AAT in general, just as what I mentioned earlier, it varies from business to business needs to niche and also query to query. So VAT for, let's say a health needs are held. Queries may be different from E, a, T from, let's say local business, right? Which you know, which may not require actual people to actually, you know, to write the content itself, right? Like the expertise may not be, may not lie in the actual people who write the content, but rather, you know, associated with the actual company arise. So let's say, you know, if you're a local business, then ready comes to AAT. The expertise may be associated with the actual company arrived because it makes sense, right? Let's say we want to search. You want to hire a roofers, then you know, you would want to choose I roofing company, right? Rather a particular rule first. Whereas let's say if you want to search on like how to heal allergy naturally, then it can either be, you know, from a trustworthy Medical Institute website or from the actual people, right? So you have to look at a query as well and look at the business. Well, in the next lesson, our dive deep into the authority, deafness and trustworthiness. And that's all for this lecture. So in the next lesson. 30. Authority And Trust: Lesson three, authoritative ness and trustworthiness. The last two elements in AAT are authoritative ness and trustworthiness. We usually go hand in hand and in most cases, one element leads to one another. Now think about it. When we talk about authoritative nest. It also can lead to trustworthiness and trustworthiness skeleton lead back to being authoritative openness, right? Because, you know, being an authority in the space also means you are trustworthy entity. Whereas if you are trustworthy, entity means you're also an authoritative entity in that space as well, right? To put it simply, the a and T factors defines how credible you are business or brand is online for particular needs and query. So as simple definitions for a authoritative lis and trustworthiness combine the a and the T factors actually defines how credible your business or brand is online for a particular niche or queries, or how well positioned your brand is online. Therefore, when talking about AAT in general, that is more often off-page factor than on-page as VAT is a relative factor. So let me talk about e 18 general eight is more of an off-page factor or you know, it depends on the outside factors out though outside of your website, more than the on-page factor or the factors present on your website, right. And it is a relative factors means E HE let's say, you know, if the first results ranked number three in the search results have more EIT that results in a ranking the Mu1. Then overtime that third results may, you know, may rank higher rather than the forced ranking results. So it is actually a relative factor here means like who actually has the most VAT on for a particular niche, for a particular query, right? Like for instance, if your business or brand is widely recognized online by the majority of trustworthy sites, such as New York Times, Forbes, et cetera. As a reputable medical site specialized in auto immune diseases, you will be deemed to have high VT compared to your competitors who hardly have any online replication and are barely new to the game, hence, will make you rank higher. This what I explain, it isn't being unrelated factor here, right? When we talk about AAT, for instance, you know here the example is clearly shown that if your brand or business that is being widely recognized by online websites such as, you know, New York Times and Forbes. You'll be deemed as a highly high VAT site compared to, you know, to your competitors who let's say No, they're just brand new, narrower websites, brand new, they're brand new, social, brand new, and not many people know about them. And you know, that don't, they barely have any, you know, like authority, the people or side mentioning about them read therefore, you know, you actually run Cairo, none them. Now in the next lesson, in the next two lessons, I'll actually teach you how to implement AAT, both the on-page, like how to implement VAT on your actual website and how to prevent AAT using the off-page signals, right? Or how to use outside signals to influence your AAT. And that's all for this lesson. See you in the next lesson. 31. How To Implement On-Page EAT: Listen for how to implement the on-page one. When implementing EHR on-page and off-page, the goal is to send various signals or demonstrate to Google that you have the VAT on your site and the whole brand. When you implement AAT, is kind of like sending various signals to Google, to kind of show to Google that you have a particular VAT on your website. And the reason is because you have to remember that Google is nothing but just a mere robot, right? So it's not a human being, it's just some robots. So it's your job in order to let Google knows using the easiest possible method. In order to let them know about your e a t. Because if you don't let them know, they would have to figure it out on their own. And therefore, it will make things much harder for them. And it will also take you longer in order to get the results. Some of the on-page things that you can do in order to send signals to Google are, number one, make sure your site has privacy policy terms and conditions and an about us page to show to Google about your identity and that you're a real legit running business. First signal you can do is to actually have pages such as privacy, policy terms and conditions or both. And as importantly, the About Us page in order to show to Google about the identity of your breath business or brand that you are a real legit running business. Because remember, the goal of implementing AAT here is to show to Google and to show to users that you're a real legit running business and you have a particular authority and particular expertise and political trust behind your brand. So the first, easiest signal that you can do right off the bat is to have these important pages on your website. Because if you look at other spam website or any other low-quality websites, they usually won't have real additivity is right, that they're real legit running business. Next up, what you can do here is on your about us page, make sure you write clearly about your company or who you are. If you're running it as a personal website, what your business is all about, and make sure to link out to other places where you have been featured or talked about online. So next, once you have your about us page, you have to make sure that you write clearly about your company, walked you do your brand. Or if you are running a website as an individual person or individual brand, then you have to describe about who you are, what you do, et cetera. And when you do that, you also would want to make sure that you link out to other places where you have been featured or talked about on line. Let's say you are, you have been featured on Forbes and less a New York Times, right? Then you can do is you can link out to those pages. Those sites where you have been featured on. So this can kind of makes it easier for Google to connect the dot, right? As to connect the dots between your brand and the places where you have been featured on like a trustworthy place. And therefore, that will help build additional trust to your website and your brand. Next, what you can do here is you can also happen author box and information about your author. Preferably an author page to show who writes the content. So this point helps demonstrate expertise, right? So on your website, if you're, if you're doing a content marketing, like if you publish content, it is wise to actually, you know, half author box rights to actually demonstrate to Google or to tell who Google who's actually behind that content. And you also would prefer to have an author page, write a page on your website which have a clear details about your authors. Whether it is you yourself who writes the content or other people who, who you have hired or you know, you have kind of taken to write the contents. So those people who will become your author of the content. And therefore, you know, you have to make sure that you show that clearly to Google by having author boxes or preferably author page. Another thing you can do here is have a clear contact details such as business name, address, phone number, and other useful information. Another point here to show to Google that you're a real legit running business is to have a clear contact details such as business name, address, phone number, and other information. And lastly heres to publish high quality, well-researched topic. So another you can add to your AAT for the on-page. Here's do publish content regularly, a high-quality content, and you also want to make sure that the content are well-researched threat you wouldn't want to write on a topic that aren't, well research that are backed up by data, right? Because that would be, you know, because that, that could be a fake data, right? Or that could be not a 100% uncertain because think about it right? Let's say your health website and you write a content, you'll write a blog post on, let's say you know, how to heal allergy using less say, Apple, right? Of course, you know, Apple helps healing allergies, but that it is. And that is not a 100% right, because you can't obviously Hugh allergy using Apple. So is the information here is kind of misleading, right? So you wouldn't want a Jack because, you know, Google, really careful about selecting information that they can trust. And therefore, you can't really rank well by writing something which are not backed up by well-researched data, something like that. So let me kind of show you a real life example of some of the E on-page, THE, on some of the real running website, right? So I've pulled up to websites. So one is a general website. And the website is a actually a local website. So you can have an idea of how to actually implement it, right? So this is the first website. Here is their website is an SEO agency website, right? So it is run by Marie Haynes, one of the, we'll recognize SEO or personalities in the industry. So this is her website and it is her About Us pages you can see here. So robbed the bank, she introduced she introduces herself, right, a little bit short bio bar herself. So she or you know, Google and as well as the users can understand, right? And then later on she wrote about her story, right? I, how she got started in SEO, et cetera. You may as well have this right, so you can let the users know as well. And they're right here. Here's a section on her website where she mentioned a various places right. Where we're going to talk about her, right? Or where she has been featured on. So for instance, Mauss write Search Engine Watch lands. So this another big authoritative as SEO website Moss is of course, a very reputable SEO website as well. So as you can see here, all these website where she has been featured on, she hasn't linked to her on the page, right? So if you open up these links and this will lead these will lead you to the pages where she has been featured on. Right. So this, as I mentioned, we helped connect the dot right, between your website and the places where you have been featured on. And then you know, here also she has like a clear address, right? So as you can see, a clear Address and that's pretty much it, right? So as you can see, so this a good example of a Good About Us page and a good on page 80. So, and of course you also have terms and condition pages, right? So I'm pretty sure she has its somewhere here. It will show you also have a clear contact page, as we can see, right? So, so this the fourth example. So let's move on to another example. This is a local websites, so occasion or your local business or you do SEO for local businesses, so disallowed, they're like scenario, right? So this is another example which I was about to find on the internet that has good on page 80. So this is their about us page right, of this particular company called quail plumping. Right. So as you can see you so initially they they have a real picture residency here, so real legit picture of their companies van. So these are the first thing right, that chose to users as well, google, that they're actually a real legend running business rising and C. So the next, you know, they have like a bio about what they do writable their companies, et cetera. So it shows clearly what they do, What about them, about their companies, et cetera. And then right here at this section, this is the place where they have been featured on, right? So as you can see here, so they've been featured on neural triple B accommodation. So as you can see, they have also linked to triple B arrived with an a plus rating here. And if also, you know, they're also license and bonnet resto del so Kelda, Google users that they're in license contract, right? So this AGA again, no shows clearly about their expertise, about their authority on, about, you know, about their brand, right? And of course, you know, they have their clear address here, but phone number and business hours. So as you can see here, it is a very clear e, a t page. And of course you can see on the top here, you also have privacy policy page and you know, FAQ page, right, if you want to add that. And then we also have, you know, like turbulent condition pages as well, right? Like for instance. So so they have all, all of the elements that represent as being a real clear, real legit running bread, right? So I hope you're getting the idea here and the next lesson, I'll teach you how to implement VAT on the off-page level. So that's all for this lecture. See you next lecture. 32. How To Implement Off-Page EAT: How to implement e a t off page. So in the previous lecture, I showed you how to actually implement e a, t, or sin various ET signals to Google on your actual website. And this lecture, I'll show you different things and you can do in order to use the outside or off-page signals to influence the VAT on your website. So some of the off-base things you can do to send signals to Google are, number one, acquire links from high authority and trustworthy website that talks about your brand. To decide includes things such as news website and other major players are major websites, industry or Nietzche. So the first and probably the most strongest signal then you can use to influence e a t on your website is to acquire backlinks from high, authoritative and trustworthy website. So these are generally a news website, right? So this New York Times, Forbes, or if you're in a local space, then it could be, you know, a local news website, right? So these are sites that Google generated generally trust and you know, these are also have, they also have high authority or other sites in your industry, right? That are like, kind of like a major players or main site. So let's say we're in an SEO Nietzche, right? So it would be wise essay would be benefit to you if you get links from Laissez websites, that is, right? Or search engine So these two are the big, big players in the SEO industries, right? And they, of course are also high authoritative website as well. Next, what you can do here is to get coverage about your business or brand mention about your business or author featured on news website. So another thing you can do here is to actually get your business or your brand name out there and, you know, lead. Get some coverage right on news websites. Because once again, like I mentioned, news website are generalists site that Google trusts that are highly authoritative. And if you have lots of brand mention or you know, if they mentioned a lot of other authority websites mentioned above, your brand or your business, then you know, of course, that will send signals to Google that you're highly authoritative and trustworthy entity, right? And this can also be in the same case as the author as well, right? So the author or who writes the content on your website. Next, you can also maintain positive brand image online. This includes things such as reviews and feedback. And other thing which Google looks at from time again, is your online reputation tried. So this includes things such as your reviews and your feedback online on various channels, right? So this could include places such as trust, trust pilot, Google, My Business Review's right, if you're a local business, local websites reveal right? So various places or CrunchBase, all all these, you know, reviews cured at sites, right. And next is quality brand signals or searches and social media presence omnichannel present. So the last, actually the last thing you can do to influence the VAT on your website is to have, you know, quality brand signals, right? So this means people are aware of a brand, right? So you would utilize social media and other channels, right? So here I mentioned omni channel presence means multi-channel approach in order to market your business or your brand, right? So you have to kind of build the awareness, build the authority around your brand using various signals, such as using various channels, such as social media, paid advertisement, et cetera, right? So all these voom help users or people become more aware about your brand. And therefore, they will start, go to, start going to Google and search about your brand online. And this will becomes what we call a US brand searches, right? So if more and more people start searching above your brand and start engaging with your brand online. And Google can. And Google will be able to pick these signals up in these engagement up. And over time, you will be viewed AS highly AAT, right? So that's all for this module and that's all for this course. So in the next, next section, I'll introduce you to a various bonuses that you can apply it, which include various tips and tricks on your website, right? So before moving to that part, here is an analogy that I'd like you to keep in mind. So SEO overall is like a car where on-page and technical represents the car itself, and off-page represents gasoline or oil to power your car. So SEO as a whole, you can't think like a car and gasoline, right? So when we talk about on-page and technical, that actually is represented by the body of your car. And the off-page signals is represented by gasoline or oil, right, which are used to power your car. So when other will build car or via the bill, well maintain or well-structured on-page and technical. No matter how good a gasoline or off paid you have, the car wouldn't be able to run well. Right? So no matter how good you are, no matter how good your off-page signal is resonant lesson, no matter how good your backlinks is, your grant signal is right. Without a will, maintain well-structured on-page and I'll be able to run well, similarly, no matter how good a car you have and that is your on-page. Without gasoline or off ph to car wouldn't be able to run. So I've run this again, right? No matter how good a car you have, gasoline or oil, you wouldn't be able to start your engine, right? And therefore, you have to make sure that you have a good on-page and off-page as both are required to make the car run swell. And I hope you like this analogy and make sure to keep this in mind. And that's all for this lecture. See you next lecture. 33. How To Win Snippets (position 0): Mall do five bonus and F A. Q. Bonus number one. How to win snippet Our position. Zero. Slip it our position. Zero In Google, search result is a great way to increase exposure and traffic. This is because you're essentially ranking about the number one ranking spot. The snippets on Google comes from a section in the page ranking on the first page. Regardless, off the Persian is also another advantage. If you win a slipper, that is no matter where. Ranking on the first page. You you can have a child here toe right above the number one ranking sport, whether you're ranking 5th 6 or even 1/10 position on the page. Now they're made three main types off sleep it. Number one. Let's type, whether it's ordered lists or on ordered lis, um, number two paragraphs and number three tables. And here the three tricks that you can use to get a chance, you know, for you to win a snippet. There's one thing to keep in mind is that you know, snippets always keeps on changing, so no matter you know how hard you try, it doesn't always guarantee that you're gonna winner, but the following tricks are just gonna help you increase the chance of winning it. Number one, make sure your content ranks on the first page. Perfectly optimized and relevant to the queries. First and foremost, as mentioned snippets always come from the results ranking the four spirits. So you need to make sure that your content rights in the first place other than that, also make sure that your continous super relevant to the queries number two have correct content structures. You remember in the on page Seo section where I taught you how to analyze your computers, right? At that moment, you need to make sure that you struck your out your content properly according to what Google is expecting. For example, um, an article, right. If the majority of articles, unless they are list based articles, you would want to structure the same way. If they're paragraph based article, you would want to structure savory or if they're comparison table, and you would want destructive the same way, right? So make sure that, you know, you analyze your competitors before doing this. In fact, if you have followed each and every steps on my own page s your section you have already. You know, 1/2 of the battle in winning the snippet. And the third trick is toe answers the questions directly, using simple words like, Here's how is define us, etcetera. Some of these words are what we call us a snippet trigger word which, you know, kind of instruct Google directly that, you know, here's something related to this, or it is defined as something related to that. Right? So let me show you example of you know, how these tricks are in action, right? So number one, you know, this particular search keywords, you know, Social media marketing. Right? As you can see, here is a list type snippet. And as I mentioned, you need to, you know, actually, have a look at your competitors. You know how the structure of their Clinton. So, for example, you know, I'm sure that the majority of Clinton ranking of four spirits are less type article, right? Otherwise, no, Google wouldn't just pull this off. Like from level 11 steps. Social media marketing strategy is basically like a list type right before us and foremost , you need to have a good on page and struck you out. Your content Well, right. As you can see here, all these are struck a number format. Right? And I'm sure this as well would be the same, right? As you can see here. Number one here. Right, number two. So basically followed. Ah, you know, the structure with Google is expecting off the content. Right? And there's another search results, which triggers a snippet. How to remove most from yard. As you can see here, this is paragraph snippets. Its pullout from new, the section in the content and, you know, remember I told you to use the trigger. Words are the stupid trigger words like, if you aren't even aqsa question have to remove more from yard. Then Google would expect you to have some of the you know, the words which would trigger the answers, right. For example, if you have to remove most from the yard, then the most effective way to get rid of most is to kill them with a tart trap. Right? Learn how to get rid of more in your yard before they do expensive damage. Right, As you can see here, when it's just, you know, girls tryingto deliver, You know what it thinks is most not natural in terms of, you know, the usage awards, right? So if you ask somebody, you don't have to remove more from a yard that you would want. You would try to answer it as the way you know how you would answer Children, you know, or a five year old kid. You know, for example, how to remove most react. You will say to remove a moles from a yard, you would do this dot, dot dot Right? You're getting my point. You can using all this type of technique, right? What? Because the snipers trigger words toe get a chance to trigger sniffers like this, right? Or, as you can see here, know, this particular result is ranking in the fourth sport here. Right? But I'm not sure that they must be getting lots of traffic from their snippets here. So that's all for the bonus. Thank you for watching suit and next borders 34. How To Negotiate For Cheap Backlinks: Bonus number 2.5 and negotiate for cheap backlinks. Due to the increasing demand of backlinks and SEO, 99% of all the websites that do contact for link building will ox for cash in return due to the increase in the papillary day off. Guess pausing at Lincoln search an outreach. Nowadays, although most of the website owners pretty much aware of this tactic, and therefore nine Iverson or pretty much all of them will ask for some money in return. The website owners know how valuable backlinks are and therefore they will acts for high price. The average cost for a decent guess pose nowadays is a $1.2 $100, and Lincoln surgeons ranges from $50 to $70. The prize, which I'm showing you right here is pretty much the standard now. And in the future, it is expected that the price of building back links we will even go much higher than this. However, often you can bring down the price by utilizing either of the three steps. So this bonus video, I'll show you the three steps can utilize in order to lower the cost of backlinks when you do the outreach method. So the first steps are thing you can do here is to make sure that they're the ones who make the move, not you. So when you fill every time you reach out for backlinks, right? Like you 4x4, either Lincoln sorption or to publish guest post on other people website. Make sure that you don't mention anything about the cause. You just mentioned, you know, like watch you want the topics that you have that you want to propose for a guest pose, right? Or Lincoln searching if you're asking for that and just, you know, let them make the move. Let them tell you the price not you actually know, ox loved you actually mentioning anything about the budget that you have, right? So never mentioned about the budget. Make sure that they make the move first. And next. Strategies you can use here is to come up with a valid excuses. So, you know, let's say def reached back to you and your dimension, let's say a $100 per, per link. Then you know, you can come up with some excuse rhyolite. Let's say, you know, either you're a beginners like you've just started out or, you know, let's say, you know, like, you know, like you or maybe doing it for your clients. Something lad like come up with something valid rise something that will convince your prospect, right? You, whom you want backlinks from to Ashley. And I like to bring down like why they shoot actually bring down the cost for you. And the third method here, which I find to be very convincing us well, here's to form some partnership with the website owners, right? So. This can be in a form of something like, well, you, you can, you both can make some promises, right? Some some let us say some agreement that you in the future you will refer some customers to them, right? Or, you know, you bring more clients to them, something like that, like to actually give them some hope brought that they'll make more money in the future. Basically become like basically become their partners, right? So these are the three things which I've used and I've seen tremendous good results in negotiating for sheep backlinks. Let me show you one of the real war examples that I've been able to carry out these steps, right? So here, here's an email communications that are made with one of the guest post selling website, right? Which I wanted a guest posts from. So as you can see here, I opened a sub, I shot it. Should. This website owners are very simple. Email such as high there saw you accept gets forger site. So this was this website that clearly mentioned that they accept guest both. And I, you know, I go ahead and propose my topic and then I oxygen for 400 details, right? As you can see, I didn't mentioned adding what the prize and in the website owner reached about reach back to me and then therefore do had like a policy here as you can see here, on submission of article provided by you, the charges would be $60 per pose plus paintballs fee, right? And in depth also mentioned like if you fail to pay within 24-hour, then you'll link from the article will be removed. And then you know, they have also included some pricing. If you want them to write the articles residency here, our authorise will appoint it to write articles, right? So if you don't want it, you don't want to write article by yourself. You can also oxen to write that would be $80 per post. And then the website owner also offered to add links your existing polis, which is another word, is link insertion ripe. So in Lincoln's assertion is again $60 per link, which is equivalent to guest post, right? And then as you can see here, they have also mentioned around like we are not accepting free getFollows for time being right? So they have already have their own policy, right? So Masada website nowadays do have something like this. And then of course, I got back to the website owners and say that I'm interested. And then I said, I mentioned that $65 is a bit over price. And I I kinda, you know, came up with a valid excuse saying that, you know, due to this pandemic, right. So this was during a time when covert 19 was was at the peak. So I mentioned, I know my business didn't go as planned. I'm looking forward to, you know, to bootstrap it right by improving my regular Google. So I was able to negotiate from $65 plus PayPal free, right? Negotiated from 65 to $50, including PayPal fees. So I was able to may have a $15 discount here, which is pretty good as you can see here. So I came up with a valid excuse here, right? And also by not mentioning the price or the budget that I have, I'm able to come up with strategies to, uh, to get back to the website owners, right. Instead of saying that I have a budget of $50, then the website owner may straightaway, you know, like say that we don't want to accept your article or, you know, they they may not even reply back to you, right? Something like that. So they were mentioned on the prize. You can't know it either come up with some excuses or you can also promised them that you send more customers to that, right? Something like that. And then, you know, I also read like we had some discussion on it and we also made some, a little bit of promises, right. Let I also ox for some extra costs from this website, from this owners. Well, right. And then as you can see here, so I wanted the second do follow links, second backlinks, and I wouldn't be charged what target $1.42 loop while link, however, I was able to negotiate for the free do follow link for a second one, right? So by kind of forming a partnership with this website owner, as you can see. So here I mentioned something like so the website Oreo was able to, he, I also requested for some social shares, right, so left side Oreos who also went ahead and shares the article that I published. And then I also mentioned that I would, you know, I wouldn't also send them more customer as you can see, looking forward, I will also recommend you to my friends were looking for quality website for guest posts, right? So this kind of form, you know, like a good impression to the website or so. These are the three tips right at it can instantly apply and I'm pretty sure you'll see inch send results. And that's all for this lecture. So in the next lecture. 35. Rank Older Content Higher: bonus number three. Rank older content higher over the course of time. Your content rank for more number of key words that are related Now. For example, if you have an article lesson on how to bake a cake, um, your main or focus keyword would be how to bake a cake or bake a cake right over the course of time. Since your content will contend lots and lots of phrases and variations, Google will start banking your content associate it with more sense of keywords, which, you know, you may have never thought off or never, you know, sort of optimizing for it. For example, the section where your sales, you know, how long will it take? You know, for the cake to get big. Now that particular section may rank for more sets of keywords, right, and the keywords which you get ranked for the additional set may or may not be related to your content. But since you know, um, you have them president somewhere in your content or in Google finds that there some relevance to it, then it will start ranking for it. With this technique, you be able to rank for other long tail variations off keywords which you may have never thought off. So that as I told you that you know when over the course of time, your content will start running for more and more number of keywords. And some of the key words which you have ranked for may be valuable to you, right. But you may have never thought of them or you have them prison on your content. But you may have not optimize for it, right. And this technique will open the door for you and let you explore your on the keywords which are valuable for you, right? So it basically gives you another wayto makes a content much more valuable for you. But keep in mind that this works only, you know, with the older content. Because let's say if you have just published your article for, let's say, a month or a week, your content may not have accumulated enough number of keywords. Also, this is my favorite tricks because, you know, the previous two bonuses, which I explain, they were not quite certain right, for example, uh, how to win to step it. Even if you have optimized everything perfectly, it still doesn't guarantee that you win the snippet. And for the second trick, the F A Q schema. This particular trick works only if you rank somewhere in the first page or the sick second place, and we're in the top, right? So, um, but this particular trick works really well. Where were you ranking on the first page or, you know, first page, second pay three page. Where were your ranking? It works really well, and it's universal not to apply. This trick simply goes to school sorts console. Find out the article you want to improve filter for the queries with high impressions and high positions. Now, the reason being it cures, you know, half high impressions. Or it keeps on showing up on Google search results for more number of times. It means that the keyword is valuable, but you need to keep in mind that the position also has to be high. For example, you know you may have a content or a keyword, which shows up, let's say 500 times, but its position has always been less a 50 or 60 position right, which is around six or seven page. So in that sense, even though, If you go ahead and optimize it perfectly for, you know, on page s you It doesn't guarantee that you rank in the first place because in that, since you need to, you know, obviously add more links to it, right to really boost it up. So it would makes good sense to, really, you know, optimize if the content is ranking somewhere in the 1st 2nd or third page. Because, you know, if you rent already ranking of first page, then you can get a chance to rank it even higher. Or, if you're on the second pitch, you can rank it, you know to the first page, right, And once you've done that, you need to add those queries into your existing content. Or, if you already have them, you have to increase the number of times it present in the content or the frequency open. And after that, you need to re index the content on Google Search console within some period of time, you'll see it ranks higher. It generally takes about 2 to 3 weeks for Google to really process your new set of content right to you know, see the number of times the key words of President All those stuff. So let me demonstrate how to apply this real quick. So now we're back to, uh, little Sarge console, dashboard and is one of my test website. As you can see, over the course of time, it has committed a couple of clicks, right? Go ahead and click on the open report sections here. So and, uh, this is the number of clicks and a number of impressions. Every remember impressions are the number of times your content shows up in search results . Which doesn't mean that people have seen it. For example, you know, the content on how to bake a cake must might show up on less than 100 page of Google. You know, people may not not have seen it, but it at least shows up, right? So according to the date, in my experience, I've seen that content rankings lesser three months or older have accumulated enough volume of keywords, so you would go ahead and, you know, applies to set it at least to about three months, you know? And also, um, go ahead and talk on your clicks, the impressions and positions. I'm the reason why we talk along The clicks here is, you know, because, for example, if you already ranking in the force page, right, some, let's say in the fifth positions. And if your keyword gets your content gets left off clicks means that it would makes more sent to really optimize it too. Ranks higher, right, in order to get more keyword more clicks on there. So go ahead. And you know, Otago clicks, impressions and positions. And once you've done that, you know, you may want to sort it according to the position, right, because, you know, every sordid according to impressions, less they know this particular keywords. This Cuba has got the highest number of impressions. But, you know, optimizing for it, right may not make sense, you know, because you already ranking of 42.4 position on average, every girl had an optimizing, you know, let's say for 100% perfection off on page s you it may move it. Let's say six or seven. Position up. Right, because it may be a very difficult Cuba to go after so But it is up to you. I mean, even if you go, I had an optimizer, you'll still see improvements, right? But it would makes more sense. If you want toe increase, let's say from second to for spiritual for third to second page so you can go ahead. And, you know, I'm sorted out by a number of positions. Right? And you can also see the impressions here. As you can see here, this particular keywords sounds good to me because number one, it has quite a reasonable amount off impressions on it. And number two, it ranks on, you know, four points expedition and number three. It has a large, fairly large morning clicks. Now, it would make so much sense, You know, if I go ahead and optimize around this keywords so it will help me rank list there to the second of first positions, which will double the amount off clicks here. So I would go ahead, you know, and see which page disporting look here. What ranks for? Go ahead. And maybe, you know, um, at this particular keywords more tow it, tow increase, You know the position. Um okay. So according to hear, you know this party Look, you were also, you know, um never has never has a clicks on it and, as you can see here, ranks 6.5 position and has quite a large amount off impression. So it would makes more sense again to me to, you know, really go ahead and optimize around this to less. I know if I ranked, let's say on around four or fifth positions, then I'll get more clicks on it. Ritual residential, every rank higher, you'll get more clicks. So you go ahead, you know, and start seeing, um, all the keywords and impressions you may also, you know, soared by impressions as well. And seat of positions here. Right? So, um, this is the recurring recurring process. You have to go on, you know, sift through all the keywords, right? And see the page with keywords ranks for something like that. Hope you're getting the trick. And it works really well from Thank you for watching here in the next bonus 36. Get Authoritative Backlinks For Free: bonus number four get feature or authoritative site. In this bonus, I'll teach you how you can get a chance to get featured on big sites like Entrepreneur Doc , Home Force or ink dot com. Getting back Ling's from size like ink dot com Force an entrepreneur or other high authorities site will give you lots of exposure and ex your values. As we all know, getting back wings from authoritative sites like this will give you high s U values. Even though the majority of there will be no followings, you can still get lots of exposure and traffic and also many s. You suggest that getting no follow links from authoritative sites like this will help build trust in Google I. But getting on these sides are generally very difficult or expensive for charges you at least thousands of dollars to get featured on their article or their website. However, this is possible. Use the free PR source side called high Row stands for help a reporter out to get daily questions. The authoritative sites are finding information to source form now. Haro is, um, is a unique website which allows a general journalist which basically, you know, comes from big websites like all these authority Dave site To get the information, they're looking for you to get feature on their block article. So I've used at this technique and I've got featured are big sites, like data box dot com, which is very authoritative sites in digital marketing area. Generally, you know all the sights like this. They're constantly looking for information to source from. And if you're able to provide the best information they're looking for, they'll feature you on their website with, of course, back links to your website. You can get a chance to get featured on big sites if you're give you answers, the questions Well, right. So, um, I'll show you real quick how toe a sign up for this particular service so that you can, you know, get a chance to get future. So first of all, go to help a reporter dot com. Right. And here, as you can see, there's an option for your journalist or a source. So the chances that you know, if you want it back links you, of course, need to be a source. So go ahead, you know, and click like this one, right? and, you know, go through all the steps here and, you know, sign up for this, right? And once you've done, you get the email notification on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on the different niche or, you know, areas like I'll show you with this one. After you have signed up the ox. You know which, um, uh, area you want to receive notifications on. So, according to may I take for, you know, biotech and health care, business and finance, education, entertainment immediate. You know, basically, you know, I've I've chosen for all the nature, right? So it gives me more, um, exposure to a different types of topics on what happened this, You know, you just go ahead and, you know, see all these questions that the sources are asking, For example, you know, thes questions, the pros and cons of taking a gap year, right? You can click on it and you can read the query that they're looking for, right? And you can also look where the particular clear Creamery comes from. And they also would mention a Dateline here. So just go ahead and read this one right and all. You have to do is reply back toe, you know. So the particle, our email, right? Like this with your best answers, then you know, Then you can log into your dashboard and see whether they you get accepted or not, Which I'll show you in a bit right now. Right? So this is the high road dashboard, So just go ahead and, you know, sign up, sign into your dashboard. So you're going to see whether they accept or reject your articles, something like back. And you get this daily on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Okay, so you just go ahead and check, you know, on the your pitch, and you can see here all the peaches that I've made, some of them I got future. But, you know, they didn't update the status of some of them. I got rejected as well as you can see here, for example, you know, this is the data box website, which I was talking about, and it is my link right link back to my website here because I know I give them, um the answer on that one of their surveys on this particle articles. Right. So you can repeat this step. No, matter what niche or business you're in, You obviously will have. You know, there's always inquiries for you, For example. In a way, you're just running a local business, right then, you know, business and finance would really work well for you. Um, you just have to, you know, constantly check your email, right and see if there's any queries or questions you can answer well and give it a shot. I'm sure that you know, at least you get future one or two articles, which I think it's just enough, you know, to give you an S U boost. Thank you for watching soon in the final bonus video. 37. Rank Consistently On The First Page: bonus number five Ryan, Consistently on the first page of Google, After you have achieved your put first page ranking, you need to make sure that you always stay there S e O is a continuous process of development and optimization. Your s your approach will never be perfect. No matter how perfect your thing, you have done your issues on your website. It will never be perfect. And there's a reason for that. Whatever works today may not work tomorrow. As a matter of fact, Google stated that they made more than 3200 algorithmic changes in 2018 alone does an average off nine Ginny's per day as compared to 300 for 50 to 400 changes back in 2010. So at one point you may be around in the first page, which Google thinks that at that time, your content the most relevant and maybe tomorrow you might fall off the rankings. Maybe, you know, maybe your competitors have improved their content. Or maybe simply, you know, it's it is due to the fact that their algorithm has changed the overall six years and all those stuff, So you need to, you know, have an eye on. You know all these type of updates and make sure that you stay on the top of the games. And in order to stand up on the top of the game, there are three main areas that you need to keep on improving. Number one Content number two, you're back wings and number three, your user metrics or experience. For example, If you see a drop in ranking, the chances are maybe your competitors have updated their content. Or, you know, that could be new or content coming up right, which Google things that that it's more of 11 than yours. Or maybe simply that they have biltmore back wings or maybe the user staying on their websites longer, which indicates that they like their content more than yours, Right? Let's remember, Google will always try to serve the most relevant content of the users, which things you know serves the best user experience so users stays on your website lower than your competitors means that your website has more quality, right and ah s U is a never complete game. You need to keep on maintaining it, right, because, as mentioned, Google made changes to their algorithm. You know, every day, right? Some of them could be small. Some of them could be big. Need to make sure that you stay, you know, optimized and make sure that you offer the best content for the users. Now you can always, you know, Google for less. There, you know the letters Google News update or something like that, you know, to keep up to Kim. And I own, you know, any possible updates? There's one particular website which is very famous regard to this and that is called a search engine room table, right. They usually published new articles every day with regards to Google's and Google's algorithm and all these stuff. So, um, it is very reputable websites was you can have a check card, and with regards to the back links profile, you can, you know, check on your competitors domain authority and paid authority. For example, the previous month. Their demand authorities, unless they're 20 and this month they're domain authorities. Let's say 25. So they must have, you know, build more back, clings to their wealth side right, and that obviously will increase their rankings and have a look at your Google analytics and metrics and see, you know, the bounce rate or the time on site how long your users spend on your website. Something like that. And you need to make sure all these alliance perfect. Perfectly right. And let me show you real quick. Uh, search engine room, table, website. So this Go ahead and Google Search Engine Roundtable. Right. And the forest result is the website itself. As you can see here, there's a section called us Google Update. Right. Or you can just have a look at the website as a whole here, Um, the website is very useful. You know, you always get all kinds of, um articles related to Google. As you can see here, there's a section, you know, Google updates and all, all kinds of stuff, so you can have a look good here, right? They're basically two kinds of Google updates. One is confirmed, which is also known as the core updates or they're bored update which generally is a big update, right? And it happens every 3 to 4 months. Every year, Google will preannounce this update for you. And there's also a second kind of update which call us I'm confirmed updates which happened daily right on. Some of them may be big. Some of them may be small, but Google will not confirm about this. So in order to know that rather there's an update going or not, you can, you know, have a check here less. For example, this one Google search our ranking algorithm up their signals on Wednesday. So Ah, let me open this for you real quick as well as you can see here. There There's an article you know we see is that there's a possible Google updates ranking . Um, you know, on Wednesday right? And there's also a feedback from, um, other business owners We have seen or experienced the update. So if you have seen a drop in the rankings or increasing the ranking, um, make sure that, you know, you stay up there. They've read all the news here, and that's all for this bonus sections. See in the next section two F a Q 38. How To Index Content Faster: Bonus number six, how to improve indexation on Google. Before we get to the FAQ, I would like to add this special bonus as a newly updated bonus for you. From the past one to two years, google has tying up there, indexing and webmasters have been continuously facing trouble getting new content index, especially for newer website. Over to pass one to two years. There has been lots of complaints by webmasters, as well as many SEOs in whereas FC0 groups as well as out there in the public. I'm complaining that their content aren't getting index on Google and it's taking longer than usual. This is especially more difficult for newer websites. And of course, some of my students have also been complaining about it. And that's why I decided to add this as a new bonus videos. For my expectations, it's probably due to the increase of AI generated and low content quality content that has flooded Internet. And it seems indexation comes with a cost that is the Service Storage. Google will have to be picky or what they indexed. Over the past couple of years, AI generated content has become a huge trend in SEOs, well as content marketing. And people has been pumping out more and more AI generated content. And usually these content, they're quite low quality and don't really give value to the users. And hence a new page or getting index more and more. Since whenever Google has to index something, they have to kind of save it to their servers, into their servers. And the server obviously has some costs there it is, electric city cause their space costs. That's why Google will have to be picky on what they indexed. They cannot simply index everything. Therefore, in order to increase the chance of your content getting index faster, you have to make sure your content be precise. The page you want to index along with your entire domain is important, high-quality enough, in order to make sure that your content gets indexed easily by Google, you have to prove that you're worth of getting indexed. You have to prove that your content is valuable. You have to prove that your entire domain, your entire website, is high-quality, is valuable and has high priority for Google to index it. Some of the ways to increase your content priority or how important your content is Ford getting index are. Make sure your content is truly unique and exceptionally high-quality. De Internet is now flooded with more information than ever. You have to make sure that your content is truly unique and is exceptionally high-quality, not just another piece of content on a particular keywords, on particular topics. If you have to make sure you go above and beyond in providing value and quality of the content. You have to make sure to get your site listed on major directories and trusted site. You have to make sure that you become one of the authority figures on the internet by getting yourself associated with other high authoritative website. So making sure that your site or your brand is associated with high trusted directory such as trust Pilot, and other high profile type websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All these will make sure that Google trust you more and gives you more important. You also make to make sure that you have high-quality backlinks pouring towards site. Backlinks is a sign of authoritative business and a sign of trustworthy. The more quality, high-quality backlinks you're getting from other high-quality website. The more important you are in the eyes of Google. You can also try adding more internal links from important pages to your site, to your new content. So let's say you publish a new articles on your website and you want that to get index quickly. What you can do here is you can transfer the priority from other important pages on your website to your newly created content. What I mean by important pages here are pages that you will constantly getting traction. You're constantly getting links, you're constantly getting traffic. The page that Google likes on your website. You can internal link from that page to your newly created content to kind of like transfer the priority from that page to your newly created content. So this way, Google will look at your new content and saying, oh, this is a new content that is linked to by other important page. And therefore this content should also be a, another high important page. This is the logic behind this internal linking. There are also some of the tricks that you can try as well. So these are the exclusive tricks that I discovered and have used frequently and have found to be quite successful in getting new content index. The first one is to add a link to the page you want to index in the YouTube descriptions. So let's say you publish your article, you're wanting to get index quickly. Once you can do is you can also publish new video on your YouTube channel supposedly gave you associate your website with your YouTube channel. You should also have one. What you can do here is you can insert that link of a newly create content in the YouTube description that will act as a small backlink to your new Create Website. Youtube being a high-quality, high authority websites, and obviously it's all by Google. Google will definitely gives more important to YouTube videos. And if Google discovered your new link from a YouTube video, it will crawl. It will follow that link to your new page, and hence you have a hard chance of getting that page index. Another way is if you're a wordpress users, you can try using Rank Math Indexing API is a plugin by Rank Math, a company that creates SEO pub plug plug-in that helps you index your content faster by actually connecting your website, your domain with Google Search Console Indexing API. So in this way, you essentially bypass all the filters and get into the indexing pipeline quicker. So let me show you how to implement these two tricks. So just you can have an idea of how to actually implement them. First. We're going to see on how to actually making sure that due to add your website link in the YouTube description. So suppose you have a new, you have created your YouTube channels. So what you can do where is when you were about to upload or your publisher new articles. You can insert a simple link there. So let me show it, for example, it was searched for, let's say, restaurant London. Then let's say I click on any of these videos. You're going to see that many people will have a description and then there's gonna be a link out, something like this, right? So what I advise you to do here is to add a bit of content just so you know, it's not just about, it's not adjust links. You have to handle a bit of value to your video description as well as some relevant content. Let us say your content is about how to best Nike shoes in 2024, in 2022, for instance. Then that video can be something related to that topic and this content, you can also maybe give a brief description of what your content is about. Then here you can add a link bacterial content. In this case, you will also give value and also it will not look like a spam. Okay? So this is the first method. Second method here is to use a Rank Math Indexing API. Let me show you if you are wordpress users. First, what do you want to do here is you go to plug-in. So this is my new client website. I've already installed Rank Math and connected with the Google Search Console API, but I'm gonna show you right from the beginning. What are you going to do here is you can add a new plugin and search for rank mass indexing. Here, you're going to get the plug-in call instead indexing for Google, install and activate the plugin. Once you've activated plugin, you can go to the menu right here on the left-hand side and click on. Instead indexing. Here you have to click on the Google API settings for us, we have to connect your domain name to the Google Search Console API. Once we've connected, you will be able to use this plug-in. And then what do you want to do here is click on read our setup guide, which will open this page up for you with a documentation of how to set up and connect your website to Google Search Console APR. First step is to go to Google Cloud Platform here so you can click on the link directly. It will bring you to this page to create a new project. This is the first time you're on this page. It will prompt you to create a new project directly. But like I said, I've already connected this website to the Search Console API. So there's a difference between w we're seeing right now. But I'm gonna show you new project. First you can name your project editing you want and location you can leave it as no organizations and click on Create. We'll wait for a bit. You can also look back on this and see the documentation step-by-step. Right now we're going to, okay, so we have created our project next year note to go to RM instead indexing. Then enable API. Next we have to enable the API launched the project. You have to enable the API as well. Next, you have to create a service account. So as you can see here, you're going to click the word the bottom Enable. Like I said, this is already set up projects, so I can skip that. Next. I can go to service account. Here I choose my projects, so use a new product I just created. Next up you'll click on Create service account here you can name it anything you want. You can put your brand name there. So let's say I add a BC brand. This has my name. And then click on Create and continue. Roll. You can skip this. And then here you can also skip and you can click on Done. Once you've created your service account. Next up, you can see from the screen, you have to click on Manage key here. And you will create a JSON key for your service account. So I click on Manage key here. And then you can create on a key, create a new key, and choose the files JSON here, and click on Create. This will prompt a download Windows, you can see you, so it will download this file. What do you want to do here is you want to open this file and save it to somewhere you can easily access. We're going to use this file afterwards. So I'm just going to copy this to my USB. I'm going to put it there first. Okay, So next step, what you can do here is you have to add the service account as an owner to your Google Search Console property. Once you have your your key here, JSON key. Next, you have to go to your Google Search Console, go to the settings, and then click on users and permissions, and then click on Add Users. Here for the email address, what you want to enter here is the email account of your service account. Click on detail. This is the e-mail that you wanted to add. This is the e-mail of your service account. And then you go to Search Console at this for the permissions you want to select as owner and click on air. Once I have to edit. You can also go next up just to go to the configure the plugin. Once you've added the ownership through your Google Search Console. Next, you want to configure the plugin. Here. There's an option for uploading the JSON file that you just upload it. So you can click on Choose File and go to the JSON file that you just upload it. So this one, once you've uploaded and then it will come out to be into this format. And you can just click on save changes, and that's it. Next time when you want to quickly re-index your page, it will automatically be done in the background. So let's say I go to the Page Layout here, a page manual. And you can see there's an option to instant index. So you can click on this. And you're going to click on send it to API. Then this will make sure that this page is indexed. Google published, update, publish. Yes. You have to click on Google published or update URL and click on Send to API. And if it's successful, it will give you a message here. This plug-in works in the background every time you update or publish new content. So you don't have to do it manually like this. Let's say you publish a new content. It will automatically send to the Google Search Console API and quickly help you index page. Or even if you're just update your pages or posts, it will also re-index it for you. So hope this lesson fine. You valuable. If you have any questions. Feel free to shoot me a quick e-mail asked me to group. Next video is your FAQ. So that's, that's all for this lesson. See you in the next lesson. 39. Questions That I Normally Get: F A Q. Common questions. I usually get ox by my clients and my students. How many words should I arrived for my article? It all depends as long as the content answers users question highly relevant in depth and comprehensive enough sometimes may be, All it takes is just a 200 boards article. Well, this is the most common question I, Julie, usually get axed all the time. You know, you must have read an article or watch some YouTube videos. You know that tell used to write at least 2000 words or 3000 words. Something like that. Well, it all depends, you know, Um, as long as it answers the users questions, maybe all you need is just a 200 or 300 word article. Remember, you need to be relevant enough in your Clinton, even if you write 2000 words article. But if they're completely on relevant or you're just simply write writing for the sake of number of words, that's not gonna help. Can I rank on the first page of Google without do follow back wings or without back wings at all? Well, I've seen the site ranking on the force page with just know to know Follow link and the site has a d of one. So yes, it's possible, but only for very low competition keywords. Or in fact, you can also rank without back wings. You know, for medium combination, Keeper, it depends. But besides, you need to have good content and great technical eso in order to compete with, you know, big site you toe have almost perfect on page and technical s. You do remember the screenshot. Would I show you in the introduction area which I told you it was from one of my clients. He was able to rank in the top three position without a single back wings with this website . Well, there were basically two reasons Number one. The key word was very low competitions and number two none of his competitors had done a good job in the on page and technical s you. So with that reasons, we were able to rack on the first page in fact, in a top three position within just two months. Let me show you the results, right? We couldn't be convinced. So this is the key words that one of the main keyword that we went after. And this is all, uh, over Is it? How in Nigeria actual, um, is a very small town in Nigeria, But what is the one of my client results? Right, as you're gonna see here, the majority of forcible the moon your day off. You know, websites are listings, their local listings. You know, like we connect or direct you don't or something that all these are listings. Then comes Facebook page, right? And then, you know, then comes over the website here. As you can see, it is, I think, this the website. Let me just have a look. Okay, this is just another listing. So you're going to see here? The majority of pages rankings on the first bridge are listings. Starting from second periods, you will start seeing, you know, actual websites starting from this one. Or maybe this one years. As you can see here, the website is, you know, in a very poor format, right? It doesn't look good at all from, you know, on page technical, on paper perspective, or even this website. Right? But, you know, our website has lots of content and, you know, very good on page at sea. What? All those stuff. So we were able to run pretty quickly. Right? Enough top three. In fact, we never really loose the rankings. As you can see here, all the content we have everything in place we have, You know, everything. Let's say from about us section here, Right. As you can see, we have very good on page stuff here. And let me show you as well that we didn't have a back links at all. Right? Pointing to the website in fact, commissioning from the mosque bar here, as you can see here, um de off to and pr three. So as you can see, zero links, right? So literally no back wings at all. So that's the reason why, right? You need to really, you know, be thorough with your own page and technical s you and make sure that the keyword is not competitive enough. Right? Last question. How many back Ling's do I need for my website? Well, there's no obvious answer to this, but what I know is it all depends on the quality of your links and content. Great content can rank with less amount of links. 10 quality back Ling's worth more than 100 locally length. Uh um. There's also another very common question, which I get all the time. You know, that people used to ask me, how many backing do any from my website? But as I said, You know, there's no obvious questions. The answers to this it all depends, You know, whether you have done your own paste correctly or technical on page correctly or not. And also, it depends on the quality of back wings you get, um, 10 quality back wings is much better than you know, 100 locally buckling. So on. Also, you know, if you have done poor on pitch as you no matter how good back links you have, you're not rank well, so you need to make sure that you do a perfect on page and technical s CEO and also, you know, have quality back link. So in that case, you know, you don't need as many back things to really rank on the first position or four special Google. Well, that's all for ah common commonly asked questions. If you have any, you know, specific questions Don't forget, you know, toe, contact me this again. The same screenshot that I showed in the introduction section. You can do it via the course. You in a section. I'm contact me directly by email, and I really in create you to join the Facebook group, which especially created just for the students for this course, right. And in that group, I'll be, you know, answering all of your questions personally on all so you can get a chance to discuss anything related to a CEO. And you can also pose your achievement once again. The group name is practical s your training course. And this is the core. The group image, right? So, by the way, how has your experience be with the course? I really hope you found this course valuable. But either way, lose legal review and share your experience. If you haven't done it yet, all of your feedback and reviews will go a long way for me as an instructor. That's all for the course. Thank you for watching and see you in the last conclusion. No video 40. Final Note: congratulations from making it to this point. By now, you should have a solid understanding Off s your fundamentals knows how to implement the necessary on page technical and off page optimization. And you should be able to rank your website on the first page of Google before signing off . There's a small message that I'd like you to keep in mind with regard to the subject. Remember, eso takes time. Three months, six months. It all depends. Is the sites overall effort? Not just particular pains on your website? Focus on building authority with great content. Google's are gold. Um consistently changes an update. High quality content will always get rewarded. Focus on topical relevance ing at the end of the day aside with specific knowledge, has an age or with others. That's all for it. Thank you for watching and happy a suing