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SEO Fundamentals: Learn The Right Concepts To Succeed In SEO

teacher avatar Jackie Owen, Professional Online Marketer (SEO Geek)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Introduction video


    • 2.

      How SEO works


    • 3.

      Introduction To Ranking Factors


    • 4.

      Understand Relevance


    • 5.

      Understand Authority


    • 6.

      Understand Trust


    • 7.

      Introduction To On-Page SEO


    • 8.

      Introduction To Technical SEO


    • 9.

      Introduction To Off-Page SEO


    • 10.

      Key Strategies In SEO


    • 11.

      Recommended SEO Tools


    • 12.

      Scale SEO Success With Data


    • 13.

      Understand Google Updates


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About This Class

Are you a beginner struggling to learn and do SEO the right way?

Or perhaps you've been learning and doing SEO for sometimes but seems like things just don't work out the way they should be?

I completely feel you. I was once just like you guys, trying to learn SEO by myself but often found myself lost in the pool of information. 

Sure, there are tons of online materials out there to learn. But oftentimes, this can leads to confusion as to which tutorials to really follow or which course to take.

If you get what I'm trying to say...

Then check out my new:

SEO Fundamentals Course - The Course Designed To Teach You Only The Correct SEO knowledge That Is Proven To Work.

There's nothing worse than not having the solid foundations in place and that's why I designed this course for you.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How SEO actually works
  • The 3 most important ranking factors and their explanation
  • Intro to on-page, technical and off-page SEO
  • The key SEO strategies to master
  • How to scale SEO campaign
  • Understand Google algorithm updates
  • And much more...

Get exclusive insights into SEO knowledge from an SEO agency founder (me) whom you can trust. Why? Well, because I have enough experience and expertise to teach you here.

What are you waiting for? Just jump right into the course now, and I will see you there:)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jackie Owen

Professional Online Marketer (SEO Geek)


My name is Jackie Owen and I'm a passionate web developer & online marketer, specializing in WordPress web development & SEO. I'm the owner of Techjackie, an online marketing agency in Thailand. I'm also a computer science-turned online marketer who is commonly called "An SEO Geek", because of my obsession with the subject.

With my passion for helping people to understand how online marketing works, I decided to step into the teaching world, where I aim to deliver maximum value and educate people in an easy-to-understand way and full of practical knowledge where they can implement instantly and see results

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1. Introduction video: Hey there. I can see that you're visiting this page because you want to learn more about a CEO or precisely the correct way to do a sale, right? Especially if you're beginners. Learning and doing s you by yourself can sometimes be difficult and confusing at the same time. Why? The reason is because although there tons and tons of online articles, tutorials and courses out there on the Internet about ASIO, you can easily get lost in this pool off informations and eventually can't decide as to which courses or tutorials to follow. And that's why I designed this course for you. Let me kind of introduce you liberate to myself the course objective and whose discourse for so it can is they understand what you'll get from this course. So my name is Jackie Owen. I'm a passionate about the developer and do the marketer Special light in WordPress Development and S u I've been running my own online marketing agency based in Thailand for a while now and with my passion for educating people has led me to created this course. And by the way, my agency name is take Jackie so you can go ahead and search for it on Google. So here and what you will learn from this course first, how x s you actually works. I'm sure you know how s your work? But do you know how it works? Actually, in the right way, in this course, all tissue, all everything you need to know the three important ranking factors that you need to keep in mind. Although there are over 200 ranking factors that Google takes into consideration there, only three important one studying you to keep in mind the tools you need to succeed in doing s you there tons and times of tools out there for doing s U. But in this course, I'll introduce you to only the necessary. Once that you need introduction to the basic on page technical and off page s U and the right concept. You need to keep in mind how the scale and repeat your Castillo success after you have accomplished any success in your S. U. Next is I'll teach you how to actually scale that up by using data and lastly understand the algorithm updates and moving forward from there. Now what makes this course unique? First, you get access to the private Facebook group, where will personally answer each and every one of your questions, discuss SCL related topics among other students and post your achievement. You also will get a full support from me, whether it's one on one website. As you audit and recommendations, direct Q and A or any other support that you need personally for me. Free consultations regarding your business online As an online marketing agency founder myself, I can definitely help you with anything related to online marketing and this for you to keep in mind. I normally charge 100 our $100 per hour for this particular service. So here are some of the rankings that I'm able to achieve as well Some of the stats that I took from my clients as well some of my website when it comes to SL rankings. As you can see here, this is the stats coming from Google search console, which is the tools that allows you to keep track of your Google organic rankings or clicks . And then here's the move my screen shot from one of my websites Key. What rankings? This is one of the most important keywords or difficulty when I was able to achieve for speaking ranking for here. Also, another key would which I won the snippets for it as well and has some. Is my client's website wrecking the first page Number one on Google. And this is his full and an addict Statistics which you can see here it's growing. Keep on growing day by day. And here's some of the reviews from other of my courses. As you can see here, I've got many good reputations and good online reviews for many of my other online courses . So you can definitely trust me to help you with your S U and that's all for the introduction part, and I hope to see you there in the course. 2. How SEO works: eso fundamentals learned the right concept to succeed in S e O. First, let me kind of show you how to actually contact me. If you're in need off any help you can to advise the course que in their section you can also email me personally using either one of my emails written here. The first email is my personal email, which you can use, and the 2nd 1 is my agencies email. But if you're decided to use my agency email, make sure you're mentioning the subject line is being my student. And lastly, I have also created the private Facebook group where it can asks questions, discuss anything related to S U and post your achievements there. So make sure you join it. The group name here is practical s your training course and the court on the Facebook images is right here the profile image. So make sure you go ahead and search for it on Facebook. Let's start off with the first lesson for the course, and that is how s your works? Eso, as you probably know, stands for search engine optimization is the process of content or side optimization around the particle key word or words. Keeping in mind house search engines work with the goal of increasing online visibility or what we call us ranking in such a result number. If you don't know what is a key word is basically a search terms which people or users use in order to search for something on search engines like Google. For example, if you're looking for a way on how to bake pizza, you would actually do a search on Google for how to bake a pizza and that becomes six keywords or search terms. Search engines like Google use sophisticated algorithms to determine the rankings off webpages based on ranking signals or factors to deliver. The most useful content to the users at the core off there are was, um, it's powered by complex AI or artificial intelligence. Of course, in this course I'm not going to teach you anything about artificial intelligence, but I just wanted toe keep you and tell you that how it actually works, because at the fundamental level, A. I understand objects or environment based on a previously learned or recognize patterns and adapt accordingly. And that's what makes the ranking keeps on changing. Now for example, if you're doing assert for how to bake a pizza on Google and you happen to click on the results Number three there. And if you keep on doing that and if many people repeat the same things, keep on clicking the third results and spending quite a significant amount of time on the Web pages and then returns and exit the brother. Now what? That what does that actually tells the Google? It actually tells to Google that the users are satisfied with the results, and they actually like the third results more in the first or second. And if this continues, then what happens later on? This Google will kind of change the rankings and bring that turn results and bring it up to the second and bring it to the first. And why so? Because at the fundamental level or what's the goal of search engines is to deliver the most useful content to the users. And if users like the content if they click on the content if they view the webpages, that means that users are satisfied and they like the content and therefore that's how search and just determine what is useful. What is not, and based on this they use their algorithm that is powered by AI in order to adapt and change. In a nutshell. Sure, search engines use multiple signals, combined with the data they have collected over time based on users, as well as many factors which the thing are most useful for users in order to write content . And that's all for the first lesson soon, the next lesson. 3. Introduction To Ranking Factors: Lesson 23 important ranking signals or factors. Now there are over 200 ranking signals, which are either confirmed by Google or base from observations by ESO professionals throughout their experiences. But the three most important ones are relevant authority and user experience, or what's sometimes referred to us trust. Now these factors are not into little factor, but rather the three main category off ranking signals. And what I mean by this is, for example, when talking about relevance there things like keywords, metadata, link relevance or how relevant back links is to your website, etcetera. In this category, each ranking signal category is assigned certain amount of weights or importance, for example, rather, friends is a sign off 40% authorities, 30% trust is 3%. The weights are constantly being adjusted with each and every ghoul update. Now, no one actually knows what is the exact percentage being assigned to each of these factors . But what we do know is Google uses all these three factors combined together in order to determine the rankings off webpages on their search results. Now, if you understand what are the main constant student in each of these ranking signal category, then moving forward with us, you will be extremely easy because now you will know what to really focus on and prioritize based on the's signals. And that's all for this lesson, seeing the next lesson. 4. Understand Relevance: lesson free, understand relevance. Run events is the most important one among the three ranking factors discussed in the previous lesson. This is because it's the search and in school to deliver the most relevant content of the users, and it's no surprise why this factor is the most important one. Relevance is divided into two categories that is topical and locality relevance. Topical relevance is how relevant the content on your website it to the given topic. For example, if your website is about s you, your topical relevance is s you, generally speaking, is what your entire website theme is all about. Having a specific and clear topical relevance is the key to s your success. This is because Google loves ranking website with specific knowledge. You must have probably seen this from time to time where small websites out banking a big authoritative website. This is because that particular small website is a is an expert or as established enough topical relevance about a particular topic. So when Google looks at that website, it looks at it as being an expert in a specific topic locale the relevance Maillet deal with local s you It basically means how relevant your website is toe a particular location . So when you optimize your website for local s, you instead of just optimizing for the keywords, need to optimize for the particular location as well. This is because you need to tell to Google that your business running in a particular locations when it comes to relevance, the three k things need to keep in mind our number one. The key words on the page. This is because this will kind of tells Google or search engines what your content is all about. Number two, the link run events or how relevant the back wing is pointing to your page or website and number three the topics and discuss on the website or sections and in order to tell to Google what your website is all about. So when talking about topical relevance, let me kind of show you this concept off how it actually is in a real world example. So, for example, if I do a search for best running shoes 2020 on Google, you will see a bunch of search results on the first page. Now here in order to get him and the authority of the website. I've used a free tool call mosque room bar which essentially allows you to measure how authority with the website is based on the back legs Now, in order to use this tool, I'm not going to teach you in this course because it's kind of well beyond the scope of this course. But generally speaking, the higher number off the or demon authority or authorities if the entire domain is the heart shares off the website rank on the first page of Google, so the man authorities on a scale of 1 201 being the lowest and 100 being the highest. As you can see here, the forced results has the domain authority or D A off 83 out of 100. The 2nd 1 is 55 the 3rd 1 is 84. So on and so forth as you're going to see here, the majority of the sites are having pretty high domain here, the main authority here, which means that it is a very difficult keywords because many of the authoritative websites are writing for. But if you scroll down to the bottom, you see one small website with a D off just 21 here, ranking the first speed. And this because this particular website has established enough topical authority or topical relevance around the topic called running shoes. So if I go ahead and open this side for you, you'll see that this entire website is almost dedicated to running shoes and therefore the entire website is almost about running shoes. And when Google looks at this website, it can clearly understand that this website is about running shoes and therefore it ranks this website higher. I hope you're kind of clear with this concept now, but if you have any questions with regards to this, you can always contact me. That's all for this lesson, seeing the next lesson. 5. Understand Authority: Lesson four Understand Authority Authority is the next important ranking signal that search engines like Google are looking for. It is the second most important ranking fractal just after relevance. Besides looking at how relevant the content or decide is, search engines need to assess how authoritative it is. A swell. Think about it. If all the top 10 results everyone is writing a very relevant content. How can search engines like Google really determined as to which site it should rank higher , which issued rank lower? And that is mainly where it looks at the authority of factor. And besides, as to which one should write her, which wants you, like rank lower authorities the way to justify or confirm if the information delivered to the users are correct or trustworthy or not. Authority factor mainly depends on outside factors says such as off page s you, but we're looking at your content authority around in particular topic or showing expertise in a content is also important. And this what brings us back to the idea of topical relevance, and this is how relevance and authority are connected together because besides just looking at the outside factors or factors outside the website which could influence your rankings. Google will also looks at the content on your website and see how well or authoritative it is or how well you have covered the topics. Generally speaking authorities. How popular your website ISS Since popularity depends on how people judge you, that's why authority mainly depends on outside factors. Think about it. If you're an actor or if you're very authoritative person, let's say a precedent off do us A. Then if you do our act anything, the whole world will kind of looks at you, right? So you kind of create that bus around the world whenever you move or do any actions, and that also applies to the same way here. When it comes to S U. That is, if your site is authoritative enough, you are likely to get attentions from search engines on. You're likely to get higher rankings when it comes to ranking a website higher on Google, and the three key factors in authority are number one back links or external links from other website pointing to your website or content number two social signals, or how people are talking about your website on social media such as Facebook likes comments, shares, Twitter, retweets. All these Tweedy's and third is traffic going to your website, and that's off with this lesson to the next lesson. 6. Understand Trust: Lesson five understand trust Trust is like a relevance and authority factors combined. This is because when you have enough relevance on your site and content enough popularity or authority, you automatically become a trustable source. One key factor in the trust signal is traffic and user engagement. So, as mentioned here, trust is like a relevance and authority factor combined. So what? Whatever the key factors there are in the relevance and the authority factor, you have to combine them. But then away comes to trust. There's additional factors. Are you know, keep in mind that is the traffic and user engagement. Although traffic isn't the authority of factor, it is much more prison in the trust factor. You can imagine it like this. Suppose you have the most relevant content in the world. You have the most authority. But how can Google know that your content is the right and most useful one? Right. So at the end, they Google still needs users in order to decide whether, uh, the content is the best or the most useful one or not. And the answer is how people engage with your content or site some of the key in trust. Signal our number one the time spent on site number two, the click through rate or the percentage off people clicking through on your website number 3008 etcetera. All these are the user metrics that you can easily track and analyze from the tool called Google Analytics, which I'll introduce you later in this course. So let me kind of summarize these ranking factors for you. First, you need to have relevant content relevant website seconds In order to justify whether your content is good enough or not, your content or website needs to be authority authoritative and third, In order to justify whether the users are gonna like it or not, Google will needs toe use different user metrics, adjust the time spent our site or how long user actually spent on your content or website. The click through rate, the bounce rate, all these etcetera. And this is where the trust factors come into play. And that's all for this lesson. See, in the next lesson 7. Introduction To On-Page SEO: Lesson seven Introduction to on Page s you and key concept on page Aseel deals with content on your website. This ranch is from dealing with one particular content to multiple content and topics on the site to do on page s you well, First, you need to be able to do proper keyword research and target the right key word for your content. Each page on your website should be targeting only one main keyword that you want to rank for and that belongs to your sides. Topic. When, um, make creating content for your website, you need to be only targeted one key war per content. But for each of the content that can write for several key words. But only one of the main keywords will be ranking the highest. So you need to really keep this in mind. And for each and every off your content, it should be targeting any of the key word. You can't just simply write content without targeting and he word otherwise you won't go wrong for that here some The basic steps for doing on page s you first is to choose the right key work target weight comes to choosing the right keywords There many things you need to take into conservation, such as the search falling or how many people search for them keywords per month, the cost per click or how much of the advertisers are willing to advertise for that keyword . Or, in another word, how valuable that keyword is and the key word difficulty or how difficult it is to run for that key words. Next is to create an optimized content around that keyword. The goal here is to focus on user. First, you have to create an optimized content around that keyword. As mentioned the previous lesson. You need to master on how to write s your optimized content and when writing, you need to also focus on the user first. After you have finished writing your content, you can then start optimizing it. For Seo. This is because at the of the day it will be only the users who are going to write your heart are gonna read your content. Third is to re optimize the content if needed. Let's say you have published your content for it. Ah, let's say for almost three months now, and it's still not ranking well, then you may need to re optimize that content it is needed in order to rank it further, and Ford or Last Step is to rinse and repeat the process to create content or similar topic . The goal here is to try to achieve the topical relevance, which is the concept which I discussed in a previous lesson on your website, and that's all for this lesson in the next lesson. 8. Introduction To Technical SEO: Lesson eight Introduction to technical issue and key concepts Technical s. You deals with technical aspect of your website. This is often neglected by many people and can be on underlying problem that can hinder you from ranking well, when talking about technical SQL heretofore things that you need to keep in mind. And if you manage well, we can do wonder for you. Although there tons and tons of technicals points off the when comes your website and eso here, don't the only four things that you need to keep in mind first is paid speed or how fast you're page loads, the faster the better. Typically under three seconds is what prefer second is sites structure or how well you have organized your website. The goal here is to focus all logical structure and grouping related content together. This is not only useful for users when looking at your website, but also search engines when crawling or look at your website as a whole in order to determine us to what your website is all about. Third is indexing and crawl ability issues. Is there is your site index able on search engine doesn't have any crawling problems etcetera, etcetera. All these issues and informations are available at your Google search console dashboard, which I'll introduce you to in this course later. On and last is the SSL certificates or just science security there is often seen as an https on your URL. Google clearly mentions that this is one of their ranking factors and by securing your website, this also important for users when look at your website as a trustable source or not, and that's all for this lesson sooner. Next lesson. 9. Introduction To Off-Page SEO: Lesson nine Introduction toe off page s you and key concepts Off page SL Refers toe outside signals or factors that influence your s u ranking. The three most important one our number one back link number two social signals and number three traffic going to your website. Back wings are extra link pointing to pages on your website. Social signals are all the social activities. So just like shares retweets etcetera on social media related to your website. Since social signals and traffic is straightforward, back wings are probably the most complicated factor here is because there so many things to keep in mind when looking and focusing at building back links for your website in 2020 and beyond editorial. Back Ling's or link in the actual content from real websites are the most effective. Want good back links? Follow three characteristics that is number one, relevance number to authority and Demetri Traffic relevance is how relevant the website pointing links to your website is and number two is authority or how powerful the back ling's is a number three. Whether or not the site where you're receiving back wings from receives organic traffic or not, make sure your overall blink profile has links with all these three characteristics you don't need all three in one ling. Hear what I mean? Years, for example, you have 10 back links in your overall back links profile. Let's say two of them have high authority or high power, and three of them have some relevance factor or their relevant your website unless there two of them have some organic traffic to their site. So overall you're over back. Wings. Profile contains the three characteristic off good fall back wings, and that's all for this lesson, see in the next lesson. 10. Key Strategies In SEO: lesson six key strategies you need to succeed in S u. With so many things to do away it comes to doing s you hear the only key strategies that you need to master or focus on in order to succeed many a times, especially for beginners, with the start learning and doing s you about themselves their cheap on jumping on from here and there and trying on different stuff. And this often leads to confusion and difficulties when implementing the sus strategies. Therefore, for my personal experience here, some of the key things that they really need to focus on in order to become successful in doing S you first is key. What research and qualification process. He worked resources, the process off, finding and selecting keywords that you're targeting on for your content as well as your website and qualification process. Is the process off choosing or looking with ADT, whether your keywords that your that you have found their capable enough for your website to write for or not next is how to write a CEO optimized content. Eso optimized content is crucially important when it comes to ranking content. On the first page of Google when you have to optimize your content for eso, you can't just simple right, like a normal content there some few key things that you really need to keep in mind. For example, where the important places to place your keywords, or how many times you should place your key would accept or etcetera. Next is Basic EST. Email and Web development. Stuff is often neglected by many beginners simply because this thing that is too difficult to learn, however, the basic of testimony, read development. Things are not that difficult. This is another important thing that then we need to keep in mind. This is because, ah, this often eyes associated with technical issue and many of the times technical eso is what hinders many people from ranking will on Google. How to analyze data like the ranking trends. Xterra SUV is all about data, and if you know the right data, you'll be able to outrank many of your competitors. I'll be talking about this point again later on in this course how to analyze and reverse engineer competitors be able to analyze, and no, I want to reverse engineer from your competitors, especially your top 10 ranking competitors is a crucial skills that every big unearth Israel's nes yo professional shoot master. This is because your competitors their ranking on the first page of Google for a reason and Google just one simply rank them without any reasons, right? So if you know what to read, what to analyze and what you should implement on your website properly by modeling from their eso success, then that will help you save time a lot and help improve your rankings even further. And lastly, how to choose and build back Ling's building and choosing back Ling is like an art that you need to master. And considering that back witnessed one of most important ranking factors for Google, every beginners as well as intermediate, she really knows how to choose back links properly and how to build them. And that's all for this lesson is in the next lesson 11. Recommended SEO Tools: lesson 10 as your tools that you need. They're planted off eso tools out there both free and paid here the list of both free and paid as relative banditry, ones that I recommend it from my personal experience started off the list. We've got the metric tools or the tools that are recommended for every Web masters first, just Google Alex. Google analytics is the free to offered by Google, which allows you to measure different aspect when it comes. Your website traffics. This includes things such as the user behaviors, the time on site, the rial time report of traffic, etcetera, etcetera, then comes to Google Search Consul. Another free tools offered by Google, formerly known as Google Web master, took this tools gives inside ah into many things would come to how your website performs on Google search results. This includes things such as the clicks, the ranking or the keyword positions to click through rate as well as the different technical aspect off your website. When it comes to S U ranking and lastly is Google pays Be Insight or GT metrics. These tools are tools that allows you to measure to pay speed or how fast. You're page loads for your website. For the free s your tool less. Starting off we've got uber suggests uber suggests, is by far the best free s your tools out there. The tool isn't all the one s your tool that allows you to do many different things such as keyword research back ling on an assist or analyzing your competitors back Lings um site audit content, ideas, etcetera, etcetera. Then comes the ash reps. Free versions s rest is essentially a paid as your tools that is mainly or widely known for its power to analyze the back legs Profile. Now, for the free version here, you can only analyse upto 1000 back wings off any website or give a neural. Then come the keyword tool that I o, which is the freak he would reserve tool that pulls the information from the Google auto complete as well the Google related keywords Then the mosque Chrome bar is a free chrome extension that after you install on your chrome brothers, who gives you insights into the competitors or the the search results Domain authority a page authorities will the links pointing to the page for this tool I introduce you in a previous lessons. Where I taught for Ashley showed you the high authority that what the Web site is moss is where the biggest seo companies and they have their own tool called moss tool, which can do many things such as keyword, research, competent or analysis, etcetera, etcetera. And lastly, eso power suit free versions as your power. So it is on all in one s your tools that gives you inside to four different tools. That is the website auditor, the rank tracker, eso, spyglass and link assistant. This is again one of the best free s your tools that you can try out. The downside of this tool, however, is that you need to go down with it onto your computer and then comes to paid as your tools that I recommend from my own experience started off the list. We've got the ash reps, which is probably one of the best paid as your tools in my personal experience. Then come the SCM brush as him rush, just like Ashraf's can do many things such as keyword research, analyzing the back wings profile, coming up with content, ideas, etcetera, etcetera and lastly is cognitive s. You currently f CEOs again? You can do many things with it. One of the best thing about Canada s U is the content content analysis, which kind of helps you and optimize your content better for us. You, however, cognitive s U is a little bit more expensive than any trips or Sim Raj. And that's all for this lesson. See the next lesson. 12. Scale SEO Success With Data: lesson 11 scale as your success using data eso is all about data. Whether you're blogger or a business owner. If you do s you you need to learn how to read and analyzed data in order to scale up your ASIO success. The two data points you need to analyze are the ranking trends and user behaviors. Ranking trends is holly website rankings have changed or performed over the certain period of time on search engines. Generally, the time period is taking out the minimum of three months. As you probably know, ASIO takes some certain amount of time in order to show some results. So if you take any time period before the period of three months, you may not get enough data point to read or analyze. The data can be analyzed using Google Search Console. We need to be able to analyze this data in order to define the directions that is time, effort and money in order to expand your s your effort. All the major search engines out there have their own tool called Web master tools, which allows the the users to determine and analyze the data now talking about Google. They also have their own tool called Google Web Master Tools. We just now has changed its name into Google Search console, which you can use, and this course will only be for pissing on Google Search Council As Google being the major search engines user behaviors data is crucial as it is used to determine whether or not you're S O campaign is the success or failure and what you might need to do in order to improve it. Google Analytics is mainly used to analyze. There's This is necessary because the ultimate goal or reason behind doing S. U is to make money. And if users don't react in a positive manner to your content, you won't get enough good convergence. Remember, as you're not, is not just about ranking websites but also getting convergence as well. So at the other day, if users are not happy with your website or content, then you're ASIO is not a success. So let me kind of show you a little bit of Geno idea how to actually look at the data point and analyze it. So first we'll go through the Google search console, which is a tool that allows you to keep track of all the ranking trends of your website. So here I loved into one of my websites Google Search Consul Dashboard, as you can see here. So, first, when you log in to your dashboard, you will see something like this. This is like a like an overview windows where you actually when you open up for the first time. So on the on the top you have the performance section, which will show you the different performances off your keywords on the search engines. And then comes the coverage. Or how many pages are being covered on your Web sites on search engines? What are the major issues or errors with regards to those pages? As you can see here, they're like 2940 Valley pages and 40 pages with their errors. Now, if you open the report further, you'll be able to analyze what are the errors, and then you'll be able to fix them. As I mentioned in the previous lesson, Google search control is a crucial and important tools that you need to analyze the technical s your point of view, and in comes the enhancements section where you can documenting, such as the speed, the mobile usability or how will your website performs on mobile devices and different informers ends here when analyzing the ranking trends. The main point where you have to look at is the performance sections, so they can go ahead and open it by clicking on open report right here. Here you can have a look at different for data set points. That is the clicks, the impressions, the average click through rate, or CTR and average positions of your keywords. So impressions are kind of like how many times you the keywords shows up in the Google search results. Now, this doesn't mean that it has to be shown on the first page, but it can be anywhere on Google results, and the clicks are now how many times people have actually clicked through your results, and in the click through rate is the percentage of how they have clicked on average positions is the position of how your keywords are. Ranking on the Google search results here. You can also select the dead here. As you can see here you can slick like the last seven days Last 28 days last three months. It's so on and so forth. You can also compare the database off various perimeters. So when analyzing the data point off the ranking trends, you may want to look at how users have clicker websites. What are the positions like for example, here I've taken the date off the last three months or what I can do like a comparisons here . So they were click on here and couldn't go and compare the last three months of the previous three months. I can easily understand as to how my S U effort has really increased or decreased. As you can see here, compared to the previous the last three months, I have much more clicks than ah that it is that it used to be, and also much more impressions as well. However, my average position dropped a little bit. As you can see here, and to drill down further, you can also look at how what are the pages or the keywords that brings the maximum amount of clicks as well as the impressions, the positions extra etcetera. Here, you can do very struggle on and off in order to analyze the data point that you want to analyze. For instance. Maybe this keyword has got 40 clicks, and the position is 33.6 or something like this. Then you can definitely try to improve or optimize. Re optimize your content to maybe bring it up further, as you can see here, maybe this keyword gets only eight clicks, and it has a position off 6.6 here in the previous three months. Now, last three months, 6.4. So what you can do is you can maybe re optimize this page or content and maybe bring it up to maybe five or four positions toe in order to increase the click through rate here or number of clicks so you can go through the search council, and you can kind of use your analytics point of view and analyze how the data is performing . Based on the barest Cree words, etcetera, etcetera, talking about the user metrics, you can use a tool called Google Analytics here, a Z you can see here I locked into my one of my websites, Google Analytics Dashboard here. Google Analytics is also very important when it comes to analyzing your how you should have performed on your website, for instance, you can see audience section here and then you can see the or view section. Then you can have a look at the different users and also different languages that they come from the country's as you can see here, but you can see the maximum of traffic comes from the United States for my website in this case and in India here. Besides, we can also look at the the user behaviors, such as how many pages they actually go to the most on your website by clicking on the behaviour section here. So you can click on overview here to get the overbilled general idea, the pages that dropped the maximum results for your website over a certain period of time when you can see here so you can also select the date range and can also do a comparison here by clicking on this one. And then you can see what are the pages that bring the maximum result as well as different metrics such as time on page, like how long the users spend on each and every page of your website, the bounce rate, the exit rate, x, Iraq's era so let me show you here. If I click on this page, you can see that from February 6 to February 12 there are over 325 page views and the time on pages. Four minutes, 46 seconds. Here, let's say your time on patients, just less that 10 seconds. Then what you can do here is you can maybe try improving your page in orderto increase the time on page and to satisfy the users more hope you're getting the point here. Israel. So you can use different data, sets different points and analyze how users have contracted with your website. Another cool thing here with user with Google Analytics here is you can go to the section words stays, uses full floor here so it can be Ah, it can be access on this sections where says, um, audience and go to the user flow here. So this rule kind of show you how user actually in tracked with each and every painting. What your website, let's say a user from United States comes and landed on this particular page and they completely dropped off, you see, or if they go to the home patient and they click the click through to view eight more pages something like that, or even much many off the inter pages, as you can see so it can analyze how the users behave on your website after they have landed on any particular page. There's also another important thing that you can try here, and that's all for this lesson, see in the next lesson. 13. Understand Google Updates: Lesson 12 Understand Google updates. Search engines, especially Google, are constantly updating and tweaking their algorithms to improve the search experience. For each update, they'll always be losers or side that drop in ranking and winners side that get in ranking with regards to Google. Their two types off Update first core update or generally are confirmed by Google themselves and second general updates or unconfirmed update Core update happens every 3 to 5 times per year. This type of update does not target any website specifically, but rather aims at making several changes to the algorithm. Core update is large and can be notice throughout multiple site and niches across various locations. Unconfirmed or general updates are smaller updates. There are constantly being deployed to tweak and change certain parts off the algorithm. Sometimes these general updates can have a large impact as well and can happen several times in a year. The number could be as many as multiple times per day. Have you experienced any loss in the ranking or traffic from either time of the update? The first and foremost thing to do is to keep calm and wait till the update is fully Rollo generally for general updates, it tastes about 1 to 5 days to complete and for core update a couple of weeks. Once you're certain that the update is over, next issue start investigating as to why your competitors have gained ranking and you have lost. Generally, these updates deal with three areas. That is the relevance back legs and user metrics. So when investigating, make sure you look at the content of your competitors, scan their entire site and look for any signals or changes in the back wing profile. Also, don't forget to watch out for the news as to what the update may be related to. You can check the news regarding the update on Google and mainly on the side. Call SC roundtable dot com. So let me assure you decide so you can maybe go to it and look at it if you have experienced any, uh, drop in the ranking, so maybe you don't need to keep up with the news so you can go to Google and search for search engine round table, and the first link should be sc roundtable dot com, so I can click on it and then you'll see a various news related to search mainly about Google, as you can see here. So when you click on it there, there will be different sections. For example, on Google Dobie Google updates Google News and worse extracts era So you can always come to this website and check out for a lookout for any ah sign of Google updates. You can see here this is like a big head life, for instance, on February 12 2020 day five and getting stronger, big unconfirmed Google updates and you can see here generally for any unconfirmed updated Google won't they will speak about it. So maybe if you experience a sudden loss of rankings, you may need to really check it out whether or not is ah updates or not. And that's all for this lesson in the next lesson. 14. Conclusion: congratulations from making it to this point. By now, you should have a solid and correct foundations about asks you moving forward from here is all about putting whatever you have learned in tow actions. You can start planning out on your website and defying the main topic. Your side is all about. Start diving into how to do the proper on page technical and off page s. You trial different things and don't forget to test them out, keep on tweaking and make change in order to achieve perfection and also get up to date with any changes in the industry. This is crucially important, as because s years that involved is an ever evolving industry. Whatever works for yesterday may not work tomorrow, so make sure you get up today with all the latest news. And lastly, you can also join my course here, which I deep dive into everything that I discuss in this court and expand them further again. Just a reminder how to contact me. If you were in need off any problems first you can do it via the course Q and a section. You can also email me personally using either of my email. The 1st 1 is my personal email on the 2nd 1 is my agency email. When using my agency email, make sure you mention the subject line as being my student. And don't forget to join the private Facebook group that I've created, where you can ask questions, discuss anything related to ASIO and post your chief meant there right again. Group name here is practical. Ask your training course and a Facebook group profile Image is this one, and that's all for it. Thank you for watching and looking forward to hearing your success stories.