Raw Vegan Mushroom Salad + Avocado Dip | Gluten-Free | Challenge Yourself | Luisa Dias | Skillshare

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Raw Vegan Mushroom Salad + Avocado Dip | Gluten-Free | Challenge Yourself

teacher avatar Luisa Dias, Be Creative & Have Fun

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Intro Skillshare


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      Mushroom Celery Salad


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      Challenge Skillshare


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About This Class

This class consists of thoroughly describing 1 plant-based and gluten-free salad:

  • Raw Vegan Mushroom Celery Salad

In the end, you'll be able to reproduce each one and take your creativity to the next level by accepting our final challenge.

Music by bensound.com

Meet Your Teacher

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Luisa Dias

Be Creative & Have Fun


Luisa concluded a macrobiotic culinary course in 2012 and went from psychologist to cook, working in restaurants and at people's homes, organizing workshops, and opening two vegan restaurants at different times and places. She is happy to share her intense practice over the years, with all her passion, dedication, and creativity.

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1. Intro Skillshare: Welcome to this class. My name is Lisa, and I am passionate about whole vegan foods. Since I concluded a microbiotic culinary course in 2012, I went from psychologists to cook and I no longer stopped all the work you find here is the result of years of practice in conjunction with rationalise editors skills, who is the one behind the camera? In this class, you will find a raw vegan gluten-free salad. I will be guiding you through all the process, giving you all the details you need to know to carry on we did. In the end, you'll be able to make mushroom Celery salad and also accepted challenge of taking your creativity to the next level. Now is the time, and together we will succeed. Let us do it. 2. Mushroom Celery Salad: Let's make mushroom salary salads. This one is simply amazing. Let's start. For the ingredients of the mushrooms. We will need one bowl of mushrooms, some fresh oregano, some drops of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice. One tablespoon of dark rice missile. One tablespoon of cold pressed flaxseed oil. One to two teaspoons of turmeric powder. One teaspoon of sea salt, some water, some dry Rosemary, and some fresh curves. For the salad, we will need to handful latches, sleeves, one handful of tender kale leaves, some purple cabbage, and one red bell pepper. For the ingredients of the source, we will need 20 avocados, one to two teaspoons of sea salt, pinch of cayenne pepper, some drops of Omar bushy or apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, some fresh oregano, some fresh sage, and some water. For the extra ingredients, you will need celery sticks and leaves. We start by preparing the mushrooms because they need to marinate for awhile. We cut all of them into small pieces or slices. And we put everything in a bowl. Then we start adding all the ingredients of the mushrooms, the oregano, the vinegar, or lemon juice. The muscle that flexes. The turmeric powder, the salt. And finally, the water. For the water is important that the quantity covers all the mushrooms. And now we mix everything very well. Then we press a little bit with our hands. Now we put some heavy thing on top like a glass and the ball like I did. And I also felt the glass with water to make it heavier. This is because we want the measurements to absorb all the flavors of the marinade. So we want them to be inside of the water. We may start in the morning and in the afternoon. They are ready. If it's too hot outside, you can put them inside of the fridge. You can see now that they actually look cooked already, right? And now we are going to dehydrate them just to make them taste here, but you can eat them just like they are. To dehydrate the mushrooms. We spread them on a tray, convert week parchment paper. Then we add a little bit more of the seasonings. If we'd like to. I added some dry Rosemary and also some fresh heard leafs. And now we dehydrate them at the sun if the climate allows it, or in the dehydrated for 23 or even six hours if we'd like to, depending on the texture and the flavor we want, in any case, they are going to be just fine. In the meantime, it's time to prepare the salad. So we're going to cut the legis into this. And we put everything on a big bowl. Also the kale leaves, the purple cabbage, the bell pepper. No. Now for the source, we cut the 20 avocados and we put them in a high-speed blender. For any blender that you have. We now add all the seasonings of the source. The salt, pepper, the vinegar or lemon juice, the Arabs, and the water. For the water, it's important that we don't put too much at the beginning because we need to see the consistency. So if you don't want the source to liquid, just dropped the water little by little. And we blend everything very, very well. You see the consistency we want is more or less this one, it's a creamy sauce. Now we add more or less half or a little bit more of the source to the salad. And we mix everything very, very well. In order to reach all the leafs and vegetables. Once we are, then we put the rest of the source in a glass. See, it looks wonderful. The measurements are ready. Yummy. Now it's time to prepare the salary. So we separate the sticks from the leaves and sticks into smaller ones. Everything in a bowl. And we may actually add the leaves if we'd like to. And now it's time to prepare the plates. So we put a little bit of salad with avocado sauce, some mushrooms on top, some celery sticks. We may add some fresh herbs. Now, this is coming as well in some chalk sticks, of course. And it's done ready to eat and diet it a smile. Finality. 3. Challenge Skillshare: I really enjoy giving you this class. Now it's time to put into practice what you've learned. The first test I gave you is to make the recipe while getting familiar with all the preparations, the textures, and the flavors. Once you've done it, you are ready for the next challenge. This consists of creating a new raw vegan salad based on the recipe I presented to you, you are free to make whatever combinations you like. Imagine how many results you can get. You can use the nets are seeds instead of avocado. Can use carrots instead of salary or cauliflower instead of mushrooms. Countless possibilities, like I say, just be creative and of course, have fun to complete the cycle of creation. Share your abilities with us by posting pictures and commenting. I will be right here answering any question and giving you feedback on your progress and inventions. Enjoy every moment.