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Quick & Dirty Sewing: Make A Stuffed Dog Toy

teacher avatar Miranda Harper, Seamstress/Cosplayer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to Make a Stuffed Dog Toy


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      Making the Case


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      Making the Filling and Stuffing


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      Wrapping Up


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      Closing Credits: aka Killing Time


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About This Class

Do you have a cloudy, vague idea of what sewing is? Do you have a dog? Does your dog love ripping up toys? Learn to make those toys yourself! It's quick, cheap and Fido will love them!

You'll need:

1 piece of fleece remnant cut to one of three measurements:

-Small dog: 9x8

-Medium dog: 12x18

-Large dog: 20x16

(More in depth on that in video 2!)

1 old tshirt

Poly Fiber-fil

Needle & thread OR sewing machine

Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Miranda Harper



Well hey there! My name is Miranda and I teach sewing classes here on Skillshare. I've been sewing for almost 20 years, have degrees in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising and been a freelance seamstress/designer/tailor for almost 10 years making everything from prom dresses to swim wear to cowboy vests. I also have a day job as a graphic designer and I love to paint, cook, watch comic book TV shows and hang out with my dog.

I think sewing is an incredible skill that everyone should have, even if all you do is replace buttons and hem pants. Those things are important. When you take my classes, you'll learn basic skills to transfer to other sewing projects and I'll throw in a few industry tips to make your sewing life easier. Enjoy! 

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1. Welcome to Make a Stuffed Dog Toy: Hello, Welcome to quick and dirty sewing. My name is Miranda. In this first class, we're going to learn how to make a stuffed dog joy. With a knotted filling. You will learn how to sew a straight stitch, clip a corner and use stuffing. This is a great project. Quick project. Very cheap. I hope you enjoy it. It's a good foundational skills. Plus you'll have tons of fun playing with your dog. My dog loves them, so gather up your supplies. You'll find a supply list in the class description, and we will talk more in depth about the supplies in the next video. Gather up your things and let's get started. 2. Supplies: Let's talk about thesis applies you only for the project. The first thing you'll need is a piece of police. I recommend looking in the remnants section of your local fabric store to find a cheap, small piece on sale. Depending on the size of dog you have, you're gonna cut it into one of three sizes. If you have a small dog, you could a nine by eight inch piece, which will have a finished size of eight by 3.5. You have a medium dog will cut a 12 by 18 inch piece, which have a finished size up 17 by five. And if you have a large dog, you'll cut a piece that is 20 by 16 which will have a finished size of 19 by seven. You'll need a bag of polyester fibre. Fill A new only is a little bit in this project, so you can use the rest for whatever you like. Hopefully, more dog toys for your friends and family. I actually will recycle the fiber from dog toy to dog toys, so one bag on dog toys will last me for ever, and you could do that, too. It's very handy. Next, you'll need an old T shirt, which we're going to cut into strips and make nodded pieces of rope with to put inside of our toy. If you buy toys and store and feel that mule feels speakers or sticks or ropes or something and the's at interest for the dogs, so they feel like they're kind of digging for a buried treasure. So we're going to do that with our toys. Here is a recap of the supplies. Also, don't forget a needle and thread so with or a sewing machine. If you have one, I have one. I'll be using a sewing machine, so gather your stuff and I'll meet you back here. 3. Making the Case: So now we have our piece of police in your chosen size, and I'm going to fold it in half long ways. Well, that's the raw edges are together, and then I'm going to pin this together on the long edge and one of the short edges going to leave one short edge open. That's where we're going to turn our sweet right fight out and fill it with stuffing. Right now, we're going to come over to my sewing machine and stitch this together. I'm going to you. They happened seam allowance and you will find on the place plate a marker for happened seam allowance. And you're going to follow that all the way down. If you're using a machine, you're gonna want a short stitch of 1 to 2 on your machine. This world make the toy wars durable and they last longer so you could have more fun. Playtime's all the way down I like it close to the end I'm gonna slow down a little bit and lower that needle down, turn it to the corner and then wasn't there And then so along the shore edge Oh, boy down the short edge When we get to the end. I'm gonna do a little back sich to secure bread and then cut off my friends. So now we have our case, and the first thing I want to do is clip this corner to take the bulk out. Be sure to not cut the stitching just right above the stitching. And then I'm going to turn this right side out and then just push the corners open with my hand, and now we're ready to stuff. 4. Making the Filling and Stuffing: Now we're gonna make our nodded filling, and I have my T shirt here, and I'm going to cut along the bottom of the shirt all the way down. Does not have to be pretty. I'm not even marking it. Oh, okay. And then I have a movie piece here, and I'm going to cut it at both ends so that I have two strips and then I am going to tie them together and then tie knots all the way down until I run out. Strip, depending on the size of toy you're making, you could make five or six of these I'm going to make to put inside my toy. So now I have my two pieces of shirt all knotted up, and now we're going to finish the stepping off the toy. So I got my sleeve and my stuffing, and the first thing I'm going to do is take one of my pieces of shirt and put it down on inside the case here. Then grab a handful stuffing and put that in the case and work that stuffing around that piece of shirt so the shirt he's is buried inside the stuffing that I'm going to put in one other piece of stopping and then my second piece of shirt and do the same thing. Just bury the T shirt pieces inside around the stuffing, and I'm gonna put in a little bit more, and then I have a little bit extra at the end. I don't want to feel it. I'm just going to cut it off after I'm done sewing. 5. Finishing: All right, now on to the last part, we're going to close us this opening, and I pushed all the stuffing back pretty far, so my opening will be flat. So this down all way making shares on that short stitch so it can stand up a little better with dogs chewing. I'm gonna back such a little bit, just for security quickly spread. And now I'm going to just cut off my extra. We will. Just a little bit at the top for same. So your finished product should look roughly like this, this kind of ob long, small pillow thing, and now you're all finished. 6. Wrapping Up: we've come to the end of the first quick and dirty sewing class. Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you learned a lot and I hope you had fun. I hope you make lots more dog toys. If you enjoy this class, please leave a thumbs up and maybe a nice comment. If you feel like it, I would appreciate it. This being my first skill share class actually did not realize that there was a time minimum of 10 minutes for a class. So this class totals about 1.5 minutes. And to fill up my time, I posted a part seven called closing credits, which is just pictures of my dog. Rufus, you do not have to watch it in his Onley time filler. Otherwise, this class is over. And please post your projects in the project gallery. I can't wait to see them. I will comment on them. I will enter any questions you have. And thank you so much for joining me again. And I hope you had so much fun. And now it's on to my favorite part. Play time. Look, 7. Closing Credits: aka Killing Time: This is my time filler clip. Uh, he'll share as a time class minimum of 10 minutes. I literally could not think of anything else to say for 40 seconds. So here's a slide show off my dog. He's cool. Thanks for taking my class. You take more of my classes. I promise I will not have extra video like this ever again. Thank you.