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PowerPoint - A tool for Advertisement

teacher avatar TechPetraPro, Where Technology Meets Expertise

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Overview


    • 2.

      Navigate a PPT - Part 1


    • 3.

      Navigate a PPT - Part 2


    • 4.

      From Scratch to Hatch


    • 5.

      Tips & Tricks


    • 6.

      Arranging & Grouping


    • 7.

      Picture Format


    • 8.

      Zoom & Hyperlink


    • 9.

      Dubai Post


    • 10.

      SkillShare - Static & Dynamic Logos


    • 11.

      Indonesia PostCard


    • 12.

      Blenheim Palace


    • 13.

      Text to Shape Converting


    • 14.

      Paris Advertisement


    • 15.

      Sunset Advertisement


    • 16.

      Menu Advertisement


    • 17.

      Shapes Motion


    • 18.

      Class Project


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About This Class

In this class you will discover the most hidden and beneficial commands and tools of PowerPoint. The learned tools will be used to build advertisement skills, such as creating Post Cards, Static and Dynamic Logos, Menus, Advertisements with Time change, and many more. 

At the end of this course, you will be able to exploit the basic PowerPoint tools, to create magnificent advanced content, and you will become an Intermediate - Expert  PowerPoint user.

N.B.: This class requires minimum PowerPoint Skills, although you may find some basic tools explained, but these are to surely implement the advanced PowerPoint skills.

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1. Class Overview: Hello everyone and welcome to the class called Power Point tool for advertisement. This is Allie, I'm done, and I will be your tutor during this class. As a prerequisite for you to know all the skills that you should be able to do in PowerPoint before starting this class are the basic boat point buttons such as creating a new presentation, saving a presentation, adding bullets, numbered lists, inserting shapes, graphics and pictures, selecting objects, editing tax, because at this level, PowerPoint will be given in an intermediate level. What to expect from this course. In this course as its name, say, PowerPoint, a tool for advertisement. You will learn to skills, PowerPoint skills by navigating through PowerPoint, discovering PowerPoint hidden tools. This is really important, really interesting. Arranged, group and distribute tools, text to shape, picture to shape, converting, and Zoom and hyper link. This PowerPoint skills are intermediate to advanced skills and are really essential for your presentations. The second section of skills will be the advertisement skills. You will learn how to do postcards, static and dynamic logos, advertisements with time change, menu advertisements and cheap motion advertisements. For example. You will know how to do this one. This one. This one, the Paris one. This is the dynamic skills that you will be able to do. This is the logos. Here. I'm saying the timeline, the advertisement where you have a timeline. So our product is the bus through the day and surely the bust through the night. Also, you will learn how to do the shape motion all by itself with no pressing buttons. It will be such an advanced timeline session. Then we have this menu. For example, if I press at the age, it will take me to the age. If I press the name, to take me to the name. If I press to the logo, for example, the logo itself has its own section. You will learn how to do it. And that's it. These are my contacts in case you needed any information, any extra information, inquiries. If you have any question that you are stuck on, if you have a project that you want any help, I give you the advice is free help as you add a Skillshare students. I hope that you will enjoy the class and please keep or leave a review. Thank you. 2. Navigate a PPT - Part 1: Hello everyone and welcome to module one, navigate a PowerPoint presentation. In this section, you will learn the main aspects of the screen and some points that can help you improve your efficiency. First, let's start with what we see first. As we start our point, as we open a PowerPoint, we can check this section. This section is called the normal view, where I can add it to my PowerPoint. I can change the location, change colored, etc. At the left section, we have the mini previews. The mini previews allows me to see what is my next slide. I can rearrange the different slide. For example, if this is slide three and this is Slide tool, and I want a shape, change their order. I just have to relocate that. So that's what comes to the mini previews. And for sure, on the top I have the mean of buttons where I can work on editing the content and the design, the shape of my presentation. For sure, as you start your presentation, you will not. On this screen, you want the PowerPoint to show a greater image, the whole screen to be focused on the main slide that I am interested in. So we just have to go to the presentation view. If I press this button on the top, on the bottom right, I will have the slideshow and on its left I will get the Reading View, the side slide sorter than the normal view where I'm working now. So generally, what is well-known as the normal view slide show, where you start your presentation. And to show that the main PowerPoint, the main slide, is the whole screen. The Reading View is used for reading books or reading some information that you want to show different screen on the same time. And the slide sorter, you will, we will get to it in a bit. And the following, we will work on each section of those. You can check those buttons here in the normal Outline View Slide Sorter, and the view section of the main body. Now when it comes to the home, we will start by the clipboard. The clipboard is mainly present in everything that is used to paste. It is used to cut, added some parameters. So this is mainly used on, excuse me, this is not usually used. It is used by putting the right-click and then I have all the clipboard buttons. Now when it comes to the slides, I use InDesign. It is a three Designed by PowerPoints. So I started and now let's remove these two. I want to add a slide. I can press new slide. However, I have different types of slides. The title and the title slide is what you are seeing now here. The title slide, the title and content. It is way different. You can see it from the design here. It is pushed to the left and downward. So it is minimized in order to give it content here, what is inside it? It's right. So you can add the title and then add some content. Let's remove it. We add slide a section header is really important, section 100 and I believe little are the people that use it. So they just put the outline. Okay, One Introduction to background. So give the title, give this section. It's right by a slide, by its own section header is going to help you do so. When we go about the two continents, the two content, it's really important and it is used like the competition. However, the main difference is that doesn't have a title. I will add excuse me. In addition to allow you to see here if I am talking about two sections, for example, I'm teaching you Spanish and the left, XBox, I gives you an objective. At the second one, I give you another objective. That is, it's opposite. And here I can do a comparison. I'm just distinct to stuff that I believe that in my presentation being both at the same slide, it is in the benefit of the audience and it allows me to send my message. In an easily, in an easy way. The second type, the comparison, it is different. If I'm comparing between this method and the other method is really important to put them on a comparison method of odd if I'm comparing two projects, I believe that some students and not some students, some people compare between the project or the the job of different artists. So you just can, but the two pictures and put the name of the person that is that drove them. Here. You are able to both pictures and the same time in order to easily compare them. Okay? That's when it comes to the comparison. And the Titan. Now we have the title only. It is just same paragraph, the same as the title and content without the content section does not very creative. The black one, it is the same slide, the same everything. However, without any text box that allows you to put the textbooks in a way that you want to start editing your PowerPoint presentation from 0 from scratch. Then we have the content with caption picture with caption, panoramic picture with caption, coat with captioning cord coating or true or false, etc. All these stuff, you can just go and check them. Depends on your content, depends on your creativity in the design. You can create any type of those without pressing it. I will give you an example. I'm gonna go to the blank and start by inserting a textbox. Here. This is my textbooks. I'm going to edit it. Okay? By this, et cetera, I'm going to add another text box here. Here I have the title and content slack. So you're not restricted to a certain type. You can create a format that you want. Here also, we can duplicate selected slides, slides from outline, reuse slides. These are, the slides are a little bit advanced. We can go further in them. An advanced class. However, at this stage, duplicate selected slide is really important. For example, duplicate this, duplicated the same design, the same format, the same every thing. And it is generally used when you want to keep the same format, the same directions at the same locations of certain parameters in the same place, different slides, so you can duplicate them and then change on the duplicate slide. So it is really important. You can access it by Control D, Control D, and it is duplicated. Now when it comes to the home, the slides was done. We talked about different sections. I also say section is a little bit advanced at this stage. Where do you create sections? Okay, I will explain what mean section. Once I start working on a different section, I divide my work from one big box, two different boxes. For example, in case I created a background with a certain color. And I want it to be applied for all the slides. If I had sections, when I press Apply to all, and it will not apply to all the sections. It will apply to all slides that are present in this section. It is advanced and it is not mainly used because little all the presentations that need different sections, mainly this presentation is just short to the point and it does not need different sections that shouldn't be shortened. Then we have the reset button, excuse me. We have the late okay, that we previously talked about. At the same point, you can change it. What does it, what are you mean by the same slide? You can change it. This slide, I can just change its layout and it is different. I'm going to reset what I did. Okay? The font section and the paragraph section, as you can see, they are sat in as locked. You should press on text box to allow it to open and edit what I have. For example, I pressed on the title text box. Let's not play with the Title IX box. Let's duplicate it and work here. Here I can go to the font, I can change. I have unlimited type of points. A lot of fonts that you act, you're beginning with PowerPoint two will be just confused. What font should I use? Again, don't be confused. Try to use some of them. And once you enjoy one, once you feel comfortable with a certain font, just try to use it always. So you would have some favorites. And then we have here the size. Here you can increase the size, lower the size here, you can. Excuse me. This point at this section is clear all formatting. It resets all the formats from the selection. It leaves the normal unformatted text with no edits on it needed on the phone. Neither under paragraph needs it on the drawing inside this text box and gets it back to its initial state. Then we have the bold, we have the Italian, and then we have the underlined also we have the text shadow, the one that used the tax shadow. I don't know why they mean use bold and underline. However, the texture do it at the shadow behind the selected text to help it stand out on this slide, it gives it some weight, a weight, a great weight to the text. Then we have the strikethrough, it, cross something out by drawing a line through it. Then we have the character spacing. Character spacing is really important in PowerPoint. Where do you want to give a certain volume for your presentation? For example, if we check the first upper half of my presentation, we can see the PowerPoint 1019 with a certain design on the left. If I want to give volume, if I want to enhance what is present on my slide, on my slide as a content, I go to the character formatting and here I can change the character spacing here, the space between the P and the O is greater than here. So as you can see it, volume to the PowerPoint presentation does not always used. However, if you are interested in, you can use it in certain times. Then we have the sentence, this case, lowercase. This section is called the Change Case. For example, if I want everything inside this textbox to be capitalised, so all uppercase. If I want that, it is capital, each first letter in each word. So capitalize each one. The lowercase, everything is lowercase. So you don't have to go and change everything, rewrite everything. You can change spacing using this button. Here you use the text highlight color, and the font color. You also can, in PowerPoint, create the color that you want. You can change the number of the number of again, the number on the number of blue, and you will get another column. For example, if I change that to 78, the green to 98, to 12, and then I press Okay, I will get like a colored mainly navigating to the green section as the green button is the great one. Okay, here when it comes to the paragraph, the paragraph, let's start by pressing the home button. Home button. On here. Let's delete this and add a new slide with a smaller design. He had the home button. I will press sentence one and sentence. So in this slide, I have three sentences. I can use them in the paragraph. If you can see that there is a button at the beginning of each one, you can change this button in the paragraph section. You can just remove it by pressing or unpromising at the bullets. And you can use some hollow and drought bullets here, some felt square bullets here, some empty or hollow square bullets. We have also the star bullets, the Arab bullets, and the checkmark bullets. This is not everything that you can do. You can go and customize something. You have. A very thing that you can imagine here in this section. You can just choose, for example, the copyright one. And they have a bullet points considered by a copyright sign. So that's everything when it comes to the bullets. Now, the numbering, you can number it in a different way as normal Arabic number, Roman rounder, letters, large letters, etc. Here you can change the line spacing. For example, you can see here 2.5 and there's generally 1.5. Also, you can change the alignment. For example, you want to keep whole sentences in the middle of the text-box. At the top-right or justify. The Justify is not mainly appearing here as the justify. It fills all the gaps between the sentence in order to keep a certain alignment to you that is really ordered. Here. You can change the alignment, etc. Now what about the text direction, alignment of texts we've previously talked about and Convert to Smart Art. The conversion to smart art is really important. I wanted to give it a section by its own. However, I will attach it here. For example, sentence one, done. He had, I press Tab and sentence one section than sentence one, section B. Here I have the same. I'm going to copy it. Presage sentence three, section a and section B. Section three, sentence sentence Three, Section C. Okay. I'm going to enlarge it or to give it some weight. Okay, that's perfect. If I want to convert it into a Smart Art, I can just press it here. You can see that the top section gives the boat point the knowledge. Okay? It means another and under section inside the same section. So what I pressed here, the tab here, it gave the PowerPoint the ability to understand that if I press another sentence and tiered another section, you can see it. That's everything when it comes to convert into Smart Art. I'm going to elaborate it in a different way. Okay? Now about the text direction. For example, if I have just sentence one and I want it in the right site, I go to texts direction and press it as rotate. Press it and it is aligned. You can do everything in PowerPoint. You want, everything that it is in your imagination. Then we have the drawing section. The drawing section is just a section that you can add some shapes. Our word, I'm not going to attack it now because for example, if I added this triangle, I will add a new section in here, which is the shape format. So I'm going to display it as a section by its own with arranging and etc. 3. Navigate a PPT - Part 2: Now with model2 in the same section, navigate a PowerPoint presentation. However, now with the Insert button, the Insert button, it is the second or the third main button at the bottom. In PowerPoint that is highly, highly used. Generally it is, it allows you to insert or add anything that you want on your slide as specific and on your presentation as of January 1st, by adding a new slide, let's say by we previously talked about them, those by title and title and caption. That's the new slide. Title and content here. Insert button, and then we add the sentence, fun. Let's see. Let's not put that. Let's enter to the main sections that can be inserted. You can add De Berg pictures, set it on all those. However, you can just see in the table box of the content. A table chart is smart. Art, a 3D model, a picture from your computer, as you can see, the computer shape the online picture from the Internet. Insert video and insert an icon. So let's start by inserting a button. We have number of columns and five number of rows. Once you add or you enter, you insert the table, you will have something that is popped up. The table tools that is divided into two sections, the table design and deliver the table design. That is what is from the outside, for example, its color. For example, it's designed, it is light, it is medium, it is dark, for example, I want a dark. You can also change the borders with borders with no borders. For example, let's remove the left border, etc. You can also add some effects such as the cell buffer. And I want it as relaxed and said, That's really good. The table section, it is incipient. So what to do in order to add it or to just press on the table, it will reappear the table. Tools. You can also change the word art styles and draw some borders. Draw some versions. For example, if I want to draw a day, but if I want to add here section or a table, Okay? I want to add some stuff. Okay? Here, you can add a different table in a different section, etc. You can add some points and you can change it a little bit if you don't want to. If you don't want to be limited to what a PowerPoint asks you to do. It gives you the whole freedom to do so. Then we go to the layout. The layout it is what is inside the David, for example, if I want to insert something below, if I want to insert something above, if I want to insert on the left and insert on the right, you can see that it is, it is adding in huge numbers. Why? Because I'm selecting all the table. For example, if I selected just one column, if I selected just one color, I will insert one column. And also I can add by going to split. The split cells is really important. I'm not going to split cells before merging them. For example, let's move on to a table design that is clear on the eye in order for you to easily see it. Okay. Let's move on to this one. If I want to merge these two cells, what I mean by these two sons, I go to lay out and merge cells. Now they are one cell. For example, a does not break. However here it breaks. So that was what does it mean by split? And also here, I can split the cells. Split cells. Here. I can get it as previously, I also countries that splits as I want to divide it into three columns. For example, here it is three columns. You can do whatever design of the table you want, depending on your content, depending on your design, on your style, your creativity, you can choose whatever you want. Also, you can change the cell size by height, width, etc. You can distribute Rawls, distribute columns. It gives like a certain margin between them. I usually don't use them because I feel they disturb the table. However, they are mainly used when you add some content and for example, okay, Now when it comes to the alignment. You can change the direction of your table of the word inside. Let's give an example. Alex. And now I'm going to change the text direction. It is written like this. Distribute the column, excuse me. With them here. Okay. Now, Alex, it appears right there. That's when it comes to the layout. You can change the table size, you can arrange them by aligning some sections. However, the adult intersection will be as a long section for all the tables, the pictures, the 3D models, we will enter in something called the Arrange button, and you will learn about it every thing. Let's delete this table and move on to a picture from your computer, screenshot or a photo album, etc. This depends on your content, on your topic. It does not require the picture. You want to add a picture, okay? Save it on your computer and just inserted from the Insert button. Also, you can add some shapes. For example, here, I'm going to insert a shape around the Insert button. I will have in drawing to a shape format that allows me to change the Insert Shape, allows me to change the style. For example, the shape, the fact that shape, outline and the shape of it. What does it mean? The shape fill. What is inside this section? What is inside this shape or form? So here, if I want to enter the color, I can change what is inside of it. If I want to show the Insert button and you can just press no fill. Now with the shape outline, what is from the outside of the shape? For example, does it, does it require to be red, red, blue, green? Or I want to be professional? I go to the eyedropper and go to tear and present. So in order to merge some colors, to give the slide a certain identity and a certain character. Let's remove this format. In the format section that the shape section for example, let's add, we have something called the Arrange, bring backward and send backward. As I previously talked, we will learn something about them and a, from the shape. You can just fill some picture gradient texture. So I will teach you some really interesting things that you can do using the Shape Fill section. They will be as an independent section at the end of the presentation. Now, let's go back to the insert. You can insert some icons from the Internet, 3D models author off from the internet, some smart art. For example, if I want something that is corresponding to the listing or to the closest cycle, the matrix or the pyramid, et cetera. But put it in mind that each SmartArt graphic is the deleted certain tax to it. As a beginner, you can just go to the Smart Art graphic added, for example, list or the tier. I won't section one here. Section one. Section one. Be excuse me. Section section one. Okay. That's everything when it comes here. Section one. As I previously talked, each smart art, is it related to a certain word, document, a certain line? So this rate to section one, tap, tap, tap, section one, section one, section one. See, I previously talked about this thing and for sure, as you insert SmartArt, it will open a SmartArt Tool, smart or design a certain format that you can change that you can. I did. I can change the colors. I can reset the graphic, I can convert it into a text. Here it is, section one, section one, section one B. And sexual Nancy does really important this converting section. And there's a little bit advanced. Some professional PowerPoint users use it as too easily. Isn't their work off? Here when it comes to the Smart Art, also, you can add some chart. For example. Just remove this text. Okay. Each chart is related to a certain dB in Excel, it resembles to Excel. However, it is powered by Microsoft. Powerpoint does not, it doesn't open Excel, for example, if you just have PowerPoint or on your computer. This tool will still be used as you don't need Excel to do so. This is a certain tool inside PowerPoint that resembles, except as you can see here, chart and Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. So you can see a different series. Let's remove this ceiling to limit the work. Here we go. Clear content. He is serious one, let's say. Cheers. Once you is two, category one, category two here I can change the numbers into, etc. You can change different stuff here and what, but what is important for me is the design section. So the chart title, you can remove it. You can go to the chart tools. You can have different storage art styles. You can change the colors. For example, you can add some short elements quickly out. You can edit your data here. By editing my data, it means opening the kind of Excel chart. Okay? You can select the data. I can change the chart type. For example, if I want it to be a stacked column, it just directly goes to the stacked column with no change as the same data are the same object. That's when it comes to the chart. Let's insert. You can insert is Zoom would allow you to present your content creatively in a non-linear way. You can create an interactive table of contents with somebody's room or jump to a specific slides and sections. With Slide Zoom and sections. Also, you can get add-ons, Add-ons, you browse, Add-ins. You find add-ins that add new functionality to offer simply tasks and connect you to services you use everyday. This is a really advanced and the majority of the power producers does not use it. However, in certain academic or in highly skilled and professional presentations, the audience is attracted by the brows and eyebrows. Add easing the word. Useful in certain times. You can add some links. You can add some action. Here. Action. You can mouse over mouse-click. It is programming. I don't want it to enter this section as I want to limit this class to people that does not have a background in programming. So I'm not going to enter into the action section. You can also add some command. For example. The command is, for example, say out loud, say it out loud. Insert new job. Excuse me, reply. Insert a joke at the beginning insert button, other jokes so you can see it here from the comment button. And it should be noted that the Command button or the command shape is not showed at the presentation at the Slideshow, slideshow view. So just one. When you insert this slideshow view, you will not have commenced. The commands are something that you add on your PowerPoint presentation in order to remember what I have to do next in case I don't have the facilities and the tools to do it now. Okay. Let's remove it. Excuse me. Now you can add a text box, as I previously said, you can add it differently. You can also insert a header and footer, a word, art, date and time, slide numbered. And you can add an object and embedded objects or documents or other files you have inserted into this document. Instead of having separate advice, sometimes it's easier to get them all embedded in one document. For example, if I'm adding like a video or an audio, you can just go to the object section and you can hear, I had a PDF or an audio ad, etc. Also you can add some equations. Are the equations are going to the professionals here you can add the area of the circle, binomial theorem. Everything that is mainly used in the education system. You can also add some symbols, you can add immediate also audio and video. The audio and video, once you are done, just pressing any button on the slideshow. It allows to the start of the audio or the start of the video. That's everything when it comes to the Insert. Let's move on to also another section. 4. From Scratch to Hatch: Hello everyone and welcome to module four from scratch to hatch. What I mean from scratch to hatch is the journey weird? At the first step, you start by filling the content of your topic or of your presentation over the slides, is where you choose your design all the way up to the transitions and animations that fulfill your presentation. And be prepared or be ready in order to be previewed in a slideshow. First, let's start with the design. As a design point has offered multiple designs for you to use. However, you can create the one you want. You have the ability to customize different colors, different shapes, different background content over the design. For example, this design, the other one, the third one. And at each design you can change the colors, different colors, different fonts, different effects, and different background star. And therefore, with the designs offered by bowed point, you are able to manage unlimited number of designs. Therefore, you can choose from the offered by PowerPoint. However, you have the ability to go to the Internet and download already done designs from developers worldwide and you browse it from your computer. Also, you can change the format background from the Design button. You can add solid fill, gradient fill, picture or texture, pattern. And also you can hide the background graphic here. Let's explain each one. Solid fill is a color that you choose, you create, you can choose the color you want. Also, you can use the eyedropper, let's say Control Z. Now, you can change its transparency in PowerPoint. Or in general, transparency means how much it should not appear. So 0 per cent is, 0 per cent of the scholar should not appear. So 100 per cent is appearing. At 100 per cent is 0%, 1, 100% should not appear, so 0 per cent should appear. That's the rule of the transparency. You can choose it and you can change it as much as you want. This is for the solid fill, the gradient fill, very similar when it comes to the color and the brightness. Also, however, we have a new section added is the preset gradients is first the color and then the type. The type, we have different types of gradients. Ingredient means we have a low gradient of color, low color at a position, and compared with an opposite high concentration color at the other position. So you can choose the linear type where you can see the line here and the region here. So the circle is here now and the mean brightness is at the circuit. You can also choose rectangular. You can choose a path. You can choose a sheared from title. The shift from title is new to PowerPoint. It was added for the 2019 addition will not be present in case you are working on a older PowerPoint addition. Let's keep it linear here you can choose the direction of the line that you want. We have different directions. For example, here it is a linear diagonal from the top-right, bottom-left. However, here it is a, excuse me, a linear up. We can see the difference, okay? You can choose a picture or a texture. A picture or a texture means you can browse any picture you want. You can put it on your background and change its transparency in order for the title to be concentrated. Also, you can choose a texture from the given materials, the well-known materials. For example, here we have the papers, we have the canvas. The well-known is the water droplets. And also we have the granites here or here. This is where night and this is sand. This one comes to the material. It is sometimes used by different topics. We have also the pattern. The pattern fill is just adding some pattern to your background in order to keep it simple. So we have different patterns. We have the dotted, the 5%, we have different concentrations of dotted. So you can see it also we have the back, back slashes, we have the wide downward. You have different stuff that you can use depending on the topic, depending on the design that you want. So that's when it comes to the background for my partner. Also, the slide size. The slide size. At the standard slide size used by PowerPoint is the widescreen 16.6069. However, in some cases, in certain domains of presentations, you are asked to do the PowerPoint over a standard size, which is the four by three. It is greatly different. Let's ensure if it turns up this one comes to the design. Let's go to the transitions. What comes to the transitions? I will use this PowerPoint in order to understand more of these sections, positions, or an effect that is added on your PowerPoint between the slides in order to ensure a smooth transition between one slide to another, we have different types of transitions. We have the subtle, we have the exiting, and we had the dynamic content for sure from one edition of PowerPoint to another, you may find additional or other transitions. Let's start by the first one. As a first slide does not need any transitions. Let's go back to the second one. The second slide is a direct transition from the main title to the first step that I am. I'm explaining. So what I will have is a subtle addition. You can push it, you can use, the more we can use the fade, you can use the gut. Let's work on the one that you can customize. Let's start by the Bush. Bush you can see it from the lower part to the upper part. However, you can customize this effect. So the effect option, it allows you, it gives you the option to choose between from the top, from the left, here, from the left, from the right, From the top. So in this case, I want it from the top, excuse me, from the bottom, as I wanted like a slide show. Now, when we go to the timing, the timing is a section where it includes all media so you can add a sound, for example, arrow. Let's try on the slideshow and check. Here. You can sound, you can hear the sound of the arrow. Let's change to push as we are pushing. So go back slideshow. This is a little bit annoying. However, you can choose from any sound that you want, a hammered explosion, wind, breeze, bombed, uploads. It depends on the fact or it depends on your topic, what you are transitioning between what and what. Also you can choose the duration. You can lower the transition time, and also you can faster that during the transition time, the adverse slide is, you are choosing at the second slide. Do you want it on a mouse-click or you are willing to set a fixed time. People ask that why we should use a timer in order to finish one slide to another. If I have the ability to just press one-click and it will change from one slide to another. This is a little bit advanced in certain presentations where you are talking about a general topic and you have a great audience, a great audience above one hundred and two hundred people hearing your presentation, it is essential for you to set a timer for each slide. Therefore, in case you were explaining a certain idea and you saw that this slide was directly changed or transitioned from one place to another. You fast and your development of idea, therefore, you can always keeping track, keep on track about the schedule of your presentation. So it has some benefits. Also, you can apply a certain transition to all slides. You can apply the current slice transition effects and timing settings to the entire presentation. However, I don't advise doing that unless you are working with something that is monotone. For example, you are explaining the same idea in different slides. Okay, That's good. However, I believe that different timings should be done. Different sound effects should be added to each transition of your presentation. Let's put here a push button, however, from the top. And now push button from the right. And the push button. From the left. That's when it comes to the Sutton. Also, this is the same when you are doing an uncovered, however, you have a good eater orientation from the right, from the top, from the left, from the bottom, from the top, pride from the bottom-right, from the top-left, from the bottom left, and choose from the bottom-right for slide four. Let's go to Slide six. Excuse me. Here, I'm going to another shot, another section which is the exiting. Here, you are not seeing one slide add to another. You are seeing one slide fading for the other side to appear. So the other slide is a fixed one, and this slide that you are working on is the one that is moving. So here, for example, excuse me, the phone over the fall over four. Now that the five exiting the slide that I am working on is the slide that is moving. So in slide seven, I will show you one more time. The shred. Let's say this thread here, the slide that I'm working on is the moving one and exit the upcoming or the advanced slide is the one that is fixed. Slide eight, Let's say we do a random one. That's very nice. You can choose it in case you are just confused between which transition you are willing to do. And also we can do this on this slide nine. This is when it comes to exiting. However, I wanted to show you some effects. You can choose it from the end and you can choose it from the out. Okay, Also here and the shred, you can strip it in, you can strip out, you can make it a particles and particles out. You can do unlimited types of transitions. However, as you can see that it transition of three seconds. It's a long transition. So I advise you to keep it in the range of one to 2.5. This is the typical transition. Now we go to slide nine and we are going to the dynamic content, dynamic content or little, as they need a lot of programming in order to be applied. So let's put the pan. The pan is the previous slide, glides away while the current slide glides into the view. So you can see it here. The same slide, the same section, however, the content on this slide is only used. That's what goes inside. What however, the opposite. So exiting, I have something that is present and they wanted to be removed. So let's choose the flight. When my dad what about I worked with them for what? They want me to ask. Good. What I love about the emphasis, so I want to darken. However, there is a problem here. The dark kin is at the third step and at the second step, my content will disappear. So what happens is I have to go to the timing section, reordered animation and move it to earlier. Therefore, add the second button. I have the dark and the emphasis, and the third button, I have the feet. Let's see, on the presentation, I don't have the content. Once I press this slide when it appeared, this is my first animation. My second animation is the dark current, and the third animation is the disappearing. That's everything when it comes to the animation, however, you have different types of effects. Let's give you an example here in slide seven. Here, we have different buttons. So I have to choose an entrance, a flight, and interests. However, we have different sections in the same content. You can see different numbers. What about if I wanted to? If I wanted that the content is appearing all in the same time. So I as one object and it will appear as one object also. I can put it all at once, so it is not one object or it is the same button, however, different sections like but in the same time they are appearing. Now, let's keep it by paragraph and I'm going to ask it from the bottom. That's perfect. Now let's go to slide three. The same one. I'm going to entrance. I'm going to use the shape one however, with a lower time, what 0.25. The third tip, I'm going to use the random bars, the Thai five. I'm going to use the rowan Turn. Tip number seven. I have different sections, so I'm asking this this one, I want it to disappear. Feet, then this one I want it to appear. Then I want this one to disappear. And the float out. Like after this, after that, no, this is it should be done that animation and make it fly out to N3. Now, I wanted to wipe Dan. I don't want it to exit. Excuse me. I don't want it to exit. I wanted to make it bold flush. So that's one comes to slide six, slide 77, we already did that. Slide eight. Let's put it as transparency. Now. Nine, Let's keep it as it is. Then I'm going to use an entrance, a balanced one. However, bipartite graph that's perfect. To 11. I will keep it as it is and use a font. Color. Font will be the blue one. That's perfect. That's when it comes to the animations. Now in the slideshow section, you have different sections. First, start slideshow. You can start it from the beginning, from the start. You can start it from the current slide, and also you can custom slideshow. This is a little bit advanced and really use. You can also set up a slideshow by setup slideshow it means setup advanced options for the slideshow, such as kiosk mode. You can hide a slide. For example, if I want to hide this step, I will use the height slide. It would show on the mini preview that it is barred. So it is a hidden slide. However, you can edit it, you can choose it. It will not appear on the slideshow. You can rehearse timings, you can record. And also we have a certain record section, which is the one you add your screenshot, you add a node, you, you save as a show your export to a video, etc. You can also add the review. In the review section, you check, you add accessibility, the language, the dictionary. You can check the spelling. You add command as we previously talked. Also, you can show the commands and how the ink, what I mean by the ink is the section where you can use some ink in order to use the mathematical sections. For example, instead of making a fraction of Pi and doing going into the equation, insert Equation, trying to search for each, for each parameter alone. I can go to the ink here by or didn't understand it, excuse me. By over by, over Pi here I wanted to as squared. I have the ability to do so, so I can do many stuff in this section, I also use ink to shape, and I can use a ruler, for example, in order to keep a certain parameter aligned, set it off or mathematical users. Also, you can use some yellow highlighter. Yellow highlighter, you can erase it, et cetera. This one comes to the review. Here in the view section, you have different presentation views. We have the normal, we have the offline. We previously talked about those presentation views. We have the mustard views, which means, for example, the Slide. Master. It. It gives you all the types of slides in a way that you can use different ones and closing the Master view. Also, we have the nodes master, we have the handout mustard way you can to create a certain handout for your students, for example. Let's go back to the view. We have the color, we have the grayscale, etc. The window and the macros are a little bit advanced. I'm not going further anymore in these topics. Let's go to the help and the help section. You can ask for support from PowerPoint where if you are stuck on a certain parameter, on a certain button, if your PowerPoint did not is not activating appropriately. So we have a section of this is when it comes to the PowerPoint as a general, as a screen. However, the following section, we will learn about the tips and you will see what work we did when in terms of transitions. And it turns off animations. Thank you for attending. 5. Tips & Tricks: Now with model five, tips and tricks, in this class, you will see and visualize the animations, transitions, design, and content that we previously inserted in the previous class. And in the same time, you will learn the major tips and tricks that you should focus, apply and ensured in your presentation or a PowerPoint presentation. The first step is know your stuff, binomial stuff, we mean your presentation isn't about your slides alone. It's about a message. And this message should get across from you as a standard to your audience as the receiver. And before filling and stats facts and figures, think about the narrative that will be discussed. Why and then what order it's a must. As you learn how to give a good presentation PowerPoint, you have to think about the order. You have to think about the dynamics and the flow of your presentation. You have also to focus on the part of verbal communication skills such as your voice, etc. This is really helpful and really improved once you fully know your stuff. As a second step is write it out. Write it out using a Google Doc or a Word document. It helps you script to your story about your presentation. It gives you the idea how the inflammation of flow from you as the sender to your audience as a receiver. And this is a helpful technique. It takes a little bit of time. However, it ensures that you are 100 per cent fulfilling your work in presenting your project. The third tip is highlight what's most important. Some people get confused between a project or an award document or a PowerPoint because a Word document is cover all the details. However, presentation in PowerPoint covers the most crucial pieces only whatever you've been working on that leads to this paper. A work project in new product design doesn't need to be shared in its entirety as an audience. In case I am not a technical one, I am not interested in what you did in order to reach the results and discussion. Or I don't want to know all, I don't want to visualize all the details of your product, etc. Just give me the crucial ones, the picky key points. And then all the rest can be added in an appendix and off the presentation to be deferred or use help from it in the Q and a session, or it can be neglected and neglected. Only crucial pieces should be visualized on a PowerPoint presentation. Tip number four, keep your, keep your slides. There is not just simple. This one is one of the most important PowerPoint presentation tips to follow when you are designing your slides, keep in mind that less is more effective. A cluttered slide is distracting. It causes confusion for an audience. Which part of the slide should I focus on? Should I leave this slide or pay attention to the presenter? Keep in mind that the audience have two jobs. Attend and to get information from what you are talking and also focusing on your slides in case you are giving all the attention on reading the slides. He will not consider you as a presenter, as he will have no time to focus on what you are saying during your presentation. So you have to keep a balance, keep it simple, keep it easy to be seen. We will talk about the major tips about the colors, fonts, etc. In this class, however, as a content, as the size of the content don't exaggerate it, keep it simple. Tip number five. Use high-quality photos and graphics in case you don't have high-quality photos about the topic that you are talking. Avoid to the maximum, putting a low-quality photos because this takes your PowerPoint presentation from one side up to a lowest side down, it gives a bad push for your presentation. So focus on that as a tip. In case you didn't find high-quality photo. Try to use some cartoons or as some icons and maternity photos that ascend the same or similar image or as default. Tip number six, Use accurate and relevant charts and graphs. Unfortunately, I saw from different students that they use an accurate charts and irrelevant graphs just for the sake of putting a graph and a chart in my presentation. This is very wrong because even if your audience will hardly notice that you, that you used irrelevant chart, you may be found guilty and declared a session because it is really, you make yourself like a fool, excuse me for that. And also, this is really unethical. You have to avoid this thing, not avoided, just avoid it. You have to never do it. Also, when we are talking about the never, never, ever keep something that is not aligned in the slide. Keep all your objects aligned. I will give you a great section now about the alignment, the grouping of the content of your PowerPoint presentation. You have to keep it in mind and focus on it greatly. This gives a greater impact about your presentation skills in both Boyd and lower. Excuse me, hired the quantity of your PowerPoint. Tip number eight, choose scholar, little r. The people are the users of our point that focus on the philosophy, the philosophy of colors. Colors have philosophy. And if you know, there is a master's in certain universities about the theory of colors, the chemistry of colors. What are the psychological impacts of colors on your ideas and new beliefs, the unconscious thing. And take letters and take ideas from the colors and directly. As a first tip, use subtle colors when you are talking about trust with your audience. For example, if you are showing a presentation using a PowerPoint for a financial design, a financial script, and methodology of a project that you are willing to do and you want that the audience believed that your method is the optimal method you want to trust between you and your audience. Use blue, brown, and black. This is mainly used in academic PowerPoint presentation. Where do you see black with the professor is using solid colors because he wants to keep a trust between him and his students like this. In this design, I'm using the dark blue, the dark gray, and breaking this darkness with a clear blue with a gray color at the background, this is really essential. Bright colors tend to create an impact such as the rat. However, the read is Something of important and crucial and also political to use. You can't use red in case it breaks the compatibility of the colors and the contrast of your design, you have to keep in mind, okay, I want to use an impact to create an impact. A PowerPoint help you make or use the color that you want. It is really unlimited list of colors using the RGB effect. So in case you want to create an impact, the red is not compatible. Just use a clear color compatible off your design. This is what we talked about. Use good contrast colors. I also talked about the red is the red and green. I will say this that three times in order to focus on it because this is one dominant color mistake that people use in the PowerPoint presentation. Professional PowerPoint, or users know, this is a great mistake. Never use red and green right next to each other. Never use red and green right next to each other. And finally, never use red and green right next to each other. I really saw the sea this side to be green when they are talking about the advantages and disadvantages. Same slide when they are talking about true and false, true and false. Fact or fiction. This is not something that we can use. The red and green can be used. However, in different slides, never decide to each other. You can make the advantage and disadvantage each at a slide if you are willing and you are obliged to use the red and green for these topics, but never, ever use them next to each other. Keep consistent colors throughout your presentation. Never create sections. Always avoid the multicolored. You can see from my presentation the same column of the same design. However, with lethal effects, little changes just to keep the focus on the content, give the content sweet. However, it never use consistent colors, keep it flowing, keep it dynamic. Tip number nine, and this is very important. Folks on that. And keep a ticket as a note on the side. Choose appropriate fonts. The Titans should always be around 44. You can have from 40 to 6040 to 70. It depends. However, it is around 44, never never smaller than 4044. Subtitles. It is around 32. You have the extent of food from up and down. However, I give it to an extent to 32 to 36. Never above 36, don't reach the 44 when you are talking about the subtitles and never make it smaller. 30 is the minimum. The tax is a should be around 28, never greater than 28. It can be lowered down to 2422 as a minimum in case you're obliged to put a lot of tax. 20, however, this should be avoided and no more than three different fonts per presentation. I see people putting a font for the title font for setup title font for the, for the first paragraph font, for example, for the title of the figure that you are using. Never do that. Keep the title as a one font and the subtitle as similar one. And all the texts should be in the same form. Always avoid more than the different fonts paired presentation. Tip number ten, limit the punctuation. You are not here creating a Word document or a story or something that truly punctuation you are presenting. Your voice is your greater punctuation you can focus on, you can create a question with your voice with no question mark. You can make a comma, you can make a semicolon all with your voice. You can make a point. You can make a start with the thing we are and your voice, you can make it bold. For example, this isn't the place for exclamation points. From my voice. You can understand what is the topic that I'm talking about. If size on your points while speaking, don't enlist punctuation to disease to do this for you, leave these at home. And another tip, you can use that animation emphasize tools. They are important, I love them. I find them really helpful and really useful. Tip number 11 means that templates use simple templates, don't exaggerate using the templates. Keep it simple as we previously talked. Templates offers by PowerPoint, I really useful and take your presentation from one place to another place. Second, limit the number of lines, textures, and other effects. We talked about that never exaggerate. The third one, use graphics, pictures, icons, 3D models, and charts to enhance the template. Actually, there is some graphics and models in PowerPoint offered by them that are really helpful. For example, add icons. The icons. I will show you now what to do them, what to do with that. But before, let me show the final tip and the template text slides avoid using more than three in a row. This is a tip that I did not apply because in this type of tips and tricks, you can do that. All you escaped a figure, a chart david, between tax slides, this gives a dynamics for your presentation. However, in certain cases such as the tips and tricks case, I get two speakers. This is not the not usable. I will show you the graphics, pictures and icons. Insert icons. We have different types of icons, whether it's unseasoned, security and justice, education, communication, business celebration, analytics, accessibility, you can use different stuff. Also, the 3D models are very helpful, especially in an academic, for example, the anatomy won the chemistry one, for example. Look at that. Let's say this one. I'm going to insert it and I'm going to upload it on my old point. You will see it now. Takes a little bit of time Suite for it. Okay, Taking a lot of time. Let's cancel it and use a 3D model. From an easier section. For example, like that. Insert. I believe there is a problem or a lag in my computer. Never mind. This is not something that is really urgent. You can see it, okay, it was uploaded here. You can change it like this. Key for example. Two people seem to each other. You can create unlimited stuff. This, this is really important, okay, I'm going to delete them. The idea was received. The final tip is use present. Present mode is a tool in PowerPoint that is really helpful for you to rehearse. So when you're finally ready to hit the Present button in PowerPoint, make sure you see this in present mode. What that first present moment from the slide show the basic slideshow, as you can see your commands in order to never order, in order to avoid forgetting any commands or editing and stuff that you were willing to edit. And not forget that. This is everything when it comes to tips and tricks, Let's move on to various topics and advanced topics and PowerPoint. Thank you. 6. Arranging & Grouping: Hello everyone and welcome to module six, arranging and grouping objects. This is one of the most important classes and topics and PowerPoint 1019. And let those are the people that know about it. However, it is really essential, really beneficial and gives your PowerPoint a greater order while you arrange all the stuff you have. We will start by arranging the objects. As you can see here, we have three shapes that we previously inserted. I want to align them. To align them, we have to press the shape format that appears once you press on the shape, for example, here, it is not present, it's present in the home button. However, in order to select it, you have to select it at the shape format and use the range, but the range button and helps you arrange objects on the slide by changing their ordered position and rotation. You can also group multiple objects together so that they will be treated like a single object. So I have order objects, group objects, and position objects. First, let's start by positioning all the objects. I will aligned all these plus this one and go to Arrange button and the orange button, I will go to position objects and align. Adeline I have align left, align, center, align, right, align, top, middle, bottom, distribute horizontally, etc. So I'm gonna say a line in the middle. So constraints that he will take the top from the highest point to the lowest point, make comedian at the middle, he will make it as the center of the arrangement. Now, as you can see, these two buttons, our kindly distributed. So I go to Align and align to the middle. Now they are in the middle with these objects. O of it. If you can see, the distance between this shape and the arrow is different than this shape, this shape and the arrow is from this side. So I have to re-select all of them. Go to Arrange. Now, I'm going to align and then distribute horizontally. By distribute horizontally, I'm asking the pie, the PowerPoint software to distribute all the selected shapes to keep the distance, the horizontal distance between all the shapes equal at all stages, one side plus distribute horizontally. I will have a distributed five shapes all in equal distances. This is when it comes to arranging the objects. Now what about grouping them? In case I want to take this five and put them here, what should I do? I should select all of them. Go also to arrange and ask powerpoint to group them. What I say, I want them to be grouped. Now they are one section. I'm taking them from here and putting them here. I'm changing them all as one subject. However, in case I want to change the color of any one of those, I go here. I can select it by its own. However, I have also the ability to work on it as a major object. This is the arranging and grouping objects. I wish you find it beneficial. Now we will move on to another topic. 7. Picture Format: Now with more than six pictures format. In this class, you will learn everything about pictures, how to edit pictures in a very interesting way. The first slide is about cropping it. Let's say we have these three pictures and we want to crop them. This section, you will learn the cropping as a shape, cropping as general and cropping also with removing backgrounds. So let's start with this one. If I want to arrange all the pictures at a same shape, Let's say Insert shape. I want rectangle, two corners snapped. Okay? So I will go to right-click crop. Then Picture Format. Could opt to shape and choose the shape that I want. Okay, we said this one, That's perfect. Let's get another one. Let's choose the one that's perfect. Okay. With this craft, I can, I should crop this image very similarly. So I'm going to crop, crop to shape. And now this one, I love it, I want it to be in the same shape. So what I have to do is to go to the site. So this is 2.91. This is 2.91, this is 4.05. I'm going to copy the width and paste it here. By this, I have the same shape. That's perfect now, crop, crop to shape. Now like this, I should base tier here. I can take the heights and paste it here. That's perfect. By this, I have very similar. It depends on the shape of the picture. In order to additives, countries, that country. Okay, Let's go back to the basic images. Now what about if I want to crop it to a certain extent? So crop and I take the cursor and change what I want to do here. For example, I'm going to do it like this. Perfect. This is my first image. Then crop. This is my second image. Okay? That's perfect. Now, the third image, like this, okay, That's perfect. Now, what about creating connections to those images? You can change the brightness. Do different format conditions, change the style of your tau of it, the style as a style we will talk about, we'll talk about it in a different section. Now we can talk about the Artistic Effects, changed the picture, etc. What is also very important is the Remove Background. Remove background is really essential if you want to innovate in the images that you are creating. So I'm going to press Remove Background. And here he is telling me that you have to mark the areas to keep. So I am marking this area. Also this area. I'm going to mark this area. Okay. The marks mark the areas that I want to remove. Like this. Here, like this. I have to add areas. Oh, I'm gonna remark it. Okay, Now, that's perfect. Keep the changes. I have, the shape of the earth that if I want to insert on my image, I can do easily with no background on it. Now, what about if I want to insert a shape? I can just go Insert, for example, icon camera. Here. I'm going to insert the camera. I will do very interesting stuff in this company. For example, let's delete these two and enlarge the Canada largely. If, let's say I, I'm doing a project about this place instead of Lanka. I'm going to crop it to the maximum now. Okay. Could you move the cropping? And now I'm asking bold point. To crop two shapes. So picture, crop to shape. The oval one is the very similar one. However, that this is in the background. So what I have to do is I want to send it, bring it forward. We will learn about those ideas very soon. Now, I have to fix it. I have to take one area. Fix it to this section. Now, to this side. This side. By this, in the camera you can make staff different things that are really awesome. And now I will insert a text box pressing city, London car. No, I want to ask it to be in white. Ago. Ronnie. Bold, larger here. Excuse me. I had to group it before doing that. Now the text box, put it in the middle. Okay. I select all of them and go to arrange group. Now I have one picture of Srilanka. I can change it as much as I want about the cropping. Let's delete it and go back to the pictures that we already cropped. This picture. I'm going to Picture Format crop and remove the crop that I did. So crop the shape rectangular one, That's my image that I wanted. Now I'm going to copy it and put it in the tiling slide. And this tiling, Let's good picture format. We have different pictures, tides, different picture borders, different picture effects, picture layout. Let's start by the picture styles. By the picture size we have the PowerPoint stuff that you can easily use. For example, beveled over black. We have the bevel rectangle. We have the diverse perspective left with a white border. You can use any one of those. And I, personally, I love this one. Let's show you this one. The soft edge rectangle and the reflected, the rounded rectangle. I can also change some effects. For example, the reflection. I can remove it or I can decrease the deflection, etc. You can go here to Format Picture. It will open the reflection. And here you can increase the reflection size, decrease the reflection size. You can increase the reflection transparency and the blurred, for example, the distance, etc. You can do amazing stuff with the picture format. Now, what about the picture borders? If I want these borders, I can also change their weight. Their weight, and I can change the type of light, for example, a gradient line if I want the gradient line or let's say rectangular line, etc. This is what comes to styling. Let's go to arranging. Let's say I'm going to copy this picture. Here. I have a duplicate picture board. Let's insert a picture from this device to desktop. Walk on the moon. Take this picture. This picture, okay, that's perfect. Now, if I want to keep the aspect size of those, I have to copy the height, the width. Now, they are similar in shape. What about arranging them? You can see that the green photo is laying the sea photo. So in the Arrange button, you can use the align. For example, I'm aligning it to the center. I am aligning this to the top. You can do different stuff and aligning. Aligning, for example, if I press this one, this one, this one, this, this, I want to align them in the middle. I will get those two electrons that, That's perfect. Now what about this picture? If I go to send, bring forward, now, it will overlay the green photo. This is really important. Then the selection pane. In the selection pane, you can see what overlays what, for example, picture too, is the one that I'm pressing. This is pictured five, this is the title one. Picture two, overlays, picture file and overlays the title. Picture, five overlays, overlays the title, however, it does not overlaid picture to the title is forward backward to both of them. If I want to change those, I have to press for example, this picture, I want to decrease its level. Therefore, this photo, picture five overlays, overlays both of them. And picture too is beneath the first picture. Now what? This is everything when it comes to arranging. Now, what about pictures and text? For example, let's say copy this photo and I'm going to paste it here. And I want to add a text. So I got to picture format. I go excuse me to insert text box. Let's say see every Lanka, serine. Lanka. Okay, That's perfect. You can do different shapes. If in case you select both of those and go to Arrange, you can align them both to the center, airline them both to the center. I go to the pictures I also aligned to the center. I have now a centered image. This is not what I want. I want the picture below picture and texts. However, I use the smart intelligence of PowerPoint and it did not give me what I wanted to do. Problem is in the text box of pictures and text, I have to decrease it to the minimum. Now. I can align them to the center. Now they are centered. All of that. He is the perfect shape of a picture and the text with PowerPoint 2019, I hope you enjoyed it. Enjoyed this section. Let's move on also to a very interesting topic. 8. Zoom & Hyperlink: Hello everyone and welcome to module eight, zoom and hyperlink. These two tools are very essential to a higher level and PowerPoint. These tools doesn't require a lot of time to practice them. They are very easy, very easy to use. Not complex or not complex at all. Very simple. And takes your PowerPoint from a low level to a very higher level. Let's start with creating nine slides that each slide contains a date and a flag or a color, let's say here, I would say the new slide is. So here I would put a shape, insert shape. Here it is. Blind and she isn't it. Now, I'm going to duplicate it. Let's see. Green. Now. This one is green. Excuse me. The shape field is green. Okay, duplicate. This one will be blue. And the color of the shape will be blue. Now, duplicate will be black. Shape, Format, Shape, Fill, black, duplicate, white. Now, this one is what? I will duplicate. This will be orange. Now. Cheap food. Orange. Duplicate. I have now 123456. I need three more. Let's say gray. Know Shape Format, Shape, Fill, and a gray. Let's see one more one. Yellow shape format. This is the yellow one. Final one will be the purple one. By this sheep format. Now, the Zoom section or the zoom tool is present in the Insert, Insert section. At the intersection, I go to the first slide where my content is flowing. I go to Zoom. I have somebody resume section zone slides on. This section is on landslides are very similar to the summaries on the Summary. Zoom is the general one where you can create different sections. It depends on your choice. I go to Summary Zoom. I have to say like the beginning slide of each section, we will use them to create a summary slide. While you're presenting, select any section to quickly move it. At the end of this section, you'll automatically returned to the summary. So for example, if I'm teaching students or kids about the colors and I want them to participate, innovate about which color is the correct one. I have to create assumption section. I create this Zoom by inserting this section. For sure, we have to remove this. Let's enlarge it. Let's enlarge it. It depends on your slide. Here. Once I press the widescreen or the slideshow one, I have the nine slides that I am interested in. So in case I press the white section, I will get white. So in case you have any animations in it, any content that you want to add. This is the time, then you repress and you get back to the summary. Now the black, the blue, the blue one. Okay. The purple degrade. The red one. The red one. That's perfect. This is when it comes to zoom. This same concept can be done with the hyperlink. However, the hyperlink contains different steps. The Zoom one is limited to this type of zooming and hyperlink. Hyperlink is directed to you can direct any shape to any slide in another shape. So I will make it easier for you. I'll just delete that. Let's excuse me. Let's go back. Exit the Zoom section. Okay. To turn everything as it was. Okay, perfect. I will add a slide here. New slide, title and content. Where is it, title and content. Okay, here I will say somebody. Now, I go to slide one, red. Let's copy this. Slide to green. Slides three. Blue. Slide for black. Slide six, white. Slide seven, orange, slide eight, gray, and Slide nine. Let's see more of that. Okay. I'm going to make it easier. Okay. This is 567. I have to slide eight after the gray, I have yellow. Yellow. Okay, that's perfect. Now, I'm going to take this one. I'm going to duplicate it by control and moving forward. Okay, Instead of those, I'm going to press the Control, Paste one. Okay, That's perfect. Now how we create the hyperlink, hyperlink, you have to take into consideration, I have to link one slide to another slide. However, I should think of the way back to this summary slide. So I will press by this one. I'm going to link it to existing file or web page. No. Place in this document can be create a new document. Also know email address, no, So place in this document it opens the slides, the red one. The slide one, is that, okay? It wasn't linked. Now, the slide too. It was linked to the green one. Slide three, it was linked to the blue one. Black. Slide six. Okay. You have to not be confused between the name of the slides that you created. So I'm saying slide five if is why, however, in PowerPoint that is slide seven. So you should be focused while doing that. Or you can change from named slide to color in order to not be confused. Now, white, excuse me. This is orange, gray. Now yellow. Then we have the purple one. That's perfect. Let's press. This is the slideshow. Once I press thread, I will reach there at section. Let's go back to the summary section. In case I've dressed yellow, I will get yellow. However, once I right-click, I will continue in the slideshow. So I have to make a return point, a return point and the hyperlink where it three links me to the summary section. So I generally go to shapes and use this one. Going back section. I can't find it 1 second. This one. I use this one like this here. Now, lipids put it here, it's better. I will shape the fill from the color of those and the outline will be in the color of gray to keep it consistent. Now, I'm going to press this shape, go to Insert, I'm going to link it to which you slide, to the summary slide. Okay, Now, once I press the slideshow, I press thread, I have a return button that gets me back. Okay, now green, what to do? I have to insert this back button, this tool to all these slides. So no need to re hyperlink it because it is already linked. The link is copied with the wood, the shape. So that's it. Now, PowerPoint. I have a summary. I'm gonna go to the gray box section, black box section. That's everything when it comes to Zoom and hyperlink. 9. Dubai Post : In this video, you will learn how to do a postcard or an advertisement to a city or to a place using this simple technique of shape formats. As you can see, we can see the Dubai tower with its name in a very interesting way with a contrast of colors. So what do we have to do is, let's start by inserting a blank slide. And let's study this postcard. It is divided into two shapes, as we can see, this one and this one with one simple color, one with filled with a picture. So how to do that? This can be done in a very professional and nice easy way using the Shape Format smudge tool. So I go to Tools. I first insert a shape, filling the whole slide. Then, excuse me. Okay. Then I'm going to zoom out my working area and insert circuit here, where this section is. What I'm interested in. This section is the collarbone, however, it is not so good. So I'm going to insert a circle, which is like that. But I'm going to move it a little bit. That's everything. I'm interested in. Breaking the shape into two shapes, this one and this one. So I select both shapes, I go to Shape Format. I have something called the merge shapes. The shapes. The first tool is the union. As you can see, the union is, it combines the sections of both shapes and make it as one shape. Like this. I have one shape. Now, the second tool is the combined one. And the combined section, it will have two sections. However, everything that is in common, it is now in the void space. So countries that now the fragment one, the fragment one, it breaks and very intersection the whole areas or the whole borders of each shape or divided. So once I press a fragment, I would have 123 shapes. This one, this one, and this one. This is what I'm interested in. However, let me show you the other merge shapes I have, the intersect. This is also can be helpful in case I changed the format background. I can change here the format background to this scholar and now it is the same. However, you can control that. It can be done in different ways. So this is the subtract, it is also the same here you can choose the color and add the picture. However, it will be harder to insert a picture in this section. So this subtract tool is not useful in this case. I'm gonna go to fragment. Now. I'm going to break this one here. Here and here, I will remove the outlines. Now, this shape, I'm going to enlarge it in order to fill the void. Dark outline removal has created. I have to insert in this section the picture. So I go here, go to Shape Fill. I have different sections. I can fill it with a color, I can fill it with a picture, with the gradient, with the texture. What I'm interested in is the picture one. So I'm going to from file I go to, to buy photo. I'm going to insert it now here, I have it. Now. As for now, the second step is I have to change the color of the second cheap. So I'm going to zoom in now and go to the shape now. Okay, now I'm gonna go to shape, fill. The shape fill, as we previously talked to, we have to keep a contrast of colors. So in case I have a picture, why choosing a random color? While I can choose a color using the eyedropper, that can give a contrast between the picture. So you have different colors, you can choose, I chose the color of brown that is here, the dark brown. However, I advice you to always look at the borderlines. The borderline here is all in blue. It will not appear as a good one. Here. It can be good, however, it is part of the blue. I want to change the contrast of you to break this domination of the blue colored picture. So I'm gonna go to the border where I have the brown color. The red is 169, the green is 144, and the blue is 124. It has a good contrast of blue. However, the red and green risks are the dominant one. So I press it here, I have it as a color. I also can change it, for example, to the read is colored. And also I can use the dark, the dark ground. So this is one comes to the shape or the main area of the slideshow. Now, what about the y? So I'm gonna go to insert text box, type the y. Here. I'm going to use the font called Aharoni. The font size will be 80. I'm going to use the space character and make it very loose. I can increase it a little bit to the Dubai. However, I believe that it is very good. Let's make it 88 as we previously talked, and I have to change its color to one of the present one. So I'm going to choose the scholar here. Excuse me, I have to press the Dubai, take it, make it very similar in the middle and horizontally distributed. Horizontally distributed from both adjust. However, I feel like the Dubai title is a little bit dark. I'm going to increase its clearness. So I'm gonna go to Color, Home Color and choose this one. So that's everything. Now what about a transition? So to keep it as very nice one, I'm going to use the revealed section. So let's press here. I have the reveal section. This is the postcard. I wish you enjoyed it. Let's move on to also add another interesting postcard. 10. SkillShare - Static & Dynamic Logos: Welcome everyone to this in your class. And this class you will learn how to do a simple logo with the motion using PowerPoint. First. Okay, Now what about the second one? Where I would add this one and go to slideshow. This is the logo. It will be for Skillshare. So I will start by this one. Skillshare first. Let's start by inserting a new slide, a new blank slide. I will go to Format Background. I'm going to choose it as a black color. So the format will be black. Then I will go to insert picture from this device, desktop Skillshare. This one. That's perfect. Now, this is the photo in a PNG format. What I will do is I have to break the picture into two sections. One with the just name, the latter's the characters, and the second one was the lattice. So I would go to picture format, remove background. When I have that remove background, I will see the whole picture in bourbon. Bourbon means that the area will be removed. So I would press this green button. I will press the characters where I want them to stay. Then I will dress, keep changes. Now I have a Skillshare logo with no bullet points or no points. Now, let me duplicate. I will insert another picture. Now, the same steps. But this time I will remove the a. I will remove the a. Okay. Now I will mark the green points to be kept on. Keep changes. Now I have the points by themselves and the Skillshare by it's sad. Increase it, or make it higher. Okay, that's perfect. Now, let's align it in the middle. That spirit. As I want to keep a professional level, I want the points to be in the same size of the original one, and I want them to be compatible with the original logo. So I go to the same rectangle, copy the size, and go to the points, the recopy them. Now. This is 546 to five and this is 565. Now I can change them. So the first step will be by adding an animation to the Skillshare. So the first, the first animation as we saw, let's check it. Animations, Animation Pane at the third picture for had a flight and let me see it. Okay. The picture five had a box with a pulse. That's perfect. So I go here. I plus a float n or excuse me, a appeared, appear one. Then I will add those two. Excuse me. I will add those two by adding a fly in from the bottom. From the top, Excuse me. Okay, that's perfect. Now I will add an animation and make a pulse. So if you want, we can change the first animation of the picture of the Skillshare. The first one, I can change it from appear to random bars. Then the add all of those. This is the end of the animation. However, we have a specific point where you have to change the timing of each animation anyway to stay as it all go and be able to be exported as a video to be used for commercial and social media advertisement. So I press the animation pane and go to each one and press it as after previous. Here. After previous. Both these two with previous and with previous. Excuse me, this is after previous. So this is the timeline of the appealing picture. To this picture, one will appear as a first. It will do the random bars than the bullet points will drop from the top. Then both picture to picture four, which means the whole logo. We'll do a pulse. At the end. I have to add a transition for the whole slides. So I go by transition and add, let's say. Let's keep something related to one slide. Let's say I will do the fairies walls. So let's check. By this. This is the logo of Skillshare. It is really interesting and I wish you enjoyed it. Now, let's go to this section. In this section, I will teach you something new related to changing or converting a simple tax to a shape format. So converting from one type to another in order to be able to manage and edited any way that is creative. So our first add a new blank slide. Then I will go to Format Background. So view. Let's home. Now Format background. As you can see, I want to remove this red button as I want it to be a simple design. I might, I remembered, I first have to go to the Design, choose this color and adopted as a designer can choose whatever I, whatever I want. It depends on your choice and your taste of the design. However, you should keep in mind that it should be compatible with the colors that you choose. So I find the red button or the red rectangle as annoying for my logo. So I will add the height background graphics. This is as a first step. Then I will go to Text Box. I would write Skillshare. I will keep the space between scale and chair. Now, I will go to the font, I will change it to Aharoni. Now at the text size, I will change it to 896. I will fix it. Now. I will change and adapt the character spacing so I made it as very loose. The next step will be, the next step will be converting its shape from one type as attacks to the shape type. So I have to go to Insert Shape. I can choose the rectangular one. It does not require any colored or an outline, so I have to go here, then. Choose from the shape format and the text. Let's send it backward. So this one and this one, I will merge the shapes into the intersect. This is the one I will change the fill to white and outline, let's say to black or guess it's black school. I prefer with no outline because once I will break this shape, the outline will be taken. Let's, let's try. You lose nothing. So this is now a text, however, it is in the shape format. Now, how we know that this shape was converted from the text to the shape format is if I press to the Edit Shape and change the edit points, I will have a lot of points that are drawing the characters that I previously typed. So I take this letter or this point from the upper left of the letter, and I go to around one character after the E in a very simple way. Now I have to remove the outline. I'm not interested in the outline. I didn't like it. Here is the logo that we created. We now adjust its shape. Okay, we adjusted its shape. We have to add, insert a text box. Now, sharing knowledge and add these two. Okay, I can't find them. This, I added a small design and a small motion. My world, Let's check what is the size. Century Gothic and 28. So Century Gothic, and I want it as 28. I will use it bold, italic than I want it to be. In the orange format, I use character spacing as very loose. Now, put it like this. This is my logo. I add either a transition. Okay, I add a transition here as fade. Here. This is my logo. Let's make it as morph. So this is the more for it I can change to reveal. Look at it now. This is the logo. It is very interesting. I hope you enjoyed it. And in case you are interested in creating a logo for your company, or you are interested in a certain company, just create a project and I will see it. Thank you so much for listening. Let's move on to another topic. 11. Indonesia PostCard: Hello everyone and welcome to this class where we will learn how to do such a professional stuff about a wallpaper in Indonesia, it is very simple, it requires little steps and you will easily do it. And I wish that you will adopt it in your paper for your projects. Let's start by adding a blank slide. First, I will show you the design that I chose. The design that I chose is this one powered by PowerPoint? Is this one. And for sure, I removed the format background in case they will present. So what we will do is we will try to create a shape that we are interested in and fill it depending on the picture. So let me first insert the picture that we are willing to add this effect on. Insert Picture desktop Indonesia, then this picture now. So let's put it here. Okay. Now, that's everything. At this level, I have to insert shapes. Insert Shape in the format of let's check, let's check. Okay. Where is our format that we were willing to use? So I can't find it. Okay, that's it. The hexagon. Okay. I start with a wood, the first tags are gone. I would increase it. I would try to manipulate it in a way to keep it homogeneous. No controls that. Now I'm going to duplicate and try to fit it. Duplicate, duplicate, duplicate. Now I start filling the gaps that I want to be shown on the picture. That's it. Duplicate. Okay. I want those three to be duplicated. Duplicate, duplicate. And he won the application to here. Duplicate. Okay. I have to keep a little space between them. I'm going to duplicate this one and put it here and here. And let's, let's choose those two and put down there with these two. To create the format where I have to put Indonesia. Now, I'm going to duplicate these two. Okay, I can use the format that I like. Now I have to delete this photo and join all these shapes. Go to Shape Format. Now what I have to do is to create them as one single random shape, fill the picture in it and you will see how it will be edited easily. So I'm going to group. Now, I'm going to the shape format, the shapes, styles, shape, Shape, Fill. We go to picture from file, the Indonesian and the photo that we chose here, I got what I have. So that's it. That's the photo as a frame. You can add it if anything is wrong. And let's control all cheap format. Let's remove the outline and fill this certain gaps that are present. Okay? No. Okay. So now I'm filling the gaps. It requires a little bit of time. However, it is easy. It is not that hard. Okay. That's it. Are really close to finish. So here's the details are really important. Okay, Now I'm going to insert a text box. I would press in Indonesia. I'm going 288. Then increase it. I'm going to use character spacing of news or very loose. Let's keep it loose. Now, the final step is the color. I will use this carload, excuse me, or this color which is took from here. The final step is the transition. So the reveal one here. You can see the slide as Indonesia and this step. As you can see, I can see some mistakes here, so I have to fix them. It appears on the slideshow any greater way. So that's it. So here, here it is. Now I have fixed it. That's perfect. Let's put the slideshow and chat. That's awesome. I wish you enjoyed this tool or technique. Continue the class for more tools like this. Thank you. 12. Blenheim Palace: Hello everyone. In this class you will learn how to do the band home palace postcard. I didn't want to keep it as as the same pace by showing you what you have to do and recopied from me. I wanted to surprise you by what we will do. So now you will see what I am doing and you'll be surprised by the results. So I'm going to click to add the first title. I'm going to remove those. Go to Design. And I will take this one. I love this design. I'm going to hide the background graphics. That's it. Now I'm going to insert a rectangle, a rectangle shape like that. Now I'm going to put it here. I have to go to Shape, Format, added shape, added points. Now I'm going to decrease it a little bit till here. This one here. That's it. Now I'm going to duplicate it. I'm going to rotate it. Flip it vertically. Then. Do that. Okay. Now I'm going to duplicate it, put it in the middle, and go to other shape, change shape, and return it as the toss. So first I have to go here, increase it. Now, take this to this one. Take, let's start by putting this in the middle. The middle. Now, I have to take this one like this. And this one like that. That's perfect. Now I'm going to increase this one. That's very cool. I'm going to take this one. They move the outline, group them as a group. Now, go to Shape, Format, Shape, Fill, picture from file, desktop, blend hand palace, Blaine, Palace. I'm going to copy its name. Copy, insert. As you can see now, I'm going to insert textbox. Lane, how palace? Each eight. No, let's keep it. 75. Increase the space between them. No, I want to decrease it to be contrasted. So 48 is good. Now, let's put it as Aharoni. Character spacing, very loose one. I'm going to fix the space to keep it in the middle. Okay? Now, the color will be, let's try and choose something compatible with the color. Okay, it is good. However I need. Now client, let's search for something that is cleared. And let's go for the green, as it is a really abundant in this photo. And I will do a bold one. Metallic, no need for Retallack. That's it. Here. I have to add a transition, which is the reveal or the fate. Now, let's check it as a slideshow. This is a postcard for bland hand palace. I wish you enjoyed this technique and let's move on to another topic. 13. Text to Shape Converting: Hello everyone and welcome to tax to shape class. This class you will learn how to do amazing stuff, such as in the right and never do that in the left. As you can see on the left is not very long. However, it has very large mistakes to the eyes. So I prefer, I totally preferred and it is greatly more professional to use the shape format when you are using 3D to add text character. I will show you how to do the third one. So insert text box, but I can share. Now, go Shape, Format. Shape Effects a preset and you got this one over. This is really annoying, and this is really unprofessional. So what you have to do is I'm going to endure slide, excuse me. I'm going to duplicate this slide. Let's remove this one. Let's remove this one. Let's move this one. I'm going to insert a text box. I'm going to call it Skill Share. Now, let's change its font to Aharoni. Larger, going to be very loose space character, character spacing. What I have to do now is let's make it bigger a little bit to be easily shown. I have to insert a shape. Then over this shape, I will put it in the background, send it backward. No, I have to select both of them. I cannot select both of them. I don't know why. Okay. So I'm going to select both of them, go to Shape, Format, merge, shapes, and now select this case. Skillshare is not a character, now, it cannot be written out. It is a shape, however, in the form of a tax, a tax to a shape. Now easily I can go to Shape Format or a picture format shape effect the SAT, and make it as a 3D one. Now, this highly more professional, highly more agreeable, and it can be used in a very professional PowerPoint presentation. I wish you like the stool. Thank you. 14. Paris Advertisement: Hello everyone and welcome to this class. And this class you will learn how to do this Paris add in France in a very easy way. This tool is similar to the tool used in class tan. However, we will use another merge technique. So let's start by inserting a new slide, which is a blank slide. Okay? Then I will make the format background. I will make it as black with 0% transparency. Then we go to insert textbox. He had remake it in white. We can nudge it. Put it as Adobe Devanagari. Let's make it bigger with very loose spacing. Okay. Let's check which letter was it? I can't because I changed it into a text. Okay. I will go to Aharoni or Arial Black alien. It is good. So I went to alien. Now. I go to decreasing a little bit. This one. Now we go to Insert Picture, this device, the photo that you are willing to make an artboard. Okay, Send backward. Now, I have to intimidate the Paris time to stay in. Well, what I wanted, so here, here, the background that I want to take, insight Paris. I select both the picture and the format. I go to shape format. I go to Merge Shapes I use now the inter sect. At this level, I have this Paris and they have it as a shape. So here I would put it. Now. The middle. That's perfect. I increase it a little bit. I will insert textbox here, our Brest, France. I will put it in white, and the latter will be the Algerian letter. Increase it, increase the space character. Let's check here. It was Algerian and 60s. I'm going on here, put it as Algerian and succeed. For sure. At the end, we have to use that transition one in order to create an additional motion for my PowerPoint or my ad, I will use the reveal one. However, I will show you both advertisement. Let's check. This is advertisement one. And this is advertisement too. 15. Sunset Advertisement: Hello everyone. And let me show you the class of the sunset and this advertisement. Or in this class you will learn how to do an advertisement with time shapes. So the time or showing the time is a factor of your ad. So let's start by pressing this lettered and you will get it as like this. For sure you can add your text, your product or whatever was your design idea. You can add it on this slideshow and it will be a full advertisement. Let's start by adding In New Black presentation. I would go to Insert shape. The shape here is essential for the Morph transition to be smarter, so I am able to keep the background as white. However, the usage of a shape will make it for the morph to be easier to transition, to be smooth. So I go here to shape fill, no fill, no outline. Now, I go to Insert Shapes or icons. We are waiting for the icons to be loaded. Okay, I would press Sun. This is the Sun. Then I will insert also an icon. And then press the moon. Like this. Oh, okay, that's perfect. Now, I would put the sun here. I will increase it a little bit. I would put it in the middle. That's perfect. I will color it in dark orange or orange. Excellent. Let's put it x and two darker, twenty-five percent. Now I have to put the moon on the top of it. Even if it is not in the same format of the slide, it will appear in the mouth because the idea of the mouth as a tool for advertisement is it shows what is the pattern of the slide part of the slide outside the slide. It allows you to put ideas content that it will be shown in a transitional way. Now, I will duplicate this slide. I will put this one down. This one. Okay. Now we go to the shape or the one chosen. I would go to Shape Fill and I will choose a color. Let's say this one. Short. Now, we have just add a transition, which is a morph that Let's see if we can add a sound. Let's hear the wind. Let's check this one. Not very good. Let's add Bush shouldn't typewriter to voltage. Other sound. No, I would keep it as the wind or we can put none, No worries. Let's check. Dots this sunset. That's perfect. Now what about adding an advertisement? So we'd go to textbox. Textbox. I would draw duct. The bust through the day. Let's change to Adobe. Devanagari can use this one. Very loose spacing. I would take the day section as Ax. Let's make it easy. Okay. Our product is the bust through. Now, I go to textbox. That day. I would bold it and make it in the color of the sun. Now, let's increase. Okay, That's perfect. Like this. Now I'm going to copy this one. Put it here. Shortly. Here. Shortly. The bust through now, the night. Coffee through the night. For sure. It will not be this color. The shape fill will be the one of the moon. I'm going to increase a little bit, don't want to be compatible a little bit with the sun. So here, I change it. Let's copy this one and change the one here. Delete. Okay, now let's check in the slideshow how it will appear as a, as an advertisement. Our product is the basilar through the day. And what is the Morph transition? The morph why it didn't happen. So our product is the bust through the day and surely the bus through the night. This is the advertisement that we talked about. I wish you enjoyed it and you enjoyed the management of time three or advertisement. I believe that if you search on internet furthermore, you would have also more ideas. Thank you for watching. 16. Menu Advertisement: Hello everyone and welcome to this class where you will create a profile or you will create a menu in your PowerPoint for the advertisement. So this focused on the idea of hyperlink. And in case you forgot it, you can go back to class number nine or ten and check it. So here once I press the menu button, I will have the users slide, one slide or two slides 34. Let's check slide three. Then I have the ability to go back to the menu section, slide one, et cetera, with a very interesting transition, which is the Morph transition. The transition is the mode because 25 seconds, as in January. Let's go to file a blank presentation. Okay, Let's delete. Those. Are surely have to start creating a shape. If she box which is the top one, the blue one. Okay. That's very good for the menu. As thickness. Now I will insert shape to create the three buttons, the lines buttons. Okay, I have to increase it a little bit. I'm going to shade a scholar to white. And put it here. Duplicate, duplicate here, here, and here. Put it here. Now, these three will be added as one shape. So I'm gonna go to Shape Format, then group them as one button. It will be here. Let's enlarge it a little bit. Okay. That's perfect. I have to lower the distance between both of them. That's perfect when it comes to the first layer of the word. However, as we said, the Morph transition uses the slides. So I have to go back to shapes and create a new shape here. That will be like this. It will be in white. Shape, fill is white. Let's check this one. How was it? It has no outline. And Okay, That's perfect. Now I'm gonna go to presentation up to the presentation one. And this is the shape that I created, the shape format. The shape field is white. Whites took as an unfilled it is white. I don't need any outline and I have to add the shapes in it. So like this, this is the one that I'm searching for. So I'm going to duplicate it here. Let's use the basic rectangle. It is way better. So edit shapes change shape to a rectangle. Let's increase it a little bit. I have to make it a little bit downward. Increase the shape, fix certain terms. No, duplicate. Put it here. Duplicate and duplicate. So that's it. Let's go to Duplicate here. And I have to remove this one. And this one instead. The concerns that I have to group those before, I'm going to group them, Shape, Format, group it, take them here from one place to another. Then I have to take this section. Have those awesome. So that's it. I'm gonna go back here. Now. That's perfect. This one should be grouped with this one and copied. So to keep the same distance. Okay. That's it. I would keep it as enlarged Norris. Now, I have to go here and add the profile that I showed you previously. So I would create a circle. The circle should be. The same alignment, the same size, so 2.62. That's perfect. The middle, the Shape, Outline is weighted, has a certain rate because I would have no fill. Now I'm going to insert you can insert your photo. However, in order for privacy, I didn't want to add any photo of a person that I don't know. So from the internet. So I'm gonna go to profile by this, this one. Insert, I increase it. Okay, this is the profile. The first slide. Let's ungroup those in order to easily work with them on a group. Now, now I have two TextField. Add text. The text will be first profile. Just check the first ad that we are trying to copy. This one. Once you press this button, you will get a user. And those slides, okay, that's good. Let's go for this one here. The shape is gradient in blue. The first one is profile. Let's remove this text fill and add a text box where I can change my text easily. So profile or name, let's say prefer, I prefer, That's profile. I'm going to go here, capitalize each word. Go to Aharoni. Not all Darby, Aharoni. Increase it a little bit, increase the spacing to lose not very loose. Increase it a little bit more to whites. Okay, that's perfect. Now, duplicate this one. Take this swan from here to here, and let's put, for example, the age. Duplicate education. Now. Let's push them all in a manner to be compatible with, between each other. So this is the profile dispersed. Now I'm going to duplicate the profile at education and hobbies. That's it for here. Now. The first is transition. The first transition will be, let's press name here. Okay? The first transition will be in creating a certain layer out outside the, in the background that shows that I exit the first layer. So this one, it has a shape format with white. Now here, what about creating a shape format? However, it is the shape format. With no outline. The shape field is clear. Okay, let's send it backwards. I sent it backward. Now, if I have the Morph transition transition, the Morph transition, it will appear like that. Oh, I didn't like it because because this one the waiting to copy it. So let's group all of those. Let's group all these buttons. I'm gonna go to Shape Format, group them. Okay, I'm going to copy it and put it instead of this one. So okay. Excuse me. Now, we're going to take it and put it here instead. Let's put the Morph transition to 0.75 seconds. Let's check now. Know, that's a lot nicer at Harvard. I wanted to create a little bit the morph, little 0.5. Okay, now how creating a certain hyperlink, that will be a link. Once I press a button, I will directly go to slide two. So I go here to this shape. Let's ungroup them in order to work easier with them and ungroup them. This one or this button that I created, I have to go to Insert, insert a, what? I have to insert a hyperlink curve. It does not, taking it seriously. Insert a link, a link with whom? With the Slight tool. I'm going to place it in this document. Slight tool. Okay. Now let's start with the slideshow. Okay, once I press here, I will get to the menu. The menu, and let's duplicate this slide. I'm going to duplicate it. I will show it here. That's this one. Here, I will insert a text box where I would say name. Let's copy this one because I wanted the same format, the same font for all the layers. Let's make it louder. Oh, always pay attention to when, once you are using PowerPoint smart order, artificial intelligence to keep a certain distance, you have to keep the same distance between the edges of the textbox. For example, if I did it like that and I want the middle one, it will show me this one is the middle. However, I am interested in the name, so here I can take it to the middle. Perfectly. This is the name. I will insert, also a textbox. I would call it ID. I'm done. Okay. It will be Aharoni. It will be 98. Hello. Okay. Now that's it. This is slide of the named slide. This is the named slide I'm going to duplicate now and press instead of name age. You can put the age that you want. Okay? Now I'm going to duplicate it to education. Okay? You can put, depending on your area of expertise, binding on the odd that you are taking. I'm just saying in general, however, the main idea of this tool is to show you how to create a menu. So you can use it for a restaurant, you can use it for a catalog, you can use it for a shop, etc. Now, duplicate. A duplicate. He lets say Hobbes, dried. Reading, reading books. Okay. That's it. Reading books. Now what I have to link is I have to go here to this section on those and group them. Now, I'm going to group it. They are grouped. Okay, that's perfect. So once I know I want to group these two, I have to go to Shape, Format and group all of those. Ungroup them. Okay, now, group these two. Now I'm going to group these two into one section. Group these two into one section, and group these two. Also in one section. That's perfect. Now, I, once I press here, I have to go to insert link. This link will take me to slide number three. So Slide three, That's it. This one will take me to slide number for this one. Why this didn't create a link, link to slide number three. This one to slide number five, this one to slide number six. Duct. Sometimes PowerPoint link, slide number six. Now I have a hyperlink between the name would take me to slide three, slides aged light for education. Slide five, Hobbes, slide six. However, the color now is not compatible. So I'm gonna put it wide. Remove. I can remove the underlying because it is a hyperlink. It requires some advanced techniques. I may show you at the end of this class. Now, what we have to do is to think of the opposite of the hyperlink. What should I insert to go back to the menu where I can choose another option in order for the PowerPoint to not flow in a very ordered way. So I have to go to this menu. I'm going to insert a link. Insert a link, or it is already linked to slide two. So that's perfect because I duplicated this slide. And in the algorithm, this slide is linked to, this shape is linked to slide two. So it continued. Let's add a morph transition was 0.25 and apply it to all this one with no transition. I'm just going to reveal it to seconds. No more, no less. Let's start the PowerPoint presentations lecture. This is my app. Once I press the menu button, I will reach the profile. If I press the name, I would get Alexander and go back to Menu. Go back to menu. Okay. That's problem. Go back asking to go back to the menu. Okay, Let's check what is the problem at the name I am creating. Insert a link to slide two. Okay? This one. Insert Link. Like to insert ending. Sniped too. Insert a link to slide two. Now we can work all over again. This is the slideshow. Press the menu button. I have name, age, education and Hobbes name. I got the idea, Handan, age. I got the number that you want education. I have the engineering hobbies. I have reading books. You can go back whatever I want. I can add a hyperlink for a picture. I can create whatever I want through this advertisement. I wish you enjoyed this tool and thank you for watching. 17. Shapes Motion: Hello everyone and welcome to the shapes motion class. And this class you will learn how to create an elaborate with an algorithm, algorithm. The sheep motion using presentation. The idea is very simple. It takes a little time. Let me show it to you in the slideshow mode. It was transformed into the yellow circle than it at heart. Going back to this third good and back to the square. So what happens here is I'm just using that transition motion. So the transition, the Morph transition, no more, no less however, in case I will show to you how the algorithm differs from inserting the tool that, or the tip that I will tell you now and just keeping it as it is. So let's go to File New Black present blank presentation. I'm going to delete those. Insert. Format squared. It is 2.55. That's perfect. Till now, I'm going to insert a blank slide. Shape. Circle will be 2.64, let's say Copy. And this is debased. Here. It would be in the yellow and I would add it in the middle. Okay, now I'm going to add a new slide. Now, this one, I would show it as I will insert a hard one like this here. It will be in red with no outline. With no outline. That's perfect. In case I added the, let's duplicate it here now to make it, if I added in the transitions the morph, that will be two seconds. And I'm going to apply to all except this one. So like this, it will appear like that. And it requires to press a button to move it from one place to another. That's a bad idea. This is the wrong step that you make. The one thing that you have to go is to go to shape format. Then we have to press selection pane. You named it rectangular three, I will name it double exclamation mark shape. Then this one, I'm gonna go to Shape Format selection pane, call it double exclamation mark, shape than this one. This heart, I will call it double exclamation mark shape. The same for this one. Double exclamation mark shaped, double exclamation mark shape. Now, I will press this slideshow and you will see that once I get like this, it will flow by its own. With this very smooth shape motion and transition. By this, we undid the shape motion. 18. Class Project: Hello everyone and welcome to the final part of this course, the project in this section, I ensure that you have to apply the skills that you have learned. In the first area off the advanced skills of PowerPoint. And in the second objective is to create something related to advertisements. And now in this case, it would be the log as a course or as a task that you have to do is you have to create this application using PowerPoint, where you are asked to choose which session you want to enter. And at each section you can go back to the main tool slot. So now I press the name, I will get the name. You can add anything you want. Now I can go back. Age, profession, hobbies, sign, favorite animal, favorite movie, and then the logo. That will be the greatest thing in this project. And it is very important. So I'm gonna go to Logo. You have to create such a logo for yourself for sure you can choose your photo without a background to apply this, however, for privacy reasons, I use this emoji. So let's try to do it and please stop the video now here and incase, you are stuck over something, stuck over a concept button, et cetera. You can continue the class for the projects solution, or you can contact me. Let's start by creating a new blank presentation. The first step will be in the design. I'm going to go to the design and I want to choose it. So in my case, I will choose this design. Or I can choose this design. I can choose any design that I want and I want to apply personally, I tend to prefer bad designs with white light background. So I'm gonna go here to, let's go to this one. This one is good. So I'm gonna go to Project. Now, insert a new slide. Excuse me. I was asked to put the details. I'm gonna go to Shape here and add it. It will be white fill. So I'm gonna go to the Shape Format. Shape Fill, white. Let's see, move this one here, this section. Let's remove the outline here. No outline. As shape for Monday, I will add a format with a gray color. With no format also would not outline, excuse me. That's the design that I created. Now, let's insert a text box. One name than age, profession, hobbies. Then after the hobbies, favorites excuse me, favorite animal, favorite movie, logo. Let's add the sine. Sine. Let's check the PowerPoint. The first one, name, age, profession, hobbies, sign, favorite animal movie. Now the logo here you can choose the font that you want. I will choose the Adobe Devanagari, and I will make it as 24 for sure. The line spacing, I will choose it as two, and I will choose some bottoms. However, the color of the buttons the color of the buttons will be this one. Okay. It wasn't that wasn't applied. 1 second. Okay. Bullets and Numbering. Now I wanted the blue. Okay, now it is done. Let's increase a little bit. The colors here to be shown as real as a real application and not just a slide. That's it. Now, I'm going to duplicate this one. Let me remove all these. Okay? Now, I will say name. Then duplicate, duplicate. We have sine and profession sign. Then I will go duplicate profession. After the profession. I will duplicate two more times. After the professional have hobbies. Hobbies, favorite animal. Then I will choose a favorite movie. Then the logo. The logo, I will change the design. So I'm going to format the background. It will be gradient. For example. Let's make it solid. Fill as white transparency. There's a problem here. Let's remove this one. Okay. Now, Format Background, solid white. Oh, I am using the design section. So for my background from the design format, background, pattern or texture, Let's check. It's not applying. Okay? I believe there is a lag or there's a problem in PowerPoint. So this is all here. I can do it. Now. I'm going to insert their logo. The logo as a section requires a lot of time, so I will show it to you how it is divided in terms of specifications on specific parameters. We can see that we have a picture format and how they created this as a picture. This is done using the Save as a picture Technique. But now let's create the initial one, the stage one. So I'm gonna go here now. Insert shape. It will be a circle. Let's fix the height, so 3.65 to be a correct circle. Then I'm going to go to the Shape, outline, to the weight of the shape. It will be six than the Shape Fill will be no fill. Okay. That's perfect. You can choose I will choose the black color. No, no, no fill, no fill the outline. It will be in black. Now I'm going to insert a 3D model, let's say. So profile. Or I can use the emojis one. I can use the emoji one. Okay? Here it should be. We can choose any profile that we want. So I will choose this one, the one that I chose, or this one. Let's say, let's choose one to one. It takes a little bit time to be uploaded on the PowerPoint. Now I can change its face like that. Let's decrease it a little bit, make it smaller. Now, that's perfect. Here, I have to fix the circle. I'm using the aid of the PowerPoint to fix the both buttons are aligned. Then I'm going to select both. Select both. And I'm going to use them as a picture. So let's select these two. Let's group them. I'm going to group it. Now I have the same picture. In order to do the logo, I have to use the one used in the photo. So if we go to the first one, if we go here, the picture format, I'm using, the colors start to stick effects of the picture. However, in my case, we have a shape format. We don't have a picture, so I have to go here, save as a picture. Now on the desktop I can call it picture one that's deleted. Now, delete both of them. Insert picture from this device, the picture one that I already saved. Now what we have to do is to create different formats, different artistic effects that will be layered on top of each other. So I will start by putting this as my number one. This would be my number one. And let's duplicate it. Here it will be number two. Let's say Duplicate. Here. It will be number three. Here too, it'll be number four. We can duplicate those. Duplicate here. This will be 45, this will be six, this will be seven. This will be, excuse me. This will be eight. Then after that, I'm going to duplicate this one for the ninth. So I'm gonna go to picture format, artistic effects, let's say color, blue one. This one will be duplicated and we will choose it's colored as green. This will be duplicated and it's colored be, let's say gray. Or we can use this artistic effect. Here, this one. It will be artistic effects like that. Okay, That's it. Now we can, we have 12 shapes or shapes that will be divided into 12 sections. Let's add a blank slide. I'm going to take the first one, put it in the middle. I will do the animation is one. So as a first attenuation, it have, it has to appear. It has to appear, then it has to fit or pulse or exit by disappearing. However, the duration of its exit does not unclick. It is after previous, and its duration is auto. Okay? We can make it fit, for example, with iteration of 0.1 seconds, no more, no less. Or we can put, put a 0.2. Now above it, I will take this one. I will use it here. Now. It has to appear on the click. It will be after, previous. And then we have to add the animation and use the random bars. However, it all also be 0.2. Does not own the click is after previous. So I have pictures 0 it will appear. Then picture too will start. Then it will disappear. That's perfect. Appear, disappear. Let's check. Okay, one more time. Okay, That's perfect. Now, let's copy this one. And this will be my layer three. Okay? Appearance. It will appear as a wheel. However, you can. You're seeing it on a slow scale. I'm going too fast. It, it won't be on the click, it will be after previous, then it will disappear using the zoom on. And also it would be 0.2. That's perfect. Now let's copy this one and add it on my profile logo. Okay, here, I'm gonna appear it directly or I can wipe it if you want. The effect option. It can be from the left. Here we can. It won't be on the click. It will be after previous, and it will disappear. It should take 0.2 seconds also. And it will disappear. Using the shrink and turn over. It will also take 0.2. It will be on after the click, after the previous, not on the click. So you can see the timeline of the animation using the animation pan pin. So it will really make your work easier on PowerPoint. I know it requires a little of time creating a logo, certain no-go, however, you will see the results at the end. Now, I won't use these for, I will finish with them. So I'm going to attack the colored ones. Like this here. Don't worry, nothing will appear after it because I'm inserting an Exit animation. So here it will appear using a swivel. It should appear 0.2. I have to add the animation for before. If it should be after the previous, then I will add an animation. I will make it disappear using a bounce. No, I don't want it to exit the shape. So I will make it as Zoom. It will slide center, and it will be after previous. 0.2 seconds. Let's tackle the six S1. Now I'm copying it. Here. Here it is. I'm adding an animation. I will make it interests or the shape 0.2. I'm going to copy the timeline to avoid writing after previous, than it will be the exit into the split one. The effect, it will be vertical out and it will also be 0.2. I'm going to copy this one. Voted here. That's perfect. And now I'm going to enter as a wipe. I'm going to make it after previous. I'm gonna make it 0.2. That's perfect. I'm going to add an animation created as shrink and it will be 0.2 and it will be after previous. So this is the timeline that we set. Okay? Now, let's go to this picture. Control V, or we used it, not this one. This one copy control V. Now, I'm gonna make it appear after previous. Then I will add an animation. I'll make it compliant, or let's emphasize it using the object color. Let's make it thread. However, I want to 0.1. Then I'm going to be after previous. And then I'm going to add an animation. I'm going to ask it to go away using a swivel after previous and it would be 0.2 seconds. This is the logo that we created. We have also for stuff here. I can copy picture to Control V them. Okay, this is not how we do it. I'm gonna go back to here. Copy. I'm going to ask it to appear after, previous. Than other animation. I'm gonna disappear it. Now. I'm going to use this one, they appear one. Use it here. Okay. I'm gonna go make it splits. It will be after previous iteration would be 0.2. Now the disappearance or the Add animation, it will be the weird one. However, it will be after previous and 0.2 seconds. Now, this one copy, I'm going to add it up. Now here. Oh, there is problem here in the timeline. There is no after previous. So this is unclick. It should be after previous. It will shift everything two after it. So now here we have this one. I'm gonna add an animation. I make it fades. I wanted after previous, I wanted 0.2. Then I'm going to add an animation. I will make it lighter color. With the blue effect, no underlying color. It will be the object color. Or let's make it spin. No, I will put the spin at the end. Let's make it D saturate, know, lighten. It is already lighted. Pulse. It will be after previous. Now, 0.2. After that, we have the final one, the copy one. Now I'm going to add it here. I'm going to make it appear. Then I'm going to make it I'm going to make it as after previous. Then I'm going to add the animation, make it exit, exit as a Zoom. However, the Zoom will be slight center and it will be after previous. By 0.2. The final one will be this object that will appeal or that will bounce. And this will be after previous. It should take 0, let's say four. I'm going to add an effect. I will make it pulse after previous by 0.25. Then add an animation. I'm gonna make it spin or T2. After previous. And also 0.4. Then I'm gonna make it create emotion shape like that or the hexagon. Let's keep it the circle or the diamond, for example. The circle shape. This we'll be using 1.5 seconds only. That's perfect. And now I will show it to you how it will appeared. But before, allow me to add a transition. For example, the Morph transition. No, it does not require transition as normal. Let's add the Morph transition. That's okay. Here. We have the hyperlink. Now, I'm gonna go to Home, Insert Link to base in this document, the name here, link, the age, link, the sign link, the profession. He is. Okay. No, excuse me, link the sign here. Now, the profession will be linked to slide five. Hobbes linked to slide six. Favorite animal linked to slide seven. Link a link to slide eight. And this one will be linked to slide nine, which is the logo. What you have to add also is a shape that makes me return in order to not break this loop. So that's the shape. From name. Here. I added, let's insert a shape, a shape. Here it will be this one. I like these objects here. Okay, That's perfect. Okay, Let's make it smaller little bit. Now, the shape failure will be white. The shape outline is good to now. Here. I'm going to add it like that. Oh, okay, that's perfect. Now here I'm going to put it here. I'm going to link it directly because once I copy it, I will take the whole link with it. I'm going to link it to the main slide, copy paste. It will be based in the same path, link to the same thing as all. However, he shouldn't appear. So I'm going to fill it, Shape Fill it will be the blue. That's everything about the project. Let's go and see all its sections. So here it is. I'm gonna go to name. Okay? H or k. Sine. Perfect profession. Excellent. Toby's very nice. Favorite animal, favorite movie than the logo. Let's go back. Let's go back. Let's go back to the logo. Oh, okay. That's very nice. This is how you create a logo. For example, I can insert a text box. Your name, Ali. I'm done here. And Ronnie, Let's make it 80. Okay, that will show up. So I'm gonna go to Animations. Animation Pane, added animation by zooming, by zooming. And I'm going to make it after VD views, and I will give it 1 second. So let's go back to here and press the logo. Whoa, that's very nice. I really, I'm done. That's everything about the project. I wish you enjoyed the two, the maximum. I wish you enjoyed this class.