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Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow Part 3! Couples Posing

teacher avatar Sandy Dee, Sandyseyecatcher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Foundations of Standing Poses


    • 3.

      Going Through Poses And Things To Avoid


    • 4.

      Developing Poses With Communication And Fun


    • 5.

      Developing Poses With Little Movements


    • 6.

      Dealing With Problems In Height


    • 7.

      Posing On A Chair


    • 8.

      Recap And More Group Posing Ideas


    • 9.

      Every Face Has A Chocolate Side - Headshots With Jimmie


    • 10.

      Creating Variation, Headshots And Fashion With Becky


    • 11.

      Getting Creative With A Personalized Conceptual Shoot


    • 12.

      Best Of Slideshow With Becky And Jimmie


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About This Class

Welcome to our course Posing Like A Pro: The Ultimate Posing Flow! This is the 3rd part of our 4 part series, covering all techniques of posing female models, couples and male models. The 'ultimate posing flow' courses are all shot in the studio to give you a hands-on feel to learning.

In our photo studio we have led over 50 photography workshops so far, specializing in creating conceptual photoshoots. And knowing how to pose a model or client is a big part of a successful shoot. I realized that most of my students were really savvy about photography techniques and new technology but started to freeze when they had to pose the model.

One of the most important skills that you will need to develop as a portrait photographer is being able to direct your subjects into the right pose. It will make your model or client feel natural, and your photography session will flow.

At the end of this course, you will know how to pose your clients and models for the most flattering pictures. If you watched my tutorial ‘posing like a pro’ or if you have already learned the foundations of posing for portrait photography,  this course takes those lessons even further by bringing you into my studio where you can watch how I put it all together into a real shoot to create the ‘posing flow’.

To give you a real life experience, I will show you how I work with a model versus a couple that never stood in front of the camera. None of the shoots are rehearsed with the exception that I briefed our model Rebecca to bring some different wardrobe items for variety. This means you will see realistic posing problems and questions that your client or model might have, and how I communicate with them to bring them into the right pose.

The entire tutorial is shot from my point of view, so you are more than just a fly on the wall - you see everything almost exactly as if you were behind the camera! Each time I take a shot, the image is overlaid so you can see the result straight away. There is no post production on them - they are ‘SOOC’ - straight out of camera with the exception that they are cropped in ACR. Sometimes I’ve also adjusted the white balance because different styles of image look best when they are warmer or cooler in tone.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to pose models and clients - females, males, and couples
  • Standing vs sitting poses, and tips for slimming bigger clients
  • How to quickly create different styles to offer more variety and enhanced sales: from headshots, beauty, dreamy, fashion, edgy, and more.
  • Getting creative with concepts such as my trademark ‘lying on the floor’ setup
  • How to modify your communication style for experienced models vs regular clients
  • How to create an amazing experience and have fun while still getting the shot

One point to keep in mind as I will be covering a lot of detail that may seem impossible to get right all the time: don’t worry about the perfect pose, because it’s hard even for “super-pros” to achieve a “100%” perfect result - and if in doubt it’s always ‘Emotions Over Posing”. However if you are interested in knowing why a client maybe didn’t buy certain images due to things they didn’t like about themselves then our tutorial will tell you all about how you can best flatter your client.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sandy Dee



Sandy is originally from Germany and studied Photography in London, where she earned a Diploma in Professional Photography. Following her passion for creative conceptual portrait photography, she moved to San Jose, California where she runs stylized portrait workshops, and wrote the book 'Posing Like A Pro' which covers all aspects of posing for the contemporary photographer.

Sandy loves teaching and helping other artists to reach new levels in their technique and creativity! New In 2021: Sandy now also teaches paper crafting. No matter if you want to learn photography, portraiture, photoshop, creating backdrops on a budget, paper crafting, card making, mixed media....Sandy has a class for you. Happy Shooting and Happy Crafting!

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1. Intro: so welcome back to the posing flow. And today we hear was Becky and Demi. And they're not professional models like Rebecca yesterday. So they are like our neighbors and our friends who never modeled before. Or at least I think you never know eso Yeah, you see now a completely different flow off poses. And in the way I would still oppose Becky, as I did Rebecca yesterday. And then we will see how it looks together. As a couple, however, it's also a little bit so that you can see what is better, because sometimes if you're kind off worried when you have a model and with Rebecca yesterday it looked so easy, but she still has her own flow. So sometimes it can be tricky if you had to do something very specific with your model, if they have their own floor and they don't really do what you're saying, So today we will see if back you knows the positions better than Rebecca and maybe even that's old stuff. So let's start the shoot 2. Foundations of Standing Poses: so whenever I start was posing a couple, it's normally a little bit easier if I moved the guy and first, because, I mean, I still want to make the guy as handsome as possible. But I'm not really too worried about any weight issues kind of traditional where the guy has. If he has a belly, it's more like a prosperity belly. So it's not really frowned upon, but the woman. Normally it's kind of this now a size zero society where the woman wants to look really slim. Therefore, I take more time imposing the women that she looks slim and her a little bit less worried about the guy. So therefore, I would just start right here, and that's him. And OK, so, Becky, if you just step out just for a second, and so you have all your weight on your back leg, so you're kind of stands comfortable as possible. So that's pretty much it already and was a guy we normally say that it's more off the V shape. So if you put your legs together and you stand just like this, you see that the guy normally doesn't have a lot off kerf So it's normally that's Alexa really slim. And then the upper body is more trained and then it looks more like a V and we want to enhance is even more by leaning a little bit towards the camera so that everything that leans forward, it's more like an exaggeration off. Suppose. Therefore, it looks fuller. So if you just do the same thing again that you have all your weight on your back leg and that you really comfortable and then you just it a little bit towards the camera. So that's pretty much it. OK? No, Becky, you move in. No, you're not running anywhere. You'll stay exactly where it's about the capital. Uh, OK, so this Becky, we want to do something that she is not in front off, Jimmy. So the thing that I see all the time is that when you pose a capper that somehow the photographer puts female a lot more front on and somehow cuts the guy into 1/2 and that's obviously not what we want to achieve. We said we want to make the lady estimates possible. So actually, if you step out just for a second, so I can demonstrated was met. MIT doesn't know anything about it. So come on in. And if you step out for seconds, well, just so we can demonstrate. So the thing that I see all the time, it's literally a few turned motor. What's me? And if the woman has turned like this and this is the worst thing that can happen because now met. Looks like you've have so size and I'm like on that, not not the one. Okay, So, normally, if you then moving in closer than you can already turns a guy a little bit more frontal And we said he wants to stand really relaxed its away, Just just on one foot is a way, really is asl long as it looks balance and not like stiff Lexus. So if it's more Lexus, and then the woman can turn more into this and immediately now she is half the size. We're hopefully, but I would look and he is more front on and therefore we enhanced like what we said that the chest looks forward because that's kind of considered traditionally like male and, you know, like a bit more stronger. And the woman looks very petite. and kind of just half a five. OK, so if you stop you out, you go back in and let me try this again. 3. Going Through Poses And Things To Avoid: Okay, so, yeah, let's just go back to adjust, like standing next to each other. Just so I have one shot. How we should not do it. No effect. That's great. All right. And now, like what we just had. If you change your body position and feel like, really relaxed, you can put your hand in your pocket and just make sure that your upper body just tell us a little bit more towards mute. Great. And then back you go in this close as possible, and it was like a female position. We always want to make sure that it's also like your weight is on your back leg, and it was fun photo. It's more like a show foot. And then you can also just light it a little bit backwards. So that's where you get a really nice arch and lack, and that's like, really slamming position. So this is kind of like our basic Gallagher. That's kind of our basic position, because from here we can do a few different things. So you kind of just look at me, that's great. And I just zoom in for a little bit more for portrait. Okay, this is cool. And now I just want that you also put your hands like in your hip, because the moment when we create here more yeah, more for ways again, it looks lemma. So if you press your arms again set, then immediately You can see how her arm looks now a lot bigger than it really is because of flesh squeezes onto her body. And obviously we want that. This also looks a slimmest possible. Exactly. So therefore, we always want to create, like, a gap in the leg so that there is a lot of shape and then also a gap between the body and the arm. So once more just looks like that's more shape. And the moment you don't squeeze anything, it also looked a lot slimmer. So that's our second post. Okay, that's exactly okay. Take 14 body shots. Awesome. And are also room in one small. And Jimmy just look towards me because I am actually the camera. Ignore, met, ignore what he's doing. Okay, that's great. It just have to be careful that I don't knocks us over and also the next thing back here. But you also want to do so everything is perfect, So just stay there with your foot and just keep it like this where you have to sweeten that shape. This also really nice shape, and the next thing you want to do is that you kick your hip a little bit backwards. Because of moments the camera sees less off the hip and the value once more, it just looks a lot slimmer. So that's great. Just stay like this perfect and just move more into each other like you know each other perfectly, because there are a couple that's good. Very nice. So from here, you can also relax your hand a little bit more. So it's just how you would get perfect. That's great. Very nice. And from there you can also just Yeah, but Jimmy does automatically. You can set your temples together. So if you really move in close and Jimmy even closer to Becky and really have your temples together, Perfect. Very nice. And from there you can also just look at each other. But the singing us don't Yeah, see, that's exactly what I said in my ass. A tutorial when you say to people look into each other's eyes It's really awkward. And if I don't want to believe that, I think it's romantic. But it's just we're just like, Okay, normally, when you well and I say, Look at each other It normally just means like you can look into her eyes. But Becky, you can look onto slips onto the nose or something so you don't get like, Yeah, because it just gets weird. You stay hold? Yes, the hood. Everything's the same. Just look under his lips onto his nose. That's great. And Jimmy pulled her in even closer. That's great. That's really nice. And from there we can also Becky, if you throw your arm now on to Jimmy like like like you actually like yeah, very good. Okay, this is great. So from here, I want to show you now the next problem that I see so that No, don't. Don't you move. I want to show the problem. Eso depending on your camera anchor. I'm kind of shooting from here, so I'm looking into into this gap here, which is right. The thing you don't want to shoot is now that you see Jimmy's hand on Becky's back. Because the moment when you see somebody's hand on the back. It makes them look even bigger. So if you if you lose your arm for a second back, if if you just end how you were before, Like I'm an arm just like hacking, as in perfect. And if you relax your arm down, down now and turn even further into Jimmy. Perfect. So now you see once more where Jimmy's hand us. Now, if I shoot this for a second and back u turn and even further my mama, mama and Jimmy bring your arm even further towards me. Perfect. Okay, just shoot this all the letter. Yeah. Now you can look at me for now. Okay. Perfect. So this thank you Look like Oh, my God. My God. Fine. It was just for demonstration. There's a moment when I see, like, people hand in hand and, you know, like I can show this was met for a second, just so that you see what's going on, and I shows us to you first. So if you come towards me and if you have your arm around me and turning and you start to see no method, right, but you don't see his arm, You only see a hand and fingers. And first of all, this makes me know Fulla. Because now there's some extra stuff on here, which I don't want because I want to be nice and swimming on second off. You don't see where these fingers are coming from. You don't see an arm. It looks nearly like somebody is creeping up behind you and ends, right? OK, so now let's have chosen to the camera. So yeah, like we just said, if you put your arm even for us around so that's a camera actually sees this. Jimmy. Jimmy. Yeah, Perfect. And what I want with you can't just create your arm. Yeah, you can just leave it. So what about my right? Just anywhere from now. So now is the camera also can see it's really ought because first off, once more, the hand makes back in a big up. Then she is, because all of a sudden there's more stuff going on and also you just see little fingers and it could be also just pretty much me behind the like reaping end. So the moment you see, somebody has just fingers or hands, it can look really odd so you can relax. That was just for demonstration 4. Developing Poses With Communication And Fun: So now we're begins a good position. So I don't see Jimmy's and creeping up behind Becky. Becky, give me some shape again. Once more, Jimmy. Also give me maybe a little bit off. Yeah, some kind off hand in her book that could also go into Yeah, trade. That's perfect. And just look at me. That's awesome. And then also, just do one like this. Perfect. And one more where you kind of look at it as a slips or nose or whatever. Really? Becky, look at him like you like him. Like you know that guy. Okay, that does not convince me. Becky, thank you for your eye. Okay, so we have to makes us now a little bit hotter, right? Okay, Sobek, you throw your hands on from around the neck, and then you can also put your hands now on toe. Becky's backs. This is great. And from there Yeah, I think this is good. Just really pull our clothes. Same. Everything stays the same. That's great. And now, Jimmy, just look at Becky and Becky. You can also look at Jimmy and I just take to off them. That's great. And now back. You just look at me. This is awesome. And then also tried toe be even closer. So, like you really pulled him to watch you. This is perfect. And not so like you don't know him. You don't know him. This'll great. Thank you. Look back towards me. Very nice. And lower your shoulder, actually a little bit down, so it looks a bit more relaxed. Yes. Perfect. This is great. Perfect. All right, so from there, we can also if you turn like a little bit more towards the bags. But now you just see that I run in a similar situation. So if you put your arms around him again backing into this So I'm still seeing the whole connection, so I kind of get it right. So I see her arm goes there. It's not the same. That's these little fingers are creeping out off nova. But in case you don't want to see this, just pretend like you're on a turntable. So if you kind of coming more towards me back, he and Jimmy just turns around Perfect. And if you put your hands around this neck again, Perfect. So now I kind of just understand from the concept that her hands now going behind. But I don't see any creepy little finger so I can shoot this as well. Just stay like this. Perfect. And you can look towards me and just relax your arm a little bit down. Perfect. And Jimmy also look towards me. Awesome. Now back here. Relax your app. I'm also just a little bit down, so it's more on his chest. So you kind of just Yeah, you just moved with perfect. Perfect. Perfect. And just look at me. This is good. And now just look at Jimmy and Jimmy looks at me Perfect. And one more. We're kind of just putting temper to tampers. We really come and close. This is great. Perfect. So this is really nice. The only thing I probably don't want to see. One small as a hand scraping absolute. You just move your hands and your hands really nice. Just bring it down. And this hands always has to look really gentle because otherwise this can also look now like you're pushing him away. So it has to be kind of like, really soft and really like you actually want that She's this'll good thistles. Great okay from them on because you tilting now lot forward. So if you coming up super straight, Jimmy kind of pretend like there's, like, a hook in your head that Pulitzer up. So being like, super straight. And now you can just lean with your head and a little bit closer toward some. Perfect. This is great. All right. Perfect. Look, Bulls, that means this is great. And now you, if you can do it your head even closer together like temperature perfect. One of very nice. And I will stay exactly like that. And just to add a little bit more towards me just to to titillated Perfect Lego One more nexus. Very nice. From there you can just throw once more your arms around him. And now really Toto backwards. But don't let a fall, but so that you can really go like this. Perfect. You would have to Loayza, uh on You can look at each other Also, this is great. And now, Becky, look at me and not like you send out awesome, okay? And you can just relax 5. Developing Poses With Little Movements: just go back into the same position where you just hold your hands? No. Together. Perfect. And now, yeah. Jimmy, just look down onto the hands. I'm not sure it said where you have your wedding ring. Yes. So, basically, if I can still sees us so it's kind of just like on top of each other. And then it's kind of like him. Yeah, just holding hands. Basically, if you just Yeah, if you just pop your some who's holding hands like that. What hands? How you would do it. Normally, Ugo, anybody hold hands like Okay, this is better. Perfect. That's great. Just look at me. That's awesome. Great. And actually, lift your hands a little bit up, and you're now just look onto the wedding ring. Perfect. So kind of as if you were just married, like, still new married. Awesome. And now back He looked back at me and actually, relax your arm a little bit more. Down, down, down. Perfect. This is great. And then, Jimmy, just look down to the rings. A suspect and I just need to once more to be a little bit more like straight so that you actually Monheit perfect and then back. You just told you had a little bit and but also bring it a little bit more forward. So I still have light on you. Perfect. This is great. And once more now you can also just look at each other. But not until the I just look into the lives perfect. And from there you can also lean into a kiss. But I don't want that. You kind off smash full on because the problem is when people kiss, it's look. And then the problem is he off your face kind of minutes into each other. Which nominee does not look that girl so kind of Just like you're leaning in for a kiss. Okay, She said Okay, Okay. Yeah, this is great. Perfect. And actually do this one more time and just you asked it a bit. Most rate on So you really taught. And now back here, lean in for a kiss. This is great. A even Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama, Go for it. Go for it. Yeah, that's ok. Yeah. You allowed. This is OK. One more kind of just as I go. Go, go, go! Yes! Perfect bag. One more. One more one. Yep. Very nice. Okay. From there, you could also just maybe Becky Just give him a kiss onto the cheek, The effect. And actually do this one small. But just relax your hands down, so it's kind of really casual. More but still like you together in the ways you can still hold hands. Just so it's a bit more how you would do it normally. Okay. And then just needn't so that your hips go a little bit more back. Perfect. Perfect. And you do the cheek again. Perfect. That's nice. Very nice. And from there, you can also kiss her forehead. So if you just leave them to get so forehead, this is good. Very nice. And from there we can also pretend like you're whispering something into a year or something just to get some more expression. So say something. OK, this must be very naughty, because Becky looks a little bit and out. So not that naughty, but really lean and and just tell a little joke. He's not saying anything. Okay, from savvy just does the same thing. Now Becky leans in like you're whispering something into his Yeah, yeah, it's did. Does not Yeah. Looks better when you actually say something. This is good. Very good. Okay, so that's kind of some simple number work from us, so this is really nice. So the next thing we can do from here, but I always call it a little bit more off of problematic polls. So be a little bit careful on how you arrange that. So because already close together, we could also go ahead now that Becky comes in front of Jimmy. So if you're just going in front of him, so and then Jimmy can hack you from behind. Just talk you like, like like cattle in. Okay, Perfect. So if I just take a picture for now Good. Yeah. This is fine. That's great. And, Jim, you just bring your hand. Yeah, your head. I would ease away. So I actually for you, you're not actually hidden. Yeah, that's great. Perfect. Okay, so that's one small polls that I see a lot of times. And as we said in the beginning, the problem is in the way that now Becky is once more in the front, so she will look bigger just by default, while Jimmy is just cut in half, because now he's behind. So if you stay once this pose, I would rather have. That's a couple actually turns a little bit around, so it's more sideways. So it is a way you can actually turn first. This way. Uh, no, wait. Both of us. Yeah, but just their bones that you in front. So the idea is so that Jimmy just hacks your family hat. Okay, This is perfect. So this would work, because now we can still do the same saying you can still have all your weight on your back leg and you can still have sustained. And now you can just lean on to Jimmy. So again, now you're a lot dilemmas this way. The other thing that I see a lot, which can be a problem if Becky doesn't create no shape with her leg. If you just stand still for just a second, so just end straight now it just starts to look a little awkward because I always think it's nearly little perverted. Ben's the guy no presses onto the females. But like this, it's just looks we had Romy, right? So you still want to create the shape if you go back into this so immediately. This area doesn't look too intimate anymore and reasoning. Exactly. So there's a separation and you're leaning just with your bag against him. And then this is the kind of cute, but it's all those, obviously an intimate couple you still don't hunters shows is on the picture. Right? So stay exactly that exist. This is good. All right. Very nice. And again, you can just bring your heads together on a perfect and just look at each other Very nice and once more just bring your templates together. Very nice until a little bit more towards me. Once more Because we always want that you turned a little bit towards me so you don't see so much off your hips. So this where you just looks lemma very nice and Becky like you, like awesome 6. Dealing With Problems In Height: like we said with Rebecca yesterday. Obviously, before I shoot anybody, I always do some kind off evaluation with the three components, So obviously not a lot of things change. We're still in the studio location, so I can't really do anything here too much in the wrong way, because it's not that as a whole horizon line behind them that I have to have a different angle. And there's also nothing growing out off their heads. So everything is a clean environment. The only thing that would be obviously, even better if I wouldn't have a cap it floor. So that's the paper wouldn't give me these trinkets, but I can easily fix us and photo shop. So I'm not too worried about set the other thing that I also didn't change really from yesterday that I'm still on the 24 to 1 or five lens just so that I can give them a little bit more variety and I don't have to change the lenses all the time. The third thing that we want to evaluate so is obviously what is the size and shape off the body, so we have to evaluate the subject. So here I'm pretty lucky in a way because I always say it's good when have models that are quite short because my studio ceiling isn't really that high. And I always want to lie to people in this 45 degree anger, so everything is good here. However, if you evaluate your subject and using the woman is not really, really small and the guy is really big, which can happen, obviously, then how do you really work around that? And okay, let's just pretend for a second here that if Jimmy, if you go out for a second and met you, come in, let's just pretend for a second that you are now back his husbands. So now you can see there's a little bit more off a difference in height. So obviously, if they would leave no involved in, I would say no temper to temper. This gets really weird because, you know, it just doesn't fit with the size. So under regular wedding day of Met would have now, like a black food on, I would say if you just step back a little bit, so you a bit more in the lunch and you have to come a little bit forward with your feet. So if you imagine, this is no all black And if you cut in like you like this guy, you another new right thigh, then it's not really that much off a gap anymore. And especially Becky. If you come as high s toilets possible and if you would be now and now all of a sudden it would work, actually, because he dropped and hide. And obviously now I wouldn't shoot it like straight like this was jeans because, you see, actually that it's can across and weird. But if that would be now blacks and it wouldn't be noticeable anymore and especially not if you're just doing upper body anyway than it looks on natural. Okay, you can relax for a second. The next thing you can obviously ought to do just say that you're still married for now, just don't know. So the other thing we could also do if we only focus on the upper body basically just like a portray, or like a 3/4 length off a picture, you could also eternal sideways a bit if you wanted to cattle into each other and the same thing would still be like this because obviously, even if you kind off look balance, it's not enough to drop you in height. Therefore, the only other thing we can do now is if you actually spread your legs. Even so, as as this way so is used. You stay straight, but you likes us. Imagine you like, must've a kind of like this perfect, and immediately now he would drop also inside. So that's obviously another quick way. How now it's I could lean in temperature temper or go in for a kiss. Without that, it's all awkward. Now. You can relax again. Obviously the other thing we could also do, especially if it's a wedding day. And if there's like a sidewalk or something, if Becky would be raised in anyway. So if you have, maybe I don't know, like a little step stool in your car for this kind off occasion. If the bride is really small, then you could also raise you up, especially if you're only going in for portrait or like a 3/4 length. So that's obviously an easy where to fix it with these guys. Obviously, that's good, because the perfect height Jimmy is still a little bit taller than Becky, because sometimes that's obviously also the other way around. And then, as they want to oppose them traditionally, so I don't really want. That's the brightest Lexus and the guy like this because especially if she wises tradition to the gown and she wants to look like a princess, a things a guy should look like a prince, and traditionally he should be than taller than the right. So I would do then just the opposite. So then she would have to bend even for us a backward so her booty would be kicked out even further. In this way, she could also drop and hide. And then the guy has just to be a strong one, tall as possible. So that's obviously on like a wedding day when you are outside. However, if you're shooting in the studio environment and you're dealing with a lot off different high, it's you can also bring in a chair so you can go out Now you're done for the husband off the day. We could just bring in the chair, so if we would just think it would really work is away. So if he pretends that Jimmy, if no, I don't know how many you feed toy like Super toy. When? If if we have Becky on the chair, then we also would just raise her up. So if you go onto the chair like, no, you actually sit on this issue bomb and just turned a little bit this way. And now Jimmy comes in from behind, and then he could just be in from behind. And immediately if you mention no, he's, like, super tall. Then again, And what kind of just equalizes out So obviously, Now the problem is that he made to me shorter, and that's also not what we want it. So now we bring in another chair, our little steps to it, And now just don't fall off it. You status and you just go on. Okay, so now that will please, if Inari when he's like super toy. But now you can just lean in and kind of just hacker from behind. Perfect. There you go. Let me just take this. That means a woman. Very nice. Don't stay like this one more. And Jimmy, not this camera. It's all about me Thinks is good. Very nice and come down for just a second. I will actually move back a little bit more towards light. So if you just do a little bit more this way, and then I just have you in a bit more from behind. Yes. Perfect. Very nice. And just a like this. This is great. And just in your temples together. And also fold your hands both together. No, like, you know each other, like, hand in hand. Very good. And that's very nice. Awesome. And you can step down again, and then we just use another chair because of things. This is a little bit too high. Can be half, maybe just a smaller chan. I actually stay Lexus for a second. If you just go out for a second, I just take Becky just as she is and come as tall as possible and give me a little bit off A shape of beautiful. This is great. Very nice. Yeah, that's really cool. Very nice. And give me a little bit what I call it a chicken shin. So I want that you kind of go like a chicken, but you don't have to do the sound, but just really stretches. Yeah. Perfect. It feels weird, but it looks good. Very good. Very nice. And just say that you had a little bit. What's towards me and just your hands on your leg? Perfect. And the taking Ethan. Very good. And tilt your head even a little bit First. Beautiful. Very nice. And also bring it down. Perfect four. Vote for what's taking Leo. 7. Posing On A Chair: so back he just asked a really important question about how do you pose with health fees? And we just had. Actually, that's why they invented the selfie stick. And it's kind of why is it coming from this anger down? So in, like a typical portray, you put kind off him or shoot in a way that it's on my level, maybe slightly lower. However, in this kind off like iPhone Or, you know, like whatever phone you're using if you're bringing it, just like on the same level. Actually, it makes everything bigger because there's no compression. So that's where I normally shoot with the really long lens to have a lot of compression. So another big problem I see with photographers who only shoot was 50 millimeter or even wider and they go and really close makes everything really big. And that's kind off the iPhone or whatever for lens. If you come in close, you look big, so you want to shoot as high as possible, get this kind of compression So everything looks smaller and the same thing is also kind of what we're doing now. So if you go out for just a second Jimmy. So if we would pretend now that Becky is like, massive, like Super Big Lou again, it's more flattering if I would actually bring her a little bit down and I'm shooting down on her because you always want to have this great compression. So in Becky's case, obviously she's slim, so I don't really worry too much about from where I'm shooting. So are the fitness. But you always have to think obviously, about your anger. So basically, if you would shoot now, really big woman with the 35 millimeter, normally that would be really awkward. Compression because of 35 millimeter like close to a person would make everything really white. However, if you know shooting down that was a 35 million meter. You kind of achieved that. Her face might look a little bit bigger, however, the body looks in small in comparison. So if Becky would be like this now and I'm shooting down on her, actually, I'm not really worried than in this moment that the compression makes a phase maybe a little bit bigger, because the body will look a lot smaller. So therefore that sometimes a really good thing. If you're working with the bigger bride or something. If you can use a raise yourself or maybe brings a pry it or likes a curvy model a little bit lower, then you kind of compressed bodies would look smaller. So I guess that's how it also works was a selfie. It's just a way off compression. So how much you can raise its better. And then you kind of just look slim and slim as you are. Okay. So let me just shoot a few off here. Just was Becky and yeah, just cross your legs. Just be Relax. This is great. And to maybe even a little bit. Yeah, perfect. So that it looks are really Relax. This is great. Very nice. And maybe even all the way that you kind of get perfect. Very cool. And maybe that even one more were you kind of just lean into the chair, but not like flights into the back. More like into an angle. Perfect. Perfect. Very nice. And then maybe also rest your arm until the as a yes, perfect. And actually bring your upper body again. A little bit forward. Perfect. Very nice. Because the thing you want to achieve fears that your subject obviously should look as normal and comfortable as possible. So you don't really feel supposed. However, it does look to stay at the same time. It's unfortunately, it has to be a little bit uncomfortable because you're right. Yeah, yeah, and you do it. You don't want that. It looks like Becky sits and watches. TV is off the hook because the good thing is, anyway, is a more Becky one smalling forward into the camera. The less off this is all visible. So if she would just would literally sit down like she's watching TV, then whole upper, Yeah, everything would be back. And you just looking onto this part and that obviously looks bigger. So if you can just bring basically your upper body forwards and everything looks smaller and that's what we want Very nice. All right, so from here we can bring Jimmy back in, so you kind of just lean, kind off into her as well. Very nice. And maybe even, like, was arms around like, really cattle herd in very nice. And bring your temples back together. But Becky actually bring your head a little bit out because otherwise the light will not hit you. Perfect. And now just look at Jimmy. Very nice, Jimmy. A little smile like you think this is actually a good idea? Very good. All right. And, Jimmy, relax for a second, and I will just exactly rates is even further. So if I also bring me up now from an anger, then obviously they will look even smaller and slimmer. So if you imagine this is now bigger bright on the day And if you just do the same thing again immediately, they just look a little bit smaller. They get all right and one more just look at each other. Very good. So now the as I thing is obviously once more if you just do a few charts and you just say to somebody and then obviously that manageable. If you take too long off the time, it just gets really uncomfortable to always make sure that your subjects, obviously as comfortable as possible orders, takes a shots very fast. So now we actually brought in another that it steps to it just so that Jimmy doesn't have to mean and so much so it's not too painful. His back however, it's doing, obviously not the most comfortable thing. So I will just take a few more shots just because I think they also know, but better in height. All right, Very nice. And bring your chin in. And Becky was your head, like, That's perfect. Beautiful. Maybe. Like your hands kind of interlocked somehow again. So you can off holding hands? Yes. Perfect. Very nice. Take one more nexus. Beautiful. And we can also now obviously just swap positions. So if Jimmy if you sit down now and Becky kind of crouches from behind I said, OK, it's not too painful. Okay, Good. And yeah, just lean into him. So it's kind off, like yet you look like a schoolboy, a little bit more relaxed. Maybe no, like sideways. Even so, if you bring you it just looks. So I think that that's better. And I think like, normally when you have the issue, obviously that your chairs to high. Obviously, if I had known even smaller steps to it, that would probably also work now under his feet. Because was a guy like we said, his whole body is kind of like a V. However, most male polls is as we say, it's the sea polls. So if we would have no little chair or cushion or something behind, then immediately his feet would be higher. And then he can kind of drop like this. And then this is considered a more male pose because of this kind off see polls. But I don't really have something that would work. So I will just pretend that you are not that small, but that you actually I, uh that was actually works. But I think you probably have to come a little bit more forward for that toe work. Perfect. And now I think your legs a bit more relaxed, right? It's better. Okay, good. And now you can drop in and again. OK, maybe if you, uh, have both hands. Somehow. Was Becky together? Something like that. That's a good works. And Jacqueline into Jimmy even more perfect. Very nights. And Becky didn't. And even further perfect. Here's the reason is wack. I don't want that Jimmy's hand just like here, because a lot of guys, actually I don't know by default. It's kind off close to the groin, and then it's kind of just odd because, like just like here. So once at the hands, do something together. I mean, from there, you could even now all have the hands on his leg. I mean, that will probably work as well. Perfect. And then just cattle enclose. Very nice. Beautiful. Yeah. It's just so that the hands actually have some kind of purpose rather just hanging there. And from there, you could probably also just hack to me from behind. Kind of just didn't. And you have Your hands are good. They're perfect, actually. Lean and even more towards the light. Perfect. Beautiful. That's great. Very nice. And look into each other's not ice, but lips or nose or anything. From there you can offer Becky, if you just go in from behind again. Nearly. Yeah, I kind of just like hugging like perfect. And then you could also just whisper something into his ear or something. That's great. Not that not. Behave very nice. And maybe one more way. Just temperature temper. Perfect. Perfect. Very nice. And, Jim, you just lower your face down as much as possible. Perfect. Very nice. Awesome. So the as I sing What? I didn't point out from here. You can relax for a second, Becky. So just make sure. Becky, if you come from behind, he's away. Really? What? I don't want a few thrown or your arms around Jimmy from behind. A lot of times I see sometimes it's the man behind the chair was a woman. What? I don't want to see if the hands are too close to the neck, because it looks really kind of strikingly like that. And it also can look sometimes, especially if we imagine now these are not this nice looking people. But imagine now Jimmy is like really tall, big muscles tattoos. And then he has this leather jacket or something. And if he would now be behind Becky, who's looked like really petite and feminine, and he comes from behind, it looks it looks nearly like an possessive kind of thing, you know, like all this is mine. And I want to avoid that. It looks any kind off your nearly leg like abused or something like that, right? Because it's all about body language and obviously a want that it's gente and it can still look like intimate, but not that it's kind off like an abusive relationship such so they have for be as gentle as possible. And I would actually shoots is also from here. Yeah, you can just kind off, like be a religion, even if you come in even further this way, and then you can just tag in from here. I have the Oh, okay. Just very gentle. Beautiful. This is great. All from there. We can, obviously, if you now connect hands is away, It's fine. No, no, You still stay from behind. And now, Jimmy, you just lift your hands so you can actually get perfect And then immediately with soft in the solar position. And it doesn't look any more like oneness. More dominant than the other. All right, from there to stay in the same thing for one more and just is away again that you interlock hands. Maybe just one hands this time just to have it a bit different. Yeah, Just half your this hand on his shoulder. Yes. This is actually really natural. I like that. So you keep this hands your left hand, okay? You're left in. And with this one, Becky, you can go now into your hips and then just stilyan into him. Perfect. and Jimmy. Just have your hand on the arm rest. So it's kind of just perfect. Very nice. And just look to what's me. This is great. And then actually lived with out off background. Very nice. And look into each as us, whatever again. And Becky lean into Jimmy for a little bit off a cattle and maybe forehead to forehead. Yeah. And now you can also just go like this forehead to forehead. Perfect. And still like you like each other and not like you're creeping it of out and give him a little kiss on the cheek. Very much. Perfect. And just cattle in one more time. Awesome. Okay, this is good, and you can relate. 8. Recap And More Group Posing Ideas: So this is pretty much easy work floor how you can work with any couples as you've seen now . Like we said, Becky and Jimmy never did anything like that. And they still understand everything really fast. And the thing that I see with a lot of photographers is that they run out of ideas really quickly because I don't really think about fine tunings of Poles, and they would then just put the couple down on the floor or run to a completely different spot. And now you see, basically, if you always stay in the beginning in your basic foundation, meaning that the guy is relaxed, kind of like it's about that the upper body is always a little bit forward. Be also careful that a lot off guys, when you faII put your hand into your pocket, they can't actually put the whole hand, and they have some sticking out. And I always think this is a little bit weird because it's kind of like a disconnected some and once more that kind of points to the groin area like Hello, kind of weird. So try to avoid that. So he's away completely into the pocket was I could also be if they have jeans like a back pocket or they could also be on the hip, whatever feels natural. But just make sure that the hand position off the guy still make sense. Was the whole story like we also said, You don't want that they strangle anybody? That the whole body position works was everything else. Then with the female polls, you also saw the best way. I think it's any time you can that the female is either turned into her guy or she could also be a little bit from behind. I don't really go for anything where she is too close to the camera and the guys behind, because again, it just makes a bigger. So unless you have, somebody was like, really, really, really skinny, and you have to make them look bigger than that. Obviously. Okay, like for any fashion position, you can break the rules off course, but in the traditional sense, if you just want to slim somebody down, then I would say it's always better to have a guy more forward and the female motives aside , and then you can give her all the curves as we said. It's always good if you have to shape in the leg and you can kick the booty back so it looks with Islam. Then from there you can go through the different position. Sideways was a guy kicks her back and then she can put her arms around the next. I can mean in focus. He can whisper something into a year, and as you see you don't really have to change the body too much. You can do a lot of things, and that's really easy flow. And that's pretty much what most people want. I want that it's kindof posed in the way that looks natural, that it's not like that at school, but but at the same time that it's obviously flattering and yet natural and the things that looked really good, so well done. So from here, obviously you can do so many more things, So depending obviously also on the age off the couple you could do now if they're like, really young, like a teenager, was senior guys just in love, just like fresh first laugh or whatever. Now he could take her piggy bag or could swing her around. Or, if you outside, you can just hold hands and swing around and basically just goof around because as long as it still looks kind off, three means that there somewhere, interlocked with hands. Then you still see that it's a couple. The thing you want to avoid A said. You place them so far apart. So if we would just have fewer stepping back and maybe if you cross your arms and maybe you come a little closer and also cross hopes that cross that you cross your arms. So now if you step even a little closer so now all they could be anybody That could be no work collects. Ah, yeah, I don't know. Maybe family members or brother and sister. So you still want to see the relationships of the moment? You interlock them in some way, you can see there's some kind of connection. But obviously, if they're Anil supposed to be brother and sister, then don't have them look dreamily at each as also, if you holding hands now, well, maybe if you just grab into his arm, actually, So if you come out again and you just grab his arm, so if you just cut it in like this. So if they would be how brother and sister it would stay work. So Becky could be now Jimmy's little sister, because you still look to the camera. So this. What's the work? You can see there some kind of relationship, but you're not sure what kind. The moments I look now into each other's not eyes, but until the lips or summer look, it's each other dreaming. Lee. Now I don't consider them brother and sister anymore. And unless you're into some really strange game of Thrones relationships you don't want, that's the interlocked body parts and look at each sentences dreaming leeway. So as long as if they're just looking straight forward, I think that's fine. But once more, if they would be now, like work elex or people who just met, then just drop your gun stone and maybe just end somehow next to each other because and it's still kind off there, close enough that it's considered that they like each other. But it's not close that it's like or that's awkward now, okay? And from here, obviously, like we said, depending on the age, you could also brings them now onto the floor. You could shoot from above. They could be lying there. I think that's always a little bit depending on the age. 9. Every Face Has A Chocolate Side - Headshots With Jimmie: so from here, Obviously, we said we always want to create some variation for any subject or, in this case, for the capital. So if you watch the tutorial posing like a pros, and you know that a normally should for more people in the case that I described it waas kind off the idea. Who do you shoot? If you shoot a senior, for example? Because and it's most likely that the parents will pay for the pictures. So you're kind of shooting for them and what they like, which is mostly like eye contact with the camera and big smiles, and that it looks or natural, while the senior might like completely different things. Maybe more moody things like looking into the distance, looking onto the floor and so on, and then maybe even completely different things for the grand parents, who normally like it a bit more former or more traditional. So only in the end, when you pretty much have all those images in the bag, then you're allowed to shoot for yourself because then you can do obviously more funky things and just create a bit more variation to hopefully have bigger fails. Or maybe just things for your portfolio. So obviously in our case now, if you're shooting and capital, now would be the time if you went through a whole workflow that they could make me change the dress. So normally I say I start with something that's kind of casual just to ease them in. Then I would change it into something more former, just to give more variation, toe the capper. Or you could also change, knows the background, just bring in anything that creates a little bit more off this variation. So for now, I think our workflow was good. I think we got good shots with them together. So you can also then obviously once it warmed up. And don't fear to kind of weird with you that you could also kind of say to them, OK, now we just do some individual shots because once more it might be nice when they're already in the studio with you that you could maybe just put on the jacket like read it now and then you could go for headshots or some fashion or whatever's I really like. So let's do this from here that we just take a few more individual shots, and then we just created a little bit more off a difference for them. Okay, so from here, just a kick Becky out, all right. And that's pretend now that Jimmy wants some, like formal headshots doesn't quite work with the short and nannies, but good enough. But maybe for this. Can you actually tack your shirt into your pants? Okay, so, as he said before, we always want to do this oven evaluation off the subject. And we obviously did it now with the couple together just to see if they are like a big difference in height. Now we also want to evaluate what looks good was just Jimmy on his own and with men, normally you can go away was more funky or edgy lighting. It kind of looks good if they'll explicit lit, or if it's more dramatic. However, not, obviously, if it's a head shot for a banker or something, because then you don't really want any shadow in the image because it just looks odd if you have a banker and houses faces and shadow. So we're just going in all for like a simple headshot look, something that Jimmy could maybe use for Lincoln or, you know, something kind of casual. And with men that's normally not really such a big deal. Where's I look? So it could be either to this side if you just look this way or to the other side. Perfect, because normally that kind off just it's not really a big deal because we say imposing Lega Pro that Most women that just look better with the left side and I'm not sure if it's true or not. But there's a study about it that it's because women are more emotional and therefore the left side of somehow triggered by the brain. And therefore the left side looks just better. And actually, if you bring back in for a second, we can also evaluate her now. Because for me it's true. My left side, I think, looks better. So if you go close to Jimmy again and if you just look to the left, just like into the light perfect and a few looking this way, okay, so we can already detect how back his died. So here what side? That she likes better about herself. Because if you're looking this way, you're now shooting into the scab off back his hair. How her? Yeah, Ben's are parted. So therefore I would always think here it's also once more true that back his left side is probably even more photogenic side. Therefore, I think that works good. So that's why we also have the main was the key light pretty much on the side. So any female always looks into this way because it's just most off the time. That's the left side is considered the better side. Or, as I say, the chocolate side. So here is heaven to troops. I think that's also how you just see how back key parts of hair. Because I'm the same. I don't really want when I part my hair this way. And I looked like this, that anybody shoots and into the gap. So therefore, this way looks better. Okay, back if you go out again Now we see how it's mr me. So, Jimmy, just look out off the window, perfect. And actually bring your nose a little bit towards me and lower your chin the lid of the hunt. Perfect, perfect and bring you our eyes even a bit more towards me. Terrific and now do the same thing. And now just look back. Kind of like into the door. Okay? Yeah, I think it was Jimmy. It's probably ease away, but I would still say I would probably like this way better. So therefore, I would also just pose, you know, this way. So if you just stands there like you did before, kind off the schedule, it's then. And from there you can also cross your arms. Perfect. And from here, just take a few shots and bring your eyes a little bit modern towards me. Perfect. Nice. Actually. Come into the hillside. Very nice and maybe half your arms Just a little bit lower, but still have some crossed just so that your shorter's can relax a little bit. Very nice, Perfect. And also really important to do the chickens unlike what they had to do because we really want with men to exaggerate the jaw line. So it looks really strong. Perfect. Very good. And also lower it a little bit down perfect. Until your head a little bit of a perfect actually. Come a little straight of or you can actually be little straight on. I'm not sure. Maybe if I go higher, perfect and lower your chin down. Very good and also a little bit from low. Very nice and depending on your anger, it's obviously now a bit off. Yeah, trial and error because you can easily go lower. So the guy looks just bigger. And then it's more like the sea away. Normally shoot from down, up. So you look like super toil and, you know, like, really big. Or you can obviously try to shoot a little bit from below just to see, really, what's more flattering? You could also maybe just have your hands on your record like, Yeah, but that's what people do most off the time. They just do it symmetrical. Try to have a little bit Yes, perfect with asymmetrical. Very good. And lean your head a little bit. This way. Perfect and Lena to the other. Shorter, perfect and again, just the shoulder position gives you a whole different look because if you lean your head to the higher shoulder small considered a feminine look because it's more like valuable. And if you go to the lower shoulder immediately, you look stronger and casual. Yeah, so that's pretty cool. So I take one more just from him. Perfect. And then actually as tall as possible. And no, it's kind off like, Oh, but it's good when it's a little bit painful, that normally looks better. Very good. And maybe one more just Can you actually close the buttons as well? Perfect. Okay. And now you can also cross your arms again as they both closed. No, it doesn't matter. I think I don't see them. Are. Actually do close it. And yeah, just to be on safe. If I actually do see it. Perfect. Very nice. Perfect. And this is just a simple had shelled. You can just step out again, Jimmy. Thank you very much in the Becky can come in And we just was the same single, so 10. Creating Variation, Headshots And Fashion With Becky: it was back a year. We can again do different thing so we can go also for the classical headshot Look, we can also then just pretend it's more for portray and then from there, also a bit more like a fashion image. So first of all, if you just close the jackets, we just pretend you have no like a blouse underneath. So it's kind of more like a former. Yes, and again, you can also change a different angle so I can also shoot from a little bit above perfect. Very nice. So immediately. The problem is, he is that whenever you are not posing the model anymore, you kind of start to shift the legs. And that's perfectly normal, because that's otherwise really uncomfortable. However, for the best, flattering position is always best once more to have all your weight on your back leg and just show me this front foot and also kicks a booty back perfect, like really bring your yeah, perfect perfect. And that's exactly right. Stay like this Very nice. And from here we can just do the crossed arms like CEO position perfect, and now just said you had a little bit multiple to me and bring your team down. Perfect. And while it's doing so and still wants that you put us back but that your upper body is like, imagine, there's like a hook in that. And so you're really toy because I want that you now is the CEO office Fortune 500 company . Like your ruling Silicon Valley. Perfect. Very good. And also cross your arms again. Perfect. And you see immediately when you tell a little story to recline what happens in Becky's body position and the whole story, because immediately, also, she raised a search in and that kind of gifts. So this Yeah, importance and power. But at the same time, we also careful. If you want to change this now into a portrait, look, because whenever you shooting up at somebody, so if I would shoot up and if you also lift your face a little bit up. Perfect. So first of all, you don't really want to shoot into somebody's Nostra's because it's obviously not flattering. But the other thing is also it's a body language. So if somebody raises section too much, it can also look a bit like arrogant or not. approach, but or something like that. So we still want to, like, strong, so everything is fine, but yeah, keep your body as high as possible and cross your arms again. And now we just softness this look while you're just hitting your head a little bit towards your shoulder. Perfect. Very nice. And just relax a shorter down. Perfect. And just bring your chin down down down them. But don't squeeze leg with still have it out. Out, out, out. Tough It very nice If you want to change this now into this really soft Look. Now, if you just raise your shorter and catelynn now she's vulnerable and kind off sex Ease of kindof sexy kitten. Look, they were on immediately. You can just go with a completely different body language once more if you just really drops a shorter down. Like, really exaggerated. Really? Drop it down and then Sergio, head towards the slower Shorter It's they're not down, actually. Yeah, perfect. Perfect. Immediately. Now this is more a man depots. I mean, it doesn't mean it's only for men, but now you look like super casual. So if you're now, cross your hands. Yes, perfect and immediately. Now this looks, you know, just like home for terrible, casual and so on. So if I bring you straight again and from here, you can also maybe just cross your legs for me Cross your legs perfect. And just bring your hands into your hips and bring your face this way Engine out Kind of imagine like your chin is on my hand and I'm pulling on it And now, just down, Down, down, down, down, down But not everybody Geo effect And now just I see Yeah, perfect And just really relax your lips The effect and bring it in even further Out and down Down, down, down, Down, Down, down, down Perfect And now just a little smile Perfect. Very nice. Immediately. Now it could be more like a portrait or more fashion. We can change this look even further if you now just take your jacket off and just throw it like onto your shoulder like completely off. And now it gets into a more fashion variation. Perfect. And now it's all casual, like, you know, probably more like a day on the beach or something, but still have your booty back perfect. And bring it in a little bit down. Very nice. And now we can also see if Becky would be in a really full like with big breasts and stuff . It might not be the best way if she gets no so much light, especially because she's also with a light top. So if you're worried that your client looks now to fool in this area, we can also turn them around and then just looking back into the light perfect. And just bring your face back down. Ah, yeah, Actually, yeah, you can leave it on the side perfect. And just look back into the light Perfect, but still keeps the same Perfect, Very nice. And this way, once more you just kind off in case she is too big around the best. Now use limbs of town because the light kind of travel I think you're perfect as you are. But in case somebody has, like no chest or really big, then the light were just exaggerated. So then it's just more flattering if it kind of just washes across. But it's not too much off a distraction. Yeah, just look into the woman. Perfect. And just I said me but keeps the face so will face. There's this way and just your ice. Yes, perfect. And just bring your chin down Perfect and a little bit more smile. But it's a moment you kind of look like you want to eat me. Just lost my very good All right. Even better would be if you don't have the hand this way. But if it turns to the side, so perfect. But you do perfect, beautiful. And just relax your hand down again. Perfect. Very nice. And the important thing is now in this position that we ease a cease to the arm off Becky or not at all. So if you slight your arm further away and just give me your hand and just put your arm away Yes. So now this would be really weird. A photograph of those old Zwiers, because once more I have noses hand tapping into the picture, and it's just weird. So either full on, um or no, that would work as well. Also, I probably would prefer some I'm just so we know there is action. Yeah, just relax. Perfect. Instituted a little bit forward. Beautiful, But don't have your hand onto your area here, but more like that. Perfect. Really good. And you can also, if you wanted the more off a profile position, it would be really awkward If we just say to back in Now, look into the light. So if you do this, she can only turn her head so far before it looks really hot on her neck. So if we wanted to shoot back in profile, I would actually say, But he turned all the way with your face that you actually looked towards the war. So turn like you on the turntable, like, all the way around. Perfect. And now look back into the big light. Perfect. So this is not so much strain than on her neck, and we still get the profile position Perfect. Very nice. And just bring your upper body a little bit more towards me and still kick your booty out. Perfect. Big. And you can give yourself small shape this year. I'm beautiful. That's great. Okay. And now maybe one more, just more like fashion. If you come forward and just give me some kind off like edgy position, you can also just throw the jacket out, actually, and just give me some. Sassy. Yeah. There you go. Keep doing that. And yet to the other side. Not one more time together. Very good. And one more times of the other side. Awesome. And you can also just play. Maybe while you do this with the upper body A little bit. Very cool. Yeah. This is great. Yeah. I think this is more like you. Ha. Very cool. And maybe one more where you can just relax your arms down. That still keeps the movement with the hip. Perfect. And just various law. Perfect. Beautiful and lower Your turned down Very nice. And they trained now again once more. So it's kind of more fashion when I'm shooting from below. But give me some kind off. Saucy you, like a fashion model can oppose, like you see on the runway. I don't know for affect. This is great. Lower your chin. Down, down, down, down. Very nice. Awesome. And you're pretty good there. So from here on, if you just went through the whole workflow off the capital and an individual headshots or portray, it's just to create some variety. Obviously, I kind of know Becky and I know that she likes two things. One is cats, but I don't have a cat here. But I have something that she also like. Like coffee. So I brought in a coffee mark just to give a little bit more once more off a personalized session. And so we will just change the set from here and take a few more pictures. 11. Getting Creative With A Personalized Conceptual Shoot: So as we said, we always want to create a little bit more off the conceptual shoot, especially if you start to introduce like any props, you want that it looks like it's part off the person's life forever. If I would just give Becky noses mag and say, OK, stand in front off the Great War it's obviously fitting for her, but not really fitting for the story. That's why we kind off set up knows a little bit off a rainy November seen. So it's kind of fall autumn. So it's kind of now this moody season and now is the Mac, obviously makes a bit more sense. Yes, your Mac, and just pretend it's coffee and the light we meted at F 11. And it's kind of angered in a way that it's not breaking into the glass so that it's more hitting. Backing is and the glass and now ever just shoot through just to give some variety. All right. Okay, so yeah, just basically, um, come in for what? And just look down onto your Mac perfect and just pretend it's like, really delicious coffee. Thank you very nice and do the same thing. But just anger your head a little bit this way. Perfect. And you can also if your arm just goes on to the book perfect. And just maybe with both hands that you kind of just holdings a macro. Perfect. And bring your chin a little bit up perfect and just look down with your eyes, but not research in just your eyes. Perfect and angle your body even further this way and then just holds the Mac and just look down to the cup. 12. Best Of Slideshow With Becky And Jimmie: