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Posing Couples Masterclass - 100+ Examples Images

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Struggling with Couple Poses for your Couple Photoshoot? Do you want some couple photography ideas for poses? Do you help with wedding poses? Or just want some cute couple poses? Are you a Wedding Photographer? Then this course is for you!


In this course you will learn how to pose models for photoshoots. Using live models you will see a series of poses you can do in your upcoming photoshoots. We will go over Flow Posing, where we change details of a pose to get different images. We will talk about where to face, hands, arms, legs, posture, hair, and expressions. 

You will also get a Pinterest board with 100 images with different poses to use during your photoshoot to recreate and take better pictures. 

I have poses categories by these categories:

Holding: Involve poses where they either hold hands, arm, or one holds the other with one arm.

Hugging: Involves poses where at least one hugs the other person with both arms.

Lifting: Involve poses where either person lifts the other person in the air.

Sitting: Involves poses where they are sitting.

Laying: Involves poses where they are laying down.

Kissing: A series of poses where the focus is on the kiss. Also shows a variety of places one can kiss in a image.

Fun/Cute: A series of poses that are fun, playful and cute. The focus is less about posing and more about being playful and cute.

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: everybody. Welcome to my posing couples. Masterclass. This is my second posing course. The last one was with models. This time says with Couples, this course is for all the photographers. They shoot couples or shoot weddings. This is gonna be perfect for you and this course I'm gonna teach you everything I know about posing Couples have taken many courses on the subject, so I have a lot of experience and I've been a photographer for the last six years. In this course, I have my couple friends that are gonna be my models with them. I'm gonna show you flow posing and a syriza poses that you can try out. I've also attached a mood board with 100 different poses and you can try out the day of your shoot. You go in there and use that to give you ideas for poses that you can try out with the models. I'm going to go over hands, arms, legs, expressions and syriza poses. Whether is sitting down holding, hugging, lifting, kissing. Everything is and we've discussed in this course. So if you want to take your posing to the next level of this course is for you. See you guys in this course 2. Pinterest: So with this course, I've attached a Pinterest mood board. If you're not familiar with Pinterest, Pinterest is a website where you can look up images, save them to a folder, which is called a board, and use those to help what your next creative project with this I have attached a board, failed opposes. There's 100 different images categorized for you, so they when you're shooting with a couple, you can use those and recreate some of those poses. I've been doing this for years. I always use Pinterest before a shoot with a couple to help me with the shoot and just re created a lot of the poses. One of the things is recommended due of your photographer and you're about to shoot A couple is to have them create a board on Pinterest and start penning a lot of images that they like, so that you can recreate that the day of the shoot. I already done the work for you. There's 100 different poses for you to try out there and have categorize them into categories I have hugging poses. That is where you guys air wrapped around and hugging. I have holding pose is whether the guy is holding her with one arm or they're holding hands are holding by the arm. You have a whole series of poses there. I have lain poses where you could be laying down in the ground and the grass and a bad anywhere. And just a syriza poses where one or both of them are laying down. I have sitting poses, So whether you're sitting in stairs, a chair or in the ground, you have all the syriza poses sitting. Now I have kissing ones where you can see all the different ways you can kiss somebody. We also show that with the live models, and I also have lifts. So with lifts that involves the guy lifting the girl up or the girl lifting the guy up and you can see all the different ways you could lift somebody in a couple's shoot. And then, lastly are fun and cute poses that didn't really fit a category. And they're just more play for fun. Try out. So look through them. Use that when you sign up for this course, you're gonna get a message on you to me. So you go to your inbox when you sign up for this course and the link to that Pinterest board is gonna be on there, Just click on that link and right there you can see the board see it from your phone, take it which you save it and use that for your next shoot. 3. Rules: Now I'm gonna be talking about rules to follow. When it comes to shooting couples, you're gonna watch many videos. And many instructors talk about posing couples and do this and don't do that. And even I mentioned a few things to do not to do. But the main thing that matters the most is is the image expressing an emotion that the couple likes because the images are mainly for the couple. And if they like the image, it doesn't matter if you broke every single rule of the book, so don't be so tedious when it comes to rules and like, Oh, maybe they shouldn't look at each other across from each other. Or maybe that hand should be like this. Or maybe the posture should be like this. There's so many things that, um, we break when we're shooting couples that lead to a good picture, and then you go and ask yourself, Well, there's no rules and what do we do? And all I can really suggest is take a lot of images flow posed, change things up constantly in every image, and then go through them and find the one that work. Because while these rules are good to follow. A lot of times you'll see that when you broke a rule, you got a better image. So the rule is Look at the images that you're taking. See what's working and change was now working, using flow posing and tips. That air suggested to you from all these different instructors to talk about this subject. And you'll get better images that way, and you get a better result. So don't follow rules to the teeth. Just break them and see that there's no rial. You have to do this or you're gonna get a bad image that doesn't really exist. Okay, thanks. You guess and see? Yes, in the next section. 4. Flow Posing: everybody. So for this section here, I'm gonna be talking about flow posing. So what flow? Posing with opposing couples. What I do is I set up the post, and then I change little parts of the pose to get different images, but the main post is still set. So for this section, I had my models here. This is Sandy and Mandy there actually married, and they're gonna help us up with this. So I'm gonna show you guys have flow policy. All the different things you can change and oppose to get different images. Okay, So first thing I want you guys to do it is Sami, put your arm around Mandy, and then Mandy put your arm around Sami and then start facing towards each other. So you guys close together, and then Mandy put your arm hand up on his chest there, arrested their arrest. You have there, and they're So this is the A show holding post holding as one of the sections I have for the types of poses that you have, He's holding her one are. Okay. So the first thing I want to talk about ISS face direction. Okay, We're gonna talk about different places. You can change the face. Teoh did get different images, so I want you to turn your face towards her. Arrested, right they. So right now they're kind of facing across from each other. He's looking to to the right that she's looking to the left, and that's one way to do it on the other way. To do it is to have her look at me so you could turn to me, right? So she's looking at me and he's still looking. The next way is the opposite. So used to go back to where you were looking, and then he looks at me, right. You could still tilt your head. Torture. OK, so that's one way, and we got a few images from that. The next way is for both of them to look at me so she'll turn to me. And then the last way is for them to both be looking out into one direction. You guys both face that way, and I called is looking into the future so they're just looking out. This is great if you're shooting the landscape image and it's a big image and you want them looking out into the sky or something. So just from face direction, you've changed the image up a little. The next thing is, we're gonna do the hands and arms. So for him, we don't have it. Looks weird for him to just be arresting a hand out. So we're gonna have put it in the pocket. Now. First, I want you to have just your thumb in your fingers. Now a lot off photographers, I will suggest to have the hand out like this and the problem I have with that you could see the hands. And there's the problem I have with this is that sometimes it draws attention to the hand and you can't make the hand on a man Look a tractor so his hands out like that could look a little weird, like he's grabbing on to something or whatever. If you put your fingers together, that is, well, could be very distracting. But if you put your fingers in and just have your thumb out, that looks better. It's or you could put your whole handed right. So we're not focused on the hand it off when I'm thinking about the hand because that has not informed. So we're gonna have your hand on the side of your man just putting inside your pocket. And I have your finger stick ups. My opinion looks better, but everybody's different. So the next thing is for her, she could put her hand on his chest like she has enough. Or she could put it up closer to his shoulder. Right. She could also wrap around. So just like you're hugging, right, she he could also wrapped his arm around her. Right now you're doing a like this because his arm is a lot bigger than hers. Sometimes looks better to have her arm over hiss. So once you stop, there you go. And by doing this as well, you can see the ring here. You put your hand down a little, you have the ring right there. Now with her hand. You don't want her hands to like Clyde. So I want you, like, press heart into his arm so I don't You don't want it to ever have. This position is climbing is doesn't look good for the hits. I want you to relax your hands looking looking, so just relax like this. There you so that looks a little better, So you just relax it fingers as if imagine you were like holding a pencil. Right? Let me your pencil. Right. And then you let go and that had your hands. Okay, so looking me here, when you're holding a pencil, right with you, just these two fingers, your hand does this and then you let go the pencil. And this position of the hand is how you want they had left. Now, um, another thing you don't want to do is so go back to putting your hand in your pocket, right? And then this Hand up. Okay, so you see these figures here? This is called crawling fingers. Same thing with him. You have just these three fingers back here. You don't want thes crawling fingers to just walk into the frame. You want the whole hand to show or not at all. Right. So send you put your on more up. That looks better than just a few fingers sticking. And for her, can you reach over more? That looks better or not at all. Just call hide behind it. Okay, so just a few fingers sticking out doesn't look as good as putting more of the arm and the arm showing. Now, um, even here, just because you see the head, you don't see any of the wrist or the rest of the arm might not look, it's goods. Maybe you just put it back. OK? Now, um, so go back to how you guys were hugging each other. Okay? Now she can again go hand on the shoulder, right or hand on the bubble there. And then he can lower the hand down and then put your other hand over there you go. So, um, having one hand up in one hand down for him looks really good. You have all these hands drawing all the attention into the image. So instead of put your hands together? No, but like that. So, like this, you have all these fingers here and a lot of hand down there. When you separate them, it separates and creates, like, this square triangle. This bringing all the attention into the center that in this resident all the hands down there, and then your eyes are focused all the way down there. So, um, those are some tips for him. Another thing that she could do with the hands days Put his hand your left hand on the back of his neck so you can rested there. That's one way. Or put it on his keep. There you go. So you're resting it there. So, um, that is different placements for hands. I also want to go back to how, like, she's looking up at him, right? And then you look down at her So looking at each other's another positioning when you guys can for face erection, you guys can look at each other right now. I want you to put your hand out many. Okay, So if you guys are both looking up at each other, Sammy, I want you to put your chin down a little. So a lot of people that really taught look down, put their chips straight down so that they're actually looking straight at her and have causes a double chip and really pushes the neck. And so I want you to raise your chin up and then look down. That looks a little better and long in making him look longer than pushing himself down, even if it's not how you normally look down at her just for the picture. Um, the next thing we're gonna talk about is a posture. So I want Mandy to push yourself back a little. Okay, so just that pushed back over shoulder made her look better than crunched it. So it makes a better figure for her body when she pushes herself back like that. And then it's anything making sure that the chin and neck are long and feminine rather than having the chin down. So just fixing the posture by pushing the shoulders back really made the figure look better . The next thing iss legs. So what I'm gonna do with the leg stays if you look down at her legs. The main focus with Alexis for her and just standing how he icis Fine. There's not many ways you could change a man's legs to look better, but for a woman you have many options. So she's just standing straight. What I want you to do, man, is which left me lifted up, okay? And then push your hip out away. So by doing that in Major look slimmer and it made a really nice shape down her body toe towards the legs, making her look more feminine, and the post met another way that you could do with legs. She pushes her leg back so quick, like putting your legs back like that. It's another way you can move that leg and then the other ways, her lifting her but her lifting her foot up like that is another way. Teoh, Position the leg so you can do the leg up like down. So go back to you. Had a second ago normal with Mia. So all those ways well, look better than just you had originally with your legs straight. Still, put your legs tree. The other leg positions look better than when your lecture street, because this is just creating a flat, straight light. There is a curve, and you want to give females curves in the opposes the next thing of flow posing is gonna be the hair. So when it comes to the hair, you look over here in this section right here you have a lot of her hair in front, and the main thing when it comes to hair, is you don't want hair in the chest. That's one thing, and you don't want the hair to be blocking your face. So a lot of times when you're looking at each other like this, the hair on the face will cover. Ah, a lot of the face and showing more of the face looks better. So having the hair back or up will be better than having the hair on the site. Um, here, if does hair does facing me, I would pull back. So pulled his hair back there you so showing this shoulder and the neck looks better, then hiding it all with the hair. So pulling the hair back shows more of the face, shows a neck all the way out to the shoulder. And that's the best position for the hair when posing like this on the site. Changing all those things up are many ways that you could make one pose, give you lots of images. You also change the angle with you. Shoot so you shoot close ups and full bodies and shoot from behind them or in all these different angles, and you get a lot of different images. But it all starts with having your foundation pose and then changing all the little details up. So they got different images because you don't know which one might be the best for. So that is a section on flow posing and changing the little details up and see you guys in the next section. 5. Expressions: now that you saw the flow posing section where we go over all of their from parts and opposing you can change to get different images. That last part is expression. When it comes to expression for a couple's shoot, there's three different expressions you can do. The first ones have relaxed expression where you're not really smiling or putting a lot of emotion. And that is because the image is more serious than you want to show that they're in love without really smiling. The next one is where you're smiling. They're both happy, and you're showing the emotion with a big smile, and then the last one is laughing. You do that with a lot of playful and fun poses. You can do it to show that one saying something funny once tickling the other person. So laughing is 1/3 expression you can portrayed in your poses. If you cycle between all three throughout oppose, you get a different series of images that one they might like over the other, and you could deliver Mawr images to the couple 6. Holding Poses: Okay, so I've So why split U s So I've split all my poses into categories. OK, I have hugs, holding lane sitting, kissing, lifting. And once you have your foundation pose, you do the flow posing the change. Suppose up slightly so that you have different images. I'm going to show you right now. A Siri's off holding poses. And what I mean by holding is is like you. They're holding the hand or the arm or her with one arm. But, um, that's separate from hugging because hugging involves, like, putting both arms around. So I'm gonna show you a Siri's with them. So you have all these samples off holding poses, and then you can change them up using my last lecture where we change all the little details up to get different images. Okay, so when you look at them, this is the first holding pose I have. He's holding her with one arm. Now, from here, you could move to, uh, using your left hand. Mandy, you can grab onto his hand, right, so you can grab on and then look at him. All right. You guys are looking nature. So there's one pose right there. You're holding hands from there. Now we're gonna go back to just holding hands from the sites of Stand on the side and hold hands. This is a normal starting pose. You could start with you guys just in a nice location just being next to each other. You could do that looking at each other, looking at me. The next one is turn towards each other for still hold with one hand. So there's one and then go into holding with okay and then coming close towards each other . And then from there, get a little bit closer, and then just kiss their nurse before there you go. So you just transition from one post to another. Now we're gonna go back to on the side and you, man, you're gonna hold his arm. So wrap your arms around this arm and hold hand. So that's another way you're holding on to the arm now. Now, from there, you can also do this with him facing the other direction so turned around. And then you hold on there and then you put your hand there and then she dressed like that . And then he turns his face and looks at her, so that's one way to do it. Now, this next one involves near the same height. But we're gonna try it anyway. Just you could see it So standing to turn it back around to me and then crashed down a little. And I need you to hold on to his arm putting arm and up and then put your hand over like that and then restaurant. That's another one. If the heights were more in sync and then the last one I want you to do is stand up straight and then Sammy face away, right? And then Manu, come closer to me and then grab onto his hand which you're here, left. Turn to him. It turns faces. So as if he's walking away. Right? So turn your whole body toys. What? And then look back at me. Right. So, um, there's ah, Siri's off walking. So he's walking away. She's looking back, and then you're facing me. So face me, both of you, on hold hands normally like you when you 1st 30 and then you could do this and be walking. So walking is one of the ways that you can do this Siri's where you're holding hands. That is a whole set of holding pictures, and you could just change things up. Your legs are face, direction and expressions to get a different set of pictures each time. 7. Hugging : now he'll be talking about hugging poses. So in this section, I'm gonna show you a Siris of hugging poses that you could manipulate by flow posing and change it up from that earlier section. But this is a serious of hugging posters that you could try it. Okay, so first thing I want you guys to do is hug each other, based each other a hug on that. Mandy, I want you to rest your hands on a shoulder on this. Yes, they. So that's one that you could do, right? You could have your arms around him or in his chest staring each other. Kiss the forehead from that pose, right? You could also push yourself back, Mandy. Great. And then look up. So you don't have to be so pressed in from there. We're going to go to a bear hug. So Mandy's in front of him and families housing from behind you wrapped around, and then Mandy put your hands up on his hands. So, just like that, And then I want you sent me to push her over a little to the side, then rest your head of hair. You guys look at each other you get the syriza things from there. The next one is You guys are going to put your hands. Glory down. So send Put your arms. Lord out. And Mandy, put your hands now from here. What you don't want to do is you don't want to put their hands on the stomach. What this implies, Issa maternity shoot that she's pregnant. If you was pregnant, This is perfect. Since she is not. What you want to do is push further ends in the hands are out. There you go. And then, yeah, turn. And they said me turn to her. He had this cute picture right there. And then Manu, I want you to lift your other here and there you go. Now you have hurt. And it's cute position. And it's making about her here, showing off her body and her outfit and him just being in the picture and holding her now from this post we're gonna do is this arm around her neck. So I want you send me the foot germ or neck. And then Mandy, put your hair schools, right. Oh, so there's a different one that you could do a swell. That's good. for a close up and he can kiss her. You could look at her. He dio Siris of things from there. Now we're gonna go back to have you had it before with the arms all the way down. And here you can dip her. So you push her out to the side, right? And then in order to really show that there many your right, Like you lifted me up to really show. Like as if you're falling. Okay. And that's it. If you could do it like that, or you could do it with a kiss, Okay? You just holding hands like that. That's perfect. Okay, so that's a that that you could do from a hug. And then if you do the bear hugging both look out to the side. So you over. So you're gonna do it. So with that, you have this holiday that looks like you're looking out into the future and all the great possibilities. And then from there you can switch it up and Sammy turn the other way, and the man you hug in from behind. Then you have this cute hug, and then Sammy, look back. There you go. So There's a nice close up that shows her loving him and him being really big and like So there's a Siris of hugging poses that you can do is built on with expression, face direction, like Liz hands and get a Siris of images. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 8. Kissing: Okay, So in this section here, we're gonna be talking about kissing posts. This is gonna be a Siri's off kissing pictures and all the different places. You can throw a kiss and get a different image. Okay, so we're them, and I want you to hug based each other. Does that mean I want you to kiss her in the forehead? That's the 1st 1 Then the next one is I want to kiss her in her nose. Okay, so you have a cute kiss in the nose, and then the next one is called up before a kiss. So you get really close. Hold up, put your hand on her chin, and then get really close. That severe about kissing. And then that's a one picture right there. Next one is I want you to crouch down a little and then kiss there neck and Mandia one Teoh laugh with massive. He's tickling. So right there, you have one kiss in the neck. Okay. Now, while you're hugging again, I want humanity toe face me and then Sami and want you to kiss her in her temple. The temple was a side of the head right there. All right. Mandy, I want you to press your head, and Sandra wanted to kiss above her head. Okay, so that's there from one. And then I want you to kiss her and her cheap, okay. And then, Mandy, I want you to step back and then give him your hands, and Samuel wants you to kiss her hand. So right there, we just illustrated a whole series of different kisses that you could do. And then the last one is a grand kiss, which we already practice. You can go ahead and do that. So the grand kiss involves her arching her back and leaning forward, her putting her foot back and just showing this nice curve, which is a lot better than just standings. Completely straight. So there you have it. There's a Siris of kisses you can do and incorporate and all the way from poses, and you have. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 9. Lifting: So now we're gonna be talking about a series of lifting poses. All these poses involved him lifting her up or her lifting them up, if possible, that in this section I'm going to show you him lifting her up in a series of poses. And you could check those up. Okay, so 1st 1 is so I want you guys to hug. And you Let's pair off and put your leg up, okay? And then you can also do that by you, going even lower and then lifting her from there. There you go. And you put it out in the last one, which we're not going to do is the same thing, but lifting her all the way up. Okay, Now, from there, we're gonna live her whole body off. That's if you just got married in your city chapel. So there you go. And then from there another one is lifting Lego. So left the leg up like that. Differ a little. There. You You could do that like that or from the other side. Turn around, face the other way. Wait, do the same thing. Here you go. So looks good from both sides, and then Now you guys are gonna hug and you're good now, lifter. And she's gonna wrap her legs around you, okay? And then you have your legs cross like that. There you go. No, you could put it back down. The next one is, you know, gonna piggyback back. No. There you go. That's in my fund section. There's a whole series of fun images. This is one of them. You can check it up from there. You put it out. Now you're good. Face the other way and lift their as if you're taking her away over your shoulder A And if you let's over and then you have that. Okay, you can put it up. So you have their whole Siris of lifting hoses that you could try out and get a lot of pictures by lifting. Okay, Now we're gonna move on to the next section. 10. Sitting: in this section, We're gonna be talking about sitting poses. I switch models to my other friends, junior, and let's see, because their heights are closer to the same as easier. So I'm gonna introduce you to them. You could turn to them looking. So while we're looking at them way have both sitting on the couch and I assure you, I'm going to start there, and then I'm gonna bring them down toe lore and and direct them from a lower from the ground. We haven't sitting next to each other. The first thing we're gonna do is I want you guys to step back, little, and then I want you to rest. You're Let's see your head on his shoulder and junior to wrap your arm. Rocker. We are. Yeah, like that. So we're good like that. Okay, that's a simple starting polls. You guys could look at each other. You can look it means a whole series of these you guys from there we're gonna do is let's see, you're gonna put your life's over hiss. But before that, you need you to put your left leg under. You're right. And then he put over there. You go. And then I said, close back as you can. And there you said you have another one there. This one really makes her legs look nice. And, um, have a more homey and intimate look nice for home Shoot. Um, from there, I'm gonna show you guys a lane post that you can do, Uh, if you're sitting in the caps like this. So let's see, what I want you to do is lay down and rest your head on hiss, Lex. Okay. And you Do you keep your legs just like you have. Yeah. There you go. So you could do it like that. Or you could do it with you facing up, right? Yeah. And then you turn your body up. There you go. And then I just bend your knees for one foot and then the other one up and there you go. There's, ah, a whole series of lane on his lap that you can do while sitting. Now from there, we're gonna move down to the ground here so you guys can come over first thing you're gonna do Jr is, you know, wrap your arms around her over her shoulder and then close your hand up with the other hand , and then let's see, you're going to turn your body over. So no towards that direction. Here you go. Push in a little and that Put your arm. Yeah, over and into the end there. And then the other one to his art. There you go. Like that, and then push your shoulder back more. There you go. Like that. And then, Junior, get close to her face as if you get a kiss her inner side. There you go. So you have that city position there. That's really good close ups. Now we're gonna go back to the original position, but you guys are both gonna be crossing your legs. Um, and you have elected, okay? And then you're gonna lets you gonna wrap your arm around hiss, and you're gonna arrest your had on the shoulder. Do you go? They're so that's one simple. When you guys can do next to each other, you're going to put your legs out on the side in front of him and then junior on the other side. And then you don't rest your arms down on this season. It come closer to him and put your hand on this chest and arms around. Here you go. And you're going to just giggle, get really close to each other. That's a good close up picture that you guys can take. The next one we're gonna do is we're going to have her go behind him. So him still facing how he is? Let's see, I want you to go around behind him and then rest your legs on the side and just put your head on his shoulder, wrap your arms around him, and then June, you can look away. Look cool. There you. So now you have that position there. It looks really good. Okay, now we're gonna dio it lets he's gonna go back around in front of him in between his legs as he you could screw back. So let's go around him. You're gonna get in between the legs on. You guys gonna hug and you're gonna hug from in front of her. Just wrap your arms around her, and there you have this nice picture where she's in between the legs. Okay, so that section wasa Siris of sitting poses. There's a whole bunch of sitting poses that you can do. I'm gonna attach them mood boards you can recreate in practice them. We did a couple from the mood board that I have a different poses. It all depends whether you're sitting in stairs where you're sitting in a single couch or cheer or in the ground. But, um, practice them and see them. And also there's a flow posing where you're changing the position of the hands of the face and expressions and you're gonna see a nice series of images come from sitting now. I also have laying down poses that I'm not gonna demonstrate what the models. But I've also having the mood port so you could see the Siris of laying down practices laid down in the city ones. And last, they have a Siri's off fun poses so you can see all these fun poses. I mean, the list opposes are endless. The whole point of shooting with these models were to show you a syriza's them so you can try the mouth and do the flow posing. But, um, go through the list that I've attached with this course you're gonna get a message when you sign up for this course with a link to the mood board, check through all those images on Petrus and recreate them in practice. And hopefully you guys learned a lot from this. Thanks for watching the course. 11. End: thanks so much for watching the course. If you have any questions, please send me a message on the youth of me account. You can click on my profile in the media and send me a message, and I'll try to answer them all. You can also ask questions on the course their public for everybody to see. Also, remember to check your inbox for that Pinterest board. So you have those images to use when you go on to shoot. And lastly, check out my last course on opposing models so you can put those two together and your photography. Because when you're posing couples, a lot of times you're doing individual pictures of the female in the couple and with the opposing models ones, they're gonna hold sit section of just all these different ways to pose a model, use her as a model and learn from that and then you be a would oppose her better. So thanks for watching