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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class


Hope you are doing great .

I have created ned classpn skill share for painting palm tree in details.

I have used acrylic medium and below are the materials which I will be using:

Drawing sheet: Canvas fully primed canvas sheet


-Titanium White

-Cerulean Blue

-Prussian Blue


-Cobal Teal

-Naples yellow

-Lemon yellow

-permanent green

-Raw Umber


Flat Brust-size 8

Round brush-size1

Fan Brush:size1

Filbert Brush:size1

Rigor Brush:size 1

Masking Tape for creating borders

Liuitex 8oz Varnish

Color Palete

Tissue paper

Jar for water

Hoping to see some nice projects

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic and Gouache Artist- Nature Lover



My grandfather encouraged us to paint Goddess Laxmi on the wall during Diwali; this is my oldest memory of my creative self. I never dreamt of being an artist, but as a kid, I was always inclined toward painting and even participated in various school-level competitions. I'm from Patna, India, and almost every child goes for engineering or medical. I was no different. I completed my engineering in Information technology in Indore and moved to Pune to work as a software engineer. I worked in top IT companies for a decade, and suddenly, the forgotten love for art came back, searching for me. I started my journey as an artist in early 2019 and eventually became a full-time artist in 2022.


Who I'm 

Hi, I'm Mohini Sinha, a self-taught acr... See full profile

Level: All Levels

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1. Intro: for me. Trees are the most penetrating preachers. I revolt them when they live in tribes and families in forests and groups and then more later for them when they stand alone. They are like loony persons, not like hermits, who have stolen of a out of some weakness but, like great solitary men, love the trees until they fallen off, then encouraged them to try again next year. Keeping doesn't mind, I move Anissina, based in India, partof painting trees Beauty Hope you will enjoy the still the nature beauty but different different colors techniques on different different brushes, which I'll be using your fan brush regardless. Also, you learn the basic do dealing off the tree leads and the bought These so hope you'll enjoy this class. Thank you. 2. Materials used: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So let's discuss bottle colors will be using So portion Blue Global deal. Danny White, Cerulean blue lemon, yellow, Permanent green, light, Black, Naples, yellow gray and, lastly, rule number. So now let's discuss the body brushes. So this is wrong. Brush size one regression size one. Then this is Filbert. Brush size two, flatbreads, right size eight and fan brush size, too. So this is the pre primed canvas sheet, which will be using Andi. Lastly, the masking tape for making the borders. 3. Lesson1: Hello, Friends. Welcome toe my acrylic painting class. So here you can see that I have drawn a rough sketch off my painting, which I will be painting with acrylic medium so he oughta have divided those sketch in three sections. So the middle part of the ocean lower part is the park, the operas, the sky. So we'll be painting first these sky pod, then the sea and then the lower part. So let's begin with the sky part. I'm taking a little bit off liquid. It's really in blue onto turning white. Make sure so upper part will be a little darker than little less like the color. Then more lighter was north. But here I have used my flat brush for painting the sky fun acrylic color drives very far. So I'm using more off liquid door it. I'm just mixing the color, Andi. Things quite dark, so apply on the upper part first. So what is only I'm applying on the top most area off this guy again. Little bit white to light in the color. Then comes the war. But so just blend it so that it looks even. Make sure that you cover all the areas more off white and then I'll just blend it nicely. So are upper Body is almost done. Let's know, begin. But the next listens were driving. It's almost done. You so see you in my next lesson for the lower, but 4. Lesson 2: so no real covering the sea, But nobody Dean seems for your So make it a little DACA washing. Have you next? More? She gets a nice see July. This I'm sure it is Street. Thanks. Little bit. Flip apples does. Didn't if you could break it, take a little bit of white. And like you upper line He is going. Steve has it. Just movies. Cattle on a little light. Don't want do you use? You're Yeah. Do you agree? Are you? I agree. You Yeah, you use Do you agree? Are you years? You're do you? You're the first cold off to see his stay Friends get lively Put another food off it So let's see. 5. Lesson3: Hello, friends. Welcome back So we can see 1st 2 parts of cover. Now we'll do the lower part. So Annville area using to turn in white Naples Yellow on raw number. So we'll first makes neighbors healer on Dwight. Very little amount off Enables your lawyer mixing. I can see that. So this color I'll be using where that is No shadow being stand took over the whole video Machado is Nonda You you okay? Do you for you So I think it's almost done. So now I'll be was remember in that same, make sure a little bit off liquid and we'll fill that area Averages left are you Do you agree? Years So these dark colors depicts the shadow area which we will be detailing more were just blocking the whole area Once it will be dry will be detailing it. So I didn't see these three areas are covered so ones more We will do that D tailing off to see the list beginning the next part 6. Lesson4: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we will be creating the tree trying So here. Amusing great color creating truth. And this is my round brush size one. I'm just used the same goal, which I have used for miles slide and white color. So I'm using more off white just to light in the shade. You. I think it's most good. I agree. So I'll just discreet she cause you concern. See snow visibility created with my pencil after highlighting, I'll just blocking the colors. You for me. Three years to the degree use period It was done. But so I'm just tired. Lower part just so that it looks smooth. Do you use things he's done? It's seeing the next, but 7. Lesson5: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we will be creating the clouds. So I have just used the same color for creating the clouds. I'll just have This is my first book brush, which I will be using Creating antis. Completely tried has good see and just using a little bit off white on the dip offered. I'll just do the dabbing to create some random clothes. I will not create much clouds because, uh, already will be creating the leaves off the trees. So these are going to hide, So just be creating small, small clouds. Do you reuse? I agree. Three years. You here use Do you really angry? 8. Lesson6: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we'll be doing to Syria. I think it's what means try. So I'll just do one more quoting off the sea part so that it looks even. So. I'm using the same color that expression do in cobalt. Do you? I'm just finishing up that. See your young it is more right. This ignorance just used steel and just highlighted what same technique amusing which abused in my first see. But when I was trying toe cover the whole sea area, I'm just highlighting some off the air years with portion blue. It's and just smoothing up the lines so that less risible, just blending. You're here late. I think it's almost just done. So now we'll be doing the lower area. So let's see the next lesson. 9. Lesson7: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we'll be doing the detail ing off the part way. So let's start. I've taken black and I'm just mixing with the same goal average I used for the tree trunk. So a little bit off raw amber. Now I'll be using fan brush. Make sure that your found riches completely try. So I'm just using the top part off the brush and just dabbing on the surface here. Years just this. She's shopping using a little bit off light. Orjan offered one day like to color, right? A little bit off to Daniel White as well. Also, black. Just little bit off sports years. Yes, Res Most. So I I think, um, Donald it So now we'll be doing the sea, but 10. Lesson8: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now we will be creating the waves. So I'll be using her raw to turn you white and my rigger brush for painting the waves. So I'm just creating small, small, random dots on the self is off the sea, which is connecting the battery so you can see and just making small, small dots. Some off them are up, so you can see em just creating small small dots on and to give it to splash. I'm just using my hand finger to just and it appears as if it does. Oh, splashes off water, which is going up. Same thing I'll do here as well so you can see it's almost done. The wave spot and I'll just grab random. So I'm just mixing Naples. Zeeland just tryingto give random dots on the pathways and same thing I'll do it. So just the random dots mark on the stool. Three. So it's almost done, So we'll see you in the next lesson. 11. Lesson9: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So know we will be doing the detail ing off the tee trunk. So the same goal Aram using green and adding a little bit off for you to do it. So I'm just trying to light and the color up by adding more. Why do it want to angry? The same. Just a little light, just using the same role, quite with my record brush. I'm just outlining the outer area to give a proper shape to the tree. Now I will do some detail ing. There's creating small, small horizontal lines with my great color. I agree. Then, using my draw or more and black, I'll just create color the upper area, which is the shadow part. So you need a lot of water because acrylic dries very first course. So for dish shadow area, I'm just blocking the upper part that will reflect the leaves with the same girl. Aram. Just creating small, small random years dot So it's just random Carlos with challenges blocking out so that the tree looks little. Really. It's not just smooth adding white black, so in the lower part, also well, the shadow part jam coloring with black and Rahmbo. Sure, So now, uh, is putting small, small, white, random dots on the surface, - so creating small, small horizontal lines well comes with my rigger brush, just making highlighting the area here. I'm just highlighting the tree outer area so that it looks so like it's coming from. Its behind also gives a nice co v shape. So the tree so making horizontal lines, adding more right to it. You. So I think it's done, so we'll start with the leave spot. 12. Lesson10: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So now it will begin with the leaves. But first I'll make sure that this ah see line is a little bit straight, a little more dark. So I'm just using my rigger brush to make the top most lining off cc little bit more dark and straight. You know, you so so I'm just taking my Rick oppression. Just highlighting the bottom part was making a little bit more dark. - There's creating random leaves, which will be just coming out off the stem years. Yeah, thing it's done. No, it's titillating the upper part off the tree to create a shadow effect off the leaves. No, we'll make the leaves. So recovering the leaf area so you can see taken bomb in int creen Andi lemon yellow. So with my rigger brush, I'll just be creating small, small lines for the leaves here. Years you you amusing board to permanent green and lemon yellow to give I like so that all the colors are not seem so my light green. Some are dark green. So the random colors yeah, - so for the bottom leaves, I'll be using raw number because that is the less light tree area and this is should be little dark. So I'm using little dark color. So using rahmbo on a little bit off green also years you can see how this rumble and green mix effect is coming out. Onda, lower part off the at least this is deep black. Hello. Which is more dark years? No, I'm using Naples Yellow mixed with remember is to give some more highlights, toe the leaves so you can see how the leaves are coming and just need toe make small. It's more lines till the end. You're adding little rumble to give a shadow effect as well. You you angering years you You next get angry. - Okay , Dinner me. Use any angry parents? You? Yeah. So it's a mixture off white, lemon, yellow, permanent green. Remember, blacks different different shades off leaves so that all the leaves looks unique in their own way. Use you You one of angry just highlighting the middle part so you can see down part of her Put white, gray, black so different, different shades off green So and think it's almost complete, such as the war nish pod has left. So we'll be doing in the next lesson. I hope you like this. I see beauty 13. Lesson11: Hello, friends. Welcome back. So you can see our painting is complete and is completely dried. No, we'll do the war Nisshin part here. I'm using liquid liquid ICS high gloss £8 north. And this is the sponge brush, which I will be using. So just dip it. Don't and apply on this office. Know what is on to Nana? You can see the effect while a playing How it is coming as shining, glossy Look, try to cover whole area. Either you can apply horizontally or what to believe, whichever you like. So it's no one thing. It's completely done. So I'll just remove my masking tape, which gives very nice effect off the bottle. You're so you can see the glossy effect which is coming up. Hope you like my class. Thank you so much for watching