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NFT – NFTs Essentials Training Course 2023

teacher avatar Amir Rimer, My great passion in life is to teach others

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      Updates (Important)


    • 3.

      Class project 01- Create Your Own Persona


    • 4.

      What Is An NFT


    • 5.

      What Is A Blockchain


    • 6.

      The History Of NFT


    • 7.

      Why You Should Create And Sell NFTs


    • 8.

      How To Protect Your NFTs


    • 9.

      Class Project 02 - Add Reasons, Blocks, Quote, And 4 Positive Personal Qualities


    • 10.

      Getting Images


    • 11.

      Modifying Images Goart (Option 1)


    • 12.

      Modifying Images PhotoMania (Option 2)


    • 13.

      Modifying Images PhotoMosh (Option 3)


    • 14.

      Add Text - Canva


    • 15.

      Class Project 03 - Decide On An Idea, Produce It, Build An Audience, List It


    • 16.

      How To Set Up A MetaMask Wallet


    • 17.

      Sign Up For OpenSea


    • 18.

      The OpenSea Fees


    • 19.

      List Your NFT On OpenSea


    • 20.

      How To Buy An NFT


    • 21.

      How To Fund Your Metamask Wallet


    • 22.

      Build An Audience


    • 23.

      Class Exercise


    • 24.

      What Next After This Course


    • 25.

      EXTRA 1 - The Ideas Workshop - How To List NFT On Solsea (The Open NFT Marketplace on Solana)


    • 26.

      EXTRA 2a - The Ideas Workshop - Polygon Blockchain Introduction - How To Sell NFT Without Gas Fee


    • 27.

      EXTRA 2b - What Is The Polygon Blockchain Major Advantage - Sell NFT Without Gas Fee


    • 28.

      EXTRA 2c - My Gameplan Inspiration - Beeple, Sultan Gustaf Al Ghazali Everyday Selfie NFT


    • 29.

      EXTRA 2d - How To Create An NFT Collection On The Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain


    • 30.

      EXTRA 2e - How To Create A Polygon NFT On OpenSea


    • 31.

      EXTRA 2f - How To List An NFT On The Polygon Blockchain


    • 32.

      EXTRA 2g - How To Add Additional NFTS To Your Polygon Blockchain Collection


    • 33.

      EXTRA 3a1 - Create A 3D Image With Cinema 4D - An Alternative Method


    • 34.

      EXTRA 3a2 - How Do You Add A Physical Sky In C4D (Cinema 4D)? And How To Create Clouds In C4D


    • 35.

      EXTRA 3a3 - How To Create A Glass Material In Cinema 4D - Make Transparent Materials In C4D


    • 36.

      EXTRA 3a4 - How To Make Rain Or Snow In Cinema 4D And How To Upload To Instagram


    • 37.

      EXTRA 3b Part 1 - Create A 3D Animation With Cinema 4D - An Alternative Method


    • 38.

      EXTRA 3b Part 2 - Add Sound Effects To Your Animation


    • 39.

      EXTRA 3c - Create A Unique Image In Less Than 3 Minutes with Wombo Ai (AI Painting Generator)


    • 40.

      Extra 3d - NightCafe Creator Artificial Intelligence Ai Application


    • 41.

      EXTRA 4 - My Heritage Nostalgia Service Will Bring Images To LIFE! - My Heritage Deep Nostalgia


    • 42.

      Class Project 04 - Create A Social Media Account, Post To It, And Add A Bio Link


    • 43.

      EXTRA 5a - TikTok - Install The TikTok App And Publish Your First Image On TikTok


    • 44.

      EXTRA 5b - TikTok - How To Publish Your First Video On TikTok - Test Shorter Videos


    • 45.

      EXTRA 5c - Publish Your Second Video On TIkTok - Take Advantage Of The Looping Feature


    • 46.

      Project 05 - Learn More About The NFT Space


    • 47.

      EXTRA 6 - Part 1 - Decentraland - A Metaverse World - Introduction


    • 48.

      EXTRA 6 - Part 2 - Decentraland - A Metaverse World - Enter The World


    • 49.

      EXTRA 6 - Part 3 - Exploring The Controls And An NFT Art Gallery


    • 50.

      EXTRA 6 - Part 4 - How To Buy Digital Real Estate In Decentraland (Metaverse Real Estate Explained)


    • 51.

      Ask Amir 0001 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Create Layers In Canva


    • 52.

      Ask Amir 0002 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Create An ENTIRE NFT Collection (10,000+)


    • 53.

      Ask Amir 0003 - Students Questions And Answers - How To Add Polygon Matic To MetaMask


    • 54.

      Ask Amir 0004 - Students Questions And Answers - What Types Of NFTs People Usually Flip?


    • 55.

      Ask Amir 0005 - Students Questions And Answers - Where To Find New NFT Projects To Invest In


    • 56.

      Ask Amir 0006 - Students Questions And Answers - What Are Smart Contracts On Blockchain?


    • 57.

      Ask Amir 0007 - Students Questions And Answers - What Is Gas?


    • 58.

      Ask Amir 0008 - Students Questions And Answers - What Is Hashing?


    • 59.

      Ask Amir 0009 - What Is Remix, And How To Write The First Line Of Code In Solidity


    • 60.

      Ask Amir 0010 - How To Define A Contract In Solidity


    • 61.

      Ask Amir 0011 - How Do You Declare A Variable In Solidity


    • 62.

      Ask Amir 0012 - How To Create A Function In Solidity


    • 63.

      Ask Amir 0013 - What Is WebXR


    • 64.

      Ask Amir 0014 - How To Create Your First Layer In Procreate Pocket


    • 65.

      Ask Amir 015 - How To Import An Image To Procreate Pocket


    • 66.

      How To Create An Image For The Metaverse With Procreate Pocket


    • 67.

      STEPN NFT Move To Earn How To Download And Install The WEB 3 STEPN App


    • 68.

      Where To Find A STEPN Activation Code


    • 69.

      How I Got My STEPN Activation Code (In Less Then 50 Minutes)


    • 70.

      Stepn Shoes Marketplace Research And Analysis


    • 71.

      How To Create A Solana SOL Crypto Digital Wallet On STEPN (Step By Step Guide For Beginners)


    • 72.

      How to Buy Solana (SOL) On Binanace (May 2022)


    • 73.

      How To Buy A STEPN Shoe For for 13.8 SOL (Step By Step Play To Move Guide)


    • 74.

      How To Use The STEPN Calculator For Better Strategy


    • 75.

      How To Withdraw Your GST (USDC) Earnings To Binance


    • 76.

      Stepn Snicker Repeair (Shoe Repair Tutorial)


    • 77.

      How To Level Up Your Stepn Shoe


    • 78.

      How to Mint Sneakers in the STEPN App


    • 79.

      How To Buy A Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Snicker For The Stepn App


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About This Class

  • Hi, my name is Amir Rimer, and welcome to my step by step video course: NFT Essentials

In this course I will take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know on creating, buying, and selling NFTs.

I will teach you the basics of NFT, Blockchain, and crypto.. More if your budget is extremely limited, I have added a brand new section to this course in which I show you how to drastically reduce your expenses in the NFT business.

This course will be perfect for people who are completely new to NFTs. Even if have never heard about blockchain, NFT, digital art or listing digital art for sell, don't worry, I will walk with you step by step and teach you everything there is to know in this course.

Once you finish the course, you will be able to create, sell, and buy NFTS.

Here is exactly what you will learn inside the course:

  • What Is An NFT?

  • What Is A Blockchain?

  • The History Of NFT

  • Why You Should Create And Sell NFTs

  • How To Protect Your NFTs

  • How to get images from which you will create your NFTs

  • How to modify the images (I will show you a few ways to do that).

  • How to set up a MetaMask wallet

  • How to sign up for OpenSea

  • How to list your NFT On OpenSea

  • How to buy an NFT

  • How to fund your MetaMask wallet

  • How to build an audience who will be waiting for your NFTs to go on sale.

  • I will also include a class exercise, that you can use as a checklist to track your progress in this course.

  • Just added: How to open a phantom wallet.

  • Just added: How to buy the cryptocurrency using MoonPay?

  • Just added: How to list your NFT on Solsea to reduce gas fees.

The class exercise will be a downloadable PDF checklist which will be extremely helpful for following along with me in the lessons.

If you have never even heard about NFT, NFT Art, Ethereum, Sol, Crypto, the Solana blockchain, and Blockchain or heard about it but never took the time to really go into it, then this is an amazing chance with this complete NFT course for beginners.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amir Rimer

My great passion in life is to teach others


Hi, my name is Amir.

I love learning new things, and then share those new things with others. When I discover something new that gets me excited I want to immediately share it with others to get their reaction. Online teaching is my great passion in life.

As a certified elementary English school teacher, and an online instructor for the past 28 years, I have under my belt countless hours of learning and teaching experience.

See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi there. My name is Emil and I'm an intern, market l, and a certified elementary English schoolteacher. In this course, we will learn how to create, buy and sell NFT is that if the space is the most revolutionary and exciting space to be in light now, for anyone who wants to make an income from selling digital out. Now, this course is for complete beginners and there is no need for any experience in LFTs, will go through the basics of NFS, starting an explanation on what is NFT, why you should sell these, the history of FTEs, what NFT scan you sell, and some basic concepts of NFT. Then we walk through setting up a MetaMask wallet, signing up for up and see funding our MetaMask wallet, buying NSAIDs, and listing our NFT for sale. We will learn about the blockchain and how to secure your NFP is we will also have an entire NFT is Creation workshop in which I will actually show you how to use free online design tools to create and FTEs. Inside the nFET is workshop. We'll go over our target for images for your LFTs, how to modify the images to make them unique. I will show you a couple of different options to do that. And I will also show you how you can add text to your images to make them even more unique. For the coastal is a project that you can complete which you can use for practice purposes and to add to your portfolio. Now, I'm also going to show you a few vital effects that will help you get more people to SEO and FTEs after you use them for sale. Because my main goal is for you to complete this course after they complete books of tours, which are necessary for a successful NFP is a business. By now. 2. Updates (Important): Ideal. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to upload content to this course, hopefully on a daily basis. The command that you can freeze in this course every single day to get the most up-to-date content. Now, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out by posting your questions in the Q&A section of this course. And I will reply as soon as possible. So that's it and enjoy the course. 3. Class project 01- Create Your Own Persona: Hi everyone. It is time for our very first class project. I guess I could have called it the homework, but homeworks just sounds too tiring and stressful to me. Let's call it the class project, which sounds much more exciting. Two miles, at least. Obviously, you can feel free to completely ignore all the class projects in this course. And this is perfectly fine. Many people learned right, without doing a single class project. If you feel that you want to solidify what we have learned for class project, then we're within this course. Personally speaking, when I complete the class projects, I feel that I have learned the material better and that they've created something which is totally unique to me. The first project is to write about ourselves and then take a picture of ourselves. We can write about ourselves inside the world file, a Google Docs file, or inside a template for example. I prefer to do it for, which is free to use for what we needed. This is a kind of template that I've created as an example. And you can feel free to download it and then edit it with your personal information. You can just pause this video and copy all the information for my screen to your document. You can go to the web address that I will provide in the results section of this course. Download this template edited within Then download the finch template to your computer. Store it on the website itself. Once you add your personal information to your document, take a screenshot of it and then just save it on your computer, on your smartphone. Later in the course, we are going to fill the template within information and create additional templates as well. Steps for this project. Number one, like about yourself in a few sentences. Number to take a picture of yourself. Number three, at both text and picture to a document or add them to my canada tip. Number four, take a screenshot of your template. Number five said this contract on your computer or on your smartphone device. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 4. What Is An NFT: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson I want to explain what an NFT, these FFT stands for, non-fungible tokens. Non-fungible means nano replaceable, or in other words, unique. Now, in the physical world, what items do we consider unique and what items do we consider non-unique? A great way to understand that is to simply open one of the lawyers in your house. In your house dwells, you might find a few $1 bills and you might find a baseball card. Now, how this relates to unique end, non-unique items in the physical offline world, a baseball card is unique item. Why? Because different baseball cards as different values. The value of a baseball card is determined by the player on the Cloud, the counts condition and the carts reality. Those factors give different basal coats, different values. So a baseball card is unique item. Now, what is a non-unique item? A $1 bill, for example, is a non-unique item. If you have a few $1 bills in your Doyle, it will not matter which one of those you will take with you to a all foods supermarket, for example, to buy apples because all $1 bills all the same value. So the basal code and the $1 bill, I'll physical items in our physical toil in the physical world. But we also have a digital world, the Internet. Digital drawables, meaning computer folders and digital assets, aka digital files. Digital file, exactly like physical items, can also be unique and non-unique. Let's take, for example, non-unique digital file. A Bitcoin, for example, is a non-unique file. In the same way that you can buy apples at all foods with anyone of you $1 bills. You can buy apples at all foods with any one of your Bitcoins. All bitcoins have the same value. And there isn't a certain Bitcoin wolf more than another Bitcoin. So bitcoins are non-unique digital files like the $1 physical bills that we might find in our oil. But what about the baseball card that we may also find in our Doyle? What is the equivalent of a retro baseball card in the digital world? The equivalent is a real file, demo, where the file is demo itself. Now, how does a digital file becomes, will it become swell in the same way that a physical item becomes? Well, if a certain person creates a file, let's say, a digital image that many people want to have. And it is one of a kind, for example, then this file becomes will. This was exactly the case in the world's first live auction for Digital out in debt auction, digital card called homeopathy was sold for $420 thousand. So now going full circle to what NFT means. As I said, n F stands for non-fungible, meaning nano replaceable, a unique item like digital owner pepper cod, end the letter T in the world. Nft stands for token, meaning a digital certificate. When you buy a digital file, you also get a digital certificate that proves that you are the only rightful owner of that file. So we can also say that NFP stands for unique digital certificates. Now, some may think that the digital file that was sold for $320 thousand was just a rebel Cohen's. And that digital out-of-box overall can sell for much. But nothing can be further from the truth. Digital art pieces sold all the time. For example, an NBA Topshop, basically a basketball highlight of Jim slab one, sold for nearly $400 thousand. The music band Kings of Leon, as made nearly $2 million from NFT album sales. The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is first tweet was sold as an NFT for 2.9 million dollars. There is also the Altis Grimes who has sold NFT is for a total of $6 million. Lastly, in my list of examples that digital art is people sold a single digital Outlook as an NFT for $69 million. Okay, So that's it for this lesson. And I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 5. What Is A Blockchain: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I want to explain what a blockchain is. I felt that the best way to explain what a blockchain is is by using an example. Let's say that these Google Docs spreadsheet is my bank account, a BankAccount, which I've just opened. Now let's assume that I started my first mouth or fork in a job that pays me $3 thousand every month. So when their boss pays me my first $3 thousand salary, this money goes into my bank account inside the income column. I will add few thousand dollars now to the cell inside the income colon end to the cell inside the balance column. So now both me and my bank can see that my Cohen bank balance is 3000 dollars. Okay, so let's say that I now want to buy one hundred, ten hundred dollar laptop, for example. And I don't remember if I have enough money in my bank account. In this case, I can view my account balance for an ATM machine, for example, and see that they have enough money to purchase the lepto. My bank also has access to my spreadsheet, aka my bank account, and will also view my account balance when the stone will try to charge my debit card, meaning my bank out. The bank will then see that my account balance covers the laptop costs. So it will approve the transaction and update the bank records accordingly. So like in a Google Docs online world post assault that gives multiple users the ability to view the same data on a specific spreadsheet. Both me and my bank can view the same data in my bank account. Now, due to the great financial crisis, the Internet becoming popular, and the fact that many people didn't want to rely on banks for financial transactions. And new concept as emerged, which is called blockchain. The blockchain system works in a very similar way to how the banking system works. Yet with block chain, there is no bank involved and all the transactions are recorded publicly on the Internet. With blockchain. There isn't any bank computer that stands between two parties. In our example, me and the laptops shop, and decides whether to approve or disapprove a transaction. What there is is a public record and the people from around the world, we use the blockchain system. Every blockchain use it as a digital wallet, which is similar to a bank account. When we use Bitcoin to pay for an item or a service, computers on the blockchain system monitored transaction and decide whether the transaction should be approved or not. The approval decision is based on the payload digital wallet balance, and the computers that approve and disapprove transactions belong to people while called miners, like people walk in a mine. Those miners are people like you and me get paid for using the computer's processing power to solve computational problems like validating transactions and documenting those transactions. So the blockchain is similar to a database. It is legible. The difference is that the block chain ledger is not controlled by a central authority like Google, Apple, Microsoft, or any other company. It is a network of computers that belonged to minors who constantly monitor each and every transaction that a course on the blockchain network, decide whether each transaction should be approved or not, and instantly update the block chain ledger accordingly. It is also important to note that unlike a regular database, the data inside the blockchain database can be edited or removed. Now the Bitcoin blockchain is not the only system for digital currency exchange, and Bitcoin is not the only digital coin that people use. There is also the filename block chain. And on the filename block chain, people exchange a digital coin that is called a fill and a digital asset that is called NFT at each token that represents ownership of unique digital item. Let's now change our previous example which was about the Bitcoin block chain. And using Bitcoin to buy a physical lepto form a shop own l in a physical shop to an example about the affiliate blockchain and about using EFL to buy an NFT. In this example, a digital image form and online seller on an NFT website. If I decide that I want to pay one a fail for an NFT image, then all the miners computers that are connected to the aphelion blockchain will access my account and the NFA seller account. And we'll try to validate two things. Number one, that they have enough infill in my digital wallet to pay for the NFT. And number 2 that the seller really as the NFT that I want to buy in is oil digital wallet. If both a tool, then the transaction will be approved. The seller will get the fill and I will get the n if T and a token that proves that I am the owner of that NFT. Now before we end this lesson, I will just summarizing a few words. What is a blockchain? Uh, blockchain is a shared digital ledger, a system which documents digital transactions that take place between the blockchain uses. The transactions are validated by minus, minus of people from around the world who get compensated for using the computer's processing power for validating and documenting blockchain transactions. So that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 6. The History Of NFT: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson we will go over the history of LFTs. They still real fan of t is, goes back to the year 2012 with digital assets called colored coins. Cannot coins are not LFTs. They are digital tokens that represent physical assets such as a boat, cow, or else on top of the Bitcoin block chain. The purpose of those digital tokens was to prove ownership of a physical asset. A colored coin was basically a Bitcoin which was colored with specific information about the physical asset. People quoted them, just use Bitcoin to transfer assets because bitcoin was about transferring none unique items. And thus, there was a need for a technology which would enable people to transfer unique items, colored coins, Evan Pantone. And the reason for that was that they'll value was determined by the participants who took part in the transaction. So if one participant as decided to change the value of a colored coin, the transaction was affected. Cannot coins didn't last. But the concept of colored coins is an important part in the story. Lfts, because it shows the capabilities of Bitcoin. Later on in the year 2014, that technology has improved with the launch of counterparty, a peer-to-peer financial platform, which was built on the Bitcoin blockchain and gave people the ability to trade names and card games. There that really put NFT on the map was 2017, a hill that gave us crypto punks, crypto Katie's, and the new concept of digital scarcity. Crypto punks and crypto kitties are two groups of cartoon characters that were developed on the filename blockchain. Crypto. Katie's gave people the option to buy braided and exchange digital kids. Now, like physical baseball counts for example, the value of a crypto Katie is determined by the rarity of its characteristics. So a crypto Katie that is most skills and thus is in higher demand, will cost more than a crypto kitty that is not scarce and in low demand. Crypto punks characters also proved the concept of digital scarcity, similar to crypto key, it is crypto punks our characters with different attributes and they are valued based on scarcity and demand. And other significant occurrence that happened in 2017 was the virtual reality world, the central end. A virtual world which also adds on the field and blockchain descending land gave players the ability to buy land with LFTs and on it inside a virtual world in 2021. And if tears need much less introduction, do too many success stories of people making huge amounts of money by selling LFTs. And the statistics that show that they are currently twice as many NFT bias then NFT cells. So that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 7. Why You Should Create And Sell NFTs: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I want to explain why you should create and sell FFTs. The first reason is to expand your product line. If you are painting, for example, they don't need me to tell you, allowed it is to survive just home setting paintings. As a painter, you can turn your paintings into an NFT. And by doing that, you have just created for yourself and additional stream of income, you are creating these additional stream of income, not by creating a brand new painting that might take you days, weeks, months, or even years to create. But by converting your existing painting into an NFT. Also, you will not sell this NFT in a dormant market, but you will be sending it in a violent goin market, which is where our world seems to be going towards. The secondary reason for creating and selling NFT is to create passive income streams. This point is really a game changer. When you sell your NFT, you can include a computer program which is called spot contract inside your NFT, which will enable you to get lifetime royalties from selling that NFT. Which means that if your buyer will decide to sell that NFT to someone else, you will get a certain loyalty form that sale, the failure isn't, is to protect your work as an artist. Nft will let you protect your walk by assigning ownership to the person was bought your NFT. When a person buys you NFT, she becomes the owner of your NFT. The next reason is the relatively easy product creation process. Creating and selling a product is very odd and time-consuming task for many people. But the time and effort that you spend on creating an NFT and selling it is relatively quick, easy, and affordable. Another reason is the no submission limits, meaning you don't have to just sell one NFT. You can create an unlimited number of FTEs and each NFT can become a new income stream for you. The next reason is that your walk is sold all ill and to all the world. You can sell you my Nephthys on multiple NFT marketplaces, which are visited by people from all around the world. 24, 7. You don't need to hire a gallery or an agent to sell your artwork. You said your outlook yourself on the various NFT marketplaces. Another reason to create and sell NFT is, is to be involved in a business which is creative and futuristic. Though many businesses that you can start, which might make you money, but are also very bowing in gray. So why not get into a business which is not only cutting edge and the way our society seems to be going towards, but it's also extremely colorful, creative, and most importantly, not bowing. And the last reason that they want to share with you in this lesson is that selling FTEs gives you the option to build a devoted community. You can create a community around your out. A fan base of people will engage with that like what you do and care for who you are as a person, a community which will wait for every NFT that you release to the market. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 8. How To Protect Your NFTs: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I want to explain how you can protect your LFTs. In a previous lesson, we talked about MetaMask. Metamask is a digital wallet or so-called OT storage that is connected to the Internet. And this wallet lets us store our crypto and see when we first opened our MetaMask account, we are giving a private key that we shouldn't share with anyone. The reason for that is that anyone who all the key as access to our account and thus can move the digital assets out of it too easy oil account. Now, because the MetaMask wallet is an extension that sits on our Internet browsers. It means that it is software like any other software that we have on our computers. Which means that in the same way that echoes fdl ways to act different softwares on our computers from far away. They can also act our MetaMask wallet, gain access to our MetaMask account and still our private key, which again grants access to our digital assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin into our LFTs. Saying this, it is very rare that something like that will ever happen to you. But it is important that, you know, this is a possibility, again, an extremely avail possibility. So if you do reach a May be because you started making a lot of money with LFTs that you want to add a layer of protection to your LFTs business, then I would recommend that you purchase a hardware wallet. As I said, a digital wallet is called odd storage, yet a hardware wallet is called cold storage. There are two popular hardware wallets that are sold on the market today. One is called 300 and the other is called legible. I will provide links for both websites in the resources area. Both hardware wallets can connect to your digital MetaMask wallet. And in that way, you can then sell your digital assets to them. Now, if you do decide to buy a hardware wallet, then R2 points to keep in mind. Number one, make sure that you buy the alcohol wallet directly from the official website of the hardware wallet company, just to be extra sure that you are not buying a hardware wallet that was tempered with number to contact the company before you make the purchase, just to make sure that the hardware wallet supports and FTEs. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 9. Class Project 02 - Add Reasons, Blocks, Quote, And 4 Positive Personal Qualities: Hi everyone. It is time for our class project. By now you already know what is an NFT, what is a blockchain? What is the easterly of NFT when you should create and sell NFT and how to protect your LFTs. In this part of the project, we will go more deeply into the question why you should create and sell LFTs. This is a question that they feel that each one of us should ask himself oil self, because you always ink for wanting to create and sell. And if Ts can be similar or completely different form another student's reason to create and selling of t is if you are a photograph field, for example, and you have people who follow you on Instagram. Then one of few reasons for creating and selling and NFT might be that you want to protect your photos by registering them on the blockchain. And your other reason for wanting to create and sell LFTs might be that you want to create a new stream of income from your photos. Now, if another student is built, for example, then ESOL reasons for creating and selling it can be completely different from yours isn't a bar bill, might not care at all if people download and then cell is a web content to others. On the continent. Many bubbles and physical business owners in general, we want the content to spread as much as possible. Because when people distribute the content, they are basically promoting the bulbous Bubble Shop. The bulbous or the goal might not be to generate income from the content itself, like the photograph first goal is to make more people aware or fees oil bottle shop for ease of oil, social media posts. We all have different reasons to create and sell and if Ts, and also we all have different reasons that might prevent us from creating and sending LFTs. If I'm a photograph film and I have no budget at all to investing my NFT business, then what may block me form creating and selling and these can be my lack of budget. And if you are available, whereas a budget that you allocated to your NFT business, then you might not have a problem in their department. But you might simply note if time to invest in your NFP business because your walk and life schedule might be completely full. So our goal for this part of the project is to simply come back to our template and add new captions to it. Reasons and blocks under the reasons caption simply type for reasons for wanting to sell an FTEs after you finish writing, certainly isn't. Then simply either block by block, I mean type, what do we prevent you from achieving the goal that you just specified? It is an example of four reasons and blocks that I've added to our cilia owner example. Each one of the reasons as its own corresponding block. Again, as I explained in the first project, simply download this template and edited, but this time at four reasons and full blocks, you don't have to type exactly, for instance, in full blocks, if you don't have full fold is just an example. And you can feel free to add as many reasons and blocks that you want until you feel that you have covered them all over, at least the major ones. Now, when you finish writing your results and blocks, you will want to write a quote and place it under your picture. This quote, we simply summarize what you hold in your template. So fell. If you're not sure how to summarize your entire template to fuels, then simply imagine a friend or a family member who doesn't have time to read your entire template and thus asks you to summarize it to him away in a few words. So simply type under the picture what you would tell him. Oil lastly, could follow rectangles below your lists of poisons and blocks, and simply type inside the four rectangles, positive words that describe your best. We will talk about as part of the template in another lesson. That's it. Once you've done all of that, you'll damp it is complete. You can now feel free to take a screenshot of your template and save it on your computer, outline on your smartphone. Once you have this template complete, you will want to use it as a roadmap for the rest of the course. What do I mean by that? The aim of these templates to give us a focal point or focus a clarity with a gulp of what do we want to achieve, but also clarity with regard to the blocks that might stop us from achieving our goals. So now that our template is complete and we have full clarity with regard to where we're going and with regard to the blocks that may prevent us from reaching our destination, we can determine which lessons in this course will be relevant for us to watch. Once your template is completed, I would advise you to send it to me so I can create an action plan that will suit your specific needs and lifestyle. If you don't feel comfortable sharing some of the information that you have, edit to your template or your picture, for example, there is no problem whatsoever. Simply create another copy of the template will remove the parts that you don't want me to see formed the new version of the template and then send the template to me so I can give you a tailored plan of action, integral action steps for this project. Number one, added to your template for reasons for wanting to sell any of these numbers, to add the breach reason, a corresponding blog that might prevent you from achieving your goal. Number of free type of code under your picture, which would summarize your template to a few words. Number four at the bottom of the template for rectangles with full positive volts that describe your best. Number five, take a screenshot of your template and store it on your computer or on your smartphone device. Number six, lastly, create a copy formula template at the copied template if you want to remove any personal information format that we don't want to share with me and then send the temperature to me so I can clear it for you and action plan, which will suit your specific needs and lifestyle. So that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 10. Getting Images: Hi there. In this lesson I want to show you how to get images that you can use to create an NFT. Let me start by saying that the best images, the images that you will shoot yourself, because images that you've taken yourself belong to you and thus you will not encounter copyright issues. Saying this, I do understand that for different reasons. Many of us will not want to shoot the images ourselves. And another one to download images from the Internet that adults have shot. Now, before I continue, I just want to say in advance that I'm not a copyright experts. So everything I say in this lesson is just based on common