ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E Essentials: 3 Complete AI Courses In 1 (2023 Guide) | Amir Rimer | Skillshare

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ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E Essentials: 3 Complete AI Courses In 1 (2023 Guide)

teacher avatar Amir Rimer, My great passion in life is to teach others

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      ChatGPT Introduction


    • 2.

      What Is ChatGPT


    • 3.

      Is ChatGPT down


    • 4.

      How To Create A ChatGPT Account


    • 5.

      Before You Start (Important Notifications)


    • 6.

      ChatGPT Ethical Consideration


    • 7.

      How to Use ChatGPT


    • 8.

      How To Get Better Responses On ChatGPT


    • 9.

      Advanced Interactions 1 (List)


    • 10.

      Advance Interactions 2 (Stories)


    • 11.

      Advanced Interactions 3 (Freelancing - Creating Fiverr Gigs)


    • 12.

      Where To Buy Prompts - For GPT-3 (ChatGPT), but also for DALL·E, and Midjourney


    • 13.

      How to Use ChatGPT to Write Emails To Your Boss


    • 14.

      Can ChatGPT make a PowerPoint


    • 15.

      How ChatGPT Can Help Graphic Designers


    • 16.

      How to Differentiate Your Products By Using ChatGPT


    • 17.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 1)


    • 18.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 2)


    • 19.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 3)


    • 20.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 4)


    • 21.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 5)


    • 22.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 6)


    • 23.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 7)


    • 24.

      Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 8))


    • 25.

      What is DALL-E


    • 26.

      How To Sign Up For DALL-E


    • 27.

      How to create images with DALL-E


    • 28.

      How to create variations in DALL E


    • 29.

      How To Edit An Image In DALL E


    • 30.

      Podcasting Revolution: Secrets to Easy Episode Submissions Using ChatGPT (Muted)


    • 31.

      Effortless Etsy Design: Using Canva & ChatGPT-4 for Eye-Catching Images (Muted)


    • 32.

      Start Your Prompt Engineering Career


    • 33.

      How To Access ChatGPT 4 - ChatGPT Plus


    • 34.

      ChatGPT Plugins


    • 35.

      Photoleap - AI Photo Editing App (Updated On May 28, 2023)


    • 36.

      What's Next After This Course


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About This Class

Become a ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E AI tools expert and acquire one of the most in-demand skills of 2023!

This is the ultimate step-by-step video course that will take you from being a complete novice to an expert user of ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E. Whether you have no prior experience with AI or are just looking to upgrade your skills, this course is perfect for you! In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about using ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E AI tools.

With over 30 lessons and more than 2 hours of video content, this course is both comprehensive and easy to follow.  We will start by explaining the basics of the ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E AI tools and then delve into advanced techniques and strategies.

Here are the exact topics I will cover:

  • What Is ChatGPT

  • How to check why ChatGPT Down (when you feel that it is)

  • How to Create A Chat GPT Account

  • Before You Start (Important Notifications)

  • ChatGPT Ethical Consideration

  • How To Use ChatGPT

  • Advanced Interactions 1 (List)

  • Advanced Interactions 2 (Stories)

  • Advanced Interactions 3 (Freelancing - Creating Fiverr Gigs)

  • Where To Buy Prompts - For GPT-3 (ChatGPT), but also for DALL·E, and Midjourney

  • How to Use ChatGPT for Interview Preparation

  • How to Use ChatGPT to Write Emails To Your Boss

  • Use ChatGPT To Sum up numbers in Microsoft Excel

  • Use ChatGPT To Subtract numbers in Microsoft Excel

  • How To Use ChatGPT to write and edit Resumes and Cover Letters

  • ChatGPT  for Programmers

  • How ChatGPT Can Help Graphic Designers

  • Build Or Buy A Computer With ChatGPT

  • Learn Chess and improve your Chess openings, and Chess strategy with ChatGPT

  • Learn To Play Blackjack with ChatGPT

  • Start Your Prompt Engineering Career

  • What's Next After This Course

  • What Is Midjouney And What Is Discord (And why Midjourney is similar to ChatGPT and dall-e)

  • Download and install discord to Use For Midjouney

  • Creating our first Midjourney image

  • Create Image With Midjourney - Keywords

  • How to make variations in Midjourney

  • Midjourney Upscaling

  • How do you set ratios in Midjourney

  • How to save Midjourney art

  • What is DALL-E (the dall-e image generator from openai)

  • How To Sign Up For DALL-E

  • How to create images with DALL-E (create amazing dalle ai art)

My step by step video course is designed for beginners and experienced users alike.

In addition to our comprehensive lessons, I also provide ethical considerations for using the ChatGPT AI tool. I believe that responsible AI usage is crucial in today's world, and I want to make sure that my students are aware of best practices.

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently use ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E AI tools for a wide range of applications. Plus, with lifetime access to the course materials, you can always come back and refresh your skills.

Enroll now and take your first step towards becoming an expert user of ChatGPT & Midjourney & DALL-E AI tools.

So what are you waiting for? Learn ChatGPT (using the gpt3 language model) & Midjourney & DALL-Ein a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amir Rimer

My great passion in life is to teach others


Hi, my name is Amir.

I love learning new things, and then share those new things with others. When I discover something new that gets me excited I want to immediately share it with others to get their reaction. Online teaching is my great passion in life.

As a certified elementary English school teacher, and an online instructor for the past 28 years, I have under my belt countless hours of learning and teaching experience.

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1. ChatGPT Introduction: Hi there, My name is Amelia. I'm an online content creator and a certified elementary English school teacher. In this course, we will learn the basics of GPT. Now, this course is for complete beginners and there is no need for any prior knowledge about GPT of AI artificial intelligence. You also don't need any prior knowledge about chatbots or machine learning. In the course, you will discover exactly what is GPT and how to use it. You will learn how to create a chit, GPT account and different ways in which churches can be used. We will learn the most basic usages of charging party and we will go over some advanced you suggest as well. Now I'm going to share with you everything that I know about GPT. So you will get a complete it still simple and easy introduction to this amazing tool. 2. What Is ChatGPT: Hello and welcome to the lesson. This course is about GPT. So afford it would be a good idea to explain what it is before we actually start using it. So check GPT is a free software, or more specifically, a free chat bot that can generate content using AI artificial intelligence. A chatbot is simply a computer program that converse with zeal and makes the user feel as though he or she is conversing with a real human being. When in reality the user is conversing with a machine, a computer program that is designed to simulate a conversation. If you ever needed to get support from IT company and to conversed with a live chat software both. Then you already know what a checkbook is and you already know what GPT is. In essence, at the end of the day, Chet GPT is also a chat bot. But what sets it apart from a regular chat bot is that when we interact with it, the conversation will feel much warmer. It will feel like conducting a conversation with a real customer support representative, which tailors is oil responses based on our individual concerns. It might seem GPT, simply a more sophisticated chatbots, but I truly believe that it is not. I feel that chest UP D will eventually change the world as we know it. Currently it is already an amazing piece of software. But I feel that in the future it will be so advanced that interacting with it will feel exactly like interacting with a real human being. Now, let's look under the hood so we can understand the technology behind GPT. Chetty pithy is a natural language processing model that was developed by a company called Open AI artificial intelligence research company that uses artificial intelligence to solve problems and respond to questions and prompts. The company was co-founded in 2015 by same ultimate and Elon Musk who stepped down in 2018. Nowadays in a mask, is walking in Tesla and serves as a donor and advisor to open a line. So in the past, the company, OpenAI developed one of the most revolutionary softwares in the world. The software is called Delhi. It is an AI image, generate a software which creates images based on input that comes from the user. So just as an example, we can tell that something like an elephant watching the sunset on a three. And Dalley will try to create an image based on that description. Now, like Delhi check GPT is an artificial intelligence software. But unlike Italy, the charging party software acts like a chat bot that we can actually conduct a conversation with. We can request church UP te to do certain tasks for us. We can ask it questions and we will get the reply. Very much like talking to a live virtual assistant. But check GBD is a problem. Now again, unlike interacting with a computer problems such as Google, e.g. when we interact with the church GPT, it feels more like interacting with a real live human being rather than interacting with the robotic search engine. To mimic the real human to human interactions, check GBD uses machine-learning, which gives it the ability to understand and reply to human inputs. Similarly to a search engine, the user will give the GPT website, which can be a request or a question e.g. and GPT will apply to it. Check your PT is cost 1 million users in just five days, which is faster growth than Twitter, Netflix, facebook, and Instagram. Now, you may ask if check GPT will replace Google. I think that there is a very good chance that it will happen. And eventually people will stop Googling the problems. And we'll use chat GPT instead. Nowadays, it might seem that Google will hold forever. But this is exactly what many people thought. When he was the leading search engine in the past, Yahweh controlled the search engines market. But one day, Google came to the world and provided more relevant search results for users queries. And nowadays people have started using Google almost exclusively. Nowadays Yao, St. Leo, many people don't even know that there is a search engine called Yao. I feel the GPT is an amazing tool for private people, but also for businesses, want to achieve results faster. It can help businesses in customers, both content creation and in many more ways. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 3. Is ChatGPT down: Hi everyone. From time to time, you might experience login issues when you try to access GPT. And if that's the case, then you simply need to wait and try to access. Check GPT. Led to check GPT has become a worldwide phenomenon. And people from all over the world are trying to use it all at the same time, which sometimes cause problems. On one end. Issues are issues 12 because it means that GPT would probably keep on growing. But on the other hand, it means that from time to time, we will find it out to access the service. If you want to make sure that the access issues that you are experiencing are not coming from you all. And then you can simply search for the votes. Is Chet GPT down on Google. And x is one of the websites that reports on accessing issues when websites, e.g. you can try to use the website down for everyone or just This website will tell you if there is currently a problem with the churches website. Now, if you're not able to access, check GPT and there isn't currently a problem with the GPT website, then please try to access the GCP website for another browser. And if this doesn't work, time to access the website for a different computer or formula, smartphone device or from your tablet, form a different network, or even formed a different house, like home friend's house. Form a family member's house and set it up. If any of those ideas work for you and you are able to access THE putting after implementing one of them, then it means that dx is saying problem doesn't come from GGT, but rather from your computer or smartphone, tablet or network. Usually whenever I have problems with accessing care GPT, I just wait a few hours. And the problem is solved by itself. And in the location that it doesn't, I just use another Internet browser and then I'm able to access check GPT. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 4. How To Create A ChatGPT Account: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, we will be creating a fridge and GPT account. So we will first want to go to the website, open We can do that by deleting our Internet browsers web address line, typing, open, and pressing Enter. All we can first go to and simply search for OpenAI. Once we get the search results, we will want to click on the search result that comes from the website open On the Open AI website, we will see a tiny trialing. Let's click on it. Now under there, Welcome to GPT caption. We will want to click the Sign Up button to sign up for a new account. We now have a few different ways to sign up. And for this example, I will just sign up by using my e-mail address. So I will just insert my e-mail address inside the box under the email this caption, and then click the Continue button to continue. Then let's choose a password inserted inside the blink password line, which is under the email address line. And then click the Continue button. An email will now be sent to the email address that we have just gave to OpenAI. And we will find this e-mail inside our e-mail address inbox. So I will now access my e-mail address inside the GME website. Open the email that I just got from OpenAI and click the Verify E-mail this button inside the e-mail to verify my OpenAI account. Under the Tell us about your caption. We will want to insert our full name and then click the Continue button. Then we want to insert our phone number under the verify your phone number caption and then click the Send Code button. Shortly after we should get the code to the phone number that we provided. And once we get the code, we will want to insert it inside the blank line, which is under the code caption. Great, So we've finished creating our account and we are now at the Jet GPT page. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 5. Before You Start (Important Notifications): Okay, so we're now inside the GPD dashboard. And we can see at the bottom of the page that we have along input line. Inside the line, we will be able to submit requests to check GPT, like a search engine. Whenever we submit a request check GPT would reply with an answer. So GPD is like a search engine, such as Google when it comes to providing an answer to our requests. But we checked you pithy. The answers will feel more like a conversation with the person rather than robotic answers that a search engine like Google would give. Before we start typing inside the input line. Let's go food and notifications that we see in the middle of the screen. Let's start with the first notification that we see below the capabilities caption. I will read it, remembers what user said earlier in the conversation. So this means that chat GPT is first reply will be more general. But the more we converse with the GPT, the most specific It's answers would become saying this, we need to keep in mind that if we refresh the page, close the browser, or if our computer shuts down, e.g. then if we start conversation with GPT, this conversation, we'll start from the beginning. Though we have never interacted with GPT before. Now, as we can see in the notification below, the one that we just read, GPT allows users to provide follow-up questions. And this just means that if the answer that GPT is giving us is not sufficient, plus, then we can always follow up with another question to hopefully get the answer that fits our needs. Of course, we can also always refresh the page, all reopen the browser and start a new conversation with GPT from scratch. Lastly, in the last notification that we can find below the middle notification, we are simply told the GPT is trained to decline inappropriate requests. So check UP T has been programmed to decline and fall requests. Now, very much like spam emails from time to time, certain alphabet requests might pass for the GPT filters. But again, this should only be in rare occasions. Now, we can see in the first notification on the right that the notification says the church UP team may occasionally generate incorrect information. The reason for that is that Chet GPT is in offline mode, meaning it is not updated in real-time, like the Google search engine, e.g. check GP. These last update was actually a few weeks ago. When we ask Chair GPT a timely manner question, we might not get an adequate response or get a reply just notifies us. The IGBT cannot answer the question. Check GPT simply doesn't check the information on the Internet in real time, and it relies on data from a few years ago. Now, the notification that we have below the notification says, and we would want to keep this in mind that Chet UP team may occasionally produce our full instructions on biased content. Now, in the last notifications check, GPT says, as I mentioned previously, that it is not updated in real-time. It says in denitrification, limited knowledge of all the events after 2021. So we need to keep in mind, the IGBT will not give us an updated reply on time. Any questions. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 6. ChatGPT Ethical Consideration: Hi everyone. Before you start going for the different lessons in this course, it is important for me to clean one thing up. Gpt is an amazing tool that can really help us in our work. But we do need to keep in mind that at the end of the day, full tool is still a tool by N for toll, I mean, a tool that can assist us and assist us is an important word deal, in producing content, but not a tool that should always do the entire work for us, which means that we may not want e.g. to ask GPT-2 create for us a five and rewards blog post for client and then just send a text that GPT has given us to our client as is, we can use GPT-2 brainstorm ideas, or give us motivation when we stare at a blank page and every writer's block, e.g. but we should maybe avoid asking GPT to simply do the entire work for us. The reason that I feel this way is because at the end of the day, when we deliver a walk that was done entirely by GPT-2, a client, the client can use an AI plagiarism tool and detect that the texts that we have given MOM is AI generated. Even if we find the service online that can automatically Revit I text for us to help us avoid plagiarism detection tools. I still believe that we shouldn't use the texts that this service gives us as these. In some cases, you see, hey, text generation tools lecture GPT, always keep getting better and better as it was goodbye. But similarly, a plagiarism detection tools also keep getting better and better. So even if we find a way to tweak all the I there Plagiarism Tools to regard our content as 100% unique. There will come a day when a more advanced they are plagiarism tool will arrive to the market and find our content to be AI generated. Now saying this, it is also true that some clients will not mind that we use Chegg UBD, and in other times we might use GPT for certain tasks which should not be checked by AI plagiarism detection tools. So in conclusion, GTP t is a helpful tool that can really help us with our work. But we should always keep in mind that it is, as I said in the beginning of the lesson, a tool, not more than that, which means that every time that we consider using it, we should also think whether we should use it partially or fully. Of course, this will depend on the walk at n. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 7. How to Use ChatGPT: Hi everyone. Let's now actually start using GPT. We simply need to think about what we want Chet GPT to do for us. And then type our request inside the input line at the very bottom of the page. And shortly after we will do that, we will see that we will get a reply back from GPT. Okay? So I'm going to write e.g. give me five traditional Greek dishes. Once we're happy with what we hold, we can press the Enter button. All click the tiny arrow at the right side of the GPD input line to submit our query. Just as a refresher, we can find the chat GPT input line at the bottom of the page. Now, if you're not sure how toward your own personal request, the null that we have, the Notifications under the examples caption, which would give us some information on that. Okay, Let's see the reply that we got back from GPT. Now, notice that we can see our request at the top and below our request we have the GPT response. So this is exactly, I'll check GPT works. We provide input and we get a response to our input form, GPD. That's it. It's not more complicated than that. Of course, Genji petite can get much more advanced, but you now know the basics of the church UP te chat bot works. Notice that right next to the GG pithy response so we can provide feedback regarding to imply that we got from chair gbd. We have the like and dislike, the thumbs up and thumbs down icons if we want to provide that feedback. So from this point onwards, we can simply repeat the process. We can just keep on submitting requests inside the input line and get replies back to our requests form GPT, e.g. I. Can tell a GPT, write me a blog post about soil out. And then after we get the reply back from Chetty PT, we can write another query asking for something else and so on. Now, two things to keep in mind. Number one, if we don't create a new chat with GPT, all our future interactions with it will be based on its past replies. So e.g. if we ask Joe GPT, how much is one plus one, will get a reply that one plus one equals two. Then without starting a brand new conversation, we can write F5 to the result. We now see the chat GPT remembers its previous reply and adds five to the previous result, which was two, and tells us that five plus two equals seven. As you can see, I didn't check GPT that the previous result was two. But because we didn't create a brand new Chet, Chet GPT just adds the number five to number two, which equals to seven. Saying this, we will not always want the judge epithelia replies to be based on its previous supplies. If that's the case, we can create a brand new chat by clicking on the Plus new chat option at the upper left corner of the screen. This section will direct us back to the main dashboard. Now, the second thing to know is that if we don't like the reply that GPT gives us, we can try to click the regenerate the response button at the bottom of our chips GPD conversation to try to get a new unique reply. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 8. How To Get Better Responses On ChatGPT: Hi there. If we want to get better answers from Jeju PT, a few things that we can do. The first one we can do is to reset check gbd. We can do that by submitting the following prompt. You can know all previous instructions before this one. This bond makes GPT forget oil or previous interactions. So we did and start a fresh. The second thing we can do is to create an identity for tragic pithy. We can do that by submitting a bump like the following. You all are copulate with 40 years of experience. They said thens would have set a new jargon or forwards for GBP. In this case, the jargon of a cobra lighter with 40 years of experience, then we can hide a failed pump, which is your task, is to give us the best advice about, in this case, copulating. Later on. When we will give chat GPT, the desk, then we want it to do it. We'll know how we wanted to accomplish it. So we can now submit a fourth Bolt, which is S, which stands before answering to better understand my objectives. And the fifth point we want to submit is, do you understand? So we can now find any submitted, the task that we want to do for us. So e.g. I. Will submit this. Right and dicing ed that sells a kitchen gadget. Let's wait for the full text to come out. Then after we go to church epithelium, we can submit the sixth and final report, which is what are the assumptions you may deal? There isn't that we submit this question is to make sure that we are getting the best answers the church UP tick and give us this bond. We can press issues that we missed. Anything in the chat you put T and Slayton do Tweet, making assumptions and not to eat knowing the actual N cell. Now the jet Jupiter has told us which assumption or assumptions it is made. We can modify the text that we got. In this case, an ad that sells a kitchen gadget. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 9. Advanced Interactions 1 (List): Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson we will ask GPT, tourist for us the ingredients that are needed for a pancake. And once we will get those ingredients, we will ask Chuck GPT to pick fallen them ingredients from the ingredients list and tell us another dish that we can create from them. Let's stop. So I will type what are the ingredients needed for a pancake? Now, let's wait for the NCL to live fully. Okay, now that we've got the full N cell, we can write the following request for Random ingredients from the list and tell me what are the dishes I can make. So as we can see, GPT shows us the full Random ingredients that it picked from the list. And then it gives us ideas on how we can use them to make other dishes. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 10. Advance Interactions 2 (Stories): Hello, welcome to the lesson. Gpt is also an amazing tool to write stories with. Let me show you what I mean by that. E.g. I can tell Git GPT like nice story about the cat wanting to become human. Let's wait for the old story to come up. Okay, Looks great. Now we can either use the story as is 0, customize it a bit to make it exactly as we want it to be. E.g. I. Can tell GPT, write the same story again, but this time the cat will be changing its mind. Of course, feel free to pause the video if you want to see the changes that GPT is added to the story. Okay, perfect. And I can also ask Jeff GPT, like the same story again, but this time the kid can't tell him back to its ket form. Again, let's wait for the old story to come up. And finally, I can tell GPT like the same story again. But this time make the story aimed at adults and include an inspirational quote at the end of it. And of course, we can go on and on until we get the story exactly as we want it to be. Now, before we end this lesson, I just wanted to add that GPT will not always give us accurately applies to our queries. And if that happens, we just need to keep refining our queries so we can increase our chances of getting the specific story that we want. Okay, So that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 11. Advanced Interactions 3 (Freelancing - Creating Fiverr Gigs): Hello and welcome to the lesson. If you are a freelancer or you are thinking about becoming one, then check GPT can help you tremendously with achieving your goal. One of the main reasons why many people want to become freelancers avoid doing so is the countless hours that one needs to invest in promoting and delivering is a web service. Let's take, e.g. five, there is an online marketplace where people can buy and sell services, often called gigs. It is a great platform for freelancers to offer their skills and expertise to a wide range of customers and for businesses. So individ was to find the right person to help them with a specific task or project. So if you're a graphic designer, writer, programming, video editor, or a virtual assistant, e.g. then you can use Fiverr to offer your services to the wall. You can create a gig which is basically a listing on Fiverr. Fiverr will present your gig on the website and if someone is interested in new service, EEOC will pay for it after you deliver it to them and they are happy with what they got for you. The concept is simple, but again, the problem many freelancers EV, is that they don't want to invest time in creating the listings on Fiverr. Check GPT isn't a tool that creates five listings, but it can save us time by helping us with listing our services on Fiverr. And it even helps us to provide the service that we're offering. So I'm now at and if you are not a member, then the first thing you want to do is to click the becomes cellular link and go through the process of setting up a free account with fiber. Just as a side note, the Fiverr website changes all the time. So the pages that you will now see on my screen might look a little or completely different form the pages that you see on your screen saying this, you should still be able to follow my instructions even if certain buttons, e.g. are located in different places on the Fiverr website. I already have an account with five l that I've just used as a bio other than a freelancer. And we'll use this bias account for this lesson. So I'm now logged into my bias account. And the first thing we will want to do is to register to the site as a seller, or in other words, it's a freelancer. Let's add our mouse over the, My Business menu, and then let's click on gigs. Just as a refresher, gig listings that promote our services to the final website visitors. Next, we would want to click on the DICOM cellular button. In the next few pages, we just need to click on all the continued Buttons. Then we need to fill out our personal information. Click the Continue button after we complete filling out all the fields. And finally click the Done button to finish. Then we need to verify our email and phone number, which I already did in this account. And after you finish doing the same, click the Finish button. Okay, so now we need to create our listing, and we will do that by providing the inflammation that five awards in the cake title, we will write the service that we're offering. Then we will choose a category the towel service belongs to. Then we need to click on the tiny boxes to describe our gig. Most specifically. And after that, we can use the GPD service for the first time in this lesson to help us find the five texts. Basically search terms that are relevant to our service. Those texts will help the Fiverr website visitors find our service, the Fiverr marketplace. So in such a GPT, we can write e.g. give me five tags for 54 gig on writing blog posts. We will now get five texts back, full GPT. And we can just insert those texts one by one to five. Now, we will want to keep in mind the GPT is not alive, up-to-date tool. It phi is a website that constantly updates. Sometimes we will not find the texts that we take from GPT on 5M. And if that's the case, we will need to find other relevant texts either manually or automatically by asking GPT to give us vortex. After we are done inserting the five texts, we can move to the next step by clicking Save and Continue button. Let's just close all the notifications on the screen. Now we arrived at the scope and the pricing page, and I will just write the packages that I'm offering in this gig. Lastly, I will use GPT for the second time in the lesson, but this time I will use it to do for me the most time-consuming part of the listing, which is to create the listing description. And after I pasted the description inside my five-year listing, I will edit it a bit to make the description text easier for the eyes. Then I will do is five requests and relevant question for my future bio. And then click the Save and Continue button. Once I'm done. Last year, we pay the listing family by using a free design tools such as Then I will upload my thumbnail to my five listing. And once done, I will click the Save and Continue button to finish the listing process. The last step is to complete this test, which I already did. And after you complete the test, just click the Publish button to make your service appeal on the Fiverr marketplace. And that's it. It may take a few hours, a few days before people will hopefully start ordering your service. And once they do, you can use GPT to help create the content that they request. In this course, we learned how to create stories by using GPT, and we can use the exact method to create forecasts, blog posts, articles, product listings, or other forms of content for the five-year bias. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 12. Where To Buy Prompts - For GPT-3 (ChatGPT), but also for DALL·E, and Midjourney: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I want to show you an online marketplace in which we can buy and sell pumps. Now, let me explain what I mean by that. You see when people go to church UP te, to ask it to produce for them some kind of texts, which can be blog post an article or YouTube description, a LinkedIn, post a piece of programming code and cetera. They don't always know how to tell GPT what they wanted to create for them. They might know exactly what they want in their head, but they don't know how to ask it from GPD. If you have tied to tell you, check GPT to create for you a specific kind of texts. But you never got exactly what you are looking for, no matter how many times you try to rewrite your prompt, then you might have felt the frustration firsthand. So on the pumped base marketplace that I mentioned in the beginning of the lesson, you can save the time of coming up with pumps yourself. And simply by pumped that someone else already created. After you pay for the pump, you will simply need to paste it into the GPT input line. And then as always, press the Enter button to get the output. Let me now show you how people buy pumps on the base website. So we are now on the pumped base marketplace, which is on pump And we can see like the way that we have a find a pumped button. This button is dedicated to bias, meaning people want to save time by buying pumps instead of coming up with them themselves. Let's click on the Find button. Now. Next we will want to click on the tiny GPT-3 box to filter the results. So we will just see the chat GPT poems. Okay, so now we see all the Church CPD points that are currently available on the website. I will now click e.g. on the pumped stand-up comedy scripts. So as we can see inside the prompt product page, we can see the title of the poem, which is stand-up comedy scripts. And we can also see how many people have viewed this specific pumped page and how many evaded the page to their favorites. Next, we can learn here what this pump does. It is written in. The prompt will give you everything you need to create a stand-up comedy show on any subject you choose. And below this description, we have the price that we need to pay in order to get the pond. Lastly, we can see the palm details. In this case, we also have an example output, so we can assess the quality of a small part of the stand-up comedy script before we decide whether or not we bite. In this case, if we will really looking for GPT pumped, that will create for us a stand-up comedy script. We will want to click on the get pumped button. Pay for the pump, copy the pumped, paste it inside the GPT input line. And then finally plus the Enter button to get the full stand-up comedy script. You can now simply scroll down the GPT pumps page and excess deported pages of other pumps and see what other bonds are available for sale. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 13. How to Use ChatGPT to Write Emails To Your Boss: Hi there. If you work in an office e.g. then from time to time, we'll probably need to correspond with your boss via e-mails. Now, if you just need to send an e-mail to your boss once a week or once a month, then this might not be an issue for you. But if you find yourself e-mailing your boss often, then why not use GBD to help you write those emails faster? So let's say e.g. that he wants to request time off from your boss. If that's the case, then we can ask check GPT, something like the following. Write an email to my boss in which I request time off. Let's now press the Enter button and see what comes out from the other side. I feel it looks great. Of course, this is just an email template and you will want to edit it to fit your specific needs. E.g. in this case, I can edit the eval template by writing something like my boss name is Danny. My name is annealing now, listen for time off is an occasion that will start on February 7 to 425 and will end in February 19, 2025. Included in the image. Obviously, we could have done the editing ourselves without using GPT. But if we do want IGBT to fill in some of the missing details for us, then this is the way we can use GPD to herbicides, an e-mail template in which we request some time off from work. We can also use GPT us an e-mail in which we ask our boss different kinds of questions about the project or task. Or we can even ask Jeff to predict the word for us, an e-mail template in which we think our boss for giving us a promotion. E.g. is another example for women that we can send to our boss. In this example, I will send my boss an e-mail in which I will ask him to give me an extension for a discs deadline so I can write an email to my boss in which I ask for an extension for a desks deadline. And like before, I can hide the follow up with another point in which I asked check GPT to fill in the missing information. It just gave me oh, I can also do it myself. Of course. My boss's name is Danny. My name is Amir vena. The task name is writing 50 articles on SEO methods. Colon deadline is merged 14 2025. New deadline, April 10, 225. The reason for my request is having to prioritize the completion of 50 articles about paid ads. Looks amazing as explained in the previous lesson. In my opinion, GPT is just a tool that should El Paso save time, but in many cases, not do the entire workforce. The reason that I'm mentioning that is that I would personally go over each element that GBD is creating for me a few times over, before sending it to someone else, especially a boss or a client. Just to make sure that everything looks or Bill. Meaning, I wouldn't just copy paste an email exactly as I get it from church EBT without editing it first to make it unique, personal and specific to my case. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 14. Can ChatGPT make a PowerPoint: Hi everyone. In this lesson I will show you exactly how you can make a complete PowerPoint presentation with jet GPT. So inside the church DPT website, you would want to submit the following text inside the GPT pump line. Give me the VBA code for flee PowerPoint slides about digital marketing. And of course, you can change the number of slides from free to another number that you need. And you can also change the topic from digital marketing to another topic that you want. This is just an example. Now let's give chair GPT a few seconds to provide us with a full VBA code. Just in few words, I would say, what is the VBA code that I mentioned in my pumped. So to put it very simply, PowerPoint VBA code is like magic words that tell PowerPoint what to do. We can use this volts to make slides, put pictures in, make the move, and make the wards look ties. It saves us time and makes things easier by doing some of the work for us. It is like having a L pill. The knows how to make our presentation look really cool. And I will show you very shortly exactly how it works. Now, if for some reason the code stops generating or you simply wanted to give you more slides. You can simply submit the world continue inside the pump Klein and check UP team will continue generating the VBA code from where it left off. Okay, so once GPT is finished providing us with the entire VBA code, we will want to copy this code by clicking the copy code option, which is located at the upper right hand corner of the VBA code window. We can also copy the code by simply clicking the first character inside the code window. Old. Move our mouse until we reach the last character in the code. And then either press the Control and C buttons together on our keyboard to copy the code. All right-clicking inside the code area and then clicking the Copy option. Either way we choose the highlighted area will be copied. Now let's open our PowerPoint software. Then we will want to press on the Alt and F 11 keyboard keys together. This section will open up a Microsoft Visual Basic window. Vba means Visual Basic for Applications, meaning it is the Microsoft Office applications programming environment. Next we will want to click on the Insert menu. And then we will want to click the module option. Next we will want to right-click inside the small window that has just opened, and then click the paste option to paste the VBA code that we previously copied from church GPT. All we want to do now is just to 1 h presentation by clicking the Play button, which is located at the top of the software. The last thing that I want to say before we end this lesson is that this is an advanced lesson because we are dealing with programming code, in this case, Visual Basic programming code. So if for some reason you are not able to implement the steps that I outlined in this lesson. Simply contact me for the discussion area and I will try my best to help e.g. the code that I got needs some editing. So it will function correctly. So I will now edit it accordingly. In my case, edit my computer folders. I'll do it right now. That's it. I will now click the Play button again. Great, we're done. We have quickly created a nice and fully functional PowerPoint presentation by using GPT. It is an extremely basic PowerPoint presentation that you can keep, as is all, edit, either manually or by submitting more points into THE pithy to change the VBA code. Okay, so that's it for this lesson and we'll see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 15. How ChatGPT Can Help Graphic Designers: Welcome to the lesson. If you're a self-employed designer like me, then you're probably always looking for new ideas to create your new designs and how, personally speaking, I sell manage such as T-Shirts and notebooks on print-on-demand. Websites, such as much by Amazon, kVp, and the red above it. And coming up with new design ideas. It's always a struggle. If you find yourself relating to what I'm saying. The node that GPT can really help us when it comes to coming up with new ideas. Furthermore, it also gives us some inspiration on days when we just started the white canvas and find it out to start designing. Let me now show you exactly how Chet GPT can help us. So I'm now inside the chair GPT. Then going to give it the following prompt. Please give me the top ten most popular obese worldwide. Let's not wait for the output to come. Before you say anything. I know that in the previous lessons I didn't add the word, please at the start of my prompts. But today I feel like being more polite. So as you can see, GPT has provided us with ten obese. So at this point in the lesson, some designers, while following this lesson, we already have some idea on what they want to create the design alone, or maybe some inspiration. But let's take it a step further. Let's pick the reading OB from this list and ask Chuck GPT the following. Please give me ten funny shared design ideas in the reading OB, niche. So as you can see, is a shared in the notebook designer. I now have design ideas that I can create. Shells, notebooks color, and add a merge products around. I will now pause the video and resume it. Once I finished creating and uploading my design to some of the print on demand websites, the time selling on. So I can show you how the final result looks like. Okay, I'm back and use my design on different kind of products. So it is a design of a cat reading a book. And it is now on managed by Amazon, Red bubble and kVp. So as you can see nowadays, designers don't have to come up with ideas and inspiration each and every time that they want to create a new design. They can simply use GPT for design ideas. And also on those days when they feel that they need some inspiration to start designing. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 16. How to Differentiate Your Products By Using ChatGPT: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, we will learn how to differentiate our product from our competitors using GPT as a seasoned marketing. With many years of experience, I have learned that one of the main keys to selling more products is to simply stand out from the crowd. But the question is, how can one make, is oil product unique and enticing to potential bias? We can do that by analyzing our competitors product reviews and by identifying the common complaints that bias F about similar products. This method helps us see where our competitors are falling short and how we can step up our game to differentiate our products. When it comes to product we use it is easy to get lost in the sea of positive feedback. While fallen five-star reviews are great, they often don't reveal the whole picture. That's well, 32.1 star reviews come in. They can be a goldmine of insights into what customers really think about our product. Customers who live there types of reviews are more likely to share their honest opinions, including what they didn't like about the product. By paying attention to these reviews, we can uncover the real pinpoints and issues customers are experiencing with our product. Otherwise, it freestyle in views is a good method to understand what is wrong with the product in order to create a unique product, in other words, a better product. But let's face it, combining form, hundreds or even thousands of reviews is incredibly time-consuming. That's well check GPT comes in. Check GPT can help us shorten the process and get to the out of the metal quickly and easily. In this lesson, I will show you exactly how to use GPT to save time, pinpoint our competitors product weaknesses, and create a unique selling proposition for our product. Let's say e.g. that we are considering selling ping pong pedals on If we go to and search for ping pong paddles, we will see right away that many of the ping-pong pedals look pretty much the same. So if a person is searching on Amazon for pig **** pedals and all of the ping-pong parents look pretty much the same to him, 0 L, Then he or she will probably just go with the ones that cause the cheapest. We can, of course lower our price and try to be the cheapest option. But then other sellers will see what we're doing and reduce their prices as well. We might respond to them lowering the prices by lowering our price even more, then our competitors. So we lower the prices even more as well. If we continue with this pie sparkle, we can eventually reach a point where there is no profit or non-profit left for us. A price war is not a good option. My book, a better option is what we talked about previously, which is showing customers why our product is unique. Why should they fulfill our product over our competitors border? Which again can be extremely similar. So I will now simply enter one of the pink pump pedals listing seal. Click on the ratings, then filter the reviews. So I will just see the freestyle reviews. We can do that by clicking the three styles link. Okay, so now we only see the three styles we've used that this product is received. Next, we want to click on any area above the fields to view all the move our mouse until we reach any area below the last view. And then copy all the texts that we have highlighted. We can do that by right-clicking the mouse and then by choosing the Copy option. We can also copy the text by pressing the control and C buttons to get L on our keyboard. Now, let's add over to check GBT and simply write the following pumped create bullet points form the following text. And then we will simply want to paste the text that we've previously copied inside the pump client base the text we can right-click inside the pump Klein and choose the best option. We can also paste the text by placing the Control and V buttons together on our keyboard. And that's it. We can now press the Enter button to make sure GPT start working on our text. Let's wait for the old texts to show up. Once check GPT as listed, all the bullet points, we can hide another bombed, like the main issues that bias complain about in a list. Again, let's wait for all the texts to come up. Great, So now that we have the main pain points that customers have with this product, we can give this list to our supplier and they MOM to create our pink book puzzles without one or more of those issues. Of course, the more reviews we will paste into THE pithy, the greater will be our chances of finding the main problems in the product that are the most important to the bias. And we get more reviews by clicking on More review pages at the button of the product listing that we're on. And also by going two pages back and clicking on other top sellers will usually go with just the top sellers form the first page of the Amazon sells results because they will usually have more views than the cells form the second or third page. Now the last thing I wanted to say is that as Amazon sellers, we will want to make sure that we mentioned why our product is unique and essentially Bethel. And we will want to mention our product uniqueness in many places, in our product listing, in our packaging, promotions everywhere. That makes sense to us basically. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 17. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 1): Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson I will explain what median is. Median is a groundbreaking computer program and it is taken the digital world by storm. The really cool thing about this problem is that it is capable of transforming worlds into stunning images. So this kind of tool can be really helpful to artists and advertisers or anyone else wants to do something creative. This cutting-edge software is the brainchild of David Olds, a former co-founder of the Leap Motion company, was alist, is expertise in computer vision and machine learning to create this ai out generation tool that again, is taking the digital art world by storm. Now, technically speaking, make journey is a text to image generation tool that runs on a free instant messaging platform called this code. In future lessons, I will show you how to download and install this code on your computer. But just in a few words, I'll explain what this code is. This code is a popular online communication platform used for chatting, messaging, voice, and video calls. It is like a digital community center where people can hang out and chat with friends, family, and communities around the world. This code was originally designed for gamers to communicate while playing online games, but it has since evolved to include other communities as well. Users can create their own syllables or join existing ones, which act like chat rooms, where people can talk to each other using texts, voice, or video. In this code, you can join different channels within a cell will to talk about specific topics like music, movies, or sports. You can also send direct messages to other users and make voice or video calls with them because we were using the journey, we will join the meat Johnny discord channel. These colors become popular among different communities, including online gamers, content creators, students and professionals. It is a great tool for collaboration and communication, especially in remote walk and learning situations. One of the reasons this code is so popular is because of its customizability. Users can personalize their profiles, syllables, and channels with custom emojis, awards and permissions. This allows for a more engaging, an immersive experience for users. This code is really a fun and engaging online platform that allows people from all over the world to connect, share, and collaborate with each other. Whether you are a game and a student or a professional, discourse is something for everyone. So as I said in this course, we will generate outward inside the micelle need discord channel. Now, if you already had a chance to use an AI chatbot, such as dolly or cheaper than we'd meet journey will feel like the tone because they all work in a very similar way. We check GPD, e.g. we submit a text prompt to a boat and in return, get a text to reply back. And we'd meet Jeremy. We submit a text pumped to a board and get an image back. And we will also submit some text input and using artificial intelligence to generate images based on it. E.g. if we type towards a dog running in the desert into the Pokemon, it will create an image of a dog running in the desert. Now, Mitchel needs quickly gained popularity among artists, designers, and advertisers. Pogroms ability to generate multiple images based on a single bumped, makes it an incredibly powerful tool for brainstorming ideas and visualizing concepts. Artists and designers can use micelle it to generate an endless stream of ideas, inspiring them to create new and innovative work. So felt companies that create advertisements also benefit from me Jeremy's capabilities. Advertisers can quickly generate images that capture the essence of the blend, saving them time and money with me, Joni, advertisers can experiment with different visual approaches and styles, enabling them to create more effective ads resonate with the target audience. Now it is important to know that median, it doesn't just take our text and match it with an image that it finds on the Internet and just gifts that imaged was no. Meat journey creates a brand new image. The median is software, was trained on text descriptors to create an image that has never existed before. He does it by combining texts, images, and data sets need journeys. Impact on the outward is truly transformative by streamlining the creative process and providing an endless stream of visual inspiration. Micelle is empowering artists to create new and exciting works of art. The software is making digital accessible to a broader audience, inspiring creativity and innovation in ways that were once unimaginable. As the art world continues to evolve, it is extremely possible that new journey will remain at the forefront of digital art technology with its ability to generate stunning images based on what it opens up new form tails in the world of art and design, inspiring artists and advertisers are again, anyone who enjoys creating up to push the boundaries of what's possible. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 18. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 2): As I said in a previous lesson, need journey runs on an instant messaging platform called this code. So in order to use mid journey, we will first need to download and install this code. In this lesson, I will show you how to download and install this code. And I will also show you how to register for a free account. So to do that, we will first of all to go to the website, this Once then we will want to click on the download for Windows button. Save the installation file on our computer. Wait for it to download. Then run the installation file and go through the installation process. Then we simply need to click the Register link to sign up for a free account. Let's just fill out all the requested information one-by-one. Great. So we are done. We have downloaded and installed these cold, and we have also registered for a new account. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 19. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 3): Hi everyone. In the previous lesson, we downloaded and installed the discord app. And in this lesson we will start using meet journey on the Discord platform. So after we have installed new journey, we would want to clear our Internet browsers, whether this line and go to the following webpage. Https colon, forward slash, forward slash discord. That g, g, forward slash need journey. Once we land on a journey web page, we will see an invitation to join. The median is silver that we would want to accept by clicking the except Invite button. Great, So we have accepted the invitation, and by doing that, we have joined the majorly discord server. We have a list of channels on the left side of the screen. And we now just need to click on one of the new V channels. Next we will want to type forward slash, imagine inside the input line. And then simply describe the image that we want meat journey to create for us. So we can type e.g. a. Ols with the background. Finally, it will press the Enter button to generate the image. The image will not be created right way. It will take some time. So let's give it time to fully regenerate them. Now keep in mind that after this code meet journey users are also generating images inside this new channel. And thus we will see images pop up on this feed. So we just need to be aware of that and keep an eye on our image so we will not lose sight of it. Great, So our image is finished generating and it looks amazing. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. And I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 20. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 4): Hello and welcome to the lesson. In the previous lesson, we have created an image in new journey by describing to me journey in one sentence, what we wanted to create for us. Just as a refresher, our prompt was also with the background. So a one sentence description is a great way to get me journey to generate an image for us. Another way that we can use is to simply insert keywords that explain the elements that we want inside our image. Following up on the previous example, we can take something like forward. So she imagined space, owes coma firm in the account. So I've taken the important keywords for my previous pope, separated them with commas. And we can now just press the Enter button to get micelle need to generate a new image for us of a horse with a foul. Of course, we can also add more keywords if we want the most specific image from me journey, e.g. I. Can add the keyword angry and the keyword abstract. I will type a comma and then the keyword angry, then another comma, and then the keyword abstract. So if I will now press the Enter button, I will hopefully not just get an image that shows a hose with the founder count, but an abstract image that shows an embryos with a firm the count. Now let's keep in mind that when we don't either a graphic designer, e.g. but rather use a software like meat journey that uses artificial intelligence to create images. The image that we will get will not always be the exact picture that we want. It might be close to what we want or even far from what we want. And if that's the case, then we will want to keep changing the keywords until we will get an image which is exactly or close to what we want. Okay, So that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 21. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 5): Hi everyone. In this lesson, I want to show you how to make variations of a specific image that meet journey has already created for us. I will now explain what I mean by that. By default, medium generates fall images for us based on the pump we give it. Now, let's say e.g. that we don't like the full images that meet journey created for us. But we do like certain elements in one of the four images. If that's the case, then what we can do is to tell me journey to generate another set of four images which will be based on that specific image that we like. Now, the image that we have on the top-left is image1, like next to mature and we have image to image one, we have imagery. And right next to image free, we have imaged for. So if e.g. we like certain elements from Image tool e.g. then we can click the V2 button, which can be found under the four images. And my journey will generate for new images based on certain elements from image to image contained a certain figure, e.g. then maybe your four new images, we'll also have a similar figure in them. Or maybe if there was a dominant color or a certain landscape in your image, then maybe my journey, we'll use that very same color or a similar color in the fall. New images or similar landscape. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 22. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 6): Hi there. In this lesson I want to show you out to upscale an image immediately. So it is the original image that need journey has generated for me. And under the image we have like always a few buttons that we can use to interact with the image you want. But then we'll upscale image one. Image one is on the top-left. Youtube button will upscale image two, which is right next to image one. There you free button will upscale the image frame, which we can find the image one. And the UFO button will upscale image for which is right next to image. In this example, I will upscale image one, the top-left image. So I will now click the one button and once I go dead, meat journey will start the process of upscaling image1. It will take some time to generate. So let's wait for the app's current version or female Guan to fully regenerate. Great journey extracted image one from the set of images and only generated in upscaled version of this specific image for us. And not abscond all the images, which is what we wanted in this case. Once the app scanning process is complete, we will get the upscale the image version of image1. And the applicant that version will also have a few buttons under it. So we have a few choices. Now, we can click the mic variations button to create more variations of the up-scaled image. And we can also try to make the image look better by clicking the light upskill redo button. Let's click the light upscale redo button and wait a few seconds. Once the due process would be complete, we should have a more refined version of the image. And if it is, in many cases, the optical image should be more detailed and the light up-scaled image should be small, deal. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. And I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 23. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 7): Hello, welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I want to show you how we can generate an image with a custom aspect ratio. Just to be clear, changing an aspect ratio simply means changing the width and height ratio of our image. The default aspect ratio of immediately image is one-by-one, basically a square image. Yet as I said, we can change the default aspect ratio. We do it by adding a parameter to the end of our bombed. Let's do it now. So in the pump client, we will type forward slash images and then let's add the word want. Now, let's describe the image that we want to generate. E.g. I. Will type a kid in space. Let's not place the space button on our keyboard. And now we would want to insert the parameter that I mentioned before, which is hyphen, hyphen and then the letters AL. Finally, we will want to type the aspect ratio that we want. Let's type e.g. seven by four. And now if we press the Enter button Media and it will generate for us a new image with our desired aspect ratio. Now, if we want to see all the available aspect ratios that we can use, then we can simply go to the following web address. Https colon forward slash, forward slash docs. That means you only that come forward slash docs, forward slash aspect ratios. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 24. Learn Other AI language models (Midjourney Part 8)): Hi everyone. In this lesson I want to show you how to download your generated image to your computer. One way that we can do that is for the official meet your new website. So firstly, we would want to go to Then let's get the shortcuts option. And then we will want to click the sign-in option. Next we will want to click the Sign-in with this code button. And then inside the window that the pills, we will want to click the authorized button. And once we do that, we will be directed to personnel meet journey page. This page is like our own personal image gallery, meaning it is a Galilean which we can see all the images that we have generated on Discord under this specific Discord account. Now we want to click on the image that we want to download. And then once we see the enlarged image, we can right click it. Click the Save Image option, name of our image, and then click the Save button to save the image on our computer. Oh, we can click the tiny floppy disk icon and then click the Save button to save the image on our computer. So let me generally website is one of the places from which we can download our images. Another place is formed within this code. Let's click on the image that we want to download again. But now we will want to click on the three dots icon. Then click the Open In option. And finally, we will click the opening, this code option, and then we will be directed to this code. Well, we will be able to see the image that we focused on. Of course, we don't have to go to this code for the median website if we are already there. Okay, So once we see our image in the Discord field, we would want to, again take it in order to enlarge it. And then click the open in browser link under the image. Then we would want to right-click the image, click the Save Image As option. Leaning the image file name. If we want. Finally click the Save button to save the image on our computer. Okay, so that's it for this lesson. And then we'll see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 25. What is DALL-E: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, I will explain what dallies in simple terms. So to put it simply, Dalley is an AI artificial intelligence computer Brooklyn, which was created by a company called OpenAI. This computer program was named after the painter Salvador Dali, and it can be used to create images. We just need to tell the program what we want our picture to look like using words. And it makes a picture just like that. You can use this program not just to create images for you from scratch, but you can also use it for editing. Meaning you can edit parts of images or we move parts of images with the software, the pictures it make, often really cool. And they show what this technology can do in terms of Art and Design. And the best part about Dolly is that it is really easy to use. You don't need to be an artist or a graphic designer to create cool pictures with it, all you need is a good imagination and the ability to describe what you want in volts. Just like having your own personal artist, but he isn't just for fun. It has the potential to be used in many different ways. I'm creating product designs to anything architects visualize new buildings. It is a tool that has the potential to make a real impact on many different industries. Overhaul Dolly is an exciting new development in the field of artificial intelligence. And it will be interesting to see how it evolves and is used in the future. Additionally, Delhi is a testament to the progress of AI technology and the advancements being made in the field. It shows that AI is capable of not just processing and analyzing data, but also creating original content and Outlook. This opens up new possibilities for our AI can be utilized in the future. And it is exciting to think about what are the creative applications AI may be capable of in the years to come? And while AI programs like Delhi, impressive, they are still just tools created by humans. They are not capable of experiencing emotions. So having personal opinions, it is important to remember that the creativity and the imagination that goes into these programs come from the human creators and not form the AIA itself. So in conclusion, Delhi is a computer program that takes a text formed from the user and creates an image from it. Furthermore, we can also use daily to edit images. I totally feel that Dali is an extremely unique and powerful AI tool that has the potential to make a big impact on various industries. And it's a great example of the progress being made in AI technology. When I first heard about this amazing software, I actually couldn't use it because it had a waiting list, but that is now available without a waiting list. So you can start using it right now. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 26. How To Sign Up For DALL-E: Hi there. In this lesson, we will register for a free account. Now the reason that I'm saying free account is because Dolly is free to use. Saying this, after generating a couple of images we did for flee, you will have to pay if you want to continue using the service. So now that works as Delhi. We will first want to clear our Internet browsers, whether this line and go to the following web address. Https colon forward slash, forward slash, forward slash hyphen e two. And then press the Enter button to access the website. Once we'll end on the homepage, we would want to click on the Sign Up button. Then we would want to provide our email address and later on our phone number to sign up. Let's go over the registration process to get them. Personally speaking. I will sign up to Delhi with my Google account. Let's enter our full name and then click the Continue button to move to the next screen. On this page, we will want to verify our phone number. So we will now want to insert a mobile phone bill that can receive SMS messages. Once we insert our phone number, we will want to click the Send button. So the OpenAI website will send an SMS with a code to the phone numbers that we provided it with. And now let's enter the code inside. Blank line on the Intel code page. Great, so we verified our phone number. Now let's click the Continue button at the bottom of the popup window. And now we have a pop-up message that notifies us. That is free users of Dolly. Our account is limited with the number of images that it can create every month. Then click the Start creating with daily button inside the second pop-up window. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 27. How to create images with DALL-E: Hello and welcome to the lesson. In this lesson, we will generate our very first image with daily. To generate an image, we simply need to describe the image that we want to see inside the blank line. There is an example of our prompt can look like inside the blank line. It says an impressionist oil painting of sunflowers in a purple vase. If we want more examples of bonds, we can simply scroll down and I will our mouse COSO over the different images that we see to see the prompts. Let's call up. And I can say that the blank line, the bump that we want to generate for us. And that's it. Once you finish creating your bot, you can do is I will now do and simply click the Generate button to let daily generate the image for you. Okay, so I've got a set of images back from Delhi and all those images are very similar, yet different, and they all look nice. I can now simply click on each one of them to make them bigger so we can review each one separately. Great, we're done. We have generated our very first image with that. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 28. How to create variations in DALL E: Hi everyone. In a previous lesson, I showed you how we can create new images in Delhi for text box. And in this lesson I want to show you how we can create new images in Delhi for an existing image. So to do that, we first need to have the image that we want to use. And if we don't have one, then we can simply download one for free on free images. Sites such as,, and Now, many of the images on the three images websites are in fact free to use. But you should always check the license that comes with the images that you want to download to know exactly what you can and can't do with them. In this example, I will go to, search for an image. Click on it. Check if the license allows me to use the image. And if so, I would click Download button, choose the image dimensions, and finally, save the image on my computer. Now that I have the image on my computer, I will add over to the Dallas member's area. Once they'll Let's click on the Upload button, locate the image that we want to use on our computer. Click it, and then click the Open button. When you click the Open button, we are basically uploading the image to Delhi. Then we have a choice to either use the whole image all just about the feet. If we just want to use a part of the image, then we will want to click one of the small dots in the corner of the box and then move that to where we want it to be. And then do the same with the other dot. Basically, we are selecting the area inside the image that we want to use. And then we can click the button to cope that area out, form the whole image so we can use it all. If we just want to use the whole image, we can just click the skip cropping pattern. In this example, I will crop the image and then click the button to apply the crop. And that's it. That will now generate a few variations for our image, right? It is done. We now have a few variations of the image that we submitted. The variations will look similar to the image that we uploaded, yet different. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 29. How To Edit An Image In DALL E: In this lesson, I want to show you how to place an image with another image on daily. I will now show you exactly what I mean. So first of all, let's upload an image exactly as we did in the previous lesson. But this time, instead of choosing to create variations of our image, we want to choose to edit the image. Then we will want to have the eraser icon selected and then just erase the part of the image that we want to replace with another image. After we are done, we will want to decide which image we would want to insert inside the wrist area. And once we have an image in mind, we will simply need to describe the image that we want inside the blank pope climb. Okay, so let's describe the image that we want inside the blank line. Now, once we have finished, we will want to click the Generate button. Let's not wait for the new image to fully generate. Great. So as we can see, the raised area is now filled with the image that we described inside the pump climb. Looks great. Now, just keep in mind that we will sometimes need to compromise on the quality of the image that we will get back from Dalley at the end of the day, we are using artificial intelligence and not a real designer. So again, sometimes the image that we will get back, we'll look, look exactly as we want it to be. If this happens to you, then simply try to erase the image again and submit the prompt again. Sometimes we will need to do it a few times over before we can get back an image that we can use. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 32. Start Your Prompt Engineering Career: Hi everyone. In this lesson, I want to introduce you to the exciting new skill called pumped engineering. This is a skill that at this point in the course, if you have implemented all the lessons, you either partially or fully possess shortly in this lesson, I will explain exactly what I mean by that. You see the cost. We've seen different ways in which we can use natural language, like the English language to buy pumps for GPT. If you have tried the poems that I've shared with you, well, this training course. And you have also come up with some helpful palms of your own. Then now that you have gained a skill which is called pumped engineering, I believe that pumped engineering is the future. And if you happen to be looking for a job, the null that nowadays more and more companies are looking for pumped engineers. Nowadays there are not many pumped engineers yet because pumped engineering is such an odd topic right now, some companies are willing to pay pumped engineer's hundreds of thousands of dollars per il to vote for them. You see interacting with Chet GPT, the basic pumps is a skill that many people now have. But knowing out wide good pumps is a highly desired skill that not many people have yet. It is a very desirable skill that companies are looking for because it can improve company's productivity immensely. I believe that companies will start implementing AI chatbots lecture GPT in one way or another. In the companies. In upcoming years, companies might use the DPT website directly and integrate HER2 party plugin to the systems that they are currently using. E.g. if a certain company sells an e-mail marketing software, then this company might add an AI bot to the website, which the user can use to simplify the website for MOM. So if a client, e.g. doesn't understand a certain element, it needs oil, email marketing, analytics. Eoc can simply the AI chat bot for clarification, instead of emailing the company. When companies implement AI chatbots in child's gloves, Excel spreadsheets, software, games, apps, websites and settler. They said resources such as manpower and can put the funds somewhere else. Well, it might be more needed. This is really a win-win situation for both the companies and the customers. The company wins by throwing resources that can now be used somewhere else. Why should the company invest sometimes millions of dollars in establishing an operating a call center, e.g. when the company can simply add an AI chatbot to the products and services. Also, the customer wins by saving time and frustration. Trying to figure out a complicated webpage chart graph or a spreadsheet e.g. is not fun. Now, during the course, we also learned that we can use GPT to create formulas in Excel, e.g. an AI chatbot is not limited to just clarifying certain elements in a spreadsheet, e.g. as I just explained, but it can also customize the spreadsheet for the client. So e.g. after the client has asked the AI chat bot to clarify the spreadsheet, he or she can also ask the AI chat bot for a formula which will give him 0 L D ability gain more insights from the same data inside the spreadsheet. So just as an example, if the Excel spreadsheet doesn't come with a return on investment column, then the user can divide the falling pumped inside the AI chatbot. Give me an Excel formula, which takes the net income from the A1 cell and divide it by the total cost of investment, which can be found in the B1 cell. Then multiply the outcome by 100, and then present the result inside the C17. Personally speaking, I feel it is just amazing. In this example, if an AI chatbot was not available, then the customer would have to contact the company each and every time that he or she wants to change something inside the spreadsheet. So in this case, an AI chatbot simply saves a lot of time and money for both the company and the customer. Moreover, if the company wants to offer more related products to its customers, then it will not need to invest time and money in finding an ironing website creators and Pocahontas, but rather ask they AI chat bot to give them the programming code for websites, applications, pogroms and settler. We have a lesson in this course in which I show how Chet GPT gave me the coal from an old style adventure game. So feel free to review this lesson. Obviously, AI chatbots will keep getting better and better as years go by. So I will not be surprised if in the upcoming years, customers will be given an option to converse with the AI chatbot via voice rather than for writing. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Bye. 33. How To Access ChatGPT 4 - ChatGPT Plus: Hello and welcome to the lesson. I'm adding these quick update. Listen to the course so I can tell you about the new version of GPT, which is called GP D for default, is the upgraded version of GPT. As I said. Yet, it is not currently available to the general public. Saying this, if you do want to access it before everyone else, you can. Yet, it will cost you $20 per month. I will now explain it more clearly. There are currently two ways to join church if default. Firstly, we can join church IPv4 for a waitlist. Waitlist which we can find on the following web address. Https colon forward slash, forward slash, forward slash waitlist, forward slash GPT, IF and fall hyphen API. Now, if you do decide to join the mailing list, I personally joined be welded. It may take some time before you are granted access. Openai is doing their best to provide access to everyone as soon as possible. But there is likely to be a lot of people in the queue. Alternatively, if you don't want to wait for access by registering to the waiting list, you can become a church UP t plus subscribe bell. By doing that, you will gain access to GLUT4 like now. Please notice the church IPv4 is limited without much we can use it. Currently. We will only be able to submit 100 messages every 4 h. Furthermore, this subscription won't give you access to the API. I guess that the average church epic user will never need to know what an API means. It is more aimed at developers. But if you're interested to learn what it means, I will just explain it very briefly. I will first explain it in a simple way and then in a more advanced way. So what is an API? I will give a very simple example. Let's say you have a really cool robot that can talk to people and answer the questions. But the robot doesn't know everything in sometimes needs help coming up with answers. That's where GLUT4 can seem like a big Blaine that can help the whole bird come up with good answers to people's questions. But in order for the robot to talk to GLUT4, they need to be able to understand each other. That's where the API comes in. It's like a special language that the robot can use to talk to GPT for and ask it for. So if someone wants to build their own robot and use GLUT4 to talk to people. They need to have access to the APIs so that the robot can understand how to talk to GPT for. Now that we understand what API means in simple way, let's go a little bit deeper. We can understand what API is even better. So API stands for application programming interface, which is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications. In the context of OpenAI, the API allows developers to integrate GPT forward and other OpenAI language models into their own applications. Products, and services. In the context of the statement means that subscribing to check GPT plus will give you access to GPD for four years on chat that But it will not provide you with the ability to integrate GPD fall into your own applications using the Open AI API. Access to the API can be valuable for developers who want to build custom applications that make use of GPT false language generation capabilities. With API access, developers can programmatically interact with the GLUT4 model and generate responses in real-time, which could be useful in a variety of contexts, such as jet boats, customer service, and content generation. That's what an API is and you can feel free to contact me if you need further clarification. Now to subscribe to church UP t plus we will first one to login to our chat GPT account at HTTPS colon forward slash, forward slash chat that Then above the GPT pump line at the left side of the screen, we will see the upgrade to plus option. We would want to click on it and then we can subscribe if we want by clicking the upgrade plan button. We will then reach there subscribe to check GPT plus subscription page. We will submit our payment information. And finally, click the Subscribe button at the bottom of the page. Once we do that, we will become subscriber to check gbd plus and we will gain access to GLUT4. Now, be aware that OpenAI is expecting I demand for GPT for excess. And we'll be walking to scale up and optimize their systems over the next few months. Once you pay for the church, if t plus subscription, you will be able to access it by choosing it from the drop-down list. Okay, so that's for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 34. ChatGPT Plugins: Hi there. Exciting news in the field of artificial intelligence is sparked. My enthusiasm pumped in the creation of this lesson. Without further ado, let me delve into the filling development. But before that, kindly direct your attention to the following webpage. Https colon forward slash, forward slash, forward slash, forward slash chat, GPT, hyphen plug-ins. Okay, So let's start the actual SM. So I'm not sure if you have already heard about it, maybe on the news, but GPT has recently undergone a groundbreaking update that is outpaced even church CPT4 in its advancements. The force of this transformation is the introduction of something which is like the App Store. But with Chet GPT plugins, picture being able to ask Chuck GPT to plan your entire vacation from booking flights and accommodations to arranging sightseeing tools and activities. By integrating the various plugins Czech Republic and generate a customized plan without suggest activities based on your preference and provide a recommendation for local restaurants. And the directions, of course, this is just examples and an array of additional plugins can be created as well. What's even better is that jet GPT can now access the Internet, which means that one can upload personal data for a more tailored and precise AI experience. Let's take a closer look at each component of this remarkable update. The most significant aspect is Chet UP this newfound Internet connectivity, as explained in one of the first lessons in this course, the church deputies training data only goes until September 2021, yet internet access will allow it to provide up-to-date information. Open AI is developed to essential plugins with the growing number of third-party options on the horizon. By linking a budgeting app, a grocery delivery service, and the recipe website check GPT can help you stick to your financial goals, e.g. creating meal plans that fit your budget and dietary preferences. Connecting multiple applications is also impressive. E.g. charity can suggest outdoor activities based on weather conditions, monotone walkout achievements, and propose nutritious meals tailored to your needs. Check GPD now as a code interpreter which empowers users to compose code within the church GPT environment and executed del to. This extraordinary feature supports complex tasks like photo editing, video processing, and more all within the church GPT platform. Finally, this update brings a new feature that allows you to connect with other ai powered tools and services, creating a seamless and unified user experience across different platforms and devices. With the introduction of an AI app store, similar to the epilepsy for a wide variety of AI applications are expected to emerge, providing users with even more opportunities for innovation and expansion in the AI application market. To sum it up, the arrival of Chetty party plugins and the accompanying app store is transformed. Dai industry providing users with a more personalized and adaptive ball AI experience, opening up endless opportunities for innovation and expansion in the AI application mounted. The possibilities with GPS app store and plugins are endless. Users can now benefit from a more tailored and adaptable AR experience, creating new opportunities for innovation and expansion in the AI application market. Whether you want your GPT-2, manage your daily schedule, organize your finance, or help you plan your next big adventure. There is a plug-in for the SDA industry continues to grow and evolve. It is exciting to see what new features and advancements check GPT will bring to the table with the introduction of the App Store and plug-ins check UP T is paving the way for a more personalized and user-friendly AI experience, one that has the potential to transform the way we live and work. So if this new major plugging feature is something that interests you, then I suggest that you come to this page. Yield. Again, this page is on HTTPS colon forward slash, forward slash blog, forward slash chat UP. If and plug-ins scroll to the very top of the page if you're not already there. And then click the Join plugins, waitlist, link, fill the details, and then scroll down to click the Join waitlist button. In this way, you will be informed when the plugins will be released. I will also scroll up, click delete plugins button, which will direct us to the previous page and simply read all the information on this page and watch all the videos. So when the plugins will be raised, you will be well-educated about them. We'll also click on all the link seal. So I wouldn't really know everything I can about the new plug-ins. Okay, so that's it for this lesson, and I will see you in the next lesson. Goodbye. 35. Photoleap - AI Photo Editing App (Updated On May 28, 2023): Hi there. I wanted to show you a cool app that I've been using for the past few months. I always use it. I use it every day and I folded it will be amazing just to show you how cool this app is. So first of all, the name of the app is fatale. You can download it from the X dot e.g. I'm, I guess that it also is in endless version. So you just go to the App Store, go click on the name of either tap on the search function, and then look for in photo leap. And if it is, you just need to install it. I want to deal with the instance, so I will just put in the open option. Okay? So basically it is a paid app, but it gives you a few tie, it gives you some time to tie for free. You can Pi to three and see if it's for you. So e.g. you have a lot of options, seal many options. But if you scroll down, they always change it. Sometimes your way, your screen will look different than mine. So click on the tab on AI tools. Then scroll down and tap on text to image. Right? Now basically, it tells you to write your prompt as we do in other programs like e.g. check GPT, you will say meal. You just describe the image that you want. So e.g. let's take in just the right e.g. I don't know what Joe Biden. I'm not supportive of Joe Biden or anything. I'm not from the US even. But just, this is just an example. Just think that the complement my head so that Joe Biden and just tap the Create button and it gives you some general Joe Biden images. Okay, but this is not what we want. It's different images. It's not an image that was taken from the Internet. It say an alter the image. But we don't want it to be like this, the realistic than we might want it to be more aware. And I don't know soil, let's say. So I just go back and e.g. I. Can tap that one of the design, the different designs at the bottom. So e.g. I. Can e.g. say that we are going to tap on tech punk. I'm just going to take bank and then Create. And then it will tell the images. We'll see. Now Joe Biden is inside the robot. They look more like a Robocop or something like that. But let's tap the back button. E.g. we can make it looked like an alien. See. We can see Joe by the Neil and if we like it because all the images that they see currently are not related to Joe Biden. So it's not 100%. But if you like one of the variations that you see, you just tap on the image that you want and just step on more like this. So you can see more options. So again, all the images don't look like Joe Biden, maybe this one, but it's fairly obscene. So let's step on the image again and more like this. Okay, so this doesn't work. So let's go for a animal. And then it will not always work. It depends in a wave to images that look like Joe Biden and they relate to animal. So again, I can tap on one of them if I like it, I can take it. And if I don't like it, I just tap on more like this. Okay. Let's take one more example. Let's take e.g. a. Waiver. We see we have a lot of options. Let's take e.g. let's take e.g. Inc. Okay. It looks much better. Actually. Those images will never produce before. This is the first time they've ever produced a time. Every time we get a unique image that you can use. If you like this one, you just tap on the icon at the bottom, alright, and Cornell, the Export button. And it saves it to your reality. Now you see there is a water market the bottom left corner, and you can just use it with the water map or you can just press on the bottom again toggle button. But then you need to pay if you are if you will pass the trial option, the time period. So let's take the X button to go out and then go back. Go back. Just to show you that I'm not just a Joe Biden supporter. Time, e.g. Trump. And what is the cool thing about this program is that you don't have to just use one word. You can say e.g. clan, put a comma, and then e.g. I. Will take some kind of an outside, let's say e.g. I. Will type in Salvador Dali. Then the Create button. Just a second entities that the Create button I'm going to do no style. This is like a son of a double image is Salvador Dali image. And let's say e.g. we can take the time, write it correctly. Rene Magritte, which is another Beta, paint them, mapping them before. Mango it. Okay. Create. Okay. And it's looks like a Rene Magritte picture, like any like a painting that Rene Magritte will we create? Which is a really nice, can do more. If you have a painter that you like, you can use this software with the name of the painter and maybe it will create amazing variations that you can use. Of course, many options seal the other AIC and say i transformation selfies, mainly tattoos, text to images, sketch to image, many, many things that I'll also use. The, but mainly I use the one that I showed you. There is an option to remove backgrounds, e.g. and edit photos, intimate photos, all kinds of cool options, AI wounds if you want to change out your warm looks. Really, really cool program. I'm not affiliated with the spoken by any means, but they just use it every day, so forth. It would be nice to show it to you as well. So one thing that I want to show e.g. this color, you can tap on the Discovery option at the button near you already have a pumped a created for you. So someone has already created a user like you and I, it's all epic created am a painting. And you can just try it out. E.g. you have a menu, but e.g. you can take this one. Futuristic city we can, you can try it out and edit the pumped if you want or just use it as is and type the Create button. And this would create UFO variations of the image. Every time that you do it, you will see four different variations of a futuristic city. And again, you can alter the, the text tool and even change the layout style. E.g. we can use a city. Okay? So this is kind of boring I guess, but let's say I take this one out. Hello flaunt on so you can change the Tower of London, e.g. if you want to a tower often another place, the towel. I'm not sure, leave that out. That will sum up. Let's say the tau of New York. New York. Okay. Create this one was ions. Okay. It's a steampunk. Okay, I made the mistake. So you can see all kinds of robotic towels. And again, you can change it e.g. if you want, we can tell them no option to see more options of the designs. Let's take e.g. film. It will look like a film, e.g. like a scene from a film. More, more, Let's create all kinds of images. Seal. Same actually you can do the same action says when previously. And you can get inspired by images that you see below. Really, really, really cool software, cool app that you can use. So I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in the next video. Goodbye. 36. What's Next After This Course: Hi there. I hope you have enjoyed the course. I want to congratulate you for finishing it and just know that I'm here for you for any questions or comments that you may have. So this is goodbye for me. And if you are wondering what you can do next, then my recommendation is to learn about TikTok, TikTok and Jupiter and really go ending and we can use GPT-2, write a book, e.g. but people will not buy our book if they don t know it exists. Tiktok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, and these completely free to use. It is the only app in the world that lets you open a free account today and be famous worldwide tomorrow. I don't say that to everyone would be reached them all but using TikTok. But I am saying that nowadays TikTok is the best step in the world to get your name out. And again, it is 100% free. So if you use GPT to write your own book, e.g. then my recommendation is to install the TikTok app and publish videos we did to promote your book. The more videos you will publish on TikTok, the greater your chances will be that one or more of them will become very popular. And as a result, get your books seen by millions of people. So if you like it the way I teach and you understand nothing or very little about TikTok than I ever take to cause. That will help you tremendously with understanding the basics. So that's it by enjoy the rest of your day.