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Nail Art Course with Acrylic paints

teacher avatar Gabriela Cismas

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Course Description


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      Episode 1: Tools and Equipment


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      Episode 2: Painting Lessons


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      Episode 3: Painting Lessons 2


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      Episode 4: Let's Start Painting


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About This Class

  1. - This nail painting course is aimed at people who are just starting out and also those who want to improve their technique.
  2. - Decorating the nails using acrylics is a perfect method, quick and attractive, that goes well for any occasion.
  3. -You will learn the nail art with acrylics from preparing steps to entire models
  4. - Full lenght Lessons 
  5. - Full lenght Models Design
  6. - All Episodes Subtitled

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Gabriela Cismas, i am a professional nail art technician.

I have been trained by World Class Trainers

I am a Local Trainer ,I offer courses on Gel System and Nail Art

I practice this profesion from 2008.

I am certified with 15+ Diplomas on different Nail Art Courses (Acrylic, Gel System,Painting etc. )

I run my own Nail Art Studio that provides services to numerous clients.

I trained several series of Students in this beautiful Art of Nail Painting and both Nail Art and Gel System . 

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Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: official vacation I practices special from 2008. It was very important to perfect. He's a nervous station. Sexual horses never the best fingers in his curse. Our PC banking on nails, MP presets for beginners. We will stop with simple exercises for France. Takings, discourse, I promise you. Thank you. Skill. 2. Free Demo : on a black background file. Paint of star with five petals off which one should be twisted. I start with the other four petals, leaving a tiny space between each of them. - Usually when I painting on a black background, it is necessary toe. Add a second layer, burnish. - Now I will faint. The fifth metal twisted one. - I'll paint the middle off the flour with the veins on the petals. Then I will add a several spirals and leaves. In order to highlight spirals, I decide toe add Some white stripes and other details have added champagne Corey dots for a stylish touch. When I finished adding the champagne color Jer, I put it in the lamp after death, sealed a nail, but not before making sure everything is right. 3. Course Description : the nail painting course. It's a month people were just starting out and also those who wants to improve their technique. I know that these cars does not entail talent or fine our skills, but rather focuses on the accuracy off the technique and careful compliance with the steps needed to accomplish the painting. Decorating the nails using acrylics is a perfect method. Quicken attractive. That goes well for any occasion. That was all for the course description. Thank you for your time. And I hope to see you. All of you are the course where I will teach you the art off painting on nails and its secrets. 4. Episode 1: Tools and Equipment: technique and working materials are both off hardly importance when realizing a nail baiting by working materials. I mean colors and brushes. Most people pay more attention to the choice off colors and don't pay that much attention to the painting tools. It is essential toe. Have quality brushes in micro painting in orderto have good results. It is optimal toe have natural hair brushes for male painting because these tools retain water and call or easily. The hair is very elastic, which makes the garage sleeps mostly on the works or face video is to clean the brushes gently after each use, so that can be used for a long period of time. Cleaning is being made with water and soap. Run the brush over the soaping go go moves without pressing on the top of feet. I see if you were coating a slice of bread. The brush is being cleaned afterwards with equally fine movements without pressing the top of the brush. Too hard drawing is done gently with a napkin and then keep the broad upside down until the next years. I need to mention that you don't need to have a identical collection off brushes to mind. Just keep in mind for what kind of detail the brush are useful and what qualities of Rosh for nail painting needs to perform. And now I'll show you one by one, off the brushes that I used in these cars. The Brush Amy 0309 It is distinguished by superior quality made off natural hair. The brush is recommended for drawing fine lines for details and contouring paintings. - Brush doesn't leave any brush marks. It incorporates the color very well, and it's also flexible art. 00 brush. It's also made of natural hair and has a thing and short top for fine painting. This brush was adjusted that he's I forgot a few threes for different reasons. - Our climb brush is made of natural hair and has a decorated handle. - It has a very thing top a medium to Long live, and it was designed specially for painting very thin lines. Barbara Brush thing is one off my oldest brushes. I think I bought it in around 2009. I noticed that the brand Crystal nails has changed the brush with the same name into a synthetic hair brush designed it for the jail. This brush is similar to the phantom brush from the same brand and this ideal to create small, stylish and ideal petals in one movement, as you will see along the course, brush about two narrow brush with a needle sharp tip made off the natural. Bristol's provides outstanding control, perfect for creating patterns, thin lines and for shedding Rush. Trixie made off natural, medium long bristles, providing outstanding. Absorb ISI the's brush. Have needle sharp tip perfect for painting patterns, thin lines, background and for shady dotting tool. Have little metal balls on the end in various shapes to make different size dots. Thanks. Hold a dotting to like a pen, dipping quickly and lightly in the acrylic paint. Practice making notes in various sizes. The dotting tool works best when applied within and fresh acrylic paint trolled this course. I'll use acrylic paint only. This are water based march pigmented and high quality paints their specially made for me crow painting. During this course, I'll use two brands, Crystal Nails and Real Burt after you go through all steps, whether you are using jail or nail Polish jail manners or face with a harsher bar until the nail is almost need. Then, for a very small surface, we use a very fine buffer. After removing the dust from the nail, I start by decorating the nail with chosen model. What they think now is just on example off the Kordech steps. - After finishing the model, let it dry enough for the next step. Make sure the more the remains in talks I use 1st 3 In one jail, I apply the entire so face off the nail. - Then I put in the real aim or three minutes or led lamp for 60 seconds. I give you a tip. If you painting too close to the age of the nail, it is at a quad toe. Apply an acid free primer without touching the skin before applying. The tree In one jail between one gel has tried in the lamp. Apply treatable top cold. In my case, I use a top coat without fixing compatible on any surface with raise a jail or male polish . Jill, after stood in the lame for three minutes. Model is ready to admire 5. Episode 2: Painting Lessons: lesson one. The acrylic paint big much be mended. It is naturally a big fiscal, so it's necessary to diluted. The ratio is usually want one or as much you suit deem necessary to reach. The desire is old. Use the issue to check if it's too diluted. If it scared there's too much on the tissue, it means it was too diluted. In this case are some more acrylic paint. It is officially diluted, keeping in mind that we will be baiting on paper, we begin this course by drawing lines. Way will start with vertical lines, hold a brush perpendicular very or almost perpendicular and start trying while properly against your little finger. For better control over the brush, I recommend that you watch carefully the movements of the brush and lesson two. This time, we really use a barrage that Christina the teeth and pick up the base in a tear shape. Thes kind of brush is adequate for drawing both being, and the lines start with line holding the lodge almost perpendicular, hoping against the little finger. Press the barrage for a room like then leave this lightly and finish with things right. Lesson three within out the acrylic paint until we off pain the desired consistency. - In this lesson, you will learn to create a coma effect. This is often used in painting to draw pedals in just one press. Underbrush then lived slightly. Lesson four diluted acrylic until your between the desired thickness, and he used that much. I'll keep mixing it until it's completely homogeneous. Now it's birthday. In this lesson. You learn things, files. They're quiet, flourish, cleared a lot. Start from the list. Food, wine and all the way back. - An Indian pH. This is only a question. - Lesson five in this lesson. Really use a brush and begin by holding almost perpendicular and rowing as shaped spirals. Lesson six. Since we're practicing pain should be water we'll start with. They may result from less and three. Present a brush. Make a quick our tiny line by pressing on the garage and finish with us trying. We'll create different types of leaves from different angles. When lives are only old line, you should ideally start based cheap 6. Episode 3: Painting Lessons 2: affected techniques. Lesson seven Animal print effect. In this lesson, I will be using the Twix a barrage from crystal nails to obtain a tiger effect. We re start by drawing the strike, Holding the brush almost perpendicular. Press and finish with the stripe slide releasing the brush. We will draw this irregular stripes from left to right and from right to left tryingto intertwine them. - Listen eight car stain effect in this lesson, we really use a brush for thin lines. Yeah, presenting the seaways. Okay. This effect needs practice to attain the desired effect. Was the movement off the brush and the next steps? - Mm . Okay. Okay. Listen. Nine roses in this lesson, I will teach you the technical throws with battles wrong in one. If you have practiced enough, the lesson two and seven then you are prepared for this technique. Start with girls by creating a kind of spiral and then completing with trying less and 10 Okay. In this lesson, I will use a medium sized rush. But you can just as well use the fine line rush way begin in the middle of the rose drying a tiny star. Then we continue with way the larger the rose gets the broader next. Watch carefully to the details and the faces off less than 11 butterfly. We'll start with the butterfly's body and then the wings one by one. This is the administration off just one in many bother prize drying techniques, but we will create some other butterfly design through the course. 7. Episode 4: Let's Start Painting: way will start with the athlete. Lee simply designed flower petals done in one move after the petals, we will draw the stem, starting with a dog. For a face design, I recommend adding some other details. The grass thread in this case, you could live it like that, but I decided to make a design more intricate by outlined in the petals. All that has the flower. Careful. Watch the movement off the hands in the brush, then keep practicing. - For this model, we will start with some Sparta's and Lesson four can be useful for this. After finishing the spires continues some thoughts in the shape of a flower and other random dots to make it more stylish. I've added a curing stones in the middle of the daughter, finally drying. No way or lead looks great, doesn't eat for this one. It's going to be easier if you have practicing the design lesson. Six. We will start with slightly, Corbett strives. Then we move on to the leaves. - For this kind of design, you should use your imagination regarding where and how many lives you will paint. This model is completely made up off stripes, sketching a single motion by pressing the brush, drawing and lifting slightly, ending with a thinner strike. Keep watching carefully the movement of the brush and you not cheap. The desire is old through practice. After finishing the painting, I wait till is right. I apply top coat and for more stylish touch, I add a rain stone. I'll start throwing the branches using a theme barrage, then I, with the pedals off the cherry blossoms. - It's not necessary for the girls to be equal since even in nature we can find perfect flowers. You know the after dotting the flowers with white color, we continue with me adults to achieve awas throw cafe, you know, - Then we will do the middle off the flower. 8. Episode 5 : for this model. I will bring the flower starting out with outline and continue with other details or a stylish touch. - Carefully washed the brush movement and don't hesitate to practice until you re too bizarre. Result. - I will start with the upper petals than the lowers want and continue with the stand in other details, such as the grass thread, the flowers. My section cost you spoken medical of Sin Circle. I've used a slightly darker being to draw the veins. - It all depends on your imagination and how complex you really is dying to be. You can add things according to your taste or the clients. - I would paint a sideways duffel deal, starting with the yellow petals throwing a single. It will seem easy who have prophecy. Lesson six. - After the Packers, I'll continue trying the bell like a flower, my section country up of the section off the bench in order to highlight it. - Then comes the flowers 10 and other details, such as the leaving other strike to highlight them from . - Don't forget to make sure everything is dry before stealing 9. Episode 6 : I will start with the two dates there's and then the leaves. I let the better try twilight brain police. It's I decided to add another vanish layer sees the color, doesn't seems Oh, you can draw the leaps anywhere you like, plus the course consent crops rather than imitation. - Then I use a life powerful to outline the petals. Uh, so these are the tulips painting. During this basic course, there is a gel background. I will outline the age off the French design diagonally. Then I will paint tiny lilac days after painting the pedals the same way as a lesson three. We are going to pay the yellow middle of the flower, - then out like the petals using the white color to highlight them. - Yeah , - I have also added a few adult in the middle of the flower and elsewhere You. And don't forget that everything must be dry before find Toko 10. Episode 7: I will be growing the three petals and the bonds. - I'll call the flour and add a few tiny lines to make the battle scene webby. - Same with the spiral. You can draw it. Whatever you think it looks best. Just make sure he's done harmoniously. After I'm done painting the leaves, I paying the middle off the flower. - You can free your imagination on the design and add leaves wherever or asked many as you wish way we'll start with the 40 regular pickles, then continue with a flower pot and the lives. - After making sure the first British layer is trying way will add Get another one. - I have decided to highlight the lives and the pickles by outlining them and the later I have painting using light. Powerful. I have added legal queens by drawing irregular lines. I have also painting the middle of the flower, and now I'm going to draw the brains on the petals and leaves. I have added some thoughts on the tip off the twins and in the middle octave, lower finalizing the design. Okay, 11. Episode 8 : for this model, I'll use only the black color. Are you notice? I delude enough to give me comport, especially us. In this model, I'll paint only large lines and small lines on a multi colored background. I begin with the base off the country, consisting off a slightly corvus tree thicker at the bottom and things on the top. Then continue with six branches off the tree and then continue with its leave strong small streaks. - This technique is very similar to the FARC and in which I paint a feather. After the paint dries completely, I was sealed the modern. - After truly diluting the varnish, I'll paint the pedals purposely, making them look Transport as the varnish has been much diluted. It contains a lot of water, which I'd wipe using a brush leaving behind a highly transport design. - Next , I'll add some lines in the lower section off the petals and some carpet wide stripes to make it. Lucas. It's there for more petals. Keep doing that to highlight the design and 12. Episode 9 : on a black background. I'll paint a daisy in Abad, starting off with the petals. As with the privy models, the floor pedals are accomplished through a similar motion. - Thanks . Thanks. After making sure the first vanish layer is right, I will apply the second layer. I move on and rather leaves. And the days in my section, which I will paint here. Lol with orange dots. Thanks. Thanks. - Then I'll draw the lady bored sitting on a lead, starting with the body, then the head and the legs. - Make sure everything is right. Seal and putting the oval in for three minutes, all in a led lamp for 60 seconds. 13. Episode 10: for the design. I'll bring the poppy and two buds. Begin with the puppy specials. Thin the buds. As I have already told you, if you paint on a black background is necessary to add a second vanish, layer carefully go through all the steps to achieve a shadow effect for more complex designs, or for those that if I multiple burnish layers, I recommend that you apply two layers of this patient topcoat and degrees it. Or you could use between one jail applying to liars for better sitting. 14. Episode 11 : same us for the period. Designs will begin with way. Continue with the face on the petals and their outlines by creating rather irregular fathers. As you can see from the motion off, the brush and way draw the floor, but in the many size it and shape, it leaves some of those before to explain the design. 15. Episode 12 : after having diluted the black. Burnished enough, I'll begin painting the same way as Lesson nine only this time I will add some other details. In defining the modern. I'll begin in the center of the rose, moving on the pedals that are getting larger with the model itself. - I will add a few leaves and in order to make it more I'll put in somebody looks nice. I've decided to paint the white rose on a red background. This time we begin in the center of the rose, moving on the petals, the leaves and the other flourishes. I recommend that you pay close attention to the movements of the brush and that you keep practicing in order to correctly fulfill the painting with through on a black and white jail model which have added a glittery stripe, I'll faint the sideway rose and two lives. - After painting the pedals, I would draw several regular, strives for the limited game and then move on to shaping the lives. - I have also added a glitter door or a more stylish look 16. Episode 13 : - after having Methodist faced with a fine ball. Hydro lines are straight us possible. - Then I will paint the rows and two buds. - Uh , while these rise up are paying believes, - Then I'll go back and use a lighter core to highlight the rose petals. Then I turn to the bods here when the second burnish Berries dried at the several lines using a call or get his life than the battles and add a few details to those leads. And Bob Spence here, stylish touch. I've added some beads. After that, you can put it in your overall. 17. Episode 14 : using a dusty gold color, I will start drawing a loose borrow on a new background, keep going with a slightly Corbett or irregular, strives and finish up with two smaller spirals. Several liars are needed as the calories of other pale. Finally, I'll add some thoughts as you can see the picture. After truly diluting the black varnish, I'll create see through effect by adding on a new background as showing the picture. When the see through Larry's Dry, I'll draw some diagonal stripes, sons, piles and other details and the faith us showing the picture. Finally, after making sure is all dry, I will add a topcoat and apply a few Hary stones, then putting in the older or led lamps. - Okay , - on a nude and champagne coloring background, I'll paint a container. Same person. Lesson eight first draw a line that is Carver, just like the waves moving on carefully watched these steps and the details for this effect way 18. Episode 15: beginning the center of the whole, outlined the sides off and then apply several layers. - Next , I'll use a slightly darker color grain this case toe, paint the shadows off the boat, let it dry and continue with the not off the boat. I would draw some stripes from the left, right and diagonally, which will result in a great effect. I will outline the bowl and agreed using Blank. Then I had a few details, such as dots. 19. Episode 16: on a white background. I will start with the middle of the outlining and fill it with green vanish. It doesn't matter. If you have sliding across the outline, you can go back and fix it. Then pay attention to the details and the steps in finalizing the design on a blue background, I would draw a slightly Corlett, right tripe that is, stick with base and think of the people. - Theun draw some tiny black stripes that are slightly covered. Old words. - If you damage the white stripes with black, don't way. It can be fixed way next . I would add some white collar, but not much of a black that they're already. 20. Episode 17: on a white background, I will find two dots to mark the middle of the butterfly. I'll continue with the wings, and after the first vanish layer has dry up, I will apply a second layer for a brighter color. - Then I will be in the center, off the wings with yellow, for a shadow with it, or for one stroke, effect it . I will outline the bottle, fly with black and add some more details, as you can see in the picture. Thank you. Okay, I will start drawing the body off the bucket fly with a slightly curve it black line that is sticking up for section, but things old lower section. I think I would throw the couple and the lower blue for one stroke I lighter calling the center of the wings. I will draw the blackout line the butterfly, then at its and other details. As you can see in the picture. If you think you have made a mistake, you can use a tissue gently topped the exchange of the water and British away. When it's right, you can continue drawing 21. Episode 18: the colors I will use are shown in the picture. I wouldn't leave one the light blue background. I will paint two dots to mark the little off butterfly. Then I'll draw the upper and the lower wings with this beautiful color moving on to the wings, I will paint their center with a lighter shade of pink after I have diluted the black burnishing. Now I would draw the outline off the bottom line and I will finish body and Dennis. - Then I'll draw a slightly curved line and several diagnosed drives us well are other small details which will eventually make it look similar to lace. I want to remind you that this course is not about the design themselves but is rather a ball practice and adding more bells after finishing the model, make sure everything is dry seal and putting in a very poor led lamp. 22. Episode 19: the Colorado will use next her purple and white on a white background. I'll first use of purple White mix and paint two dots marking the middle of the butterfly, then move on to drawing the upper wings, then the lower winds. - In order to continue the preview, burnish layer should be dry when it's all dry up. I would pain the center off bombings on both butterflies, using a dark shade off purple. - Next , I will outline the butterflies, help fix any mistakes, and I'll finish their intense make it more complex. I have added a few dots, and I have also put in summary stone in the middle of the barker flies to make them look more stylish.