Making Sticker Sheets: From Procreate Drawings to Goodnotes Embellishment | Karen Burns | Skillshare

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Making Sticker Sheets: From Procreate Drawings to Goodnotes Embellishment

teacher avatar Karen Burns, The Warped Spinster

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Sticker Sheets:What and Why


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      Method 1


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      Method 2


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      Method 3


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      Sharing Your Sticker Sheet


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      Thank you!


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About This Class

Learn three methods for turning a page of images in Procreate into sticker sheets for a Goodnotes planner or journal, so you can "peel off" stickers one at a time to "paste" into place in your journal.

You'll need:

  • iPad with the Procreate app installed
  • a stylus (I recommend this, rather than using your finger
  • a page of images in a Procreate document, either your own images or the sheet I provide for your personal use

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Karen Burns

The Warped Spinster


Hello, and welcome!  I'm Karen, and I'm glad you're here.

I've been making quilts for nearly 50 years, and have been teaching quilting and designing quilts for several years.    In the past year I embarked on designing fabric--because what quilter doesn't love fabric?

I retired from the library world six years ago, and since then have spent more time teaching and designing, and pursuing other interests:  reading, researching history, spinning (fiber) and weaving (hence the Warped Spinster name), knitting, etc., etc.   Basically, I love fiber.

And chocolate. 

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1. Introduction: Okay, everyone care in the warp spinster here in this class, I'd like to share with you how I turn my drawings and procreate into sheets of stickers for use in my good notes, planner or journal. I'll show you three methods for taking your drawing sketches or photos from a page of images and turning them into sticker sheets. You can put in a good note sticker book and then essentially peel off a single sticker to place in your planner or journal. And, of course, the advantage of digital is that you can use the sticker over and over again. You'll need an iPad with the procreate app installed. I suggest you use a stylus of some sort rather than your finger. I'll be using an iPad pro with an apple pencil, but the pressure sensitivity of the pencil isn't important for this. You'll also need some drawings to use either your own or a page of drawings that I've provided you can download for your personal use from the resource is section of this class is Web page. I hope you'll join me for the short fund class on making digital sticker sheets for your good notes, planner or journal 2. Sticker Sheets:What and Why: here we are in procreate. We have some drawings that we want to use. A stickers in our good notes, planner or bullet journal should be able to just export this as a PNG file imported in good notes and be ready to go. You can do it that way. There are a couple more steps you need to take in order for it to be more convenient. Ideally, would like to be able to just do the equivalent of peeling off one of these stickers from a sticker sheet and putting it in our planner. Let me show you what I mean here. So I am going to first of all because we want our stickers to have a transparent background , I'm going to turn off the background color and then I'm gonna go ahead and export it as a PNG. So I go up to my wrench or spanner tool and in on where you live and tap on PNG, it will export it. I'm going to save it as an image on my camera roll and now go into good notes and into my sticker book. If you don't have a sticker book and you would like one, you can just go up to the left arrow up here, the left carrot tap on that choose new no book, and then you can choose your paper type and your orientation. So I've chosen playing quite paper in a landscape orientation because that's what my planner is. You also have a choice for dotted, squared ruled paper, etcetera. Vote. You want a blank paper in your sticker book, and you can also choose a different orientation. And you can choose a paper that's more of a cream color and natural color. But I already have a sticker book song that it cancel out of that and go into my sticker book. If you're toolbar isn't up, you just go up to the pencil tool up here. Click on that and we're going to tap on this image icon here, and it will bring up my most recent photos in my camera roll. This one on the far left here is the most recent one, so I'm going to tap on that and it brings it in. And here's our sticker sheet, except that here's what we should be able to do. We should be able to go up to the lasso tool here to select. I'm gonna tap it once more to make sure that I have images selected and not handwriting or text boxes. And then I'm going to select. What of these? Say this snowflake down here to a rough selection. Tap on it once gives me copy. Now I can go into my planner. Let me find that blank page somewhere here, something close to a blank page, and I can tap on it. Hold down and paste. And you see, I get the entire page and not just that one sticker, because procreate exported this as one PNG file just this sheet with a lot of images on it rather than different stickers. So what we want to be able to do is to go into our sticker book and let me go back to hear some icons have been working on for a December layout. Again, I go up to my lasso tool. I'm gonna check to make sure it says images and I'm going to select Say this Holly here. So I roughly selected tap inside it. Copy. Now, when I go into my planner that over tap and hold paste and it's just the individual sticker . So it's like peeling off that one sticker. Except, of course, because it's digital. I can go back, and I still have the same sticker that I could place somewhere else or make another copy and have the same thing on this page. So that's what we want to be able to dio. And that's a sticker sheet, just like a physical sticker sheet where you could peel them off one by one. I want to show you three methods that you can do in order to create a sticker sheet. I'm sure there are many, many more, so I'm going to show you three of the ways to do this. 3. Method 1: for the first method. We're really going to just continue what we started earlier when we imported a single PNG file from procreate. So this is just one file, one image. If I choose my image icon, appear tap on it, you'll see it selects everything. So it sees this always one image, and we want them to be individual images or stickers. So I have tapped on it to select it, and I'm going to tap inside it again and choose Crop. It gives me a cropping tool so I could just pick up a corner and move it around to fit close to that click on Done. And there's a single sticker that I can use. If I want to continue to do that, I'm going to have to do the same thing with each of those other stickers. So I'm going to select that again from my camera roll. Give me the whole sheet while it's selected. I'm gonna tap once crap and this time let's do a better here and I'll show you something here. This one isn't bad. I wouldn't actually need to do this, but you can do the crop in more than one step. I did some stickers once that had very tiny straight pins, and they were difficult to see because they were light colored such as this, and they were difficult to see. So I just did roughly crop to get it closer. And then when it clicked on Done, it increases the size so I can just tap inside again, crop it, and now I can get closer. Really didn't need it for this one. But so let's do another one. But this time I want to show you the freehand, so I'm going to crop and I've got the free hand selected here and now I'm going to just do a free hand around here, done, and that one's ready to go. So I would just continue to do that with all of the stickers. I would call this up each time crop to just one and then save it. Let's test this out to make sure it's working properly, so I'm going to tap on my lasso tool, tap out it again to make sure that images is selected. Then I'm going to roughly select this tap on the inside a copy. Go to my planner, got a blank page open here. I'm going to tap and hold tap on paste and there's a single sticker. So we are building our sticker sheet here now, and it's a little bit cumbersome and tedious because we have to at this each time cropped, whatever one we want, and it certainly is doable. I don't have that rectangle box there, so I'm gonna click on rectangle and let's do that wreath. Now that's done, So we would just continue doing that for Method one. Now let's move on to method to 4. Method 2: that the two also works on these individually, but we're going to isolate them in procreate instead of cropping to isolate them once they're in good notes. So I'm back and procreate with my layers open and I'm going to Let's see what we have here . Let's do this wreath first. I'm going to leave that one showing, but I'm going to turn off all the other layers, including the background layer background color so that I have just that one Icahn or drawing showing. I'm going to go up to my wrench tool, tap PNG and save the image to my camera roll. Go to my camera roll. It is right here. So now we're going to good notes into my sticker book and I'm going to again. I have this image icon, and my most recent photo is here, and I have to crop this as well. But it's just a single image here. So again I'm cropping, cropping, crapping, crapping and that is ready to go. Let's do another one. Let me go back to procreate. Now I'm going to turn that layer off and turn a different one on now In this group, I actually have all three banners. I've grouped them together, so I'm going to turn off two of them so that I just have this single layer with that banner on it. Go up to the wrench Tool P and G. Save it to the camera. Roll. Go into good notes. Here it is in my camera. Roll here, Tap on that tappy inside it to crap and use the rectangle tool. So I'm just individually isolating the layers in procreate and exporting them simply now. Of course, I don't have to do each one like this. Don't have to go into procreate. Export it. Coming here. Imported. Go back to procreate. Exported. Come in, Aiken. Do them all in a batch. So I would go back to procreate and turn that layer. Sorry that layer off turned this one on and export it. I have been smarter to do these in order. Wouldn't time and go back to the layers? Turn that one off a different one on export a PNG to my camera. Roll back toe layers. Turn that one off, close up the group and open that up. And I have the whole group show in. So I'm gonna have to shut those two off. Choose this one. Go up to PNG, etcetera, etcetera to my P and G export were saved to my camera roll. And then when I had finished doing all of the stickers that I wanted, I could go into good notes. And now they're all up here with the most recent one here. So now I can with my image icon selected tap on. That gives me an icon crap and that one's ready to go, and I can just pick them up and move them wherever I want. Resize them. However, I want to do that. I am going to now because I've done this one, and it's sometimes hard to keep track of. What motif is where I'm going to just It's not that I'm going to just slide that over so that now the 1st 1 is tucked under there. Now I know that this is the next one I'm going to tap in the middle crop. And if you get confused as there piling up on top of each other once you hit crop, it will tell you which one it is. It will isolate that. All right, there's another one now I'm gonna slide it over one more again. Tap crap tangle Tool on this one Now instead of Freehand just for the heck of it done and then etcetera, etcetera. You just proceed with the rest of the stickers. So let's test these just to be sure, we'll go to the lasso tool to select, Tap it again to make sure it's doing images. Tap somewhere on the screen to close that. And now we're going to go with our lasso tool. And let's say we're going to select this wreath so I do a rough selection to tap in the center. To copy, Go into my planner, tap and paste and there's my single sticker. So that's method to now we're onto Method three. 5. Method 3: before we get started on the third method, I want to make a suggestion. I strongly suggest that you make a backup or a duplicate of your document and procreate, especially if you are working in layers and one icon has several layers. So, for example, on this tournament here I had layers one layer for this blue part and another layer for this cap and another later for that line. That string, in case I wanted to change something, rearrange something while I was working for the third method. You want to merge layers so that each icon is on one layer. All of the icon is on one layer, and each layer has only one icon. I'll show you more about that in Method three, but just in case you don't regularly make a backup or don't know how to do that, I'm just going to go in the gallery, swipe to the left on that document, and I have three choices I'm going to choose duplicate, and now I have a duplicate of that. So even if what once I merge these, I could still get back on work on the individual layers in this master document If I decide I want to change something now, let's get started on Method three. So I work in layers until I'm sure that I have things the way that I want. And even then, sometimes I leave them in layers. I will. Then, as I run out of layers, I will merge layers. In this case, I have merged all the layers here, except for the Reese here and each color of leaf and the Berries are on separate layers. With this method, if I export now, each of these layers will be a sticker. So just these Berries will be a sticker, and each color of leaf will be a different sticker. That's not the way I want it. If you've got something and that's the way you want it, that would be the way to go. But that's not what I want to do. So I am going to merge those layers together by just pinching them. And a tip for that is, don't try too hard it. In fact, it's very easy for you to merge layers with when you don't mean to. I used to try really hard, and I kept missing it, But if you just do it gently. It works. Now I'm going to move that new single layer outside the group marking and delete that group , marking just so I don't get confused thinking things. Air layers that aren't the other groups here are all right. They are each one. Each layer has a full icon on it, so each icon has a layer and each layer has just one icon on it, and it's going to read it, then each layer as a separate PNG file. So leaving them his groups is fine. And I've been a double check to make sure that I don't have any other players that I need to merge or any stray layers. And I don't now that I have all my re clears merged into one so that I have my icon on just a single layer. I want to check to make sure that all of my other icons on each of my stickers is one sticker per layer. I have these in groups, but that's OK because the individual stickers that I want are actually on their own layer, so that will be fine. Just gonna check here and it looks like I don't have any stray layers. So of course I'm going to go down first thing and turn off the background color. I'm going to go up to the wrench tool again, but this time I'm going to shift further down to under share layers. I'm using version 4.2 point one, I think, and this is if you're using a older version than that, then you may not see this share layers. It's in the current version, so you would use methods one or two if you don't have the more current version. But if you have 4.2 point one or later, then you can do this method. So we're going to tap on PNG files down here. It's going to take longer to export because it's exported each of those layers as an individual image, a PNG image. So now I'm going to save it. It says I have 17 images to save, so I'm going to go ahead and ask it to save it to my camera roll, which it should have done now. So if I go into my photos, I should see all of those here, and they are all 17 of them each of my stickers as a separate PNG file. So now I can go into good notes. And again, I am going to going to my sticker book first and let me go to a new page here. I'm going to again click on my image icon. And now all of my stickers are lined up here, all 17 of them with the most recent one here. So I'm going to do the same thing that I did when I isolated the images and procreate, going to select one tap on it to crop. I'm gonna slide that over one so I don't get confused. Choose the next one tap crop. You would probably be more careful and doing your cropping, and now I'm going to slide it over one more and just continue to do this. So it's really about the same amount of work as Version one. You'd have to take a look at if there's a, uh, comparative crispness or preciseness about it. So let's do, um, let's test them out, will go upto lasso, check to make sure we're on images and will last. So this one Select it. Tap a copy, go into the planner tap, hold paste and there is our sticker. While we're here, I want to talk a bit about resolution and file types here. My stickers are going to be still pretty small in my planner for my purposes. If you think for your planner or journal or whatever your use will be, he will want stickers that are larger. You want to be sure when you're creating that in procreate that you draw them at least asl large, as you want to use in the end and have a pretty decent resolution upset in procreate. Appropriate files are raster images, which use pixels and in you can start large and decrease and not get fuzzy. You won't have much loss of resolution, but you can't go the other way. You can't draw them small and then increase them in size. They will get fuzzy and you'll start to be able to see all of those pixels those boxes on there. So that's our third method 6. Sharing Your Sticker Sheet: What if you want to share this with somebody who is also using good notes that had to be using good notes for this method, you would be on the page. That or document that you want to share, go up to the share icon. It is the farthest right one were on the left and choose export this page. We'll give you a choice, a choice of exporting and PdF image or good notes. If we want to retain the sticker sheet. Quality of this will choose good notes export, and then you choose where you want it to be saved, and I'm going to save it to my files, and I just usually save that in thes in photos. So I will add, and now we want to go over here and import it. So we're going to click on new Import and choose Karen Sticker Book. Now we have it as a sheet as a separate document, and it will work this way. But if you want to put it into your sticker book, then you are going to open up that document and, well, let's test it and make sure it's doing what we wanted to Dio. I've got the lasso tool selected check to make sure it's images. And now let's select say this. Tamp wants to copy. Go into my sticker book, find a blank page, hold on paced so it works as a document here. But if we want to add the whole thing to my sticker book, then we're going to the lasso tool again. Should still be on images, and I'm going to select all of the icons. Tap in the centre. Copy. Go to my sticker, book a blank page tap and hold and paste it. There they are. But let's test it. Just to be sure, I'm a mighty cautious citizen to copy one icon, go into my planner Yeah, and been scratching notes for this week here and there it is a single sticker. So now not only can you create a sticker sheet, but you can share it as well 7. Thank you!: So that's it for this class. I hope you enjoyed learning how to do sticker sheets for your good notes, planner or bullet journal. I'd love for you to post what you have done either sticker sets or sticker sheet that you have finished or how you are using those stickers in your planner or bullet journal. Thanks for joining me by.