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Making Money As A New Freelance Photographer

teacher avatar Alenka Mali, Photographer, Activist, Freerider

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      This journey takes time


    • 3.

      Finding Your Niche


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      Charging and pricing


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      Finding work


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      Ways to make money


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      Important things to watch out for


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      Collab with brands


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      The process + class project


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About This Class

Hi guys! A quick course on how to make good money through different streams of income, some passive, some active - as a NEW freelance photographer. What do you think?

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Alenka Mali

Photographer, Activist, Freerider

Level: Intermediate

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1. Welcome: welcome, guys. My name is Lincoln, Mali. I'm a professional sports photographer based in Squamish. B. C. Today's scores is all about making money as a new freelance photographer Before we jump into it, I was like, Teoh, point out two other courses that I have available on skill share. Those would be how to get started on zero waste and shooting in tropics. A course on improving your trouble. Go photography. Now let's get started. 2. This journey takes time: I started working as a photographer. There was no overnight state. I gradually started taking gigs, look for people who would need my services, contacted clients and did a lot of free photo shoots. I remember I just simply started telling everyone I was a photographer and available for hire Boom or got around. I got booked, and I worked really, really hard to deliver it. Great service photography is something that you will started doing from the moment you grab your camera and never stop learning and perfecting your scopes. It is a journey and your own process that it will take time. It has a lot to do with the building, your own portfolio and your own name In the industry I spent the first few years is a photographer combining my gigs with other jobs. Before I worked, there's a photographer full time. I came to the conclusion that it would simply that it will take time, and that's OK. Before we get into the core of this course, I would like it to do an exercise. A lot of it is finding your own style. That's how you get started as a freelance photographer, what are what with people book you for. What is their special thing? What is their style? What is your mood? Um how do you make people feel when they look at your photographs? How do you make people feel when you shoot with them? Answer these two questions. Who is buying this and how my going to capture this audience? 3. Finding Your Niche: when you're starting. The shoot is a freelance photographer. It's really easy to just do everything. Engagement shoots, weddings, baby photos, maternity photos, sports photography Just think of many gigs this possible and get really good at it. And that's how you figure out what you enjoy doing the most. And hopefully that can be your niche back and beer. Think you know that that's what you can you can become famous for. Becoming a successful photographer means finding your niche, your style and your technique. Ideally, that would be something that you're passionate about and you can also earn good money from might be family photography, weddings, sports photography like in my case, you don't have to limit yourself right away from the get go. But it's good to start thinking about your own Yutian now and getting good at it, as well as making your name in that industry 4. Charging and pricing: So the first thing I would like to talk to you about is charging. I don't know. You're ready to start charging for your photography services. I'm offend off doing so free work at the beginning to get your foot through the door and get your name out. It is a great practice and a chance to deliver great work and get recommended to others. You can have the best portfolio out there, but I still believe that a person, the person marketing, is the best way to go, especially in the beginning. But you don't have to shoot free forever. I suggest you offer a free photo shoot here and there for a couple of months until you get a hang of it. But then start figuring out What's your what? Your ideal rate. This how many hours and how many photos equal how much money as you get better and get more bookings when you noticed clients coming back, you can set you can set up your prices and increased them gradually to the best thing I can recommend you is creating a different stream off revenue creating that is creating different streams of revenue. So I worked as a photographer, but I also have some clients who helped with retouching, graphing and Web design. I saw my own presets. I get brand sponsorships. I also do video and podcast editing. There is no limits, and the best part about this industry is that it all sort of inter connects to each other. You know, you could be a photographer, and then a night you can edit something else from a client from Asia or the States or Europe or something. There's really no limit in the best part about all of these services is that there are there made on your computer, which means you can set your own hours, your own time, and you can work from anywhere in the world, really. 5. Finding work: So when it comes to finding you work obviously realised photographer, you could have the best work. But if you don't know how to market yourself, you won't get that far. Getting clients booking jobs, making money It all starts with a good portfolio. Website is the most crucial part. Why do you ask? Because it's professional. It's clean. You can display it any way you want. Social media. It's great, but it's also important to have a website, So I suggest you use social media through direct their clients onto your website. Also, get your clients to tag your photo, but don't make it a must. It creates a bad pipe, but at school, when you when you do good work and chi instead, you make sure you repose thumb or reply to them. Photography has a lot of personal vibes to it, so when people like you as a person, they're most likely to also like your work and the opposite. When you have your nation, your style, figure it out. I suggest setting up the website. I will include um A. I will include a discount for the website hosting in the description of the scores when you can get a website hosting for $3 a month, which is really not that much, considering how much work it's going to bring you. And there are also other places where you can find work like freelancers, websites, for example, up work and freelancers. Social media profiles are crucial. Like I said, um, print fliers around town. That's always a great idea. There's a lot of people who are not a social media or who are comfortable with just searching somebody up and hiring them from right away. So fliers are maybe an old fashioned way how to do things. But they still get the word out, and then person the person marketing and business goats. When you go out to parties, meetings, Um, when you're hanging out in school or your gym and people ask you, what do you do? Just say, Oh, I'm a photographer and they're like, Oh, great, my brother needs a photographer right now. Do you have a business card? That's why I always suggest that you have couple of your maybe like, 10 or 20 business cards on you at all times and just give them up to people, hang them on local boards and stuff like that 6. Ways to make money: all right, So now on to help to make money as a freelance photographer, number one ISS Airbnb Airbnb created a new future last year. Airbnb experiences All you have to do is sign up and start your experience. You need to get approved. Um, put a description about what kind of photo shoot you'll do. I offer a couple of different tourists. I offer it photo shoot. They walk in a forest shoot with families, couples shoot, and when guests come to a foreign place, they always like to get some photos of yourself. This would normally price at a lower price that your normal rate, but that's okay because it's a great way to fill up your free time. So the second way of making money as a photographer on nine is sculpture. Skill shares a simple, clattering platform. We can create your own class in the area of your expertise. You obviously know that since you're on skill share right now, so photography is a very popular topic, which is why is easy to get to make money on Scotia is a photographer. So far, I've created two classes like I mentioned one of photography and 10 waste. There's two ways to make money on school share. Um, you can receive a $10 commission for each premium subscription, and they're gonna receive a portion off skin sculptures month. The profits, based on how many people watch your classes the third way on how to make money relying is a freelance photographer is starting a YouTube or block channel for photographers. Um, bloggers, bloggers make money through ads and sponsored content. If you're an addict, weiter. Another way to make money is to start your own photography block. You could make tutorials for tips and tricks. Write reviews on all kinds of photography gear, software and advice. Similarly, you can make money by starting a photography channel on YouTube. It is essentially the same content tutorials abused, but in a video form. If you prefer filming yourself or if you prefer writing either way, it's a great way to share advice online and get paid for it. I also sell my photos on shutter stock, and that is especially good if you have a sizable collection of high quality photos. All you have to do is simply submit them to stock photography sites. I love shutters dog. It is a great way through or in a stream of passive income, which is basically making you money as you sleep and ski and surf and do all the fun stuff . Well, you have to. There's upload the photos, tagged them with lots of Cheever keywords. Give them descriptions and you're good to go. Another way on make money is of the liver is the joint photo contest. Well, it is not just the experts who joined these contexts. After all, the contestants will be competing with their usually an eclectic mix of photographers with the level of experience and expertise. So don't be afraid to venture out and try your luck. These contacts I usually free to apply to. So you just have to submit your photos and maybe, you know when you have nothing to list. Even if you don't mean any cash prizes, Photo contest can boost your confidence and also get you some exposure the next way of making millions of dollars For IHS selling parents, there's nothing better than a beautiful work of art, and people will pay for art. If you want to earn some extra cash by selling prints of your work. There's some ways you can do that. You can sell your photos on your own website or uploading the sides. For example, like image kind. You can bring friends copies of your photos to sell our craft fairs. You can get them displayed in coffee shops, restaurants and other local outlets, and you can also offer printed copy steer clients. Also, as a general rule, people don't normally buy photos with people in them, so try to have selling these kind of photos. After all, the prince will probably be displayed in their homes or offices, and then you can also offer to do freelance work for magazines or newspapers. You should get in touch with local magazines or newspapers that are almost always looking for feelings photographers to go out in the field and shoot for them, especially if you live in a small town. But even if you live in a big city, I'm pretty sure they'll be interested in that, too. So definitely won't be a stable job, but it's a great way to earn some extra money on the side. Eventually, when you have established the relationship with the local publication, you can expect the study of stream of work covering local events happening for for futures and your stories make sure to build strong portfolio to increase their chances of getting work, too, and that is a great way to get some local exposure and get more clients from that. 7. Important things to watch out for: I would like to point out that one of the most important things when you start working as a freelance photographer is get a contract every single time, no matter what or who you're shooting for, always get a contract that will protect you in case things go south. If that's a friend, their client, just simply layout or what you're shooting and how and how many hours how many photos that's it. Signing a contract will keep you avoid any miscommunications, mistakes or payment issues if anything comes up. If extra work is piled on, you didn't do the work. Both bodies have signed document what the expectations are with thought. I would like to mention that wind clients book you. You should always take the deposit. I take 50% deposit when clients book photo shoot with me, whether it's a couple days away or a couple months away or six months away. I always take 50% deposit to secure their spot and their date. That way I avoid getting canceled on last minute and then ending up losing a bunch of money because I didn't have the work and couple of last steps before you go network. It is so important to network get contacts where you're out. Like I mentioned in a coffee shop in your jame in school. Just tell people a photographer mention it in the conversation, throw it in, and then referrals are a great way to spread the word. I offered $10 off a family shoot if they bring another family and with them. But I'm shooting for them. So just friends or Pharrell's with a little bit of a discount, a great way to have more work and then connect with similar people that are in the industry but different genres. For example, if you know somebody that's filming weddings and you're shooting awaiting and your client is looking to have video of it to, you can contact your friends and say, Hey, they're looking for a videographer which like to work with me on this wedding, and then the next time when somebody's looking for a photographer and they know that you're doing a great job at it, they'll contact you. It's mutual collaboration, and you both profit from it. 8. Collab with brands: then Collab with Brents and exchange of work with their products. That way you can provide the value and test of the product. Save your money for thanks you would buy anyway. It also gives you exposure when they post your photos all night. And then the last step is taken as much work as you can at the beginning. Try not to be picky, get the experience, get clients and very grateful for work. Always thinks can slow down. So think ahead off the future. You know, as a freelance photographer, you can have three months off a great work couple photo shoots every week. And you know, just think about the future because they might not always be like that. Don't go ahead and spend it all but put in your savings because then after, like you might have six months off, No work at all. It happened to me and it happens to everyone. So that's my suggestion. 9. The process + class project: I would like to wish you good luck on your journey, because becoming a professional photographer is not easy, especially if you want to go free lines. That is like the dream for almost everybody. I know it is possible, and if that's your dream, you should definitely go for it. Practice makes perfect. It's not an easy journey, and I wish you the best of luck. That's why I'm doing courses like this, because I would like to help other freelance photographers to create a business for themselves for the class project. I thought it would be kind of fun if everybody posts a photo off their first paid gig and little description about it and what they learned from it. So if there was any mistakes point that out to maybe other people can learn from your mistakes, Um, what to do, what not to do? Just the foot of your first big gig and a description is you are completely new to photography and you've never shot for money before. Just post your favorite photo and tell me why you like it. And of course, you can find me on Instagram at Alenka, Molly or my website www Elaine Comolli that come. Both of these are great places. For many, resource is on photography and sustainable living. If you are ever in Squamish, B C. Don't hesitate. Shoot me a text. Let's go out. Let's shoot, Um and yeah, if you'd like to share this course online, that would be much appreciated. Degnan, your stories are reposed that and see you out there. I really wish you good luck and enjoy the process. And Georgia enjoy the journey because it's very unique and it's your own good luck.