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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class


Learn to paint your own trendy celestial wall art with artist Bonnie Lecat. In this class, Bonnie will teach you how to use acrylic paints to create a galaxy with stars and a three-dimensional zodiac constellation. This class is suitable for all levels and is for anyone who:

-wants to learn how to use and blend acrylic paints

-is interested in making cool art to give as a gift

-is looking for a fun, quick, and easy art project they can make in under an hour

The class will give you all the resources and steps you need to complete your own piece of three-dimensional wall art ready to hang on the wall. It also makes a great gift for someone you love! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Bonnie Lecat

illustrator, designer, teacher



I'm Bonnie Lecat. I'm an artist, teacher, lifelong learner, and former accordion player. Most of the time you can find me sitting in my studio in the northern suburbs of Chicago listening to music and painting, sketching, or designing. I love all things creative and have been fortunate to have had many interesting jobs as a professional artist. I've designed album covers, sales displays, toys that come in cereal boxes, and more for marketing agencies. I've created characters and logos for advertising agencies. I've even painted ceiling and portrait murals in restaurants and retail stores.

Currently, I'm focusing my creative efforts on building an illustration portfolio and cr... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. INTRODUCTION: if you're like me and you like to shop or you like to decorate or you like to create, you've probably noticed that right now anything that has to do with Galaxies or the Zodiac or celestial theme is very on trend. So I have come up with a class that is super simple, really quick. It's designed for anybody. Really you can do it is a beginner. You can do it if you have been painting for a long time. This is how to make your very own Zodiac wall art. I'm Bonnie Look hot. I'm an artist, designer and a teacher here on skill share. I design and create my own artwork, which I sell in my online shop and on etc. So during the class, you're gonna learn a little bit about acrylic paints. You're gonna learn how to prep a piece of wood so that you can paint on it. You're going to learn some ideas for using some different materials. Maybe it's going to spark some new ideas for you. You're going to have a completed project in like, half an hour. Once you get all your supplies together, I know you're going to do a great job. So please make sure to take a photo of your finished Zodiac Wall Art and upload to the class project so that we can all see what a great job you did. So excited to hear what you think of the class. If you like the class, please give me a thumbs up and follow me on skill share to be alerted. Whenever I come up with more classes like this, please make sure to download your class notes where you will find a link to Amazon, where I've created a supply list. You'll also find all the supplies in a printable sheet that you can take to the hardware store or the craft store or the art store with you. I have also included all of the Zodiac's constellations, so it'll be quick and easy for you to select which average constellation you want on your artwork and get it all completed, and I will see you in class 2. GATHER YOUR SUPPLIES: So here's everything you'll need to make your Zodiac Waller. We're going to be using around pine plaque, which can be purchased at most craft stores. You can also check out the links to the resource is I have included with the class. You can download that and it will have all the information on where you can find these. This is a seven inch pine plaque. You're going to need a little bit of hardware need to little screw eyes, which can be purchased at any hardware store. Same with ease. Furniture tax. These little silver furniture tax can be purchased near the nails at any hardware store. I bought these at Home Depot, and you're gonna needs thes. They're called jump rings, and this is what we're going to use to attach this'll a little bit of chain to the screw eyes to hang our Waller. The chain can be purchased in the jewelry section at any craft store like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, and you don't need very much. We're only gonna be using a small amount. We're also gonna need a ruler and a hammer. As faras tools go, you're going to need to paint brushes thes air. 3/4 inch flat wash acrylic brushes. They're both very inexpensive. Also, see the links to where you can buy these in the class notes and optional Have a A round number six watercolor brush. If you decide not to use furniture tax, we can paint the stars on with a small round brush. We're going to need some paint. Obviously. First off, we're going to be preparing the plaque with some Jessel. I have some black Jess. Oh, if you don't have black, it's fine to use White Jess. Oh, and what that does is it seals up the wood pine sometimes has sap or something in it, and that will come out later. So just it prepares the surface Teoh except the acrylic paint and that, like soak the paint in. So it's a good thing to Dio whenever you're painting something is to prepare it with. You can just use if you just have, like Zinser or some kind of a paint primer that's fine. Otherwise, you can use artists, Jess Oh, and that can be purchased in black or white, a Zay said. I'm using black. You're going to need some water to rinse your brushes. Something to put your paint on. I have a phone plate here, paper towel or an absorbent cloth to dry your brushes. And for the paint colors, we're going to need black. I'm using golden fluid acrylics in carbon black. You can use any black acrylic paint. We're also gonna need some white. I have just some craft paint, Americana brand acrylic white paint here and titanium white. And then we're gonna need some blue for the sky. You can use one or a combination of blues I have here ultra marine and scion in golden fluid acrylics. And the last thing we're going to need is a little white, opaque white paint pen. This is, um, RV brand. We'll pay quite pen, and you can get these at any art and craft store. Um, and that is all we need. So once you have all your supplies gathered, we will get started. And I will see you in the next video. 3. PREPARE YOUR SURFACE: the first thing we're going to dio is we're going to prepper panel by prime ing it with some Jess. Oh, and as I mentioned in the previous video, I have some black just so here. And I'm going to start by just going around the edges. I don't have to worry about being nice and neat because we're gonna be painting over this. He objective here is to just get the surface covered so it seals up the wood and it'll be a lot easier to paint once you have primed it with either Jess. Oh, or any other kind of paint primer. So I'm just going to go around all the edges first, right, All covered up. Now we're just gonna let that quickly dry. 4. PAINT THE GALAXY: Once your plaque is primed and dry, it's time to start painting. So I have put my paints out on my palette. I've got myself some clean water and I am going to take my wash brush, make sure it's nice and clean Rinse it off so it doesn't have so it's not really drippy wet and I'm going to start with some blue I'm gonna add a tiny bit of white to my blue When you're using acrylic paint, Adding white to it will make it moral pick. So what we're going to do is just put it on in different spots on the top of your plaque I'm gonna rinse this off and I'm gonna get some darker blue And I'm gonna put that in other spots and you can see I'm just kind of blending it together. This is so easy. It doesn't have to be perfect. All you want is a little variation of shades I'm gonna add a little black for the night sky . I'm gonna mix a little bit of my scion blue in now. And really, this is so it does not have to be perfect. You can do this in any sort of pattern that you want and it's gonna look good. You'll be shocked at how easy this is. Okay? And this this method that I'm using is called tiling. You can see I'm putting paint in different sections on my plaque like so. And then what I'm going to Dio is come in with my dry brush and I'm gonna show you how to blend the acrylic paint with your dry brush. You're just gonna very lightly go over the top and it's already started to dry. That's one of the nice things about acrylic paint dries so quickly, and you could Dio has many layers as you want to get it, How you want. It starts to dry kind of assess how it's looking and see if you want to add a little more paint and I'm gonna add just a little more blue. I wanted to be a little bit brighter and you can see once you start building in layers, it gets even easier to blend and a little more black. Basically, I'm just kind of redoing what I did on the first layer. Get may dry brush blended in and you could do that as many times as you need to as many layers as you need to. Until you are happy with the result, - we're gonna come back over the top and do some stars. Um, so that's it. We're gonna let that dry, and then we're gonna paint the stars. 5. PAINT THE STARS: once your sky is all dry, we're ready to do the stars. So the stars a really fun. And to do that, we're gonna take our flat wash brush and we're going to get a little bit of white paint. We can take the edge of the brush and just kind of splatter. If you get any big blobs like that, no worries. Have a wet cloth nearby. Just get rid of it and that's it. You just add as many stars as you like and just a couple more. You can also come in. This is where the optional round brush comes in handy if you want to just do your own little stars like that. I kind of prefer the sweater method because I think it looks more, um, natural. We're gonna let that dry, and then we're gonna come back and draw in a constellation 6. ADD THE CONSTELLATION: the next steps going to be to add our constellation for this example, I'm going to be doing Aires. So Kerry's has four stars, So I'm going to use my paint pen and I'm going to draw out Aires and I have included in the class notes, all of the constellations so that you can use that for reference. If you want to do a different Zodiac sign. Look at that. It looks like I already have a star in place. So once you have the stars in place, this is when you're gonna use your ruler to get a straight line, being careful not to smudge your stars. - That's it. So I am going to get a hammer and my tax, and I'm going to tack in right on top of where the stars are. Way go. That's Airy's All right, So now we're going to add some black paint around the edge to frame it off because right now this is still just Jess. Oh, so I am going to take my brush and my black paint, and I am just gonna vary carefully paint around the edge. I do this last so that if you get any star splatters or if the blue kind of, um, goes over onto the edge, This just cleans it up really nicely. Don't worry if you go over the edge because it wipes right off. Obviously, he is careful. Issue can. But this is a very easy kind of no, no worries project, right? And then we're going to need to paint the back to make that nice and clean. We're gonna let that dry, and we're gonna come back and put on her hanging hardware and her wall art is done. See in the next video. 7. ADD HANGING HARDWARE: All right, so we're almost finished. The only thing we have to do is get it ready to hang on the wall. The option I've I'm going to demonstrate here is to add screw eyes in a chain. Feel free. If this could just have a hookah picture hook hung on the back and you could hang it that way if you like. But for this demonstration, I'm gonna take my screw eyes and I'm going to decide where I wanted to hang. And I'm just gonna market and then just simply screw in the little screw I Once I done now I'm going to take me others crew I and screw it in on the other side. There we go. So I've cut my chain and I've added my screw eyes. Screw those in, get him even and then I'm going to take my jump rings. I'm gonna open them off. You can see they opened up just like that and I'm going to take the last hoop of my chain and I am going to put it through Screw. I have to open it up enough. And then I'm just gonna close it up and do the same exact thing on the other side. Close it up and it's finished. Your wall arts ready to hang on the wall. 8. FINAL THOUGHTS: So if you are watching this right now, that means you have completed the class. You have a finished piece of artwork. I hope you had a great time. I hope you found it quick and easy. Please make sure to reach out to me. If you have any questions at all, I want making art to be fun. And I want you to keep on creating because you are a crafty crafter and you are more creative. Then you ever thought you were. And I want to help you to see that. So thank you so much for joining me today. I appreciate your time more than I can tell you. And I'm so excited to be connected with you here on skill share and anywhere else online. You want to follow along with me? You can check out my website. You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook and let's stay in touch. Thanks again. Nice job