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Loose Leaf Travel Journals: Beautifully Organise Travel Keepsakes

teacher avatar Sharmane Coquilla, Creative Documentation Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Sort-Pick-Organise Method


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      Create Journal Leaves


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      The Art of Storytelling


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      Beautify the pages!


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      Bind, Store & Display


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About This Class

‘Travel, first it leaves you speechless then it turns you into a storyteller.’

When we travel we get engrossed in the sights we see, the flavors we taste, the cultures we learn and the people we meet. The whole experience leaves us fascinated and the feeling of awe we strive to immortalise in film or take home in the form of souvenirs.

If you are like most travellers, you might have a shoe box stuffed with photos from different events or a drawer full of mementos from the various places you’ve visited in the past. I bet you swore to yourself that when I get home, I’ll organise this bits and bobs into a scrapbook or a journal!

It is now time to take action and organise heaps of keepsakes in order for them to really ‘spark joy’. In this class, we’ll easily turn those ephemera pieces into beautifully made loose leaf travel journals.

Take a break from editing those photos online, and capture those moments in the physical pages ofa loose leaf travel journal!

Note from the creator:

Hey there, beautiful soul!

Join me celebrate the love for analogue and together let us find beauty in the basics. I’ve been keeping journals as far back as I can remember but it was only in 2015 when I consciously labeled the act of creatively documenting my life as ‘Creative Journaling’. Over the years my journal system grew  & evolved -- all these, I am keen to share with you in this class!

You can keep tabs on my creative documentation adventures by subscribing  to my youtube channel

and you can also follow my instagram account for widgets of inspiration!

I hope you enjoy the class as much as I enjoyed

Love & Light,

Sharmane C.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharmane Coquilla

Creative Documentation Artist


 Hi there! I’m Sharmane and I am passionate about creatively documenting life in between slivers of paper in a fun, easy & creative way!

Creative documentation is a full-time hobby and passion of mine. I’ve been sharing my creations to the the world as a content creator in Youtube and Instagram since 2013 and just recently as story creator for the Amino App as well.

All my skillshare classes are geared toward introducing and living the love for analogue in a more meaningful way for the creatives of the 21st century.  

My interests and contents includes various ways and types of journal-keeping approaches,letter writin... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: travel. First, it leaves all of us speechless and then eventually turns each and every one of us into storytellers. When we travel, we revel in the sights. We see flavors who taste and the people we meet so much so that we strive to capture these moments in photos, and we try to take home experiences in the form of seven years. You might have these travel Mementos just piled up in a drawer somewhere. Oh, are stacked on top of each other in a shoebox somewhere in your home. Perhaps you never got around to organizing them. Or perhaps you just have no idea what to do with them but can't get around to throwing them out because of their sentimental value. Welcome to this class entitled Loose Leaf Travel Journal. Ah, fun and easy way to beautifully organized travel keepsakes. So before you get around to toss saying some of those items into the bend, let me show you a fun and easy way to organize your travel a mental into a travel journal like Hi there, I'm for me and I will be guiding you through the whole process of this class from start to finish and I will make for that. Each step of the way will be fun. I have been experimenting with loosely format, and I have used it a couple of times from a travel journal. Of course, I wholeheartedly recommended for three major reasons. First, all you really need our sheets of paper. You can simply use the brochures and papers he gathered from travel along with any paper. You have a toll. Second, you can easily add or take away pages whenever you feel like it. And third, they make for an attractive display. And they're easy to store for future viewing. I've made a couple of these loosely travel journals myself. Four different trips, and in this class I'll be making another one for reference based on my 2018 trip to Malaysia. If you want to follow along as we go through the project, I should just grab your travel trouble us a couple of travel photos and prints the mouth. Then you can also include your art materials, sue. There's tapes and blue and some decorative items like stickers washy tapes on other fund icon central cards. Also be sure to have a stash of different types of paper can be new paper will also be recycled. When you're ready, I'll see you in the next video. Let's start sorting those balance. 2. Sort-Pick-Organise Method: As we travel, we tend to gather different types of travel momentum souvenirs, brochures, maps And in this section of the clash, I'm going to teach you how I sort and organize these travel moment to easily go through. A stack of ephemeral has been laying around has been mixed up. I follow a three step process. It's sort, pick and organized sort. Pick organized sort out ephemera and photos from the same trip. Pick out of the keeps eggs that evoke the most memories and also those that you find beautiful, organized the memorabilia and chronological order. In that respect, we will be dividing the keepsakes into two sections. Ephemera and photos. Ephemera. Ephemera are things that are used or enjoyed only for a short time. They are collectible memorabilia, typically in printed format. I tend to gather a decent amount of ephemera whenever I travel. I keep tickets, brochure stock, it's and packaging. In terms of storage. All my travel ephemera are in a box. I can easily go through them, but I decided to look back or like, today finally put them in my journal photos. When traveling, I tend to have a surplus of photos in my memories. Things used the sort pick organized process to pick out around 8 to 15 photos from the whole lot of photos you have. Keep the number to a minimum, so you don't get overwhelmed when you get started. Also, keep in mind you can easily add more photos later, but there are a lot of printing options, depending on the type of camera you use. You can print in Polaroid films, have them professionally printed or, as I did for this demo, printed them out in my home printer. I printed out these photos on photo paper on high quality printing. Set things and cut them out myself. Do it yourself. Printing allows me to customize the photo sizes where I used 2.5 by 2.5 inch for the squares and one and 1/4 by three and 3/4 inch for the rectangles. Now for timing. So there isn't an exact time frame as to when you should after you make the travel journal . So it's really up to you up to your personal timeline, so don't get stressed so you can make it immediately after when you come back from a trip that's good because all the memories are fresh. You can also do this months or weeks after the travel itself, because it's a good opportunity to reminisce. Trip. Now that all the keepsakes are in order, it's time to put your travel journal together and I'll see you in sex. 3. Create Journal Leaves: creating your journal leaves begin with selecting a variety of paper types, colors and textures. Be creative. Here are some of the paper types you can use to mix and match Kraft Valium paper notebook sheets, hard stock printed paper. Play around with the combinations until you compile a stock you're happy with. I suggest by beginning with 10 sheets than add or subtract pages from their, cut the sheets to your desired size. I suggest you could try to begin with a standard size a five sheet. The great thing about looseleaf travel format is you can easily customize the size of your journal. As for me, I've been cutting my sheets to four inch by seven and 1/4 inch sized sheets. When cutting the sheets, you can use scissors to clean cut edges or tear the sheet, using a ruler as a guide to get jagged edges. I personally like to mix and match clean cut and jagged edges because I think it adds more personality to the journal. When you're happy with your stack, punch a hole on the upper partner. Now your journal leaves are ready to be peppered with your travel memories. In the next video, we will finally start the process of telling your story 4. The Art of Storytelling: the art of storytelling. Now that all basic components already it is time to tell your story. Begin with laying out your photos on the sheets in chronological order. Be sure to try different layouts and mix it up. When you're happy with the layout, you can use glue or tape. Secure the photos in place right then captions or descriptions for each photo. It doesn't have to be super detailed. You can simply job down random things come to mind. Here are some ideas for photo annotations, date time, location, itinerary, reminders, codes fund, fax tip. It doesn't have to be super detailed. Simple trip highlights will do. Remember that FMR US tell the story as well. Simply incorporate dfm Marist into the stock by sticking them directly on the pages as decorative elements, putting small items in an envelope and including them in the stack. Use them as flip cards or interactive buckets. Answered them directly in the stack as one of the pages tried to keep everything in chronological order because it will help you tell the story better. Now it's time for my favorite part. It's creating. So in the next video I will be sharing with fun ideas to beautify the pages some more 5. Beautify the pages!: Now we're such a beautify the pages. So it's important to take note and observe two things as you go on decorating, so you have to decide on two things. One is the color palette, and two is on overall theme. So, for example, and travel journal that I'm making for its class, I'm observing a muted earth tones as you can see kneaded earth tones, and I just a little pop off like Ping and a little bit of great to it. But overall, we have a muted you can see throughout the whole concept, and then my overall theme would be more botanicals, I'm adding and butterflies using flowers, stickers and stamps all throughout the entire traveled. You can be a eight and first minimalist as you want, but remember that the theme and the color scheme is just overall guide To get that cohesive look from start to finish The Travel Journal. And don't let that dampen your creative spirit so tried to experiment. Don't be afraid to try different colors as you go along. Here are some fun decoration ideas you can try. Add texture using stamps. Now you're looking at now, so everything that happens now is happening. We're it now. Go back to create more details by using scratch on Prince. Use decorative sickness. Incorporate washing tapes. Make the journal more interesting by leering, different decorative mediums. Add journal cards and flip pages include pocket envelopes, the whole keepsakes, used ephemera as additional pages. When you've got all your design sorted, now it's time to buy, so I'll see in the next video, and I'll show you how easily bind loose leaf format journals. 6. Bind, Store & Display: binding storage and display ideas binding before anything else. I add a grommet island to the first page, both for aesthetic purposes and for extra support. But this is only optional. I like to keep it natural, so I use Jude String for my journals. You can also use other binding materials, such as metal rings, James or other types of rope. When binding, keep the not loose so you can easily add things when you want to storage. I like starting mine and cloth pouches. He can also put them on the bookshelf, or perhaps store them in a box as well. Be sure to avoid direct sun exposure and keep the journal away from moisture display after creating something beautiful. It only feels right to put it on this place. You can simply stuck it on the coffee table together with other magazines, or you can hang them on this play alone or in a series, whether you choose to treasure it privately or shared with the world. Now you have something beautiful that's worth keeping if you follow it along with a class. By now, you'll have a beautiful compilation of your travel momentum. Otherwise, I hope this class inspires you to get started starting for aiding and storytelling. So the loosely format is very versatile. You can use it to create a document. Other occasions swell like birthdays and any first thanks for taking this class of me and you get a chance to make your own looseleaf travel journal. Do share it in the project section. And I would love yet what you came up with. I'm hoping that you were able to pick up some fun tips and tricks to created the document Your Travels from here on forward. So I'll see you in the next class for now, Safe and happy travels.