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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Nutrition and Different Types of Tofu


    • 3.

      Drying Tofu


    • 4.

      Tofu & Carrot Nugget


    • 5.

      Crustless Tofu Quiche


    • 6.

      Tofu Steak With Mushroom Stir Fry


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      Thank You


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About This Class

Do you want to eat healthy tonight but tired of cooking the same thing over and over?

In this class you will learn 3 different vegan tofu dinner ideas. l know, many people hear the words "tofu for dinner" and think "boring", "tasteless" or "too light". However, I will show you tasty tofu dishes that leave you satisfied and also feeling healthy.

Tofu is made of soy beans and is well known as a good source of protein. Here in Japan, we love tofu as it goes well with almost anything including vegetables, fish, seafood, cheese...and so on.The 3 ideas I'll present in this class are vegan but I'm sure that everybody can enjoy the taste.

So let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan

Simple Japanese Home Cooking


Hi, I'm JURI. I share my simple Japanese home cooking recipes in my food blog. Healthy, tasty and easy family friendly meal include vegetarian and vegan. 

I'm a Japanese living in Kanagawa, Japan. 

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1. Introduction: Hi, Andrea. Steve, Do you want to eat healthy tonight? But Kyra, cooking the same things over and over in this plus you learn three different big unwto Medina ideas. Oh, who and Carol Negative. So who kids and told who? Steak with mushrooms. They're fried. I know many people here the worst told Booth with dinner and think boring a slice or two light. However, I will assure you taste Ito who dishes that leave you satisfied and also feeling healthy. The three ideas are representing this person bigger. However, I'm Georgia everywhere we injured a taste, so let's get started. 2. Nutrition and Different Types of Tofu: so who is made of first time milk and is well known as a good so so point based putting. It is also an excellent source of calcium, Kufa and minerals. So who comes in two basic phones? Kenya or silky on the left and moment or firm on the right? Kenya contents more water and has a silky texture, so it is recommended to eat fresh. One way to eat is what we call the Ayako, which is simply tough with some toppings such a screen only on sesame seed, ginger or seaweed. Another example is told to sell it. So who goes well was just about any vegetable movement is tough, which is personal wire wrapped in Cottam. This removes the excess water and brings out the rich taste off the soybean. It is perfect folk raising, a frying stir frying or any type of cooking, which uses heat. In this class, we will use moment 3. Drying Tofu: It is important to dry tofu before cooking, as the excess moisture can cause the tofu to become soggy and difficulty repair. First, put a seat off paper towel on the plate and a place that'll who on the top next, put another seat of paper towel on top and the rough that'll food. Place of life self. It's such as a cutting board on top of the tofu and then at something a bit heavy, like an open dish. Let the whole who sit for 30 minutes or more as the toe who thins out and becomes more firm . Another way to dry coughing a piece by using a microwave over. Put the tofu on the plate and heat at the low temperature for two minutes. 4. Tofu & Carrot Nugget: the first Tina idea are we show you is tofu and character nuggets. The outside has a quantity texture, while the inside is soft and fluffy. I'm sure kids will love this dish. Here are the ingredients No foods, 300 gram character, long 50 ground one medium size or two small size cash units. 30 grams breadcrumbs Woke up. Paint your paper flower due to spin first during your soul food. Next, we will make the Toho mix. Peel the skin off one carrot and cut into bite size pieces. Prepare your food processor and after talents, how long was cast your nets. Turn on the Persist ER and already continued to jump onto no large pieces. Remain at your dry tofu and persist until it becomes soon paste. Next, transfer that off. You mix to a vote. We will make the makes a bit more firm by adding bred clowns before cooking. We need to shape our nuggets scooper whatever stream full of the who makes and make over shape on the plate. I prefer rolling the mixing nable and then forming the shape. This store who makes Patch makes about 26 nuggets that flower to both sides off the nuggets and remove the excess for some oil into a frying pan and cheat. Temperature should be said to want 80 degree. Put the nuggets into the frying pan. Cook one side for about one minute. Once the nugget has a golden brown color on one side, it is ready to fit over. After both sides has been cooked, your nuggets are ready to serve. 5. Crustless Tofu Quiche: the next or who dinner idea is crossed. Less tofu Kish Making crest from scratch is sometimes too much work using a stolen boat. One is perfectly fine that you can also try this quest. Listo Who? Kish, which is really tasty and sure to satisfy Here are the ingredients. Oh, who treat 100 ground crash soon as 50 ground potato. Two spots. Mushroom. 1 50 ground. I used magic, but any kind of mushroom is okay. Tomato 1 51 I like to use cherry tomatoes, but you can also use regular tomatoes. Spinach two Bunches south, one teaspoon, Just like the last recipe, dry your tofu. Next week, we steam our invisibles. Cut potatoes into small pieces. Remove the bottom part of your mushroom and separates of remaining pieces. Student both together for about seven minutes, or until the potato becomes soft. Now, why does steaming potato and mushroom cut your spinach and tomatoes? That's me not to pound and steam for another minute. Prepare your food processor and at the toe who ushers and salt forces until the mix become smooth. Turns for a tough cream into a bowl and at steamed spinach mushrooms, potato is sure to make swell and at tomatoes and mix poor old ingredients into an oven dish . Here are used 20 by 16 sides. Oven dish. Take the Kish in the open at one, any jewelry for 30 to 40 minutes, and finally, your pasty classless told who Kish is ready for dinner. 6. Tofu Steak With Mushroom Stir Fry: the last told who Dina idea is told who. Steak with mushrooms they're fried. This is a really simple dish that you can cook in this than 30 minutes. Here are the ingredients, So WHO? 300 gram mushroom 1 30 room I used to Magic and Setauket. However, you can use any kind of mushroom each of salt in your paper. Meeting one tablespoon. This is Japanese sweet rice wine toe, which is used to at the mile suit. As to food. If you don't have it, you can have a steward it with one thought of sugar and a little white wine. Soy sauce one tablespoon. Bring owning a little or a lot for topping. First dry all of your toe. Who next? We will prepare off vegetables hot The sea took mushroom into smaller slices For the commission mushrooms. We will remove the bottom part on separate the remaining PC's chopped green ono into smaller pieces, which we will use for our copy. Place your fine bad on the stove and pour some oil warming up to a medium heat, throwing all the mushrooms and stir fry it at a pinch of salt and pepper to give you a bit more taste. Once down, put do the site. Now we we cook our steak. Cut the tofu into four pieces and then turning house so that you have a total of eight slices for some oil and won the frying pan to medium heat. Quote that each told whose lies with some flour on both sides and press into the fine pan. Tried auto who about one minutes on each side or undo the suffers becomes crunchy. Once you're finished, put the tofu aside. Nestle. We will make ourselves for some meeting or substitute, and so cells into the frying pan and heat once it begins to boil and thinking about your toe. Whose license and mix with the sauce placed ol who? Steak on a plate and spread mushrooms and green onions on the top. Your call Who's steak is now ready to eat 7. Thank You: Let's make couple who, Dina Select one of the ideas presented with plus and prepare it. Re share your photos in the project. Gary. Also, I like to hear what you think about the class, so please leave a comment. Thank you for enrolling the class.