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About This Class


In this class I will show you how to make Udon. Udon is a thick, chewy noodle made of flour and usually eaten with soup. It’s like Japanese version of fast food as you can find Udon stands inside of stations, food courts, in the grocery store etc.

I will show you how to make Udon from scratch, Udon soup and many variations of toppings. Hope you will enjoy the class.

Let's get started!

Meet Your Teacher

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Chef JA Cooks Simple Gohan

Simple Japanese Home Cooking


Hi, I'm JURI. I share my simple Japanese home cooking recipes in my food blog. Healthy, tasty and easy family friendly meal include vegetarian and vegan. 

I'm a Japanese living in Kanagawa, Japan. 

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1. Introduction: Hello. Thank you for taking time to watch my video. My name. History Austin. Living in Japan was five. I have cooking, getting healthy and shared. It is Class Elect introduces administration of Cold as a fix Julie Noodle made of Robert. But this I usually eat with him. It's like a Japanese version off healthy fast as you can find those stats, he said of stations through the courts in grocery stores. I show you how to make don't from scratch. How do you make this book? And many different toppings you can is. I hope you enjoy the class. Let's get started. 2. Udon: we don't new Those are made of our and our fake and Jui you can find it in dry form, chilled or frozen. The true one is the easiest to use as he only takes three minutes to boil. So in this class, I'm going to use killed We don't nudo we don't Nudo is often served as hostile and we also eat a cold, especially in summertime. In the soup we typically use stock, soy sauce and meeting. You can test authentic Japanese flavor. The name of the I don't depends on toppings and soup. Kokale, don't temporada. I gave it all. Got a little that you don't and the list goes on. There are so many variations in this class I picked for different. We don't issues to war and too cold. I'm unsure how to make them so I hope you will enjoy my with all this 3. Soup and Stock: in this lesson, I will show you how to make stock from cuts. Oversee bonito flakes, but on soup, an instant version off stuck. First, we start with the cuts. Obasi stuck Controversy is a dryer. Food made off bonito meat. It's a traditional Japanese preserved food. Be using full stock stuffing for rice bowls and toppings for tofu, okonomiyaki and so long it used for many different dishes and a very important ingredients ful, as here, you will need one leader off water and 40 grams off. Got so busy because we make 600 me later, off stock boiled water in your part and at all of the cuts. Embassy. Lower the heat and boy for 10 minutes while boring, prepare the future. Places trainer in a large bowl and spread to coffee futures onto the strainer. What cuts? Obviously stopping to strainer Slowly, golden color cuts over she stopped is now ready. Won't stop back into the pot. Next we walk on preparing. The soup ingredients are soy sauce meeting, which is the alcohol made of rice like second and at sweetness and richness to the taste and sold. Place the pot on the stove and begin to heat at two tablespoons off sigh cells to favor spoons off, meaning in 1 30 Spoon off salt and mix with the spin nearly boiled in. Turn off the heat. How about we don't soup is that it's pretty simple for the stuck. You can always keep making it from scratch and use instant powder. I have this stop powder here, and this particular one is made of little fish called Medical, which is under the popular ingredients. To make stock with why you will need to do is pour it into boiling water and mixed with spoon at some ingredients to make soup. If the taste is too weak or too strong, feel free to add ingredients or water to adjust it taste. 4. KakeUdon: in this lesson, I assure you how to make a gildan cock. Ildem is the most simple world we don't with soup and usually eating with some toppings. Here are the ingredients we don't I gave them up. Academia is a deep fried flour like butter temper. Skiing. It's crunchy. Come on, go, go! Come on. Vehicle is a steamed fish paste which made of brown white fish dried. Welcome it. This is a type of seaweed and green spring on you. Let's prepare the toppings. Come on. Local usually comes on a wooden board, so slice it and separated from the board by sliding the knife. Jump spring green owning into small pieces. Next, please welcome it gruesome into a bowl and at plenty of water. Leave the welcome it for a while and it will expand quite a lot. Okay, so now we're going to boil that we don't after noodles to a part of boiling water on the back of don't package it says how long to boil it. So please come form before this particular little takes three minutes, drained noodles and run under cold water to wash off sticky Mattel Yah or noodle Torrance for it. We don't to a dish. And as some soup, decorate with toppings as you like. Leslie Sprinkle a bit off spice. This one is called the Tomato Galaxy Waits his work paper. Flike. Cocoa. Don't is ready to eat. 5. MushroomUdon: Uh, and this. Listen, are you sure? Another warm you don't, which includes a bunch of mushrooms. Here are the ingredients. Three. We don't. How about Gobi Shimaji? Three pieces off. She took it. How? Back off energy. One egg, one tear. Spoon up potato starch. Grace spring on you and we're gonna use the same soup as a work again. Don't make enough for three servings. Let's start with cutting the mushrooms. She managed it. Remove the bottom part and separate the mushrooms and OK. Remove the bottom part and this rise the mushrooming half. Don't forget to separate. See the get cut off the stoke and a slice atop part. Remove the very bottom off the stock as is to hurt and cerise the less into small pieces, chopped green onion and mixed egg place. We don't soup on the stove and boring all the mushrooms. Bought it for five minutes or so at the same time. Please prepare for Boylan that we don't while we're waiting. Place the potato starch onto small plate at some water and makes it and at the potato sturgeon into the soup out the end at beating eggs slowly into the soup the mushroom soup is ready. Transfer boils. Who? Don't go into the bowl and pour the soup spring for some chopped owner, please eat while it is hot. Enjoy. 6. ZaruUdon: in this lesson, I assure you how to make that I don't. This is a cold version of you. Don't and no special technique is required. A super fast, easy to make dish. Let's get started. Here are the ingredient you don't ginger green spring on you. No. T meant to you Meant to is a so so space condiment and gives many dishes great upon its flavor. First, grind the danger you get used as much danger as you want and jumped the only, um And that's all for the preparation boy did. We don't as you've done before and place it on the plate. Foods chopped only, um, and Grand Ginger onto a small plate form into you into a small cup and Essam water. You get just amount of water according to your taste. Finally, take a writer who don't by putting some naughty on top where you eat, put some ginger and great owning into mental soup and did you don't enjoy it? I hope you are enjoying my lesson so far. See you in the next lesson 7. SaladUdon: in this lesson, I'll be showing how to make salad. Who don't. This is a cold version of And as you can probably guess, it is said that combined with let me show you the ingredients you don't Matus tomato its throat one can of tuna. No t my own aides. Maybe you first we would prepare a what? Toppings. Cut off bottom off sprouts wash. Let us and cut it by hand. Cut tomorrow into small pieces during water from the camp tuna and boy wouldn't. Next we will make the men to soup Pour some men to you in a small cup and s and water transfer boiled would onto a plate and topped with space tables. And to now through some of my own ace onto that, we don't and place no t on top. Finish it up with men to suit. There you go. You can sex any vegetables you have in your fridge. So please try to quit your original salad. Judo. Thanks for watching 8. Thank you: Thanks for watching might with on cooking video. I hope you enjoy the bus. So now that you learn how to make little, why don't you try at home? Also, please share a photo of your dish in the project Cali and give you feedback of the quest I like to hear from you again. Thanks a lawful watching my video hope to see you soon.