Let's Draw Your Own Cookies in Procreate (Easy and fast!) | Annie Liu | Skillshare

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Let's Draw Your Own Cookies in Procreate (Easy and fast!)

teacher avatar Annie Liu, Digital Designer ✨

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Project Overview


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      Prepping & Sketching


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      Shadows & Highlights


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      Finishing Touches


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About This Class

Yummy cookies are easy to create! In this class I’ll be teaching you how to bake a-dough-rable digital cookies that’s great for sharing. Great for unleashing your imagination! 

Materials needed: 

  • Procreate App
  • Apple Pencil or stylus 
  • Tablet/IPad 
  • Your imagination

In this class won’t have to worry about over-baking our cookies as we’ll learn how to bake some yummy digital cookies in Procreate.

After it’s done this makes for a great digital gift to share with your friends/family.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Annie Liu

Digital Designer ✨


Hi I’m Annie or LIUCID and for the sake of brevity- the meaning behind LIUCID is two folds. 

Clarity through connection (which is the basis of creativity) Light- keep shining, your spark sparks others.

And I’m all about living, creating and teaching with the above mission statement in mind as well as sparking it in others! 


In order to give you a sense of who I am- listed are my related expertise when comes to the topic of creativity.

2021  Ox Bookmark Activity x Chinese American Museum Lantern Festival 2020 Asian Creative Collective Speaker (on my Creative Journey) 2020 Adobe Creative Residency Community Fund Recipient 2020 Instagram Featured: &l... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Intro: Baking digital cookies is really fun to do because for one thing, you don't have to worry about burning your cookies. And so in this class, we're going to be creating some aid. Do rebel cookies. You see what I did there? And so we're going to recreating these cookies. And perfect thing about these cookies is that it's fun and easy to create. And it's perfect for sharing really quick. In fact, it's perfect for sharing for holidays or any occasions that you see fit. I'll be your instructor. Hey, I'm adding or lucid. And for the sake of brevity, the meaning and behind and lucid is twofold. So one is clarity through connection, so which is the basis of creativity. And the second is light. So your spark sparks others, and this is my mission statements. So whether I'm creating GIFs, wonky lettering, illustrations or face filters, I keep it loose it, While sparking this in others as well. So let's turn up the heat and let's designed to some digital cookies and you get to design it however you want. This is all up to your imagination. So bring your imagination and let's get lucid. 2. Project Overview: So for this class we're going to be creating some yummy digital cookies. And what we'll cover is, we're going to cover sketching slash inspiration, coloring, shading slash highlighting. And then we're going to go into our shadowing and afterwards, and we're going to go into our finishing touches. Within a DJ, your freshly baked cookies will be ready to be shared with friends and family, and maybe even me. And this is actually the perfect project to start if you want to create something fun and easy on Procreate. So here's all of the materials that we're going to need. Of course, we're gonna need Procreate. And then we're going to need an iPad or a tablet. And of course you need solace slash the Apple pencil. And then of course, do bring your imagination. So with the basis covered in the next section, we're gonna go over the sketching slash prepping process. 3. Prepping & Sketching: So in order to begin to digitally bake, what we first have to do is we have to prep slash sketch. And in order to do this, well, let's first have some inspiration and ideas in mind. So maybe we're on Pinterest or Google or anywhere else we might find inspiration. This might actually be a good place to pull out your phone and go on Instagram and actually to search up the hashtag cookie designer. Another good jumping off point might be to pull out a pencil and a paper. And from there start making a list of all of the possible themes that you might want your cookies to have. And at this point, anything dose. So maybe it's space ships slash aliens. Maybe it's a princess, kingdom themed. Maybe it's your favorite cartoon characters. So you can put whatever you want. And after you have all of your to list out, you could make maybe a star next to your favorite ones and start eliminating and narrowing it down from there. All right, so we have our canvas in front of us. And the first thing that we'll do is let's go ahead and sketch. And with our idea in mind for myself, my idea is I'm going to have it be a sky things. I'm just going to have bunch of Cloud cookies. And right now I'm on a sketching pencil. So you can go ahead and use your sketching 6 B pencil in order to sketch this part out. So for this part, we're mainly concerned about the composition. So our focus is just going to be about where we place our cookies. So we can go ahead and draw our cookies out and just sketch them. It doesn't have to be what the final cookies look like exactly, but it will show us where to place our cookies. And maybe you want to move at cookies around. We can use this tool right here, have it on free hand, circle it, and then use the arrow and just move it around or we can even make it bigger or smaller. Alright, so we have our basic sketch. The next thing we're going to do is we're going to start adding color. 4. Coloring: Already, so we have our basic sketch and now we're going to be coloring. So with the coloring process, what we're going to first do is because my cloud is going to be white and actually want to start doing the frosting first. What I'm going to do is I'm going to go into my layers and I'm going to change my background color for right now. So I'm going to just sue this blue color, slight blue color. And with that, I'm going to go back to my layers. And let's go ahead and open up a new layer. So what are your two is where we're going to be creating some of our frosting. So depending on how your cookie looks like, you could be using different colors. But for myself, since this is just clouds, it's going to be a simple color of white. And I'm going to start with that. So what's the white? I'm going to select a calligraphy monoline brush. And I'm just going to be tracing the sketch. So you don't have to trace it exactly because your sketches just for you to know where to place your cookies. But if you want, you can outline it pretty close to your sketch. And then of course you're just going to color drop. And we're just gonna do the same for all of our clouds. All right, so we have our frosting down. And the next thing that we'll do is let's go ahead and open our layers. And let's create a new layer. So with our Layer 3, let's drag it underneath where two. And this is actually going to be our cookie base. So let's just select a cookie base color. And let's go ahead and just create a nice outline around our cookies. So for this part you're just going to be tracing around and creating that outline. Remember you can draw and then hold your brush to create dense, smooth line, feed dry. And then you hold the line, you can see that it's really smooth. And this is a pretty meditative practice because. You're just doing the same thing over and over again. All right, so we have the base of the cookie as well as the base of the frosting. Now it's time to add in some more details. And in order for me to do that, what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back into our layers. And let's go ahead and click on layer one. And what we're going to do is we're going to pull this sketch all the way up front so we can see it again. And this time let's go ahead and click onto this n and just lower the opacity so that we can slightly see it. And what we're going to do is because we're adding detail. Let's go ahead and add in a new layer to add our details onto. And layer 4, Let's pull that underneath where one. And let's start adding some of that detail. So for myself, I'm going to add in the color pink, just for the cheeks. I'm also going to be adding. We have our colors down in the next section. Let's shadow and highlights. 5. Shadows & Highlights: In this section, we're going to be creating highlights and shadows. So the first thing we'll do is let's go into our Layers panel and let's turn off our Layer 1, which is our sketching layer. We no longer need that. And from there, Let's go ahead, click into layer three, which should be the cookie base. Open up a new layer and create a clipping mask. And without clipping mask created, we're going to do is we're going to go into our color palette. And let's select a darker shade of that cookie base. And let's select maybe a soft Purcell and W2 as soft the cell. Let's go back into our drawing and let's just create a nice shadow for our cookie. So the shadow should go underneath the frosting. When could have it on the Edge as well. So underneath in on the edge is where we did put this darker shade. And it's really nice because you can kind of see the cookies cert pop out a little bit more. And with this color, Let's go ahead and we can also find another shade of that. Maybe even lighter. And with a softer sell, this could be a bit of a highlight and maybe add it on the top. Already. So fat finished. Let's go ahead and let's work on our frosting. So we'll do the same thing that we did for layer 3. And what we're going to do is we're going to add in a new layer, create a clipping mask. And maybe this time I'm going to select a blue. And with my softest cell and pump it up a bit. And maybe create a white color shadow and kinda wanted a little bit more white. So I'm going to turn down the opacity. And for this, what I can do is I can even add in some of that dark blue underneath, or rather this light blue underneath. Some of the details. And what I'll do is I'm going to go into my color palette one more time and I'm going to select an even lighter blue. May add that the top. And from here what I'm going to do is I'm actually going to go into my layers again. And I'm going to add in more of that shadow and highlights for the details. And I always like using an even lighter color in just creating a little bit by weights. I'm going to do the same for RD. So with the shadow and the highlights, you can see a difference because now the elements of the cookies actually look more 3D in that they actually pop out more. And that's exactly the effect that we're trying to go for. So next, with all of this done, we're going to go into our finishing touches. 6. Finishing Touches: Let's create our finishing touches. So our finishing touches will include creating shadows and fixing anything that we want to fix. And of course, adding little details. So for myself, I'm just going to fix this cloud rate here. I'm just going to make it a little bit smaller. And what I'll also do is I'm going to change my background color. So once we're happy with the overall look of our cookies, Let's go ahead and create some shadows. So in order to do that, we'll go into our layers, add a new layer, click on this layer and drag it all the way down to your cookie base. So underneath your cookie base and on top of background color, what we're going to do is let's select the background color. And let's go into our color palette and let's just slightly drop it down a little bit. And we're just going to use a sketching soft sell. And what we can do is you can go ahead and create a nice shadow underneath. And it might actually feel too dark. In which case we can always turn down the opacity. And what we can also do is we can go into this tool right here. And we can select a Gaussian Blur. Gaussian Blur, we can select the layers and we can just turn up our Blur. And you can see that up there. And you can just turn that by going to the right, turn down by going to the left. So just play with that. And we're just going to lower down a little bit more. Or it's so with our added shadow, I think the next thing we can do is add some finishing touches. And for myself, I'm going to be adding some raindrops as well as some stars. I'm just going to be using my sketching pencil. And I'm just going to create little doodles in this is just so that I fill in some of those empty spaces and just create nice patterns as well. And I might add in some snow as well. And there we have it. We've just spade some digital cookies. 7. Conclusion: All right, Awesome. You did it and buy this section, you should have created some amazing, yummy, delicious digital cookies. And hopefully you get to share a fresh batch of these cookies with me here or on my Instagram at Lucid underscore. And I hope you enjoyed taking this class and you had fun making some digital cookies.