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Learn Conversational Hindi I Travel in India and Nepal like a PRO

teacher avatar Devieka Gautam, Freelancing Ninja here to empower you!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Genders and Questions


    • 2.

      Salutations and Money


    • 3.

      Colors and Numbers


    • 4.

      Striking a conversation


    • 5.

      Introducing yourself


    • 6.

      Language Barriers and Awkward Situations


    • 7.

      Eating and Ordering out


    • 8.

      Shopping in India


    • 9.

      Sightseeing and Transport


    • 10.

      Phrases for Conversations (Advanced) Part 1


    • 11.

      Phrases for Conversations (Advanced) Part 2


    • 12.

      Bonus: Incase of an Emergency


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About This Class

The course contains all the essential dialogues and words necessary to ease your travel plans in and about India. Learn Conversational Hindi for Travel in India is developed keeping in mind your strong interest in learning the Hindi language and formal/ informal instances you may encounter during your travel.

With easy English to Hindi translations, this course will add a nice touch to your 'India Stories' once you go back home :)

The course is divided into 5 sections to cater to your travel needs and conversational wants! These sections cover Hindi words and situations such as Genders, Money, Salutations, Eating out and ordering food in restaurants, Shopping (and even bargaining!) around.

Not just that, you will also learn about sightseeing and traveling in Rickshaws and, for you good learners, advanced conversations which you can strike with the natives and get the complete Indian experience.

Along with that, you will be guided by a well-structured Course Curriculum that will ease the course's flow and make it simple yet interesting for you. The goal is not to be intimidated but to have fun!

You will also get a compiled English - to - Hindi Word List with this course which you can carry around in your backpack, wherever you go ;)

Finally, a Bonus Session! is available to help you in case of any emergency during your stay and travel adventures here in India. 

No learning is complete without questions which is why I encourage you to ask your Hindi/ English doubts, and I shall promptly answer them.

I am looking forward to your Hindi journey with me. Namaste!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Devieka Gautam

Freelancing Ninja here to empower you!

Level: All Levels

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1. Genders and Questions: Welcome to basics of Hindi. 2.1 in your enemy with difficult selective word for goal. Larky learn a key. Learn a car, Learn car are the me are the me? The answer is the 1st 1 Laura Key. Select a word for a boy. The answer is the 2nd 1 Large car Lord, Go select the word for a man. The answer is the 3rd 1 are the me odd me are the mean selective board for goal. The answer is the 1st 1 learned a key. Learn key. The second option. Large car. Let it go. The third option or what? All right, sell it Delivered for a boy. The answer. The second picture. Large car Lord, A car. Select the word for a woman. The answer is the third picture. All right, all right. Pronounce Yes in Hindi. Huh? Huh? Pronounced no in Hindi? No, he No, he No he pronounce? No, I am a goal in Hindi. No, he made a clerk Qihoo No, he may seek larky who pronounce. I am a goal in Hindi. Mayor Ik larky who may ik larky who pronounce. Yes, I am a boy in Hindi, huh? May equal Ergo. Who? Huh? Met Ik Lyrica who? Sell it. The word for a woman. The third pitcher. All right, all right. Select the word for a man. The second picture. Odd. Me. Ah, the me Pronounce this in Hindi Z you pronounced docked in Hindi. Pronounce hair in Hindi. Yeah. Huh? Yeah. Huh Pronounced there in Hindi, huh? While huh pronounced who in Hindi? Gone grown, gone. Announce what? In Hindi. Que que here pronounce their in Hindi. Go home. Go home. Pronounce Vin in Hindi Cub. Cub club Pronounce. How in Hindi? K c. Okay. See? Okay. See? Pronounce No in Hindi? No, he No, he No, he 2. Salutations and Money: welcome to do. Going toe salutations and money for basics of Hindi. And you didn't even difficult. The 1st 1 is basics of Hindi salutations. Select the word for goodbye all V dull All V Doe Ali Video. Good boy video. Select the word for Hello. No. Must be no must no Must see No musty, no musty. Hello. No musty. Select the word for please. Three day. Yeah, three be. Yeah. Threepio three Beer, please. Creepier. Select the word for good morning. Good morning, stool, But ah, but throw. But good is Sue. Morning is pro, but good morning, Su robot to through But select a word for good evening soon, son. The Yeah, send here. It's to send here. Good evening. Su Sandia Pronounce? No, thank you. In Hindi? No, He done Mayor Rod? No. He Huh? Nail rod? No, he don your rod. No, thank you. No. He done near VOD pronounce. Yes, please. In Hindi, huh? Creepier, huh? Creepier. Yes, please. Huh? Threepio pronounced. Thank you. In Hindi. Derniere Rod. Dania. Vod Neyer. VOD Daniel God. Thank you, Daniel. Rod pronounce. I don't have anything. Can be anything. Anything. An object I don't have in Hindi meeting, boss? No, he here maybe. Boss. No, he hair. I don't have it. I don't have anything meeting boss. No, he hair pronounce. But you don't have anything in Hindi. Who? Marty? Boss! No, he hit Who? Marty? Boss? No, he hair Hamadi Boss in the heat. Hit Hamad e boss. No, he here We don't have anything. Hamadi Boston, that he Here Select the word for I am sorry. Mafi Ma fee Mafi. I am sorry Mafi. The 2nd 1 basics of Hindi for money Still it The word for rupees rule by Rue Bob Yeah, Rupee! Groupe Rupees! You pay Set up the wood ₹400! The first option ₹50! But Jazz Rupee by Joss Rubei ₹50 But just who do pay second option ₹100 So bluepi so Rubaie code option ₹1000 Ik has are rubei Big khazad blueberry ik Hugs are replay ₹1000 Ik has our report ₹100 The correct answer is optional model so Ruby select the word for ₹10 1st option, ₹10. Thus rubei Thus rupee Second option ₹20 B's B Ys Rubei b Ys Rupert 20 Toby's Bees Rubei Third option ₹30 The ease Rubei the ease Rubei ₹30 Thes reporting ₹10 The correct answer is the first option dust replay. Thus Rubei pronounce ₹1 in Hindi one Ik ruby ruby I want to be ik Groupe Pronounce ₹5 in Hindi five. Budge Bunch Bunge, Rubies Rupert Fire Abi's Bondage Rubei 3. Colors and Numbers: This is 2.3 colors and numbers in basics of Hindi. With you, Jamie with difficult. The 1st 1 is basics of pindi colors. Select the wood Full red Did Lalla Law Law Lalla Green. Huh? Huh? Yeah. Photo yellow. Be love. Be love. Be love Read lol green Hello, yellow pillow. The answer is the 1st 1 Live with red Long Select the wood for yellow lol hood off the low yellow Be love Select the wood for black Right, So freed, so fitted, so fed right So fed black God's law Go Love God Law God law Blue ni law Me Lo Neela Blue kneeler Select the word for black The second picture God love Black Carla Select the word for blue Neela The third picture Blue kneeler Pronounced red clothes in Hindi A lot cup lol Cabra Red clothes lol cut it up. Did is long. Uploads is couple read fluids loyally coupled up. Pronounce black, auto or black picture in Hindi Black order Carla or so Carla Ordo Black Raksha Carla Rickshaw Carla, Make sure black auto black picture Carla or two Carla Rickshaw. The 2nd 1 Basics of Hindi numbers Select the wood for one one Ik ik eat you door Do though to be the ing the in the e ik one to dough to be bean setting the wood for one The 1st 1 take Select the word for three, three, 18 The 3rd 1 I mean, select the word for five Ford Shar Shaw Charter four. Charred five, but lunch ball lunch Bunge Five Bunch six que She cheap five. The 2nd 1 Bunge Budge Bunch Sit at the word for six The total one t key ci sell it the word for seven seven. So the so do sat seven sub eight, uh, to, uh, art eat art eat art nine. No, no, no. Nine No. Seven The floor Shawon sought suck Select the word for eight The 2nd 1 Art select the word for 10 then Thus thus thus 20 be east be east BCE 20 BCE beast Tohti the east be east Thes thes Then it's the 1st 1 Thus cilic the wood for 20 20. It's the 2nd 1 Bees Bees select the word for 100 50. But just But just But just But just 100 So so so 1000 Ik Khazad, Huh Czar has are 1000 e Qasar 100 The second option. So So select the wood for 50 the 1st 1 But just but just but just pronounce ₹100 in Hindi . ₹100 So droopy, so droopy So Rupert pronounced dead rupees in Hindi. Thus rupee thus rubei, then Rubies does repay pronounce ₹20 in Hindi bees Rubei b Ys rule by B Ys Ruby bees by ₹20 Bees Rubei pronounce one ruby in Hindi ik Dupay ik Group A one will be a group A. 4. Striking a conversation: This is 3.1 phrases for conversations. Basic striking a conversation in Hindi And you didn't even difficult pronounce how you in Hindi up can see here. Up gay See? Hey up K c Hey, how you up, Jesse? Hair pronounce Welcome in Hindi. Apga swaggered here up Go Sua gut Hey up Go! Sua gut hit Welcome Aka so are good hair Apga so are good hair pronounce I am fine, Thanks In Hindi May Kiku Shukria Mayor Peak Shoo! Kry here Mayor Peak who? Shoe career. I am fine, Mayor Atiku. Thanks, Shukria. I'm fine. Thanks, Mattie. Coup Shukria pronounce. Thank you so much in Hindi. Shoo! Kry! Yeah. Shoe. Creo shoe. Three year shukria. Thank you so much, Shukria or thank you so much. But duh Nao vod! But what Tunde of odd. Thank you so much. Boot Daniel! Rod! Thank you so much. Shukria The hood Honey Rod pronounced good in Hindi. A chart much huh? Much huh? A char good! A choux A chill pronounce bad in Hindi Boo yah! Boo! What are Buddha Bad Buddha Buddha pronounce what's new in Hindi Kyo show you Hahaha Hey! Yeah! Charlie Raha! Hey, Cure Joel Raha Hey, what's new? Yeah Joel Hahaha here pronounce nothing much in Hindi Zada Gooch Now he z Ahdal coach No he Zadeh Cocina he nothing much Zadeh Cucina He is the other question he pronounce Do you speak English? In Hindi? Yeah, all up I'm good Z me but hot card suck be Hey, you're up. I'm grazie. Me but good suck d here Andres is English. Do you speak English? Here? Up on Grazie Me but car sucked a here Do you speak English? Get up on Grazie Me but car sucked a here You're up on greasy me Batgirl sucked a here pronounce just a little in Hindi bus So put out tool without bust Tora, Just little bus Tora pronounce What are you doing in Hindi? Up. Yeah Rahi Ho up! Good Rahi Hope Op Kya kar Rahi ho! What are you doing off? Shocker! There He who pronounce Nice to meet you in Hindi Op Si Mill car. Cool! She hooey! Upsy milker. She hooey! Upsy milker! Cushy! We nice to meet you. Upsy Melkert! Cushy 5. Introducing yourself: This is 3.2 phrases for conversations. Basic introducing yourself and you gave me very difficult pronounce. Good morning. How are you in Hindi? Su prob? Hot up, Casey. Here, su brah. But sue prob hot super part up J C gay. See? Okay, you say Hey, good morning, Super part. How are you up gay? See her pronounce. What's your name? In Hindi? Up? God, no. Um cure Hey, up God! Nam Keilar here. What's your name? Op Gangnam? Yeah. Hey, pronounce. My name is Carol in Hindi. Mira, me raw? No. Um Carol Hair media not, um cattle here. My name is Carol Mita. Numb Carol. Hey, meet ah Nam. Robert Hare media. No, Robert. Hey! Pronounce very from in Hindi. Up. Go, Huh? See? Hey, up! God! Huh? See? Hey up! God See here pronounce. I am from America. I'm from Netherlands in Hindi. I am from America. Mayor America Say who? May America see who I am from Netherlands. Mayor Netherlands See who may Netherlands see who pronounce? I am American. I am Dutch in Hindi. I am American May American. Who may I recon who I am Dutch May Dutch Who? Mayor Dutch who pronounce. Where do you live? In Hindi? Up! Go home! Hey, T! Hey! Up! Go! Huh? Hey! Hey! D! Hey! There is car go! Huh? Where do you live? Up, Kaha! Rickety! Hey, Opta, How to hit the hay for loans? I live in India. In Hindi. There India Me Iraheta Who May India. Me It hit the who Mayor India me hit a hit De who may India me heard a Hiti Who is a hidta is meal It hit the IHS female I live in India May India made Hete Who Mill May India. Mary Hetty who female pronounce I like Hindi language in Hindi Move G move t Hindi which he ? But he lug d lug d Hey Moon Jae moo j Hindi Hindi Achy, achy lug t lug de hair Hey, I like Hindi Language Mu j Hindi Achy lug d Hey, would you Hindi achieve Lug de here Pronounce India is a wonderful country in Hindi Pirate pa Rut ik odd but odd. But the the here But it ache Ugg boot days Hey part it is India ik at the boat dish here India is a wonderful country bidet Take a good dish Hair pronounce. I am 30 years old in Hindi. May the ease saw all God there the ease, sir. All got who? Mayor the's Saul got who? May Thies Saul Kahoe I'm 30 years old Mayor Thes Skalkaho Thies is 30. The number Sol is the eel Saul saw all met these Salgado who? If you're 20 maybes Salgado. Who? If you're dead made thus Sankoh who? Mathies Saul Car who pronounce I am traveling around India in Hindi May pop Cool Raha Who May Pirate groom Raha Who May pilot groomer Ha Who? Goon? Huh? Who? I am traveling around India, Man Part it Goober Ha Who pronounce Will you drink tea in Hindi? Up Gee I b you get You gave up. Chai, be yoga. Chuy is deep up. Chai, be yoga. B o g. Will you drink tea up? Chai Yogi Pronounce. Yes, please. In Hindi. Ha Ziarul Za rule rule, huh? The rule? Yes, please. Huh? Zahoor pronounce. I have to go in Hindi. Move, G Move! J. Muji! Muji! Jonah! Job now! Hoga ho! Got hope. God, I have to go. Muji! Jonah ho! Go! Muji! Jonah Hoga Pronounce. Nice to meet you in Hindi. Up see Mill girl. Cool. She hooey Op. Si, Milker. Qiushi. Hooey Op. Si, Milker. Cushy. We cool. She cool. She nice to meet you. Op. Si, milker. Cushy hooey. 6. Language Barriers and Awkward Situations: This is 3.3 phrases for conversations. Basic language barriers on awkward situations in your enemy with difficult pronounce. Hi. How are you? In Hindi? No. Must be up. Casey here. No, Musty? No. Must they know? Must be No misty up. Casey. Who up? Okay, see? Hey up, Gay. Say here. Hi. How are you know must stay up. They say here pronounce friend, Will you help me in Hindi? Dosed me Three moderate Caro give So friend is dosed. Dozed Will you help me? Meaty me the mother Ma Dud Dud rule G cardio G Maybe moderate Carro g merely model car. Ogi Friend, will you help me? Dosed, Meaty mothered Karaki pronounce. Can you repeat it in Hindi? Que up? You see Dole hara suck day Hey yo Up is e is a do hot rod doe Ha dara dara Suck the suck The hit Can you repeat it? Gear up a C d o hara sucked a hey pronounce Can you speak slowly in Hindi? Yeah up. DD bought Goring G kill up de de but got really gay. Caryn, give get up DD de really bought car in gear Gatting you can you speak slowly you're up dearly but cutting you pronounce. Write it down, please. In Hindi, please. Is cripple Creek area creepier? Greater? Don't, please. Could it be a got a key? You lick Di, do you? Threepio got a G Good G you lick Leak Leak Lick the g de do you? Did you Did you Threepio got a gear? Yeah, Lick dg, You creepier, Kirky. You lick DJ pronounce. I don't understand in Hindi. Move G move! G saw Ma ju So Ma June. So much, So much. Me? No, he No, he Uh huh. Uh duh Muji so much Me? No, he odd, though. So much is understand Now he is. Don't Mujahir, is I? I don't understand Mu j so much Me? No, he oughta Uh now would you so much? Me? No, he Otto pronounce. I don't know in Hindi moods. Here, move g. No, he No, he No, he my loom ma loom Ma loom Mu j No, he my loom. I don't know Mu j No, he Maher loom Mu Gina Hema loom pronounce. What is this call in Hindi? You see Hindi? Me? Yeah. Kit de Here, you see is see is see you see Hindi. Hian de Hian de Hindi. Me mitt A mix e me kill. Get it? D Okay, deep. Okay. Hey, you see Hindi? Me. Gil, Get the hair. You see Hindi? Me. Gil, get D here. What is this called? In Hindi is a Hindi Me? Ya Get the here pronouns. How do you see? Please. In Hindi, in Hindi. Okay. In the me, please. Casey, get hit the hay. Hindi him! D him! D me, Please! Casey Gay. See? Casey, you hit the okay. The get the Hey Hindi Me, please. Daisy ahead the here. Hindi. Me, please. Casey, get the hair pronounce. What is this in Hindi? Yeah. Kyohei He Keogh. Hey you! Yeah. Here. What is this? Ukyo here Pronouns My Hindi is not good in Hindi. My is meaty. May 3 Meaty May 3 Merely Hindi him De Coach Gooch Coach cause us us costs. No, he No he No he here! Hey, my Hindi is not good. Mary, Hindi coach costs No he hit Maybe Hindi. Good cause no, he here pronouns don't ready in Hindi Gente mutt Go! Jindo Gin gin gente is worry But mutt Gatto girl room Guru Car Oh, don't worry Gente mutt, Go pronounce I am traveling alone in Hindi May Achille Groom Rahardi who may a clearly Achille is alone. Okay, Lee Okey Okay. Lee Achille. Achille Achille Cool, cool goo goo But it all heart but our heart. Who? Mayor Achille Coombe. Rahu. I'm traveling alone. May a killer groom Rahu pronouns? Yes, please. In Hindi, huh? Ziarul? Yes is her heart. Please Is the rule has a rule for knowns? No, thanks. In Hindi? No, isn't he? No, he Thanks. Daniel would, uh Neha wad Nail wad. Tunay Abad. Danny Awad. No, he done. You want pronounce? Do you know English in Hindi? Up cool English rt Here up. Cool up. Cool up. Cool. English rt ah di ah Di Arthuis Here. Op. Cool English. Arthuis hit. 7. Eating and Ordering out: This is 4.1. Moving around. Eating out in your enemy with David. Select the word for water. The first option. Water Bonnie Ball, Knee Bob Knee Bonnie de gee, I I I j I Food Cano car. No call. No Cano Decorate. Answer is the first option. Bonnie Water. Bonnie, select the wood for sugar First option milk. Dude, dude, do do do dude sugar. Second ocean, Jeannie G knee G ni sugar. Jeannie, 1/3 option Breakfast. Nationa, Nationa Nosh. Don't nage the national. They couldn't answer a second option. Sugar. Jeannie, select the wood for fresh food. First option Cold water cooled Kendall water Bonnie Cold tundra Ton duck Ton duck turned up Bondi Ball Me, Bob Me Bordeaux Bonnie cooled water Turned out. Money turned out. Bonnie. Second option Heart milk. Heart is good. Um, milk is dude hot milk. Got room? Got room. Dude. Dude. Duke. Goddamn, dude. Goddamn dude. Hot milk. Got a dude 1/3 option. Fresh food. Fresh Gaza. The za duh za za food. Cano call. No call. No fresh food. Gaza Cano Gaza Cano. The current answer is the total option Gaza Cano pronounce. I am hungry in Hindi. move G boom la gi! Hey, Woods Here. Book Le G hair Mu J Book Lagi hair Would J book le G hair pronounce? What is there to eat in Hindi? Kana May Yeah. Here. Kana call No Cano Mayor May Mayor May Yeah. Here con Ah Mei Yeah. Here a condom may kill here. Pronounce Show me the menu in Hindi Muji Menu The Chi Year Moon Jae menu the choir Mucci Move J Mu j Menu d k u d kai You de you d k u Decay You the car you Muji menu the k u pronounce one plate off food, please. In Hindi ik plate Cano Dino ik played Kana Dino ik is one played Kana call No Cano Dino De no de no Dino Egg plead one played Kana Dina Kana Dina It complete. Can Adina pronounce? No, I will eat with my hands in Hindi. No, he man hot se Congo the he man Hot, hot, hot se Congo Call Inga Colin Go hot is hand Congo is eating No, He made hot. Say Congo pronounce. Thank you. The food was very tasty in Hindi. Thank you. Is Tanya Wad Tanya Wad Done. Naor VOD Tony Awad Kana Boat SWAT dished top Daniel Wad Khanna Boot dished tough Dunya wad Cano call No call No The hoot Bob put by foot boat So our dish sua de sua de suad each So are so. Our dish is tasty So are dished Top tall Daniel Wad Khanna Boot swap Dished top pronounce I need water in Hindi Mu j Bonnie Cha Heave! Move! J Muji Bob Me Bonnie cha He he jarrahi jarrahi Would he Barney jar here. Bonnie pronounce. Come on, The food is ready in Hindi Cello Khanna die are here Char Law Charlo car No Connell The yard dye our hair Hey Cello Khanna, the yard here Cello Kana, the yard here pronounce Bill, please In Hindi Bill Day DJ Bill, the DJ Bill, please build a DJ Bill The d g You Did you d g you! Did you Bill The dgs pronounce you make good food. Thank you. In Hindi Up a Chart Connell But not the who. Tanya wad up watcher much, huh? Gotcha! Carnal car. No car? No, but not the. But now the Bob No de bona di by not D, but not the who. Honey Awad up a check, Hana. But not the who. Tony Awad up a choke Ana, but not the who 10 you would 8. Shopping in India: This is 4.2 moving around shopping in India. And you did me with difficult pronounce What is the cost off this? In Hindi? You get the knee gall. Hey! Yeah, Get knee! Get Ni! Get to me! Get any girl! Hey, you get any got here, you kidney? Go here pronounce. I want this in Hindi. Mucci ye cha! He Muji! Move! J Yeah! Shahi cha! He he char he You know he Muji year Jackie McGee. Yuta here pronounce. I don't want this in Hindi Muji year Now he jockey Muji, move ci Yay! No, he No, he No, he show here Char he you char he you Muji You know he jar here pronounce We're gonna find X in Hindi picks Hahaha me Lego x go home car! Huh? God! Huh? May lega me lay got me Lee got Milica x hahaha Milica x Hahaha Milica pronounce It is too expensive in Hindi boat Makenga here boat Bob Quit Bah hood Makenga Mae Hen God! May hen got Mae hen Go Mae hen got hit But hoot Makenga Hey, Makenga is expensive but hoot Makenga Hey pronounce lowered the price and a discount in Hindi. Dom come Keagy you Dom Come Keagy dum da Um Duh. Um come come K g g g g g g you down is the priest Dum dum Keagy down gum Keagy print How much is this for? In Hindi. Get any guard here. Get me Get me Get Ni! Get the name. Get the new got hit Get the knee! Go ahead. Get the knee. Got here. Pronounce Bill, please In Hindi Bill, They did you Bill Day Did you Bill Day did year the g yea g you Did you build a did year? Pronounce total bill value in Hindi? Get to know ho Get to know who get to know who get to know Get no get No, it's not who you don't No Sorry. Two big layers in Hindi Mawf Cuddle moth Goto month Ma off ma off muff. Good old car Rue car through carro Moscow Maf goto 9. Sightseeing and Transport: This is 4.3 moving around sightseeing on transport in your enemy with difficult pronounce. I am going to Agra in Hindi man Agro Jaw Rojo who may ago job Ra How rock, huh? Who? Many agudo jaw Rahu May Angara Jara who pronounce? Are you going to go up in Hindi? Up! Go on Joe Rahi Who up? Ghoula Jaw Rahi Who up? Gore jarrahi Who pronounce? What is the time in Hindi? Yeah, some way Who are here? Cure some way who are Hey some way Saw May some may some may Somebody is dying Gas Somebody who are here Nuns give me a ticket in Hindi Would he ik a ticket? Yeah, he moon Jae ik a ticket So he Muji move t ik a ticket cha Here Shaw He Yay Shar He you moved here I ik is one ticket Shah He mu Jay Peak ticket Shahi pronounce brother Will you go to the airport in Hindi Brother is behavior by young by Yeah Bhaiyya Bhaiyya Brother Padilla, Will you go to a port? A boot? Charlo G airport Shallow G char low gi char low Gi Charlo G Charlo G Brother, will you go to a port Leo airport Shallow G pronounce. Let's go in Hindi Jello Church law Char low cello. Let's go in Hindi cello pronouns will you go? Toe Could've been are in Hindi Could of Minnaar Charlo g Good of Minnaar. Char Lou, Give Charlo G pronounce. Where is place? In Hindi. Please call here, Please go home. Here, Go home. God! Huh? God! Huh? God Huh? Here. Very starting a hell. Dodge Maha Alcohol here. Where is Deli Deli Car Here. Various India India Kaha Here Hotel Hahaha Pronounce How far is place in Hindi? Please get the knee door here Please get the knee key. They need key. They need get the knee. Get the knee. Get the knee Duerr during him, please. Kidney door here. How far is Deli Deli? Kidney door? Here it owns. How do I get to place in Hindi? Please? Casey John D hair, please. K C Gay. See K c. Jackie Jaw, be jaw The jothee. Hey, please, Casey Jothee hair. How do we get to hotel Hotel? Basic job The hit directions left by by E by straight. See ya. See the seed, huh? See how right? Die die Diet left by street seed her right Die directions left ST right by seed her die 10. Phrases for Conversations (Advanced) Part 1: This is 5.1 phrases for conversations advanced part one in your day Me with difficult pronounce Good morning. How are you in Hindi? Super but up. Casey here. So prob Hot up. Okay. See here pronounce. You are Indian and I am American in Hindi. First is you are Indian Tomb Indian Hole Doom Indian Who? And or or I am American May Amriki Who may, um Reekie who? You are Indian and I am American. I am Indian whole or may agree Qihoo pronounce. You are a woman and I am a man in Hindi. You are a woman Doom dumb or it? Who and or I am a man may odd me. Who may I add me? Who doom ordered? Who or may add me who pronounce? Yes, I am from China in Hindi, huh? May China Sea Who? Huh? May China see who? Huh? May China see who pronounce Good morning Welcome in Hindi. Superb hot soup opera part Superbad up! Go up! God up! Go! So are good. Sua that good? Hey, Superbad Babka Swaggart! Hey pronounce. Thank you. See you later in Hindi. Dunya Rod Done. Nao bod bod Bob and Bob and me Me Mill day mill They hair bade me milty hair bade me milty Here Daniel Odd bod member day here Pronounce Okay in hindi. T care teak here. Teak t eq t ik teak hip t care pronounce I agree in Hindi May say meth Who? Man Samet Say Hey mutt Say, hey mutt Who May Samet Who? May Samet who pronounce good Thank you In Hindi a chunk done, You would watch her watch, huh? A char a chop Daniel Hard done Nail bod. Gotcha. Then you would pronounce Barden in Hindi. Marc Garneau Mouth Good. No mouth Ma off Ma off Muff God, no good. No card, no karna Maf Garneau pronounce. Are you okay? In Hindi? Up peak Hair up peak Pete Ik P eak peek Hey up t care Arctic air Pronounce goodbye and see you tomorrow in Hindi albedo or call built a hair Goodbye. A widow all V duh All V the olive ido Or and see you tomorrow. Call build day Hey, garlic mill They mill They hair Alveda or call Bill today Here pronounce good night and see you tomorrow Shubra tree Or call Milty here Shoob Shoop, Schubel Scheub. But all three 0.3 But all three should put out three Our Carl Mills They hair call Milty Mill. Be little city here She brought a tree or call Milty here pronounce welcome in Hindi, aka Sua Good. Hey Optical sua Good. Hey Opta up God up Car sua good sua gut sua gut Hey Afghans! Wagga tip pronounce You are welcome in Hindi qui But no he You're welcome Cool about me qui we But no he No he Kui But now he pronounce Yes Thank you so much in Hindi How boat Tonya would Yes Huh Thank you so much Boat bah put bah Hood Hood But hoot Daniel Wad done Neha Vod bajo tenure wad, huh? Boat on your rod. 11. Phrases for Conversations (Advanced) Part 2: This is 5.2 phrases Go Conversations at wants to part two in your day me with a vehicle pronounce I eat theme asking form in Hindi May kata Who man caused on car though Call the carta Who may kata who pronounce I eat the feminine form in Hindi Mary McCarty Who man caught the call the call D copy who pronounce the goatee eats in Hindi Lucky Kabchi hair It's girl too feminine Kati Larky Carty here Lucky learn key Low key Larky Qadi Call the Carthy here Pronounce The boy eats in Hindi Lyrical Cotto Here boy is masculine to Larnaca Carta Here Larco Lord, call load. Call Cotto. Call though. Call the kata Hay Lyrica Qatar Here pronounce Good morning. Where are you going? In Hindi. Super but up. Hahaha! Job Rahi who? Super part soup Opera part up! Go home! Go! Huh? Job! We're here! Rahi Rahi Who? Super but up Kaha Jah Hey ho upthe Hajar Who? But don't My name is Carol. What is your name in Hindi? Mira Gnome Carol Hip op Go Numb Kyo here Mito Me But all me raw Mito No, No. Um No. Um no cattle. Hey, up. God No kill. Hey, my name is Carol. Mira Nam Cattle Here. What is your name? Op. Got numb. Yeah. Hey, Mira Nam Cattle here. Afghan on. Yeah, pronounce. I am New Hill. What is the time in Hindi May? Yeah. Ha Nao Who? Yeah, some way here, Mayor. Yeah. Huh? Yeah. Hall. Yeah. Huh? Your home, Nao. No. Yeah. No. Yeah. Neha who? Yeah, some way Saw May saw May some May Who I am New Hill. May Yeha. Neha Who? What is the time? Yeah, some way here. May you Huh? Nao who? Kasam ahead. Pronounce it is nice to see you awake. India in Hindi Upset Milky cushy hooey. Muji India Bus and hit op Si up. See up. See? Obscene milk, You mill key Milly Key Milky. Cushy. Cool. She cool, She cushy pool. Would you move? J Move Change India Bus and Bob Son too. Bob! Son! The bar, son! By Sunday the bus and bus and fastened hair. It is nice to see you upset Milky Cushy Hui. I like India. McGee, India bus and hey, Upset mill. Give cushy Who Malaysia India person here pronounce. I don't know Hindi. Where is about room in Hindi. Muji, Hindi. Now he Arthuis Bathroom. God. Huh? Hey, would here move G Hindi? No, he No, he No, he now he rt ah di ah Di Arthuis Bathroom. Go home. God! Huh? Go, Huh? Uh huh. Hey, I don't know. Hindi movie J Hindi. No, he rt Where is a bathroom bathroom? Qahar hair Mujao. Hindi near the bathroom. Kawhi pronounce. Congratulations. Say hi to robot for me in Hindi. But hey who? Bob Die, Bart die but high by the high home Robert, go meaty that off see? No musty gay? No, Robert Cool. Meaty me, buddy Meaty that off the rough, The giraffe. That off. See? No Musty Get him. No! Okay. Hidden, No. Okay. Hidden. No get Didn't know. Congratulations. But Heigh ho Say hi to Robert for me, Robert. Cool, Meaty thought off. See? No musty Guehenno, But high. Who? Robert. Go maybe turn off. See? No mistaking. You know, select the word for today. The first option is AJ, AJ AJ to Dave. The second option is Carla Color call tomorrow. The third option is but so but so But so day after tomorrow. The answer is the 1st 1 AJ today Pronounce. Okay, I am going to India tomorrow in Hindi. T care May I call you India? Job Rahu. Okay. Teak hip. I am going to India to model May cull India Jaw Raha Who? T care Merkel India Jaha who pronounce? I agree. Take this money and take me to the hotel in Hindi. I agree, Mai sama, Who may say Hey mutt who say Hey month, may I see him? But who take this money? Yea, low Rubei. Yeah, Lou Group A earned Or take me to the hotel Mu J Hotel Lee Shallow move Change Wu Chain Hotel Lee Jialu Char Lou Char Low, shallow Muji Hotel Les Cello I agree. Take this money and take me to the hotel Mai sama. Who? Yellow Rubei or much Air? Hotel Late cello said the wood for morning. The first option is Super Su Pa Sue Bar Super. The second option is Sharm shop Um Sha Um Sham. The third option is rotten rock Art Rod The answer is the 1st 1 super pronounce Look It is evening Do it quickly in Hindi Deco Shahm who got a hair gel de Caro decoud the cool they call They call Shahm shot. Um Shar arm Sharm Hope Gay guy e Good e Hey, Jodi Joel The Joel de Caro car through car rule the cool Shahm Who? Gray hair. Jodi cuddle Look vehicle It is evening Sharm Hogue a hair. Do it quickly. Gel de Caro pronounce. Excuse me. This is mine in Hindi. Maf garner You media here month. Ma off Ma off Meth Qurnah. God, no good. No car? No. You meet all Mira. Me era. Mita. Hey, Excuse me. Ma Garner, this is mine. Year mirror ahead. Moscona, you Mira here. 12. Bonus: Incase of an Emergency: This is the bonus session six engage, often emergency. And you damn even difficult pronounce. I don't know in Hindi. Mucci? No, he my loom Mu j No, he Malu, Would you move JJ Mu j j now he now he now he now he my Lou Ma Bloom ma loom My loom Mu Jin ! Now he my loom pronounce. I feel sick. Where is the doctor? In Hindi. Maybe the Beit Khatab. Hey, Dr Car here. Meaty dub yet the B yet the B yet dub yet? Khatab, Call the car Carob. Hey, Dr Kahoe. God! Huh? God. Huh? Go here. I feel sick. Maybe W what? Carob hair? There is the doctor Doctor Car hair, Meaty tub yet carob chip Dr Kahana announce Help anyone? Hill in Hindi But Joe Gui hair but Joe botch Oh, but Joe by Joe Bobby Joe Kui Hair but Joe Gooey here Pronounce brother Help me in Hindi Julia Meaty model curry Bhaiyya by Yeah by Yeah Bhaiyya Meaty, Meaty Mudede Ma Dud Ma Dud My dad Go to you Car three years Car three You cut you Brother Bhaiyya Help me! Meaty mothered curry Braila Meaty mothered curry pronounce Go away leave me alone in Hindi Charlie Joe Muji Akila Sure. Dough Charlie Joe Char Lee Char Lee Charlie! Charlie! Joe! Joe Moved here. Muji Our kilo! Ah d love Arche Law A kilo? Sure, sure or sure. Dough doh! Go away! Charlie! Joe! Leave me alone! Mu J A Kayla A killer? Sure does. Charlie Joe Magee! Akila Chiodo pronounce! I'm going I'll call the police in Hindi for the masculine form May Jaw Rahu Police! Go! Boulangere man! Gia Raha Who? Pulis Cool longer boo law Got bull law who go Bulla Bunga belong Go Boulangere ba longer I am going May jaw Rahu I'll call the police. Police Cool belong girl pronounce I don't understand in Hindi much it so much Me? No he Ah ha ha o j Move Change so much Saw Ma June So much! So much, so much! Me! Me! No, he No he Oh Raha there are How would he so much? Me? No, he are a heart Muji! So much me now He are huh plants? What is this called? In English? In Hindi You see English? Me? Yeah, Get the hit you see? Is C is C is C. You see English Me Kyo Get the okay Be okay. They get the Hey, you say English. Me? Yeah. Get the hit Pronounce What do we call this X in Hindi In Hindi, Right? Um Hindi. May you see Kyung, you hit the hit Hindi Me, you see is C You see Kyo kitty? Okay, the You hit the get the's head Hindi me, you see? Yeah Get day here pronounce I'm going I'll call the police in Hindi. This for the feminine form May jah rahi who Police co belong g Mitt Jaw era He who police cool belong G boo la gi boo Last June G bulla Kundi belong g belong g I am going Major Rahi who I'll call the police. Police Cool belong g my jarrahi who police go belong G