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Lead Generation Funnels for Beginners

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Funnels SS New Overview


    • 2.

      Fundamentals of Funnels


    • 3.

      The Funnel Tool


    • 4.

      Lead Generation Funnel Overview


    • 5.

      How to Setup your Funnel


    • 6.

      Funnel Elements - 1


    • 7.

      Funnel Elements - 2


    • 8.

      Funnel Elements - 3


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About This Class

Imagine that you double your conversions with the your traffic!

And increase the size of each conversion!

If you have spent some time researching marketing then I'm sure you have come across the term funnels. Funnels are basically the journey the customer goes through to buy your products or services. The goal of the funnel is to capture new customers and convince them to spend more money.

Here are a couple of examples of funnels in action.

Wizz air is a low cost airline in Europe.

The ticket prices are low. But, during the buying process, the customer is offered a series of upsells and cross sells such as …

  • Extra leg room
  • Priority Boarding
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Bigger luggage

And there’s more… when you buy the ticket your email gets added to a database and you get notified about promotions.

Here’s another simple example of improving the customer checkout process to get higher sales.

Have you ever been to McDonalds?

Now, they have touch screens which optimize the funnels. But when you order at the counter, they still ask you:

“Do you want fries with that?”

This is a simple change in their funnel. They added an upsell of fries in the checkout process. And have increased their sales figures.

These are 2 examples of optimizing a funnel for higher conversions.

If you are involved in selling online, or you are just getting started then you need to apply funnels into your strategy.

I’ve discovered a user friendly and wallet friendly solution to building your own funnels. And the process is so simple because you don’t need to do any coding. You don’t have to set up your own website or hosting.

It’s a do it yourself solution for funnel design. 

Which is great because you don’t have to be relying on your developer for setting up your funnels. I’ll show you the exact steps to take to create your own funnels. You can follow along each tutorial and create your own funnel as the course progresses.

  • And at the end of this training you’ll be equipped with
  • The know-how for setting up your own high conversion funnels.
  • How to design your own web pages with a click and drag interface.
  • How to build your email list so that you can target your leads on multiple occasions.
  • How to send out email campaigns 
  • And in general you’ll be able to create your own custom funnels for your business.

Join the class and start creating your own lead generation funnels

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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Level: Beginner

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1. Funnels SS New Overview: Are you experiencing low conversion rates in your business or your customers not spending enough for you to afford the advertising costs. If you spend some time researching online marketing, then I'm sure you have come across the term finals. Finals are basically the journey the customer goes through to buy your products or services. And when a funnel, it's entirely possible to double your conversions with the same traffic and to increase the size of each conversion. If you are involved in selling online or you're just getting started, need to apply funnels into your strategy. I've discovered a user-friendly and wallet friendly solution to building your own funnels. And the process is so simple, you can do it yourself, which is great because you don't have to rely on your developer for setting up your funnels. In this class, I'll show you the exact steps to take to create your own funnels. You can follow along each tutorial and create your own funnel. And at the end of this class you'll be equipped to the know-how for sing up your own lead generation funnel. And you'll be able to create all the elements that make up the funnel, such as web pages, email follow-up campaigns, confirmation pages, and more. Before we get into the content of this training, Here's an overview of what will be covered. We'll start with the basics. I want to introduce you to funnels. You'll learn the different types of finals and how to use them for getting more customers and getting higher sales. Then I'll show you the simplest tool you'll need to create your own funnels. It's an all in one tool that lets you easily build funnels, capture emails, create your own store and much more. And it's great because you don't need a hosting or content management tools or anything else. And it doesn't cost you $100 per month. It's a solution for people who want a do it yourself method for final creation and web design. And I'll show you how to get started for free. Also, there will be no coding required as you'll be creating your final true I click and drag interface. And this saves you a lot of time because you don't need to be dependent on programmers to make any small changes on your website. You can just do it yourself. Afterwards. You'll have access to the first practical part of this training. And I'll walk you through the process of setting up a lead generation funnel. The purpose of this funnel is to acquire new potential customers and to nurture them. By that, I mean provide value and build yourself as an authority. If this part is done right, then in the later stages, when you promote your offer, your leads will be more willing and comfortable to buy from you. So once you know how to create this lead generation funnel, we can move on to sales funnels. And in that section of this training, you learn the elements that make up a highly converting sales funnel. And again, I will walk you through an example of setting up all the elements from creating your sales page all the way through to delivering your product or service to your customers. That's a lot of content to get through. But at the end, you will be equipped with the knowledge to create your own funnels. And as a side effect, you'll know how to easily create your own pages and even run e-mail campaigns. So without further delay, let's get started. 2. Fundamentals of Funnels: in this lesson on a total about funnels. So let me start by showing the most basic funnel. So you have people, visitors or traffic they see on odd, and this could be a Google or a Facebook out. If they're interested, they click on the add, and they are redirected to your sales page. They fear offer. If the visitor is interested, they buy your product. If they're not interested, they leave now. The reality is that most people will not be interested in your offer the first time they see it. Most people will ignore your at or your sales page. The stats are approximately this. Over 50% of people are not ready to buy your product instantly. This rate changes depending on your industry. For example, in the online in for products niche, approximately 99% of people are not ready to buy your product. This means that if you are paying for traffic, you can amount a massive loss off earnings potential and wasted advertising budget. If you use a funnel as simple as this in your business, you want the potential customer to convert, and this could be to buy your product or sign up for your service, and the funnel is like a customer journey. It involves all the steps that lead Ghost True, before converting into a paying customer, the funnels intent is to generate more paying customers that are more likely to spend more money on your offer. Here's an example off funnel for a CEO service. So a visitor sees your ad on Facebook, and it's about a free S CEO checklist. So they click on it and they arrive on the landing page to get the free s your checklist. The visitor needs to give you their email address once they sign up for the checklist it sent to their in books. Now, from that point, you regularly send them emails about s your case studies block posts and perhaps interesting YouTube videos. After a while, you send them a promotion email about Seo services for the website, and you can send multiple promotions with this strategy. So why use funnels? While they're multiple purposes of using a funnel in a lead generation funnel, your goal may be to introduce yourself and your offer to your leads so that when you make them an offer, they will be more inclined to buy another great use of a funnel, maybe to maximize your sales so you could introduce absolute offers to your customers that have already decided to buy your product. Or you could improve your back and marketing by making more promotions to your customers. What do you want to earn more on each customer or build trust before your customers? By your offer, The funnel is like a journey that you put your customers true, and its journey result in greater conversions and more sales. The funnel is especially important now, since online at competition is rising and coast of advertising are greater now than they've been before. So with a funnel, you'll see more conversions and you'll be able to spend more on customers. I want to talk about the power off funnels because I believe the real power is the feedback you gets about the engagement off your traffic. What I mean by this is that you will see the stats as to what most people do when they see your landing page. How people react to your emails, what percentage of people convert on a particular sales offer by using a funnel, you'll see which part of the finalist most effective and which one is causing you to lose leads. Then you can optimize your funnel for better results. For example, you could be offering a subscription based service and your final looks. Something like this. You buy traffic and send it to a London page on the landing page. You collect the user's email address in exchange for a free report. Then you send emails to your new subscribers, and you try to get them to sign up for a free trial. Once they sign up for the free trial and start using it, then you send them a different set of emails, trying to convert them into paying customers. So this funnel it's a little bit longer. There are more steps that the customer has to to take, but you will be able to track the performance off each major step. And when you see the statistics, you will get a glimpse off what elements of your funnel are working and where our searches and roadblocks that you will have to improve. So perhaps your landing page is having really low conversions. Then you can tweak it and try to improve it next, your emails might not be delivering the right messages to your new leads, so you can tweak the message and see if you get better results. And in this course, in the practical section of this course, you will learn exactly how to set up these customer journeys and how to track all of the results. So I hope now you can see a massive difference from buying traffic and sending it directly to your offer versus buying traffic, collecting subscribers nurturing leads through emails and presenting your offer on multiple occasions. Funnels allow you to develop a relationship with your potential leads, and this improves your chances off getting the sale when you actually present your offer. So in this class, I want to give you an example of a fully working funnel, and I want to show you an easy to use tool that simplifies the entire process of building out your funnels 3. The Funnel Tool: in this lesson, I want to talk a bit about the tools you need for creating your own funnels. I'm referring to a tool that started out as an email marketing Onley tool. However, since then they have expended their functions and you can use it to create landing pages. Creates sales. Pagers create thank you pages. You can integrated with popular e commerce services as well, so I'm referring to get response. And they have recently added a new feature, which lets you create conversion funnels. And as you haven't used this software before, you can claim a 30 day free trial. So here I am in get response and you can click sign up for free and your name email password and can create your account. Now no credit card is required. You will receive a 30 day free trial afterwards. It costs about $15 per mont if you have below 1000 email subscribers. But it's a really low price, considering the functionality off this tool, because it handles all the funnel structure for you. All the tracking all the conversions. So to get started, I suggest you sign up for an account right now and then you can move on to the practical part off this training, which involved setting up your own lead generation funnel. 4. Lead Generation Funnel Overview: Welcome back in this section on a walk you through the process off, creating a lead generation funnel. Here's how this funnel looks like at the top you have traffic. This could be traffic from Google ads or Facebook ads or from YouTube videos. It's essentially any type of traffic strategy that you apply, and you're sending this traffic to a lead capture page, otherwise known as a landing page. And on this page you will give away a free lead magnet in exchange for visitors. Email address. Once a person signs up on your page, they will be redirected. Toe. I thank you for subscribing page on this page. You will tell the user to ejector in books for an email with a Donald Link, and in the next step, you will prepare a welcome email that gets automatically sent to the new subscriber. In this email, you will welcome them to your list and provide them with a download link. When the user clicks this link, they will be taken to a Donald Page, where they can download the lead magnet. As you can see, the purpose is to build your list and to build it with good subscribers that actually have a look at your content and are interested in what you have to offer. Now, that last element in this final will be on email. Follow up sequence, and the purpose off the sequence is to introduce you to your subscriber. Then when you make them an offer, you will see a better conversion rate. This is the entire flow off the lead generation funnel. In the next lesson, I will walk you through an easy process off, creating all these webpages emails, email lists and putting it all together into a funnel. But you need one thing before starting the technical part off putting your final together, you need to prepare your lead magnet. The lead magnet is like a bribe to get someone to sign up to your funnel. This could be a case study, a report, an e book, I course, a video, anything that you want, as long as it conveys value and souls a problem for your subscriber. The lead magnet can take the form of a video, a pdf, a tutorial article or a podcast. Is there just a couple of examples? In my example, I will use a pdf as a lead magnet. And this will be an email marketing teach it in which I reveal a process for ensuring high email, deliver ability and a way to avoid the spam folder. I've already created this. Pdf. So now we can move on and create our lead generation funnel. 5. How to Setup your Funnel: in this lesson. I want to show you how easily you can set up a Faneuil in get response. I will set up the funnel that I described in the previous lesson, and my lead magnet will be on email marketing cheat sheet. So let's log in. Go to menu conversion, funnel and click on Create Funnel. Enter a name to identify your funnel. I'll call my funnel lead Generation one A one and a list will automatically be created for you off the same name as your funnel. Next, we have three choices here for the funnel structure. You can use funnels to build your list, sell a product or promote a webinar. In this final, we will be building a list. So let's select it now. We've got two options here. We're going to use the lead magnet funnel because we're going to offer a subscriber something of value. In exchange for their email, you can use standard, often funnel on your block, for instance, you can create the funnel and then added to the side column off your block or to your company website like sign up here to receive updates or sign up here to receive a weekly newsletter. That's a standard, often funnel. But as we're giving something away in exchange for an email address, we will use the lead magnet funnel. Here you will have to add your lead magnet. So let's click on add lead magnets. Let's give our lead market a name. Let's write a brief description here, okay? And it will do for now. Now let's upload an image of our file. Okay, I will use this one. Okay, let's find confirm. And here I can upload the file that I will be given away. Done. Let's add and go to the funnel. And this is what I really like about this tool. You get all the steps that you need to complete on this one page. So you see here to create a sign up page, then create a download page, create an email and the results of your campaign and this part here, create an email. This is actually an automated email follow up sequence. You can create one email or five emails, and it's valuable because essentially, you are introducing yourself to the new subscriber and you are developing a relationship with them. Once all of these steps are set up, you will need to focus on getting traffic and sending it to the top of your funnel, which in this case will be your sign of Page A K. Your landing page. So let's get to work on all of these elements of your funnel. 6. Funnel Elements - 1: So now let's create our sign up page. So it's quick here. Now choose a template for your landing page. I'm going to choose something that's simple and easy to read. So I think this one. Lead magnet Facebook at system. So selected, I'll give my landing page name. I'll call it email marketing. Cheat, cheat L p one now a quick on the next step. Okay, so it's loaded. They get response Page builder. And here we have the main offer section. Then we've got some bullet points on Upton Books and ah, final quote from the course Creator from the Content Creator. And here I can see that they have inserted a pop up books as well, so we don't have to use this, but if we double click on it, it will load. And then we have options here to edit this exit pop up books. So I don't think I'll use it for this campaign. So I will delete this. So this is the basic layer off my page. I've already created the content for my landing page, so I will go ahead now and I'll quickly update it. First, I'll update the mini headline free email marketing. Cici. Now just duplicate this headline and I'll use it in the main offer section. I will update the content. Let's make it wider. I'll replace the image. Okay, I'll use an image would out of text unto. Crop it here, move it a little bit up. Let's resize it a little bit. Okay? I'll just continue updating the content. Here's what you learn on. Make it wider and now I'll move onto updating the bullet points. As you can see, the way I'm updating this is everything is pretty much clicking drug. So I'm double clicking on something to edit it. And then while in this case I have text already written, So I'm just pasting the text and I'm pasting using the keyboard shortcut in. That's the way it works in the get response editor, and I think I'll delete this part, moved us a little bit up. Update this picture. We'll update this quote. Okay, I can move this up a little bit, make the page smaller, and let me just see okay, more or less, it's complete. But I don't like this heading, so I think I will change the line spacing on it Okay, now I'll just click here Preview. And this is a template off my website. Of course, I could spend more time in playing around with it, making it a little bit better. But for now, I just want to show you how easily you can create a landing page quickly, where basically landing pages pre built. All we have to do is update the content, which is what I have done. OK, I think I have to move this little bit up. Okay, I'll go back. Okay, that looks better. And I also think that this it's just a feeling should be probably updated. Change the color, make it something more relevant to this color scheme. The desktop version of this page is done. Now we have to generate a mobile version to do that. We click here on the mobile icon and click on OK, let's go mobile So it is automatically generated a mobile version, and I can already see a couple of things that we will need to change. So for one, I think I'll make this heading a little bit smaller. This image, I'll make it smaller as well, and I'll change the position of this image. So moved this here and moved this run here. Now I will need to move thes bullet points out. But before I do that, I want to change this upper sections. Let's move this little bit down. I can move it up a little bit to reduce the spacing. So then I have the image. This I could make a little bit smaller. And let's move these bullet points up and make the text for these bullet points a little bit larger. In this case, I want to make it a single line, so just make the textbooks wider. That's moved us up. Let's make this a little bit smaller, actually, let's make it sure. Smaller text and again, we have some white space here, so select the whole section and then I will just line here, move it up. Now let's like this whole section quick here and let's move it up just to make the page a little bit shorter. Okay, so now we have difficult version over here created and the mobile version over here, So let's save it. So our landing page is complete, and when somebody signs up by entering their details here they will be taken to. I thank you for subscribing page, so we need to generate that. So over here with good this tub. Thank you, Page. Let's click on it. And a default. Thank you. Page has been generated here, So I again I will update this with my own contents or as it is more relevant. So for the headline, here's what I will use It worked. Your successfully signed up for your email. Teach it. Check your email now for the Donald link to your free email marketing. Teach it and I'll update this picture as well. So this will be the thank you page. Nothing fancy. Just a simple page with instructions off what the subscriber has to do next, which is visit during books. So now let's click on the next step. And here you can configure your sign up page settings. So the page title in this case, I'll leave it as email marketing. She cheat l p one. You can put a description of your page, but this is mostly for s your settings. So if you want, you can just leave it blank. Here you can assign a euro to your page Now, if you link get response with a custom domain like I already did, then you can create a custom URL. Otherwise, you just get the one that get response assigns to you. So in this case, I can just write email cheat l P one. Okay, so this will be my girl for the subscription settings. I'm going to leave it as the thank you page, the default thank you page that I just created earlier. If you want, you can add tracking codes or pixels for Google ads or for Facebook ads. Or if you filic here, you have other platforms that you can use Facebook pixel being ads, attack manager and so the different at platforms and tracking platforms. So let's publish our page. So as you can see, our lead generation funnel has Bean updated with some preliminary statistics as our London page has been created. Wi Fi unique visitors here and the contacts. So the people who sign up at our page. So let's take a quick break now and return in a second to create our Donald Page 7. Funnel Elements - 2: so our landing page is done. Are thank you for subscribing pages. Done. Now we can move on and create our download page so I will select a download page, which has a similar style to the landing page that I created. So this is the template that I used earlier the lead magnet Facebook at System. So I will use it again, So I'll give my page of name email. Cici, download cocaine. That's fine. So again, it takes us to the get response page builder. And you can customize this page however you like, so I will make this a little bit more relevant. So instead of thanks for enrolling, I will write something different. Okay, here's your free email marketing. Cheech it. Let's make it all in one line on that center. It and I will make this little bit nicer. So replaced the image. Well, I'll use this image again, so we've got the icon. Here's your free email marketing key. Cheat Click below To download the file and get response will generate the link for the user to download their free pdf file. So that's very convenient, because get responsive does it all for you Now let's generate a mobile version of this page . Okay, lets go mobile and it's very basic. Simple, easy to understand. I think that's fine. So let's click on the next step. And once again, as you are generating a new page here, here, you can set up the S your settings, such as the page title. In the description. Here you can add your pixels and tracking coats so I'm skipping it. This let's get response. Track the performance off this campaign, and now I will click on Publish. And as you can see by each element that we add to this final, we get new statistics. So now we have created the landing page, the thank you for subscribing page and the Donald Page. One more thing that we need to set up at this stage is we need to configure the download link email and the download link. Email is are welcome email, and this is generated for us automatically by get response. But I think that we can tweak it to make it look better. So this download link email This is separate from this section. Here. Create an email part. We will do this in the next lesson and using their create an email section, you're sitting up on automated email Siri's that you will use to introduce yourself and your offer to you in your subscriber. But the first email is your welcome email with a Donald Link so we can edit it by going here and at its email. So let's change this subject off this message. So let's call this message. We'll just say, Welcome message and the subject. Now the welcome message. The new subscribers will not see this but the subject. This will be seen in the new subscribers in books. So I'll just change this to your email marketing kitchen case. Here's my from address already configured, and now let's click on next. So this email it's plain and simple. I like this design because there's no confusion. There's just one action I user can take, and it's pretty obvious what it is. But I will spend some time here to update the content a little bit because, in my opinion, this is just a little bit not enough for a welcome email. I think it is worth to add some more details, so I'll cook. We just update this. And as you can see, this is a click and drag builder like an email builder, which is very similar to the page builder. So once again, you click on the elements to add them. You can move the elements by clicking and sorry quickly here and then dragging them to different stages. So I'll just take some time now and I'll cook, update the content off this. Okay, so I've finished updating this. Welcome email. Basically, I've just added some more text. I haven't changed the format or anything. Just understood more information for the downloads button. I'm not changing this because get response will generate the Donald link for us. So this is done automatically for you. So you don't want to change this? You don't want to touch this. And over here, you see a preview off how your email will look on a mobile phone. Okay, So are welcome. Email is done. Let's click on the next step, and our funnel is almost complete. The last step to take is to create on email or two or five, which will be on automated follow up sequence to introduce you to your new leads. And I'll show you how to do that in the next lesson. 8. Funnel Elements - 3: Welcome back, and congratulations for making it this far to the lead generation funnel. What's left for us to do is to create our automatic follow up email, Siri's. So let's click on Create an email Now the process for setting up your follow up email Siri's is very similar to setting up the welcome email. So the first thing is we will give our message. Remain. Now. I am just going to use a sample message here. So the message name that's just for my own reference and for the subject need more traffic . This is a sample email, so I just bear with me for now. So from the from address, this is all set. Let's click on the next step now the welcome email that was generated for us. For the follow up sequence, you can create any type off email that you want, so you have a lot of different templates that you can browse through here and select one that you find most appealing to you. I will actually use something simple, so I'll select this one, the engaging follow up. We can use template, so I will update this. I mean, I don't want to have, Ah, long email. I just want to use a text based email. So what I'll do is I'll delete a lot of these elements. I'll delete this as well, and I quickly updates this template with my own content. So basically, I'm just using a normal text based template again. I like these templates because they're just very easy to use. And they will be displayed on most mobile devices desktop devices without any problems. And here I would add a link to my course. Okay, as you can see a simple text based email, let's click on Next Step. Okay, And with that, the funnel is complete. So here's how the funnel looks. There's one thing that I will update now the way get response. Has this final set up is that you send them a download link instantly when they sign up to your final, and then you instantly send them a welcome email. In my opinion, this is sending two emails at once, and personally, I don't think that's the best solution. So I have converted the email with Donald Link into a welcome email, and then I'm using this as a follow up sequence so basically what I want this I want to delay this by one day so that firstly, they get the welcome email that we set up here. And then on the next day, they get the follow up sequence. So we go here and let's edited. So this is what you need to change. So this is the message. And I wanted to be sent one day after the first message that was sent, so I just changed this to one and save and publish. So what will happen is that when a unique visitor is seat comes here to the London page and they sign up. They will be sent an email with the welcome message with a Donald link, and this will happen instantly. Then one day later, they will be sent the first follow up message. If you want to add more follow up messages, then you just go here and add another email. So the more messages, the better. I'd say you should aim for about five messages to start, and in these five messages you want to provide content and add value afterwards. Then you can send promotional messages, and with that, your funnel is complete. Now you can focus your attention on getting traffic into your funnel. Now, in this section, off the course, I've shown you the entire process for creating your lead generation funnel. There was a lot of content to go through here. If any of it was confusing, Then I suggest that you go back to the section and re watch it. Or better yet, just watch my lesson and then go ahead and do it yourself in your get response account. Okay, Thank you for watching. And I hope this has been really valuable. And you've learned how to create your first lead generation funnel.