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Japanese Cooking: How to Make Your Own Fruit Vinegar

teacher avatar Mikiko Miki's Japanese, Japanese/English Teacher and Translator

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      How To Sterilize Glass Jar


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      Making Strawberry Vinegar


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      Lemon Vinegar Ingredients


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      Making Lemon Vinegar


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      Banana Vinegar Ingredients


    • 8.

      Making Banana Vinegar


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      How To Drink


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      How To Store


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      Thank You


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About This Class


Let's Make One Of The Most Talked About Drinks in Japan!


In this course, I'm making one of the most popular drinks in modern Japan, the fruit vinegar.

The health benefits of drinking vinegar such as:

● Weight loss

● Reduced cholesterol

are well known.

The fruit vinegar is much easier to drink than vinegar by itself and

it is said the synergistic effect of the fruits is combined with.

Some reported weight loss and

others had reduced constipation or clearer skin by

drinking fruit vinegar regularly.

It is one of the simplest recipes you've ever heard of and

you only need 3 ingredients!

Let's learn how to make this simple and super refreshing drink at home!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mikiko Miki's Japanese

Japanese/English Teacher and Translator


Hello, I'm Mikiko from Miki's Japanese!

Thank you for watching my videos and checking my profile!

Here's a little bit about myself.

I was born and raised in Japan and went to Canada for the first time in my 20s.
The reason I decided to go in Canada was because a Canadian teacher came to my English class when I was in junior high school. I was so happy to be able to understand English spoken by a native speaker for the first time, and from there I immersed myself in learning English.

After returning to Japan, I worked as an interpreter for a company and as a university lecturer, and now I teach Japanese to people all over the world on a freelance basis.
I love this job because I am always meeting new people.

I hope to meet you all somewhere down ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: welcome everyone. My name is Mickey Cocoa Ticket. I'm a teacher and a Japanese English translator. I teach act universities in companies beside the love of my work. I have a passion for cooking because of my mother, who is a talented and creative cook. I have studied amazigh, Japanese candidate craft artistry and healthy Japanese cooking at school and at restaurants . I'm Japanese, so off course I love Japanese food and I'd like to stare my culture with you. Today I'm gonna be making one of the most popular drinks in modern Japan that fruit vinegar , the health benefits of drinking vinegar such as weight loss and reduced cholesterol. A well known and scientifically supported it is said that Sam Uday drunk vinegar to relieve fatigue. The fruit vinegar is popular because it is easier to drink than the vinegar by itself and also because of the synergetic effect off the fruits when combined with vinegar, Some reported the weight loss by drinking the fruit vinegar, literary. Others have reduced the Costa Peixian or clearer skin. And as for me, because my main meal is usually at night, I drink fruit vinegar. Just before I start eating. It seems that I just better that way. Even without the health benefits, fruit vinegar tastes good and is super refreshing. Moreover, it is one of the simplest recipes you've ever heard of in your life. You only need three ingredients fruit, vinegar and sugar. In this video, I'm going to be making three kinds of fruit vinegars using the fruits that we are familiar with. Now let's get started. 2. STRAWBERRY VINEGAR INGREDIENTS: This is my favorite fruit vinegar of all if you feel that drinking apple cider vinegar by itself is an impossible mission like me, I recommend this recipe. The sweet flavor of strawberries dissolves into the vinegar and creates a mild and fruity taste. Strawberries are full of vitamin C, police fennel in potassium, and they have the health benefits, such as being full of antioxidants. We used a constant patient and cholesterol level, the strengthening of the flat vessels and stabilizes the black pressure. You will need 250 grams strawberries. Make sure to choose good. Call it even 250 grams of sugar. We use sugar called Cody's at, though in Japan. Coolies at, though is called Crystallized Sugar Rock Crystal Sugar Rock Sugar in English, you might be able to find something like this in your supermarket. The reason abusing the rocks sugar is that the flavor of the strawberries can diffuse into the mixture more easily. You can substitute the rocks trigger with regular sugar or honey, but you will need to steer occasionally until the vinegar is ready to drink. Lastly, half leader off vinegar. For this recipe, I'm using unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar, which contains mother. Mother has some enzymes, minerals and probiotics that may be beneficial for health. 11 thing. We need a glass jar to put all the ingredients in. I used this one litter glass jer with live. Some people use quality plastic container, but I prefer the glass to store vinegar. Please do not use metal container because vinegar is acidic. 3. How To Sterilize Glass Jar: before used still, eyes the glass jar with alcohol. If you prefer to boiled ajar or utilize some other sterilizing method, please do that. I use white liquor over coca that contains at least 35% alcohol. When sterilizing. First, wash the jar and dry it well. Then I pour some alcohol into the jar and moving around so that the surface off the juror is old, sterilized. Once it's done, disposed the alcohol with clean kitchen paper, wife the residue off and let the judge dry for a while. In the next 16 we're going to assemble all the ingredients. 4. Making Strawberry Vinegar: The first thing I do is foster strawberries and drain them well. Then, with the knife, I removed the stems. Now please do not do this process the opposite way. If you take the stems first and then we'll step Bury's It is said about half off the vitamin C will be drained away in the order, so make sure to wash before removing the steps. Now the strawberries already, let's put them in the very bottom off the jar, then place rocks sugar onto them and let's pour in the apple cider vinegar and put the lid on. I'm going to shake the jar gently and there you have it. Keep it refrigerated in once a day, take it out and move the vinegar around gently so the flavor off the Berries diffuses out. After about a week, old sugar will be dissolved and beautiful pink color of the strawberries come out into the vinegar. The strawberry vinegar look like this. After about 10 days, it is ready to drink. Isn't the color beautiful? The strawberry's can stay in the vinegar for about a month. You can eat them too, 5. Lemon Vinegar Ingredients: the procedure of making lemon vinegar is the same as the strawberry vinegar. Lemons are high in vitamin C and are known for their detoxifying effect. The expected health benefits of lemon vinegar is being full of anti accidents. Relieve from fatigue, reduced constipation, stabilize the blood pressure, weight loss and prevention of osteoporosis. You'll need 180 grams of lemons. I'm going to use the entire lemon if you confined organic lemon. That's the best 180 grams of rocks sugar. Once again, you can substitute rock. Sugar was the regular sugar or honey, but please make sure to steer in a vinegar. Often you need 400 mil litter of vinegar. For this recipe, I'm going to use apple cider vinegar in this recipe to please have a sterilized already. Also in this recipe, I'm going to be microwaving the ingredients, so please prepare one microwavable jar on 800 mil. Later, one will do 6. Making Lemon Vinegar: I'm going to wash my lemon well and drain them, then cut them into slices about half inch thick. I take the seats out at this point so that you don't need to get rid of them. When the vinegar is ready to drink, I'm going to place my lemon slices and rock sugar in the microwavable job and pour in the vinegar without covering the top. Cook for 30 seconds in a 600 watt microwave. That rock sugar won't dissolve completely in this process. Now I'm going to pour the contents into the sterilised ajar. Leave the jar at room temperature for about 12 hours. It's ready to drink when the rock sugar is old dissolved, you might imagine the lemons triggers should paste a very sour, but with the rocks sugar, it becomes mild. 7. Banana Vinegar Ingredients: for the last recipe. I'm gonna be making banana vinegar now. The banana vinegar has been widely introduced through media in Japan, and many people are making it at home, hoping to get a good, healthy results such as weight loss and reduced blood pressure. You need 100 graphs of banana. The potassium in banana is believed to reduce swelling in the body. Next, 100 grams of sugar. For this recipe, I'm going to use Hokuto. Kyoto is translated as rose sugar in English. Rose sugar is different from the brown sugar. Unrefined rose trigger is made from the juice of the sugar cane plant. Well, sugar has nutritional value because it has the same vitamin and mineral consistency as sugar cane plant juice. Brown sugar is essentially the same as refined white sugar. The difference is that brown sugar has molasses is added back into it. The last ingredient it's vinegar. For this recipe, I'm using Japanese kudos. Kudos is an aged vinegar made from rice, and it's usually aged for 1 to 3 years. In China, they also have a similar kind called black vinegar, but it has some additional ingredients, so make sure to purchase the Japanese black vinegar cold. Kudos it to kudos. It is a very popular health drink in Japan. It is said that kudos A has many health benefits. Kudos has been reported to have anticancer activity in vivo in rats and embitter in human cancer cells. 8. Making Banana Vinegar: first peel the banana and cut it into slices about half inch thick. Put the rose sugar in the microwavable jar, poor in that kudos OUB and mix well. Then place the bananas into the jar and cook for 30 seconds in a 600 watt microwave without covering the top. Once it's done, take out the jar and pull the confidence into the sterilised. A glass jar. Let it sit at room temperature for half day and it's ready. Please make sure to take out the bananas after a week. 9. How To Drink: Some people drink fruit vinegar by itself. I prefer diluting. It was sparkling water. I take about two tablespoons off the vinegar in a glass and diluted with sparkling water. Some used the undiluted vinegar for making salad dressings, and some eat. It was yogurt or ice cream. You can invent your own way. The recommended daily intake off the fruit vinegar is 2 to 3 tablespoons consuming large amounts every day. Expecting faster or greater results can be dangerous and may cause some side effects, such as low blood, potassium levels and osteoporosis. It is said that the best time to drink the fruit vinegar is before eating. If you feel the acidity off, the vinegar is too strong for your empty stomach. I recommend eating something light first like salad. 10. How To Store: I keep old the vinegar in the fridge, please also note that the fruit might spoil when they're peeking out of the vinegar in the jar. Although it never happened to me. If I do see some sort of black or grey gross on the fruits or on the surface, I would be concerned and think I did something wrong. I would probably go ahead and throw it out and start new. If you start with extremely clean things and always keep a clean spoon to scoop out the vinegar, you should have no problem at all. Some recipes say it is OK to store the vinegar for a few months, but I recommend finishing it within a month where the flavor is alive and fresh. 11. Thank You: Thank you so much for watching my video. I hope you've enjoyed it. Fruit vinegar is full of citric acid so it can make a perfect summer drink or your goal to drink. After a long day, try this recipe out and upload the image of your favorite fruit vinegar as a class project . If you experience any health improvement, please share that as well. I will be uploading more off my favorite Japanese recipes in the future. If you have any requests, please let me know. Thank you again and see you soon.