Ikebana for Beginners: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging - Lesson 1 - Roses and Phormiums | Noriko Matsushita | Skillshare

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Ikebana for Beginners: The Art of Japanese Flower Arranging - Lesson 1 - Roses and Phormiums

teacher avatar Noriko Matsushita

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.



    • 2.

      The Arrangement


    • 3.

      Tools: Container, Kenzan and Scissors


    • 4.

      How to Cut the Materials


    • 5.

      Positioning the Kenzan and the Plant Materials


    • 6.

      Arranging: Phormiums


    • 7.

      Arranging: Roses


    • 8.

      Arranging: Chrysanthemums


    • 9.

      Arranging: Dracaenas


    • 10.

      The Final Arrangement


    • 11.

      Thank you


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About This Class

This class is an introduction to ikebana, for flower lovers.

Ikebana is the traditional and historical Japanese art of flower arranging. This is a beginner level class, which explains the principles in simple terms, making ikebana accessible to everyone.

Ikebana has the power to fill your heart with joy and put a smile on your face. This infectious joy will also extend to those around you and bring them happiness. 

What is ikebana?

  1. ‘Ike’ means ‘life’ and ‘bana’ means ‘flower’. Ikebana is to bring life to plants which have been cut from the earth and to arrange them naturally and beautifully.
  2. Ikebana is to handle each stem or branch with care and to devise ways to allow each one to live as long as possible.
  3. Ikebana has set formations, which means that anyone can create artistic arrangements.

Please visit https://www.yumehana-ikebana.com for more information, or to purchase an ikebana starter pack.

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Level: Beginner

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1. 1.Intro: Cognitive. Hello. Year motto, you met Tomas math. This is Yemen, the founder of the human Hannah School of Ikebana. And I am a translator and teacher at the nanoscale of event a given Nova and you look at them, my auto cannot him up against the human eye is the art of Japanese flower arranging, which began about 600 years ago. Nadeau community, they did not cut that Yoko bottleneck either one of these, Ikebana, it's very accessible. There are set rules for the length and positions. And if you follow those rules, anyone can create beautiful arrangements. The dome on and off can accompany, can only hold not an Tangun per the Agile. It kinda know, oh gosh, Yochai's take title MOOC, the method. I'd like to share this traditional art form with everyone across the world that I hope you enjoy the class. 2. The Arrangement: Concave up Kotler not you came by now because your guys take math. In this class, I'm going to show you how to create this arrangement. Given the association would get on that Tony Muslim or they're setting up with ticket. I thought this is a beginner level class and please share your projects with us in the class project section when you're finished. Con chi Nazi or Kaner author, dyadic math. Instead of a container like this, you can use a large plate that you have a home like a girl. I now tell me looking down LA, LA, she's a demo, the Tomlin mass. And in Humana we use a pen holder called a kinsman to hold the fires. But if you haven't got one of those, you can use an oasis for western flower arranging instead, right? Such that has some euro kitchen bus Hamnuna, Yoko key. They will have a gamer. You'll need a pair of scissors. But if you don't have any flower scissors, you can just use a nice sharp pair of kitchen scissors. Say ban thought, Ken value, Sammy, well, data, kick that off. Human hands. Good. Unless I don't know. Vice daemon, if you would like to buy the Ikebana equipment, you can buy a starter set from the human Hannah website, homepage and a whole lot when Al-Qaeda, please take a look on our website for further details. Dava dog North America. In the next lesson, we're going to explain a little bit more about the equipment. 3. Tools: Container, Kenzan and Scissors: They were Dominoes, inferiority math. In this lesson, we're going to go over the tools that you'll need it given a Nala three ban dot. In Havana, we need a container. I kinda hyphen drop some scissors, Qin dialogues, Kiama, and something called a cadenzas or pin holder. A cookie I noted total no, no. Calculus kind method. Normally we use something that's ceramic called Kiara, put us tick not highly issue. You're not caught your eye. Today we're going to use a plastic one for practice, which is nascent light. You up. In Kashi Quran know-how time euro coin, that what I'd be taught, you know, mono death. These are old-fashion scissors called webby, right? The more common Kayla did go to Quito has amniotic K-Mart. But today we're going to use normal flourished. Dri says that you can buy, can attach, stop, OK. Synonymously, coenzymes come in different shapes and sizes. Concave up Katsura, not that they had to send to Yokohama, nothing state a normal node Skype math. Today we're going to use this rectangular one, which is about ten centimeters by seven centimeters. So the people that get the standard Google map sleep deadwood until no more, no need to stick with effect. If possible. We want one that has rubber on the bottom and that makes it more stable. High directivity wrap, Gnocchi cutout. I know. In the next lesson I'm going to explain how you cut the flowers and plant materials. 4. How to Cut the Materials: I think you are not cubic at anosmia may wash. In this lesson, I'm going to show you how to cut the plant materials. We're going to start with this formula leaf misaligned and they cut those legato music. Cutting underwater in Japanese is called Music TED. Talk on a more personal and see what we want to cut about two to three centimeters from the end underwater. Like this. By now, I dusted math. Next we're going to cut the rows by Nava career. Why do you know the guy with non-academic Mizuki DOT math, roses don't absorb water well. So first we want to trim the end underwater. We think we need not. We take then we went to scrape the outer layer off of the bottom of the stem, just like that. And then we cut around the middle of the pipe that we just scraped off underwater. Stick with that. And we want to cut it at an angle. Cleaning up. Next, we're going to have this Feynman's external hahaha took my math, remove any leaves that are towards the bottom. Got him up. Several didn't. And now you can cut this underwater and with scissors like the others. Did, they omit another identity? For if you use your fingers to break the stem instead, that's going to improve the water absorption. I mean, on the vanity possible. So you can see it isn't a clean cut, but that's what we're after. I hate math and that's going to make you absorb the water better. Intelligence. Thank you. Need a tiger or not? Let me awesomeness. Next, we're going to talk about the materials in more detail. 5. Positioning the Kenzan and the Plant Materials: What I don't know that I can then know math and buy to go over the plant materials that we're using for this demonstration. And also how to position the Keynesian within your container. Not ideal, but not tie you down. Not humbled. Today we have 34 million lives. Either, not three roses to put him, not three spray chrysanthemums. They cannot grapheme, map on day and wondrous sinA, sinB, and look at the key methanol. Down-weighted taking math. We're going to use a container like this one, and we're going to position the Keynesian within the container. I can then link you up. You're turning on top. So telegram, the demise of impact. So if you imagine that the container is divided into quarters, you want it to be in the front left towards you. The robot can then coupled with good eye. And then you want to fill enough water to fill the container with enough water so that it just covers the kinsman type. We can take. And we're going to begin arrangement in the next video. 6. Arranging: Phormiums: And you'll find, I think we're going to begin by arranging the four mediums thick with effect. So this whiteboard here represents the kinsman method. If I say, I won't get to choose the longest one to begin with. I didn't walk. Kids, not meaning no, Oklahoma. So we're going to cut this slightly and place it in the back right corner of the kinsman. And about this position here, we want this to be as straight and as tolerant environment. Or she's the second tallest one as your next one. Facial normal noise, pickup. Many scientists, Khrushchev, kinda Fukishima. We want this to be shorter than the first one, so we'll give it a little trim first and then snips the bottom of underwater. The first step of their mining. Because you want your life step. Mining, five-day came. And this one is placed in front of the first one in position number two. And we want them to overlap, but still have a little bit of movement. Profane and keep a Mintaka him or not I've taken saves the shortest one for last. Questionable. So we want this to be a little bit sharper. Still. Make sure you cut it under the water. Fashioning get Amman or not. We should already know pony came out. And this one is positioned behind the first one in position number three. And we want it to be angled backwards slightly. This is how it looks from the side. There are technique by now or you could take. Next, we're going to arrange the roses. 7. Arranging: Roses: But now what we can take f Next, we are going to arrange the roses. Let me not talk where I know. Ananda took the TCM in the monoid boat and IB math, choose the rows with the smallest flower to begin with. Daddy methanol, that means your state, Fatima. I've already scraped the outer layer of the stem, so I'm just going to cut underwater. Kinda not take him. And this is placed around the middle of the Kinsey em. I think. Yeah. We want to save the biggest for last thing we bandlimit. Thank You. Don't know commonalities, cosine, you come any music he, Oshima, we want the second one to be shorter than the first. And again, we're going to cut it underwater. I Nikkei fell to get dip or Columbia beyond effecting, this one is placed slightly towards left and we want to make sure that the face of the flower is pointing towards the front. Coffee felony mythical. Many capitals in the last rows is the shortest of the three. And the last one is placed towards the front and to the right. And again, we want to make sure that the face of the flower is towards the front and it's angled towards the front as well. You'll talk to him. This is how it looks from the side. Does put him take you. Next. We're going to arrange the spray chrysanthemums. 8. Arranging: Chrysanthemums: Split them and what you can take math. Never going to arrange the spray chrysanthemums. Thank show up. As Cristiano Hananiah, cannabinoid, Bodhidharma. Choose the one that has the most flowers and looks the most likely. We're going to place this towards the front. Caution musical manifesting in my own heart body math, we're going to cut this one a little shorter, so removed the lower leaves. Videos in Africa theta. Then we're going to cut underwater buys easier if you trim it first before you do that. And then I'm just going to tear a little bit more off with my fingers right? By the IR remote company becasue. My inequality called the kinsman calculated row and take him, we want this to be quite a bit shorter than the roses and placed right at the front in position number seven. And the purpose of this is to cover the Kinsey answers not visible from the front. And again, we want to make sure that the flowers are facing forward. Until then Lemony. But I'm not, I gotta take this next one is going to be a little bit longer than the first, a bit taller. And we wanted to just peek out from amongst the roses. Yeah, my dad. Again, we're just going to break the end off underwater. Dive in on a bit long still. So I'm just going to take a little bit more off. Only by Nordisk cosmic cachaca. We want it to be a little bit shorter than the tallest rows or coffee. And this is placed in the right in position number eight. And we want it to look like is kind of spreading out to little bit growing outwards. Campbell Member Mac and I'm Buddy VMI thing we should do. I think the last one isn't going to be so visible from the front, but we're going to cut it quite short and place it right at the back. Okay. Again, break the end of the stem off underwater. Of course she and place it in the gap right at the back here. This is how it looks from the side. Or you can take. In the next lesson, we're going to arrange the dissonance. 9. Arranging: Dracaenas: And what we can take math next, we're going to arrange the juiciness. Mama, get help. But the more A-LC e could cut of schema, which are seen as very big and difficult to handle as it is. So we are going to remove the leaves. Ting Bu Shi Dao Uchida method that you can turn them off with your hands because that means that we can use for stems later nukes or natural bromide. We're going to remove five leaves with bro. If you couldn't talk or Hananiah only my schema. So you want to arrange the leaves in a circular way, like a flower. That cause I go put it and then use an elastic band to keep them in place. And we'll just make sure they're all looking nice. I did me the key devotion. And then we're going to cut them underwater it together. And we're going to add this in position number ten. And this is going to make the whole arrangement like much more lively into top quanta kind of thing. And this is how it looks from the side or if the economic.gov. And that says we finished the arrangement. 10. The Final Arrangement: I'm going to rotate it so you can look at it from all angles. 11. Thank you: I think I thought were very much. Thank you very much for watching the glass. Nothing good about the fact that he, well, Dhaka up ballistic it I fight. Please upload your class project to the class project area. And assuming the famous and really looking forward to seeing them, they're not going to show kind of own home opinion. Idlis law. Know that document.write it. The heath of genome around. Could I thank please take a look at our website that we've included in the class description. And you can double tap. Thank you very much.