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I am Amy! - Lesson 1 - HSK 1 Vocabulary Course

teacher avatar Amy Lin, I help beginners learn Chinese

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      I am Amy!


    • 4.

      What is TA?


    • 5.

      Review & Practice


    • 6.

      HSK 1 Word List Review


    • 7.

      Repeat After Me


    • 8.

      Class Project / Practice


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      Quizlet & Thank You


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      The Next Step


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About This Class

Knowing Mandarin Chinese has been a blessing in my life. I have met so many amazing people from all over the world because of it. I want to share my knowledge with more learners and hope someday Mandarin Chinese will bring you unforgettable beautiful memories as well

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Amy Lin

I help beginners learn Chinese


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1. Introduction: Yeah, was a me. It's okay if you didn't understand everything. I just said by the amp this course will be able to innocent everything I just said and more gruel Actual should see him. It should be a few China Easter shooting, different sound system writing system and the grammar all fascinating s beds off Mendham in Chinese, Michael is to provide a fund and enjoyable learning process so that you will not only feel accomplished, like end of all, of course. But you also know that every step has been awesome and every little step, it's bring you closer to having a conversation with memory Speaker. How is this course designed? This is a the cabaret base, Of course. In each lesson, you'll learn a specifics of words and helpful grammar wants. They are related to those words. Which listen is designed to be short and sweet, so you can build off your memory knowledge in your by size manner. Just like help babies tick upwards. Ready? Let's get started 2. Prerequisite: You don't really need to have any mentoring background to get started with this course. However, if you do have some basic background that it will help. I had created three minute videos that you can watch to help you get started with Mandarin Chinese. You can either watch the videos on my block or you can watch the videos that I attached. In this course, The first video talks about pinging, which is the fin Alec system off Trans Mandiri. By knowing helping he works, you will know how to pronounce any word. I'll say anything you want entrance memory as well as you know the pinging. The second video talks about how trans mentoring is different from all the languages. This video also explains why you will see three Collins first Colin to Chinese characters. Second column pinging the Fanatic system and last one. Translation. The last video is mastery, mentoring tones. Mentoring is a tonal language. What that means is, if I say ma, and then if I say ma, this two sounds are completely different, even though they do share the same basic sandwiches MMA. But the tone that's applied to the character changes the meaning off that character. However, like I mentioned, you do not need to watch the video to proceed with this course. 3. I am Amy!: Hello. I'm Amy. This is going to be an exciting listen, because we are going to build our first sentence before we can start building our sentences . We are going to need the building blocks or the words in this case. We need to boot and blocks today. The 1st 1 we have. It's war and war means I on me. The second will we have is notice that we have sure as be bind apprentices. I also wrote down is m R and that is because it does make all that in Mandarin Chinese are verbs states Same regardless of the now, in this particular case, be changes in English depending on who we are talking about. However, in Chinese, is stays the same. So it doesn't matter whether we're talking about i you, he or whatever are verb to be stays the same. So it's going to be sure for all of them. For now, we were translation as M forever because amusing I with war and the shoes, we can already build our first centers here. I have wash your Amy, which translates into I am Amy. If I want to say you are a me all I need to do a three place walk with knee ni means you our shoot. It's going to stay the same. So now we have knee shoot, followed by the name. So we have me. Sure, Amy. Which means you are a me Notice how our verb shoot stays the same. We don't need to do anything special. It stays like that. How cool is that? I love this feature in Chinese. No, let's go ahead and do some practice. How do you say you are? Tina, Pause the video as you were going to answer. This is a one of the reasons why I love videos. You can pause the video up any time you can. Really? Do they really life, though anyway you are. Tina is knee. Sure, Tina. Me, she Tina. Now how do you say I am Jack? I am. Jack is War she, Jack 4. What is TA?: Knicks. We have Tom all the three characters you see on the screen I read as a car. If we only hear the sound, we won't know which time talking about. But if I see the cure addressed that I would know immediately what that Tom ing's. This is to show the importance of characters this time means he will him this time means she or her, and this time means it. Our link of you explain the difference between those two characters. If you are interested in watching that now let's practice. How do you say she is? A Me possibly video, as needed. She is a me Paul shoot. Amy, remember that al verb states to say so our is is still our B, which it's so we're still using their saying should we don't need to change it at all. How do you say he is? Deck. He is. Jack is Pa Shoot Jack 5. Review & Practice: review So far we have learned how to say I am you. Are he she it iss followed by the name and the ISS M r art all shoot because of a verb stays the same Regardless of who we are talking about the last word we are going to learn It's another verb. It is pronounced as gel jump means call ought to be called If we put war and the gel together then we have war tell which means I call but as a I am called and then followed by your name for our purpose depending on what counts after tell, this can also be translated as I call as a I'm going to call someone over. I usually like to teach one concept at the time, so we'll cover additional usages as we learn them. Okay, for our purpose. War gel Amy means I am Amy. I am called a Me or my name is Amy. So here we can replace a me with your actual name would Yeah, followed by your name to say my name is or I'm called. We are going to differentiate between tell and the shoot in all Listen, because they convey the same meaning to make sure that you understand both concepts. I'm going to make a differentiation. And when we have wound Should Amy, I want you to chance. Say that as I am, Amy, when we have Woods yell Amy, I wanted to translate that. As my name is Amy. Let's practice one. If I want to say your name is Amy Pause. The video s needed. Your name is Amy Is knee jail? Amy, remember, the Alvarez stays the same. So how many to so is replaced wall with me and that's it. 6. HSK 1 Word List Review: great job. If you get to this far and give yourself a pat on the back, you have done well. We have learned six words in this. Listen, here are the h SK words we have covered in this. Listen war. She Mm. Paul. Tom? Yeah. 7. Repeat After Me: No. Let's reveal all the key phrases for this review. I would like you to repeat after me. I will say the Mandarin Chinese Parr once followed by the English translation. Whoa! Uh, I me who to be is m o r sure to be washy, Amy. I am Amy. Me? You the singular You ni Sure, Tina, You are Tina time. He ah, him for the care toe I have here. Upashi. Jason, he is Jason. Tom. She all her for this character? Attack. Power shoot. Mary. She is Mary. Yeah. Call to be called. What? Yeah. Amy, My name is Amy. Need tell Tina. Your name is Tina Carl Hall. Jason. His name is Jason. Party. Oh, Mary. Her name is Mary. 8. Class Project / Practice: practice. Your task for this listen is to translate the following sentences from English to Chinese. 9. Quizlet & Thank You: I have created a Christlike classroom For this class. You can join all classroom by visting Chinese Mandarin cafe dot com slash h sk one a. Before you move onto the next lesson I recommend. During the parties were key and make sure you have ingested the concepts and the words. That's it for this. Listen, I look forward to seeing you again in the next lesson J O by 10. The Next Step: Now that you have completed this cost, what should you do next? You can visit my skill share profile for more classes or you can visit choice Mandarin cafe dot com for my Pakis episodes or other learning resource is. And if you have any questions or suggestions, please refer to contact me at a me at the Chinese Mandarin Kavita, come. Thank you for taking this class with me. I hope to see you again, I