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111 Beginner Chinese Phrases

teacher avatar Amy Lin, I help beginners learn Chinese

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Class Project


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      Part 1 - Hello


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      Part 2 - Do you speak Spanish?


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      Part 3 - What time do you sleep?


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About This Class

If you are looking for a class where you start to speak right away, then this is the course for you. 

In this course, you will learn 111 beginner Chinese phrases that help you get started with speaking Mandarin Chinese. 

This course is designed with repetition in mind. Each phrase is repeated 5 times with enough time in between for you to repeat after each phrase. 

Not only that, the last part is said in a normal speed so you start training your ears to get used to how native speakers speak right away. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Lin

I help beginners learn Chinese


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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Amy Lynn. I help beginners learn Chinese one step at a time. In this course, we're going to let a 111 beginner phrases so that you can start speaking Mandarin Chinese right away. After completing the course, you'll be able to talk about yourself, your hobbies, time and more. Every sentence is repeated five times. The first time in a slow speed. The second time the first is said one word at a time. The last three times I said in a normal speed. So you can get used to how native speakers speak. Practice makes progress. This learning methods will give you plenty of time to practice your listening skill and you speaking skill to get you to speaking Mandarin Chinese fluently. 2. Class Project: Your class project is to complete a practice worksheet to make sure that you are not just listening without actually learning the materials. I hope to see you in the course. 3. Part 1 - Hello: Hi, we're going to learn a 111. Begin your phrases to bring you one step closer to speaking Chinese fluently. Or I guess a 111 steps closer in this case. Let's get started. Hello. Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee, Nee. The morning. Zhao Shen Dao shown how shall I shall I shall morning the morning. Lucky for early birds, you can shorten cell Ocean Hall to just Dao Dao Dao, Zao. Well, it's your name. Me gel Shema. Me. Sh'ma Sh'ma. Needle. Sh'ma. Sh'ma. Well, it's your name. Ni Tiao Shema means that. Ni jiao Shema means it means it means name. Let me know your name in the comment section. Needs Yao Ming's. Need, Yao Ming's. Needs Yao Ming's. I am Lily Chen. Chen. Chen lily. Lily. Lily Chun Lily. Well about you mean me? Nina. Nina. Nina. Well, it's your nationality. Nee Nee not cool. Not cool version. Niches now Goran. Niches. Within niches. Now gordon, I'm Chinese. Was she she she she she John Glenn. Where is your hometown? Nee Nee the digestion Santa Santa Ana. Where are you from? Ni now? Lesion. Ni Shi Nalini region. Nationality, religion. Nationality, religion, nationality, run. And future nice. Lighting ESA, WHO DNA, which is nice. And it means for real, I am really full Johnny's was she food challenge and Huan Shi Fu children will shift, which are n will shift for Duran. Duran. Are you showing high knees? Ni Shi Shanghai GM? Me. She showed hydrogen niches. Shanghai GM. Shanghai GM niches, Shanghai them. No, I am not. My mom is pushing. She will match shoot. ********. She was Mama. She will ********. Because she will mama **** well, ******** because she was my my ****. Well, ******** because she will man, I should. Are you emotion? If you have seen the movie, The Martian type of motion simulation in the common section. Knee horse, Gemma, me, Shu Jin. Niches. You should you should know. I am an earthling ********. She children. Who she was. She children, wishy washy D tilde n. Wishy washy t children. We should wash it is your n. Where do you live? Knee to knee? True? Nali, neutrals and Allie. Nitrous and Allie. You choose an alley. Where do you live? Knee to knee, true? Not neutron are neutral, not neutral. My euro halfway through. Great job. Remember to subscribe if you haven't already. Let's continue and live in Canada. What Jews? Not that was true. Cea will choose, I will choose, I will choose the agenda. I live in Beijing will be true today. A scene or choose API, which was a painting. Which was happy. Birthday. Shirt, shoes. D. Yeah, see me. She Zhi De shoo shoo shoo the Yeti heart. My birthday is July 8th. What? She T yeah. What? Shoo shoo shoo. Shoo. Shoo. Shoo shoo shoo about how well is your telephone number? Need hallmark. Shoot. Xiao Ni Huan. Shi, Zhao. Zhao. Zhao. Zhao. Can you add me on WeChat way Sima. What we saying? What do we see? What do we say? Theta, what do we say? Can I add you on WeChat? Will need, we need a way saying, well case n is always sigma. Sigma. Sigma. Sorry, no, you cannot. Well, tn, tn Curry, symbolically. Symbolically. Symbolically. Of course. Thumb, John. John. Unclean. Unclean. Unclean. Okay. How how? Hi. Hi. Hi. Do I scan your QR code or you scan mine? One of the ways to ask someone on WeChat is to scan his or her. Qr code means cell wall high. She was selling Nee Nee Sol. Hi shoot. Sound. Ni Nissan has Schwann cell ni. Nissan. Heschel was alanine. Nissan. Heschel was suddenly you have an email address. Knee heel in your knee. Yo yo Neil density or summer? Neil density or summer. Neil density or summer. I will call you back. What e square, that gamey War II where k, n0. Well, that gaining, or will that Gagne. We were gaining weight. Where that any where that any. I will call you back later. We'll wait till Gagne at the end. We'll wait till Gagne. That wait. Wait. Wait til unit at the end. I've sent it to you. Missing an e-mail or a message. Will phi k n0, N0. We'll factor nulla. Nulla will factor in Isla. I'll send it to you on WeChat would say we seeing Shaun Gagne far we've seen some ie Ni far. What are we seeing, Shannon guinea far. What are we seeing? What are we seeing shown again, if you have any siblings? Knee heel, show made me y'all show. Tts. May. Neal. Neal. Neal Schon, DTM name. I have two older brothers. Why? Leanne? Leanne, good. We're lambda. Where lambda? Where lambda. I have one younger brother, y L, E D, D, E T D. We get easy. It gets easy. It gets easy. Great job. You have completed the first part of this series. Check out the description to get the PDF guide for this series to speed up your learning even more. Also included in the description, it's an link to part two of the series. I hope to see you there. 4. Part 2 - Do you speak Spanish?: Welcome to the second part of the 111 beginner transferases to bring you a 111 steps closer to speaking Chinese firm Tilly, if you have missed the first part, check out the link in the description. Now let's continue. I am the only child uses if you are a bully, why she do what? She do? She was she was she was shear directions. I'm the only child. Isn't it? If you are a girl, was she dilution Ni Huan Shi do shun me, me, me, me. Are you a student? Knee shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo shoo social issues. Social issues. Are you in school or working needs as shown here? Hi, she needs that are shown here. Hi, she needs actually, I should say console. It's actually share how she's icon. So it's actually share how she's icon. So where do you work? Needs Ninety. Ninety going. So it's an analog console? Is an analog console. Is an analog console. I worked for home. What's going on? What CLE what's actually going to up what's actually going to what's actually going to work from home. What say Tia done? We'll say going going, gone, gone, gone, gone. I work at a bank. What E in home? What's E? In Hong Kong saw was a saying Hong Kong was a saying Hong Kong was a saying Hong Kong. So I work at a small company, would say ETS cells seen psi E cell scene was HSL single sequential. What's eight cells? Inconsequential. Was HSL singles the console. I'm a secretary. Any Korean drama fans here? Have you seen what's wrong with secretary came was Shu Shu Shi Mi shoo shoo. Shoo shoo. Shoo. I'm a teacher. Was Shi Lao Shu. Shu. Shu. We shall now shoo shoo, shoo. Shoo, shoo. What languages do you speak? Knee. Sure. Shema EN MI way. Sure. Shema yen nucleophilic Shama yen nucleophilic Shama yen nucleophilic Shama Yen. Do you speak Chinese? Ni. Sure. Lemme me. Play. Sure. When you who showed your mama? Mama. Mama. I am studying right now. This is answering the previous question. Do you speak Chinese? And the response is, I am studying Chinese right now. And that is exactly what you're doing, right? We'll say shear wall. Shear now, which means I sienna, which means I sienna logins. I sienna. I speak a little bit of Chinese, will weigh sure. E Dn drawn one way. Sure. E Dn drawn when well visually tangent line. Well, visually it and Joanne will visually you can join. Do you speak Spanish? Knee way. Sure. Seed bank? Yeah. You Ni way. Sure. See. You. You who shall C5a? Yuma. Yuma. Yuma. I don't speak Spanish. No, you're not. Applause for neon. I have politely returned pretty much everything I learned to my teachers. Or wu Wei. Wu Wei. Sure. C by E. Well, because you'll see by Jati, what are your hobbies? Neil, Sh'ma saying Ci Ni, yell, Shema, seeing CheA, neomycin. Neomycin. Neomycin. You are halfway through. Great job. If you have found this video helpful, give us enlightened. So we know to make more of this type of video and subscribe if you haven't already. Let's continue. What are your hobbies? Knee heel, Shema, i ne y'all. Shema. I have Neal. Neal. Neal Shama. I have. What do you like to do as in Hobbes? Me see. So let me see what Sh'ma Sh'ma. One. So Shama Nissan. So Shama. I like to eat and sleep. Was required to fund shades. Yeah. We'll see why. Chu Fan shreds. Yeah. What do you want to find out? What's you'll actually find shades? Yeah. Yeah. I also like to eat and sleep. Well, yeah. See one tufa wall. Yeah. See why? Choose that. Shades. Yeah. Ways you learn trebuchet ways. You learn trebuchet ways you aren't sure fleshes out. I like to read was C, one cashew. Will see shoo. Shoo. Shoo, shoo. I like to watch TV. Was C one can shoot. We'll see what she wants. You want candy. Once you one condition. One condition. I like to play computer games. I am obsessed with Rogue Legacy to at the moment, do you play any games? Was see that Yossi, we'll see why. Die Yossi. Once you land IOC, once you land IOC, once you land IOC, I don't like to run, will boost, see one pulp boo, boo, see one. Pop boo, boo, boo, boo. I like working out was C. So in dome. We'll see why. So in don't what sequence on what sequence going down. Once you do you like to travel? Me see her Leo, me, see her Louisville. You see one Liam? Liam. Liam. Yes. I love to travel to a sequence. Hence see real, real. Well, I see one, we'll do it. Well, I see. Where do you want to travel? Nissan to Natalie, Lille, me. To Nali, the heel. Nice and finale. Real nice functionality, real nice atonality, real. You like to travel alone or with friends. Ni see why? Eager to Leo. Hi, she, her Ponyo E T, T me. See where e n to Leo. Hi, shoot her ponytail. E T, T. C like earn truly y'all, I should help O'Neill is really nice. The like earn truly y'all, I should help O'Neill, easy to see like urn two legal Heschel helpful is really where have you visited as a traveled or bringing to me to go Nali, knee to Ghoul, Nali you to go Natalie. Natalie. Natalie. Home and home. This is answering the previous question. I have been to home. A home. Yes. I am an introvert who likes to stay home. So I don't really trouble much, if at all. True that yeah. Hi, She's yeah. True? Yeah. Hi, Shu. Shu Lydia. Hi. She's Yeah. Sure. Let's yeah. Hi. She's yeah. Hi. She's Yeah. I've been to Korea, Germany, and Italy. Was to Gua, gua, the Kool, Herc, Eataly, Chico, hand Gua, gua her what she did. She go hungry or they'll go what she go hungry or telco. What do you like to eat? Me? See Quine choose me. See where you see one Trisha Trisha, Trisha map. You sure you want to ask this question? I'm answering the Nietzsche who aren't sure Sharma, would you like to eat question? Because I have a long list of things that I like to eat. Me charity, y'all one, juggle, Wen Ti, Ni, cheer team. Me. Yeah. One joke. When T negotiating yellow one to the length in yellow, one to the length in yellow, orange or the lymphedema. Are you going to treat me to a meal? I'm answering the nice sequential Shema. What do you like to eat? Question? Yeah. Me too much. Yell too much. If I'm yell too much of our amazing, you have completed the second part of this series. Check out the description to get the PDF guide for the series to speed up your learning even more awesome, include in the description, It's a link to the next part of this series. See you there. 5. Part 3 - What time do you sleep?: Welcome to the third and final part of the a 111 Chinese phrases to bring you a 111 steps closer to speaking Chinese fluently. If you have missed the first or the second part, check out the link in the description. Now, let's continue. I like hamburgers, will see Humbaba. We'll see why. Chew hm bar, bar, which you aren't sure, Humbaba launcher. Humbaba. What's your I'm sure Humbaba. I don't like spaghetti. We'll see quencher E daddy will see one. Shoe. Dolly man will pre-select cheat, cheat sheet, academia. What do you like to drink? Me? See me, see. Sh'ma. Sh'ma. Hello. Hello, Sh'ma. Sh'ma. I like milk tea was C, one night. We'll see one night. With you on her nitrogen. Nitrogen. Nitrogen. Do you like coffee or tea? Ni see why? Hookah, cafe high. She chat me. See. Cathy. Hi shoe. Chat. Cathy. Cathy. Cathy, I should chat. I like both. One, Leanne gaba. See when Leon don't see one where language L sequence, sequence. Well and get those sequence. Demo. What those c one. C one. What does C1? C1, C1. What time do you normally get up? Knee pin, shoe, T dN Teach One. Me. Ping Hsu. See DN Teach One. Teach One. Teach One. Teach One. I usually get up at 3PM, will send the n-th one will open. On Sunday in T wave I sell a sentence, each one wave, I sell a sentence, each one wave and sell a sentence. You can get up a fire am every day. Just kidding. Well, sometimes, sometimes I do. May 10 cell shot woody n-th one. We'll made him cell shown. Woody N T H one will maintain Sasha. We can see Tron will maintain Sasha. We can see drawn will maintain social routines. Huge one. When do you sleep? Me? D DM, SRE, Xiao Ni De dn. Trade shows. Yeah. Wanted sleep. I'm answering the previous question. Wendy asleep. My answer is what is sleeve? Just say hi to my insomnia. Shreds. Yeah. Shoot shimmer shades. Yeah. She shimmer shades are Sh'ma. Sh'ma. She's actually Shama. I sleep during the day and work at night. Well, by ten shades, Yeah. One Sean will die ten shreds. Yeah. One Sean. Well by tissue itself, while shank Ohm's law well, biting sheets out, one chunk Gonzo. Well, biting sheets out while I sleep at night was dying year shades. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well, by initiate will bind you trace out. I sleep at 09:30 PM. Wall, shine cod and bond shades. Yeah. One Shaun, T O the N bar shades. Yeah. We'll watch until the imbalance ratio will wash, until the imbalance ratio will wash until the imbalance ratio. What time do you go to school? Need CDN, T cell, ni dy dn CI shear cell needs it. And she, she she she she she is I go to school at seven AM. What's our Shaun T T cell will sell Shaun T dN Ci Xi is what's our TT&C CSL. What's our shantytowns tissue cell. What's our shunted into CSL. What time do you go to work? Knee dy dx, champagne. Knee. Dy dn shown the detention pond. Detention pond. The detention pond. Hey, it's Amy. Just popping in to say that you are doing a fantastic job for making this slide. For more learning resources. Make sure to subscribe. Let's continue. I go to work. I am. What cell sham champagne will sell Sean. Sean, then. What's our Shan Shan been? What's our Shan? Shan Shan. Shan Shan been what time do you get off work? Needs to happen. Ni CDN needs eating seven, needs, ETAs data needs. You can set up a gal of work around five PM, chop, chop, chop, chop wood or so within this up on top with a cell within this up on what do you like to do on the weekends? John Moore, the shoe hall ne sequence, Shema, Joe more. Shear hall, ne see one. Shema, John Marshall Harlan, nice. And easy one. So Shama, Jomo, the shovel and easy one. So Shama, I like to do nothing. Well, I see one town PIN will see tongue ping, ping, ping. Ping. Ping is a buzzword. It means lying flat as aid to relax and do nothing. It is one of my favorite words lately because I've noticed that it's really easy for me to burnout because I'm not resting properly. Hope you have days where you can just pumping as well. I don't want to do anything. Wash mud. San Juan, Chama doll, Busan tool will show multiple sounds. Well, wash your hands. Wash my hands. Well, I like to go hiking. Was see when Ci passion, wall C. To Passion. Passion. Passion. Passion. How's the weather today seem 1010 seeds and they seem tn, tn, t. Semenya sinking, sinking TNT to Mia. Thinking t and t is in the area where I live. It's hard every day. Walk through the D form made here though has trued up. The phone. Made here. Though. We'll do the defund may Tyndall will do the default on May 10th. We'll do the defund. May Tyndall, other than yesterday, be Chandra be sorting your job. Beads will be extremely cold. Lungs a lot. Loan. Lot. Lungs. Lungs. Lungs. So do you have any pets? Knee, your knee, your Chong? Oh, Neil trauma. Neil trauma. Neil trauma. Do you have any cats? Knee heel, mama, me, yell, Mamma, Mia, Mamma. Mia, Mamma. Mia, Mamma. Know, I'm allergic to cats. I am not by my dog is going to be upset. If I say I'm allergic to dogs, sorry. May heal. Would do a mall cool mean. May appeal to a mall. Cool mean male or female combing. Mayo or the monk will mean male or female combing. Yes, I have a bird to cats and dogs. Would yell E gene now, GMO, her son to go yell. He'll yell e to Neil, Leanne, saying to go Uluc with each and then Jamal ventricle. You'll act with each and then Jamal essential goal, Uluc way each and then Jamal essential goal. How do you cat need mall? Kyla Nee Nee Nee the mouth. The mouth what Iowa. In the mouth with Iowa. My cat is six years old, would say law. The law with the molecule sailor. With the molecule Salem. Salem. It's getting late and go sleep. Boosts our two shades. Yeah. Bu Dao. Ci shreds, yeah. Back to CH3Cl, patella tissues, Elba tissues. Elba. Agreed. And goodnight everyone. When an airline, airline. Airline. You have completed the entire series, you gotta give yourself a pat on the back. Check out the link in the description to get the PDF guide to easily review what you have learned. You will also find additional learning resources in the description. Have an awesome day or night, bye.