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How to Morph Complex Shapes in After Effects

teacher avatar Margarita Ivanchikova, Icon and Motion Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Morph 1: Hand to Cursor


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      Morph 2: Man to Panda


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      Morph 3: Screencast Man to Hulk


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About This Class

Morph Anything into Anything in After Effects Without Extra Plugins

In this tutorial, you will see the steps of morphing complex figures in After Effects. You don't need any extra plugins or programs for the animation.

There are three examples of animation workflow. All of them are based on a simple principle: break the animation into steps, and morph a figure to the transitional state.

In the end, you can see a screencast of a workflow on morphing a human face into Hulk.

I hope, you'll find it helpful!

Meet Your Teacher

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Margarita Ivanchikova

Icon and Motion Designer


I love creating animations, vector graphics, clean geometric shapes, and cute characters.

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Level: Intermediate

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1. Intro: Hi, it's Margarita from Aiken said that come this video, I'm going to show you a simple trick that helps to make more animations easy and fast. You don't need any extra plug, just adobe after effects and Adobe Illustrator for preparations. I will show you how to any made morphing a hand into cursor, a man into panda. And there will be a screen cast in the end off how to more a man in tow. Help! The secret is to break this difficult, more thing process into steps that are actually very simple so far. Instead of making while super complex, more you can make to simple ones. Now let's see how exactly can be done. 2. Morph 1: Hand to Cursor: As always, we'll start with preparations. I don't love the two icons. Open the files in Adobe Illustrator. And in the new file, I'll create a circle that will be my middle point. Could be the two I consumed a new file and create a circle The area where they overlap Save it'll a separate files in Adobe Illustrator four months. I use control shift s shortcut in order to safety piles And now, in after effects, I create a new composition and simply Dragon. Drop the three files right here. Now I select them All right, Click on them and select. Create shapes from Victor Layer and delete the orange adobe Illustrator files. We don't need them anymore. I'll make the shapes bigger, changing their scale. Now I'm organizing the timing off the animation. The whole transformation is going to take before than on second. So I'm going to live for the first more porting frames and for a second more also 14 frames . I'm using shortcuts to cut the footage before this moment at the time and after now I will make the circle another color so I can see the goal when any meeting and now I will start animating I get to the past editing and leave a few friends in the beginning before the transformation starts. To make the first frame, just click this little clock here next to the PATH label and make the last one to make a new key frame. Click this little diamond click on the little I here to make a layer invisible. We depend to a drag points close to the border, all the circle. There's no need to be very accurate here. Just get us close to the circle as you feel like you can also edit the girls off the figure , and then it will go to the second thoughts. I make the initial state key frame a little bit before the end. Then I'm making the key frame closer to the circle to start with just one point. Sometimes I have toe quicken it with the mental holding shift to de selected and then click on it again to select it. And with the mental, I'm all the boys closer to the borders, all the circle and I will edit the curves. Now we delete the guide circle and make sure that key frames in the middle of the action stand on the same place on the timeline and that showing the first figure ants when the second begins. In order to make this animation a little bit more natural, Select lost key frame rightfully funny and you prime a system choose easy. So like the better, very first frame prime a system Selectees is out. Then press spice on your keyboard in other developed your work. Now let's see how we can do the same three to more complex subjects. 3. Morph 2: Man to Panda: it's more of a human face into pundit. I will start to be the same preparation as before. So I'm taking the two for grading ellipses and holding out and shoot well, grating. So it's getting scaled from the center and it's a circle speech, the feeling the stroke color by clicking these arrow here. In this case, I want to circle to have the same line with as the Men and the Banda. Expand the figure so you will have a field back. Save it a separate files in Adobe Illustrator, former I use control shift is throat cut in order to safety piles, create a new composition in after effects, then drag and drop the three files in after effects. Select them all right, leak on them and select. Create shapes from victor layer the lead. The orange had job Illustrator files full control in order to select multiple files and adjust the scale off the shapes. Now I'm organizing the timing off the animation. I believe 14 frames were one more and next 14 frames. For the second month, I'm going to make the circle another color to guide us in order to change the color I select the needed path and click on this. Watch the dog well done to the other layers. Then I'm going to find the right but to make. Now, in my case, outlines will go first. Now I get to the cross editing and leave a few frames. In the beginning, before transformation begins, I'm making the first frame on the initial state and make the last one click on the diamond to grade the key frame We depend toe. I drag Barnes closer to the border off the circle, and I'm editing the girls off the figure. - Now I want to make the man's eyes morph into pandas for these and finding the right bus off his eyes and make the first key frames all the shell states. Let's for a moment change by this color and make it overlap with the men at the right moment of the time, just to see what I want the eyes to country double click on the one I and make it look more like. Find us first under when you're finished editing the I do the same with the second I make the first gift frame and added eat in the last one. Now we'll edit the bandit, return it to the right color. Anything. I'll do the outlines first, find them among the other bus, make the initial state key frame a little bit before the end and make the key frame closer to the soup. And we depend to move the points closer to the circle. And if you like, edit the girls. - Now we have to make the nose and little white circles. Or there's a beer. Let's go with the eyes first. I'm finding the right bus and make you frames in the end. Then they go to the beginning off pandas transformation and double click on one path and make it very, very small. So it's invisible. I'm doing the same with the second I I'm holding control to make it scale from the center. Now we'll do these duty knows I'm making the last key frame. Go to the first panda Ski friends. I like the grocery list seen and press enter when you've done Now, I delete the guide circle and make sure that key frames in the middle are overlapping at the timeline. I want to make this animation more natural, so it's a little All the key frames Indian. Don't more right click on them and keeper. I'm a system. I select disease. Then I select with very forced key frames and different my system. I select disease out and press space on my keyboard to give you the information. If you want your animation to play vocals, it's super. Is it all these selectable years, right? Three condom and in the menu select bric a course. Then go to the point where you're animation issues and cut everything after that moment, then press control D on your keyboard, right Click on one of the layers and then you go to time out of your slave place these layers one after so they both of them make work to be selected, then breast spice on the keyboard in order to prove your 4. Morph 3: Screencast Man to Hulk: once you get used to the process will be able to make something really difficult, better fast. Just by breaking down the complex morph into simple steps, you can more completely different shapes even then. Hulk E three e e E o e. - Okay , - Thank you for watching this video. I hope to give you an idea of how to signify comp. It's more impulses to you in the next lessons by