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How to edit line icons that don't have strokes

teacher avatar Margarita Ivanchikova, Icon and Motion Designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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      Option 1: Fast way


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      Option 2: Recreate the strokes


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      Why recreating strokes is not always the best


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      Download not simplified icon


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About This Class

This video explains how to adjust line width in icons, which are made of filled paths.

You can re-create strokes from expanded lines or just use a fast shortcut to make the lines thinner. It would be useful if you want to combine icons of different sizes but with the same stroke width. Like a small 24px icon with 2px stroke and a bigger 48px one that also has a 2px stroke.

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Margarita Ivanchikova

Icon and Motion Designer


I love creating animations, vector graphics, clean geometric shapes, and cute characters.

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Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: Hi. It's nothing from my considerable. Imagine you haven't any reason for it. At the same time, you want to use these Eichel two times bigger. But this way, lines are not the same there too wide. In this video, I'm going to show you how to make the lines thinner on the two. Examples also will show you the way to recreate the lines themselves when it is needed and possible problems that might be there only will need for this and I'm going to work with and Adobe Illustrator to work in. 2. Option 1: Fast way: first of all, get a vector Aiken to work with. There are plenty off totally free icons on I can Say that Come, I wouldn't low the Beaver for a start When the Filers opens, Let's make a copy of the Eiken selected and Drug Holding Ivan shipped. Now let's make the ICANN two times bigger. Now let's give it some space. ASUs Faras Our outer talking is exactly two times bigger. We are going to make the lines exactly two days thinner. Select a Aiken again and press control. See, then control be to make a cooker. This Aiken at the back. I want to recover figure at the back so that it will show what we started. Me Just any car. It doesn't let it and then lock the figure so don't get in the way Later. Now I select black cycle and click here to change fuel and stroke. Now it doesn't have any fuel color, and it has a black stroke in the upper panel. You can change the stroke weeks to do these simply hover. This numbers and scrawled announced Well, in this case, I relieved to pixel through. Then I'm taking shape builder to and separate all the figures, So they're not together anymore. Before we move forward, let's get ripped off this year. Dangle on the beavers here. I was willing to see what happened there. The direct election does like the Uncle Point. Uh huh. It has a problem with one of the handles. So, like the point hold on, I think the handle and put it in the right direction. Now wrote Recall, it'll be the other handle. Uh, now I'll fix the second here. So now everything is ready and Regis to like the beaver and expand the strokes. Now all we have is filled bucks and of order. Want to keep? Is the inter little line inside the figures? So we take the street builder to and click everywhere. We want to keep the figures and then holding I click everywhere. You want to remove the figure. Now we can do it with all the other shapes. Okay, First, I have to create the figure inside, and then I'm deleting everything outside or just unnecessary and the finger lines are done . Let's check out. Will be rest arised. Something's not kosher. The let's get duck from pixel preview mode and now we can get rid off the yellow. Figure out the back, unlock it and dilute. Now again to the pixel preview mode and something wrong. This here, the beaver is standing slightly off the big cells. Is it to fix? Okay, now we have toe pick so perfect icons of different size, but with the same line with 3. Option 2: Recreate the strokes: There is also the option to recreate the strokes from the field path. The solution will be not always applicable. I'll explain why a bit later, but it gives you a big, more freedom. Let's begin. First of all, getting liken. So I opened this file. I make the copy of the Eiken. Then I making it two times bigger. And Lacey need to ride on the pixels. Yep. Pig So perfect. Now I'm pressing control. See? Then control be to offer this I can and paste it on the back and then recovered just in any color. It will be our guide. And then look the recovered senior. Now I'm selecting in the black figure and and changing places off, feeling stroke other. Then I'm taking shape builder to and separate all the figures. So they're not together anymore. Now let's start with the upper part of The Octopus. I'm taking the wreck selection toe and ripped. The side's off this figure now this figure is not closed anymore. It consists off two separate lines. I breast control Sutjipto on group this figure. And now we have two separate lines. This one will not be needed. So we just make it invisible. What we want to make now is the age of this black line going exactly in the middle of a yellow one to see the speak so great you can adjust the parameters by President control. Okay? And set up groups, unions and divisions, every pixel. So we closed the preferences and get back to the black line. We want to make it bigger. Sell this. Angie's going exactly in the middle of the yellow line. Now the mountain expend these black thing Now again, we don't need part of this figure. What we want to remain is the lower edge of it. There are different ways to select and delete what you don't need. You can press Q to get the lasso tool and draw the area in which we want to select all the anchor points and then deliver them. Now select them everything one of them and read, except the lower age. No switch the stroke on the field color and addressed through. Now we're going to do the same thing for the second line off the octopus, the red selection toe. Select and delete the sides off the figure, and then we make the lower part invisible because we don't need it. We will work with the upper part of Let's make it four pixel wide and then expend. Now again, we want to keep only the lower edge on the black figure we have with direct selection to We will select and relieve the sides again, as we did before. Now, with selection toe double click on the figure double click on it again until you can get these two details separately, then select the upper one and deleted. Now you want to switch. We feel in this trope color again and make the stroke a little bigger. Half. Let's see. Okay, I'll fix it later. So I'm making this line a bit wider. And let's see what's with the eyes of the actor. There's no need to perform anything difficult here because it's just a circle. So I'm selecting just one eye over it and making it a little bit smeller and then the same way. The second I now we can get rid off the yellow figure of the back. We don't need thes lines. It'll and these part. Yeah, we don't need it. Also selected and delete well in my view of the eyes are just too small for such a big octopus. I'm going to make them bigger. Yes, we have a perfect active ALS two times bigger with the same line with and it's also adjustable can do whatever you want here. And he's also picture perfect. You have to be careful here to keep this. I can pick so perfect. Your initial lines were two pixels wide. Then you have tow. Multiply two pixels by some number by two by three by six. But don't put just any number there because pixels will be blurred and I can one bigger. 4. Why recreating strokes is not always the best: even though the second method gives you more flexible results, it's not always the perfect choice. If you haven't, I can we have more intricate details. It will require more effort and durations to regret the stroke. However the first made, it will give you quick and easy results. In almost any case, I'll just repeat it here for you. After I have switched peel and stroke colors. I just the right stroke. Weep and expand the strokes after that brief. But find her too. I delete open necessary figures. I will keep the eyes of the move. Same. And now I'm going to make this icon two times bigger place. It cried on pixels. I have to tweak their eyes a little bit, make them pixel perfect. And sometimes you have to tweak tiny little details. Just keep an eye on them, and now it's done quick and easy. 5. Download not simplified icon: if you're planning to download and I confirm my considered come, there is even easier way to get the icon, which has outlines already made of strokes. You can drive this option by switching off the toggle, simplify this region and then download icon as usual, many all the icons will have more vegetable version in these case. 6. Bye: