How To Freelance on Fiverr: Tips, Tricks & Growth Secrets - Zero to Top Rated Seller | Matt Brighton | Skillshare

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How To Freelance on Fiverr: Tips, Tricks & Growth Secrets - Zero to Top Rated Seller

teacher avatar Matt Brighton, Designer & Small Business Owner

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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    • 2.

      The Basics of Fiverr


    • 3.

      Seller Levels


    • 4.

      How to Price Your Gigs Correctly


    • 5.

      Pros & Cons


    • 6.

      Attracting Visitors - Anatomy of a Gig


    • 7.

      Creating a Killer Profile


    • 8.

      Gig SEO Optimisation


    • 9.

      Creating Your Gig - Title, Tags & Pricing


    • 10.

      Description, Images and Requirements


    • 11.

      Managing Your First Order


    • 12.

      Custom Offers & Quick Responses


    • 13.

      Scaling & Automation


    • 14.

      Class Project & Conclusion


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About This Class

How To Get Started on Fiverr Tips, Tricks & Growth Secrets - Zero to Top Rated Seller

Give your buyers a free 10% discount when ordering with you on Fiverr using code 'MATT10'

Fiverr is the world's largest freelance marketplace to offer services and skills for digital entrepreneurs. It's a great way to build your freelance business and this class is all about teaching you those skills to grow.

In this masterclass, you will learn from a top rated seller who has been working on Fiverr since 2011 to understand how to optimise your services on Fiverr using your skills to build a side business & freelance side-hustle. 

You'll learn everything you need to get started on Fiverr, an online platform where you can offer your services or skills to people all over the world. In an ever-increasing digital world, having a side-hustle and building an additional freelance income can give you extra security as well build out your entrepreneurial flare. This is also the formula I follow on my journey to becoming a Top Rated Seller and grow my own business. 

At the end of the class, you’ll have your FIRST gig set up and perfectly optimised after learning how to tweak titles for SEO, writing the perfect description and getting yourself ranked in Fiverr search so buyers see what you have to offer.

This course breaks successful Fiverr selling into 4 key areas

  1. Attracting Visitors – We’ll go into detail about things you can learn from top-rated sellers, choosing the right niche and how to optimise your gig for SEO by finding the right keywords and understanding Fiverr SEO.

  2. Engaging Prospects – Next you’ll learn about creating a killer gig description, why gig images are so important and some great conversion tips to get your prospects interested in your business.

  3. Converting Leads – Here we explore how you should set your rates, the art of up-selling and turning those visitors who look at your gig, into happy, buying customers who look at your upsells to improve the growth of your services.

  4. Fulfilling Orders – You’ve put all the hard work in to create an awesome profile and gig when your first order comes through how do you handle the new order? This section explores unhappy customers, growing your business by scaling and automation, getting reviews as well as the pros and cons of Fiverr as a platform.

If you’re looking to find out a great way to build a freelance business, I’ll ease you in with the basics before getting into more detail on optimising and creating the perfect gig on Fiverr.

This is the course I wish I had when I was starting out, it's perfect for beginners but also useful for advance sellers who are looking to optimise and spruce up their gigs. 

Topics Covered

  • Getting started on Fiverr
  • How to sell on Fiverr
  • Creating an optimised Fiverr profile
  • Creating your first gig - the right way
  • Writing a kick-ass converting description
  • Crafting a high converting title
  • Understanding Fiverr search ranking & visibility
  • The art of up-selling

Who am I?

My name is Matt - I'm a designer working in the UK, and on the side, I provide graphic design, SEO and other creative services to digital entrepreneurs and small businesses. I have now completed over 1000+ gigs on Fiverr and before taking a multi-year break was a top-rated seller. It's been a great side business for me.

I often get messages on the platform asking how I do so well, or if I can help other people with their gigs, so I thought I'd put this course together to show the start-to-finish anatomy of putting the perfect gig together and selling on Fiverr.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matt Brighton

Designer & Small Business Owner


Hi there,

I'm Matt, a London based designer with a degree in Graphic Design. I've worked with some big UK names and international companies as well as small businesses and charities.

I spent most of my time building small businesses and freelancing, having the pleasure of working with hundreds of people all over the world. For many years I've worked as a product manager in banking and more recently working as a senior product manager for a billion-dollar unicorn startup. 

My skillshare classes are about my passions around creating businesses, digital art, scale, growth and systemising a business with processes.

If you'd like to find out more, please hit +Follow on my skillshare profile, and if you're ready to get going, kick off with one of my sk... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey everyone. My name is Matt and I've been working on Fiverr since 2011. As a design and SEO expert I've been a top rated seller and I've worked with over 700 different buyers on Fiverr. And I've learned an incredible amount of tips and tricks as well as working with all sorts of buyers from all over the world. I've managed to earn just around ten thousand dollars on fiverr so far And that's growing every single day. And I put this class together to share my tips and tricks with you to help you create your very first gig on fiverr, there's never been such an important time to create a side income or a side hustle. that brings you a little bit of money in as well as making money, doing something that you love and enjoy. I created this class to share all of my tips and tricks to help you become a top rated seller on fiverr. If you don't know what fiverr is, it's a huge worldwide marketplace where you can sell services starting from $5 to people all over the world. And it's a great way to start building your freelance business and a side income or a side hustle This course will cover all areas of Fiverr from a very experienced seller looking at optimizing your gig to appear in more searches crafting it to be the best it can be to convert as many sales as possible, as well as tons of hacks, tips, and tricks whilst working on the Fiverr platform. If you enroll in this class, I'll take you through my four part, easy to understand process which focuses on attracting visitors, engaging prospects, converting leads, and fulfilling orders. You can understand how to rank higher on Fiverr to get more orders, how to make more money out of every single order and master the art of upselling. And you can get involved in the class project where you can share what you've created with your very first gig with everyone else. And I'll be able to give you some feedback and some tips and tricks on how to optimize and craft your gig perfectly on Fiverr. And that will ensure that you're ready to take your very first order. This is the class that I wish I had when I started out on Fiverr Thanks for watching and hopefully I'll see you on the other side! 2. The Basics of Fiverr: So first we're gonna talk through what Fiverrr is, as a marketplace. So Fiverr was created back in, I think, 2010. And now millions and millions of people use the website on a regular basis. And it's grown from this really small startup to actually quite a huge marketplace these days where sellers all over the world can sell our services be that SEO, graphic design, content, writing, social media, book writing ,book editing, there's so much that you can do. And if you have any particular skill that you can deliver as a service, then you can essentially sell it on Fiverr. It's free to sign up for sellers So there's no membership fees, there's nothing that you have to pay to create your first gig. So you can get going. You can write the description, right, the title, and have the gig setup. It's free to sign up as a seller. So you don't need to pay any subscription fees or anything like that to get started and to start selling on Fiverr. The whole point of Fiverr is you sell your services starting from $5. So you could simply sell, for example, creating a logo or a banner for a website, which is where I started out. You could focus on YouTube thumbnails, which is also what I sell as well. Over time Fiverr, have built a lot of change on the website and made the pricing a lot better. It used to be only $5, but now upselling is a huge part of Fiverr and actually means that sellers can make some decent money. It used to be really tricky to make a full-time income. Whereas now, if you can upsell your services or sell them for more than $5 it's often quite worth it freelancing on the website. So Fiverr do spend a lot of money on their platform, and as a result, when you're selling one gig and if you sell that for $5, then they take a 20% cut. Now, that does sound like a lot, and I think it is personally still quite a lot, but Fiverr do spend a lot of money on advertising and they spend a lot of money on building out the platform as well. And the great thing about Fiverr is that it's open to the entire world, it's a 24-7 platform. And you'll have orders coming through in the middle of the night, on weekends. And obviously, it's up to you to moderate how and when you work, but it means that there's a constant stream of people always looking at what you have to offer in your services, so Let's have a look at the website. Let's jump straight in. And you could offer anything from graphic design services. There are tons and tons and tons of services here. So you've got logo, brand identity, visual design, web and mobile print design, architecture. That's quite niche. Product and character design, packaging labels, digital marketing. You've got anything from social media, SEO, local SEO, podcast marketing, writing and translation. There are tons and tons of categories under here. Video and animation, music and audio, programming and tech. If you know programming and coding, for example, you can actually offer your services to fix simple bugs on people's WordPress websites, for example. And they're also general business gigs as well. So that could be being a virtual assistant, data entry, market research. And there are loads, those loads more. And it's really popular website, tons of people use it and it's a great place to get started in creating your side hustle and creating your online business. It's how I started back when I was 17 years old. I remember making my first $35 in the first day and it was just incredible to see this online. I remember working shifts in a pub after a gruelling long seven or eight hour shift I'd earn around 35 pounds, USD call that 40 or 50? So it was great to see $35 come through on the first day from day something that I enjoyed and from what I love, which is great. 3. Seller Levels: So what we're gonna do now is jump into the Fiverr level system before we get into the detail of how to create the gig and how to create the gig description and the title, what to put in the images and actually going onto the creating your first gig so the Fiverr level system is something quite new that they've impelmented When you first sign up to the platform, you'll actually start off as a 'seller' Now let's jump in here and I'll show you how the level system actually works and how it behaves in the Fiverr system. So when you first create an account on Fiverr and you'll start just as a standard seller. So there's no particular level here That is what this is the bottom kind of foundation level that everyone becomes when they first join the website. So the first role you'll start as, is a seller Now as a seller you can have seven active gigs. You can have two gig extras, which is really important, we will actually touch on the importance of upselling in your gig later on and how to create those extras. You can also send custom offers, which is a great feature as well. You'll often find that sometimes people will message you with all kinds of weird and wonderful requests and your normal gig might not quite fit the bill on that one. The joys of actually sending custom offers is that if someone messages or you can send them something for $10, $20, $30, $50 maybe depending on exactly what they're asking for. Especially if it needs more time or care and attention or something that isn't quite covered within the standard gig price itself. We then move on to level one selling. So there are a few different requirements that you need to make to hit every single level, particularly for this one. They look back at the past 60 days of performance and if you meet the particular standards they set and you'd be able to see this on your profile. You'll then hit a level one seller. So you need to have completed at least 60 days as an active seller on Fiverr, you don't need to be selling gigs every single day. You just need to be as a seller active for 60 days. It's not hard to complete on that one. You must have completed at least ten individual orders and that's your all-time sales. There's no timescale on this. You must have earned at least $400 within the gigs that you've sold. You most have also maintained a 4.7 star rating over the course of 60 days. Now this means that when a buyer buys a gig from you, make sure you provide an excellent service and they're getting a 5-star review, if you fall below 4.7 as an average, it's unlikely that you'll be promoted to the next level until you're 60 day rolling average increases above 4.7 stars. You must also have / there are certain metrics that Fiverr measure on sellers. So that is the response rate, the auto-completion, and also the on-time deliveries. You need to make sure that these are all above 90%. And lastly, you also need to avoid receiving any warnings. So don't steal any content. Make sure that you're not stealing, for example, someone's gig, because you can be struck off or stealing other people's gig descriptions, for example. So just make sure you follow the terms of service on the website and you don't break any rules, So, the benefits of being a level one seller You can have ten active gigs, so that is three more. So once you've proven your initial status on Fiverr and you've gone from a seller to level one seller, you'll now hit the level two seller. Now this one is quite hard to get to. It's going to take a little bit of time to get there. So. don't rush it and don't be disheartened if you're waiting ages to get the sales and to hit those milestones, you're going to be in a really good position making a decent amount of income on Fiverr. So let's have a look at what it takes to become a level two seller on Fiverr, you need to complete it at least a 120 days as an active seller, you need to have also completed 50 orders on the website. And that's all time. It doesn't have to be within the 60 period. That's just the all-time sales that you would have made on your account. You must have earned at least $2000 through the platform. You also must maintain the usual 4.7 star rating. Fiverr are huge on their customer service, so they really, really big on this one And also making sure you maintain the 90%, the response rate over the course of 60 days, 90% autocompletion over the course of 60 days, and 90% on-time delivery. You also again need to make sure you avoid having any breaches or kind of strikes against your account by breaking the rules on Fiverr. So just make sure you're wherever the terms conditions when you signed up to the website, some of the benefits of having a level two Seller account is that you get more active gig, so you can have up to 20. I personally only have four or five active. I haven't really seen the need to have all 20 at the moment. But if whatever you sell, these 20 active gigs, then by all means that's available for you to use. You can also have up to five gig extras on each individual gig as well, which is even more useful for upselling and adding to your average ticket will average sale price per gig. You can also send custom offers up to $10,000. Now this is really, really unique and bespoke work and I have never had anyone on Fiverr ask for something more than $300 as a customer so don't get too excited at a $10,000 custom offer. But if you have a service that is expensive and needs that amount, then it's there for you to do. You also get priority customer support. Now, I am currently a level two seller I have been a top-rated seller in the past. I definitely haven't seen priority customer support. It usually takes more than a day or two for them to get back to me if there's something wrong. So I'm not sure about that one. Now, this is the really interesting part. You can also be eligible to be featured at promotional listings, and this could be on the homepage or email campaigns, which is really, really good for exposure and also boosting your sales as well. Now we finally get onto the last level. So you've got seller, level one seller, level two seller and then a top-rated seller. Now, I used to be a top-rated seller back in 2012. And this is before they actually introduced a whole level system. It was either just a normal seller or a top-rated seller And then I took a break from Fiverr for a good six years. Hence why I'm now level two, there are now new requirements to become a top-rated seller. So let's have a look at what it takes to become and to hit this level, they describe it is an elite group of sellers to enjoy a growing number of exclusive benefits. So you need to complete it at least a 180 active days on Fiverr. You need to have completed a 100 orders and at least $20,000 Now this is the one thing that's currently stopping me from becoming a top-rated seller because I'm currently at $10,000 and then all the usual maintaining a 4.7 star rating, 90% response rate, order completion and on-time delivery. Making sure again that you don't have any strike on your account. Some of the benefits of being a top-rated seller include 30 active gigs. I personally don't see the reason to have that many active gigs, but it's there. If you have that many services to offer, you can add six gig extras or up-sells onto each individual gig. Your custom offers stay the same at $10,000 Again, I can't really see why you'd need to offer anything over $10,000 And again, what's the same here is that you also get eligibility to be featured in promotional listings, in emails, in any marketing campaigns that Fiverr do as well. So that's the Fiverr level system. And as you start to climb through the ranks it's definitely a kind of social status thing on Fiverr as well. If you are looking through is a buyer and you notice that someone is a top-rated seller, you are statistically more likely to buy from that person. So it definitely helps in terms of getting more sales. And there is a snowboard effect as well. You're definitely going to see slower sales starting off on Fiverr as a standard seller versus if you're a top-rated seller at the top of the rankings with a really high listed gig, you're definitely more likely to make those sales So just work your way through those different levels. 4. How to Price Your Gigs Correctly: Now in this video, we're gonna go into a little bit more detail around trying to price yourself properly on fiber. Now the wave five works is that people usually start selling their services from $5. That's what the website is all about. But what you've got to understand is, how much is your time worth now, I'm a UK seller and the pound is worth a little bit more than one US dollar. So I've got to ensure that when I'm working through all the gigs, it's actually worth my time and I'm not working for less than what is the UK minimum wage? As we can see on the screen here, what you can actually see is my current earnings dashboard now sum of the payments are pending and it takes two weeks for those payments to go through until I can then withdraw them from my account. So as you can see, I'm just shy of $10 thousand net income, which is fantastic. And I've currently just go just under $200 ready for withdrawal. But as you can see here, this is the key point I want to get to is the amount that I'm selling per gig. Now if you're selling lots of $5 gigs and that one, it takes you 30 minutes to do. You are only going to be earning $10 an hour. Now, it's not really worth your time is the big question. But also remember that you're not gonna get any gigs every hour of every day. So you might only have one or two gigs a day. One or two gigs are weak, and therefore the actual time made per hour isn't as much. So let's have a look at my clearings page. And this is the most important part here. This is the point that I want to try and get across in the video. So you can see here some of the gigs I'm selling that one went from $40. I made 64 on that 1322020. And typically I tend to take about ten, usually 50 minutes maximum on the gig. And that means if I can get through, you know, say four or five an hour and I'm selling, for example, sum and actually a lot do go through for $5 and this is taking the 20% fee off of it as well. So here, if I can get through four or five of these gigs in an hour, I might have one where I have $40 and I get through it really quickly. I have another one that is 64. And all of a sudden that's more than a $100 made in one single hour, which is great. And that's the point I'm trying to make around understanding how long it takes for you finish that one gig. If he's gonna take you one hour to finish a gigging, you're selling your services for $5 is going to take a lot of time to make a reasonable amount of income on fiber. Whereas here, if you're making $40 sales and sixty-four dollar sales and you're doing four or five of these every single hour, then that's where all of a sudden the Mooney can be really, really lucrative and fiber. And that's how you really stop the positioning yourself in the market. There's definitely a big balance between making sure that you're selling your services for the right price or otherwise, people are just not going to buy the gig. Fiber is known for being a cheat website, so you don't want to price it too high too soon because you just weren't make their sales. But it's understanding how you give people great value while also trying to keep it really, really quick. That could be having templates or style sheets that you use to speed up the work. Be that design writing, SEO, wherever it is, find a way to systemized that process. And that will help you get through as many gigs as possible within a one hour period to ensure that you can increase your hourly rates as much as possible to make it beneficial and Luke tell and fiber for me personally, I tend to get through four or five gigs in an hour. And there was gigs can usually be priced at an average of around $12. I think that's my average. Now, as you can see on this screen. And actually tells me my average selling price and my average selling price, gig per gig basis is actually ten pounds. And for some reason, fiber converts this page to pounds and all the rest of its dollar, which makes no sense, but it's ten pound here. See if I can get through four or five of these. And in our my hourly rate is about 50 pounds an hour or about 65 US dollars, which all of a sudden becomes very lucrative. And obviously there's not enough. There's not if orders coming into half that older every day. So it's not 50 pounds an hour or $65 an hour old every day. He's kind of segmented here and there, but it's a nice side income. And it's something that makes it very, very worthwhile rather than just working for five pounds or $5 an hour. So let's have a look at YouTube thumbnails. Now this is my niche and I work in it's my speciality. And it's been a really, really hot product recently, and that's what's driving a lot of my sales. So as I've typed in here, the main keyword, YouTube thumbnails. And I'll touch on SEO later on how to rank in the fiber search engine. And you can actually see my gig here, which is third, that's actually really good at speeds jumped up recently. So let's have a look at the way people are pricing themselves now because I'm in the UK, you are seeing UK prices here, so you have to tweak a little bit dollar. But as you can see here, I offer one thumbnail for $5 and let's have a look here. Person is hugely, hugely understanding himself. He's gonna design five thumbnails in 24 hours for $5, that's $1 of thumbnail. Now, usually a good thumbnail would take 5-10 minutes each. So that's gonna take him easily one hour to create all of those. So he's really understanding himself and he's got some reviews and people are ordering from him. It's a good tactic if you're brand new and you're happy to get those reviews in. But it's not gonna be efficient for that person as more and more orders come in, he's really under selling his service. As you can see, this person here who is a level one seller, so he's awesome, bumped up due to the algorithm. He is offering one thumbnail, but he's actually selling for $10 or seven pound 90. So that's actually more than Einstein mindful. They're all kind of certain variances with this as well. So as you can see here, the seller is doing customer drawn YouTube thumbnails and he's selling them. I'm going to assume that's probably about $25 you're selling it for. But that's a custom services customer drawn in its very different to why would do on Photoshop designing and laying out a more digital thumbnail rather than drawing it from scratch. So that does make sense in terms of especially service. And five, obviously like this one so much they've actually given a five is choice stump. And that's going to be really too good for him making sales. So as you can see here on the page, there's lots of different price points. Usually people are setting one thumbnail for $5. I've seen some doing two or three for $5. There's obviously the one guy doing five or $5, which is quite understanding himself. A OLED depends, you have to do your research, just look through whatever good your setting and just understand what people are offering and for how much and that could be. For example, if you're a copywriter, you might sell 250 words per $5. Some might be selling 500 words per $5. It's just understanding what other people are doing in pricing yourself and the right point to get sales, but also not undersell yourself. 5. Pros & Cons: So now we're in the last section of the basics and 51 thing I really wanted to touch on is actually getting into Modi's her on the pros and cons of fiver. Now there are loads and loads of articles online that talk about why it's bad for the freelancing economy. And I actually really understand why this is true. Now, Fiverr, when it was first born in 2010, literally sold their services for $5 each. And it was actually really hard to make a decent income. And when people are saying a logos for $5, For example, it really devalues the graphic design industry and it's similar for copywriting. It can be a very specialized skill and actually can cause quite a lot of money in the se, in the real world. But on fiber it made it very cheap and very accessible. But it means that small businesses don't pay those professionals and instead pay someone who maybe my outsource it to a country where earnings are a lot lower and therefore they don't need to charge it much. So there's a lot of debate around is five, devaluing the economy. And I actually did my dissertation at University on gig economy is like Fiverr and oDesk and Freelancer and really devaluing industry. So let's jump into some of the pros of 50. And why I really like Fiverr is a platform. That 11 major thing I really like about the platform and it's very similar to Airbnb, to YouTube and other websites where they're very big brands that are very well known. And lots and lots of people visit the website every single day. It means that if you're starting a new business, you don't have to spend money on tons of advertising. Working out complicated SEO or you have to do is set your gig up and you will have thousands of people going to that website every single day and searching for your gig. So you have this ready-made audience of people waiting to go, and it's a really great way to build a business in 2020 when you have this platform full of people already. The second probe I really like in terms of fibers, that is a great way to make a side income. If 20-20 is shown us anything, it's that having a side hustle or a side income can be really, really important. It gives you that extra little bit of security. If anything happened with your normal nine to five job, for example. And even for some fiber sellers, they actually work full time on fiber and it's their full-time income. And some of the top rated sellers can make in excess of six figures. So it's a great way to make some serious income. The third pro of why I really like fibers at it's a clean, easy to use platform. They've designed it really well and they have evolved over the years. It's very different from when I first started using it back in 2010. They've spent a lot of money on the design and product owners have really thought about how it all works together. It means it's great for buyers and it's great for sellers. And the fourth Pro is very, very certain, number one, because you're on this readymade platform with people searching fiber every single day, I've noticed quite a bit of a snowball effect. So getting that first order can be quite difficult. But once you get the first order in and the first 5-star review, all of a sudden the second one comes in and the third one and the fourth one. And it has this snowball effect. And I'm actually a point now where I'm trying to keep the orders down because I've been paying in excess of 15 orders a day at times. And actually for me, that's a little bit too much. But it's definitely snowboarding and I can see how if I allowed it, Fiverr could become a very lucrative full time income for me. Now, let's touch on some of the cons of fiber works on Fiver for many, many years. So the number one column that I guess let's fiber down for me is that five, massively, massively favour the buyers. Which means that if you're a seller and something goes wrong, often bias can be really, really unfair. They could be asked, they could be asking for revisions that are a little bit too much or changing from their initial requirements and it's wasting your time. But ultimately, if Fiverr favor the buyer, then you're going to have to do that. I've had Baez who had been actually quite horribly messages and saying, yeah, this work I could make on Microsoft Paint is rubbish, blah, blah, blah. I went to refund straight away. And you have no real protection on five or it could be that the buyer asks you personally for a refund if you're happy to give it because you've done them loads work, you've done them lead your revisions or it's not in your policy. When you're saying your gig or the buyer has to do is go to find a customer support and fiber customer support will refund there. No questions asked. I've had large orders refunded out of my account back to the buyer because fiber customer support had been told even though the work's been finished and delivered and they have the files, fiber have taken that money out of my account and given it back to the buyer. The other thing that can happen, I think happened once or twice to me is you could deliver the work, the buyer gets all the files and everything that you've done in your hard work, it all goes through and starts to process, but then the buyer sends a chargeback through PayPal to find her. And then all that happens there is that fiber customer support take the money out of your account rather than them taking the hits. And that means that the buyer has got your work and they've also want their money back as a refund for free. The second major con for me is actually fiber customer support. Now, it really, really grinds my gears and I can't explain how many times I've actually had to contact five customer support recently. And they do all sorts of things. They take down gigs for no reasons which I always find atmospheric baffling. They take gigs down for the smallest of reasons that make no sense. They're very, very generic reasons as well. The aren't tangible or specific to what you get as gigs live again, whenever I've made a few tweaks or optimizations to my gigs up. Notice they've dropped out at the rankings and I've had to get in touch with support to put it back into the rankings again. And that takes some of the day or two. I've also found that the support take a good day or two to respond to queries as well. So I've been relying on some of the income from fiber. Sometimes my sales have dropped off for a good two or three days, which is not really good when you're relying on fibres and income. And lastly, the big con of fiber, and this is more of a tip. I would definitely suggest not putting all your eggs in one basket. When I see interviews of people who are full-time on fiber and making all their income in there. That's quite scary. And you see this with a lot of big YouTubers who try and build audiences outside of the platform don't rely on Fiverr too much because it is so simple. For fiber Christmas support to move your account. And there were lots of horror stories on the five of forums of this happening for not any reason, or it might be that you gave drops out. The ranking is completely in your sales drop off of a cliff. If you're relying on fiber full time, make sure you have your protection and just don't put your eggs in one basket because if things do go wrong, if anything happens to Fiverr, if customer support do something weird on your account, which has actually, and unfortunately quite common, it means that your income is going to be affected. So bear that in mind as well. So that's the end of the basics of five it, we're actually going to be jumping into the next main section, which is all about attracting visitors. 6. Attracting Visitors - Anatomy of a Gig: So now we enter the attracting visitors section. This is the first of the four parts of the class. So let's jump in and let's have a look at a very popular gig on fiber. And that's break down bit by bit how this cell is constructed the gate. And let's take some really good tips and I'll start to take you through bit by bit in the future classes actually how to craft a great title, how to craft an amazing description and really custom optimize that gig to get as many cells as possible. So let's have a look here. So this is a SEO gig I found that came after literatus typing in the word SEM. So the whole premise of fiber is that the name of the gig always starts with Iwill, dot-dot-dot. So here I will build high-quality, do follow SEO backlinks, link building Google top ranking. Now that doesn't sound very clean in terms of English language. And what they said was actually done here is trying to get across what they're selling, but also hit it from a search perspective as well. So there's an SEO seller changing and tweaking that title for SEO purposes within five. And we'll touch that in a later class. And there's a huge section on SEO within fiber. But the whole point of the title is to tell the buyer exactly what they're going to get. It needs to be very clear and very specific. So they're searching through all the listings. They know exactly what they're going to get with this ROM. So here we've already covered all the levels, but as you can see, this is very similar to social status. Seeing song as a tolerate his salary is definitely going to increase the chances of buying. Likewise, if your level one cell or level two is going to add to your credibility on fibres or platform. Reviews are a huge, huge, huge part of it is all social proof and it shows that there are lots of happy customers who are buying from the seller. And it's again, great, huge social proof. Another interesting little feature is how many orders are in the queue. Now this dish or how busy someone it is, if you can see that a particular fiber cell has got lots and lots of orders in the queue. It means that a lot of people really like this person and hence buying with them. So actually, as me, as a buyer makes me feel more likely to buy from that person as well. Now on the right-hand side, what we've got here is actually a kind of three-tier pricing strategy. Now there are two ways to punish your gig on Fiverr, and I'll show you when we create the gig, you can either create a standard one price cake or you can create three different tiers. And this is what he's done here. So he's offering 15 backlinks, 40 pounds, 55 backlinks for a 120 pounds, a 110 backlinks for a 177 pound, obviously worked out the USD conversion for that. And here there are different things that you need clarity. You can see that in the second and the standard package, he will also include a backlink analysis, but no competitive island analysis. Whereas in the premium you got all the backlinks. He claims that they're manual, you owe the bank backlink analysis and you also get competitive antagonist as well. So there's kind of the idea of tearing your pricing and adding more and more as that goes up, most people will think will go for the basic service, although you will get quite a few who go for the standards. So it kind of make that your most popular option, so to speak. And then you'll have a few but not many. You go for the premium option. Now, the main key area here, after the title and the rankings, the title and the reviews is the images themselves. And again, there's another cluster goes into the image itself, as you can see here, it's something that's very clear, is very specific. And this first image is what order the buyers will see when they're searching within fiber. What he's got a on the second, third image, you can actually have three images in total on your gig is some results. So there's some proof that he tried to show a ranking improvements from number seven in Google's number three on the potential M one. And also showing here how some different rankings have performed. Now what fibers show next is just some of the kind of snippet reviews here, and these are the most recent ones. He just got really quick view of what people are saying about this cella. And now let's move on to the description. Here. There's a mixture of bold this bullets and there's also highlights and it's really, really clear in sanctions as well. So it's really nice what he's done here. He's kind of given some credibility to his own experience. And separate is bold and it's also highlighted, as you can see here is just how to really, really clear use of bullet points and even numbering as well. So there's no huge blocks of text, massive blocks of paragraphs is very clear, is very short and very concise as well. It tells you exactly what you're going to get. High-quality SEO backlinks manual. They're going to be do follow links contextual. And why I really like about this is that it also just calls out a few notable mentions. What you'll get very simply. And the main features of the links themselves is really clear, it's really concise and it gets straight to the point. And this is what's really going to drive and grab the visitors and convert them into leads and prospects. Follow the gate description you have and about the stellar section. And there's again, there's another class on Nestle, go through how to create the perfect profile. This includes the name, a very, very short statement or tagline for the profile, as well as a slightly longer description for the actual seller themselves as well, including whether from how long you've been a member on the side, the average response time and when their last delivery was as well as you can see that this guy delivered only three hours ago and his last gig. But you've actually got the breakdown to the pricing strategy. So you can see here the three different tiers of pricing that he has. What is included with each wall and and what the price is with all the calls to actions to them by the gate. Can we then move on to the FAQ section? This is really, really underutilized on Fiverr. I don't see many people using the FAQ section. It's a great way to put loads of key words into your gig profile page, which is fantastic for Google and it's great for fiber search as well. But it also means that if your buyers have to cut the questions, they can just jump straight in here. And this can answer the majority of them to try and keep the floods and messages down that do come through sometimes on some of the gigs. And then last but not least, is the actual reviews themselves. As you can see here, the seller has gone majority five-star reviews. Most people do ten, just leave a 5-star review on Fiverr. And you get the odd few who are going to leave a one-star review. You can never please everyone. There are gonna be some ideas about and you just have to accept that life had been online. And as you can see here, this is all the social proof of people who are leaving reviews. And whats quite nice here is that the seller himself, he's actually going back and commenting on every single personal leaves him Review, which is a really nice little touch as well. And so, yeah, it's really interesting to see how a taut race itself creates their gig and structures the whole thing together. In the next class, we're actually gonna look at how to create a killer profile. 7. Creating a Killer Profile: Welcome back to the second class of attracting visitors. So what we're going to look at in this class is actually going through the anatomy of a profile and fiber. Now there's loss of focus on the gig itself and also trying to make sure that the keg is well optimized, it has the right search optimization in their party. A really key point is the profile itself, and that's a huge selling point. Is you, the seller who is running the gig in setting those gigs to buyers on fiber. So let's take a look at my profile and how I've structured and what I'll do is I'll take you through and some of the key features of the profile and some of the ways I've optimized it to resonate well with buyers. So this is the view of the fiver profile from someone who's logged in or as the seller. Say, let's have a look through these. You can see all of my active gigs here. You can see that I sell YouTube thumbnails. I also designed custom YouTube bananas. I also do a little bit of SEO because well there, so I only have five gigs that are active. And amongst my profile, they're all loads with the drafts that I've got for many, many, many years go by essentially don't touch those anymore. So there's a few things that you'll see on the profile here. So you've got the total view. So I have 765 reviews. Things appear. So I'm currently at level two seller. The M thing holding me back is the total sales I need $20 thousand. Anna currently have just shy of $10 thousand. So I've got a few moments to go until I'll hit it. The full top rated seller status. So the main thing here is the profile photo itself. So the profile folks areas a huge selling point. My key advice here is put a smiling photo of you. The worst thing you want is some kind of generic business related photo. So having a person to relate to puts a face behind the profile. It makes the whole thing a bit more personal and a bit more relatable as well. The second area is the actual tagline to the profile itself. And this is what you can see here. So I put here YouTube expert, custom thumbnails, banners and SEO. So it's going to be short and snappy. And this is what we saw in the previous class where you see the tagline appearing in the profile section of the gig itself. So this is really key in terms of search optimization within fiber. You've then got the reviews. You can see I have 765 reviews there. And there's some stats here that aren't visible from a public perspective. So for example, my response time is a little bit slow at the moment, I've been kind of having a few issues with us and orders coming through NIH and people having to wait many, many hours for me to wake up in the morning to then respond to them. Last delivery was 28 minutes ago. There was an out of office options. So anything with fibers that it displays you in the search and each order or gig that you have that comes in is on a timer that you sets. That could be one day, could be today, it could be seven days. And if you want to stop orders coming in, then only have to do is hit the out of office toggle just there. So let's get to some really key parts of it. So one thing you definitely want to fill in is the description. So this is where you can tell the buyer is little bit about yourself or your experience is what you've done, how long you've been doing it. And it's a really key place to sell yourself here as well. So I've just said, Hey there, my name is Matt. I'm designer based in the UK. I've been working on Fiverr since 2011 and love working with people like you skip the ability to have awesome and stunning visuals. So it's nice instruction it saying hello is aimed specifically at the buyer itself as well. So make sure you fill this bit him. Languages. If more than one language, then put them all in here as well. Because fiber is an international website with people from all languages and all countries. I unfortunately I only speak English. So that's why I put that. So tests is a new feature that five were put in there as well. You can actually pay to sign up to particular courses and then take those tasks. And if you test your skills and then get graded, etc. And that is displayed on your profile gives you greater authority from what I've seen and from what I've read amongst the member forums on fiber, this doesn't seem to have too much slash any of an impact whatsoever on the search rankings. I wouldn't worry about this too much, but it's good from a credibility point of view. You then have all been linked accounts. So I've linked Facebook and Google. And again here I'd link a few of them. You don't need to go too overboard. It's not going to affect you. Search ranking is too much. And oh, pay just a little bit is older views that you have most recently. So I'll have 15 hours ago from one of our most recent orders, 122 hours a day, one day, one day, two days. And you can see that these active by as a leaving views as I complete the gigs in even the next bit, that's also very, very interesting. And you actually have to fill in these skills as you release particular gigs, for example, IAAF and SEO gig. So I had to take a fourt minute test on fiber to pass that test of L2 Maki myself and sell my SEO skills. For example, you can take Graphic Design ones, lego design, Adobe Photoshop. I've listed these skills manually on my profile, but some of them are links to what we call five or exams, which means that you have to prove that you know and have those skills to be able to sell that service on fiber. And that essentially keeps all of the scale on Fiverr aboveboard without people selling services that they don't actually have. And it keeps a quality factor there as well. And you can put education. I haven't really bothered too much, but it can be interesting for the buyers and also justifications Israel. So I've just put two different courses that I've done, which is user experience design I did last year, and product management as well with a company called General Assembly. And that essentially makes up the profile. So just to recap what we want to be doing here. So you want to be having a key photo of your face. That's personal. You wanna make sure that you include really snappy and clear to the point tagline. And also you want to be filling in the description that's personal and that's aimed at the buyer as well. And also mentions the services that you sell head on over to the next class where we get into the really, really juicy details. And that's gonna be all about search engine optimization within fiber. So that's trying to rank your gig is higher as possible when people search for the most popular terms and we're gonna look at how to find those terms, keyword variations, and then how to optimize your gig to specifically target that was keywords. 8. Gig SEO Optimisation: Welcome back to the class stout. This is going to be one of the more interesting classes outer had ordered them. Here's what we've got here and skill share. So one going to be doing is going into detail around the search engine optimization within fiber itself. So one of the real keys to making sales within firing is ranking your gig and high on the search for some of the main keywords. Now this is crucial whether it's eBay, Google, Amazon, all fibers included as well. It's a huge, huge part of the marketplace and enabling the SEO on your gig, make or break your career for sure, what we're gonna do is going to look at how to find keywords. We're also then going to see how to find alternative versions of those keywords and really understand what buyers are searching for to then take that and then put that onto your gig to ensure that your gig is SEO optimized for whatever you're selling your gig em. So here we are in the fiber homepage and I've just flicked to buying mode. So what I'm gonna do is I'm going to use writing as a service or copywriting. So to start, to begin to find some seed keyword ideas, all I'm gonna do is simply go into find services, type in the word copywriting and see what comes up. So before I hit Enter there, it needs to go to the next page. What we can see here is that copywriting is a single word, is very popular. Sales copyrighting has come up. Email, copywriting, Facebook, ad copywriting, copywriting for websites and Amazon listing copywriting. So automatically in straight away 5O is already auto suggesting some very popular keywords to you. So this is really, really great way to kind of get some snippets of keywords. Let's say for example, we are going to specialize in email copywriting. What I can then do from there is look at its IP there with email and see what comes up. Okay, marketing could be a decent keyword there. Let's look at email writing. The thing comes up their copywriting, nothing comes up there as well. So I think the main one is going to be email and sales copyrighting, along with copywriting as a word as well. So this is really, really great way to find some C keywords. We could do the same, for example. So let's look at SEO. And what we get here is SEO was a single keyword I just searched. We've got SEO service, SEI, YouTube SEO keyword research and writing and so on. You get the point. So this is really quite a fine keywords. So have a go and see what you can find here. So there are a few key things that you have to do to spring called the keywords. Now we've found them into the gig. So going on the SEO example, As we can see here, if we look at SEO, there's a few different keywords that come out and SCO bank late backlinks is one of them. So as I've located, this is a tolerates, et cetera that we have on Fiverr. He appears quite high for a lot of search terms in regards to SEO. So let's have a look at what he's doing and pick out how he's optimizing his gig to rank for the killer key words that are getting him the sales. Because you can see here he's got 41 orders in his cue, and he's only got 245 reviews. So this gig is very popular at the moment. So what we can see here is we know that For example, here we can see the SEO backlinks is the keyword SEO service as your keyword research. So what he's done, I spring cold, not main keyword SEO backlinks straight into his title. So that's point number one is put the keyword into the title. So he's saying here, I will urge and 50 SEO backlinks. White hot manual link building service, Google top ranking, said, well, he's also done here as well. I think I can see is if I type in the word manual, manual battling my new link building is also a keyword. He's taken this keyword and he's also into his title. So what he's done is stuffed his title with, I can see, probably a mixture or variation of two or three keywords. But you've been quite clever. Because people will be searching for things like white backlinks, which is essentially this keyword here backwards. So there's different variations here. But it's a really well optimized title, which you'd expect for a search engine seller on fiber. And the next key area is also here where he is, where he is selling the service. So I draw any pine Albertson's because there's sellers on holiday so I can't see him. But what he's done here is put things like foundation backlinks are White Hat Foundation backlinks into the title of the public-key setting. It's also within the description of the product as well. And then we go down to the description of the gig as well. So the key here is to find, find a keyword and put that also into the description as well. So let's try and find some wire examples and what he's done here. So SCO specialist is good and tastes for a keyword. So link building service is straightaway. Enter description. High-quality backlinks is in narrow as well. That's how else can we find. Okay, yeah, so it's not too extreme. So just to recap here. So if I type in link building, what you can see here is link building, SEO, link building, link building backlinks manually building. So remember all of those words and we can see those sprinkled within the description itself. And it's as simple as that. Find the keywords, put it in the title, and then also put it in the description as well. And this will send a strong signal to fiber to say, hey, this is what this gig is all about. Please listen, rank me when people search for this keyword. The next area. And we've already touched on this in creating Michela profile is make sure your keyword and he doesn't do this, but I highly recommend there is your key word into the tagline in your profile because that also is displayed on each gigs that you sell. The other area is also in the description on your profile as well. So just make sure it parents and all of these locations, some of the places where you can put it, although this is optional, is interior the FAQs itself. Now, I've read a lot of threads on The Five of forums about this and there's no clear cut, definitive research that proves S. But some people say it helps. Some people say it doesn't really make much of a difference. But one thing to do is put the keyword into FAQs, be that in the questions or in the description itself. And then the very, very, very last part of the gig, and I'll show you this as we start to create your gig and we go through step-by-step how to create your very first gig on Fiverr is related tags. Now the tags are also huge policy. You can see here from the keywords that we've researched. He's got SEO service that came upon a search menu about links. We've seen that in the search SEO backlinks, we've definitely seen that one, the single word that links and link building. So we have seen all those words appear in those autos suggested search terms that are all over his gig description and his gig title. And then they're also within his five available tags that he's put on his profile as well. And that is essentially how to SEO optimize your five. Again, it's not rocket science. It's essentially taking what fiber suggests to you. And seeing some of the popular term is that it throws back and then putting those keywords into your game, because that's what people are searching for. Stay tuned for the next class. What we're going to do is actually start going through creating your very first gig in showing step-by-step everything we've learned so far from the levels to creating a killer profile, understanding the SEO, and just generally understanding what niche and what type of gig that you want to sell. In the next class, we're going to go through step-by-step how to create that gig and helps take everything we've learned so far into practice. 9. Creating Your Gig - Title, Tags & Pricing: So as you can see here, we're on the palm of fiber number on the king's tab here. And what you've got is all your active gigs gives you all the data is you can see a you go impressions. My best seller here we got the last 30 days, 24 thousand impressions, 985 clicks, and 71 orders versus second variation. That also ranks quite well in the rankings on Fiverr, 12 K impressions on the back of the ipad, 16 orders. So it's just a great way to boost some of my orders coming through as well. So the amount as popular gigs. So all you have to do is click Create gig, and then this is the very first page of creating a brand new gig. So let's stick to the SEO example as we've gone through. Some of the SEO keywords are ready, so we'll use that as a case study. So as you can see here, if we gig on fiber starts with the words, I will dot-dot-dot, and it's up to you to fit him whatever that is. So the maximum that we can put in here is 80 characters. So it has to be sure, has to be sharpness to be snappy. So if for example, you could put Iwill filled 100, if this was your service and SEO back. Actually I'm gonna do SEO white hat back links for your website. So nice and simple. All I've done is put the keyword SEO, white hat back links into the titles. We found that from the search already. This has just perfect. It's a little bit short of the max, but you don't want it to be too long. People have a short attention span. And when you've got tons and tons and tons of listings on each search, you don't want to be making your buyers. We too much select the category. I said this time it's actually auto suggested it. So I'm gonna go digital marketing, SEM, and then service type. So they've actually five antiquated subcategories of this SEO category itself. So this is going to be off-page SEO and this is backlink building. And then Fiverr allows you to enter five industries that you focus on. Now this bit is optional and it's part of the gig metadata. Supposedly it helps. I actually don't believe that myself, but if you want to put some industries on there, you can advise you don't have to. You can also select different languages as well. So if you're copywriting, for example, this would be a really useful feature on this one. And then here, this is probably the second most important part of the page so that you've got the title and we put the keywords in here. Now you can have up to five tags and these are really, really good research perspective. So the previous class we've already looked at, we know some of the key words are and SEO. Seo backlinks. Seo service was another spot, right? So this and actually what Fiverr does here you can see is that it suggests some of these keywords tear as well, so they make it so easy to optimize it. So I'm gonna go for this type in the word backlink conceal comes up. Authority about links. And white hat backlinks. So they are my five tags when people search for long fiber, these are going to have a huge influence in what comes up. It doesn't have to be an exact match, but it's data going to help in terms of loosely or broadly matching the key words to what people are searching. So then we'll hit saving continue. So now we're on the second part of creating the gig. Now, this is why I was talking about earlier. There's two ways to pointing say it. So you can either have a three-tier pricing strategy or you can just go to a simple one price bits all for the purpose of the video and for the skill shy class, I'm just gonna go through all the basic one-price if you wanna do three, which is a standard, basic, standard and premium by all means you can do that. So I'm gonna say here name of the package, 100 Cufflinks described the details. So high-powered, friendly white hats, back links for your website. Delivery time. Now this is really important. So you don't want to create a delivery time that's too long. There's definitely a sense of urgency on fiber and a fast turnaround is always a really good thing. What you don't wanna do is make it too short so that you can't complete the orders in time because that would affect your order completion rate that we mentioned in the levels class. So you've got to make sure that you deliver more than 90% of your orders on time. And actually it was quite an easy thing to do. I'm always a 100% and I'm actually not slipped below a 100% yet, which is fine when you deliver it. Even if people ask for revisions or something like that, then that doesn't count towards the delivery time. So it's just for you to deliver the first iteration of whatever it is you're selling. So for the purpose of this, I'm going to put four days for SEO to build about links to generate the report and then to send that to the buyer and Mark is complete. This is an off-page strategy. I'm not going to be doing any backlink analysis within s. There's no foreign marketing. And I'm also not doing any competitor backlink analysis included in the price. So here, for example, you can choose any price you want up to. Have a look here at 995, which is actually quite a lot for a gig. And let's say on this one, I'm going to sell a service for $20. Okay, so now we're down to a really, really important part of upsetting and gig. And I mentioned this earlier in the class. And one way to generate extra money on Fiverr is pricing your gig actually a slightly lower than the market, but then offering really, really useful upsells or extras as they caught on fiber to your buyers. And as the buyer goes through and you look at the service and they go, oh, this is fantastic. And then as they go through sales for all suited to buy the GIG, they then see some really high value useful extras that you can use as well. And they then add this onto the gig and that's how you start selling. For example, if you, if the base price is $20, you can easily upsell to make that 4050 $60 depending what actions you put in there. So some examples here, for example. And you can do extra fast delivery and say I'm going to turn this around in two days and I'm going to charge an extra $10 to do that, for example, I'm also gonna do some competitor backlinks, backlink analysis for $10, no extra time. Another one might be an extra 100 backlinks. I will build an additional 100 backlinks for your website. And you could do that for an extra $20 or maybe a small discount on S, $15, an additional two days, for example, I'm just making this up as I go along. And the key here really is just trying to add useful, valuable services to the buyer and it's something they would want to buy. Here, for example, you might also include link. So edu links are quite powerful in the SEO world. I'll build five edu links if asked what he was gonna do for an additional, let say this is a premium service news $30 and an additional two days. Obviously, I'm making all of this out, but it's the idea of adding additional value to your base gig. So the base gig attracts the customer M. But this here is where you start to engage and starts convert them as well. 10. Description, Images and Requirements: Okay. So we've gone through a few of the gate, we've gone through the pricing, and now we're going to look at the description and Frequently Asked Questions. So again, this is really, really crucial from an SEO perspective and definitely take advantage of the FAQs. I see so many sellers on Fiverr who aren't using FAQs and it's just a really good way to enrich your gig itself and just make it look a bit more professional. So I'm going to make it something really quick. I'm not going to fill the full 1200 characters on this video, but just some things. So you kind of get the point of what I'm trying to do, trying to achieve. So for example, I might say, Hey there, my name is Matt and I'm an SEO expert, export experts. I've been selling on Fiverr since 2011 and have worked with many clients, helping them rank their websites on Google for five years, for example, I'm making this up. Cool. So then I'm gonna make this really clear, really concise, and put it into sections. So what so for example, so might do what you'll get. Seo backlink service, and this is one of the keywords I'm sprinkling here. So I've gotten, so there's gonna be a key word in here which is SEO service. I'm going to sprinkle him with a 100 backlinks. I follow you and then you kind of get the point here. So you start to get an idea. What I'm gonna do is I'm going to pause the video. I'm going to write something very quickly off camera and I'm going to go back and we'll go through just analyze boys on there. So what we've done here is take little bit of inspiration from the five market. Do not copy anyone else's gig on five. And because it will get mallets by and customer support. So make sure you can take inspiration from other sellers and see what the top rated hotel is doing, but do not directly copy that work. Cool. So here to kind of go with the backlink and yes, you're theming. So I've got hard-hitting intro statements. So backlinks, although most important Google ranking factors did you know. And then we start to go into a bit more detail. So here we're saying getting traffic is websites absolutely crucial. So that's kinda the problem statements. What you wanna do is look at what is the customer problem. So here it's getting traffic is a huge one for any blog owner, a website owner. And it's saying here that it's absolutely crucial. Also, it's very expensive for a lot of people. You've got two problem statements here for the customer you're going to do is solve that problem. So he's a go here, here's some good news. My essay about latency of your website actually push it needs to start ranking for profitable search terms. Often is the case when people wanting SEO services, they're trying to target profitable niches, profitable keywords to drive in traffic which then enters that sales funnel or whatever they do with their website and the traffic than today. So here then we've got a bit of a bullet point description of what the service is and what's provided. And then a little bit more information about link building itself. Things are languages. So for example, here. You're going to offer it in English and Portuguese. You can make sure that's clear on there as well. And you can also put it in the previous page that we've seen with a great gig description. So the last thing that we need to do is just sprinkle some keywords in here. I have gone writing through it. She had the kinda, the SCR has no excuses where it should be. So I'm actually just going to sprinkle, for example, SEO backlinks their white hat, Google ranking. And I'm going to put here using SEO through sprinkled a few the keywords here. So as your service was one, SEO backlinks is another, and white hot is a really popular one as well. So you've got the word SEO, the word battling, the word SAS service because that was an individual term as well. I'm quite hot. So together, that should be enough. Along with the title and description, the tags, and anything else you sprinkle around. You don't need to overdo it too much, so it doesn't need to be mentioned every five words because it's not going to sound very human and often not going to be negative effect. So this is a really nice balance. Again, you can then fill in some frequent ask question. So I'm gonna type in here. How long does the order take? The order takes etcetera, etcetera. So you get a point on that. Well, then it's just one more for demonstration purposes. What is the Trust Flow, Domain, Authority or the links? Din TF, a minimum plus every bad thing. And what you wanna do here is you can add ten FAQs maximum. And I would add as many as possible. Try and use all ten and just bolted out because it just makes the giggle a little bit more complete and a little bit more professional. Saving continue. And then here it runs the requirements. So what the requirements are because once the the buy orders the gig and then it come through in the page and all the rest of it, it comes through to your sellers profile. And if you need any specific instructions or information from the buyer, this is the place to write the questions out just like a foam that they would then fill in. And then once they submit these requirements, they would then hit save. We'll continue or start the order, whatever the burden is on their side and are not triggers the star of the gig order. So you can say here, what is the URL, your targeting? You can choose whether it's multiple answer, whether it's a file or whether it's mandatory. Time's gonna do three for an example site. So what are the key words? Five maximum. And then I'm going to do one more which could be overdone so far has had a long URL keywords and what is the targeting? So just make sure you're asking all development questions or the information that you need up front to them literally take the order and started straightaway without asking any more questions too. So now we're into the gig gallery. Now this is really, really important. I've said that a lot of aspects of the gigs is all important overall. And the families WHO is what he's going to drive people to click onto your gig from the search results. So it needs to be clear, it needs to be engaging and it needs to look professional as well. I've actually got some examples already, and I'm going to pop them in here. So I'm awesome images that I made earlier and I'll show these on the preview of the gate in a bit more detail. But you want something that's really clear, really professional. The one thing I've noticed on fiber is that a lot of people are bad at designing gig thumbnails. You can use something like convert I highly, highly recommend canvas. I'll pop a link in the description and to use it, it's a free soul or there is also a paid version. You can quickly and easily create graphics if you're not unnatural graphic designer. And that just helped me to spruce up and make everything really, really professional. And another thing that you can do is you can add videos. Now, videos are really engaging. It's, you're speaking directly to the buyers on Fiverr. And they often say here that it is that videos can increase your engagement by 40%. Not sure whether it is true, but it's definitely worth trying out. I actually haven't used it on my King's yet. And I do plan to at some point, it's just making sure that you engage with your buyers. You're telling me exactly what the service is. I just helps relate a little bit more between the buyer and the seller to create that personal relationship with them. So now we're on the very, very final stage. Now this is what I mentioned when creating the profile. When you create some specific gigs in certain niches or certain skills. And May 5, I ask you to take a test. So here you can see that they need you to take an SEO skill assessment test. I've already taken it and already passed it, so I can literally hit publish and then my gig goes live. And here we go, we can now see the gig live. So there's the title liberty seller. Obviously there's no sales unless that there's no kind of rating that you usually see here. And a nice, clear, concise image with information. I'm not kind of clustered up too much. And then the description, it looks really structured of every type on the bottom. The description here, it looks really well structured. There's a few bold keywords, this bullet points, this headings and just structures it really well. So it's not too harsh on the eye with big blocks of text that you're having to read. Again here you can see a little bit about the salary as well. You can also see all the cells on the gig as well here. So either right here on the screen or when you click continue and you go through, you'll see all of the cells. Buyers can adopt when they're going through the gate, along with FAQs, your related tags, anything else that you sell? And that's the gig in a nutshell. So now we've looked at SEO and we've also gone through creating your very first gig, looking at the title, description, the tags, the images on overall crafting the best optimize gig possible on fiber. Next, we're gonna look at what happens when you get your very first order on Fiverr, how to treat it, what to do if it's moment of panic, you know, how do you get through that very first order and ensure that you get your very first five-star rating. So I'll see you in the next class. 11. Managing Your First Order: Welcome back. We're going to be looking at now it's actually going through what happens when you get your very first order. Now, I've got an example on screen here, but gig that's just been completed and the buyers marked as completed. And what I'm gonna do is actually take you through and show you what happens when it first comes in, how everything structured, what it looks like, and how to communicate with the buyer to ensure that you get a 5-star review. And then actually what I'm gonna do is a bit of a test. I hope it goes well. Is this buyer has left me feedback and it's just awaiting me to leave them feedback. So I'm going to show you that very last part of the process as well and how the whole thing completes and how you fully under gig. So here we're on a gig that's just completed. So this was for a YouTube channel bandwidth I've just created. It was $75. Now this is a great example of how to take a base price and upset as much as possible. And the art of upsetting is huge on fiber and can always double if not triple your entire endings. So as we can see here, this package actually sells for $30 for a standard YouTube banner. But what this particular person has done, they've ordered the source file. So this is the Photoshop found I used to create the banner, which means that they can change in future. It's essentially, I guess, the way I said it is the commercial rights to the buyer. They've also added an additional extra, which is spending extra time to beautiful, unique, creative design. Now, a lot of buyers and sellers know that time is money on fiber. So if you're just paying the basic $5, you're not gonna get much money. So I allow my bias, the option to choose to add a little bit more to the order itself, just so I'm more inclined to spend more time on the design to make it a little bit better for them as well. And this actually works really, really well. And buyers do understand that if the paint, the basic price versus paying a little bit more, they're going to get something that's just a little bit higher quality. They've also added a profile photo to go with the banner as well. Let's go with the header. And then they've also added an additional logo to gone. So this person has really added a lot of the upsells and they've turned a $30 order into a seventy-five dollar order, which is fantastic and it's exactly, it's a great example of how something works. So what we can see here is that when the water comes in, you'll have all the order requirements that we looked at in the last class. So here I asked what their niches, where the channel URL is a. If they want any particular colour schemes or images to go into the design while the headline or tagline should be and any additional images. And then for example, if it got social media handles, anything like that, they can add that to the banner as well. So I also say at the end, because I do get a lot of orders through just to acknowledge that some people chase some times and I say to them, if I'll be in touch about any questions otherwise, the next time you hear from me is when I'm delivering the first draft of whatever design is I'm creating for you. So as you go through here, and what you can see is that this is my first delivery that I sent to the buyer and just said, hi Natasha, Have you well, here is enclosed and one real key advice I would give is make sure you say to the buyer if there were any problems. Please please let me know and I'll get back to you soon as I can because some buyers have a bad habit of just accepting it and leaving you a one-star review. What you wanna do is just avoid one-star reviews all cost. It will affect your search ranking on fiber. And it's just not what you want the people looking at the gig. So I would always rather give a refund, then get a one-star review. And then what you can see here is that the buyer asked for for revision and said, yeah, no worries, I'll make notes made those changes are we delivered the gig to them with the New File. And then they can see everything that, and what's happened now is that it's been delivered. They've accepted it and they've actually left me feedback. So this is why I can see here on the bottom. So fiber are a little bit sneaky with this. And when the pioneer gives you feedback, they show you what the feedback is until you leave them feedback. So I have had it in the past where I actually everything just seemed okay. And I given the buyer a 5-star review, and I've got three star v back from them. So again, this goes back to the pros and cons of fiber. This is a good reason why I favor the buyers, is really sneaky tactic against the sellers, I think, and it's a massive amount of it. But here we are. So the buyer was really friendly willingness to work with. And I'm just going to say, great, too, great. And the next we'll get on their public profile as well. Publish the review. And then what this means here is if I just refresh the page, is that it will now show what the buyer has left me. So as you can see, and this is really interesting. So the bias actually left 4.3 stars. They've said a five out of five for communication, four out of five services described, and four out of five by again or recommend. And the cognitive lefties greater communication and did the job well, so bit of a strange one, and I do get a few themes that come through. A lot of people duly five-star RVs. And but you do get the odd few are more than happy and some people have said, oh, happy order from you again. But they gave me a 4.7 star review. I don't know why some people do it. To do. This is a great example. Yeah, I can then respond to if I want to, I'm not going to go I'm not going to do on the video, but this now means that this particular order has been completed. And this here's a great example of an order views that come through the shone on your profile. So here you've got the one that we just looked at, which is 4.3 stars. We've got a five-star on their five-star 3.3. I think the problem is with five, because I do a lot of design work is often very subjective. So I do get a few that creep through that kind of 3s or 4s. It's one of those things with design that not everybody's going to love exactly how you design or how you create your work. And but for the majority, a five-star is five-star is 555555555. It just kind of carries on. So there's majority happy customers, there's a fee that kind of give it three or four. But otherwise on the whole, everyone's really happy and issues making sure that as you delete the OKC, just tell them if you want any revisions, if there's anything that I can do for you, please let me know. Let me correct it first before you then leave the review. And that kinda stops all those one and two-star views coming through. Next, we are going to be going through custom offers and actually talking with the buyer just before they buy the giga itself and trying to have the conversation understand their requirements. So I'll see you in the next class. 12. Custom Offers & Quick Responses: Great, welcome back. So what we're gonna be looking at in this class is the conversations that come through from NIAAA is and actually how you equate say what we can see here is the buyer has messaged me. He's just come through and he's very if some thumbnails this person is actually audit for me before. And it's a really great pilots were always very friendly, always very easy to work with. And so he's just sent me through ten titles for you achieve from Laos. I was actually on holiday at the time when he first message mater just said about holiday and actually backed by eating, he message me. So then I got back and I'm why did is created a custom offer based off what he asked for. So he was asking for tenth of Nyos, no cells, no extras on the back of it, just a basic tenth thumbnails. So I didn't send him through $50 or 40 pound equivalent. And then just put a 5-day delivery all night. He's done, accepted the offer, and then that gets sent through. So he's not gone through the normal search r2 and he did when he very first audit with me. But now he just sends me a direct message. And then all I do is I click on this button here, quite an offer. And I'd select the gig. And then you can just type in ten times thumbnails, for example, offer him out $50 over a three day period. And then you can just add on any actions that you want to include it in as well. And and once you submit the offer that goes to the buyer, and then they can then accept that. And then you can start working on the kids together. Another great tip as well when you're dealing with buyers is, I often get a lot of messages through the embarks on five and with people saying, Hey, can you design me a thumbnail? Even though my gig is open, it's waiting for orders. People still feel the need to mesh me saying, hey, you still designing for miles. So one thing you can actually use is something called a quick response now. And I use this religiously at the moment. Now I use this all the time. And whenever people say, can you do this, can you do that? And they just want to check and confirm. It saved me having to type out every single time. Exactly. Yes, that's fine. I can do that. So I actually have some preset. You'd quit responses here. So it could be sure, let's get started. It could be anything from, let's go. So this person who has said, hey, can you do this? If i then here, lets go. It then abs in all the texts really quickly into the message box. And what's really good as well is that there's dynamic name fields as well. So you can actually enter dynamic field, which then sends it to their username. So I just put hey, username, how are you? Nice, open introduction, very warm and friendly and very personal. And they say, it's all sounds good to me. Whenever you're ready, fire up the gig. All I'm gonna do it should people to order the casualness is a customer request. Their officers Tana check, I'm online or working away or still offering gigs. And so this is quite common for me and this is a great way and it saves me tons of time. 13. Scaling & Automation: Welcome back. In this particular class, I just want to touch on automation and scaling or five business. So we've learned lots of things around creating the gig, the SEO, how to rank within search, how to deal with orders, have still with new buyers and dealing with negative feedback. One of the key things is that as you start to grow and fiber and as your levels become higher and higher, naturally you're going to see more and more gigs. And one thing I've personally struggled with is automation and scaling. So design is a very manual task and a hyperlink to outsourcing it. But I've always found that the quality is just too much of a problem and it's never as good as what I can do when outsourced to other designers. So one thing that you should consider when creating the fiber business is how can you automate your gig? So whether that's SEO, whether that's copywriting or whether it's designed. The way I do that from a design perspective is by creating templates and font styles and having a go to style there is me and this works really well because my buyers know when they're hurting my gig, they know exactly what they're getting. But it means that I can open up a Photoshop template to start with every single time. And even though every thumbnail ends up custom-designed, I'm always starting from the exact same Foundation, which means the same subtle border, a same soil kind of shallow effect around the edge. And actually I use kind of three or four layer styles amongst all of my thumbnails. And it always is unique to every single person, but to me it just speeds up rather than having to spend another 20 minutes here, equating allows Layer Style or the 30 minutes there creating a background or lighting effects. And it just kind of takes all that away, which means I can focus on the imagery, it focused on the wording and making sure the layout works perfectly on the fiber thumbnail. And that's how I've managed to get my gig time down to about ten, 5-10 minutes per gig on a really, really good day with a really simple, really simple gig, can use the crater from now within five minutes that the buyer is more than happy with. Sometimes it's a little bit more complex and there's more to design. It takes a little bit more time, but it's definitely something you should be considering as well. If it is copywriting, for example. And let's say you're working on, say, hard-hitting headlines. There are certain ways to structure a headline and you might already have certain layouts to go, for example, X and out of tips, got me this, and then you just kinda fill in the blanks. And that's really how you start to grow the business and spend less and less time per gig working so that you not swamped working from seven o'clock in the morning. So seven o'clock at night, working on your gate. So bear that in mind as your profound, as your gig starts to grow, how do you automate it? How do you show down the time to create the final products and how do you then start to scale off the back of that? And now in the final lesson, we're gonna go into the conclusion in the summary to just recap on everything that we've learned so far in the class. And to make sure that you can start to create your own gig and then also submit that to the class project as well. I'm more than happy to give some comments and give some feedback into class project as well. So I'll see you in the final lesson. 14. Class Project & Conclusion: So welcome back to the final lesson and the conclusion of selling on fiber. So we've gone through the basics and understanding what fiber is. We know that it's now an international marketplace that is 24-7 and the crooks of fiber is selling your services starting from $5. However, you can price that higher. You can price it with upsells. You can do that in any way, shape, or form that you like. We know that it's free to sign up for sellers and you can get started today and creating your own side hustle. And because Fiverr is a central platform, they already spent a lot of money on marketing, on SEO and advertising. So as a business I know are free and I'd say you can, all of those cough straight away and just focus on entering yourself into a marketplace that already has an active and very, very high amount of buying people in the community. We've learned about the leveling system, starting with seller and then moving up to a level one seller, level to seller, and then the final rates and seller and how that impacts your search visibility, your social proof within fiber, and why you want to be aiming for each of those levels as you start to progress your career on fiber, we searched on the pro economics of fiber and understanding how much is your time actually were. So rather than setting, for example, we saw that person selling five thumbnails for $5. That's gonna take him a lot of time. But now you've got a grasp on what is your time worth and how do you minimize the time to create and finish a gig to then deliver it versus what you're charging and is not worth what you feel is your hourly rates and that's all to ensure your making sure that fiber is lucrative VA for me on five on a good day, I can make anywhere between 50 to a $100 per hour with the oldest I get through. And depending on how fast I work, obviously, I don't have all the hours every single week, but when I am working on fiber, that's what I'm earning, which is really, really great and it's a great hourly rate. We've touched on the pros and cons of fiber, whether that's rude bias, whether that's difficult buyers at times, or understanding how fiber support works when they favor buyers or sellers. And just understanding how to work with five of customer support, and especially with not putting all your eggs into one basket as well. Fiverr is a fantastic platform. But if you're gonna go full time and things work out really well, then just make sure that you have a backup plan in place in case anything happens with Fiver, we've gone through how a gig is constructed and how it's all put together. Why creating a killer profile is absolutely key and sprinkling little keywords in their field niche within the profile, but the tagline or in your profile description. And we've touched on the really important part, which is search engine optimization within fiber, to look at how you find particular keywords and keyword variations within the five a Osiris suggests an auto search versus then putting that into your gig and sprinkling it within the kick title and within the kick description, we also touched on why tags are really, really important within the gigs on fiber as well to make sure that you pay you in as many searches as possible. We then went on to the engagement pods of the class and understanding how do you engage those visitors. They're browsing through the search with a really dynamic attention grabbing image on the cake. And also the second, third, images along with live portfolios, to really drive people from a search on the search page into an engaged lead on your gig pages, ready to buy all of the included, setting the price they ought to have upsetting, as well as using quick responses on custom offers when people and buyers contact to you before actually making an order. And lastly, we touched on one of the most important parts, as you start to grow and as you start to become more successful on fiber. Thinking about how you start to scale and automate your own business. You're not swamped with loads of work feeling underpaid because that can happen very easily on Fiverr is a very cheap marketplace and you need to make sure that you're earning the right amount of money for the amount of time. And if that means being more efficient within your business, within your freelancing career than five is definitely a place where efficiency is completely crucial in K. So next, The one thing I want to leave you with is the class projects itself. Please don't forget that. And what you have to do on the class project is create your first gig, Bina on Word or another program. Create your first cake, be the updraft or the final thing, screenshot it and then send it into the class projects. And I'm more than happy to have a look through. I'll have a look through, I'll give you some feedback. I'll give you some tips and tricks as well to improve it and just help you to ensure that you've got the best first picked up on climate. So I look forward to seeing what you have in the project and I'll see you in my other classes.