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How to Draw Cute Cartoon Chibi Characters : Character Creation

teacher avatar Ecky O, Need help? Drop me a message :)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Boy Basic Body


    • 3.

      Boy Line Art


    • 4.

      Boy Coloring


    • 5.

      Girl Basic Body


    • 6.

      Girl Line Art


    • 7.

      Girl Coloring


    • 8.

      Sitting Pose Basic


    • 9.

      Sitting Pose Line Art


    • 10.

      Sitting Pose Color


    • 11.

      Sitting on a Chair Basic


    • 12.

      Sitting on a Chair Line Art


    • 13.

      Sitting on a Chair Color


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About This Class

Discover how to create and design cute characters in cartoon chibi kawaii drawing style in an instant!

Hi there, I'm Eckyo, and I've been creating cute illustrations for years. Now, I want to share my secrets with you! In this course, I'll show you step by step how to design and bring to life your very own adorable characters.
You'll learn all the techniques and tricks I use to make my illustrations so cute and charming.

No drawing experience? No problem! This course is perfect for beginners. I'll guide you through each lesson with easy-to-follow instructions.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills to create cute characters on your own. And the best part? It's a skill you'll have for a lifetime!

So, are you ready to embark on this creative adventure? Let's get started and let the fun begin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ecky O

Need help? Drop me a message :)


Hello, I'm Ecky O.

I've been already in Illustration Industry since 2002. I am starting to work as a freelancer.

In 2006, I gathered a team and started working on children illustration for the book industry. Seven years later, January 2013, I started another team specialized in mobile game illustration. Even though I am working with two different teams, every one of them are on the same base, illustration and design Industry.

My teaching skill is forged by becoming a lecturer in Visual Communication Design Ciputra University since 2006 until 2021. Basic drawing, Illustration and Comic are my subjects in the class.

For more than a decade, I put my effort in this Industry and been living from it. This Industry become more greater as the time... See full profile

Level: Beginner

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1. Introduction: discourse. I drove these foods be characters will show you how to create both of them's time by step and coloring the characters don't miss it less. 2. Boy Basic Body: high on this video, I will show you how to throw a busybody for a male character. Okay, we have our six major and do anything online. Sure that gets in line. Number 1 to 6 are equal. And put the lines on the seven been lies. Number three and four. No. What? You need to go. And the head is located in the life number One less beef circle. All right, press 30 Eyes on the line. Number seven Just a small, so called or each time complaining. Still make a pact. God, I hope you can grow different shape. Or these Iva suit car. Whatever you think your parents sign really on a little bit. Don't work. Year line number. You can draw on the land number eight over food impact light of eight men. But I like to show you that you always play with distant for your characters. Less 30 years on line. Number seven You can always be small, played with size in precise your uniqueness. Next is to throw so just a small coves on life before blue number pipe. It's up to you. The door. It's slimmer or wider in mind. Wider. You told. It means bigger your character okay, holding you to throw the left half part for it and shoot it like at the same with Let's part goods from the land before, side by side with social. No, it is from the Lama booth. And like like sure, go. It's the same week way Have a basically for male actor. I will use this for you. Do some rest. Always remember six lines and two additional line have going maybe the size and listen for the enitem. Make more fated off your I don't know if you have any question. All right, let's roll through the next devices. 3. Boy Line Art: in this lesson and going to show you how I make this basic character do these new Luke's character. Let's go. Okay, this is our basic character design. I usually go on Careful all of my jewelry. This. Relax and move your head. It's ended on huff part the second part. You have a double you enter now before it's just a small and short flight. Okay, lets throw a long last sight. You get another long, let her under right side. Great shock offline Blow Could get is in the hair on year rowboat side, the inner part of the therapist. Now is the time to draw the hair on the outside part of the from last time of the year and all the joy on outside. Off with domestic at lunch. Get on the right side. A mother with the labor on the top left so small and and another small DeSoto and now another and later, but very white, Less hot topic. There is a year later, and load to get helps them looking. Let's give the visit lineup Mike. It looks clear. What? And this threat? The Park book site. Okay, you draw details on Easter just follow my line. I love to draw the status of my get. Not to worry as part off the T shirt is a Let's like you York and put some details on this . Okay, let's go. Shots thought we decide Profit the short and some small. And you and, uh, let's go with the line. Okay, Look, some of us this lesson go to repair your character as another part is placed outside off the basic headline you can use bags are not It's up to you to decide going in the face of this better if you have to be especially one, some bells on your tractors off. But I should be Okay, listen stuff. Let me know if you have any questions. That's roles for the next listen. 4. Boy Coloring: it is. Listen and going to show you how I color out chip male character to mega cuter and more alive. Let's go. Hey, this is I choose some color here, Eddie. Most off the colors are in hell. Have powers for section, for example. Hair section has $3. Fixin to one is for the best part. Number two for the shuttle part on our factor Tree bright colors on my palette chop. That's for the highlight on Paris And get a part publisher tree are sucks because the basic color okay, lets good this has color. I like the color of the party and something. EDS. Part you need to be careful. When it's part, make sure the power stays inside. The lines are your basic color. Off the pair is done. Our light source is from the top. So your political area and bottom off part off that back, we just follow on the bottom part. Come to you with side part idea Left the pain. No, it's to highlight. The highlight part is around here. I'm not Does highlight in the Opal and Dark. Some of them are merged into one, like when they want to sleep for the at the book in here Here and we're he's done. That's from seemed a basic life with the forehead. There is the area under the bank, your whole part off the 20 area, including the neck area. More than him, that's it Does are under the sleeves and around in a park side by side. Let's end with the late under the short around in a park. This stuff I'm any color for tea. Excuse, I think. The blue color for the T shirt shoulder park. And it's, you know, on the hat for the white part of the T shirt. Let's at last, you're all funded telling that's how this job under the third around the inner part, there are some parts on elected our power here. Let me fix it before, Okay, Only the inner part. I'm and I find it at the high life to make your custom alive at my life. Just one white duck for its time. I like to have fun at the bill, for this is my personal. You can follow it and your the recent this lesson always planning power for its part of your character color. The Citadel but the highlight color excuse Look nice on your Tried to take a combination of the colors on different paper Has been Your competition works for you. Okay, This is way. Don't you have any questions? Roll the next. 5. Girl Basic Body: Hi. In this video, we'll show you help. The drove of basic body for a female character arrived before we have seen major lines and two additional line gifted in lines. Number 1 to 6 car. Put the lines number 7 to 8 with lights number three and four. No, let's start ahead. Do you remember whether had dislocated? Yep. Head is getting in lines. Number one. Let's do it. A big so called Okay, so the eyes on the line number second. No, the able This time it dinner did Mel character and on the line number eight. All right, let's throw two years on the line. Number seven. Their scientists are a bit bigger than the eyes. The happiest done. Let's throw the torso. Just a small focus on the lifetime of four. I want her standing pools is a bit bad, not straight. This force will make her post more attractive. So just told a little both leaning lack On the bottom side, it's a bit like this. Let me put the critical line in the center of our so you can see how much Ben Okay, don't you like? And because the chicken part draw the line to the right side at the bottom park. See the article. I get a lake also a bit the drive, so the Lex are in the center area and the vertical line is in the middle of late. The purpose of this change of direction is to make our character standing in a balanced, frantic allies is our guys make a post. I like the results. Let's note a hand. Grow its hand from the line but poor side by side with social. Throw it a big burger from the line, but five for the pound and fingers like the late make sure to drop its hand. Hasn't sent with Line Way Have a basic body for female practice. You can see standing pose is more feminine than the male parts of this amorous this lesson to get. Always remember the six lines and two additional line help you doing character usedto the line to check if your character is in a balanced force or not, you see it would make more carries your character standing force. Let me know if you have any questions. All right, let's roll the next lesson 6. Girl Line Art: heinous. Listen, I'm going to show you how I make this female basic character through this new loves character. Let's go. This is our basic article design. Let's have eyelashes before going. Okay? I know the bank. Oh, really? Know this first sticker on the left court? Like see? Later? It's ended heavy. The bacteria off left eyebrow go the second car like shock and wife. You let her, Max, not a pixie. Later, on the right side, banks are done thereafter. Flynt's close the gaps within the bank and year Drop outside. Gloated hair on the outside part off, up on the left side, the right time alive Drawing her best. It's like cancer had six. You can throw in any ship in life. And the ice? No, the same. Right now Draw the be still Corbeau Zeit. Okay, heading something. My front. You can follow it. Just keep it the rest. Visit headship Doesn't think part under the ship. Continue the dog to the sales on the T shirt and put some details are on the facts. Hey, but with side pocket for depends and some details. Used class removed the line. Okay. Looks great. Do some research try to throw different motto. Don't have Tony with or without bank you can except for his hair. Look for somebody prints off these hair accessories, but make sure. Okay, that's done that. You know, if you have any question, let's roll to the next lesson. 7. Girl Coloring : his listen, I'm going to show you how I color out to female character from this from these Let's go. This is our character I have choosing some colors. Here is the culture, like for most of the colors are in pastel role color for its section. All right, let's color it. Stop with this house That column in the middle car and continues with its part. Be careful and color in the park as soon as possible and make color space. Inside the line are virgin . Color of hair is done. Continue with color like male character. A light source is from the top, so we will color the shadow area at the bottom off. Teach part off the hair. Probably the bank. We just color on the bottom part of the bank. Continue with side part pigtails and about sex night. I could go to highlight what is wrong here. The highlight is in the opal and not shoes. The highlight of pig tail. I'm done and it's done. That's dollars. You seem the busy color. Okay, - let's color the shadow for the skin. Not with port that is under the bank, you know, hold hand, are under sleep and around in a park side, like if zero r around in a part off the leg. That's part of the outer part off cheap tension career. I think he's done a color. Okay, look for the T shirt color, the shoulder park, and the shadow is kept it from head with dark blue and the inner side off sleep for the white part of the picture. Let's at the last true color. That's not shit about the under the T shirt and around the inner part of the pack. Alert a second car off the pad so far around dinner party are used with big color their bed . And what about glad Michael, part of life that I like? I want to be quite and three smaller. Talk for each chop and critics results. Listen, always planning the color for its part of your character. Make sure they love can road highlight for the ice morning. Just wander like intestine way have four dots party. Okay, that's it. Let me know if you have any questions. That's all for the next lesson 8. Sitting Pose Basic : your guys. Lester. Oh, character sitting on the floor. Okay, Leg is all star with a circle not around it. It's a bit Paul on the chip. Nice drawing. Pathetic ally for the feast and in the bottom part, draw the force in the line. 40 eyes. Why is it in the bottom part? Because thes positions makes the character's looks cute. Okay, come on, you with the body car, Draw on else ship and close it. Let's throw the election all of my steps, because this time it's a bit different than usual. Since the Carter is sitting on the floor, we need to draw the legs. Or recently, it's almost like the energy ship. Start with the first car, Flynt, and draw the last stroke as a leather G. Make sure that you follow my judgeship because it's not a normal. The ship, right? Continue with the other, like stop throwing at nears the center off torso. Well, it's a bit to the right, not exactly at the centre all my joy and try to draw its leg in the same size posted about him. The line is a bit car, but Threat Land is also walks interested over living apart. All right, now it's done for the legs part. Continue to draw the left hand. It's diagonal straight line for the late area fingers. Just a levy line. Okay, I gotta hand. It's supported under right leg 34 home with wavy line as the fingers ust over living parts of game, and, uh, now we have a basic post off perceiving character. In the next video, I draw the details for the sitting character. Let me know if you have any questions and see you on the next lesson. 9. Sitting Pose Line Art: all right. In this lesson, I'll drop from this basic ship toe this detailed fashion A cute boy. Let's go. OK, this is our basic ship from refuse video. I've made it a bit transparent. Where should we start? Usually I start with face features first. Prodi Nice wrote a smiling won't and the I rose make it super teak. All right, face is not continue to draw the job years. They are in the same person, the level with ice. Okay, now here's the tricky part of banks. Droids stopped from Trump, right part off the head. A wavy line like the letters s ship and it on the left part off the help here to the left eyebrow. Well, a bit patterns through that for banks and less. Throw the best for the other side. Close the gaps between the job and hair. No. 40 older parts. Let's go over the top part off the hair. Remember, draw this part at the other part from the basic headship. Throw small and cardflight again and again. Close it. Nice stylist. Hair is done. Put some details. You can skip this part if you don't like the nuts. All right, let's notice sure him to have a foodie certain with the next part. No girl amid news shirt. So there is a cough line and the bottom off, Monsieur, the sleep part is also a bit loose, so you need to dry it at the water park from the basic flight. It's a fallen asleep, so I draw on the half off the overall length off his arm. Continue withdrawing the legs. Just follow the basic line. Since it's seven or eight trousers. I ended at the car park. Send with the left leg foot, Follow the basic plan again the shoes and closed the bottom part. All right, it's almost done. Let's go back to the hand. Don't right hand left sleeve lose. Okay. The phone. It's leave before arm a boy is born. All right. In the next lesson, I will color the boy. Let me know if you have any questions to you on the next licence. 10. Sitting Pose Color : your guys. Let's make this boy more attractive. Let's go like you saw. I always prepare all the color that I'm going to use the left. You can see the color chart. I also provide the coat number for you who draw using digital tools for you who draw using traditional tools, find it closest color or another color in life. Just remember that you need to cover the character from the lightest color toe. The doctor color. That's not with the hair. Use the first Braun as the better care of color. Be careful when you color the spark trying out over past the line. Okay, continue with the dark brown for the dark part off the hair. Remember that our life source is from the top. So the area around the bottom off the hair part Nice. Continue with the highlight for the hair. Mainly, it's around this area. Five more little dots highlight on this period. Awesome. Make sure all the skin are color. - Okay ? Accused the second color for the skin and design because off the banks cast a shadow. We need to color the dark skin color under the banks. Continue Evan Joe, part years hands scared, but it's done. Let's have highlight 40 eyes. It will make our character looks more life. No dollar this year. Use the first light, color and color. All this should part. - Okay , The second color for the shit apart. Something with the area under the head under the next part. The inside part off the sleeve. Bottom part and the right sleeve. Final Sierra part. You spun the belly. Okay, it's done. Let's color trouser with the first blue on the second blue or the settled part. All right, it's finished. I like the result. Okay, that's it for the sitting post. Let me know if you have any questions to you on the next lesson. 11. Sitting on a Chair Basic : Hello in this. Listen, I'm going to draw a basic post sitting on a chair. Let's start. Okay. This time I want to draw our character in 3/4. Few angle used to remember how to draw this angle. If you forgot it, that is better. If you watch the video, let's up the draw head. I wanted to fitting good, right? So we need to reduce the right car to be a bit vertically straight, then prodded. It starts from here. Joel Joel Park. It's still coffee, but a bit straight to the bottom, right? That's still the right part. It's not what I like the left part, since we're use it to make you feel about the head. Fishing, too, right defects. Choline is also a bit to drive around here. Here. Dollars on the line was here. Nice. Let's draw the torso is a bit of right to the head. First line. Second line thing is the front part of the torso. It started life as the side part off the torso. All right, this is the center part off the torso. Let's draw a hip and leg sitting Well, she should from you to send a part off the torso. The other late. Great. Let's go ahead. Okay Recently offer living lines. Get her hand. Let's start a chair. Just a simple one. Like a box with four legs. - Nice . The basic ship stuff. Let's continue to grow more details in the next few. 12. Sitting on a Chair Line Art: Let's throw a female character this time. Okay? This is our basic ship. I make it a bit transparent from the head. Yeah. You think part continue to draw on ice? E e is the tricky part. Had some from the banks on top left, bro. Long hair here under eyesight to first light. Remember to draw the top part off the hair outside the basic line. Smooth. Continue the daughter back hair because it is part of the bottom. And pay attention to the left part off there. Try to make it in the same booth the way way star on a chair. Yeah, I think that's car girl in the nice video. 13. Sitting on a Chair Color: All right, let's color her from these two. These I have 11 colors. First line is four hair. The second line is for skill. The cut line he's for the T shirt for foot line is for trousers on. Let's line is for the chair. Let's color skin first and use discolor. Go to settle part. You sing this color that's up from the face area under the banks Year thing thing. Here, use this color. - Go to shit apart with color. - Okay , - I used to study for the highlight on hair That's colored T shirt. Best color off this, teachers is why So we color the share of part directly with this one color star with Gilo Color toasters Shit apart. Oh, part near the go on like 40 eyes. Let me fix this part to make it better. It's nicer this way. Yeah, it's always good for us to retake, are going as a whole and fix the area which you think it's not quite tribe. Okay, it's done. The girl is Children with this colors. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be happy to answer it