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How To Design Your Social Media Channels Like An Expert

teacher avatar Rachel Beaney, Social and Digital

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      1 Welcome To The Course


    • 2.

      2 What is the importance of social media branding and design?


    • 3.

      3 What can we optimise on each social media channel


    • 4.

      4 Why is it important to have a consistent look and feel?


    • 5.

      5 What's the right username for my business


    • 6.

      6 How to create a custom Facebook URL


    • 7.

      7 How do we change usernames?


    • 8.

      8 How to we create consistent usernames


    • 9.

      9 Let's look at your usernames


    • 10.

      10 What do I need to consider when updating my page profile picture


    • 11.

      11 Cover Images


    • 12.

      12 Free tools


    • 13.

      13 Are you images up to scratch


    • 14.

      15 What needs to be included in the about us section


    • 15.

      16 Is your about us section optimised


    • 16.

      17 Additional Optimisations


    • 17.

      18 Thank You


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About This Class

Do you want to be able to design your social media channels like an expert?

Do your social media channels need a design overhaul? Are you about to set up social media channels and want to make sure they look professional?

This course runs through everything you need to know when working on the branding and design of your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram channels.

The course covers how to pick a username, what to consider and what to include when you’re creating a profile picture and cover image, and what the essentials are when creating your social media description or bio.

Why take this course?

Do you want to make your social media channels look like they've been professionally designed?

Would you like to make it easier for your customers to find your social media channels?

Do you want to make your social media channels more effective at coming up in search?

Are you worried you’re losing customers because your social media channels don’t look well-designed?

Would you like to know the free tools that can help design your social media channels?

In this course:

In this course, you will learn to optimise your social media channels, looking at the usernames and descriptions in terms of audiences, SEO and accessibility. You will look at your images including profile pictures and cover images, including how to leverage them for brand exposure and as an additional marketing tool.

About your course instructor:

Rachel Beaney is a social media specialist, having worked for nearly a decade in the digital media space. She’s worked on social media campaigns for big names like Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans, Network Ten, MasterChef Australia and more.

Rachel is passionate about teaching and helping people get the most out of digital and social media for their businesses.

Who is this course for?

Are you a small business owner looking for tips on how to make your social media channels pop without spending a lot of cash?

Are you in marketing manager who runs a brand social media channel that needs an overhaul?

Are you a social media manager juggling too many accounts and you’re after some ideas to help see your channels in a fresh way?

What the course is covers:

  • How to select a username that is findable by both customers and SEO across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • You will learn what to consider when designing your profile picture across all key social networks
  • You will learn what to include in your Cover image or background image and how often to update it.
  • You will learn how to use cover images for promotions and additional information about your business.
  • You will find out about free tools and resources to help you design your social media images.
  • You will learn about the little-known features to switch on Facebook to give your customers more opportunities to get in touch.

Take the course:

Before we jump into it, this course does not include social media day-to-day management tips or social media strategy. This is looking exclusively at how to make your social media channels look their best.

And, of course, if you don't like the course for any reason, you can request a full refund within the first 30 days, no questions asked.

What are the requirements?

  • You will need a computer or smartphone
  • You need a basic understanding of social media channels
  • You will either already have business social media channels set up, or are thinking of launching some.
  • You’re ready to breathe new life into your social media channels.

What are you going to get from this course?

  • 2 hours of lectures and 21 courses
  • Understand how to select usernames keeping search in mind
  • Understand how to create business profile pictures that are relevant to your business, clear and captivating.
  • Understand how to design profile cover images and see how they can be used as a marketing tool
  • Learn where to go for free tools and resources to design your social media cover images without knowing graphic design
  • Understand how to write your description and bio areas to ensure it is relevant to multiple audiences
  • Learn about additional tools that can be leveraged on social media channels like Facebook to give your businesses more opportunities for a sale.
  • See case studies in how other small businesses brand their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account for their social media for marketing.

Who is the target audience?

  • Do you revise your social media branding for your small business so you can increase your social media marketing?
  • Do you need to increase your personal branding using social media?
  • Do you have a small business and you need to refresh your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest designs?


Free Resources:

Username Audit Spreadsheet (XLS download)

Social Media Design Case Studies (PDF download)

Essential Branding Checklist (PDF download)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rachel Beaney

Social and Digital


Rachel Beaney is a freelance digital media specialist, with a wide variety of experience in creating multimedia projects, social media and online content.

She has worked as an editor, a social strategist, on social media execution, community management and real-time social media integration. She is fluent in creating engaging content, with a solid technical understanding of the web.

She’s worked on social media campaigns for big names like Microsoft, Aussie Home Loans, Network Ten, MasterChef Australia and more.

Rachel is passionate about teaching in a friendly and accessible way and helping people get the most out of digital and social media for their businesses.

Rachel lives in Sydney, Australia and in her spare time, creates clay animation.

See full profile

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1. 1 Welcome To The Course: Hello and welcome to the course. My name is Rachel Being and social and digital media specialist. You take schools, we're gonna let about social media branding and design. And I could optimize your social media channels for your business. In this course, we're gonna get Facebook, Twitter, instagram and Pinterest. We're going to looking at all the aspects of how we could optimize their social media channels, looking at things like your cover images or back on images and sound great science to help you make them look a 1,000,000 does. We're going to look at how to create and select your user names and custom euros your Facebook page. And we'll also look at a few additional tricks of things you could committed easier if your customs to get in touch. Whether that's activating your Facebook inbox or adding talents to be able to subscribe to your newsletter on Facebook. If you haven't taken one of my courses before, you might not know that I have additional resources all way through the course. So have a look in the results of section because you'll see additional links and down loves pds that are created to help you along the way. If you've got any questions along the way, they're afraid to popping the question in the comments section and the answer as soon as I can. Oh, you can also send you a message on Twitter, so now it's time to get started with course. 2. 2 What is the importance of social media branding and design?: So what? He's so for me, Brian. Things important? Well, it's a part of your business in the same way that when you go on a work, you're gonna put on a sharp suit and you have entirely office. It's because it's a way that customers will see your business and the way your business operates. One of the other advantages off optimizing your social media branding and design is because customers can find you more easily. If you update your user name or your custom mural or your about section, you'll come up more easily in search and customs will give. Find you more easily. And, of course, you want to help customers get in touch with you. There are few settings on your Facebook page where you can activate inbox options of Republican message. You or you get at custom tabs your Facebook page so people can subscribe. George, you split up or maybe even book at your restaurant and, of course, is a great opportunity for marketing your products and services with your social media channels. You can update your backgrounds of your social media channels, the highlight upcoming variance or specials or sales, so there's heaps of opportunities that come from optimizing and branding your social media channels, so that's getting to it. 3. 3 What can we optimise on each social media channel: the first thing we're gonna do is run through each of the key social networks and run through each of the features that we can optimize In order to ensure our business had its best foot forward, we're gonna be running through Facebook, instagram, Twitter and Pinterest so that we can see just what we can change. On each of those platforms. We'll be looking at the cover image is the profile pictures the about section and custom You RL's on each of the platforms and later on throughout this course will be looking at what we can do with each one toe. Optimize them. So let's get started with Facebook. The first thing we can see on this page is the big bright cover image, and that's his background image. You can see that they've chosen some dogs drinking Papa Gino's in the local cafe because that's a great representation of their business. They've got their bright logo as their profile picture. This is great because when you can sit in a small version in its feed, you can see that it's quite easy to recognize. You can see the business name, which is also represented in the Facebook posts. And, of course, on Facebook. We've got the custom URL, and we'll go through made around just how to set that on Facebook. The about section is not actually on the home page like most other social networks, so what you do is have to head to a separate time. Find out more about the business. What you can see. There's a lot here that you can put in the about section on the Facebook page. You can put opening hours. You can put the background of the company. You can put contact details, so it's actually a really great place to put as much information as you can, so that when people search your business, they can find out everything they need to know. Next up, let's look at Instagram. When you compare instagram to Facebook, there really isn't a lot that you can change. You've got your profile picture. You've got your user name, which is the same as your girl. You've got your description. You can add a single u R L to your business, and that's old that you could add on your Instagram channel other than your instagram posts . Let's take a look at Twitter similar to Facebook. There was a big cover of that you can use is also profile picture you can set which similarly turns up in your tweets. As you scroll down, you've got your business name and you got your Twitter user name, which is known as your twitter handle. And that's how people tweet you. You got your business description, which is limited to about 180 characters. He can also Geo locate yourself and and you you are ill. So there was a little more information to get there, but not much. Finally, let's head to Pinterest. As you can see similar to Instagram, that isn't a lot that you can update on this page. You got your use name, which is the same as your You are ill. You got your profile picture. You can add your euros, your website. It's wells Twitter and you've got your buyer, which again is quite short and then similar to instagram Again. Your posts walked your boards in this case. So those are the key items that will be looking at when it talking about how to design your social media platforms. We'll be looking at your profile pictures, your cover photos, your about section and your user name and have optimized, um, so that your customers can find you engage with you, So let's get started. 4. 4 Why is it important to have a consistent look and feel?: it is really important that your social media channels have a consistent look and feel and whether that's having the same profile picture. Of course, your channels, the same cover middle background image or a color scheme that tries to, well, your social media channels need to look like a family, and I completely understand. And it's setting up any social media channels and you're in a hurry. You describe what if a picture is on your desktop, but it is important to have consistency. One of the main reasons. It's really important to have a consistency across your social media channels so that customers can find you in search if a customer is certainly a company, never 10 of the companies with the same name and they're trying to tell which business is yours. If you have a consistent image across each one, for example, your profile picture he's your logo or your brain colors will tell which one is yours. Make it easy for your customers to be able to recognize, which showed for maybe 10 was yours by putting consistent images across all of your channels and don't overlook the importance of brand recognition every time you doing up there in a social media channel. It reinforces your business. Brand your customers because they see your logo or your brand colors. So the next time that they're looking for your business or service, your business is topped off mind. 5. 5 What's the right username for my business: Let's talk about user names use the names can be really daunting when you first sign upto on account. It's stressful with you're not sure what you should make your user name and so many use names already taken. I'm going to run through the things you need to keep in mind when you're creating a user name, especially for something like Twitter and Instagram on Facebook, you can set a custom. You are L, which are run through later. The first thing to keep in mind when you're selecting use the name is that it's usually limited in its characters, and it's very most. You can only use 15 characters, so let's start with a hypothetical case study, and this is gonna be of Joe's cakes that Joe is a baker in around the corner, and he'd love to get on Twitter. He loved to be able to send up pictures of his creations. Maybe people can tweet him with special orders, but he needs to come up with a user name, and he definitely doesn't want that one. So when Joe Searchers Joe's cakes, these names already taken and this is what the panic sets in, So Joe needs to start thinking very creatively about what he can do in order to actually make his user name some professional and representative of his business. Joe could take one of the examples like Joe's Cakes one. But let's face it, if Joe's got big dreams, the world domination, Joe's cakes one is not really the best to use the name. So let's think about what else Joe can do in order to make sure he's using. Name is available, Joe might think. Well, actually, it's for the whole team of the bakery to tweet things out. So maybe I'll make it Joe's Cakes Team J C Underscore Team other than it already been taken . One of the risks with this user name is that if someone searches jurors cakes in Twitter, it's unlikely to come up in the first short search results screen. And if someone clicks through to search for full results, they may find it there. But I use the name like this is no putting Joe in a great position, be able to be able to find he's Twitter account. So let's go back to square one with good jobs cakes. Maybe we can consider something like Joe's cakes. Sydney. Well, maybe even jurors cakes au. These are also all quite long user names. One of the things you can keep in mind is that the longer a user name is, especially on Twitter, it's more characters people need to type. And I know that sounds strange, but when you're talking about a mobile platform of people are typing in things the shorter user name is, the more easily they can get in touch. On top of that, when Twitter has a limitation to 140 characters to a message, if you've got a long user name, it means someone's tweeting. You means the actual message must be a lot shorter, so you're potentially make it harder for people to get in touch if you've got a long user name. So where possible? Try and make it a short user name. But, as I said, all use names and limited to 15 characters anyway, so there to see what under school could do. Joe's underscores cakes that's available. It's a professional sounding name. It'll come up in search, represent his business, and it short. I would recommend this as Joe's user name going forward One of the other things that Joe should consider when it's coming up with his user names is having a look at the other social networks and seeing if this user name is available. If someone searches for Joe's caked on instagram and there, any result that comes up is Joe's Bakery 175 they're not going to see that it's actually the same Joe's cakes. When people search social media accounts, they use cues to see if it's the same company. So if Joe has the same user name and saying profile picture for each of his accounts, when people search his account, they're gonna know it's the same person. Now follow that account across different social platforms. Don't make it hard if your audience and your customers to find you do everything you can to ensure that your social media user names are as consistent as possible. Across your social media accounts made a run. I could have spreadsheet, which you can check out where you can see how you can hold it. Each of your social media. Use the names to try and create the most consistent user name before you get started. When you're choosing a user named. The things you need to keep in mind is keep it short. It needs to be under 15 characters. Anyway, I avoid using numbers and this you have to I try and put your business name in your user name. If you need to differentiate it, consider putting under school or maybe your city or country in there. And, of course, try and keep it all consistent with your other social networks. Make sure you're using names are easy to find. Next up, I'm gonna show you how you can add a custom euro to your Facebook page. 6. 6 How to create a custom Facebook URL: creating a custom. You are Ellen Facebook is really important. Creating the URL is free, and it makes you look really professional. What it means is that instead of having the default, you are well off facebook dot com slash Whatever the at our Facebook has used to set up your page, you could make it say something like facebook dot com slash you'll be so this name this free to set up. It's really easy and make sure business look really professional. One of the things I see a lot, his businesses will often say, like it's on Facebook. Just search our business name in Facebook for us to come up. The reason it's really problematic toe push people to search using Facebook is because Facebook searches personalized. This means that if two people searched the same thing, they might have different results. So off piggy surgeries, Joe's cakes. She might have a friend of a friend who lacks Joe's cakes, so it might come up exactly with Joe's cakes in her search results. But maybe Susie, she doesn't know anyone that likes Jos cakes. She's done a search. Maybe she's based in another country. She tries to find it. Nothing comes up, so it could be really risky to push your customers to Facebook. Search only. It's not easy of your customer to engage with you. If you can say I'm at facebook dot com slash my business name. I'm gonna show you now how to set up your Facebook. You are ill. It's a really simple process. All you need to do is hid your Facebook page. Hit your about section. If you're the manager of your Facebook page, what you'll see is the option to edit your Facebook page. You can see here, the option says, Enter Facebook, Web address or in issue is. Click on that and follow the prompts. Once your user name, it's available. All you need to do is hit, confirm, and now you put a custom Facebook page. You are ill, and now you can see when I can direct people straight to this custom. U R l and they'll appeared. This page looks pretty slick and it's free 7. 7 How do we change usernames?: with all this total consistent use names, you might be buoyed that Oh, actually, I don't have consistent user names, but you don't need to worry because it's pretty easy to change your using its. But before you jump in to change their a couple of things to keep in mind, the first thing you need to do is do some research and check that the using and you want he's available. If it is, all we need to do is head to the setting section of your existing accounts and change your user name. I wouldn't recommend setting up a new account with your use name, because that would mean you would lose all of your hard earned followers and along in details would need to change. And it's hard to remember those as it is. There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you change your user name. Well, which is where you promoting Do use names already, if you already promoting your social media accounts on your web. So maybe your email, maybe it's on your menu were a flyer. Think about where you already promoting it and make sure you update all of these references , so people know when I follow you. One of the other things that I like to do when I'm changing using aims is to set up a redirection notice afterwards. And, of course, you can't automatically redirect user names in social media. But what you can do is set up a new account and let people know that you changed your name . So let's say that you successfully changed your user name and you changed it from Joe's cakes 7000 to just just takes. What I would then do is go and create a brand new social media account called Joe's Cake 7000 if that's what you old user name, Waas and had put up a single post in say, Hey, if you're looking for jobs, cakes were over at jurors cakes, so if people have known you buy one using for a long time, just take 7000. What it means is when they go to your page and they go to visit you well, they could use their poster anymore, except for the one that says, Oh, what? Change name. Come and find us over here. He's got a new user name in mind don't be tempted to set up a new account with those details immediately, because once you've set up in your account, often that used name will then be locked for some period of time. So it means that if you want to change your using into that, you might not be able to. So make sure the or of changing your using Aeneas check. Use name availability, then change your using a unio sittings. Then set up a new account with your old you today and say, Hey, what are around this new account? Come and check us out here makes it a little bit easier so people can find you. So when you're changing a user names, it doesn't need to be a headache, But just keep in mind how you communicated those changes to your customers. 8. 8 How to we create consistent usernames: one of the things you should consider when you're creating your user name is auditing the availability of your user names before you sign up. So what you can do is you can create a spreadsheet where you list some suggested user names where you might think that we could use names to have. So, for example, Joe's cakes is a nice short user name. Joe's cakes under school A. You displays the location. Maybe Joe could try Joe's Bakery. So what you do is you go through each of these social media channels and you top in that user name and see if someone's taken it. When you find one weren't available on every single channel, I'd recommend using that one and signing up to each of those channels with that using him. It means your customers can find you more easily, and they know that it's your official account because it's the same name as the others. If you'd like a copy of this friend, she it's available in the results. It's time just to decide. So feel free to click on it and download a copy of this spreadsheet so that you can do a use name ordered to make sure that you have a consistent user name across your social networks so your customers can find you more easily and engage with your business. 9. 9 Let's look at your usernames: Our next lecture is an audio election, and that's because what I want you to do is use your eyes and your hands to do some research. What I'd like you to do is to transport yourself into the shoes of your customer, and I wanted to see your social media channels with fresh eyes. So the first thing I'd like you to do is tow open each of your social media accounts for your business. If your Social Media account is on Facebook or you've got a Twitter account or Instagram or Pinterest, we're lucky to do is open up each of those accounts. I'll give you a minute or you can force his lecture. Now you've got all your social media accounts open. What I'd like you to do is have a look at each of your user names. Consider the points that we ran through earlier. How is your user name designed? Does it have your business name in there? If someone would a search your business name, would your user name come up? Are you using names consistent with each other? It is something that if people found one of your accounts, would they be able to find another of your accounts because the same user name do you need to do any revision on your user names? Maybe you might want to change some of your user names so that the consistent so that people can find them more easily. If you're happy with your user names. Great. But if not, maybe make a note to have a look at those made Iran and think about revising them. 10. 10 What do I need to consider when updating my page profile picture: there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when you were choosing your profile picture. The first thing you need to remember is that profile pictures very rarely seen in their large form like here, the majority of the time they seen in someone's news. Feed and size is very small. So what you need to consider with your profile picture is making sure that it's still clear and visible when it's in its thumb now form. This accounting company is a great example over using their profile picture to have a very simple logo in a bright, distinctive color, so that when people go through the news feed that can quite easily spot them. If you don't have a logo, what you might consider is using a picture off a personality or a tea person involved in your business. Who is the public facing image of your business? Cool. If you have animations or you have a Maskell, you might want to consider using that. Instead. The thing that's most important with profile pictures is making sure that the thumbnail version is most easily seen. The thing that I would also keep in mind is that the majority of people now use social networks on them. Mobil's this picture is likely to be even smaller on mobile devices. So when you're thinking about your profile picture, make sure it's something that can be seen really distinctively, even when quite small. One of the other things to keep in mind is that profile pictures on every single social platform are different size. So I'd be very cautious off re sizing your one good image of your business to be the perfect size for something like Instagram because it's only 110 by 110 because it means if you're wanting to upload a profile, picture any of the other social networks, it's gonna be too small to be accepted by that social network. So I would recommend keeping a high res image of your profile picture so my handy and resize it every single time that you need to use it as a profile picture for one of these accounts. I would also strongly recommend using the exact same profile picture every single time because people use it as a visual cue. When they're searching for your business, let's go back to Joe's cakes for a minute, where if someone searches Joe's cakes on Instagram and there's 10 jurors cakes that comes up, what they're going to be searching for is cues like the user name isn't the same as other platforms, and also the picture. Is it the same as others as well? They're gonna be looking for something that they recognize in orderto actually interact with that brand. Make sure your profile pictures are consistent across all your social media channels, so that when people go to like your page, it's not difficult. What you want to do is make this as easy as possible for our customers to engage with this . If you don't have image editing software, what you might find is that you can use a website like picks the dot com. It's a Web based image editor very similar to photo shop. You can work in layers, and you can do lots of complicated things that you wouldn't usually be able to do in a lot of smaller free software. This is a great piece of software for when you need to do something a little more complicated, but you don't have the budget to afford something like Photoshopped picks them is great because you can open any of the images that are on your computer Already. You can select your crop to be 100 80 by 180 then you can save your image back in your computer. 11. 11 Cover Images: Let's have a look at. However images now cover. Images are a really great opportunity to market your business. They're large scale images which can represent your business. Twitter also has a very large scale image and probably has a bit more real estate to use. If you want to use your cover image to put more information on cover, images can have images and text. So think about how you can use both of those most effectively. If you look at a few examples of cover images, we can see that cover images can be either very simple to create a purpose or that could be used for advertising to promote upcoming events. Well, they can just be a designed to help reflect the culture off the business. When you were designing your cover photo, be mindful that if you put text on the bottom quarter off the screen, it's likely to be covered up by a profile. Picture your business name and your call to action buttons. So when you're designing your cover image, make sure that your text is using the top 3/4 off the cover floater. This is a great example of a cover image where the text is designed to be in the middle of the photo and above all of these call to action. But it's so keep that in mind when you're designing your cover images. One of the really great opportunities with Facebook cover images is not just to use them as a promotional area when people first come to your page, but it's to use it to update people on events. As you can see from this example that when you update your cover photo on Facebook, it actually sends out an update to your audience that you updated your photo. Many businesses use this as a living flyer, so there are update their cover photo with information about upcoming events so that the cover photo is always relevant. If we look through the cover images of this cafe, what we can see is that they've used it as a marketing tool. We can see that what they've done is actually used to cover images to promote upcoming events. You can see that that kept that text in the top right hand corner with a rich, clean image, which is a really great way to design your cover image so that it can be seen without being obscured by the profile pictures and called action buttons. He's another really great example of this cafe where they mentioned the opening hours over the Christmas period. So using the cover photo is actually a really great way where you can keep your customers informed off your business activities and that coming events. 12. 12 Free tools: Okay, so let's have a look at how we can use free tools. Toe update your cover image. Now, this could be your Facebook cover image. Or it could be your Google Plus or your Twitter cover image wherever has a cover image. You can use this process in order to make a really strong cover image that looks professionally designed and it's free. So let's look at a case study. This is my business page that I've got set up for myself as a teacher on you to me. So what you can see here is that I've got a background image, a cover image which actually isn't very relevant for me as a teacher or showing off the skills that I have. So what I wanna do is update my cover image and make it look really professional. I'm gonna show you how I do that. If you're like me, you might not have photos lying around that you can use for your Facebook cover image. You might not. You might not have a portfolio that's online already, or maybe you don't have any photos of your business or offer soul of you speaking at events which can be used as a cover image. So what I recommend is taking advantage off stock photos on the Internet. Now I know that stock photos have really bad reputation for coming up with things like this . Completely unusable pictures that just, you know, you don't everyone two years. This is definitely my personal favorite, the boy hugging a cactus. But all stock photos actually aren't like that. Their stock image science for every kind of industry. And there are really high quality images you might be after images for business or street photos. Maybe you're after landscapes or maybe even food, so they're stock photos for every industry. So take advantage of that. And they're actually really high quality pictures. Here's some of the examples of the free stock image science These. Some of the photos that you can get is obviously landscapes. Of course, they're going to be very beautiful. So so so image shots of animals. Look at this little guy who's any great? So you've actually got hate of options. One of my favorite websites for stock photos, especially if you're in office job. He's start up stock photos. Now this is a photo library set up by, I believe, a startup company who were taking photos for their portfolio to using things like the presentations they ended illustrate ideas off people working and coming up with innovative ideas. So this actually really great sought to use if you just need shots of people in meetings or notepaper or shuts out of a window. This is a really useful site if you don't have a industry where you can take photos of things, that food or landscapes to illustrate what your business is. I'm going to save a couple of images from this Web site, and I'm gonna use them for my Facebook cover image. But I'm not just gonna pop them on straight away. What I'm gonna use is it free? Graphic design tool cold Can va toe actually design it into a really rich, vibrant Facebook cover image? So what I wanna do now we show you can va. This website is canvas and what can. That Years is a free graphic design Web site that allows you to select the images you want to use, and it recommends a layout which looks really brilliant. So this is a really great tool if you're not really a graphic designer, but you'd like your content to look good. As you can see, it has templates for all kinds of content, whether it's social media, PowerPoint documents, even things like e books and marketing materials. So this is something that I would recommend if you're not so confident in graphic design, if you really love your content to look really great, So what I'm gonna select is the Facebook cover image. And what this will do is open up Facebook cover image, which is already Prue designed to the right specifications off Facebook. What you can see here is that it already shows you where the profile picture covers the cover image, just like on Facebook. The one thing you might want to keep in mind is that this bottom section will be covered with cold reaction buttons and the business name, so you may not want to put text right down the bottom off the page. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to select a template, and you can see there are free templates on the side here. They're really great because what they do is they show you really rich designs with fonts and text that have been laid out in a really nice way. So let's say that I'm gonna choose these templates for my cover image, and I'm choosing this one because I've got a variety of images that I want to show off. So what I can do is go to the upload section and upload the stock images that I took from the stock image. Such an ashcan. See, they've uploaded here. So what I'm gonna do is drag these images into the template, and it just puts those in there as little filter like Instagram would. And I've got those images nicely laid out and looking quite professional. The next thing that I'm gonna do is update this default text, and that is really, really easy. All I do is click on A It comes up with the text editing options. I can choose another font countries and size. I can even every size, this main design if I want so an update, this text say so I'm just gonna move this a little bit of the top just because they ease the business name and buttons down the bottom. I was gonna change this from pink. Let's try blue. As you can see, this is now done. But there's cover image. It's great. It looks professional. It represents my business in absentia, represents my skills, and now it's ready to go on Facebook. So all I do is I hit download, and it's exporting to my computer. So now that's downloaded. All I need to do his head over to my Facebook page and edit my cover picture. So if I hit, change cover in the top corner off my cover image here and I will upload my photo. So Colonies, who has hit save changes and it's done now. The other thing to keep in mind is that Can VA isn't the only told you can use this week if you've got photo shop? There are heaps of Photoshopped templates available that have the Facebook image. Science is already available. If you're comfortable with Photoshopped, feel free to jump in and design your own cover image. However, camp is a great free tool if you're feeling less confident with graphic design 13. 13 Are you images up to scratch: we're back again with the audio lecture. This time, we're gonna have a look at each of your social media accounts, and with the images you've chosen, we'll have a look at your profile picture and then we'll have a look at your cover image. So again, open up each of your social media accounts. Open up your Facebook instagram Twitter, Pinterest Wherever you've got social media accounts, have a look at your profile picture. What does it look like when it's large? And what does it look like when it's a thumb? Now remember that most people will see your profile picture in. It's done now for. So is it is clear. Is it could be. Is it a logo or is it someone's face? Is there any way you can make that film now any clearer? Can you make the image brighter? What can you get a close to Croft when that person's face have a think about is your profile? Picture is optimized as it could be Next. I want you to have a look at your cover images and your background images to this on Facebook and Twitter is your cover image. Clea clean and professional doesn't represent your business. Other rich images on there, and you use a consistent color and font design. Do you use the same colors that your business logo uses? Haven't think about where there's an opportunity to make your cover images look more effective. The other thing you can think about is where there's an opportunity for a promotion. Do you have an upcoming event while coming sale that maybe you could need your cover image to help promote? Have a think about whether there's something you can do for Christmas only special holidays . 14. 15 What needs to be included in the about us section: The next thing we're going to be talking about is the about section and descriptions on your social media channels. The about section is a little bit under sometimes, but it is really important because many of you uses find social media first, with more and more people using social media before they look up things on the Web. What you find is that people may find your social media accounts before they find your website. They might even find your social media accounts before they go to your business, so making sure your about section it clearly represent your business is really important. Let's take a look at the about section on my Facebook page that I've just set up. As we can see, there's a fibula information you can add in the description section. If you're an admin, you can cover all kinds. Information such your dress. You can add a short description or long description, all kinds information so people can get in touch. Many people at the description when they first set up their page and they forget toe updated annually. It's really important to check your Facebook about section because people may use that to contact You make sure your contact details are up to date. Make sure you've got any changes to your address off your menu or your services have changed. Make sure that up to date. In your about section, there are two separate audiences. You should keep in mind when you are creating your about section. The first ordinance you should keep in mind is new customers. So if someone finds your page for the first time, maybe they've been referred to by friend. Maybe the found in search. Your about section should explain what your business is. So if someone finds your page and they're not quite sure what you do, they're gonna head your about section. So you need to make it really clear what services your business provides in your about section. The second Norden is you need to keep in mind. Are your regular customers think about what information they need to have more accessible in your about page? It might be something like a quick link to your booking form, your latest services or deals. Maybe some coupons. Ever think about what things your regular customs need access to and don't forget to add those to your about section One of the most important things to keep in mind with your about section on your Facebook page is this short description. This is important because this is what is pulled through to Google Search. So you need to make sure that this description covers all your key information about your business. If we have a quick look on the timeline page, we can see that that's what is pulled together on the preview of the about page when we had to Google Search. We can see that is the exact same copy that is pulled through in Google Search. So you need to make sure that these short description comes everything you need new customers to know about your business. One of the ways you can think about this short description is that you can use it as a basis for how you do your description on sites like Twitter or Instagram, where the description is quite short. So keep in mind the one or two. Keep it to information your customers need to know in order to engage with your business and make sure it's in that short description. The other thing I would recommend with your short description is thinking about Keyboard s year S e o stands for search engine optimization. And what that means is you put keywords in that you think people will be more likely to search about your business, for example, in my short description, actually, probably use the words social media training or social media online courses in the short description, because that is what people will be searching for when they're looking for online trainers . So keep in mind the keywords people will be looking for when the searching for your business. One of the free tools you can use to help find out what words people might use around your industry is using the Google AdWords keyword planner. This is a free tool. Once you've signed up to Google ads, what this means is you can type in your industry, for example, social media training, and it will pull up the keywords that people search that related to that industry. What you can see here is that people might be more likely to use the phrase is social media tools more than online courses or free online courses, so you can keep that in mind when you're looking at your description, you could make sure you pop in the most relevant words people are searching for in your description, so that when people search, they're more likely to come up with your page. One of the easiest ways to write your description is just to start writing your short description, put anything down and then work from there. The next step would be to rewrite ID, keep your mind the one key thing you need your new customers to know. Then, finally, I would do some research using something like Google Keywords planner, or think about what your customers might be searching for and then go through an update your description with keywords that you think your customers need to know. So you'll have three edits of this short description, but each time you are making it more and more relevant for your audience. So the key things you need to keep your mind with your about page and your descriptions you need to update the page is fairly regularly to make sure their up to date maybe set a reminder every six months to make sure you've updated your business information and the things that you provide in your business, such as your for rocks or services. Keep in mind you're to audiences. When you updating your about page, think about your new customers and your existing customers. With your short description, I would focus on the information in your new customers. Need to know and use your extended sections to talk about things that your existing customers might need to know. Keep in mind you're short description is quite important because it pulls through to your Facebook landing page and Google Search, so make sure you put the timing to make sure you're a short description is exactly what you need. If you've got Google AdWords planner, that is a great tool to take advantage off. Find out what keywords people might be searching for when they're looking for a business like yours. So that's everything you need to keep in mind for your about section. Next up at your ease ready. We've got another audio lecture on the way 15. 16 Is your about us section optimised: Now that we've had a look at both our user names and a profile pictures, the next thing we can do is see whether these things combine to be representative of our business. What I wanted to do is have a look in the search section of each social network and see whether your business branding is clear. Head up to Facebook search and top in your business name. See what results come up. You might be the only business that comes up and you have a clear user name and a clear picture. There might be 10 other companies with the same name, so have a look and see how it looks in search on whether your business is clearly identifiable for the combination off your profile picture and your user name or your business name. I'd like you to go through each of the social networks and have a look in the search section. Have a looking instagram search and in Twitter search, see what information comes up. Can someone who's looking for your business easily identify your business based on search? If you've got a clear user name and a clear profile picture that's consistent across your social media networks, they should be able to find you quite easily 16. 17 Additional Optimisations: Facebook pages can be customized with quite a few little subtle features that could be added to give you a customer's more opportunities to get in touch and engage with your business. I'm going to run through a few of thes now. The first thing you can change is the cold action button. That's this button right here, which is easy to overlook. You can actually change what it says. It could be that you want someone to send you a message. It could be too book. Now maybe you want to send people to a video or online shop. However, in my case, I think send a message is the most appropriate so that people will get in touch the call to action but might not seem very prominent here. But in the Facebook app, it's right below your cover picture and the first thing people see when they go to your page. The next thing I would recommend is switching on your message function. So what this means is that people can send your message, stretch your Facebook account and get in touch immediately. It useful is a tool for a replacement for email will live. Check it also means that if someone wants to get in touch, they don't need to. Google your website. Click on a link to your website. Find your contact US page. Find your email address or phone number. It's one click to get in touch, so it's really important to keep that in mind has a potential tool to increase the way that people can get in touch with you. It's really important to consider your message settings in the top corner of your page. You'll see there is a page settings button. What that means is you can actually add more detail about messaging so you could tell people that you're usually online much today. Well, maybe you in the reply once a day. So what this does is sets the expectation that if someone messages you What time frame, though, had a message back. This stops people getting frustrated. If the message to you and you haven't responded within an hour, it stops people panicking, which is very easy for people to do when they want to get in touch. One of the other features of messaging is that you can also do it order reply. So if someone gets in touch with you and you're not around. Get to get in touch. What you can do is set an order reply. This could say something like, Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. This is just an automated response to that. You know, I've got your message. You might find the answer to your question on frequently asked questions, Page. Or maybe it's I'm not around, but he is my phone number. What you might find is you have a Siris of common frequently asked questions, and you might be able to put enters to these in this section. Electro frequently asked questions Page that actually answers most common questions, so your response could be high. If you're wanting to find out if we cater to guests of over 50 on weeknights, you can find out more information here so you can use instant replies to help manage your workflow. It means that people can get theaters they need about your business without you having to monitor it every single day. So have a think about using the messaging function and optimizing it so that it works best for you. One of the things you can do is at a custom time at your Facebook page, similar to adding the message function on your Facebook page. What this does is his cuts down the amount off effort someone needs to make To get in touch with your business. You might want to add a event booking form all you might want to add something I can use that a sign up. I create my news that is using Belgian, and there is a section I called integrations, and it took about 30 seconds to approve the process. Were automatically installed, this newsletter sign up, said Town to my Facebook. Page six Main said if anyone wants to sign up to buy a new split up to find out more social media tips and tricks old I need to do is click here and into the details. One of these to keep in mind is that often Facebook tabs are only available on the Web version of Facebook and not on mobile devices is actually more tabs hidden down the side. So what I recommend is actually managing your terms and selecting which ones you want to be visible. If you don't think you'll ever be making videos, put some of the bottom, so it's harder to see if you know Connie Posting photos had him at the bottom. He do want people to sign up for newsletter, drag it all the way up to the top of sorts. The first thing that people see one of the other things you can see that the new sort of sign up time has turned up in APS in my sidebar. So if anyone wants to access that way, they could also find it there. If you're looking for ideas about what you might want to add your Facebook page, have a look around and see what other people in the industry using you might find. There's a great book. Inform that people are using. You might find that some Facebook caps are paid and some are free. You may find that paid ups have better user experience and don't have advertising. Some of the free EPS have limited functionality. It's up to you to someone, but you need fuel business. You might find that the free app has everything that you need and the tools that you need. So have a look around and see what other people are using and see what opportunities you can use in your business. 17. 18 Thank You: thank you so much for taking the calls. It's been wonderful to have you. You should now feel confident to design your social media channels like an expert. Now you know what to keep in mind when the selecting your user names. You know what considerations usually mindful off when you're selecting your profile picture . And you've got some great tools, obviously, for designing your cover images. Any background images. If you want drove these calls, please leave a review. It means that other people who are taking this course know that this is a course that is worth their time. And, of course, you've got other friends in business. Do you think we find this calls useful like the No. If you have still that any of the little lingering questions feel free to put them in the comments section or send me a message on 12 and an issue as soon as I can. And don't forget, I got plenty of other courses. If you'd like to learn more about social media or digital media, then come and join me on one of my other courses. I hope to see you soon in that, of course, by