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How to build powerful SEO and rank #1 in Google Search | PageRank Explained | Download Checklists

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      What is SEO


    • 2.

      How does PageRank work


    • 3.

      On-page factors explained (powerful SEO tips)


    • 4.

      Off-page factors explained


    • 5.

      E-A-T concept explained


    • 6.

      What is the Answer Box and how to appear there


    • 7.

      SEO tips (things to avoid)


    • 8.

      Local SEO tips


    • 9.

      How to Optimize for Voice Search


    • 10.

      SEO tools (short overview)


    • 11.

      SEO for small businesses referral


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About This Class

Welcome to the Search Engine Optimization course where you will learn more about techniques and methods on how to improve your overall ranking score on Google. We will take a look at different (both free and premium) tools that are available online and discuss some powerful features that Google has. Moreover, we will explain the first search algorithm of Google called the PageRank in a nutshell. After this course, you will be able to improve your search ranking and bring more traffic to your website. 

*You can find the pdf files (checklists) from the course in the attachment of the Class Project!

Search Engine Optimization (lectures):

  1. What is SEO

  2. How does PageRank work

  3. On-page factors explained (powerful SEO tips)

  4. Off-page factors explained

  5. E-A-T concept explained

  6. What is the Answer Box and how to appear there

  7. SEO tips (things to avoid)

  8. Local SEO tips

  9. How to Optimize for Voice Search

  10. SEO tools (short overview)
  11. SEO for small businesses referral

Meet Your Teacher

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating waste i.e. everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve... See full profile

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1. What is SEO: welcome everyone. And today we're talking about as CEO so very interesting and useful topic. You're going to take a look at what it is and how we can use it. So s E o the abbreviation off search engine optimization. So as the world itself says you want to optimize your website for the search engines, the thing I want to say before we started that a little mostly talk about who Google. Google is not the only surgeon there. So we have bean yahoo young decks by doing so. But Google's almost 90% of the market were like and that's why we're focusing mostly ruble and in celebrating escape. So regarding the S E O is basically a sneak off positioning your website in those first. Actually, the Mabo is always to be the first, but in those first few options, when somebody searches for something that is relevant to you. So if you off course you have when you use search engines, you know that if you search for something, you're probably most likely to use those options that are on the first page. Even those auctions off the first Asia at the bottom, you won't even look at that. So imagine what is it like to be on the second or third page? That's why you want to position your website to be at the top on the first page and that what S CEO is. So if you recall if you watch my other courses where we talk about Google ads, that is the paid version of how to get the top. So you pay you bet for your bid for the position to be at the top. But here you want to reach that dark spot, organic tea, and that that is what the CEO is. And there are a bunch of factors that ghoul days into the consideration. When it decides which website goop is going, it is going to show at the top for certain search query. So I hope that you will find this, of course, would be very useful. And I'm just going to say that this will be very, very helpful to you because it involves usually free techniques which you can implement on your website and make it better without have bean to pay anything or even if you have to pay for some tools. It's not that much, but it will have to help you be more track to you. We're going to focus on on page factors and off page factors when it comes to the CEO, and that's how you're going to know the difference on what you can specifically no, in order to improve your position. Cool. So thank you for watching. I hope to see the full in videos. 2. How does PageRank work: Hello, Everyone and the neighbor talking about the patron. So Page Rank was one of the first algorithms invented by Google Bank in the days when it was founded. It got its name by one of the co founders, Larry Page, and it's very powerful because basically every other algorithm built after that was kill based on the the bay drank. So the pay drink is like the grown base for every other algorithms that Kate After that, I keep in mind that today we will uses over 250 factors. Teoh determine and rank pages. In general, we're going to take a basic overview. I have prepared a white board here withdrawing to try to give you a simple overview and keep in mind that they drank is much more complicated than what I'm going to show you today , because it is also a formal algebra, which we're not going. We're not going so deep into the concept. I just want to give you a basic overview. So you understand how it works, which is important for the whole understanding off the CEO, and I'm going to explain one of its basic principles and that it's like building. Okay? I wanted to know. Also is that bedrock is built on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best possible. Score your website. And before we start with white board drawing, I just want to explain your three actions how search works. So you have three actions crawling, indexing and ranking. Okay. Crawling is the first action where Google releases bunch of little robots called crawlers or spiders. And they go from the website, a website with different links that connect different websites. And they gather in the indexing second action. They order, store and organize the data and finally, ranking process. They decide which right side which day they're going to show you. So they rank them based on on the Roberts, and that is the most important part. So now we're gonna take a look at the drawing that I have prepared to give you a basic a Loreal off patron. So here I've prepared a drawing on, like we can imagine this a z a wet and has five websites. Okay, on you can see the A, B, C, D and E. And here you can see a little arrows, which actually represent links and those Ling's actually decide and going to certain websites. So you can see here that website a points to the website, the website See website be then you can see that website the returns 11 linked to the West side A which might be for Google suspicious But we're going to take a look at that after that might be a black hat as here for that were they work? Be points to see also So from the goal of perspective, let's say they started crawling process here from from the a website. They see that there is going to the West. I d want to websites e and want to the west and be and that from the website every day so that there's also one link to the website see on one back to worsen a so so far they see that there are two wings pointing to the West. I see which tells us that there might be something interesting or relevant to the website. See, let's go to the website. It points back to the website be and again to the website see, so now we can conclude that press etc. Is very, very good for you toward them because it has three websites pointing to it. Okay, was what said he has doing pointed and website. He doesn't have any legs, the same goes for actually good website has one. And when we come to the website D, we can see that it has willing from the website seek and if you recall it has won a link from the website A that tells us that although it has only two links, one of the links comes from the web sensi which is very important in this situation because that website is very authority. So as Google season. So it's not just about the quantity of place because it is the whole algorithm was just about the quantity and number of legs there that there could be a lot off, you know, like bad things that other websites we knew it was like, That s your techniques where people would be making deals of pointing to other rings for people will be making fake remains, just pointing to several websites. And that's not for Google wants they don't want, just wanted eight. They want quality. They want even more than quantity so for that. Although website v West side the have a both the same number of things too. The website he has the number has won Lee from the website See which before they had three ladies and that is what counts. Okay, so in terms off search, the least relevant here would be the website E because it doesn't have any links point to it. Okay, The website a would be the next one because it only has one wing pointing to a certain one thing pointing to it and it has trilling is pointing to other websites. Okay, then there will be website be because always has as weeks like to laze as website d The those things are coming from A and E which are not so relevant as it is a case with websites See And that depending so although the websites he has more links We said that where said you got it, Ling from the very tortuous It's a weather. Google would rank this the website or see as the 1st 1 depends. That's the thing I told you. They think more things into consideration not just a number of things and quality weeks they take even other factors. Keywords. So we're going to take a look at that. So from this drawing, I just want to point out and and to say how important, having glace pointing to you and also your having Lee pointing to other. And that's actually how a patron work. So imagine this principle billions of billions of websites. And that's what actually, when Google surgeon, that's how Google's invention works. So you have something, and based on their calling process and indexing, they make the rank different Web websites based on their relevance to your query. 3. On-page factors explained (powerful SEO tips): Hi, everyone, and welcome back. We're continuing with course on in this video. We're taking a look at the on page factors and if you recall in the first videos, I mentioned that ASIO call the techniques Paseo and its implementation is consistent off two fighters on page factors and off page factors. And in this video, we're talking off about the on page factor. So I have prepared here almost 20 or more different tips or things that you can use in order to improve your ranking. And first, I'm just going to give you a a basic definition of what on page factors are. If you still haven't understanding, understand that concept. So our bench page factors all have to do with elements off your own website that on page factors include technical set up the quality of your coat, that show and visual contact which which are going to focus most on and user friendliness off your website. So to conclude on page factor is basically how you want the world to see you. And that's the most important thing when it comes to the corporation off on page off page factors because on page factor is something that you can control. The first thing is original call. So the first thing that you want to improve website one of my better is the confidence. And that is maybe the most important thing besides links because well rated and relevant, called were thank you very high. People coming will come back to read it, share it with friends linked to it and so on. And that really prove your oral score. I just want to mention a few ticks so you can focus on to help you prove your content offerings and your search engine rankings in general by posting So block Post article. Social media content how two guys and tutorials, video and audio recordings and info, graphics or other visual contact. So I gave you hear an overview of the things that as a condom, because content is the terms very general here and give you specifics on what is mostly connected to the contact with contact when you use it, and what should you be focusing on? So maybe that's blogging. Maybe that's video. Maybe those are infographic some statistic, but choose your your type and focus on that next thing would be involved link, so that would be the second thing also as back wings. Okay, so they act like realized reputation. Imagine if you went to vacation and you asked for person Where is the best pizza in this town? And they told you with it, King pizza at the second. Okay, for example. And all four person would tell you the same place without that being related, for example, then that would mean that that pizza place is probably very good because us poor person, they're not related and they recommended that place. Same thing happens with the links and the website. So if there is one, there are four websites with a certain topic and they point within leg toe to another website, one website, certain website and they say that you can find some data there and that means that that website is great. That's why you should have other place. So this is also off page factor. But I wanted to include it here because you can also include links on your website to other websites, which is also important. It's not important just to get links. It's important to give legs matter description. That description is that when you do a search query meta description would be that text, which comes under the headline. So before you enter a certain website, you can read about the content about what is there that showed description, and that is the method description, and you should focus to put the search keywords for which you want to qualify there. That's how you will improve your your overall score next one headings. So when it comes to your court, whatever easier you're running about. And keep in mind that headings will usually be one of the first thing that Google is going toe analyze when it comes to the keywords. So keep in mind that if you want to qualify for the city, seven keywords include those key words in the headline is possible, but only to make it sound natural. Next one internally. So we mentioned in bombings. But here, mentioning internal ings, that means that you should point when you write. You can see that very often people write their articles. They point to certain other articles on their website, or if they write about such a product, which they sell, then they will point with a link to that if they're also the e commerce up, they will point to that product and so on. So keep in mind that putting internal ings so for your other webpages inside your side, keep in mind that that will help you to index suicide. Even better, I had to do to understand it better next one mobile friendly. So this is actually, I think in 2009 Google announced that this will be one of the most important thing. So if your website can your words that can have a break on that you can have it can you can have a great contact. It can have a lot off links on even, you know, like it can. It can be on the top place when it comes to that stop. But if it's not mobile friendly, if it's not often I supported mobile phone. Google will push it down because they find it very, very important that the website is multiplies 44 OK, the next one. As a self certificate. This one is very important when it comes to the security. You don't need to have some technical knowledge of this. You can just plug in, but it's important to have it because it will write better. And you then the users visiting your website will know that you over some kind of protection. How will you know if you have as the cells certificate next to your age deep be before the name of your remain, you will have additional s. So that means that you have that that's level off that layer of security next one as seo keywords and phrases. So make sure that when you write a contact, you include not too many but certain number off key words that your qualifying for next one image name and all this is very important. So when you when you upload images of publishing website, it's important to grow all tax because then you basically tell search is that. Imagine if the search is visually impaired, so it's a blind person and it doesn't see image. You need to write a text which BOJ can read. For example, let's put it in those terms which you can read and that understand what images that is really important to do because sometimes people search something on the Google and they click on images that they want to search images and Google will put those images based on the all time is that you have inputted there. That's the first thing. So you want to put all tax in order to better, and the second thing is that you want to optimize your images for for websites. So, for example, if you use animations, you want to use the GIF format. If you want to save higher quality images that use PNG, the resolution is not so important. You use J G J P G for my So get those keep those things in mine and also for e commerce. Sometimes they make a mistake because they put nails which are very high quality. So that takes longer time for the website story. You don't need it when it comes to you can, but it's It's already very small. You can put a new image with lower wall. It doesn't have to be perfect with high resolution. So keep those things in mind and optimize your images. Next. Next thing, fresh content Okay, so fresh is is very important. In order to tell a whole show that you were still active, it will see that you have acted that you're not just publishing Carter, but also updating the the old one. So if you wrote about something in 15 4016 Google wants you to update that. So change data. If you mention some statistical data, you need to change the numbers. Of course, if we talk about definitions and facts, those things they'll say. But if there is something that needs to be updated, you should definitely those days, but not just up. Just updated things, also creating new things. Next one Title update old. You're also keep in mind that sometimes you will delete some pages of the website will add you think stage headlights and so on. So also the u R l should be changed. You should do that and you should also, if you have pointed to a certain you are out in your with your internal links and then you change that you are else that previous euro, which which you have link will not be active because you have changed. So keep those things in mind and change that you're out. So keep your websites, but set up okay, that's very important to know Next thing style Tex title Thanks are basically those headlines when you when you search for servant topic that headlines that goes and also in the toolbar when you have the shoulders short light I would say that title off the website that that is the title. So keep it, you know, keep it relevant, maybe optimized for seven pages and also be sure to put the certain key words there. Okay, that's that's really important when it comes to the title text. Sometimes school will change it, adjust it for some reason. But the thing you can do is definitely optimize that. That this this the title, those title things and trying to be Israel about this possible Warren separation. So this is very important. So when you when it comes to the URL So if you have a longer you are out and you have, like, more words into your domain, you should separate them. You should definitely Delgado with each words work means okay, so he doesn't get confused. And, of course, for people like imagine if you tell somebody Hey, check out my website or something like I don't want them to do the whole the whole war. The whole world without knowing where the space should be. A song The next is case and Senate the sensitivity And this is again we're talking about your out you shouldn't use Kept the letters in your your own because you might confuse the search engine. So you should have to take care that I don't use capital letters in your get And you're like, OK, that is the X factor, So keep in mind that it should be as short as possible, but that doesn't mean that you should exclude everything. Okay, you should just keep it very short. You can take a look at the very popular remains, their usually very short, but they also have to be descriptive. People should know what they conclude, and not just for the main domain, but also for supplements. For several Web pages, people should know what's on that webpage is based on on the remainder is written, so keep in mind that it should be short, but you should have taken from the descriptive part get the next one is page organizations . So if you have a lot of different topics covering when your website there were categories, may be sub sub domains. Some websites inside one bigger website. You should definitely organize that category sub categories on different folders and so on page B. Also so very important there are certain towards which which we're going to should mention later on. But some of those that you can use in order to does the speed of your website how how long it takes to load and you should have the work of those things in order to prove that. And keep in mind that sometimes if people have already visited, your website will have some cookies saved on their phone or computer, so equal load faster. But you want to see how in which being close to the general public next one is due. Always track with analytics, so whatever you do whichever factor that you're focusing on, you should try everything with analytics on. That will help you to understand the behavior on your wife's side. And one of the things that you need to prove include the video sometimes is benefiting from the video because people prefer watching one minute a video there read 300 text 200 worked text, so that's important to know and maybe for some toppings are better to understand. Visually, you should include video. Also, video will sometimes help you to rank higher if it's while it's very popular. You do, for example, that might pop up at the top when it comes to the search, such where next one is to use our words on always in your headlines next trigger to trigger a response from from surgeons, you know, here are way to read with power. Words are so powers are words that smart copy writers used to trigger a psychological or emotional response. They're called powers because they're so pursues thing that people simply can't resist being influenced by that someone who's number in their title text and drive attention that way. So, for example, if you sometimes search for some tips and there and then you see, like Five Steps How to Lose Weight 56 how to become rich and three tips on how to improve your help that tips on how to say my assault. So when you see those things, you get interested because you know it sounds very, very short, and here it is. You just like that, you know, like five tapes and that said, So get those our powers and also how to become or how to successfully something or and you know so so those are also sometimes there's those air. Even part of the clique bites strategies. But anyway, keep in mind that sometimes you should use, and powers are very often used in order to trigger the psychological and emotional response from readers and create a custom for a 4 404 page. If you sometimes run into some pages, is not active for some reason, you should definitely make Acosta version so you don't want to see cool telling you that you went to you. Run into somebody yourself error. But you are able to optimize your your custom for a four page, and you should definitely customize it, because that way you will show who will that even with people, run to something that they are not supposed to. You still have taken that part into consideration, and I have seen some great examples of people customizing that page, and it looks really great, especially when you put on that page back linked to the home page with previous page or something like that, so that that's really put toe to keep in mind increase your social proof. So through reviews that testimonials you should put them on your Web sites in order to show that euros. So do actually show us the word says your social proven that you have that connection with the outside world. Next one would be to make sure your site is crumble. So by creating XML site met. That is a bit work that Barbara. Anyway, you need to allow cool to in that crawl and index your and finally rank your website, and that's why that part is very important. Otherwise you won't appear in search, sir. Drink on. The last one is to delete low quality pages. So there are sometimes, uh, ages that are simply not used or not visited. Or they're like they're using. They're not. They're using a resource which might be which should be available for some other things. And it's recommendable that you release those webpages there. There are some websites of big Web pages which deleted the old content on certain Web pages that were performing very weak on they got. So there s C, we proved so keep those things also mind when you're very, very big website. When you have only a few pages, that doesn't matter that much. Okay. And so the finally the conclusion I want to give you actually to be you from here would be that on Page Seo means writing awesome contact content that people want to read content that people like to about that your website should be fast and it should be user friendly. People should be able to navigate aside easily. They should instantly know where to click, as he also has to do with security. Make sure your website won't be hacked. Google doesn't like So that was the general or view. As I mentioned here. There are a lot of different factors which you can take in tow. Calm. I hold that you were Maybe it's a good thing that you write this nose down and they will help. You don't have to focus on all of the factors because some factors are only applicable to big whip websites, you know, But you can definitely work on some of them and they dio account if you want to write better on this urgency. So thank you for watching and see the focal videos 4. Off-page factors explained: welcome back, and this year we're taking a look at the off page factors. So in the previous video, we took a look at the on page factors, and now we're taking a look at the off page factor. So I would like again to start with with the basic definition and what off page factors are on what is important there. So if you focus on off page Seo, you mostly aimed to get more links to your site. The more relevant links you get, the higher your ranking on Google will be OK, so that's the basic concept. But there are some other things in addition to just links external mix. Okay, off page factor. So just an overview off base factor is basically how the world sees. So a few things that I want to mention here first is definitely the link building. The thing that we explain. So you want as many people as possible as many website, it's possible to linked to you, and that will make you more authority. And that will actually tell Google that you have something that is relevant, something that is important because so many people are pointing to you okay on the next one would be to not just seek for many external wings. You know, we mentioned that relationship between quantity and quality. You don't want just to have his many links. It's possible you want to have them from the very, very relevant and authority website. So it's not the same when New York Times gives you, like on when some some unpopular website from from, I don't know, since the mobile western gives you so that's very, very different and keep those things also in mind. The next one is to include your website link on your social media. So that is something the easiest thing you can do. Like if you have a Facebook page, include your website link. There have a LinkedIn page had interest. The profiling instrument based on you all always always had the option to clean your website lee and do that so include your website wings, because that would be that such high authority websites purporting to you the next one would be anchor text and first of all, I would like to define what protects eso. Anger effects is the visible, applicable decks in a hyperlink. Okay, in modern browsers. It is often blue and another one. So you definitely know what I mean. When you read the text, you see blue tax, which is underlined, usually contains some clicks that that's there. You can read it if you could put the link behind the text and basically that think that you added that is the anchor text on why that is really important is because it tell cool was the topic off your page? So somebody is putting the link behind that next. And it's telling Google what actually behind the attacks is true. Those and critics. That's why it's so important. Okay, so just be careful that you don't put too many back links with the same anchor text because that could that could be a problem. And I will give you disintegrating. I found all night. So here's an example. If you ask five of your friends, okay, you just ask five different unrelated friends. How did you spend your day yesterday? Okay. And all of them. So I said by different underweighted France you as a house just back your day yesterday and they all tell you awesome. I started my day by walking my dog. And then I had some french fries for lunch that would be suspicious, right? It's also suspicious from school. So, like all five of them do not really, and they give you the exact same answer doesn't say things that happened with the anchor text, and you don't want that, so you want to have. I mean, I know that you cannot control what happens on the website, but that's a thing. So you should be careful that even when you put that protects, but also in people point, you want to offer different keywords and not just aim for 11 type of fact protect. So this refers more still more to when you put and protects on your website that bill. So careful on, if you know this, some unusual behaviour on different websites. Okay, that is important for Google. And, uh, next one would be Make sure that your started book, more or shared again cannot control these things. But try to so it's it's very good when somebody saves or bookmarked website. That means that it's something is relevant over there on that. Let's go. To recite is is interesting for some reason, so you want people to do so again cannot control those things. But if you put a good content relative content that is related to a certain topic to topic , they're looking for that it could be You can increase the chance of your website being bookmark or see or share and finally, social book marking now it is not for a zit used to be, but it's still a good way to get traffic to your website. Basically that depending on your mission topic your website, you can find Web the different websites like Reddit Chora stubble upon that comment. So to promote your content, so visit those. I don't want to go too deep those topics, but those are like very You have huge communities there which is causing topics, and you could go there and then you can discuss different topics. There. You can put a lot of comments about place, and among others, you can always include the link to your website. That is something that you get in a way control. Get the next one. I want to just explain the difference of their three main types off lakes defined by how they there. OK, so we're going to discuss three different link types natural leagues, manually built links and self peelings. I want you to understand the stopping because we mentioned so many times likely clings. But you know, there's a difference between different types of legs and Google also see them as different game. So I want to give you a different look at them. First mentioned, natural links are editorially given without any action on the part of the page older. So those are like when somebody writes a content and they reference to you because they read that content at your page, it first and they want to point it for some reason. Okay, and that is the natural way. I would say the best possible way to get link so But you can only do that when you offer a great content of around content. People will link to you to show where they found that information review. If you offer some statistical may that they will point to you to show that you have the data and that will be very good when it comes to ranking next one manual builds link clicks are required to link building activities. This include things like getting customers to link to your website or asking some influencer to mention to you. So this is like making an agreement with under websites. Or but we're not talking about Black Hat Seo or so illegal elections were talking about regular Riemann, where you try to make a partnership with certain website. You promote each others activities when you referenced one another and so on. Or if you pay for some influence of the reference to you or ask customer is a measure to give you um so so that's also a good way, but the natural ways more desirable and the last off the last link that is self created links on the That's basically when you goto my directory forum, where there's a huge community and you basically point to you or to your website, that would be like saying, if you go to some some big websites where you can comment and you put your links so you go to YouTube and you go to YouTube Comment section, and there you input your legs, so basically it is an external link, but in a way, you were able to bend. Plate does link so don't. That's why they're called self created links. But be careful because very often these times simply I'm not saying that they're not like you can go to YouTube. And sometimes maybe you can answer to some comment and, like, say, a I can ride the full explanation here. But if you want to know more about this discussion topic, you can visit my website and include the link, and that is perfectly fine. But if you start spamming and going to that black hat Seo side, then it could be a problem. Okay, So finally, just to conclude, don't worry. If you cannot get control over these factors, usually with great on base factor off page factors will improve organically that this actually. So don't worry on that. Focus more on page factors, but also be sure if you notice something unusual regarding off page factor or if you know this some party you can improve or you can take action. Do so. So thank you for watching and seeing for you 5. E-A-T concept explained: Hey, everyone, this video we're taking a look at E A D concept or constant. Google says that this concept is very important when it comes to determine the higher or low quality of the website. So E 80 is the abbreviation is for expert, authoritative and trust 40. So goo basically says that if your website display these characteristics, it will be seen as a high quality website. Well, if it this place, if it doesn't display these characteristics that we mentioned, it will be seen as the lower quality website in the ice of the engine. So let's explain those three elements and then we're going to take a look at how you can actually affect them. The 1st 1 we mentioned expert nous. So it's very important that you you are an expert on the topic that you're introducing, how you're going to achieve that by showing people they trust your website and that they will find it useful. Okay, that is when he port expertise is less important. To know is that expertise is less clear critical when it comes the humor gossip websites, but it's vital and essential becomes the medical websites, financial, legal websites so the next one, the next element would be authority nous, and that is very, very important when it comes to your contact, you want to show that people can be trustful when it comes to the information that you're offering and, moreover, not just that. But when it comes to the fore websites or huge community discussion websites, the quality of the conversation drives authority. There also personal experiences, credentials we've used so on, improved break when it comes to the authority. Finally, trustworthiness is it is very important because you show that you're outside, has that security aspect taken don't count And that is really important when it comes to the e commerce website. So you want to show people that when they give you some personally for your taking care of that in the best possible way gate And now I would like to show, actually to mention how you can boost your aural E 80 score. So first of all, when we mentioned that authority nous on expert message, so So you want to include when you write some content, you want to put out their names, be over if you're in any type of editorial context. So whoever is writing some are giving some advice. You want to write that that person ate that person, be over, feed the credentials and so on. It is really important because just imagine if you're leading. If you're reading some medical advice and so on, you want to be sure that those advice targeted by a doctor you don't want some student t give you those advice or some patients on you want to be sure that those advice is relevant , and that is the most important thing. So if you have a website for publishing some contact, especially with those sensitive topics, be sure to include Who is the person behind it? If it's a financial advice is coming from a broker for a specialist on that topic is coming from some just the guy investing and so on, so that's really important. The next one is cut or any below 80 content, although if you have low E 80 content, it won't affect your other 80 contact, but it will affect the the overall Web site and its core. So keep in mind to cut or edit that Lower 80 court on this continent is not displaying the characteristics and elements women should previously finally invested. Technical security. This is the most important body when it comes to the trust worked in this, because you want to show people that you're offering that level, that high level of security. And you don't want to show some misleading informational steps or any signs when it comes to that cecom phrase with face when they need to give a credit card number, and so on. Finally, I want to say that unity concept is closer. Rated with Google over first us. Why am Why help pages on that stands for your money or your life pages? So I'm going to read, Or those pages are why and why? Help pages are those that have topics on medical advice, legal advice, financial advice on that sort of things. Anything that could positively or negatively affect your happiness or well or health is considered to be why, while pay just a few examples, so and all my store asking for your credit card for a mommy blogger getting parenting advice, financial institution block, offer legal advice and medical help page listing symptoms for rare disease. I found this on mine this concept is it's not so so mentioned around, but it's important to know. So if you have just just include with this if you have a website that this has some sensitive topics, the school called. Why a while? Why? Why wild content? Then you want to make sure that this E 80 concept is very, very developed because it Google basically says that those pages that have that had why, while content and high 80 concept and score, they will run very happy. Very high in the search Surgeons is so that's the over ago she wants to achieve with the CEOs. Get that my thank you for watching see falling videos. 6. What is the Answer Box and how to appear there: hi, everyone. In today's video, we're taking a look at the answer box. It's relatively new but very popular feature of Google, which introduced in their search ranking. So here I prepared a screenshot of How does it look in case you haven't seen before? So basically, you type in a query on below that you will have the answer box, which will give you. It's like the extended version off meta description. But you can see a part of the content it, since since relevant, you can click on that website at read the whole content. So now we're going to explain how you can try to get there, so keep in mind that try to get there. So that means that there's no guarantee way. There's no universal formula, at least for now, or how you can get there. But there are some things and some things that researchers have seen what you can do or which things you can focus in order to try to qualify for that place. So there's definitely approved that a Google daisy, the cow click through rate and engagement when it comes to the answer box. So if they put some website there and people are not clicking. They're not finding that content to be wrong, but they will definitely change the dancer box. So even the way the cool Jew, the way of guru choosing which one said to be that is constantly J. So they're updating their algorithms, so we cannot know for sure. There's no universal for realize that said, but we know some things that you can focus on. Okay, important to know also that currently around 11% of the search has those answer box. But that number will definitely increase in the future because it's a very, very powerful, powerful feature. Moreover, the things that you could do for sure is Teoh. Try to put keywords that a relevant in your headline because guru will analyze your content from the top, and it will usually start with the headline So trying to include your keywords there, make sure that your content is clear and concise. Okay, trying Teoh include as many as possible external ing's. So that way you were show that you actually did a good research and that you're linking toe . Other resource is which are also very good. Moreover, maintain social engagement and ensure that there is a cross device usability. So don't just optimize for one device. One place will do it for the old possible ones. And in that way it will definitely be one of the candidates that will be qualified for the answer box. So thank you for watching. 7. SEO tips (things to avoid): Hi, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about the SC of this, but the things that you don't want to do when you try to optimize for the search engines, so keep that thing in my we're looking at is that you should avoid doing gate. The first thing would be don't focus on the crawlers. Sometimes people need to stay because they want to rank websites in the best possible way, and they focus on the crawler. So they tried to spend for the crawling process, and they focus on building link quills full, some keywords thumping and so on. Article spinning things that so So don't do those things. Focus on the humans people who were going to read that content. So that's important to know. Don't try to fool the crawler or the whole technology behind the search engine. Next one. Don't go from quantity for quality. So, in my opinion, if you have a website publishing some kind of content, if you have a few pieces of content, is performing very good focus on that. Rather than trying to produce and bring a lot of you content. So it's better to focus on something that is over existing and trying to improve it. Updated at graphics, animations and so on rather than producing bunch of new cornice. We're talking for specific situation when it comes to the S e o. Okay, so that would be my advice. Food quality, not quantity. Next one a going over optimization. And this is true when it comes to the keywords. So don't try. I know that you want to qualify for certain cures, but don't go over optimizing its don't put a lot of key workers in your content. Don't make it unnatural So you want to include the keywords But just in the enough Imam, that will not That will not be penalized by guru. Ok, finally, don't, uh actually, one more thing before the final one don't qualify for the keywords that had zero commercially. That is just in case if you're selling something, if you were e commerce websites will be careful there. You don't want to qualify for the words that are not commercially that doesn't have a they don't have commercial intent. So if people want to try something for free or something, or just inform themselves about something they don't have that commercially. So be sure to x exclude those keywords and just qualified for the ones that irrelevant and the final one would be. Don't copy the contents. There is a lot of discussion on whether you can do that, but you can. Whether Google is penalizing that or not. Thing that I found is that cool is not penalizing when you copy content, but it's when it comes to the duplicate version. School is just filtering out duplicate versions, and it's only showing the original one. So if if you don't have the original called that, you will be filter out and it will be sent to 2nd 3rd pages. Cool so you won't get penalized in a direct way. But you will be filtered up again. That supported no on everything that I want to mention a block about Black hat Seo techniques. I just want to read about it. So is basically black had S e O refers to the peace and strategies that attempt to spend or full search edges, and there are a lot of the knees that the Web masters used to do. So they were making different link shames that they were using block directories, article directories, a different websites and comments. They were forced, boasting a bunch off links to their pointing to their website and so on. So if you try to trickle the search engine, that can be profitable in the short term. But the long term Google will figure out they have a lot of algorithms. They have introduced a lot of our current during the year, so they're ready for those things. And as I said it, it is never a longer run. It's never good. Option two. Did you Black had to actually do any of the Black Hat Seo techniques so focused on why had Heskey techniques on that that way will definitely qualify for the 1st 1st few places when it comes to the organic search. So thank you for watching and following the news. 8. Local SEO tips: Hi again, everyone In this video we're taking a look at the S e o local tips. So so far we have been talking about the issue. But in general, on the general level in this video, we're going to mention how you can focus on ASIO and writing better in surgeon shit if you our local website. So you know, is that toe optimize for the all the answer the way for the whole country, for region. You just want to optimize and be relevant to a certain place. So we're gonna look at that and we're going to start with. I'm going to mention a few days I'm going to explain the each one of them. So the 1st 1 would be to include citations and as this popular improved that consistency, that is the abbreviation off that name, address and phone. There's no so additional w like the website. So those are the basic things that you want to include wherever that you're promoting yourself. So if your local website name, address, phone website, you should have includes those data everywhere, and the most important thing when it comes to this, is that they need to be consistent. That means that you don't want to include different names for different, different black homes. So, for example, if you have a future job agency, you don't want to be called Future Job agency one platform off the other one future job agency and see on the other one future job agency just or future jobs. Or you want to have that consistency. If that's future job, and I'll see then keep it like that. But if you ever say for the street, you don't want to put somewhere street somewhere, just esti somewhere, just number. Or if you put the city and always include the postal code, you want to include it on every platform. Okay, that's the most important thing to keep and consistency off your data. Next one is get on Google my business. So it's a very It's a very, very important thing to do because it's basically when you make a Google my business profile account, you give your information to Google and that based on that, they put that information on different platforms. You will appear on Google Maps or Google Search and many other products or services they own that are important for local market. Okay, so keep in mind that you should definitely make a profile down there. Grew my business means that somebody, when someone searches for some relevant keyword to you on Google search on the right side we're talking about. That's the person on the right side. You will have that pop up window with few images at the name of the business events of some information, and that's where you want to be. Okay, that's really important for the next one. Get get online reviews. So that is the really important thing to get, like reviews from your customers. If you have customers coming to your local physical sort every day, you want to ask them, Hey, can you give me a you? Can you write a review? Google Other When my website giving testimonial may make a case on the old elevate or with your other other customers that someone so that's really important because that way you will show that you have a social group on the Web next one, create local content. So this is very important because if you're focusing on local ASIO, a small town, maybe you can write about local happenings or so on. I would say that you should be like the local news blood over something like that. But you can write about, you know, history of some part of the city. Or maybe you know, some interesting stories that way, the audience that this reading that will maybe future your they will be your potential customers. And they will be. They will find it easier where to get to you. Okay, so that's really important. Focus on the local content. If you're over website and you want to run for the local ASIO, don't write about national takes about worldwide things that so there's no point of it. Okay, conduct low cooling building. That would be the next one. So if you're working locally, you definitely have some partners. I'm not talking about competition. I'm talking about other companies that you have agreements partnership with so on. So close on them. Ask Maybe they could link back to you willing dad. You know, if you just concluded a partnership with some some other company, maybe you could write a small article on your website. Came We just concluded one year agreement with this company. Here is the link to check them out, and they could do the same thing for you. And that's a great things. We're not talking about any links. Sheen's That's just like a natural linking to another website. The next one blogged about local events again depends on what you do, but sometimes you concluded there's a big local coming. You can include it on your website, maybe even if you support it. That's a great thing that maybe organizer's off that event will say, like, Hey, these are supporters and they really back to you. They will mention there will promote that, and that is something that is relevant to the CEO in general. Get next one. Get local coverage. This very portal, especially for for local ASIO to ask if there are local journalists or local bloggers influences. You can ask them to come to your place. You have a physical store, maybe give you something. You write an article about you, maybe record a video so on, and that way you will get a bunch of links towards you and also people usually living in one place to visit those local blog's or new size. And then they ceiling. There they will come to your website and usually those websites are higher toward the website. So does things were a lot. Okay, The next one would be to add a virtual tour through your website, depending on what you do and which side you are. But if you are possible, you can add a virtual tour to a website, because that way you will also write better, because people would come to visit those things and so on so you can write better in search engine tenderly create local specific landing page could have multiple locations. So maybe you are a company that is focusing on the local market. But you have several occasions and that is fine. That is great, actually. So you would you want to do there is make. You don't have to make a special website for each location, but maybe try to make different Web pages planting pages for seven locations. So in that way, people won't get confused when they come toe one page. Whether they're looking at writing is so skewed. Those things in my localize your website, that means that you should wherever you write your name, you should include the address city on so on. So it's like the extension to your name because you're focusing only locally. Which brings us to the next one next day that it's used regional keywords. So if you're focusing special on a specific market, you don't want to write for the whole month. You just want to run for that market. So keep in mind that key words that you use should be should be targeted only 27 audience, for example, if you can exchange office and then you want to talkto qualified for the keywords only in your market because you're not interested to advertise to people who are in a different city different, they won't drive a few 100 colleges to change money. Okay, so if you have an exchange office and you want to target local, make sure to include the name of your down region city and so on, because that will help you to better find your audience and your audience. Better finds you find you get. And finally, don't forget Teoh as it is with General ASIO. The same applies here. You should optimize your website just for not just for the mobile platform but also for the cross device usability And also you should take into consideration to speak of your website . So user friendliness, mobile optimization, speed of the websites remained very important part off the off the local s your tactics tactic as it is with the general issue tactic. So thank you for watching those would be some local s your tips that you should focus on if you're local business. Thank you for watching and seeing the bullet videos. 9. How to Optimize for Voice Search: Hi, everyone in today's in You were talking about the voice as CEO. So important to know is that by appointing to some research by 0.20 almost 50% off all search queries that will be made by voice. And that's really important. If you want to optimize your upset to be at the number one spot, I'm going. Teoh dunk about four key points in this video, and the 1st 1 will be key keyboard research for the voice. It important at the beginning is to make a distinction between how we die and how we speak . So when we type, we try to make the phrases as short as possible. On the other hand, when we speak, we try to be more natural. So when I say voice search, I'm not only referring to the mobile voice and when you say okay, okay, go or hey, Siri, I also referring to those home assistant devices like Amazon home Microsoft Cortana, where people are actually speaking to their advice in order to get some some feedback. Worse, I mean for the they're looking for. So when you type, let's say that you're in Paris and you're looking for coffee shop. Okay, When you type of global, you're probably most likely to just type best coffee shop or something like that, since school will know your location. But when you're doing a voice search, you're most likely to say, Okay, Google, tell me Work and I are in the best coffee in Paris, for example. And that's very important to distinguish because you want to optimize for those keywords. Okay, so there's As I said, there's a clear distinction between typing and speaking when you try to optimize for the voice keywords, trying to make it more natural because you're when you talk to the device, it's like you're talking to the other human. So imagine also, if you're in some local area and you're looking for a bunch of shop on Google, you will most likely to just type butcher shops near me. But maybe talking to the device, you might say, Hey, okay, War. Hey, Siri, where can I find the closest but your shop or, for example, you want to buy a washing machine? Most likely when you die, you will just right washing best washing machines or something like that. But when you're telling when you're speaking to device, you may say Okay, Google done some recommendations for the best Washington's Shane's and so on. So try to make it more more human when you're qualifying for those keywords. The next point. So that was the point. Number one point number two is that voice as CEO is very important for local businesses. So, according to some research also was 50%. Singers that are made by voice are used for local area, so people very often use the phrase near me when you're referring to the device. Maybe they're driving there. They're looking for a grocery shop. They're asking for business, our for phone number and so on. So if you're a local business trying to optimize for those days, okay, so you can when people use their voice to search for something in your local area, they can see you can actually get the info from your at the stop. The next thing is a future snippet. We talked about that earlier that when you type something in Google and get that first box without entering any website, or Google just pulls out the most self content, you want to optimize for that place. And if you manage to do that, just that you're going to prove your s e. When it comes to regular search and also those home assistant, they usually read the contact from those boxes, so you will be very relevant. Important thing to know is that you know, when we talked about Seo, we always mentioned that it's more. It's the best thing is to be always Number one, of course, but it's not a problem if you're a 2nd 1 because those positions also get a lot of traffic . But when it comes to the voice search, important to know is that only the 1st 1 will get the most traffic because most often the voices system will just take the in for from there. And it won't go any further. Okay, so try to be as relevant as possible. And the last thing I want to mention four thing is structured data eso using structurally and you can help search engines cruel and your content efficiently. Okay, so with shame a markup, you can better control which information you provide to the customers looking for your website. So implementing strike a structured data results in rich snippets, we will increase your picture rate driving, driving more traffic and, of course, bring many other advantages. So that's really important thing to know. You should devote some time to that part also. And finally, I just want to say that there is still another tool that will tell you exactly how many traffic aren't getting from the voice search. But based on some key words queries, you can try to figure it out, feel that out and see how relevant is the boy's search optimization for your website. And the last thing I want to mention is that when you try to qualify for those local sanctuaries where people use the phrase near me, you don't actually have to put the words near me into your keywords. Okay, so or your content? Don't worry about that. That's just a phrase that help school to determine that people are looking for something in their local area. And in that way we can structure and organize the content data that it's giving to its to its users in a better way. So don't worry, you don't have to. If you're trying to improve your content and put relevant keywords, you don't have to literally right where it's near me. I just wanted to mention that because sometimes people get confused by that phrase. Don't worry about that. You don't have to include it in your content website. Thank you for watching. I hope to see it before. 10. SEO tools (short overview): Hi, everyone in this video, we're talking about the SUV tools and I'm going to give you a list and mentioned some of the tools that I find to be a very important that are very popular. Important to know is that some of these tools are free. Some are not some off free trial, so it will be up to you to test them to try and see which one is the best on. I was want to mention that there are definitely Fritos that you can use and improve your rankings with them. The 1st 1 is most keyword Explorer. It's a very popular irritable, and it offers a lot off insides and features such volume. Certain features s So that's why I would recommend it. Moreover, it has also most local link builder Jekyll like presents most pros. It has a lot of additional tools inside that you can use. The next one is Google keyword planner. It's a free tool available within Google ads. When you're making us so it's very powerful, it's very it integrated. Its interface is easy to navigate, and it's easily integrated with your ads that you're putting in less. So that's one of the biggest advantages. I would also recommend Ince's. It's the tool from Google on this Is maturity of the traffic is happening on their their suggestion there really able to put a relevant data on a tree? The next two would be answered public. It's great when you want to get ideas on questions around certain key word. It's a Fritos. You basically just go there time, certain keyword or phrase, and you get a bunch of the ideas that you can. People are typing in order to get to that content and so on. Sewell sees integrating also, for we mentioned voice search in this course. It's a great thing to when you type certain keywords to see which more human expressions and search queries people using in a voice it to get to your content into your website. The next thing is that the next one is a spy for keyword research toe. It's a great great too especially golfers a lot of insights and data when it comes to competitors websites, or you can get a lot of useful inside there. The next one is our EPS is one of the most recommended that settles online on its only second in terms off next second removal when it comes to being the largest website crore, so they have a lot of data on. The great thing about you is that it offers insides advising things that you can improve about your website. So that's that's one of the advantages I find when I use RFC. The next one is Sam Brush, also one of the favorites and assume community on it has a very popular feature, the main versus the main, where you can basically compare your made to other domains, and also you can see back Ling's. You can see which call you can see which back Ling's your content is getting mostly and so on your you're usually so, so it's very powerful. The next one would be Q Q Morato dot io You basically hundreds of keywords idea. Based on the words that you input in the search, it's a great Oh, your Stasio is the WordPress clients who have WordPress website. I would suggest that you use it with your barber, anything else that you use golfers, all the great things, like some advice, some things that you can prove it gives him get some rankings and so on. You can also see the descriptions of those things. You can preview them that I would like to mention a few of the Googles tools on problems that you can use that are free, mostly to improve your your S e O. The 1st 1 is going transfer mentioned some other courses, but it's great toe to get inside of the topics and surgery that are popular on that were popular in one moment to know what to expect the next one is Google more mobile friendliness? Nothingto, we're basically you just put the your on off your Web site and go will tell you how whether your website is often my sporting mobile, not which percent and what can you do to improve it? Same thing for Google Page speeding side so you can see how fast your pages are, whether your website is with both quickly or not, badges for those people who are who have already visited because they have cookie saying but also new visitors. And that is one of the very poor factors when Google Term determines who, who should be at the top off the search query. Who will Search comes over is a great great for websites masters on. They could get a lot of few school, they inside some of the website and finally start simulator. You can basically preview how your Web pages we're looking a little surgeon, just a more violent. Also, that stuff. You can see many descriptions, headings and many other things, so I would suggest that you take a look at some of these tools that will be very useful. As I said, some of them are free, some not, but you can definitely combine them, maybe try to make a synergy effect using not just one, but several of them compare data. Probably data will be the same at every when you on every tool that you use. But you can find something that this mutual and definitely your conclusions. We will be more relevant when you compare more than more data than just using one resource . So thank you for watching and seeing for videos 11. SEO for small businesses referral: Hi, guys. This is just a quick update event. You know that I have published a course on how to us, You for small businesses. And I understand that many of you watching this course right now do not have a big websites where you can implement these things that we saw in this course. So that's why I made a separate course. Where you in case you're smaller business, you can focus on that on those as your tips and implement that in order to improve your ranking. Thank you. Once again, I hope to see there.