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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

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      Welcome to the Course!


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      What is a Paid Email Newsletter?


    • 3.

      Why YOUR Paid Newsletter?


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    • 5.

      Coming Up With A Topic


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    • 7.

      Choosing a Platform


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      Setting up Substack (Option A)


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      MailChimp Memberful (Option B)


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      Landing Page


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      Create a Funnel


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About This Class

  • If you love writing, sharing stories or news content, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be getting paid to do it. In a world where content is king, and more and more people are putting value behind premium, curated content, sending out email newsletters is something that you can get paid to do.
  • In this course, you will learn how to create a paid email newsletter product where you’re rewarded for your quality writing.
      • Learn how to research and come up with a compelling topic for your paid newsletter
      • Learn how to build a membership funnel so people can sign up and become a paying member
      • Create a content calendar that you can stick with
      • Create a marketing plan to promote your paid newsletter
  • This is a beginner course. You don’t need to have an already established email newsletter nor do you need an email list. You simply just need to follow the steps in this course and a drive to create the content for your newsletter.
  • In this course, I will provide you with the tools that you need to get your first paid newsletter started. No coding skills required. You will be provided with links to recommended software to get you started.

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Jennifer Nelson

Your Email & SMS Marketing Instructor




Hey there, I'm Jenny! People IRL know me as the email girl :) Thank you for stopping  by! You'll find many classes are geared towards email marketing and other budget friendly channels that you control! I try to make my classes fun and engaging, and most important - PRACTICAL. Every single one of my classes include strategies that you can do TODAY!

A bit more about me‍:  I work with companies to implement marketing automation tools and develop automation strategies that drive engagement and increase revenue. I've spent over 15 years in the media and ad tech industry. My core experience comes from working in the heart of New York City’s advertising hub. My professional experience stems from working for both The New ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Hi, everyone, I'm Jenny. Today's course is gonna be all about how to make money off of your email newsletters. Now we all know the traditional email newsletters that go out on a weekly daily monthly basis out to subscribers who subscribe for free. Well, guess what? Things are changing, and people are now more than ever willing to pay for premium content to be part of an exclusive membership community. And this can be done within your email. If you love writing, sharing stories or news content, then there's no reason why you shouldn't be getting paid to do it. In a world where content is king and more and more people are putting value behind premium curated content, send him out email newsletters, something that you can get paid to do. In this course, you will learn how to create a paid email newsletter where you're rewarded for your quality writing. You're gonna learn how to research and come up with compelling topic. For your paid newsletter, you're gonna learn how to build a membership funnel so people can sign up and become a paying member. You're gonna create a content calendar that you can stick with and you're gonna create a marketing plan to promote your paid newsletter. This is a beginner course. You don't need to have an already established email newsletter, nor do you need an email list. You simply just need to follow the steps in this course and have a drive to create the content for your newsletter. In this course, I'll provide you with the tools that you need to get your first paid newsletter started. No coding skills are required to be provided with links to recommend software to get you started. 2. What is a Paid Email Newsletter?: Let's talk about what is a paid newsletter. So quite simply, a paid newsletter is simply a newsletter that people paid to be a member of. Okay, so it's a monetized email format. We all are used to signing up for a newsletter for free and getting those emails for free. Well, now there's a new spin on emails, and now people are willing to become a member of a newsletter that is super exclusive, and that makes them feel like a member, and it makes them feel like they're part of something. And they're getting value that others can't get value from unless it's paid for. So a paid email newsletter is monetized. It has more quality than, say, your free newsletter would have. It should be high quality. It should be premium value. It should be something that they know they can't get unless they're paying for. And they know others are not getting for free. And, of course, exclusivity. You want to make anyone who's paying to be a part of your newsletter feel like they're getting exclusive rights, exclusive access, exclusive membership privileges to something that you're offering them that no one else is getting now you may be asking, Why would anyone pay to be a part of your newsletter when there are so many newsletter newsletters out there for free? Well, the same thing goes for content. People pay to subscribe to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and other publications that are out there magazines, newspapers and simply just online sites. So people paying for your newsletter is nothing new. As long as they know that there's something exclusive that they're getting from you, then it's important to them. So why would you even create unpaid newsletter? Well, one of the things that I like about paid newsletters is that it re shifts your focus, especially when looking at metrics. One thing that we do when we send out free newsletters is we rely on Opens and Clicks to tell us if this is a good medium for our company for marketing services. Now, imagine if your company and you also have a product arm that is also paid newsletter. What are you going to be looking for to tell you that this page newsletter is working? It's effective, and people like your product Well, if people are paying for it. And that is Ah, definitely a sure way to understand if this is a good vehicle for Were you a good product vehicle for you and sometimes even the card marketing vehicle for you, you know, And later in this lesson, we're gonna talk about pricing models, and one thing about a paid newsletter is that they're not priced extremely high. They are very low price. They should be very low price products, so in a sense they do act as marketing vehicles for you. However, the little perk of that is that you are getting a little payment from it. So we'll talk about more about pricing later. But just know that people are willing to pay for paid newsletters if there is something valuable, exclusive and very special that they're getting from you Newsletter. 3. Why YOUR Paid Newsletter?: So why should anyone pay for your newsletter? And this is a great question that you should have. What I want you to do in this lesson is brainstorm and think about why your specific newsletter is important to the audience that you're going to deliver it to. You need to create a why you need to give people a reason why they should join your list and in better yet, why they should even pay for your list to be on your list. And I want you to think of something that you uniquely offer that no one else is offering out there. Trust me. There is a lot of repetitive content out there, but there is something unique that you offer that no one else could do. And I want you to dig deep and think of that. The other thing that I want to just give you a tip on, you may be thinking, Well, I need to create something new. Oh my gosh, what is what? You know, What is it that I should create? Sometimes that's not always the case, especially if you already have an established business. Let's say if you're a writer, your cell a preneurs you have consultant. Whatever it is, you might already have content. That's out there that maybe you've given to clients come as a part of their client as their package. But you've never delivered it for free. Never put it out there on the block. This may be something that you can deliver in your paid newsletter, so I want you to think about that. So let's go ahead and look at a diagram that I'm gonna have you guys create. So how do you distinguish? What's your free content versus what? Should you actually have it a premium. And then what is it that people are paying big bucks for? Okay, so we're gonna use the example. Um, right here of a career coach will have a few more examples coming up. But for a career coach, let's say they haven't established business. People pay for their coaching services monthly basis. Whatever it is. Um, that's fine. That's late of a business. So what I want you guys to do is draw a little Ben diagram like this. And in that first circle, we're gonna have basically what is it that the audience needs? But they already expect for free. OK, there's a lot of free content out there, So naturally, there are gonna be some things that you do give free. And these are not gonna be low quality content or items these air still gonna be great items. It's just that they're gonna be more on the expected free side. So for your career, Coach, you may post jobless things that are out there, and that may be delivered in your free newsletter on your blog's and where you might have a list of the top recruiting firms, right? These are all pieces of information that people can get from anywhere. It's nothing very new and specific to you. So keep that as free. And then on the let's just go to the far end of this, then diagram and to the right hand side what the audience needs and already purchases. So if your career coach their purchasing your coaching sessions, right, your hourly coast coaching sessions, or maybe you have resume editing services. These are all premium customized pieces of, um um services that you have right there in the middle of this sweet spot here. This is what we're gonna have for our paid newsletter. Okay, Um, it's not expected for free. It's definitely not expected to have a high cost value to it. So it could be a sweet spot for your premium content. And for someone like a career coach, you might have exclusive first access access job listing. So before you go ahead and post out, um, the jobless things, the list of jobs available on your blog's that everyone can see you might offer in a paid newsletter first dibs on the jobs that you have access to as a recruiter. All right, You also might offer some kind of introduction services. So maybe you know a lot of recruiting managers and you can do personal one on one introduction to you're not going to do this for everyone. This is not gonna be for your entire audience out there in the Internet world. This is just gonna be the people who sign up for your paid newsletter. Okay, so that's an example of a career coach. For those of you who are in service businesses, let's look at this example. This is actually an example of one of my paid newsletters. Digital no matter rights for digital marketers who aspire to be also nomadic. So on the free end log posts, how do you become a digital? No matter how do you, um, maximize your your your your income, your profit, your expenses of the digital. No matter all of those things, I might have resource guides that are all for free. I do offer them out on my blog's or as lead magnets or anything like that on the far right . What do people pay for? What are they already paying for and what's high value that they pay for? So, of course, my online courses, my high ticket online courses write anything above $200. Um, those people are paying for my workshops that I have seen being live workshops conferences . Also, if I have ah, conference that's going on, people expect to pay. You know, of course, they're gonna pay for that, right? If there's any other types of conferences that are going on that help people in their digital marketing journey, they will pay for that now, in the middle, right there. The premium content that I'm gonna offer in my paid newsletter, it could be in depth analysis on what I know about the digital marketing world, um, and anything related to digital Nomad as well. So this is my personal reflection. My deep, my deep analysis on Facebook advertising on email, marketing, whatever it is, that's my unique opinion. You're not going to get that anywhere else because it's very unique to me. And it's a digest that someone who subscribing to this newsletter may need nothing I may offer very similar to the career coach is exclusive, unique work up, remote work opportunity. So maybe I have access to remote jobs around the world, and I know them first. And maybe I'm going to give those out to those people first. Okay, so those are that's an example of what I'm gonna give in my pain newsletter. So as you can see, it's not super premium, but it's also not just deemed as oh, I can get this anywhere for free. Okay, has my unique spin on it. Okay, let's look at two more examples. One over here is for writer and novelist, So let's say if you're creative writer here, obviously, on the free side, you might just have your blog's. That's out there and people are always getting access to, um, your block content, right? That should stay free on the far right hand. What are they paying for while your books, right. If you publish books or publish any kind of premium literature or writing content itself there, they will pay for that. Fine. Now your premium newsletter contact. So something that you can do here is maybe exclusive. You can have an exclusive novel that's released in in, you know, in drip modes of Basically week after week, a new chapter of your novel comes out, and this is just something exclusive. It's not a full book, it's not a block post. It's just right there in the middle. And that might be something that people want to sweat subscribe to. They love your content. This is not something that you're gonna publishing a book, but it is something that you're gonna release and you'll do it. The email. If someone becomes a subscribing member paying member another thing that you might do, um, interactive book discussions. People love clubs if you have a following, or maybe you didn't want to kind of build off following eventually for a launch of your book, you can have people pay to become a member of this monthly book club, and you know you will design and have it flow however you need to. But the fact is, hey, for a little $5 membership that could be a part of this community. Um, and this book discussion might be about your book. Might be about other books, right? Also, book reviews, things like that. You can think of things that you can offer as you're right. I think there's a lot of creativity for anyone who is in the writing space and then last but not least, here. Let's think of someone who has a media sites on such a something, such as a travel blawg on the free end on your blogger Rose giving travel updates, news updates A zit relates to travel on the paid premium n. Maybe you sell travel packages. Maybe you have a curation services for creating trips or group travel. Those things should always stay at your your high quality service products. But then, for your paid newsletter, maybe you have curated travel guides for all different parts of countries around the world , and those will become a product that paid members of your newsletter can access exclusively , right? Maybe you create some kind of private community where it's some kind of social aspect to it . Where hey, anyone who's traveling solo travelers, this is private community. You're going to be kind of the connector to that, so they're not gonna And no one's everyone is not getting this are free. Only people who become a paid member to your newsletter are able to access the private community of other travelers. OK, so that might be something that you offer. So that's what I want you to think about when you're creating your Why is what is your unique spin on what you're offering and what's not already offered out there and what's not necessarily your high value product, but somewhere right there in the lower end in the middle 4. Examples: newsletter examples here. So four paid newsletter. There are many different types of patient paid newsletters that you can have, and I've already mentioned this. You don't need anything extravagant. You don't need anything completely different. All you really need is something compelling that your audience wants to be a part of. So a paid newsletter example that we have here is grief, bacon and what she does. She's a writer. She's always been a literature writer, and she offers out her writings. People have, oh, issues always had an audience, but now she offers it at a very low cost where people could subscribe and just hear her thoughts and her letters. Her essays, um, and get them in their in box weekly or monthly, depending on how often she sends them. Another example that we have here is one more on the business side, or, I should say, digital texts. I a Zima czars, exponential view, and his is specifically for people who are in this field and want to just get a deeper understanding of AI artificial intelligence and what it means for them in the world. And these people who subscribe might be in their careers and technology. And yes, there's tons of free articles out there. They could breed. But there's nothing like a seems point of view. Another example Nicole knows, and hers is simply a review. She gives reviews of a gleaming mystery books that she reads and people could subscribe to . Just get And she'll tell you, you know, you should read this or you shouldn't read this. And then the last but not least here again, another travel site that has recently created a membership portal for they extend out newsletters free every day to their subscribers. But not too long ago. Travel in Our Travel memoir recently announced that they actually are going to start a paid newsletter as well, and it's called TN Plus. And people who subscribe to this are going to get exclusive deals that no one else will have access to. At first, travel guides like I said, they'll have in this thing's premium newsletter premium content. So again, stuff that not everyone else's reading it's more in depth analysis, I'm sure within travel and then access to a global community of travel travelers as well. Um, so I think that's a really good example of a company and actual company that already has a free product of free newsletter that they send and is now extending their product to another. 5. Coming Up With A Topic: Now that you've had some inspirational ideas, it's time to come up with the topic. So in your class exercise, you're going to see a worksheet that you can use to help brainstorm atop it. This work she will contain four boxes for your four ideas. What I want you to do is think of four things that you are uniquely qualified to write consistently about. Okay? And I want you to Then think of what's your unique expend on this idea? What do uniquely have to offer to this topic? And then what's gonna be your hook for this topic? What's the extra special thing that you will offer when talking about this topic? Let's show you an example of one of mine. So here's an example of my brain storming topic worksheet. I've worked on one idea for so far, so Idea number one is going to be tips for digital nomads. And this is exclusively gonna be for digital nomads who are in the digital marketing field . Now what's my hook? Well, they're gonna have annual one on ones with me now, one on ones or something that I offer at a high service level ticket price However, what I'll do for you annual members of my newsletter is give them one of these one per year and they'll be able to talk with me and I'll get to know them. They'll get to know me, and that's going to be extra special and they're not gonna pay this high value for it. But they are going to pay to be a member to just get that extra little perks that's gonna be unique. That's my hook. The other thing I'm gonna do is introduce them to key people in digital marketing and and who are digital nomads in the world. So that way they can now make connections and network, and then they're gonna have exclusive access to remote job opportunities that I'll be able to provide to them. OK, so that's my idea. Number one. Now I'm gonna come up with another idea 1/3 idea in 1/4 that year. So I want you guys for your class project to come up four ideas. Tell me, what's your unique spin on this idea? And what's the hook with that extra special thing that you're going to give to that? Subscribers 6. Pricing: Let's talk about pricing your newsletter subscription. So when it comes to pricing your newsletter, just know that these are not meant to be $100 a month, $200 a month products. These are meant to be Mornin. Lohan, an ideal paid newsletter should be anywhere can be priced anywhere from $1 to $40 a month. Now $1 month is probably super low and doesn't obviously break the bank for anyone. And $40 a month definitely is on the high end, and you probably need a really core solid following in order to get those fees paid. So I would say, Ah, the right pricing model that you should think about or look at is anywhere from $5 to $15 a month. Those air sweet spots and those air pretty much average for what new beginners in paid newsletter world do. They're not too high for $5.7 dollars, and even $10 a month is very attainable. So you should look at those. Obviously, if you're offering something super premium if you're well known, if you establish if a high core audience, then somewhere more on the higher range which is $15 a month, will work for you as well. Some tips to think about it Just keeping it simple. Keep your pricing simple. There's no need for any kind of weird pricing systems. $9.38 since a month. Just keep it at $9 maybe 99. If you want to as well. That's fine. Typical rates, like I said, anywhere between five and $15 a month. If your product is on the lower and people are gonna think, OK, well, it's a lower value product. It's not that that important. I probably can cancel anytime and be fine, but that I won't miss anything. Um, so just think about that when you're pressing on the lower and so, like anywhere from 3 to 3 to 43 and $4 that definitely has that low connotation. $5 as well to, um, $10. A nice middle ground, $15. When you when you do have a higher value on your product, people think it is worth more. So just think about that. And obviously you do wanna have quality content when you're delivering something that has a higher cost, but just think about that that people. It's a perception thing. When something is priced a little higher on the higher end, they think it's more valuable and they treat is more valuable. They're not quicker toe cancel later or anything like that. You also may want to think about annual memberships versus monthly membership, so you may have an annual membership. That's nine. That's $99 a year, while a monthly membership is 99 90 90 or $10 or 9 99 a month or $10 a month. So that's something to think about where you could give them a little savings. They signed up for an annual PAN 20% off if they do annual right, and that way they can't cancel. Um, you know, any month to month they have to stay for a year and then decide that, and that kind of will help him with your turn and lifetime value. Ah, think about group rates. So rates for schools rates for non profits. Professional associations. Ah, lot of writers. What they're doing actually is allowing college professors to have their students sign up for their paid newsletters, part of their reading material and because you know the whole class, maybe there's 100 students in that. In that professor's class, everyone will get a discount with the group rate or the school will get a discount. If you could think about it like that, Um, and one thing we're going to talk about a little later in terms of your pricing is having a free plan. And the free plan is mainly for your marketing purposes. You know, in the marketing world, we say lead magnets. How do you get someone into your funnel before they start to become a paying member? And usually it's by offering something for free, something of value for free and then eventually they will hate after. 7. Choosing a Platform: when it comes to choosing a platform for your paid newsletter. This is another area that I really highly recommend. You keep simple, and I'm going to give you two options on how you can create your paid newsletter and we'll show you how to even set those up. So one of the options is there actually paid newsletter software programs out there. Sub stacks is one of the example. There's many others that are out there, reviews another one. But I'm just gonna go through sub stack because that's one that's out there and I think will be very easy for you to set up so you can choose to do that and I'll talk about the pros and constant doing that. Or another area that you can do is just use a regular general newsletter software platform and combine it with the membership integration. So mail chimp. Many of you know male should be probably already used motion. You can use mail chimp combined with the software called Member Full, which is based, we dear, towards putting your content behind pay paid wall. So with member for full, you'll be able to set up a paid from processing payment processing portal before they sign up to become a member. So those Air two options either using a pre built paid newsletter. Marketing software where payment portal everything comes in there. There's even the the the email creation and sending tool in there. Or you can use a general newsletter platforms such as a mate mail chimp and combine it and integrate it with something such as member. So Ah, the options that are out there. Like I said, Sub stack is one of them or review for a paid newsletter platform. There are others. You can do your research, but these air to that, I think are more popular that you can look at or your own perfect preferred email tools, such as mail chimp or convert kit or drip up to you, depending on what use I personally used Trip. That's my email newsletter marketing software that I use right now, and I am in the email world, so I have a little experience with too great a lot of experience with integration and tools . So for me, I prefer to just use my own email marketing tool and combine it with something like member ful and I'll show you how to do that. But again, for those of you who don't want to just deal with the tech, Tech slows you down from doing what you love. So I advise you it's going to slow you down or stop you from doing it. Don't do that. Just use something like sub stack. A review pros and cons. Very. You know, it's just depend on, you know, your your personality. But for the paid newsletter platforms, such a sub stack a review The pro is that it's so easy to set up. You're gonna you know, I'll show you just on the log in, Create your account. Start writing, put you I'm sorry. First tell, you know, put, you're pricing How much you want to charge for it? Start writing and send it out and you're good to go. Um, you can collect payments very easily over the platform. So again, all your submitting is Either there might be a paper option, but or you're just admitting you around. You may need a stripe account to just get your payments in there. Um, one nice thing about using the reviewer sub stack is they are newer to the paid newsletter marketing were you know, the whole concept is newer, right? So what they're doing is they are to get the audience flowing and to get people just really familiar with them. They are promoting in featuring any, um, content creators who are creating these new paid newsletters and they get featured on their site. So anyone who comes to subsequent review can discover your page newsletter. So it's a nice form of free marketing just to be on that. And then the other thing is that thes thes sites also have communities and blog's dedicated to help you build that paid newsletter. So you're gonna have tons of resource is if you sign up from one of those plastic forms for going the other route, where you using something like a male chimp and just combining it with a tool like membership member full? The great thing about this is that you're gonna have more control over your email capabilities. You can segment out. You can filter out you can. There's so much you can do when you're under control of your own email newsletter, right? Me, using a tool like drip, I could take them through automation is Aiken. Segment them. I can I can tag them lots of things I could do and then eventually even integrated with my other newsletters. I need to the design aspects of you do need. And I will advise you for a lot of these paid newsletters. You don't need any kind of pretty emails with big images and anything like that. It can just be simple text, right. But for some of you who do have a format who do have a template who do have some kind of HTML that you like to use and standard branding, then you're not gonna really get that from the paid newsletter platforms. At least not yet. They're not built out there for to be designed email design tools. They're built to be paid newsletter tools. So you're gonna want to still use a male chimp or convert kid or a drip for something like that. If you have some kind of format or each to Mel, you want to use, um, the, you know, maybe a little bit down side is that if you are going to use your melting, you're gonna have to go ahead and connect. You're or integrate with the member full account that you create. It's not hard to do again. I'm going to show you this, but that's just something to think about. And you are gonna have to set up your own automated sequences and tagging, um, and create a list for your paid members. If you do do this on your own, because, um, I assume if you're going to use your own, you know, male trip account, you probably have a regular newsletter that you send out now you're gonna have to create a separate list or segment or a tag of the people who are paid members. And that's gonna you and have do that on your own right. Sub stack and review will take care of that for you. Even if you do have a free newsletter. They take care of that for you. But, um, with using your own militant account or other email newsletter didn't have toe do that separately, 8. Setting up Substack (Option A): Now let's look at how to create an account using a paid newsletter software such as Sub stacked. So that's the example that we're going to use. All you have to do is go to www dot sub stack dot com and you'll be taken to sub stacks home page. And as you can see, they simply promote themselves as paid newsletters made simple. So anyone who doesn't want to deal with the tech of anything, I suggest you going this platform just take you around it just to show you. And this is what I mentioned about. The nice thing about being on this platform is that you may have an opportunity to get feature, and one thing that users conduce is go ahead and sort through paid publications, a sign of four versus free publications. This is also a nice way for those of you. Creating yours very soon is toe. Look at what's trending right now and what others air writing about and what's already out there. So I suggest that you start doing that. Creating your account is just a simple as Goa heading, going ahead and hitting start publishing right here, and that's going to take you to the simple sign it paid. You can sign up via Twitter. You can just use your email account. I am going Teoh use. I just wanted I already have an account created. So I'm just gonna you try to use an account here that I don't already have in a system. I'll erase it later because I don't want to take a fair system. Let's see, Andi, I use again. I'm going to delete this later because this is just kind of me. For the demo purposes, you can submit a photo in here. All you have to do is continue. Did you have to submit? Submit? A photo is going to select one very quickly. And now and then here, you're gonna be able to create your actual page. So this is the nice thing about it, too. Is that so? If you go ahead and create one through the general email newsletter platform, you're gonna have to create a news. Uh, sorry. You're gonna have to create a landing page on your own. And that's gonna be the sign of page that people go to get on your newsletter. What sub stack? They're going to give you a domain. Obviously, it's going to be, Let's say just you know, my news letter. Jenny dot subs stacked up calm Now, obviously, it's not super unique because of the sub stacks. So it's hosted by subject. But as you're just starting out, you're not generating revenue yet. They may not be a problem. You can always transfer, and they do allow you to go ahead and transfer to a custom domain later. Okay, Now, the next step is they're gonna let you import a list of contacts that you already have. So if you're starting from scratch, you could skip this step. But if you do have a list of people that you want a pored over, So let's say you were using a Meltem account, you can go ahead and put them in here, and that's the nice thing about it. Makes superimpose simple to just get started. Just gonna skip that step for now. Now I'm all set. A simple is that your account is created. How easy was that? Um, so amazing. And then once you want people to start turning up for your newsletter than you would just send them that link that you created my newsletter, jenny dot subset dot com. People will have the sign up form. So, um, here is the first, basically, that's just kind of show you here. This is kind of saying this is your first newsletter post. You can always, you know, just a change that later. Here's where you can share. Um, it's basically acts as a post, and in that post, people will be able to sign up, so that way they get the snippet. But if they want to read more than able to sign up so you'll be able to share that, um, with your following, you know, wherever this you wherever you're following is let me take you through the dashboard very quickly and to show you what's here again. Super simple. No frills and thrills here to get you confused. You just start get started right away. Um, when you're ready to create your post, you would just go here, hit your new post, and then that would be what people who are members would get access to via their email or anyone who's not a member. They'll see the snippet of it, and then they can bacon bacon sign up for the full version. There is a way to have a free version will talk about that. Um, here's where all of your subscribers will be. You'll see the growth of them. You can add the manually, they'll all be here. These are gonna be stats. Once you do have activity going, you'll be able to see how many people came to your website. It became a member or didn't become a member. But you'll be able to see those stats and then, of course, your settings. You'll be able to change anything that you need to later at some brand color. Um, you can. Here's where you're gonna want to set up your stripe account as well, so you're gonna want to create a stripe account. Creating stripe account is very simple, which is basically entering your banking details, and then once that's set up, then you would come into section three of your settings and then enter your credentials minus still loading. But again, don't worry about that. Once it's loaded, it's just gonna ask you for your user name and password on strike. All right, so if I want to create my first post, all I have to do here and say and right as long as you need to remember detail, quality and very informative and exclusive content. And then once you do all that, there is a little bit of an editor. So of course, you can add images you can have. You can add buttons, which would be really nice. You can have a certain style, you can have bullets. So there is some kind of editing, and I'll be honest with you. Me coming from the email marketing world, I will tell you that the simplest e mails would, you know, are the best performing emails, too many images, too much distractions. Do not make the best email, so make it simple, keep it simple, and then once you're ready, then you can publish and send it out. If you do want to publish it on your site. So let me just actually back up a second here so you can do some settings. You could send yourself us test email, and then you can also signify who this post is for. So I said, if you do have free version, if you just want to give some samples for free, maybe Maybe you send out emails once a week, and once a month you'll have a free version. So when it's be free version, you'll send it to everyone. Okay, anyone who subscribed or anyone who sees it on your website can access it. Uh, if it's just supposed to be for the paid version. I don't have my Sprite account connected, so that's why it's not showing up. But once your step drive account six is connected, then you'll be able to go ahead and select this, and it's only gonna be for the paid subscribers. Okay, super simple. You also able to send yourself Send yourself a test email, so that's really simple. I love how all of their deletes and anything about deleting is in the danger zone. So it's, it's, you know, it's dummy free. No one could mess this up, right? I love that, and I love that they do that. If you want to publish it on your website, that's all you have to do again. It's just hit. Publish on the Web site and again you'll have the differences. So if you publish it to everyone, everyone will have access to the full content But if you say you only want it to be published to paying subscribers, what's nice? It kind of acts like a blawg. And if someone lands on this post, that is only for paid subscribers. They will get the snippet that we saw in the beginning that says that, um let me just see this. We could look at this one here. They will get the snippet of the post, they land on your site, and then they'll get this little sign up option that they're able to sign up and actually become a paying member so they can see the full post. So that's a nice thing about that. Um, in just state last thing here, see what I can show you. And then, like I said, you can publish an instant it out to everyone so very simple. Once you get the hang of that, go ahead and create a cadence. We're gonna talk about cadence and timing shortly after, but very simple. You guys could do this in five minutes, and I'm excited for you to do that. So if you choose to sub stack or our review is the other site that you can use I'll put both of those links in the community section than again. Five minutes set up and you're ready to start posting. 9. MailChimp Memberful (Option B): option Number two for getting your paid newsletter set up is the option of using a general email newsletter tools such as mail chimp and connecting it with the membership software tools such as member ful. I'm gonna show you how to set both of those up and how an email would go out using mail Chimp, once you collect your member full subscribers, First things first, let's go ahead and set up a member full account. Now, remember, full has a couple of different options for having an account with them. There is a free version. And just for the purposes of this class, I'm going to show me the free version. The free version does come with its own limitations, which means we're not gonna have access to a direct integration, which will make things simpler, unfortunately, But when you're just starting out, I always say, start off with free versions and then up great to paying versions to see if it works for you. So I'm gonna show you the work around on how you would use the free version of member full , and then you're gonna have to do a little bit of a manual import off those paid subscribers into male chimp, which is not a big deal, but it's not the best way. But again, Once you start growing this list, you're gonna want to go ahead and sign up for the pro account, which does give you access to the integrations that you're gonna want. All right, So once you created your count is going to say, Well, what kind of site you're using for right now, Let's just get this because we don't have a website I am going to talk about. What's that? What's because you are gonna need some kind of landing page so people can see what your sign up is about. So I'm gonna talk about creating that landing page a little later. So for right now, And in that case, if you don't have a wordpress site, you would use something else. But for right now, I'm gonna hit Skip this step, Okay, So in order to get started, you're gonna want to go ahead and turn on right now, it's in test mode. You're gonna want to actually turn it on to real mode and so that we could start getting real charges in order to do that, you need to correct head back to your stripe account. So same thing when we were over in sub stack, you had to connect the stripe account. So if you have a stripe account, you're just gonna simply connected here and once that's on your ready to start collecting payments and that's the beauty of it. It's actually pretty simple. I'm not gonna go ahead and connect mine here because I have many of them set up already and just gonna show you just a couple of things, because when you do get ready to actually create the account and sign up, here's where you'll be able tow. Connect to your website to it 22 member ful. Also, this is where if you do have the upgraded version, you'll be able to activate your mail chimp integration. But we were not using that, so don't worry about that right now, but when you do, that's where you'll do that. You'll also be able to do any kind of custom is ations. So that way the plant, the portal, the payment photo looks like your brand, and any kind of group plans. You have that coupons if you want to set up coupons you can do as well. And then, lastly, just your email. And if you have any staff, so basic settings, nothing really crazy there that you need to set up and the name thing I'm going to take you here is if you slide over two plans, you'll be able to create a new plant. So again, I don't have the real the real version on because we don't have the stripe on. But we're going to just use it in test mode. So you're gonna set up a new plant on the free version to believe you can have up to two plans, and I'm gonna call this just paid letter, and I'm gonna say it's $5 and I'm going to say when he was indefinitely, so that person has to cancel on their own. The other things that you could do is so it's a lifetime membership. You can do that. If there's a specific date, let's say maybe have a quarterly membership, anything like that. Maybe it's a five time Plan five installment plan you could do fix as well. Um, you can also set some kind of renewal price. Okay, Here's what you're gonna do for frequency. Do you want to be monthly? Usually that's what you're doing. But let's say if you also have an annual plan, then you can pick that. So we're gonna set up to we're gonna do the monthly. Then we're gonna do annually. So let's say the hook. The actually going to just do this to make it easier? Let's say the monthly plan is $10 a month. We have that auto renew is on no free trial. Um, do the free trophy want, but just gonna leave it at no free trial. Leave plan group alone cause there's nothing we need to do there. And if you want some kind of mailing address, you can do that. So here's what I'll say about the mailing address and check out steps. Um, if you do feel that people may drop off, then it may be nice. Toe have this option because then what you can do is kind of create some kind of abandoned cart sequence, because by the time to get to the mailing address, you've gotten their email. That's a little bit more of advanced tricks, but that's what that you might want that for for right now. I'm just the missile It No, and available for purchase. This is for existing subscribers. Um, you could just leave that on, because it is for just I'll go ahead and create that plan. And just like that, our plan is created. Here's the purchase links. I'm just gonna click on Mets. You could see what it looks like, and that's what it iss. So you'll be able to embed this as a link or have it as a link to a button or embed it so it looks like this on your page will come back to that just so you could see where it's gonna sit, and I'll show you where it's it's exactly at my page. All right, so that's planned. Number one. Now, I also want to create a annual an annual plan apps. So we have to do this. This sample plant was already created. I'm just gonna edit that. And annual plans say newsletter and an annual plan is $99 a year. Okay. When using definitely, we're gonna make it yearly. Everything else stays the same, and then we're gonna go ahead and save that and then you'll be able to see here. If someone if someone has the annual plan, they'll be able to sign up here. Okay, So what? You may want to do it again. I'll show you on my sample. You may want have two buttons. One where they consigned up in annual one with it where they consign it for the, um, being the monthly. Okay. All right. So we have that done the next things. Let's say people do start signing up to go and fill this out. They become a member. What happens from there is they end up becoming a member, and you'll see them start toe fall into your members section. Okay? Obviously, I don't have anyone signed up for right now. I'm just gonna make someone up myself, just so that way we can just go to show you the next step from there. All right, so here's actually missed a step. So here's what we want to do. You want to go ahead. And now that I have this member in, I wanna had a new subscription, so I'm gonna choose the plan that they're going to be on. Let's just go ahead with that person on annual fine. And I'm going to start to descript the subscription. And now they are a member, right? Sanofi, Go back to members. I will see that. They said here. Obviously, once you guys are doing this for a month, two months, you're gonna have hundreds of people on this list, and that will That would be beautiful. Okay, now what I'm gonna do. So again, this is only for the free version. Once you are on the paid version of Member full and you see that it's a valuable tool for you, then you'll be able to use the direct integration. You won't have to do this manual step of exporting it from member ful and dumping them into male chimps. And I'm going to provide you with a link. So that way for remember fel on how you can get the direct integration set up. It's very simple, but again, for now, for a purpose of everyone just showing you the free version. So you export this and then your file is gonna end up here. We're gonna come back to that file in just a second. Let me just make sure that you guys are gonna want to do is have your mail chimp open. Okay, so let's talk about matching for a second. Male champ very recently changed. Um, their their rules. This is mid 2019. They changed their rules on allowing you to have multiple lists. So something that many people would have done is just created one list for their free members. Enough of was for their pain members. That's actually a very useful way to use male chimps list. To be honest, I think the changes for the better what they want you to start doing now is tagging people . Okay, so people aren't called list anymore. They're called audiences. And I'm gonna show you how you're gonna get those people that you're gonna import into tags . Okay, so let's go back to that list. We just Okay, So if you go back to that CSB file that we exported from member full, I just want you to make a few tweaks before we export it over. So the only thing we're really gonna need because you're gonna have all the membership data created data, all of that stuff, the renewed data on member ful. Let's keep that data there because that's the data that's important to member full. All we really need is the email address and the name, the first and last name with full name. Whatever it is, whatever it is that you collect started going to you don't actually have to delete these files. You can skip them and mail chimp. But just to make our lives easier with the expert in going to delete them now, So just elite, all of that information do it. Okay. And now we're only gonna have two columns gonna expand that a bit. Just I can see. And I'm going to add a column, and that one's going to just be first name and then last. Okay, so in this case, I didn't collect a first name, but let's just put Jenny here, and then we'll put Dawson. All right, so now that you have your first names in your last names, you're ready to do the exports. So just go ahead and save that file as it is now. And it's gonna be our most recent file going to go ahead and minimize this now because I don't need it anymore, and I'm gonna go back to match up now. So like I said in matchup now we're gonna do import and my main list. Is this so again? Like I said, Mel ships new rules. You're only allowed to have one list. That's what that's saying here. If you're on the free version of male melting, if you're not, then you don't worry about this. But on the free version, you're only allowed to have one lists that are knew that, you know, historical ist don't count. And then what I'm gonna do is import. So select import, gonna grab that file. So I'm gonna select CSB. I want to grab that file that I exported from member ful. Gonna go ahead and look for it. Here it is. Make sure it's nabbed. Here it is. Continue to match. And now here's where I'm gonna match my column. So it's all perfect here. Right? First name, last name, email address. That's all I wanted. All right, we're gonna go ahead and click. Continue. And here's where it's going to be important for you guys to create that tag. Okay, so that way you're gonna be able to distinguish who's on your regular. Listen, who's on your, um, your member lists. So here's where I'm gonna add a tag and already created tag earlier called Paid members. But that's what you can do. You just created tackle paid members. What I'm gonna do just, for example, purposes. Now that you paid member tag, you're probably also going to want to have a tag that's called free members. And the reason why I say you should do that is because if you are sending out a free newsletter in general, um, you're gonna want to decide whether the paid members are also receiving that free newsletter, and the reason why they may not need to is maybe everyone who's on the free list is gonna get basically the free content. But that content that was on the free list also was included in the paid content. So it may not be something where you need to send anything that's on the free list also to your paid members, because they already got it anyway. So in that case, you may wanna have to tags one that's remembers one that's paid members. Okay, so I'm just gonna create that here just so you can see how that's created But in this case , we're not using. The free members tag were actually even be paid members Tack. Okay, so that's it. Create your paid members tag and then they're subscribed. Leave that, as is. You may want to update existing contacts. And that's just maybe if I knew people who were on your free lists now became a paid member , So I think it's gonna be very smart up date existing contacts. Um, I think for the most of us were gonna market to a list we already have, so that would make sense. But if you're not, then maybe it wouldn't. But anyway, so I suggest doing that. He continued to review Everything looks fine. And now I'm gonna hit import and then there ago. And so that person was already on my list. As you can see, this is the email address. I imported the update of that context and they gave them now the paid member attack. Okay, so now that that's there, when you're sending out campaigns is just the very simple part. You ready to send out your pay? Very first paid newsletter, you go ahead and create a campaign like you normally would and email in saving peed News letter number one. Go ahead and hit. Begin. And here's the important part. Everything else you should know how to do. If you already using matchup, I'm just gonna show you the recipient part. You're gonna choose your audience. Okay, So remember they were in my main list. This list over here. What? I'm gonna want to choose to tag that they're part of. And that tag is the paid members on Lee. Okay, I'm gonna hit, save. And now you can see out of all 13 people in that less Rob Inglis, right? Only one of them was a tag paid member. It's only one person could receive. And then that's it from there. You're gonna continue on what? You're melting building, creating off the email as you normally would, which is super simple. You create the fun filled you create what your subject line is. And then, of course, you design your email. Okay, That's another classes, tons of classes on how to create the perfect email. News 100 male chimps. I'm not gonna do that for the purposes of this class. Okay? That is all you have to dio. Okay. And it's super simple. The only thing is because, like I said, you're not paying for a membership plan right now. You can later. But right now you're not. Since the free version, you're gonna have to do that manual step. Uploading them manually when you pay for it. Um, when you pay for member fel, it will actually be just a little bit of a set of steps. I'm gonna include this blawg post from member fel in the community chat. See that? What? You guys can access it when you are paying for the paid level of membership, remember full. Then you will just go ahead and connect integration. Super simple. You follow the steps, it's gonna just make sure you're connecting it to the right lists or in this case, tags Now and then Member full Well, pastor and details over to Male Champ and what's nice about having integration? As you start to grow, people are gonna become members and not become members and unsubscribe, you know, cancel memberships. And that's all gonna be a dated and sink with mounting. If you are using the free plants again, I don't recommend using the freakin long term as you grow, you should pay for it at that point. But if you are using the free plan and someone cancels, you're gonna also have to manually get that extract that data cancellations and updated and mail chimp and remove them from the free planner. At least removed their paid tag and add the free tag onto them. Right. Okay, so that's what you're gonna want to do. All right, So I'll include this block post for any of you guys who are ready to pay for a paid member full plan. You could do that. 10. Landing Page: So now that you have your paid newsletter platform of choice set up, the next step is to create a landing page. So again, you really don't need to create this landing pages using something like review or sub stack . They kind of have it handled handled for you, where someone can go to your your link that they're going to give you and sign up there. But if you don't, if you're using so a combination of male champion member falls, for instance, then you're gonna want to create a landing page. Now there's many different ways that you can create landing pages mail. Chimp actually has their landing page creating services part of their paid plan, I believe lead pages is what I use. I'm going to show you an example of how I've done mine and inside Miley pages account. That might be a way to do it, but there's lots of ways. If you have a squarespace account, you can create a landing page from there. But again, I'm gonna show you using Lee Page the pages. I'll give you a link to that. That way, you guys, do you want to sign up for that Unfortunately, it's not a free plan. None of these pretty much are free plans for landing pages, so you will have to pay for that again if you're not. If you don't want to pay for that. If you don't wanna do that just yet, I would say Go with the sub Stecher out. So if you are using sub stacker review, you can actually skip this page. This is auction all. You can still use this if you are using subsector review, but it's not mandatory. It's more so if you are using your own newsletter like Mail Chimp along with member fall. So let's look at my landing page for digital, No matter. So again, I'm in a lead pages account, and it's very simple. All I've done is create my logo. I have two pages, my home page, which just says what I do, what I am, what this is about. Here's how to sign up now. This is the free version, so anyone can sign up for this version for free. It's a limited version, but they can sign up if they want to become a paid member. Then they would go to the paid member section, and then they will understand. Hey, here's what's included in the paid version. Here's what's not. And then they will have the opportunity to sign up for the month plan or the annual plant. Super simple. So I'm gonna show you how I did all of that, and you can do something very similar. So wit lead pages. Let me just show you from this star, where the lead pages account looks like and again you can choose to sign up. I'll give you. You can try it out for 30 days, I believe, or 14 days. But I'll give you the link so you can, um, you can just go ahead and start playing around in it. All right, so what I've done in lead pages the nice thing about doing subscription want to sign up for lead pages? You actually have three of their most unique tools. One which is the landing pages, which is incredible for them. That's everything that they do, so you can choose to do a landing page using that, I'm going to do it using sites which is their newest tool, which is basically creating a website from scratch, or you also get your prescription. What's called conversion tools. And that includes SMS text messaging. Opt in, um, landing bars, drop down bars on your website and everything. We're going to just work on sites right now, cause that's how I created mind. I think it's actually really affect. Okay, so when you create your website from scratch, I'm just gonna work a little tug a little bit between my created site and a new site. Just so that way you guys can see the differences from scratch. So it's nice about lead pages. Sites is you can choose any of the templates they have. They have great templates to make it easy for you. I'm just gonna go ahead and choose this bliss Yoga one. And you see that they have responsiveness for mobile and desktop. It's actually very simple. We're not gonna need all of this, but you can customize that as much as you need. I'm just going to show you the two main things that you're gonna need at basic level for your your site. So you're gonna want the local up top, and then you're gonna want to navigational pages here, The home page, which is again promoting your free newsletter so people could sign up and try it out. And then the member rates. So here in the navigation, gonna actually just click here and just look through these and poke around. Okay, So I'm going to just say, use this template because it all looks good to me. Perfect. Okay, so now we're in. And like I said, you're gonna put your logo up here, so create any kind of logo that you want. Whatever the name of you paid newsletter is, um I'll talk a little bit about creating that in Camba, but again, tons of classes on creating logos. But you can created in Canada Just get the right size. Um, And then here's the front section that I'm just gonna want to focus with you guys on. So let's go ahead and edit navigation. Once you're in this template, they make it so easy for you. I love it. So we're just gonna delete some of these cause we don't need it. I don't need the contact. And I don't need the classes. And then here's your home. So again, we're looking very similar to mine. We have our home. We have our membership, we have our logo. Next thing we want to do is work on this middle portion where we're gonna have. Here's what our newsletter is about. And then we're gonna have the form, and then we're gonna have a simple image just so it looks, you know, presentable. And then all of this other stuff on the bottom we're gonna delete, because again, we just want it Very simple. We don't want any distractions. So if we go over to lay out, that will allow me to delete the sections a little bit more cleaner. So as you can see her, I'm hovering over section two and you could see its highlighted green over here. I'm gonna delete that kind of assures you that you're doing the right section by highlighting it in red. So that's perfect. And then the next section I want to delete is this classes section. I don't need that. So again, delete. And then and it's up to you. You'll see here. I really only have one section. I want to keep it simple, but if you do want to have more, that's fine. Just just be aware of having too many distractions in the person gets away from the point of what they want to do. So again, I'm gonna delete this section. And these are all optional. Like I said, I'm just doing this for a little bit more simplicity purposes. Then now we have gonna We have We're gonna focus on our image section here, and I'm just gonna move this over. I'm not gonna change the image. I think you guys are going to choose the right image that you want. And here's where I'm gonna put my copy. So paid news letter, right? We never anything like that. But just doing that here, the next thing I'm gonna do is have my headline here. Right. So you want a headline? You want a description? And let's go ahead and add text here for right under there. Just dragging and dropping. I'm gonna put this is my great this option. Okay. And then right under that, I'm gonna have a form. So this is where I want to go in to collect form, drag my form right under the description. And very simple. I wanted the email and my sign up, but okay, email. Sign up. You're gonna customize that to be whatever it is, Maybe you don't want to say email, but you want to say sign up for three. That's fine. And then so, again, all depending. When you have the lead pages account, you can connect it to any email provider of your choice. In the case of this, so the free version of this that should go straight to mail. Chimp, your free tad. Listen, male chip. Why? Because these are not anyone. None of these people are behind a pay wall. So all you have to do is I don't have these connected, but right now. But if you were using matchup, all you have to do is the integration. Connect your mail chip account and it's super straight forward from there. Once you do it, you're just entering your melting credentials. I'm not gonna go through that because that part is easy, but that's all you have to do. So that way, anyone who's signing up onto this free version of your newsletter if you choose to have a free version, they'll go right into your mail chimp account or whatever email provider you're using. That's all you have to dok. Um, you have your fields ever recommend for anything for you. Just collect email. That's it. You don't need a name for this, and then that's it. You can change where they go to lead pages has a default thank you Page that they go to once they sign up. And it could be that you can leave it at that. I don't recommend that, but, you know, for just quick purposes again, the nice thing about lead pages is that you have access to all their tools, and they do allow you to create thank you pages. So you can also just choose to send them to your general thank you page that you create on lead pages, which let me just And here's the thank you page. Very simple. Okay, so you don't have to worry too much about that. Just get one created. If you don't want to do that, then you can have them just simply remain on the page. And that's fine, too, although they'll probably be a little bit confused as toe did. Anything happen? Whatever we'll have, that's just for purposes of getting people onto the free version. Ideally, what you can do it male chimp is even for the free version is have an automatic auto responders email. Go out saying thank you. You are firmed. Your next email will come next week. Totally fine. All right, So you have that page set up your free version. Very simple. Now, let's talk about the page for the actually, you know. So here's where I'm gonna actually correct this. In order to have this, you do need to have another page. So I am going to create an extra page here, and this one is going to be just call it about but didn't say that. And it's just click on this premium page here. We're on the page here and same thing as we did with the first page. Now we can edit this. Now, here's what I want you to do. Here. Now let me go back to lay out over here just so we can look at what we need again just to keep this simple. I am going to Onley. Have I'm gonna delete this because we're actually gonna swim shirt an image in there. I'll come back to that later. This second section over here we don't need you can choose to if you want, but we don't really need. And this text area but his lead, because I don't want it. This extra image over here gonna do we? Actually, that's not the right image. It's son. We don't want it. This You can leave this bottom ct over here. Don't mind that at all, especially when it comes to having someone become a member. You probably do want two extra spots for CTS. That's fine. We'll talk about that in the second. Next thing I want you to do. So we go back to my example here if you go to membership premium membership benefits. So all of this page is gonna act as as a place to understand why people should sign up for the premium version vs your, um, your free version. So why become, remember? So I want a pricing menu. Eso people can understand why they're signing up for the free version vs the annual version . So I've created that in Canada, and this is what mine looks like here. So just to show you guys can va if you just type in c. A n v a dot com Again, if you don't have. Ah, what a Campbell account created. You're just gonna create one very simple. Once you do create one, you're gonna get into the design tool, which has full access to many, many, many different templates that you can use. And let me just show you here many different templates that you can use. And it is great for everything. So again, just like lead page, it's not just good for one thing, that's good for a lot of things. Social media posts, um, images that you need to agree Graphic images, anything like that. So in mine, see, you got kicked out, actually, so let's go back into it in mine. All I did is create a chart to create that chart. All I need to do, just go ahead and search for line going to elements here. So you want to go down over here over the elements? Here's my line. Go ahead and click line and just make sure on this blank page that I want here and then just select that line here and now you could see it appeared here. I want my lines to be black, so I will make the black also wanted to be been. So I'm just gonna drag it diagonally until it's the right size that I want. That's about right. And then now there's many different ways to that. You could do this. You can also create a box. So I'm just gonna create these little lines here. Okay? So I could, as you can see, what mine. I just have a lines that actually don't have a border. If you want a border, then I would recommend just looking for the square. Uh, just taken square for you. See conceives. You can see where that would appear. So I would use this square in that case. So I'm just gonna do that. I want to make sure it's in the right box. Here it is. And same thing. Let's go ahead and make this, like, going to Justin it out. And I do that by a diagonally going across and then going to just you got do that. And there you go. Now, I can maybe move this in just a bits. It's not. There we go. And now I have the start of my pricing charter center. That and there you can see I'm just gonna basically now copy these lines. Let's move. So you can see I can't copy this line here. The squares highlighted. So I need to move that backwards. So it's not prominent now. We should be fine. And then copy. And then I was just gonna evenly spaced these out as best as we can. Here's a little trick. I recommend you select both and then copy again so that we can double these up now, drag two lines. And then now I have 23 for So just 234 and copy again. So this is the way it just make your life super simple. I'm just doubling up on my copies. That's it. OK, And then the other thing I'm gonna do now, I'm gonna copy this line again. And then you see this little rotating thing going to do that rotate just a bit. And I wanted to be exactly 90 degrees that way. It's an even perpendicular line, and now I'm going to let it sit right there. I may have to drag it down a bit. Moore's It's fine. And then I'm just gonna copy that because I need to columns groups and drag it over here. And then that's it. And then I'm not gonna fill in the rest for you because the whole goal is here is now. You can go ahead and put your tax to get tax building in Canberra. You just go ahead and quit the text area. Make sure men box number two, quick Tax. And now it appears the text appears here, and then I just drag that over. And then I started labelling it the way I need to. Okay, for the green check marks all you have to do, just type in check. I love how they just make this easy. Make sure in your in elements area and then shaping in check check. And now see all the different free versions of checks I can get for the X just taken X, and I'll see all the different exes I could get. And that's simple. You can create this and be as creative as you want with this, but that's the way just like mine. You're going to get this whole image here to upload as your price and many You don't have to do it that way, But that is one way you can do it. And now that I have my price and menu created, I'm going to go ahead and click this image here quick, this little button here and I'm gonna upload that pricing. Um, that menu that I created just by clicking upload I already have it uploads. I'm just gonna click the one that I have in my files already inserted in. And then voila. I have a pricing many on my premium page that people could understand the benefits next step I want to do on this page now that I have that in is go ahead and in bed. My membership plans in. Okay. In order to do that, we're going to do two things. First, let's go back to that member ful page. It's right. It's not it. So if you remember and member full, we had some plans that we created digital, no matter annual and digital. No matter premium. Let's just click on that. Let's grab that link. Okay, Well, uh, now let's go back to this and we're going to create these true buttons. One for monthly, one for annual and right there. We're just going to drag in our buttons. Actually, true things we're gonna do is actually not so going to drag in our buttons that we find just doing it this way. You want to make sure it's getting into the right field and I can tell it's already not. It's morning. Sometimes you have to kind of finagle with lead pages, drag and drop a bit. He needs to recognize it. Let's try something here. So whenever this is happening, I try to do a couple of things. He and it's just de select. It's kind of everything was selected, so I d selected that. Now let's try it. Grates. Now it's dragging into this blue highlighted area. I want to buttons. I'm gonna take a button again and do the same thing, and it's just can scroll up a bit. And now we wanted to the side. You see how this little like to corner rectangles appear one here and one there, So just drag it to either of those rectangles to that way can appear side to side perfect. If you want to space it out of it, you can just drag the space to do that, and then you have a space you don't need to do it that way. It's up to you. All right. And then here, just click on this pencil. You can customize your butt and make it whatever size you want. Make it whatever color you want. Make it larger, make it smaller, make it full with Make it half the with. Make it rounded anything you want. Okay, That's not really an important thing here. The important thing is getting that member full, Lincoln. So click on the little link icon here and then linked to an external U R l is what we want to do. Go ahead and paste that in its save. So that was my believe my annual doesn't actually matter for this example. And then I'm gonna grab my plan for my monthly, which was saying this one, and I'm gonna copy that link, so just make sure you're putting the right links in the right places. So we just actually call that annual and then this one, I'm gonna call one, okay? And then I'm gonna select this little hyperlink here. Same thing. External euro, get in hit, save, and then voila. We have it done. And now people can sign up for the antiwar monthly plan. And once they do, click that button and sign up. Not gonna hit publish, cause I don't want this. The publishing It's just a demo, but we'll preview it. Once they do hit that link, Let's get the preview up. Then they're gonna go right into your member full account, and then that's when you're gonna go ahead, export the list you can probably depending on how much your activities happening it doing daily. Do it weekly, Um, ideally want someone to get an email pretty immediately after they do become a member. But let's say for a hit annual plan, and then they're going to get that little payment portal. Just Azizi is that one thing actually want to recommend? Because this you can see it just took them onto a new page is it's just go back into that edit portal bit and back in the premium section is When we inserted that you were around, there was a little question. Just with the link. Do I want to open a new window? Just go ahead and click that, because what that does is when someone clicks that it does open a new window and it It's kind of just nicer for allowing them to come back to the page if they need to. So that's my personal preference. Sometimes when I have links. All right, so there you go. That's really all you need to do. The only other thing I'm gonna do is for this to have this link just up in front. You don't need it. As you can see, I didn't put it because it was kind of redundant. But, um, just so you can understand what it is, this whole action button is super like its prominent. That's what lead pages is doing. You can basically have it linked to a page section. So if I link to a page section and I'm gonna choose the premium section, which is that page I created, and then the section which waas I'm going to say the image section because I believe that's where it's going. Basically, it's gonna take them there appear what happens. It's just preview that again once Europe, here they click on that. It's going to kind of take him down a little bit closer to those buttons. That's all it's doing. Just so you know what, that's four we can see it here if I hit membership. Boom takes him down there, and that's kind of nice, right? Because when there appeared, they don't know what's going on. So, guys, that is actually all you need to do to create that landing page. So this is the link. Once you publish it, you'll get a link. And that's the link that you're gonna Proview's to promote your site at your paid newsletter Everywhere you go and you'll have a home page for your free version and a premium page for premium members in the next. In the next, lessons will talk about promoting and marketing your list and part of that lessons actually gonna include the importance and why I should actually probably start with free newsletter to get people. 11. Marketing: All right, So now that you have your paid newsletter set up, you have a landing page so you can promote it. How do you actually get people to see those things and actually sign up for your list? Well, that's what marketing is for. Marketing is no easy feat at all, but it can be done, and it absolutely should be done. Now there are freeways to do. Marketing there also paid ways to do marketing. It's gonna be up to you on what your budget and time allows for. Well, let's talk about some of those things and just specifically talk about how you should plan for in track some of your activities to make sure you're getting subscribers to your list. So when it comes to marketing things that you need to know, you do want a promotional page. So, like I said, what we just went through was creating a landing page so people can sign up so you can do that via mail champ Landing pages. Lead pages was the example that you just saw in the previous lesson, or you can use any landing page that's out there to build it. Next thing you're gonna want to do is actually have a solid marketing plan. Now, in order to have a solid marketing plan, you need goals. So you need to know what you're aiming for. Then you need channels. Where am I gonna promote this? What channels? A really gonna be promoted on? You need some tactics. Am I gonna offer freemium levels? Am I gonna offer coop bods? Am I gonna have some kind of contest going on? And then, most importantly, you have to actually execute. You have to do it. So when it comes to different marketing tactics, there is a lot out there. And trust me, I advise you to be as creative as possible and think of new things that you can try. Some of the things that work right now are putting post on instagram and also posting stories on Instagram. Quite simply, all you need to do is create a post. Tell people that you have a paid newsletter out to use the link to sign up, OK? And I recommend you do that as much as you can on a free level. If you want to start paying for it, you can and you can pay for ads, face book or instagram very easily. Um, the next thing that you can do. If you have a current subscriber list already, you should definitely promote to that list, and I would say promote them, promote to them at least at least once a month. If not, then at least 22 times 1/4 letting them know that there's a free newsletter. There's a paid newsletter that they can sign up for. This is gonna be your most lucrative list, cause thes people already know you. They already know your content, and they'll definitely be interested in what you have that they could possibly pay for. That's not too expensive, but might be Give them more valuable information. The other thing that you can do is partner up with another company. Another brand, another person that has a list that's a political audience that you desire. These work amazingly well. If you find someone who has a pretty extensive list, even if they have just 2000 subscribers, partner with them and you guys can figure out what the co promotion is, and then you guys can each get the benefit of gaining from each other's newsletter list. Another thing I recommend highly is doing block posts. So create a blogger on that site that you just created and create a blawg, um, that has freemium content. And then on that block post, there's gonna be a little Upsell, um, a little form that they can use to sign up for that list or link promoting the membership site. So I recommend doing Block Post. It's very good for someone who doesn't have an audience at all, because once you do a block post, it gets promoted on Google Surge. And if someone searching for something that you're writing about Google will will post your article at the top of the page. Trust me, this is one of the ways that I started out, and Google search works tremendously for me, and it's free traffic. The other thing that you can do is YouTube videos. It's very similar to doing block posts. It's just in a video format. People are searching for videos all the time. If you have time to create free videos and then eventually lead them onto your your paid newsletter, go ahead and do that. Podcast is another thing that people are doing? No matter what you do, you do wanna have a plan for it. So was a part of your class exercise. You'll see that one of your resource sheets is the marketing plan. Work. She I want you to use this worksheet to try and plan out what your marketing activities will be. The main point of this worksheet is just to get you organized in to get you thinking and to get you tracking your goals. So first and you're doing this work, she is put the gold number of subscribers that you want per week. So let's say you want 12 new subscribers each week. Great. What are you going to do to get those 12 new subscribers? Maybe you true Solely to rely on Instagram? That's totally fine. What I want you to do is first talk about Well, how First Give us the time line of when you're gonna be posting. So in week one, you're going to do maybe three or four posts and then at the end of that week, you're gonna track how many new instagram followers you got. And this is a very simple way of tracking. There's many different ways that you contract, but this is just simple to keep you organized and keep hosting. So let's say you do one post a week promoting your paid newsletter marked down that activity. So maybe the first week that you promoted gained 12 new subscribers. The second we promoted, you gained another 20 new subscribers the third week of gains 30 and so forth. And what that's going to do is just kind of give you engage on whether this is working or not, whether you should continue that activity or not. 12. Create a Funnel: all right. What I do want to talk to you a little bit about is building your funnel for your paid newsletters. So you guys saw that I did have a freemium version of my paid newsletter. So no matter what, when it comes to marketing, people are not just eager to pay for what you have right away, especially if they don't know you. We need to follow the rules of know like and trust. So you need to first attract them, and then you'll convert them, and then they'll become a paid member. So in order to do that, you need to think about ways to get them in that photo. One of the easier ways to do that would have paid Marketing. A paid in email newsletter is to just have a freemium version of that newsletter. So with that, that's what you saw on my example Newsletter is that there was a freeway for them to sign up, get full value. Maybe it's only once a week, or maybe it's only once a month, and then the paid version will be more frequently more valuable and just a better version of it. The first thing we want to do is a track, that audience. So when it comes to having a freemium version, you are gonna have to have two calendars. So you're gonna need to know when you're sending out your free version of your email newsletter versus your pain version. It shouldn't be that complicated because anything that goes out to the free people, that content is also gonna be used in the premium newsletter, plus more So you're not really creating double. All you're doing is taking a little bit, um, of the like, free sample content that's in that Freemium version. And of course, that's gonna be using your premium content. So I just highly advise you to look at ways to build up that funnel. You don't want to have a free Freemium newsletter. Podcast is a great way to get people on people. You have a free podcast that goes out weekly. Maybe people have to sign up in order to get that podcast. That's perfect. Now you have people in your funnel. The next steps is to get them to become a paid news prescriber. Maybe you have lied magnets. Maybe it's a resource guy. That resource guy is a step before three resource that it's a step before they get into your funnel and become a paid member. So whatever it is, first figure it figure out, what can you deliver for free before they become paid? 13. Conclusion : I hope you guys got a lot out of this class, and I look forward to seeing what you're paid newsletter looks like. Remember to drop your assignments in the community section, so that way I can see them, and I can provide feedback on them and as well as get feedback from the community piers. We all want to be a part of an exclusive member society, and there's no reason why your email newsletter I can't give that opportunity to someone who's looking for the content that you're creating. So good luck. And again, I look forward to senior class projects until next time.