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Hands-On Content Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Examples

teacher avatar Alexandra Cote, Digital marketer and content writer.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Why writing?


    • 2.

      What it takes to become a great writer


    • 3.

      The power of a story


    • 4.

      A writer’s struggles


    • 5.

      The Hemingway Editor - Tool


    • 6.

      Coming up with new content ideas


    • 7.

      Funnels or finding your audience


    • 8.

      Getting your readers to stay productive


    • 9.

      Short break


    • 10.

      Writing unique content PART 1


    • 11.

      Writing unique content PART 2 (Hands-On Examples)


    • 12.

      Changing your mindset (the fun way)


    • 13.

      The power of words


    • 14.

      Invest in yourself to stay productive


    • 15.

      Having a place for practice


    • 16.

      Common mistakes writers make


    • 17.

      Tips on offering valuable content


    • 18.

      Is fast writing a good solution?


    • 19.

      A good headline


    • 20.

      The review process


    • 21.

      A lack of structure


    • 22.

      How SEO can save your articles PART 1


    • 23.

      How SEO can save your articles PART 2


    • 24.

      Join me as I write an article PART 1


    • 25.

      Join me as I write an article PART 2


    • 26.

      Join me as I write an article PART 3


    • 27.

      Web writing done right - case studies PART 1


    • 28.

      Web writing done right - case studies PART 2


    • 29.

      Other tools you can use


    • 30.

      Critical reminders


    • 31.

      You've made it!


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About This Class

Are you looking for a way to fix the content you write and rank higher on Google?

I have created the Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples course as the most engaging course on writing and staying productive while creating written content. I aimed to turn this into the only course you’ll ever need to get you started with writing EFFECTIVE content.

This 3-in-1 course combines writing with content marketing and productivity hacks. We'll discuss the myth of the writer’s block, why some content fails, how to get your first ACTIVE readers, and so much more. I'll also show you how I write an article from start to finish and how you can use modern tools and artificial intelligence to create better content (you'll love this). I started this course with real article examples in mind because I believe you need to see what good writing actually looks like and not just hear about it.

This content writing course targets all kinds of writers, combining both fundamental tips and advanced hands-on content analysis. If you’re a beginner you can enjoy the introductory theory on writing, its importance, and its challenges. For more advanced writers, I’ve prepared a series of activities and real-life content examples we’ll analyze together so you can learn how you can get your content and brand on that first page of Google.

Hands-On Writing: Tips, Tools, and Real Content Examples is a perfect choice for anyone involved in web writing, content writing, copywriting, content marketing, and even for digital marketers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who are looking into creating better content for a personal project or to promote your clients' brands.

Together we'll discuss both common and specific writing situations so you can be prepared to write for any audience and deliver the results they want. As an bonus, I am always available to answer any questions you might have. I'll use my experience and knowledge to guide you through this learning journey, help you improve your writing on a technical and emotional level, and get you started with taking your content one step further.

A large part of this content writing and strategy course focuses on letting you find out if writing is really the right career for you and if you've got the right traits for this profession. I'll also gladly assist you with getting started in your career as a content writer. The course is aimed to boost your confidence and show you how everyone can create valuable content for the web.

Here's a detailed look at what each section of this writing course will teach you:

Section 1 - I'll introduce you into the world of writing and help you find out if you have the right writing skills. I'll also show you how you can use the power of a story to sell your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Section 2 - We'll discuss the "writer's block" myth and how you can overcome your writing blocks. I'll teach to to generate new ideas efficiently and I've also reached out to other professional web writers to offer you an up-close insight into handle their challenges when it comes to writing content.

Section 3 - You'll learn some tested methods in which you can brainstorm timely new ideas with minimal effort, develop a buyer persona to better understand readers and their needs, and we'll look into how you can use specific hacks to keep readers focused on your content so they choose to read YOUR articles.

Section 4 - I'll give you the best tips and exercises on writing unique web content, changing your mindset to keep your productivity at a top level when writing for the web, and understanding how powerful and influential words can truly be. As an extra, we'll closely analyze what makes existing one-of-a-kind content so special among billions of other articles.

Section 5 - While focus on your readers is a must you need to understand the importance of investing in your own education. I'll show you what books I recommend you read and help you create your own environment to practice writing killer content before you start publishing.

Section 6 - You will understand what the important parts of the writing process are, how to create valuable content with focus on benefits. And you'll learn how to slow down when you're rushing to finish a web article in time, write viral headlines that will catch anyone's attention, review (a step so important when it comes to digital content) and structure your work.

Section 7 - This is the section you're looking for. I'll teach you how to apply SEO best practices and rank higher on Google and I'll take you with me as I write an article from start to finish so you can better understand the process of writing effective copy. Additionally, we'll analyze pieces of content that perform well in the search results and the elements that make them succeed.

Section 8 - Finally, I'll teach you to use the best tools for writing and will review the key takeaways for this content writing course.

See you inside the course where you can fundamentally change the content you write from day ONE. Don't forget to give your best and practice patience!

For bimonthly content case studies, subscribe to my free content newsletter.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alexandra Cote

Digital marketer and content writer.


Hi there,

Alexandra Cote here - SaaS Marketer and Growth Consultant.

Thank you for checking out my courses!

I've built them with YOU in mind, so you'll definitely enjoy them.

I'm a growth-oriented digital marketer and freelancer with a passion for content marketing, social media marketing wonders, conversion rate optimization, and keyword research. I strongly support permission marketing and earned media. More than anything, I love working with online communities in order to find new and unique ways to develop businesses through growth hacking.

I have embarked on the odyssey of online marketing thank to passion for social media, viral content, psychology, writing, and advertising. I am Inbound certified and I love participating in industry disc... See full profile

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1. Why writing?: Hi, everyone. I am your host. Alexandra and I will be your instructor for discourse. I want to welcome into this beautiful journey of learning how to write productively and how to create amazing content. Before I start the scores, I want you to look at the following images, falls for a second to analyze them. Now what do all of these images have in common? Great coffee. Whether it's an advert, a single sentence on it, a full article or just the video script content and writing is what moves the world. It's what makes people laugh, cry, make decisions by a product and even determines them to talk to somebody else. But why writing? What is so special about this career? The thing is, this job won't die anytime soon. The possibilities of having a robot for human friendly content, just like today, are close to zero, at least for the next 100 years or more. But this is not the reason good enough for you to follow this courier fact. You need to start with writing as a hobby to see if you're truly like doing this. It's not just about job security, although I have to admit it looks like a solid reason for you to pursue this career. Truth is writing his heart, and many don't know what they expect when starting this career. No professional or successful writer ever said writing was even. It's as difficult as any other job that requires your full attention and determination Even more difficult. Writing is something that truly never ends. There is no 9 to 5. Win comes to writing. Your ideas could hit you as soon as you go to bed and even more so when you wake up in the middle of the night. It's really a profession you take with you everywhere forever. Get a Christie and Mark Twain are just some of the examples of holders who are actively publishing your work even after retirement age. But what's the hardest part of writing? Getting started, building your first outline and actually writing your first paragraphs? From then on, everything seems much easier, and it's important to keep this motivation at least until you're done revealing the article . But we'll get to the review part and why it's more important than the writing process itself later on. Now, not everyone is an expert in a particular topic, but this doesn't mean you can learn about it or at least attempts to combine new knowledge with what you know so far. Before you write copy, you need to do your research. Behind every successful piece of content is a great idea. Having insight into a topic makes you credible. Incredibility is with drives people to come back to your content, trust an awareness cells and only content can drive sales in a digital world. But why do so many people fail at writing content? The truth is, they just don't dedicate enough time. They only think about the money and forget about search engine optimization, and they never promote enough. But we'll talk about all this later on in the course. 2. What it takes to become a great writer: So what does it take to become a great writer? They have determination. Patients and the mission now desert just three of the top trades you need to have. But above all it is really, really important to find your motivation. Why do you want to write? Is it the passion? Or perhaps it helps you better understand the world in people around you. Writing is just one of the many skills you need to master to become a better content writer . Besides other heart of skills, like editing and even basic project management skills to help you organize your work, you'll really need soft skills, the combination of your personal people and social skills. These are what make a writer understand readers, their names and even the topics Are you writing about? One such skill is adaptability, meaning that you should get used very situations, context, people and any kind of change in an easy manner. Then there's organizational abilities to keep your ideas and duties organized, and make sure you don't miss. A deadline focuses in under such soft skill that can help you remove all distractions and give your best to one task at a time until you can gradually complete one full work. Whether that's a book or just a longer article, thunder is also communication. Just remember that you're not in this alone. You need to first communicate and collaborate with your clients so you know exactly what their requirements are and was in the final outcome should be like then you need to be able to talk to potential readers and see what they like or don't how they think how they act. And even if there is any difference between what they say and how they behave. Finally, your diligence to help you never give up on what you started. 3. The power of a story: what writing is really not that different from creative writing. But what did they both have in coming a story? Something to grab? Readers attention appealed to their emotions in stir discussions for your sick. Um, nobody cares. You spent weeks writing an article and choosing the best words. If you don't bring a Valley story, having a good story is a way of ensuring your connector. Your readers make them empathize with you. Make them want to talk to you. Tell stories only when appropriate. People want to hear a good story. They want to hear how a company was founded in a garage. How makeup brand was launched as a result of the CEOs need for better cosmetics. How you found the best restaurant in the world. How a man defeated the largest dragon and always goes on. There are so many stories waiting to be told, the story can be anything really the story of your company, how you build a team, how you solve your first product. What launched the idea behind your product. You'll notice that most successful brands have a backstory. GoPro was founded by Nick Woodman, who, as an athlete needed just a better way to fill himself and his friends whenever they went surfing. And so Ferrari was not even interested in the building of Rome cars. And he even worked for Alfa Romeo before launching the company that is now legacy. Your companies have stories to Airbnb, even has a page dedicated to such community stories. My favorite story, because he can be applied to any digital startup, is Male Jim Story in 2000 and one. Then Chest That and then courteous. The founders of Mel Jim started a Web design agency, which focused on corporate clients. But at the same time, they also build an email marketing service for the smaller clients. They in time male chin, turned into the solution we know to date that is really an infinitive, too expensive email software small and medium businesses wouldn't be able to afford to this day. Ah, large part of the content they write focuses on success stories of their clients for a commonly small business owners. But there's a story really that powerful. Let's take my own experience. I recently wrote a guide to working remotely and soon after, I received dozens of emails of people who wanted to talk to me about the challenges of remote work. They wanted to hear my story, and I wanted to hear there's the story, can create Bonds. It helps you connected people of share knowledge and develop new ideas. And most brands have a form of use, case or client success story page. This is really the easiest and most basic yet appealing for on story you can tell. 4. A writer’s struggles: content writers need to feel like writing comes to them naturally. Natural writers, so to say. But most of us who write digital content for a business or brand don't always feel like natural writers. Well, no fiction writers are commonly natural born writers, novelists, poetry writers, olders like William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and George Eliot. For the rest of us, putting ideas we have on paper can be difficult. But the truth is that what makes the difference between a regular writer and a great writer is the amount of time spent on editing that piece of content. I spend roughly half of my time on reviewing an article while the rest of the time goes into research, planning and the actual process of writing. In fact, I applied the same rules when creating this course. Even the famous olders I mentioned had other people reviewed their work. You're getting to the details of reviewing your work towards the end of the scores. Now I want you to carefully think about the answer to this question. Is desperation real? You can pause the video and discuss it with someone else. If you want the answer is No, it's something you create. I believe there's no such thing as writer's block. There's just bad days. But even there in these bad days, you can still have a prepared list of topic ideas, which you can write about, even if it's just a few words getting up in the morning when no ideas is one thing. But a lack of motivation to grab your list of possibly good topics and get to writing immediately isn't indicator that something might not be quite right. Think about whether disco year as a writer is really your wife. One for you. Writing is not for everyone. Some people prefer more active jobs, and writing can surprisingly view repetitive. But everyone can write. It's just the level of quality you are for true. You're writing that the first. In the end, it's all about being passionate about what you do. Unproductive days are normal. It's okay not to like the topics you're writing about just because the client has asked you to and that pays your bills. It's fine to some things. Feel like I myself often do like you're riding the same things over and over again. Just imagine asking any professional to talk to you about something they know so well but have so often talked about repeatedly. Good content writers are hard to find. In fact, if you're from a small country, chances are there are less than 10 writers who are truly able to make a difference for a brand. Most other is just right. Good writers think. Don't make him a writer for the wrong reasons. Reasons like wanting to work less hours or work from home to spend time watching your favorite TV show when you should actually be working are not good enough reasons to consider this career. Writing takes dedication, and you should be willing to put enough time and effort to see the results. It's okay not to have motivation, especially when you need to write something you're not really interested in. In such case, you need a challenge. So try to following exercise on your first day. Make it your goal to write one page the next day and for two pages and on the turn day right at least three pages, and you can either stop if you are pleased with the final result or continue the process over the next few days as some tips I can give you to help you overcome your blocks on having a look at your previous work, see what worked for you and what didn't what you can improve and even the good points that you can take any repeats throughout your work. Then take a random sentence from a book or just a random article on the Internet. Let's try. It is right now. We are now looking at mashable. You might know this website is being a good source for technology use, and if you go to just one random article, you will find some pretty interesting topics. For example, Game of Thrones. How to fix your DD settings to make your screen look perfect, an issue some people might be looking into in order to get high quality videos such as movies, Google, storing users, passwords. This is a huge security issue at the moment and even entertainment news in this case, so this kind of a website is a good source for you to find various topics. Maybe you have interest in technology, but you'd like to write about something else from time to time. If you have ideas but they're just not getting the hang of writing them down or need some inspiration. Read somebody else's work and edited. Forbes is a well known website, but content there is not always the best. And chances are most articles you click on will need a lot of improvement, especially if you look for a random topic like hobbies. And you've got here a story on how you can make money from a hobby in retirement. Just have a look at this article and see what you can add it. If you can work with the structure, which words you can change if there are any typos, misspelled words, and even if you can add your own unique content to it, then you can always find and start a writing challenge. I believe Pinterest is one of the best sources for content writing challenge in really any challenge you want, I will link to them in the resource is section and you can really take anything that matches your needs and start challenge today and before we move on to the activity I have prepared for you, I'll show you in the next video how the Hemingway editor works because it's the tool you'll need for your first practice test 5. The Hemingway Editor - Tool: hi guys. I am going to present to you some of the ways in which you can use the Hemingway editor to edit your own text. This is really artificial intelligence tool that is able to read your content and identify some of the main errors. And it's such as too many adverbs using passive voice instead of the active voice, or just long phrases which have simpler alternatives. And the danger faces here right now is the 1 40 editing part. There is also a separate one for writing, so you can wide your article here. Let's just paste the text I have selected for you from my own log and you can even add it the text from here but in this case is just a simple text, so we are going to go straight to the editing part. Now the Hemingway editor will automatically wait. You're a text based on readability. In this case, it's got an eighth grade, which means it's good, but it can be improved and you also get the number of words that you have. And obviously it's all detailed according to reading time. So how long it will take people to read the text in this case Two minutes and Fergie in seconds. How many metres you've got and so on with other small details which are not as important as this part. Now essentially the wind which the stool works is that you are going to go and look at each highlighted part and what it means. In this case you have this reddish tint here. The text in red means that sentences are a bit hard to read. In this case, it's best to just break the sentence into two different ones. This whole idealization of what the perfect place to work from is like has gone to the extent of being generalized to a common place. A building where people come and go by what they need are alike and interact with other people. No, from the very beginning, what you notice here is in green the passive voice. Now, this is not always a mistake. In this case, the past voice is fine. Now, remember that Hemingway is not a perfect tool. There is no possibility yet for artificial intelligence to tell whether a text is right or not. Whether you really made a mistake or what you wrote is fine, actually. So for this phrase, I'm just going to separate it into two different sentences. Now, obviously, there is still a sentence that is hard to read here. However, you can't have just short sentences, so I'm going to leave that alone. I'm going to skip the passive voice because in this case it's fine and move on to the next sentence. This seems like the proper place for getting constant inspiration away from your office, or even from your own home again. This is hard to read, but you can keep it this way and the following phrase There is one change we can make. It is also the perfect distraction and a comma here and start in your sentence here, then the final phrase for this paragraph. The coffee shop has now become the most commonly name place as being an ideal, perfect working space for writers in particular. Now, the mistake here is not the adverb. You can leave this ever there. If you want, do, it's not necessary. If you had captain just the most name place, it would have been fine. But notice these two words that refer to the same thing so you can just delete one of them . Then this in particular port is useless and you've got a sentence that is easy to read. Just by removing some fluff and another very hard to read sentence, I used to think I was only able to ride enclosed, peaceful and quiet surroundings. We can end the sentence here, then another passive voice. Honestly, I personally only use the Hemingway editor after I'm done with my text toe, identify these passive voice situations and Onley the sentences that are very hard to read . I figure like these are the main benefits that I would get from this tool because some of the sentences they highlight are fine. You don't have to write the short descendants is possible. Sometimes keeping details is fine, so just read them again and see if there is anything you can change. So let's have a look at the next very hard to read sentence. I could spend hours writing what the people next to me are talking about books, history, time contracts, and here I could start another sentence, but the Hemingway editor only considers a sentence as ended when you add a full stuff so I'm just going to leave it like this for more effect and started new centers here. Honestly, the way in which I imagined this article was exactly with these cues that the Hemingway editor is identifying as very hard to read, which is true sometimes. But without them, I wouldn't have the effect I want. So I'm just going to leave them this way and then, as a general practice again for sentences that the Hemingway editor identifies as hard to read. Just read them again, make some appropriate changes. Finally, for the last paragraph, there is one last, very hard to reach phrase. Just read it again. Now I'm just going to remove some of the words that they're not really important for me to send the message across. Now, even after making these changes, the Hemingway editor still considers it's a bit hard three. But if you are pleased with the way in which you have improved that phrase, it's fine. Just leave it this way and maybe read it again after you're done with the article. Now, in this paragraph, the tool also recommends that I remove some adverbs like in this case, surely I would prefer to leave it here because it emphasises my certainty in this case. Also, just usually believe just But in this case, I really need to put emphasis on the fact that they have only one laptop. Then I'm going to fix the word fed word the lead. Finally, one adverb that is useless and check the final sentences of this paragraph. Make a few small tweaks, and then at the end, you can just read the whole article again to see if there's anything you'd like to change. Now notice that after I made these changes, my grade is now seven. Remember that when we first started making some edits, the grade was eight. This is because eight in the Hemingway editor is actually lower than seven, so the best grade you could get is one. In fact, Hemingway's works are usually grated with a great five and anything that this above nine is considered not so good. But I do not want you to put emphasis on what your greatest. What I want you to remember after editing all of your articles is that as long as you don't have any serious mistakes, phrases that readers just won't be able to understand as all or words that are really useless. There is no point in worrying about the great that you got or trying to get a better grade . In the end, it's all about making the article more appealing to the person who is going to read it, not to any type of editor Toe on. Now I want you for the next activity to use the stool. If you have any questions, just let me know and see you in the next electric. 6. Coming up with new content ideas: coming up with new ideas can be a challenge. So here are my best tips to help you with that. First of all, brainstorm. This is a classical example dropped down Any ideas you have anything you can think of? Look around. You think about your interests about what you've discussed with your friends, colleagues and ultimately jack Internet lists for ideas. This actually takes me to the next. It use a tool. Have spot, for instance, has this blogger ideas generator tool and all you have to do is enter any type of noun. For example, if you have a topic in mind, let's say emails. Then. If you're interested in e mails for business, for personal purposes or anything like this, you can just add other announce here. But this time we are going to go for a single now and here on the left side you will get some headline examples. Now, these should be enough for you. If you want some more ideas, you can unlock 250 more blawg headlines, and this is free, but we have to under your details. Then another tip with me to start curating convent for yourself, read a lot. Discovering your topics. New fields of interest. I, for instance, recently found a new interest in astrology. Ideas are everywhere, and you should take time to find contents. To read yourself first, you can look at Amazon book titles and let's just look at some of the best sellers. Look at this headline, for instance, the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. This is a good starting point for your next article. I will teach you to be rich, how to win friends and influence people, the miracle warning, the coaching habit and so on. There are so many ideas you might not have thought of ever the best place to find new topics and content. Inspiration is definitely medium again. You can even just stop at the first page of medium, and there are so many ideas you can discover or go into the different categories to find topics targeting your interests. Now, since we are at this topic of medium, I will also show you how you can use the content that you have already published to tell what it is that people are looking for. So if you've ever had an article on medium that has gained quite some attention. There are high chances that somebody has highlighted what was of interest to them. These highlights only appear to the altar, and you can even see who highlighted that section. And honestly, there are very insightful because you can see what was highly valuable to them, which information they might have skipped. And honestly, you can even write something else in the future. Based on this information read, it is another place where you can find what problems people have and what solutions they need. In fact, any forum or community is good. In this sense, I personally don't like planning and prefer spontaneous content, but a content calendar might be necessary. When you have multiple clients or you're working on two or more article simultaneously and you're looking to achieve a goal within a set time frame, you can create the calendar yourself to suit your needs or just use one of the already existent ones I have attached into Resources Section A base. To get his Orgel calendar template, you can download yourself and develop upon. You can create a new one each year and even each month, and you can either have a separate one for your social media posts or added those here to, in addition to your articles at the base of each idea, lies and gold. When choosing a topic for your next piece of writing, the honest when you answer the next questions, is that realistic? Can you make the things you write about happen? Have you researched the topic from trustworthy sources? Or are you just claiming something with no proof? How will I communicate my ideas? Think about how easy it will be for you to communicate all of your tots. Some ideas are better shared in a visual formats, such as a video or an infographic. What is my end goal? Do you want to sell? You need people to subscribe to your book. Do you want, perhaps, to rank higher in Google, or do you just need to instruct other people and help others learn? Finally, the last question. What's my timeline? You have enough time to finish an article on the complex subject, or are you free to take as much time is needed to deliver your final piece of writing? There is a difference between writing for creative purposes, search engine optimization to sell, express your thoughts, educate or for academic reasons and official research 7. Funnels or finding your audience: readers go through different steps from the moment they have a problem and start to research it to when they finally make a purchase and are actively reading reviews on what the best solution for them would be. This is called a marketing funnel. A file is really a series of stages all customers go through following the A I D. A Model A stands for attention. It's the moment when you should attract new customers by creating brand awareness so your readers can become aware of your product and brand I representing interest is the next stage where you need to maintain your attention and present your own product or service as a solution to dare problems. The is the desire face when you convince prospects that your product or service is indeed the perfect solution for them. Moving on to the final action step when your prospects will financially decide to buy your product, especially if you give them a little help, like a bonus discount or extra benefits. There is also link in the resource is Section two. How H rest explains market and funnels to beginners. So to check this out because it's one of those really good insightful content pieces. Now let's not forget who you're writing for. Onley this way you can during strangers into customers, show you understand and want to help by suggesting a solution. One way to achieve that concise content I was mentioning before is by actually knowing what your audience wants. And if you don't know who your readers are and what they want, you're just going to write a lot hoping some of the information you share will be of interest to anyone. And there are high chances. This won't happen. No matter the topics you right on you will have an audience. You need to come up with a fictional character, in this case, the office administrator. If you can visualize what these people look like, what they do, what their needs are, you will know what to rides to sell to them. Let's go our apply in Jane and treat the basic profile for her. Jane is 25 years old. She's the office administrator for a start up in San Francisco, and she's in charge of acquiring all needed office supplies, including furniture once a month. You will then have to consider her challenges pain points dreams. Gold's see what would motivate her it or urge her to get your product pause for a second. What do you think would hold her back from buying from you? Now? This is not something you can just guess. You need to research it. There are many places where you can analyze your potential customer, and you probably already have access to those. Resource is social media reviews. Blow comments. Just stop to your colleagues sales team and most importantly to your existing customers. They are the ones who have bought something from you before, so they're best known. What the reason behind the purchase. WAAS Seeing how potential clients existing ones and even those clients you lost right about their problems can help you use their own language in your writing in one of the best places for you to learn how your clients speak is through online reviews. Let's take a look at the following Amazon reviews. These reviews in particular, are for yoga mats, and you will be able to see all of the clients who were satisfied and those who were disappointed. Let's take a look at this negative review first smells like death horror those things like sewage, ready to throw it out and try to return this man. This is one of those review that can offer lots of insight into why reclines are not pleased with your product. One benefit to having such negative reviews is that you can analyze them and change your product or service accordingly. Take this yoga mat, for instance. All you have to do is remove the older, choose organic materials instead, and you can then create content highlighting the friend that your yoga mats don't smell and are not toxic. Anything that would make future. Klein's satisfied with your products so they can give a positive review in the future. Now moving on to some positive reviews, let's have a look at this one. In this case, the client was surprised that the product was better than he had expected. Notice how he used soft and take is I needed. These are key words you can use in your copy, too, if you want to appeal to potential buyers and you will notice that other reviewers use the same words to. For instance, this review uses the word taking it. Let's see some more positive reviews long and very soft extra cushion for knees and down lows. As a business owner, you don't even need to hire a copywriter to come up with these keywords for your campaigns . I was worried about buying this mat because of the reviews at the time. You can make this work for you by offering guarantees that your max will be of high quality and actually delivering what you promise. Let's still get another example this time for a recipes book. This just searched for some of the things that we could highlight in our copy. If you're looking for a book that contains simple recipes all in one place, Dan, this book is for you. By taking the statement, he will realize that your book is better suited for beginner chefs offering simple recipes so you can change your marketing towards that direction. But then again, this customer also said the cover was flimsy and arrived event indented. This is a thing you can only fix physically by changing the quality of your covers and delivery services so you can offer extra guarantees true your copy or on your website, and you can look for similar patterns with other reviewers, so you can check if what one person is saying is common among your buyers. In this case, there are so many more people complaining about how their book has arrived. And, of course, you can also use these reviews to improve what you offer in the future. For example, this customer is not pleased with the variety of recipes in the book. So maybe in the future, when you update your product, you can take this into consideration. But never get to writing until you identify your potential customers, names and your readers. Pain points. Whether that's a problem, a driving force that makes them need a solution or that sparks a buying process. For instance, hunger makes you want to buy food when you're bored of eating the same food over and over again, you will be looking for recipes, and if you don't want to waste time searching for the perfect recipes, you will need an online service to send you regular recipes. It's up to you to select your niche and audience. You can write for us to speak topic like marketing land does when presenting mostly news related to marketing for my gadgets now for tech related news. But you can also write for a certain kind of audience and tackle warn. And just one topic. For instance, messy Nessie Sheikh. They don't focus on a single industry. Instead, they want to offer contents to people who are interested in curiosity's. They also have this Siris of weekly or daily findings on the Internet. I definitely recommend that you check these out because there are the perfect example of content that's aimed for a diverse audience that has multiple interests. 8. Getting your readers to stay productive: It's not just you. As a writer who should be productive. You also need to make sure your readers are because if your readers are not productive and actively paying attention to what you wrote, your articles will go unnoticed. But believe it or not, keeping a reader productive is much easier than making your own self. Stay productive. Just take any of your articles and do the following. Create shorter sentences at more white space. Used some headings for a larger paragraphs or content divisions add external links for reference. Every once in a while, use lists, images and multimedia mark important words and paragraphs and bold. Let's have a closer look at some real examples we've got on the shop. If I blogged an article on how you can start a blogged that you can grow into a business, the title is catching by itself. There is even an indicator that it will take you 14 minutes to read this article. If you read each word of it, then you've got an introduction. In this case, the introduction is a bit too long, so most people are just likely going to skip it, and then you've got lots of some headings bolted phrases list, short paragraphs, short sentences, some CTS here in there to get you to another content, even war, internal and external links and lots of images and just the entire article is written this way. There's even a form for you to start a free trial for Shopify, which is one good way of using your content to get lead. Then you've got even a special formatting for Colt, and just the entire article is written this way. So this is definitely an example of a good article in terms of structure, so I will link it in The resource is so that you can take a closer look at it. Meanwhile, here's a promising article from Smart longer with a catchy title. But except for this stock photo here, there are no other images. So, really, would you read it if there's just nothing visual for you to have a look at while reading it ? Finally, Back Lingo has some of the best articles in terms of both content and structure, and if you do some research on this blawg, you will be able to find some of the tricks that will help you get your content higher on Google. Let's take a look at some specific things now you've got from the very beginning of very interesting title that's updated for this current year. Very important to keep changing the year. If you have one in your title or just any kind of number you have, then you've got from the very beginning a very short, brief introduction. Bold ID sentences, Bolden words, an image after just two paragraphs, and if you take a look at the paragraphs, they are both made of one single sentence. Now this is is a style particular. Did this log. You don't have to write in this way all the time, but it's one good weight of ending white space into your article and then after the introduction is done. But notice how the introduction doesn't even look like one. It looks like you already get valuable content, and this is what makes people want to read for in there. So after you've got again lots of images, lots of white space, short sentences that they're so easy to read and very relevant to the images that the older has added, you have lists external links, some very important quick questions that keep the reader engaged so that the reader will have something to think about. Notice how all images have highlights on them with this red rectangle, for instance. Again, some very nice external wings, lots and lots of short sentences highlighted key words. By the way, using a bold formatting on your keywords will emphasize that word both for your readers. And actually, Google considers that those keywords that you have highlighted with bold are actually more important, and there's a higher chance that you will have rank for those keywords. And one thing I want you to notice is the incredible length of this article. So the author Brian Deane, in this case, gets back to the article each year whenever there's an update. So this article can become the unique source of information for people who are looking for this specific info. I will just scroll to the very bottom. You've got your typical conclusion with a download link for a tool kit, as if the content wasn't long enough and what I want you to notice. It's obviously besides the incredible number of shares, the incredible number of comments there are so many people who love this kind of content. Long content such as this makes people want to trust you to use you as a single source of information. Now another thing to keep your readers active is to use your active voice and address your readers. For example, instead of saying something like students must take an exam before they enter these glasses use you instead of a general now, such as you must take an exam before you enter these glasses. 9. Short break: 10. Writing unique content PART 1: the best way of creating unique content is just this writing your spontaneous docks. This means you won't be looking at any keywords. You won't research any topic. You won't talk to anybody about your ideas, but instead you'll be putting down all your tots in a continuous for a more realistic way of creating unique content is by looking at top 10 results on Google. Seeing what others did and coming up with something they did not mention is considered unique. For example, here is a topic that is difficult for you to turn into something unique that this best cars of 2019 most results will show you simple lists. And if you analyze all of them, you will actually find some content that stands out, such as 130 best used cars. This is unique thanks to its high number of cards that have been ring or the best cars under $40,000. This automatically narrows down the audience you want because these people are only looking for cars up to that price point and you will notice that there are under similar articles. But there is still one way of creating something unique in this case, you can have, for instance, really. People review these cars and write the headlines, such as the best cars in 2019 as reviewed by driving beginners. So people who got their driving license less than one year ago, and in this way you target one specific audience, and you have that one unique content that they might be looking for. But do not make the mistake of copying content. It hurts your reputation, your ghoul ranking even, and you won't gain anything at all from stealing. Instead, you'll actually lose a lot of time and effort that you have put into taking that content from somebody else. While you could have spent that time to create something unique or original. And let me tell you, this unique content ranks higher now. You also need to mix it up from time to time. When I was in high school, there was always that group of students who just couldn't focus more than 10 minutes during the class. Why? Because our teachers would always hold the same type of lessons with the same structure and even ask questions you could expect. We are programmed that way. We are natural seekers of change in diversity. One day we want something the next day. We're already looking for something else. The same principle is valued for content. You can't expect to write guides your entire life. There are so many other types of content people, the men from videos, the courses, interviews, E books and your basic list post articles, all of them suiting a different purpose, depending on how much time a person is willing to give to get the right information. You may have a couple of hours to spend reading a full research on a topic, or you could have just one minutes to find the answer to your question. Now stay with me for the second part of this video, where we are going to look at some real examples of what makes existing successful content unique. 11. Writing unique content PART 2 (Hands-On Examples): Welcome back. We're now going to move on to some real examples of unique content. First of all, in terms of topic, you have articles dealing with one unique idea, subject or even use in this case, this Mexican company that is turning avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic. This is a topic that's unique enough to make people want to further read the article. Science websites are a great source for this type of unique content. In this case, for now, science. There's our topics. Such a scientist. Smash record for high temperature superconductivity Scientists create world's first living organism with full synthetic D N A and salon. And such unique topics are not just part of articles. They can be the main subject of an entire West Side. In this case, we have this research on extreme Lobel poverty, and if your school down, you can see that it's widely documented with relevant data images to support the claims charts, lots of external links in case you want to reference other research before you, and even academic research such as this one can have a CT A. In this case, instead of a conclusion, they ask a fundamental question, that is, what is the cost of ending extreme poverty? And it's something that readers will think about even after they have left to your website . Now uniqueness can also be related to the form in which you present your ideas. Brian Deane from Back Lingo is an altar I will reference several times throughout the scores because he has the perfect examples of successful content he updates every year or every few months. These articles to keep them on track with any changes and again, content is not just articles. Writers have to write video scripts, newsletters and social media posts that will convert and even come up with catching names for brands. Let's first have a look at some successful Facebook pages. In this case, this is the Shelter Pet project and the way in which they use content to find people who are willing to adopt a new patch friend. They take each cat or dog they have available for adoption and create a nice story behind that animal. Now we have previously talked about the power of a story, and here is another case where a nice story can be used this time for a good cause. And really creating a story such as this one will make anyone who comes across the post more interested in reading what The Post is about. And maybe this is something that is of interested in. Maybe they are actually looking to adopt a pet. And obviously this stain storytelling is kept throughout the whole page. Posting constantly good content that would appeal to audiences is the key to having a successful Facebook page. Like in this case, dander is the Facebook page for grammar, really, and towards the end of the scores and going to go into much more detail on how you can use the stool to for now, we're going to focus on the contents may offer on their Facebook. Now, one thing that will strike you when you have a look at their Facebook page is that their content is very consistent with their brand image. End with what they offer. They are a tool that proof reads your content automatically, and so most of their content focuses on words, sentences, quote, funny cliches, funny words, anything like this, from the basic quote post to inspirational posts and even funny word blaze and sentences and really, if you take a look at all of their posts, they don't write that much content. It's just one image with a statement sentence on it and supporting text. And that's it. That's really all you made for any kind of social media network. You don't need to go into too many details all the time. Sometimes having a perfect sentence to catch your reader's attention is just enough. Here's another example of an account on Instagram, which is a highly visual platform, so he wouldn't expect written content to make a change here. But the humans of New York account proves you that really written content paired with the perfect picture is just all you need. And really, the creators of humans of Network didn't even need to come up with the content. All they had to do is have a good idea and then reach out to other people so they can get their quotes. And if you check any post on their instagram, the account really tells the stories of normal regular people of everyday life in New York , and all photos are paired with a nice little story that is definitely going to appeal to some readers, and there are so many stories that will really make other Instagram users find themselves in the same life story situation and even product descriptions can be out of the norm. You don't have to like a basic product description. Let's just take a look at this description for address. So you first got an introduction of the designers. So you know the back story of the people who have created what you are going toe where, if you will, by this particular item of clothing and then you've got a nice description of the materials from the dress and even a recommendation is how you can wear it, such as slip it on over your swimsuit before adding a rustic basket bag for a poolside lunch and another similar example this time with more details really going into the symbols of that item. But there's I've mentioned in the first part. It's okay to do something different every once in a while, if you usually writes technical content or even product specifications, how about trying creative writing, write a short poem or fulfill your life? Ving of publishing a short story online. I started with writing poetry on deviant art five years before I wrote my first article, when I discovered that writing poetry was actually one of my passions and the form of therapy. Room, for instance, started out as a physical magazine, moved on to the Internet to become an online magazine and is now becoming viral on YouTube . Dandridge's Netflix. Yes, this is their blawg. We all know Netflix is a provider of subscription based TV shows and movies, but they have a blawg, too, and it's for surprisingly, the friend purpose that is Web development. And since I am very passionate about unique content, I have prepared a really nice activity for you once this video is over, and I just can't wait to see how your submissions will throw now see you in the next lecture. 12. Changing your mindset (the fun way): truth is, you only fail when you stop. That's when you can officially say that you have failed. Discipline is key to becoming a professional in any field. Take a break every now and then. Work, work, work Shouldn't be your motto. Having time to unlined and just think about your day is crucial. For your help, you need a clear schedule so you're not both owning work indefinitely. You can try breaking your workday into smaller intervals. One way to divide your date is by working for hours in the morning, taking a longer break at lunch and continuing your work for another four hours in the evening. However, be careful with this method as you could instead end up leaving your entire workload for later when you have no energy left toe work anymore. Another tip I have for you is not to be afraid of critique. I had my first controversial article when I was 21. It was this list type of post with a couple of tips on how employers could find the right candidates. This is honestly one of my worst pieces of writing, and now I look at it and realize that I've come such a long way. Since then, the text was short, your typical with both without much research, no visuals, a few links, no white stays, not even headings. I'm surprised I even added a CT A at the end. But the catch is that despite its books, the message it sends was widely talked about on lengthen. Some were grateful for the tips. Others felt insulted, which was not at all the purpose of the article. The thing is, I learned a lot. My tone has changed my insides the way in which I do my research and even how I structure my work. If I havent posted the article on Lengthen, I would have never gotten such helpful tips. All the critique and advice you get will add up, and it can only turn you into a better writer, helping you grow and improve yourself. Finally, when it comes to writing, don't be so serious. Most people use the Internet for entertainment anyway. Crack a joke if you feel like it at a fun word, play with the format of your text. Anything you feel that will make your content different is definitely worth trying. After all, Writing is what you make it, and I'm sure you don't want to be one of those content writers who follow a strict pattern on the time there's even a website to help you find those fun words, and I will link it in. The resource is section. Do you know what we make this statement funnier. Now let me show you some ways in which other companies played with their content. Now charming, they sell toilet paper. So within such an industry, the only thing you can do is stayed relevant by providing something others don't. While other competitors or brands focus on the softness of their toilet paper charm and keeps it real with some life situations out of the norm, brands like this one are great a place for you to find some inspiration for fun content. And let's not forget that most people consume and retain them on the Internet. Here's another reason, this time from a recruitment company highlighting some of the funniest things they have seen in resumes. Even Wikipedia knows that some subjects have to be discussed, even if they're not so serious. And your favorite writers had a strong sense of humor, too. 13. The power of words: words are powerful, the words we choose can influence our next actions, our decisions and, most importantly, changed the way in which the people around us interact literally words guested use. And there are so many subtle changes that happen when you add or take out just a single word. You may have been advised to use power words like amazing secret, explosive, inspiring hack, funny and so on. Let's look at these words in use 24 adorable photos that can touch even those who have a heart of stone. Now this cycle promises to appeal to everyone by providing adorable photos. Imagine this title without any of these power words I have highlighted for you. It would not create the same effect. Now a news headline from here we see China threatens to retaliate over US sanctions again. Some very strong power words that will determine the reader toe want to have a look at the article and see how this situation is going. And it's not just headlines. You'll find power, words and calls to action like free in this case, and even in some headings, live here finding the best products or find products you and other people are passionate about putting love in life, to work combined niche with passion and salon. But unless you're using them in the headline, chances are nobody is going to see them. And with so much more content in just one article, it would be nearly impossible for everyone to read and remember that word. We use words to influence people to determine them, to have a specific kind of reaction, neural or physical and even emotional to the message that we are sending out to them. The most powerful words are simple words, no jargon, no tech words Onley those words the average person can understand with simple sentences and grammar. And really, you can use an image to tell your point whenever you can get the right words as a quick tip from me. Spending time to choose the right words for the body of your articles is really useless if you don't pay attention to getting readers to that point. If people drop your article from the first phrases, they won't even get to read anything else, you wrote. On average, people read only about 20% of the text you write. This is the reality of writing. You often spend countless days, even months, on good content. But there's no guarantee people are actually going to be willing to give their own time to read it. Very little of the content that's out there on the Web actually gets read people right content every day, and they most often right condom. That will end up somewhere on Google, where you will never find it. There are currently over four million block posts written every day, but some content just never gets red. Synonyms are a writer's best friend. Thesaurus is a good tool that you can use to find synonyms for words you use on a regular basis. Like just word. Hippo is another similar tool and power key Saurus. Don't waste any word. Each word you add without meeting with only extend your writing with no purpose. This means people will stop reading your article just a few words away from that one paragraph, where you've ended your riel message and, most importantly, above all, avoid repetition. Try not to repeat the same word, at least in two consecutive sentences. Here's a bad example. Take a moment to read it and write down what you think is wrong in the sentence. Now here's where I've made the appropriate changes. Let's have a closer look. Notice how I removed the second job description mentioned because it already appeared in the first sentence. Then again, I also removed job from job boasting so that we wouldn't have the same now, several different times. Then I have removed the noun resumes from here because you could already understand the meaning of the sentence without this particular now. Then here I have removed have because it's already in the previous sentence and it's really not necessary. So I have replaced it with a more appropriate word, and that is gained. Then, instead of repeating the now resumes over and over again, I have replaced it with CVS and finally, instead of claim because you will see it in the last sentence, I wrote boasts aboard, which is more powerful and which will help you avoid repetition. Let's have a look at the Notre simple example. Notice anything off, pause the video for a second to spot to the problems, and here are the Final Four changes I have replaced. Influential people would influencers a much shorter noun and it really refers to the same thing. Instead of content, which already appeared in this very same sentence, I chose to say word. Then I replaced the word encouraging, which was not really relevant in this situation with a simple, more and at the end, instead of with your own audience, I took own out because here your is just enough for you to get your message across, but really spending too much time. Choosing your words is a waste of time, especially in the digital world. Writing with the common words you used when speaking is the way to go. Doing this is not the least so easy. You're probably used to rigorous rules and techniques you've acquired in school or college , and getting rid of these habits is by itself a journey, Really. The only trick you can do end the one I used for discourses to imagine you're talking to someone. If you are arriving from your own home, you can even say words out loud as you're right and imagine you're holding a talk at the conference or a meeting at the office. Just caught all the pauses, turns extra fluff you'd use when talking and keep the friendly tone and easy to understand words from real life speak for this course. I imagined I would be presenting it to my friend, who is already involved in writing content. But this is not a passion of hers. You can even be writing to yourself. As a matter of fact, you should always aim to ride content. You love yourself and just get the feedback of other people so you can tailor reads to the needs of others as well. 14. Invest in yourself to stay productive: no matter how many books you've read, when you get down to writing, he will write naturally when else considering any rules. There's probably millions of tips on becoming a better writer out there and not all We work for you, and it's impossible to cover all advice in the single courts. But that's for any other career path. You need a role model, whether that's an order or just the style of writing somebody or something that can give you that one advice that will truly work for you. And you can only get this boost if you do some reading yourself. So in the next seconds, you'll be guided to a list of books I've read and recommend you pick from again. You shouldn't read everything that's out there. It's better to dedicate your time to read what you want and the things you know you enjoy Happy reading 15. Having a place for practice: I use my own blood. The practice. I never wanted to make money out of it. I never wanted to promote myself. I just wanted to improve. To this day, whenever I feel like I need to try something new or experiment with different types of content, I go to my long and write something even if it's just a draft. I have deleted so many articles from there, even those I had published, keeping them in a public place where I regularly posted health me, go back to them and improve my writing. Unless you use your block to promote yourself and get clients. I encourage you to start a block, either in the free version of word breasts, which I'm going to link in. The resource is section for even on medium. This is also a good choice for you if you're afraid that your work will get rejected and you don't want to submitted yet as a guest, both for a well known last sight. If you have a personal blonde, you can see what your audience likes and what they don't like before reaching out to another publication's audience. Any criticism is good, especially when you're a beginner, but don't focus solely on your block. There is other channels, too, and they're interdependent. Consider your channels weather. That's Facebook. Lengthen YouTube, instagram or anything else that suits your needs. No matter where you work from or where you practice your writing, learn to eliminate distractions by first identifying them. Depending on your style of work, There are certain things that are undoubtedly bound to distract you and keep you away from writing. I, for instance, can really come up with new ideas if I'm in a noisy environment, or even if I have something else more important to think of, like a personal issue bothering me at that specific time or just on appointment, you might prefer to work with white noise in the background. Or maybe you can focus on multiple things at the same time, and they can listen to a full podcast while you are writing. People are so different in this only means that writers are also different. We all have distinct approaches to the way in which we work, where we work, from who we reach out to for help. If we keep on the dollar, kid with us for emotional support, and so on 16. Common mistakes writers make: one of the most common mistakes writers make is that they don't focus enough on their introductions. Or maybe they just fail to understand their true rule. 55% of people spend less than 15 seconds on a page, and even I am guilty of not understanding the rial role of introductions. I used to think other readers were just like me, and nobody read the introduction of an article ever to this day. I still skip introductions, but I asked the people around me to see if they had the same habit. And to my surprise, most of them said that they actually read introduction. Let me now show you what the good introduction looks like. This is an article where the older has reached out to 32 experts in email marketing for help. The introduction has three short paragraphs. The 1st 1 assures you that you can trust what you read next. The second paragraph shows you what you will get if you're going to read on. So the benefit of this article and finally the third paragraph introduces you to a review of everything that's said in the article. So if you don't have time you can just read this summary or scripted a section that's of interest to you. Here is another example in this case for a news outlet. The idea behind this particular introduction here is that you had all the information in the rest of the article resumed in a single sentence. And let me tell you, this means the article also has a good structure and it is easy to read. And if you scroll down, you notice the appropriate hangs. Another mistake in many articles and just content in general is writing basic calls to action. And again, I'm just going to show you the good examples and not the bad ones, because these tend to stick with us more than the good ones. And I don't want you to remember that. Don't in this case now for this particular article. If you scroll down, you've got this sim people called to action and obviously having a good cold action will immediately spark their responses of readers. And this is indeed true here. Another example. Scroll down to the c p. A. Again, a simple, straightforward sentence, and again the older got the answers he was looking for above all a mistake that is inevitable, but you can still pay attention to and later edited is the fact that many of US riders tend to go into unnecessary. This is a mistake I am guilty of making all of the time. I tend to concentrate on getting out the message I want to share as accurately as possible . So for this I just gave a bunch of details that in the end, just repeat what I said before. You need to get straight to the point by using just one phrase, which contains the whole message you want to send out. Sure, this is a bit difficult to focus on as you are writing, but this is exactly why you need to review your writing. Write short sentences, paragraphs and even words. Use a new paragraph for new ideas. Let's now just compare these two examples. The 1st 1 has no paragraphs at all, while the 2nd 1 which is correct, has exactly three paragraphs and all of them are short as an exercise. I want you to experiment with short content because long content is not everything. There is. Go to Twitter very have a word limit that's less than 300 characters. So this platform forces get to write your ideas directly without too many unnecessary details, so you can instead focus on the information your audience really needs. I want you to come up with five different short paragraphs or to its, and each of them should develop on a single idea. Here is one example you can use for inspiration Now. What I just told you is a series of classical tips. Everyone will tell you because they work. But you don't have to let these tie you down and delete all of your favorite phrases. Writing is all about being free, and freedom doesn't know any constraints. The wires have been using longer phrases since the first words were ever put onto paper. Here is my favorite example in the history of literature. One paragraph I will always remember. It's really not the long sentence that you should fear but incoherent ones. Here's a simple example that's really just one sentence, and in the good example, you can see the changes I've made by removing some of the extra words and changing them where appropriate, 17. Tips on offering valuable content: one issue I've had over the years was being able to keep up with the latest trends and news . Truth is that the first people who are going to write about a topic or usually going to have the best performing content, of course, that has provided they often valuable insights from a single look at Measurable. You'll be able to spot the latest trends and news, but the problem is that they are already out there, and if you start writing about them on Lee now, you won't be among the 1st 50 people to write about that topic. But there are a couple of things that you can do to keep up with the news. The easiest is for you to look at the trending topics on Twitter, and you can tailor D's according to your own location and even personalized trends based on your location, people you follow, and even things you have looked up on Twitter before. But the problem with this is that these events are already happening to see what is going to happen next in the following days or weeks. Even use a tool like forecasts. This way you can research the topic and maybe even prepare an article published in the future and be one of the first people to write about that. But the bubble remembered. You offer value as a rule. Everything you write should offer at least one key take away to all readers, make them laugh, pose an intriguing question that would make them think and perhaps even participate in a discussion. Big Feel good. Teach, entertain. Be an inspiration. Do not offer condom that's different from what you promised. Stayed the benefit in the headline If you want to, but stick to your headline after make sure you cover benefits at all times and write facts that are regarded as useful content. Nobody wants to waste even a minute reading an article and not getting any reward for mint . People want to be gifted information here and now. If you want people to read your content, you are asking for their time and in return for your time, you have to give something back. But the most important thing is that you find your own voice, that one thing that defines who you are and what your silence. All people talk differently, so it's only natural for them to write in a different manner, regardless of any Sile. I have read several books on how you can become a better writer, but they're all essentially repeat the same ideas over and over again through all these rules, lighters, air different, successful writers have a unique voice, and changing your voice can be difficult, since you're not likely to be enjoying the process. If you are already used to speaking and writing in a particular way, what worked for me might not work for you on those. Chances are that if you make a habit out of the tips and tricks, your told, they will eventually work for you. But on Lee, if your persistence, that's why I chose to present you only realistic advice and goals that anyone can reach through this course. 18. Is fast writing a good solution?: all I can say when it comes to writing is don't rush. Avoid urgency. The more time you dedicate to an article into each word in particular, the greater the results will be. Good. Writing takes time, but you sure can speed up. Some writers will advise you to actually write faster if you want to create more articles in a short time. But it is my belief that for good content you have to take your time. And this is a course dedicated to everybody who wants to become a better writer who creates a great content. So I would not advise you to rush in any way. Instead, take the time to improve yourself and become a better writer. However, speed, when it comes to writing does not refer to being as fast as possible. It's all about learning the right habits and mindset that will allow you to finish writing in a short time. So here are some tips you can try to manage and put more words and ideas into the same time frame you would normally right in Surgery day writing. Sure, you probably won't feel like getting straight to work first thing in the morning when you could be drinking your coffee or snoozing a bit more instead. But honestly, that's what I do. I get up every morning and get straight to writing. I prefer to have some free time in the afternoon when I'm making energy. Focus and idea is to continue writing, really taking time to write. Each warning should be all about putting down as many ideas as possible, and then you will take your best part of the date, edit the article and turn it into its Final Four. And I'm not the only one experiencing this great creativity in the morning. I have attached a length to a study done in 2012 which also debates this topic. Even Leo Tolstoy and other great alters followed this principle. Then you should make right in your first choice whenever possible. When you have to pick between writing an article or going out to the movies, make sure you pick the first. If you have to create some images and feel like it's an easier activity for you reading and writing, you still have to pick writing because in this case, anything images takes less time and effort. And if you do this the first thing in the morning when you have more energy, you're going to be wasting a precious time and willingness to work on activities that could honestly be done at another time. I, for one, prefer to do activities that don't require much creativity. And Dacko technical or administrative things made her after and finished with the task that matters to me the most. The truth is, you won't be able to write every day. Sure, you can write every single day for a couple of weeks or months, but there will be definitely times we don't just need a day off from everything. You can also divide your writing process by days. Let's say you're not really in the mood to write a full article in one day. What you can do is divide that article into smaller sections and commits to finish one section per day. For example, this is the structure of an article I have to write on the first day I would be taking care of the theoretical part. Then on the second day, I would be adding some real life examples and developing upon them and finally on the last day, I would conclude with interviews and colts and also right the conclusion and most importantly, the introduction after and then with the entire article, so that I know exactly how I can resume it. What I want you to remember, by all means from this lecture, is that you should give your best to write down as many of your ideas as possible in a day . But if you're feeling tired or stuck, it's best to stop writing altogether and get back to writing the next day. Instead of wasting time thinking about ideas which are not really that good or worrying about how you're not going to reach your dead nine. I can't even recommend ending your work date earlier than usual and taking a few hours from your free time to continue that article. Because in this way you're not wasting any time. It's really about writing less, but more often so you can learn to create a habit out of writing. You've now got exactly two choices, both of which will work. You can either right content fast with, edited later, or take your time and write one page at a time, and you can even use certain tools for this. This writing to lets you select for how many minutes you want to write. For example, let's say you've got 30 minutes, and you will yet to write your text here with a timer on the right hand side so you will know when your deadline is approaching and you can count each second of the time you spend writing. If you'd rather avoid than in distractions and take as much time as you want to, you can use that call Niederreiter. You will get one blank page where you can write whatever you want in real time without any side destructions. I'm sure you hear this all the time, but it's true. Content takes time. The more you focus and work on a thing, the more results you'll get. Content fighters tends to give up, sometimes after a few tries, if they see the results are not as good as expected. But remember that failure is OK. In fact, failure is good. It makes you learn and improve yourself instantly. Let me tell you one secret. As long as you keep writing, you're only going to improve. When you stop writing, you're beginning to lose part of your skills every day, so you might be a bit confused not knowing whether short or long content is better, but it really depends on who you are. If you're just getting started when writing while trying to promote your own work brands or products, think with long content this way, you have better chances of ranking and letting others know more about you. Try short Content is dead if you've already made a name for yourself, said Garden has some exceptionally good short content on his block, and he's a perfect example of how short content and brief paragraphs can succeed. But he has an existing following and doesn't need to try to rank to get people to read what he writes. Plus, he's got several books to do. The long form content part. But it's not just your time. Your readers are putting in minutes and even hours of reading time into what you send to them. One tool you can use to see how long it will take them to read your article is this. Read O meter. Just add in your text, click on estimate three time and you will get in this case. Two minutes and 35 seconds. Remember that The Hemingway editor can also tell you this exact same information. 19. A good headline: headlines are so much more important than you can imagine. They grabbed the attention of people, making them choose your article among many other pieces of content. But Zillow has done some pretty decent research on headlines, so I encourage you to check the article I will link to In the Resource Is section. It will show you some nice facts, like top headline phrases, how emotional headlines can drive Facebook interactions Most engaging numbers. This is quite important because I have noticed that including a number in your headline in keeping that number updated in time. As you also update, the article can make potential readers trust your piece of writing over other ones. Now there are a couple ways in which you can use technology to come up with the perfect headline. One of those tools is co schedules had nine Analyzer. I'm going to take the headline from the previous article and analyze it. The tool will show you your word. Valence. If you have too many common words that won't really catch readers attention and even highlights the power words we have talked about before, then you'll also be told if your headline is too long or too short or has too many words. Then you can have a closer look at the first and last words from your headline, because those are the ones that most readers look at when deciding whether to read the article or not. So you should put more focus on those, and then another aspect the two will show you is the overall feeling according to the tool you bite in this case, be left with a neutral sentiment. But again, as with any other artificial intelligence tool, this is not always the most accurate interpretation, as technology and bots are not yet able to express a positive or a negative emotion when picking the headline of their own article, you can also experiment with them. Let's try adding a power word this time. You instantly get a better grade end. The power words will also be marked here. It's really a helpful tool to help you pick the right words, but if you have some friends or colleagues, you can ask them to choose, which had none they prefer. It's better to get the feedback of a real person in cases when you want to get emotional responses from readers. Another similar tool is the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer from the Advanced Marketing Institute. You can add your headline here, select the industry This headline applies to in this case, either business or media and communications. And after the analysis, you essentially get the score, which tells you how good that headline is. Any results between 30 and 40% is what most professional copywriters will have. If you're really good, you will have over 50 with 100% being very rare. Also, the predominant emotional classifications in this case is intellectual, a perfect fit for our business industry. If you don't like this classification, you can change the words to create the emotions that you want to get from your readers. And this is exactly why headlines are so powerful. A lawyer like using despite the fact that it's not specifically created for headlines, is I. B. M's tone analyzer. The tool is not free, but you can get started for free with a trial or analyzer headline with the demo. This is a very smart tool that analyzes the emotions you send to the words you put in a sentence. It really can be used for any kind of text like tweeds, reviews, e mails, end headlines, of course. So let's run it. The results will be sent to you almost instantly, depending on the month of your text. If you school down a bit, you will have the text you've added, analyzed to each tone it sends. For instance, both sentences here show a strong analytical till. Meanwhile, the final one also expresses slight joy and happiness stones. So you have one sentence, which can create multiple emotions again. A similar service is Microsoft's Text Analytics. You can create a guest trial account for seven days, a free account, or maybe you have a new account from your school or work. Now this tool is a bit simpler. You add the text and it identifies. Language is key phrases, and overall sentiment now 50% in this case means that when somebody is going to read your headline, they will have a neutral reaction. If you remember Coach schedules, Headline Analyzers said the exact same thing. The technology behind the stool is essentially the same, so you can use any of them if you want a general appreciation of what the readers are going to feel whenever they read your headline. They have some other very smart tools you can check out. These are some of the tools that will pave the way for the Internet's future content. Now let's see Oreo Situation. Here is one example of a really good headline from Copy Hackers. I've helped create 100 plus case studies. Here is almost everything I've learned. The older makes you trust him and also gives you a benefit from the very beginning. Plus, there aren't many other articles at their witness, same topic. So it's a bonus point for uniqueness. And let's not overlook the number, which shows you that it's a wily research topic, and it's also very important that you deliver what you promised. And this piece of writing does just that. Then there's quick Bates good and bad. Here is a good one. Look at the number of likes and comments to check if the content is legit and really showing you what the headline is claiming 20. The review process: a wise man once said this, and it's probably the best advice and motivation you'll ever get as a writer. Truth is, writing is nothing until you've reviewed it. First drafts are most commonly back. You can't expect to finish writing an article in Just publish or submit that very in was, he acknowledged. The fact that there's no way for you to write the perfect article in your first try. You will finally be able to focus on what matters most loving the writing career. You need to love being a writer and not just do it for the money or for some extra perks. And you need to ride because you want to do this not because somebody told you to or is paying you a lot of money to come up with an article by tomorrow. It's fine to say no to a project every now and then when you feel like the topic doesn't match your interests. Who are your beliefs? Just like some online influencers choose which brands they want to work with, refusing those whose different directions are not similar to their own. You can refuse in article if you have different priorities and even if you feel like you won't be able to deliver to promise article in time, Better to be honest and provide good content at your own pace. Now there's a difference between rewriting and proofreading, but you have to focus on both of them during the review process. Rewriting is when you take time to read the article as many times as necessary and actually change entire paragraphs at new ideas and even reorganize your structure. Proof reading is just a measure of making sure there are no typos, misspelled words, missing punctuation signs and other small details like these. Simply put, rewriting is when you focus on ideas while proof reading is when you focus simply on the form of that specific article, I'll be honest with you and tell you that the best way of reviewing your work accurately and s fairly as possible is having somebody else do this for you, even if it's just one person or an entire deep. But how many times should you edit an article? Now I need to tell you this, and you won't like it. There's no end to re writing an article. You can publish it and they realize after a year that you don't like it anymore and get back to it, and there's no way to avoid this. Even phenomenal alters did it. Perfect form doesn't exist. Perfect writing doesn't exist. It all comes down to the readers perception, and you just cannot please everybody. That's how things work. So stop putting pressure on yourself. It will only do you more harm than good. When Ernest Hemingway was asked how much we right into you do, he answered, It depends. A rewrote the ending a farewell to arms, the last page of it 39 times before I was satisfied, all because he couldn't find the right words. 21. A lack of structure: One thing I noticed with my own writing to is that I used a lack structure. If you've researched a topic before, you probably notice not all of the articles have found had a clear structure. Having no structure makes it difficult both for readers to maintain your attention on the article and for you as a writer to actually write that piece of content in a good manner with relations between what you wrote at the beginning and what you're mentioning throughout its body. To fix this, try building your own checklist with the most important steps you need to cover and follow that list accordingly so you don't give up on an article. Health Way Troop. Here's an example with my own checklist. Usually start with an idea. In my case, it's most commonly a spontaneous one. Tonight, the way to research. Or I can just skip this step if I want to write something from scratch. Perhaps if I want to write about my own opinions on a topic, then I write a brief outline with some of the ideas I want to cover. I take all of these ideas and build a structure with appropriate subheadings Sometimes these subheadings change during editing, but it's best to have them from the start. And now I'm still at the beginning of my article when I get to actually write something. Finally, days later, I make some small edits here and there. I raided the article again to proof read it and the most important part. I rewrite. I get back to each paragraph to understand its meaning, and I imagine I'm a reader who might not know anything about the topic I wrote about. Or maybe the reader is an expert in that field already. And finally, I added, to find on draft into WordPress or into the medium editor wherever I want to publish that piece of content, I added its elements like headings, ducks, boxes, images and I have one last look at the preview. Before I hit that finish button and the next video, I will show you how I write an article front starts to finish, so stay tuned for Get and see you in the next video 22. How SEO can save your articles PART 1: before we move on to writing an article, we need to take care of some search engine optimization aspect. The reason why so many good articles sometimes failed to get noticed is search engine optimization, no matter how good your ideas are or how capable you are getting to the emotions of your readers. If you don't know how to make Google's bots like you, your article is dead. So why is this search engine optimization so widely talked about orders have been using keywords even before the Internet to express recurrent patterns or to put emphasis on a character trait, place, object or feeling? To put it simply without search engine optimization, you can't really sell, mainly because your content won't get to your target prospects. This means you'll get no leads and no sales for these reasons alone. Starting every article you want to use to sell through with search engine optimization in mind is a must. But here's what a reality strikes. There are times when you check Google's results, looking for content that is actually relevant to your needs or trying to find an answer and relevant information. But the articles are most likely low quality wants created, just drank. If you're a beginner, go ahead and check the visual guide I put together for you and edit as a link in the resource is for this lesson. Also, SCM Rush has some free courses on search engine optimization, and they are actually really good, particularly these words. I'm sure you've already to read some things about search engine optimization and what it means. So instead of giving you the theory, I'll show you how it's done. So I'm going to choose on boarding process as the key word for the article. We are going to rights together now. Before you start any article you need to think about what your readers want and answer the public is a good solution. If you want to get some of the most common questions, people are already asking a little, such as, How can the on boarding process be improved? What is the unwinding process? What does on boarding process mean how to streamline your on boarding process and so on based on riel searches? One thing I have to mention is that it's very hard to find a freed you were told. That will offer you enough results and value. So if you are already successful in your business, you can definitely invest in a good tool. Now I'm going to add all of these questions and keywords into Google docks. It's better to use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel format, but I'm a writer, so I don't like tables. As much as I like a simple page Now, all of these questions can then be used as the main topic of a distinct headline or paragraph. Now I'm not going to use all of them in my actual article and just going to choose some of these questions after I take a look at the existing Google results for this keyword. But again, now we are just doing their research on keywords that people are actively looking for now. Another tool is K W Finder and can use this tool to find long tail keywords and even the questions that we have looked at. Whether the previous to now, this tool is not entirely free, but you can look for some keywords for free. You will have to create a free trial account, but no credit card is required. Now this stool is really good as a temporarily free alternative to any address paid tool because it really gives you the same data, but as a demo. So in this case you will get listed all of the keywords related to your search that is, to on boarding process in this particular case. Now, for each keyword you will get First trends report. So the evolution of monthly surge volumes in time and of interest over time. And in this particular case, you can see that this is a little keyword because interest in it is only increasing in time , and it's not a topic people wouldn't be interested in. Then you will also get to your keyword difficult. That means how hard it will be for you to rank with your content in the top 10 results. In this case, 43 is not the easiest Q or you can go for, but it is still possible that you can rank with this cured. However, keep in mind that these are just suggestions. There are many times when you will get a ranking difficulty of 70 and it's still relatively easy. If, however, keep this in mind if you provide good content, that's different from other people's offerings. Now you can also soar to your results according to this cure difficulty, so you can find some easier to rank for keywords. Then you also get the average monthly search volume for the last 12 months. So this is how many times people have looked for this keyword in the last year. The higher the search volume is, the more chances are that a person is going to click on your article. But it's also often more difficult to rank for those keywords because there are already so many articles on that's topic, then you also get some. He does on the average cost per click for Google AdWords, which is now called Google Ads. Just keep this in mind. We're not really going to go into detail on this topic because it's it really doesn't have anything to do with content and search. Optimization and Stained goes for the level of competition in paper. Click now finally also get a detail of the Google search results page, according to each websites, domain authority page authority, the back links they have and even an estimated visits per month count. This is very interesting because you can kind of tell how much faster your competitors air getting in this gaze. The first result is getting an estimated almost two towels and views. The second result is only getting 1000 views, and then the others are getting much less clicks. This also works if you want to see some of the most common auto complete suggestions and the questions we have mentioned in the previous tool. So it's really a very comprehensive tool you can use, and I'm going to show you how you can select some of the key words that you could use in your article. I personally would go by first, choosing the keyword difficulty to be a bit lower, but we are not going to target just one keyword. Keep this in mind. You need to have multiple cures in mind. And while the on boarding process keyword is our main goal, so the one that we really wants to rank for there are utter smaller keywords with lower cure difficulties. Bad will be much easier to ring for, such as best onboard and experiences on boarding policy, on boarding experience and anything really up until 50 is fine. But this doesn't mean you can't include keywords that are hiring difficulty in your attacks . The Navy. If you optimize your content with them, you will still be able to rank for these two. Well, here are some of the key words I've chosen, based on what would work with the main cure that his on boarding process. Notice how most of them have a lower You were difficulty, but I have chosen some other viewers that are related to our main topic and will be used for us to correlate with our main keyword. Just keep in mind that Google is very smart these days, and Google robots are able to read your content and associate the words among each others. So if you're writing an article on a specific topic, you will needs to add. Besides your main, he works some other related keywords because really Google is able to understand the meaning of words and make associations between them. Other very simple soul is souffle, and you just have to type in your keyword and you will get resolved in real time based on each search engine. And what it does is that it essentially gives you some of the most common keywords people are looking for on Google YouTube being Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia and answers dot com and notice how the keywords are different from one channel to another. For instance, people are looking for the on boarding process at these me on YouTube, but they're not really searching for this thing in particular on Google, this may be because Disney has made its own video on a non boarding process for their own company, and people are interested in seeing how that works now. Another tool similar to the previous ones is this simple keyword tool. This is a name. It's free as long as you generate up to 750 long feel keywords suggestions for every single term you look for and again, you can search for keywords that are particular to one channel, including Twitter, Instagram and Google. Now the issue with the free version is that you do not get too many recommendations. But the good part is that if you use more than just warm to you will get some different Here. It's suggestions from what a previous tool has offered, and the stool will also show you the search volume for a keyword again. The trends in time, paper click data, which again is not our focus, and the competition, which is similar to a T. We're difficulty ranking. Then there's also the free keyword tool from words stream. You can search for a particular keywords based on industry if you want to, and even by country. If you want to do a search engine optimization locally, so maybe you write for a company that only sells in one country. In this case, you might not write content in English. Or maybe you only target two countries. Now the problem with this tool is that its name is misleading as it's not really free. Yes, you get some keywords suggestions and their Google search volume, which should be enough for you if you want just to target keywords with a higher volume. But he don't get the utter details unless you pay for an account, and I like this particular keywords, so I'm going to copy it and add it to my document. Then there's word tracker again. This works just like the other tools. Make sure you click here on SC Oh, before you look at the results to get data related to search and not just to pay per click . Now, as an alternative to K level, you find her, which, in my opinion, is the best tool that you can get for free. This one also shows you some of the details you will mean. But again, not for all keywords. You have a limit to that. And again, with each tool, you will notice some keywords that interesting. I like this one in particular. The trend reports are not that good for it, but it's a good keyword that you can correlate with the words you are already putting into your article. Now, in the second part of this search engine optimization lecture, we are going to look at some other tools that can help you find exactly these words that you can correlate with your main keywords. Still the one that you have chosen to rang for because you have probably researched it and noticed that is going to bring you more leads. Onley. If it's really matches what you're company offers, so see you in the next sector 23. How SEO can save your articles PART 2: now, the main idea behind Google Correlate is that it lets you find searches that will correlate with real world data. This means you will be able to find out not just one word that the person looked for, but also the next word they looked after. For example, if you look for on boarding process, according to Google, here are some of the key words that people who surged for on boarding process also looked for and depending on your key, where the results will and won't be accurate. But that's why correlate is best used when you need to write about topping you don't know about. So, for instance, let's say somebody was looking for tips on losing weight. They might have looked for workouts gaining muscle burning fat if they couldn't find the information they were looking for by searching for the first term. Or maybe they're just looking for extra information. And by adding all of these keywords into one article, you are offering them the information they might need even before they realize they need it . So this should keep readers on your page instead of having them go and search for a better article. Now, if you remember, we talked about how you could keep up with the news by looking at Twitter's trending topics or by using forecasts as a tool. But Google trends is also a good alternative to that, as it can show you some of the current stories and news that are getting attention on Google. So what people are searching for at this very moment, and you can use the stool even for keyword research. Now make sure you have the right country and time period. Before looking at the results, you will get a graph with the interest in time for this topic and other data on interest by a sub region in your country. Again, if you want to target just local business and even the related topics that people have also looks for or included in their articles. Really, if you're going to search for a more specific thurn like Christmas, you will notice that people are not really talking about Christmas until late October November, with excitement growing until it peaks on the 20 turn of December. And then all of a sudden it just drives and people are not really talking about Christmas anymore. and you can also compare these search Turin's. For example, let's compare Christmas with East Earth just so you can see a clear example of how the trends in Goa work again. Easter. Nobody talks about it until it's actually Easter, but you will also notice that Easter is much less stopped about then Christmas. So this obviously means that people are putting a bit more interest on Christmas as a holiday, then on Easter. And, of course, this is not just for holidays. You can compare anything that's related to your business. Here is a comparison of Android versus IA West. Now there are some big points, which usually means there was a specific funds for maybe a problem with the software, something people will feel like they have to talk about and looking at. This is also a good way of seeing that really more people are talking about Android. This doesn't always mean that it's a good thing. So that's why you have to do some more research than just Googled friends Now, another tool I like and that has evolved a lot in the past few years is over, suggests from the old Patel. Now the tool is free right now. At the moment I'm shooting this video. However, I'm not sure for how long it will be free because it's a very well documented tool that offers you a lot of details. And really, it's right now one of the best tools you can use for keyword research and even to analyze existing Web side so you can really look into your competitors and the back wings they have . For instance, let's look at male chimp. You will get four free again. I am sure this is a temporary solution for them to promote their tools. So take advantage. Is this opportunity for as long as you can, you get all of their back links. So websites for where they got a mention with a link back to any of the pages on their doing, and you also get an overview of their traffic, which is amazing way of seeing how you compared to your competitors. You also get to see how many of the key words they targeted are actually ranking and their top pages, so the ones that are bringing the most visits to them. Some of the key words they target and just all of this in lots of detail. No mas is a paid stool, but they have a chrome extension two called the Mas Bar, which is free to use now. How this works is that you can go to any website and at all times you will see the domain authority for this particular website next to your surge more. And if you click on it, you can also see the page authority, how many links or at least estimated links. It has end the spam score. Now. All of these details are very useful when you really wants to find out if a website is good enough for you to submit a guest post to them or get the back wing from as a rule, everything above 50 is fine and above 70 is really good. So the cold schedule website, in this case is a very good opportunity for you. But keep in mind there are some new websites which are just as good, but they didn't have enough time to grow their authority at finally to paid tool and just going to mention because they are the best option despite their costs, are a trusts which does everything for you. You can check back links, keywords, stop pages, organic words and so many more search related keywords and as the M Rush, which really does the same thing and is an alternative but still not free. And a credit card is required if he wants to sign up, even for the trial. But again, these are professional tools, so they're much better when it comes to accuracy than the free tools. Another not necessarily tool, but the technique is the skyscraper technique. It's one method you can use to increase the value and Google ranking of your articles. This was invented by Brian Deane from Back Link. Oh, why referenced so many times in the scores? Thanks to his amazing content, the skyscraper Debney essentially refers to taking good existing content frangible so articles that are already on the first page of cool and making your own content better by analyzing what has already been published. I'm going to link to the article in The Resource Is section because it's a long read and it's honestly worth reading it despite its length. Now let's see how you can improve on existing article through search engine optimization we're going to choose what say the fifth paint of ghouls. Usually very few people gets to read the articles on this cage, and we are going to choose this one. Now, this article has a great potential, but if you have a close look at it, it really only debates three hips and even its format is really not something that make readers want to have a look at it. So what can you do? Well, the first option would be to rewrite ID entirely, even by following the skyscraper that need. I am not the strong supporter of this price scraper method because I believe that unique fund and is the best content. However, it's still one good and easy way for you to rank higher, although keep in mind that high rankings are not always so profitable. If you don't start, get to the right keywords. So really, what, you're going to be rewriting it, you're going to first change the title. In this case, the title is just too short. You're also going to go for more than just three hips. Look at the other results, and if you see that somebody has 20 tips, you can give even warming 50 tips, then focus more on the introduction. In this case, the introduction is a bit too long, and it doesn't really have anything that would catch the reader's attention and make them wants to read furniture. Also, the headings in this case are fine, but there are no energies to support what you're writing. So really, nobody is going TOE wants to read this much with no visual cues around and again. The descriptions are fine, but you can add a bit of more sparkle by marking some warrants with bold. We're working with the format of your blog's. Even for instance, we have a quote here now. You could put this either separately on a new paragraph, Find a style, maybe a different Fonda different color or just market with Bull if it's something that readers should read, really, The purpose of bold words and other types of highlights is to show people what matters the most in the article, so they don't waste time looking for info they need. And after you're right, all of your 50 tips adds the appropriate media formats don't forget and a CD a notice how this article does not have a call to action, so there is nothing for people to talk about now. Another solution would be for you to just three. Search your keywords and add them hearing their in the body of your convents. Now you might have this type of article that has been working on social media and people like, but you just can't get it to rank on the first page of Google. In this case, you can take some of the key words you wants to rank and the warm you have researched with the tools I have shown you and as them were appropriate, for instance, take a look at this final sentence. Here are three tips for introverts who want to become better leaders instead of saying just hips, How about adding leadership tips here? And you can add such keywords everywhere. 12. The body of your article. Now just keep in lines, not to add too many. One for every two or three paragraphs is fine. Having too many he was, especially if it's the same exact one is considered a bad S CEO practice, and you can't even get penalized by go. Also keep it as natural as possible. And don't forget to add a key word in your ending as well. Although the most important thing is for you to add a cured in the first sentence of your introduction, even if it's just a simple question. Anything that will make robots understand your text and keep readers engaged is fine. And again, add a keyword in the ending. If you want you anywhere is fun. It's really about keeping your writing as natural as possible, while also being able to insert some of the key words you want strength for and you're writing will also be much clearer. Imagine mentioning your keyword Onley ones in the introduction. Somebody could just keep the introduction, read the article and really not understand what that specific content is about. That's the power of keywords Day held, of course, robots as well. But most importantly, people understand what a paragraph is about and what your general aim when that article is . Of course, there are other technical aspects that need to be considered, like page speed back Ling's XML site maps. But as a writer, it's best to stick with the basic process I've show you and Master it so for you. Whenever you start writing, it's important to do your keyword research. And finally, when you're editing your content, you must by all means optimize it with the appropriate keyword research by also keeping in mind that too many is a bad practice. If you want to learn even more about technicals, search engine optimization, content, marketing and even in them marketing, I recommend you try. Have spots officials, certifications, especially the involved marketing certification course, which is a must for any digital marketer and even the course on content marketing. The courses and exam are free to take, and at the end of the course, you get a certificate that is valid for a couple of months. If you pass the exam, I wish you the best of luck. If you do decide to take these courses as they are sometimes required by employers, especially if you want to have a career in this field, 24. Join me as I write an article PART 1: Welcome back again. I have Austin received the same questions from my peers and even from students. What is your writing process? How do you do it in a particular way? People are very curious about how holders who calmly right long content, keep their motivation to finish that 5000 word article when they already have 2000 words. The truth is that it's all about one thing to share as much information as possible. So I thought I would take this opportunity to show you how I personally structure my work when I write an article which tools and which methods I use Now, I'm sure this will be very helpful for beginners who don't know exactly where to get started, and even for advanced riders who will find it interesting to see how a colleague from their own branch works. If you want to share your own writing process, I would love to hear about it, so don't hesitate to ask. Now, the whole process really starts with one or more keywords in mine, and only you or your clients know these keywords. They're the ones that represent the company, a product or a service, and you need to know that keywords so you can target it right content and get leads and even sales through it. So I'm going to go back to my invest of keywords I put together in the previous video. It's a messy lists, not at all perfect, but really, the readers are not going to see this. And I will delete this file anyway when I'm done with the article. So the info in it is what truly matters. Now I'm going to copy all of these key words, But again, this is just my style of work and add them to the document where I'm going to be writing the article just so I can see them in real time as I'm writing it. Then I will run a search and sir probe off for the following key words upon warning process , influence on boarding and best on boarding experiences. Now I usually choose to analyze keywords that have the potential to rank and also something I can create content around. I mean, it will be more useful for readers and much easier for me to write a guide to employee on boarding rather than write something on Lee around employee orientation. Now make sure you get your region right and you add your domain here. And he will get the real results on how articles that rank for this keyword are actually placed in Google's results. Normally, if you check the rule without this tool, you'll get results influenced by your location and past searches. Now I usually look at more than just the 1st 10 results, but it really depends on what those results are and on the key word. So let's start with best on boarding experiences because it has a lower key were difficulty . Now, first you've got this Google snippet. Now this is a top 10 list to employee on boarding programs. I'll be honest with you and tell you I don't fully reading these articles. I mean, the only reason this is first in the rankings is because let's check how many times the keyword they are targeting appears in this situation. Type in on boarding process and the term on boarding process. But itself appears three times while on boarding with something else. Following it is in here for 38 times. The content is really only about how some companies handle their own on boarding experience for their new hires. So I'm going to put down this idea. No, I'll move onto the next article. This is a list of the five best user on boarding experience, but this time the article refers Onley to on boarding users and not employees. So this is not something we are targeting, but notice that there are two different types of topics ranking for the same keyword. So I'm going to look further into the topic because it might not be a good keyword for my article. Next we have this the list of 12 tips again for user on boarding, so it's not something we are interested in. We have the article we had as a snippet, and then you can just three the titles. Once you've figured out the main ideas that were debated in these articles again, most of these results are for user on boarding as a conclusion for this keyword. Most people who search for it are looking for user on boarding, but there is still some content related to employee on boarding. The thing is that Google really takes into consideration what people like, and if a user first clicked on an article and left shortly after to go to another one. Then the 2nd 1 will eventually rank now moving on to the second keyword employee on boarding. Let's Jack the first article. Now this is a decent article with some stats, uh, definition. Then here they referenced their own product and move on to detail the checklists you need according to your industry or the profession of the person you have hired. Ill will ride just list or steps on on boarding, according to each industry. Ain't a strict order now moving on to this next article, ranking on the second position as an idea. Whenever you see your keyword being compared to another want, you should research the other one, too, so you can distinguish between the two of them. Even if you're not going to mention this difference and reading this article will be enough for now. Just scroll a bit, and really, the article on Lee focuses on definitions. But since it ranks on the second position, it's a good indicator that Internet users need this definition, and their intent is to get this specific information for this one. This is similar to a checklist. Unlike these small visual cues which highlight what you should get in check went on boarding. Then there is the five point checklist and this interesting section on the benefits of effective on wording. I am going to add this idea to my list benefits and maybe something like the importance, um, employing best practices when on morning, then you've got some don't of on boarding. Now, instead of those don't, I can focus on common mistakes or even reach out to professionals for a quote so I can ask other employers and HR professionals to offer their insides into what some of the most common mistakes they encountered were and how they fix them now. Next is a complete guy. This is the idea I also have in mind. So let's see if it's similar to what I imagine really, from this section, I can see they referenced statistics, but this is not my focus. They only offer a solution, but they don't have the opinions of anyone who has ever tried these tips. So if I were to include in the statements of professionals, it would bring a boost of authenticity to my article, and here they also have a template. This is a good idea. I am going to write it down, employees template. Then I will also have a look at this one. Now, just from a couple of headings. You can notice that this article is really trying to rank for lots of keywords and questions now on to our main skewered. Really, Most of them, if you'll notice, have also ranked for our previous keywords. So this is a good indicator that we chose some of the best keywords for those topics. Now I specifically like this one article debating How long should your employee on boarding process be? They ran a survey to find out the best length for the on boarding process. Now, I don't have enough time to do this right now, so I'll stick with my initial strategy of reaching out to other people. But I am going to be putting down this idea, and I'm going to ask contributors now. In the case of the article where they just referenced some statistics, it's more difficult for readers to trust a resource like that. Instead, I'm going to give them tested tips from people who did this before now All of these ideas can be separate sections in the article. And besides, let me see if there's anything else interesting in the questions I have above. For instance, how can the on boarding process the improved I'm going to take this and at an idea next to the topics then another interesting one is what is on boarding process, for which I have to give a definition. Now I am not really going to focus on this. I believe so. I'm going to replace this with the section where I will add the definition. Then what is a good on boarding process? This is a good idea for my conclusion. I can use it to resume my article in a few sentences and key ideas. And really, that will be enough. I can now delete my keywords from here, and from here on, the real writing process starts. I've got my introduction first, which I will write on Lee at the end, and now I need to change the order of the heading so they are logical. I have my definition. Then I'm going to take the employee template and added after the checklist, and that should be fine for the moment, I'm going to add some white space in between these sections just so I have more space to write in case I have any ideas while I am at one section and really wheel gets to writing in the next part of this lecture. So if you want to, you can take this time to write your own article as I write this myself. 25. Join me as I write an article PART 2: Now I'm really going to start by writing the definition, and from the very beginning, I am going to add my headings as appropriate for the introduction. I don't usually right introduction as heading, so I'm going to delete that I want, from the very beginning to make a clear distinction between on warning and orientation, which is this case is an opposing keyword, or it needs a different one. Now I need to focus on the complexity of this process. Three sources and I want to make it clear from the very beginning what you will need for this process. So involving all of your team members into each on awarding staff or stage again, I'm repeating keywords a few times for search engine optimization purposes. Now I am going to focus on the general situation. Those companies introduced new employees. We want to rank for as many keywords as possible. So here does nothing. Scoot dinner Come Phineas called truth. Now I can turn this longer sentence into a single one on those starting your sentence with bottle, and it's not really recommended, but it makes you seem like you're writing as you speak. You know this how I have. Or at least I'm trying to have short paragraphs. Now I want to make sure this is not a very formal article. Still, I'm going to add some fun element, even if it's just on the topic. I am writing, such as the friend, that you can share the best places where they can grab lunch, then lots of papers to sign. And I'm going to add some that's here and continue my idea or the next paragraph. But really, this is too much? No, I'm going to clarify the definition of on boarding Now. I want to focus a lot on addressing the reader so wherever I can and going to say you are, you're just to keep the reader in this contact, and I need to clarify this a bit further and define what proper on warning is. But really, I'm just emphasizing on the importance of this process now, here. Next, I can perhaps reach out to the people who are HR representatives or employers and add one of their quotes. One would be enough just to support my claims with a professional statement, and you can develop upon these ideas from the definition or just move on to the checklist Really here. I don't want to go straight into my stages. So I'm going to take this importance of employing best practices. Went on boarding, and instead I'm going to have a separate heading for the importance of on boarding hires. Because again, we need to have lots and lots of keywords in our headings. And here I'm just really going toe with a lot of benefits and the reason you need to ensure this process will run smoothly again. I want to add here a term that is related to our main keyword, just so Google can associate them. And then I want to debunk a myth. Whatever death, maybe for the particular industry you're writing about. I want to give readers something to think about because it can be controversial for some. Some can say in this case that employees in the past were just fine with receiving paperwork during orientation, during on boarding again. If you make a mistake, it's fine. You can just added it. No moving on. I want to really focus on the people behind the process I'm writing about, so it's not just a technical article. I am going to introduce the reader and really focused on how they can create the nation ships. From the first day, I am going to ask one question that the readers the cells might be asking, which is honestly, I'm going Teoh shape it into a type of warning, but not to direct. So they're not worried. Or, considering that this process is indeed a huge telling, writing process here by itself would be enough. But always remember your S e il goals. So you need a complete keyword and I'm going to start a new paragraph because in trying to keep these paragraphs as short as possible, we don't obviously exaggerating. I want to. This casts a type of conflict such as missing out on creating a memorable experience and how it will influence you as the reader and I really need to offer solutions. Also, even if it's not a very direct solution, no, I'll be skipping from time to time. What I'm writing if there's really nothing I need to tell you, and I'm just developing upon an idea I have offered a solution, but I need to also focus on a benefit for the reader that is the info where convinced them to use the tips in this article. Two employees better on boarding practice is now. This sentence is a bit long. You can leave it this way, or I can't separate this into two different sentences. Make sure you make all of the appropriate changes and this should be fine. I want to keep the reader even more active in the conversation and really having with him. So I need to come up with a different question. But again, the question I'm asking will be related to what I am overall talking about in this article . So you need to focus on your own goals with every single thing you ask Now here. If I had already gotten some quotes and feedback from human resource is stuff, I would write one of their claims with proper credit. But I don't have that yet, so I'm just going to go with it this way. So I really need Teoh. Highlight what is important from what I'm writing, and I can even just state this like this is the most important thing. You have to remember what matters above all with matters most, and I'm going to be using a mixture of long sentences with short sentences. As long as not all of your phrases are very long. It's fine. I also want to offer some optimism to make readers feel like they can change something because there was a high chance that people who are going to read this article are looking for solutions and are trying to improve their own on boarding process. So really, I'm just trying to keep readers positive now for important sentences. I want a separate line, especially if it's something I'm going to repeat several times in the same article. I want to reference the reader as many times as possible, but I also want to mention my own self, so I'm just going to use the first person, but the plural form stick with us forever. I want another quick question. I can write it on a different line or just here. Why not make do worked? Wild question mark. I'm going to leave the reader to find an answer to this question by reading the rest of the article and so I can just move to my next section. But more on this in the next part 26. Join me as I write an article PART 3: now Welcome back again. Having a look at this next heading I am not going to focus on this specific part. According to each in the street is too specific. I might think of cleaning a separate article for that. But again and keeping the strict order. Let's name this your essential checklist. Two on boarding again as the heading. I also want to highlight this sentence so I don't forget about it when I'm and hitting the article because it's an important sentence and I will also mark the questions, or at least some of them. Now back to our checklist. Let's just focus on four essential steps before you get to the list. You need an introduction for each heading. As a rule, you can have a brief introduction or some introductory words for every single heading you start now. What I am saying is not just theory. These small tweaks you make here and there can truly make a difference, but only when paired together. You get all your bold words, short sentences, links quick questions, put them together and get that perfect content. And I'm introducing the checklist. I am making sure that I'm not claiming that four is just enough in this case as a number of steps, and I'm going to specify that these are only the main steps and not really anything detailed. Let's go for a number list and writes our first step in the on boarding process again. I can mark this as heading three. I wants to pick the right words as I'm writing, but don't waste too much time on this. I want to add a lot of keywords in a natural way for s ego purposes. I also need to offer benefits for everything I recommend. I cannot just go and list a bunch of tips without saying what their purpose is or how you can do what I'm suggesting. So I'm just offering here of guarantee, and obviously the benefits should be targeted at your reader. And again, I am a big fan of short sentences and really you can use some connectors like this. Now I want to keep it a bit more fun, and I am going to add one emoji here. Make sure your website supports the emojis you're adding we are moving on to the second heading. I also wrote the next handing by keeping the same principles in mind, and we can move on to the final exchange. I also want to emphasize the importance of the step, and you can do that in a bunch of ways. You can either maybe put it in a different type of formatting or just even writes the fact that this stage is important. And then I'm going to motivate why this step is so essential. By stating that it's often overlooked. I want to address the readers and his or her position in the company. So I'm going to write as an employer or age or professional. Now again, I have written one tip for them, so I need to come up with a benefit. This will help you improve your on boarding process. But this men, if it is just to general, So I need to also go into a bit more detail. Now that I'm done with the checklist, I can't go on to the employee template section. I'm really going to turn this into something like a C p A. Like get your template on boarding checklists template. Turn it into a heading. I'm not just going to give them the template straight away. I need an introduction for that. And really, I can describe what I'm offering amid, even if I don't go into too much detail because I really want people to open that file, I am sharing with them. You can also state that the template is free so they trust you and don't expect to pay for that, which would make them hesitant to access your file. And I am also going to write the process that they need to go through to get Temperley. Any other details you think will be necessary Now Here I can add a link to the template, which I don't have right now so I can get back to it after I created, then moving on to the benefits section. I've talked a bit about this before, so I can either list a few benefits and details on them here, or I can take this section and move it above where I can develop a bonnet or mix it with what I already have. Maybe somewhere here after I explain the importance of using best practices when on boarding, but it's really the same process as for the other sections, so I'm not going to go into detail on how you can write this particular section. I'm going to take this question and put it before become a mistake section, throwing it into a heading and start with one short sentence. Again, I am ending one keyword with search engine optimization purposes. And since I don't have any real Aveda on this and for now, I'm going to assume that I will get around 12 answers, and I'm going to take this opportunity to add one more key word. So here I'm just going to add the quotes and then moving on to the next, heading for the common mistakes. Sometimes finding the perfect title four ahead and can be difficult so you can just reach out to some of the cured you have in mind. But just commonest aches during the employee on boarding process as analyzed by professionals The week this I will start with the sentence that really should focus on explaining why you need to understand these common mistakes and read on to seat what the tips of these experts are. And I am nicely going to introduce what they asked say you can even give a benefit here. Additionally, again, some quotes here. If you're working in Google Box, you can add some of these comments as bookmarks to make sure you don't miss anything you want to take care of. You can even high like one entire paragraph if you want to get back to it later and develop a bonnet, and we're finally at our confusion. Now instead of heading, I am going to write something like key takeaways and leave this question here just so people will know what this section is about, even though it's just the conclusion. And also it would help. You obviously rank for this question now. One thing I forgot to mention is that to get the answers, you can reach out to your connections. Ask for help is specialized groups, for instance, on lengthen or use a tool like help a reporter out, which I'm going to discuss in a couple of vectors from now on so you can see how the tool works again. Keep the same short sentences in your conclusion to and throughout the entire article. I want you to pay more attention to the form I am writing in redder than the ideas and mass eject sending out because those really belong to each order in particular. And I cannot tell you how to think that I can advise you on a good article form. I want to really resume everything I have written in the article. You're going to think about the main takeaways you want people to remember at the end. And obviously don't forget about your surgeons and optimization goals. Now here I'm going to go for a bulleted list, and you can also write another sentence or phrase to give some more details for someone who might have skipped that part of the article. But you can also just need your takeaways in a short form, so they're easy to read. And I also want to emphasize the most important thing that you should remember from this article that, in this case is creating a culture of growth. I want to address the leader as many times as possible so they can feel that I'm talking directly to them, and finally I am going to add a CT A. And it doesn't have to be just one question. You can ask a couple of more things that you're interested in. I am going to guide readers to where they can offer feedback. Maybe you want them to send you an email or just leave a comment below and notice how I didn't just mention leave us a comment or leave a comment. I added myself here just to make the relation of bid more personal, and you can also ensure them that you will reply to what they're saying. If you just ask people to leave a comment and really they're not going to get anything in return, they will be more hesitant to share their thoughts. Since we are done with the article, we can go back to the introduction now. The introduction is the most important part, and you really should make sure you include what you are offering in the rest of the article benefit and something to make readers trust you. I like starting my articles with a question like, Have you ever taught of the employees on voiding process as a real relationship? I will start by clearly addressing the reader by adding this question, something they can think about and also notice the main keyword, which is really two key words in one you've got on boarding process in employee on boarding process. Now adding your keywords in the first sentence is a very good search engine optimization practice. Now notice how I have also introduced my buyer persona. That is, who my reader is in this gaze on age are professional or any employer in charge of organizing and monitoring the on boarding process. Always keep the persona in mind from the beginning, even if you don't write your introduction first. Really, the needs of your readers should be covered throughout the whole article, just like I had you in mind for this course I can, somehow at the quick answer. But I don't want to go and offer them the answer to the question straight away, because I want them to read the article and just scroll down. And I can't start another new paragraph. I want to present the problem that I will try to solve with this article. I'm also going to put even more accent on the reason they need to read this article, and now I'm just mentioning what I'm going to be offering. Besides my own tips in this case, the feedback of more than 100 human resource is professionals on how you, again referencing the reader, can create a five star on boarding process. Really, this is the benefit they get if they read the article, and here you can, either at a link throat against give to that section or at the table of contents and even just a connecting phrase, which I'm going to do to connect the introduction to the first heading. So you're writing doesn't look choppy, and all of your ideas really mixed together for the headline. You can write one or more choices and test them out with a few of your friends or colleagues. My heading is going to be something like, I reached out to 100 I'm going to add the plus sign because I assume that I will reach out and get the answers of at least 101 people. And after I published the article, there might be some other professionals who will want to contribute, and I can update the article with their answer After next. Human resource is professionals and I will state what I can give them if they read the article. Don't forget, obviously the key word you want to target process. Now I am going to copy my title, and I will add it into the headline capitalization tool, where you can choose from the different style rules and pick the one you commonly use here . I have my title, turn it into the appropriate format centered, and here is the article after I have finished writing it. But keep in mind and not done editing from here on, all you have to do is proof. Read it, make some small edits and your images links and relied to see if there's anything you left out or need to add. Now I won't do this because I only wrote this article for discourse. It don't have to worry if you don't usually do something I did as writers. We all have different styles, and it's really up to you to find out which techniques and schedules were better for you. Before I sign off, I want to show you some of the ways in which you can add it. The text. Maybe add a few words from paragraph. I have already edited a bit here and there. I want to highlight what I will be offering to them and obviously the benefit. Having ah highlighted paragraph and the introduction is usually good to show readers exactly what they're going to get. Then I have these bold ID sentences. I have my checklist now here. Maybe you can. I like the first sentence or just words that are important anything you want to attract attention to. In this case, for instance, I can highlight this to emphasize the importance of this tip here. I want to add one more keyword employee on boarding template, and I am going to highlight it as well. And of course, it's going to have a link on top of it, too. Wherever I introduced quotes are usually highlight that sentence so people can easily see where the quote start. For the quotes, you can't have a special format and again for the conclusion I can do the same thing. I can't highlight this introduction to the key takeaways or just highlight the key takeaways. And if you want to, you can even put some emphasis on your call to action if that's really something that you are looking forward to. Obviously, besides these bold ID sentences and words, you can also use italics and different styles you have on your block. You can play with bonds, add some more list here and there and anything that really suits your needs. Thank you for joining me for this writing session. I hope you could take away some good tips from it and see you in the next lecture. 27. Web writing done right - case studies PART 1: You know, I've talked a lot so far, so unless we get some practical examples of Web writing them right, one of my personal favorites in terms of overall content is male chimp. They have the success stories page I have mentioned before, some marketing tips, a section for guides and tutorials and the announcements that are related to their own product. But let's have a closer look at the marketing tips now. This is one way of offering value without promoting yourself too much. And really, this content will just rank organically and bring you possible leads without you having to pay a lot of money for ads. In fact, this is the power of content that you can promote yourself for free. Now, if you will click on the random article, you notice that obviously, except the very nice featured in it. The article by itself is decent. It's not really too long. It has some nice information that is useful mostly for those people who are already using Milton. For instance, this article tells you how to want an A B test, and this is a feature in the mail chimp tool, however, and the focus of the article, if you take a closer look, is not at all on Milton, but on the process of a B testing by itself. And you don't even get screenshots from the tool. Another example is this article to increase conversion rate from adds to live in cages, and they have categories on helping you to sell more stuff. Fact. You can learn from data and how to make automation is work for you because male chimp is essentially a highly automated tool. So this is one good way of providing educational material related to the features you offer or the products you sell and services brands. Just take what you offer and see if you can turn it into something educational for your readers. And look at this. What's a domain name? Simple article. It's really for anyone who is buying their first domain name with some tips and on point guidance. Intercom also has some worthwhile content, and usually the writers here are experienced and have a clean writing style again. Very important there. Blawg is divided into a new section for anything that is related to their own products. So what you call Promotional Convent and then Ah, lot of different categories for educational materials. Let's go and have a closer look at the sales category now, Despite this being a block, they really offer a mix of articles, podcasts and videos. This article in particular, is what we are going to have a closer look. I first noticed the cover it. It's really an abstract image in this case with just having the same design for all of your content is the key to keeping your Brendan in check. Then you've got a title that essentially makes rears wants to see what you have to say on a specific topic, and if you can give them some really insightful dips, then noticed this. I wouldn't call it an introduction, but it's really a subtitle. It's there to resume. What's the idea? Behind the article is, in this case managing sales deals for mid market and enterprise companies. Then scroll down a bit and you have the rest of the introduction with a very nicely formatted quote. Exactly what I was mentioning. A good way to keep some diversity in the body of your text because imagine having this written just with same fund size and color as the rest of the text, it would be impossible for readers to distinguish something as important as a quot wants to highlight from the rest of the text. Then you got your typical headings to resume and show people what the next part of the article is about again. Another quote. Finally, one list to add some more white space to your content. Ah, lot of images, as you will soon see in the other cases. And again, lots of headings, lots of lists, bold words and sentences. Very important. If you wants to help people read your article in a shorter time. For instance, I wouldn't just read all of the words in this case. I would look only at the highlighted parts and then read on. If the highlight is something that interests me, notice again. Lots of images and media. And again, the white space prevails in all cases here, and finally, we have the conclusion with one call to action. Do you sell to large customers or are involved in complex sales? This is there to make people want to talk to state their opinions, even if they won't actually write a comment. It's something they can think about. And if you know a bit about intercom in this case, the call to action is tailored around what they offer. So essentially intercom works as a customer relationship management system. It's most often used for customer support in particular, but you can also keep track of your sales and leads there. Now. The older also expresses his excitement at knowing what others would have to stay on this topic and even give them the solution to how they can get in touch with him, either via comment or even an email. This is something not many people do. Sometimes. Finding the email oven older is very difficult, but in this case he gives it out in the body of the article. And very important after the conclusion, you have this external link to an E book you can download, and this is really one way for them to get emails and leads to which they can later promote other types of content until they are finally able to turn them into customers. Now, for a really unique example from an industry you might have not considered yet is John Deere. For those of you who are not familiar day essentially cell construction equipment, agriculture like tractors and other type of similar machinery. But they also have a blawg called for a room. I have chosen John Year because it's a more unique type of brand where you'd expect contents to be difficult to create. And you might think that it's difficult to find readers for selling tractors. But get this just because the topic is not mainstream, it doesn't mean it can get its own readership. And another reason why I chose John Deere is that I previously worked for a company which sold tractors, trucks and other industrial machinery. And believe me, there's so much content you can create. It doesn't have to be an article. You can create presentations e books and keep your social media pages active, and that is still content. Here is one article on how you can build sustainable Barnes in the future. Now this for you, if you're not familiar with this topic, might not be something he would want to read. But the people who are actively working in this industry do want to know this kind of information and content like this is really something you can learn from, because it will honestly motivate you to find exceptional topics for your own industries. And even more so if your field of interest is a popular one where there are so many topics right back. And yes, what John Deere has been doing. Content Marketing four ages ever since 18 97. Actually, it's really 100 years of history for content that you wouldn't expect to succeed, even in the present. But all kinds of industries have a readership, and it's only up to you to find those unique aspect that will make people want to read your content and even come back to your blog's for regular insights on the specific topic. Now, in the next part of this lecture, we're going to have a closer look at all of the elements that the making article better than its competitors. 28. Web writing done right - case studies PART 2: now in the previous video, I showed you some of the ways in which you can organize your blog's and topic to suit the needs of people who want more and more unique content each day, while now we are going to look at the exact aspect that make an article great. So let's take a look at Watch the writer, in this case, the older Ben Sailor got right in this coach schedule. Block Post. You first have the title, the ultimate list of content marketing platforms, software and tools you need to be successful. The first thing you older gets right is adding the power word, ultimate mentioning. It's a list, and then you get all of the content that you will receive resumed in the title that this platform software and tools and then obviously the final benefits you needs to be successful. So you've got what you're going to get, and it's benefits in a single title. Then we have a featured image, which also has some content on it, because when you are going to share this article on Facebook or any other kind of social media network having an image with the title of the article on it will pop up more for the audience that he wants to turn it. And then you've got an amazing introduction made in a similar style to what back Lincoln was Brian Deane uses. That is only one sentence on each line, so you've got really a lot of paragraphs that all of them, some are on a different line, with short sentences such as and guides or a question that will make people think of it like What can we see? And even more questions keeping readers engaged as they passed the introduction. And then we have our first heading, which really introduces the product day itself from the very beginning. This is important because most of the time, if you write organic content and don't reference your own brand product or service, that content is going to rank, and you're going to get lots of visits because people won't have any idea of what you're selling and again for each heading. There's a small introduction, of course, with short, brief sentences, keeping readers engaged and, of course, lots of white states. And then you've got a short summary of the content of this particular section with links so you can just skip to what's of interest to you. And then, if your school just a bit, you've got already one called to action to coast fragile some molded words for sections that are important within that particular article structure lots of external and internal links. Now keep in mind that linking to another article of yours will keep the traffic within your website, and it will also help you with your Google ranking. And most importantly, it can make the articles you willing to rank higher because you have mentioned them and they are getting trafficked from this article in this case. Then notice this particular handing that's continued with just one sentence. So you know you need a new marketing platform or tool dots dots, but you can't convince your team to switch. And, of course, you've got lots of other lists with the Bold Edwards, another C T A. This time to download another type of condoms from them and finally, the table of contents for the whole article. Because really, this is just a very comprehensive guide with lots of media headings. An infographic, Really. What I've already mentioned is just repeating itself again, forming this beautiful long content at the end of each section. You also get this link so you can go back to the table of contents just so you don't have to school. Looking for another thing he wants to check out. This is a nice touch because it makes long content more accessible for somebody who might not have enough time to read your entire guide. And trust me, few people actually have time to read such long content. Now, finally, let's take a look at the conclusion. This entire thing here is the conclusion. You've got your obvious reference to the tool. No school a bit and you've got a nice CT. A to that tool, and a very important thing is to keep your article after a and you can even write this in the article, either at the beginning or at the end. You can put the original date when you first published the article and the other dates when you updated the article. Now I'm a bit curious to see how many words this article in particular has just see on approximate number of one that makes for one great guide and the result is 5301 including all calls to action. Really, anything about 2000 words will be fine. Aim for more if possible, and your article will just end up ranking for lots of keywords. And when I say lots, that's like above 200 keywords. So if you plan to rank for one specific keyword, such as content marketing, you can put together a long guide with approximately five tells and words, and you'll be able to rank for another 200 words. At least now. Here's another example, this time from H Refs with Joshua Hardwick, who is the head content at age refs, writing about 10 ways in which you can get Google to index your son. Now you first got the headline, and there's nothing special about it until he adds this that actually worked part. This assures people that what they are going to read is researched, accurate and will help them. Then you've got your introduction Notice that, just like in the case before the size of the text is larger than the rest of the articles, so that it will pop up and you've got, of course, the rest of your introduction with a list from the very beginning and noticed these side quick clings on which you can click and they will just lead you to the section that's of interest to you now for the first section you've got heading some words in italics. One thing to keep in line is that while we don't know exactly which are the factors that Google takes into account when ranking article marking words with bold or italic will give , Google bought some hints that that specific word is more important than the others. And you can use this small hack to give your content a boost from the very beginning. And, of course, pay attention to the short sentences. Short questions, keeping readers engage again. Lots of italics were It's bold. Edwards links external and internal video. This time, key phrases highlighted involved this nice trick they did to highlight all of the operators . You need to search for lots of images with these visual cues on them, even a signed note that is not really related to the topic of this article but has still some correlation with it. Notice the different collar and smaller funds, lots of lists lists with quick wings images. Really, what you should understand from this is that the more visual cues you have, whether that's a bold Edward italics, different colors lots of vintages sections such as this to mark important statements, the easier it will be for people to read what's really important from that huge piece of content. Nobody has time to read every single word. Imagine if you had seen this article with no legs, no italics, no separate sections, no white space, no lists. You would have not read it. And really, the entire article is this way. The key is to never be pleased with maybe just giving out five tips when you can offer 20. Instead, here is one way in which they highlight their quotes. Then they have this further reading section to keep readers on their websites linking to other related articles that might be of interest to the audience and the final conclusion. Now this particular conclusion is not that insightful. For readers, one way of making a conclusion work better for a reader is to actually resume everything you've written. Now, of course, with such long content, it's impossible to put everything in shorter form in the conclusion, and one good way to do this is to list everything and all of the main ideas. Even the list, such as this one, will work. However, this is not really a conclusion people are going to read because there is really no value for them here, while the rial value is all above. I mean, there is a huge contrast between what you've said before and what you write in the conclusion. But the truth is that, really, the conclusion is not that important. It's there for you to write a call to action. What letters the most is indeed the body of the article and before that, the introduction. Because, of course, not everybody reads introductions. But the people who do will likely judge your article based on what you write in the introduction. And if you're not able to get their attention from the first sentences, chances are they won't school. Further than that, I go into more detail and similarities and differences between these successful articles in one of my own pieces of content that I've left for you in the resource is section still do check that out. If you want to see some more tips on how you can improve the structure of your content. But before I sign off this lecture, I need to tell you that content is not Onley articles. You've got other types of Britain materials that you can put together. For instance, from Forbes, we've got this list of the best 100 companies to work for. This at first sight appears to be a simple list, but if you click on each item on that list, you get even more content and it's widely researched material. Can you imagine how much effort went into publishing this one piece of content that you can even call an article? And I'm showing you this example because it's really one type of unique content you can create in addition to your regular articles. And one last example we are going to look at is an evil from lengthen. This is a guide for social media managers you can download for free. It's really your typical able with the contents of it and very nicely structured information with lots of images, different fonds, different collars, quotes to give insights from real people headings to differentiate between distinct topics . The text in blue here is really what will pop up to a reader whenever they just scroll through this e book. And you need to remember that people don't have to read everything you write. They can just pay attention to the headings and select the content they want to read and, at the end, even a call to action to create your own Lincoln Page. If you don't have one yet, let me know what other types of content you'd like to see analyzed in the future. Or if you want me to pay attention to a particular aspect of that piece of writing and I'll see you in the next lecture. 29. Other tools you can use: thanks to technology, there are some things you don't have to do anymore, like counting the number of words you have or how many times you mentioned the word word counter can do that in your place. Just add your text and you will get the number of words you have characters. How many sentences you have, your reading level. That is how easy it will be for people to understand what you write. In this case, even an eighth grader can understand the text, the reading time, speaking time. So how long it could take people to read this out loud. Research really shows that speaking takes longer than reading something because you have to take some pauses. Pay attention to punctuation and other small details, such as this one. Then you also get insides into how often you mentioned the word. I recommend you run your article through word counter after you're done with optimizing it for ghoul so you can check out. If you mentioned. A keyword may be too many times which Google deems as not appropriate, and you can also use this tool to set your own goals for writing. Now you can also pair worthy counter with grammar, really, which is the next tool I wanted to show you. It really works as a chrome extension. It's really an artificial intelligence based tool that can proof read your content in terms of misspelled words. Grammar mistakes. Even now, you might have noticed these words underline with red. This is because I have the extension installed, and it automatically detects any mistakes you make anywhere you can add a text. It really works for word counter on Facebook YouTube even on what risk. But the thing with these extension is that just like any other artificial intelligence, it's not yet able toe always highlight if you have a mistake. Or maybe that's just what you wanted to write. Let's have descendants. It's now a building when people coming go by what they need or why can interact with other people. Now the extension suggests that instead of by I use, But now this is not the case here. The problem, however, would be that I missed to add a call it here, but still it won't recognize that here by is the perfect word for this situation. Same thing for commonplace or in this situation today's escape, though from my favorite writing place makes me believe that I will keep doing this from now . Now gradually suggests that I used true, But again, this is not the case. I can add some comments, though, and now the message is a bit more clear, really the best way to use the free version of the stool because there is a paid version that identifies much more complex grammar mistakes. But for the free version, if you let's say, Forget a letter, the extension will find that mistake and you just have to click it and you've got everything fixed. And just to show you how quick this process is, I'm going to make a few small next days here and there and show you how fast you can correct them. Okay, so I've got seven mistakes, and all you have to do is check. If the suggestion is correct, click all of their suggestions and you will have a correct text. You're moving on to something more funding, just proof reading. Let's now find some contents that performs best on the Internet. Let's end in a random topics such as even marketing, and you can look for successful content. According to the date when it was published, country language content type were counted in. Now the problem again, as with any utter professional tools, is that the tool is not free. With the free version, you can only have access to some data like these results for the best articles in the past year on the email marketing topic, and you can check them out and see exactly how many Facebook engagements they got, how many Twitter shares and the total number of engagements. Or you can sort them according to read it. Engagements. If you want something's this effective one channel. While you might already know some of these tools, the idea is that I am giving you the ones that will work for you. And if you run a Google search for the best writing tools, there are some you won't find anywhere, and one of them is help a reporter out. This is not as widely mentioned for writers because it's essentially a tool you can use to get insights from other people or to contribute to the contents that other journalists provide. If you're a writer who is looking for quotes from other people, you can add a query. Ask for the information you need. Tell them what you can offer instead maybe only to their own website or a free copy of your e book. And the message will be sent, among other messages, like yours in a couple of days via email than anyone who is a source. So a possible contributor will see the message and send you if they're interested in that particular topic. An answer. Also, you can use the tool to contribute yourself to somebody else's content. If you keep a night on the daily messages, you'll get from helpful reporter out. And here is an example of what that email looks like. It contains all the details of the person who asked for information. And before you submit any answer, I recommend you check the media outlet and its domain authority before because you are going to get a link from them, most likely, and you don't want to get a link just from anybody. Also, there are some submitters who preferred to remain anonymous now. In this case, it's best to be a bit more cautious and ask them separately to share their media outlet with you, so you will know exactly where your answer is going to be published. Now, if you find it difficult to organize your work, your documents, articles and any other supporting materials, you might want to use an app like Ever know? Honestly, I don't use the ab itself, so I can to show you exactly how it will benefit you. But they have a chrome extension to end the way in which this works is. Obviously, you can save on article, view the article in a simplified manner or as a full page and my favorite part, and the reason why I use this extension is for the screenshots. Now you can take a screenshot from wherever you are on the website, and you wouldn't be able to write on it. Add some shaves and arrows these attempts that are particular to Evernote, even pixelated, maybe information you don't want to show, like important personal data on the screen shock or a person's face moving on to another tool, this time for something more relaxing. If you have trouble focusing or you're just distracted by construction noises around you dogs barking your neighbors, vacuuming the floors when you're working. There is this noisily tool, which lets you create your own natural sounds to relax. For instance, you can have the sound of wind. They're the with standard means and just roar Sounds according or inclusion, if through it's really a waste for you to create your only vaccine sounds. And finally, for those of you who want to know exactly when they're going to finish writing a book, there is this very short quiz from Jerry Jenkins, and all you have to do is answer some questions, such as, How many days per week can you set aside Time to write? Let's say we have time to write five days. How many hours will you commit to writing on those days? Six hours seems about enough estimate. How many pages you complete in a typical our of writing. This can be difficult, so I'm going to go with half a page, especially for a beginner. As a Jonrowe. We are going for nonfiction and really the estimated time for you to write a book in According to the data I've ever. It would be 26 weeks, which doesn't seem like a lot until you realize that's actually 180 total days. But really, a book is going to take you a lot of time, and the same is valid for any evil can create or for a longer piece of content, like a guide or a tutorial. Now I will update this section from time to time. Whenever a new, useful tool for writers appears, you can check out my YouTube channel, which I will link Teoh if you want to see some tutorials on design tools so the design tools I will review will go there while anything related to writing will be posted here. 30. Critical reminders: as we're getting closer to the end of the scores, I want you to remember the following things. Stop worrying about your deadlines. Don't rush the writing process Productive doesn't always mean being fast. Create must read content. Make people wants to desperately read your article. Have them stop watching their favorite TV Shal just to have a look at what you wrote. And, of course, this can only be done through original content. Offer something nobody has written about before. Offer authenticity. Something so difficult to find today with something so many people yearn for Dr Arteries. Whether you're talking to potential readers, better understand their needs and what would make them buy a product or you're talking to a fellow older for some day to day advice. Sharing your experience with others is crucial from keeping you active. And who knows, maybe your next conversation can spark a genius idea. All you have to do is missing and observe, but above all, as cliche as it sounds, believe in yourself. When most people tell you to believe in yourself, they don't tell you how you can do that. Thinking that you're going to succeed is not enough. You need to dedicate consistent effort and time, whether it's missing out on your friend's birthday, because you have to send in an article my tomorrow or just having to postpone watching a movie until next week. Having the interest of becoming a successful writer is a good starting point, but you must take the interest and materialize it into actions. In fact, this is valid for any profession you might have and even for your hobbies. Many times we plan to do something. We enjoy being the picture right, the book on some flowers in the garden. But as humans wind up postponing even fun things and worse, the things that truly matter to us. We always say we're too busy, too caught up with something else, even to visit our family and call our friends. But get this. There is no such thing as being too busy. There's only I'm prioritising something else over this famous holders CEOs, physicians, scientists and all successful people had the same 24 hours in a day as you. So what's keeping you from achieving your dreams? Quits? Procrastinating getting started will be so difficult anymore. Believing means doing 31. You've made it!: hi again dies at the end, then leaving you with one final article you have to write. I would love it if you could send me the article when it's finished so I can review it. Highlights your best points and suggest ways in which you can improve your writing. I'm sure not many of my students got to this point. So I'd like to congratulate you for being so dedicated and staying with me until the end of this course. The fact that you have managed to finish this course is one good indicator that you have what it takes to become a good writer. Please do come back to the scores if you wants to review some things. I also updated once in a while to keep it up to date so you can check out to those changes . I hope you enjoyed the course. Stay tuned for any updates. I would love to know if there's anything else you'd like to see in this writing course in the future. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to message me. I try to answer all of your enquiries within a day, But keep in mind, I might receive a large number of messages and need to take care of all of them. I want to wish you the very best in the future. Thank you for making it this far and see soon.