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Google Bard Marketing: Create Complete Campaigns with Bard

teacher avatar Diego Davila, Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

    • 1.

      Class Trailer - Google Bard


    • 2.

      Creating your Google Bard account step by step


    • 3.

      Utilizing Google Bard for audience research and analysis


    • 4.

      How to create a complete Content Calendar for your marketing campaign


    • 5.

      How to write killer copy with Google Bard


    • 6.

      Developing social media posts with Google Bard


    • 7.

      Optimized Keywords and Blog Titles generated by Google Bard


    • 8.

      Writing an optimized Blog Post in seconds with Google Bard


    • 9.

      Developing optimized email sequences with Google Bard


    • 10.

      Developing sales page copy with Google Bard


    • 11.

      Creating Facebook Ads with Google Bard


    • 12.

      Creating Google Ads with Google Bard


    • 13.

      Create a complete marketing Funnel with Google Bard


    • 14.

      Generating Product and Business names with Google Bard


    • 15.

      Taglines and slogans for your brand with Google Bard


    • 16.

      Product descriptions for your online store with Google Bard


    • 17.

      Generating FAQ with Google Bard


    • 18.

      Analyzing reviews and optimizing your products and services


    • 19.

      Bringing it all together


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About This Class

Are you ready to create high-impact marketing campaigns that drive results? Want to integrate AI technology to streamline your marketing efforts?

This comprehensive course on utilizing Google Bard for crafting end-to-end marketing campaigns is just what you need.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Master the use of Google Bard in creating complete marketing campaigns
  • Unleash the power of Google Bard for crafting targeted marketing strategies
  • Define and optimize your target audience and buyer personas
  • Generate captivating social media content with Google Bard
  • Produce SEO-optimized blog posts using Google Bard
  • Craft engaging email sequences and sales pages with Google Bard
  • Build effective ad campaigns for Facebook, Google, and YouTube using Google Bard
  • Analyze customer feedback with Google Bard to improve products and services
  • Develop a comprehensive content calendar for marketing initiatives
  • Employ Google Bard for in-depth audience research and analysis
  • Appreciate the benefits of social media marketing and automation
  • Generate a limitless stream of content ideas with Google Bard
  • Use Google Bard for YouTube video creation and optimization
  • Develop optimized keywords and blog titles using Google Bard
  • Write powerful email sequences leveraging Google Bard
  • Assess reviews and refine products and services using Google Bard
  • Understand the fundamentals of AI marketing and Google Bard applications

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Diego Davila

Entrepreneur and Social Media Innovator


Hi, I'm Diego. welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

My Mission is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to spread their message all over the world and make a huge impact in the life of their fans, friends, and clients.

My goal is to produce the absolute best material, best courses to help you to bring your life to the next level, next level on your health, finances, relationship, and to help you to conquer your goals so you can live a more fulfilled life.

I want to thank you for taking the time to improve your life and learn more and more, take a look at my courses. I created each one of them thinking about YOU.


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1. Class Trailer - Google Bard: In this course, I'll show you how I got Googlebot to bill me an entire marketing campaign from start to finish, including ads, social media posts, blog posts, email sequences, or sales page, and a complete content calendar. Now, I know that it all sounds too good to be true. And you may be asking, can a machine really replace a human marketing expert? Well, the answer may surprise you because here I'll show you how I created every single war of an entire marketing campaign using Google Bart. And the most important thing that I'll show you is how you can do all of this to get better results faster than ever before. My name is Diego Tabula and I have worked with hundreds of students to help them to use all the power of digital marketing to grow their business exponentially. By the end of this course, you'll be able to use Google bar to create high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. Develop effective social media post and campaigns, right? Optimized blog posts and e-mails sequences that drive engagement and conversion. Craft a compelling sales page that converts visitors into buyers, build successful ad campaigns on Google, Facebook, YouTube and others. Analyze customer feedback and reviews to optimize your products and service. And the best part with AI, you can do all that in just seconds. This course is designed for marketing professionals, entrepeneurs, and everyone looking to improve their marketing skills using ai powered tools. Thank you for watching. I look forward to seeing you in the course. 2. Creating your Google Bard account step by step: Welcome to the course and happy to see you here because this course is great and it will revolutionize your marketing the way you create content. Because here I'll share with you how you can use Google Bart to create a complete marketing campaign from start to finish. Everything that you need to create you can do with artificial intelligence. And the great part here is that you will share with me how to use the system, how you can do this starting now, right here in the first lessons. But also I will share with you not only how to do it, I'll share with you the exact commands, the exact prompts that you can use to have the same results we are creating heat in the course for your business, for your brand, to sell your products, to create ads, to create complete email marketing strategies and everything that we are working here on the cars. So to start, let's create your account on Google Bart. To do that, we go now to This is the current interface. The interface that you see here is the current one. And right now at this moment, while I'm recording this lesson, Googlebot is still on the waitlist. They still have a waitlist to use the software. So if you come here and you have the sign-up button, that's wonderful. No waiting lists. But if you see the waiting list option as we have hidden screen, all you have to do is just click join the waitlist, enter your login with your Google information, your Gmail account, and your password, and you will receive this email saying, Hey, you are on the waitlist. Congratulations, you will receive another email while when u is time for you to test. So when you are in the waiting list, when they grant you access, you will receive this second e-mail that you see here. It's the, it's your turn to try Google part. All you have to do is click on the blue link and you'll be able to access Google bar, as you see here. This is my screen that you see. This is Googlebot. And in the next lessons, we will start using this screen. This is what you will see and I'll show you the exact prompts you need to use to start creating your marketing campaigns. So in the next video right there, we will start defining your target audience in a way that you never did before. And we will do all this in a few seconds. See you there. 3. Utilizing Google Bard for audience research and analysis: Okay, Now we will use Google bar to create an identified your target audience and your buyer persona. You already know that these things are important because when we create content for your audience, when we create ads for your audience, if you are creating e-mail lists, immense e-mail sequences, offers, or anything that you create for digital marketing is the base of all that guys, is to have that buyer persona, the ideal client that will buy your products and services and also to have your target audience, even if you create ads, especially, you need to go there to the ASC platform and you need to say, Hey, create an ad and show these add to this target audience. So you need to be very specific on who they are, what they are. And this will help you also to create better content for them in everything we do here, the main thing is to have a clear understanding of who is your target hour. So let's use Google Bart to define that in a really easy way. This is a good thing. Usually when I teach this on my courses, it takes hours, maybe days, where you need to sit down and think about your target audience, do market research and all that. Now with Google Ads, which IGBT, we can do this instantly with artificial intelligence. So let's go here and use this prompt helped me to identify my target audience. Ask follow up, follow up questions until you have all the information you need to create a buyer persona and a target audience for my business. You can add more information here if you want in the prompt. And the more information you add, the more details that you add here, the best, the best, better answered you will have in this case because we're not sure on how, on how many elements we need to provide to create these target audience. We are very smart now because we are saying, hey, Bart helped me to do this, but ask follow-up questions until you have all the information you need to give me the best result. This is what we are doing basically here by saying, hey, ask follow-up questions until you have all the information we need, you need to create the buyer persona and target audience for my business. So let's see what results we have. It probably will send a list of questions that we need to answer right now with your customers and your business information. So let's see here we are sure I can help you identify your target audience here, some follow-up questions that will help me understand and we're looking for. So we have ten questions here. What kind of pieces you have, the products and services, the current customer's demographic, interests, blah, blah, blah. And we are also in the next step, creating a buyer persona target audience can help you to better understand, blah-blah-blah, your market increase sales, everything that we know. So let me reply to this really quick, okay, continuing here, I just reply to all the questions. These questions could be different for you depending on your prompt, depending on the details that you are providing to work. On this case. I say it asked me why, What kind of business you have all education business number two, what kind of products? Courses, training, certification, and coaching. Number three, who are your current customers, entrepreneurs and business owners. You can add a smart as many details as you can hear in all these questions. And number four, what are their demographic? I enter here 30-45 years old. I can enter. Where do they live in the war with a country with CD, if I want, if it's relevant to my business, what are their interests in this case, I enter tech and technology and digital marketing. Number six, what are their needs and wants? They want to use all the parallel, the power of digital marketing to sell more online. Number seven, pinpoints. They don't know how to do that, how to sell more on line. Number eight, competitors, they are creating the same. Number nine, What are my goals? Get to 1 million students, e.g. you can add that, you can say, okay, one to sell X number of dollars a month or I want to shift any goals that you won here. On number ten, what is my audience call? So at the end I add also with these, please help me create a buyer persona and target audience. So let's see what we have. What are the reply, what is the outcome we have here from Google part. So perfect. Look at this. Here is a buyer persona for your online business application name, the digital marketer. You can add a name and I recommend you to do that. John, Luke as Maria, any name that you want. So when you see that name, you know, that's my target my target audience, and that's my buyer persona, 835. This is just an example of your ideal client. A gender male, it can be male, female, location, occupation, entrepreneur and business owner, education, experience, interests, needs. Once pinpoints goals. Here is the target audience for your online business. So this is the buyer persona, this one here. And now we are going to, the target audience is saying the target audience for your business is intrapreneurs. Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to use these digital marketing to sell more. People who are interested in digital marketing, social media marketing and technology. People who are looking to start and grow their online business. And this is exactly what my target audience look like. In the real life. You can target your marketing effort to these people. Buy is suggesting you how you can reach these people on your target audience. This is great. This is something that tangibility doesn't do out-of-the-box. You need to ask chat DPT to suggest you this creating content that is relevant to their interests, using social media to reach out to them and running ads that target. Then here we have, we built from scratch our target audience for your business and a buyer persona. Now, the Google Barb knows they learn your buyer persona. So if we keep chatting without resetting the chat, so you see that we have the option to reset the chat here. On the top left side, reset the chat. If we don't reset the chat and we keep using the same chat conversation here. It knows your target audience. So everything that we will create from now on, that's what we're doing. We're keeping the same chat we're creating in top of this. So every content that we create now will be optimized for these specific buyer persona. See you in the next video. 4. How to create a complete Content Calendar for your marketing campaign: Not now that Google knows everything about your target audience and your buyer persona, it knows that it can help us to create content that is optimized for this group of people. And the first thing we're doing before we go in and create an articles and blog posts, we will be asking Google bar to create a complete content calendar. We did the same here on the chat GPT section. And it was mind-blowing because static beauty created a great calendar for us, suggesting videos and content, content ideas were to pose the content and all that. So let's see how Bart is performing for the same task. For that, we are using these prompts that you see here is saying create a content calendar for 30 days of content that is optimized for my buyer persona. You can do these first 30 days for 90 days, 60 days is up to you, or for 15 days, seven days. I also say include the type of content, content, ideas, social media platforms where I need to pose the content, etc. Also I said asphalt, really important as follow-up questions until you have all the information to create the perfect content calendar. So let's see what are the questions that Bart is asking us in order to complete this content calendar for my buyer audience, promote buyer persona. So let's see, I'm thinking about it. We are doing this in real time, while here we are. So let's see. We have 30 days of ideas post that we can create. So you see here? Sure, Here is a three-day content calendar that is optimized for your buyer persona. The number one, a blog post on how to use email marketing to grow your online business. Excellent. They chew a video tutorial on how to use Instagram marketing to drive traffic to your website. Wonderful. Number three, a podcast episode to the top ten things that you can do that you need to know about these tarmac than you may think and Diego, wait, I don't do podcasts, e.g. I don't have a podcast and he suggests in Porter's here. So if that's the case, you can say, Hey, remove the podcast ideas. It will print out a new calendar for you. Or even better, you can come here to your prompt and say, include post on Instagram, Facebook posts, articles on my website, blog post, and podcasts, e.g. if you want so you can name on your prompt the exact type of content that you want, that you want to create. So it will suggest exactly on what you are working. Let's say you, currently you are doing only articles on your website. You are doing Instagram, post a YouTube video that said you are not doing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any of these other social media you are working only with three. So if that's the case, you can say, Hey, just optimize these four, these three social media. Let's do that really quick here. So we can say currently, or we're doing this, Let's see. Create that calendar for Instagram, blog post on my website and YouTube videos. Or you can say the cat, the type of content that I want you to include on this calendar. That's even better. Let's do that. The type of content they type of content I, you need to include in that calendar. Let's see our post for, okay, let's see what we have. Let's update this is thinking about it. It now, I hope it doesn't suggest to create a podcast episode because we don't have a podcast. Let's say you have a path because a new one, because you can say, Hey, create these content calendar just for my podcast, only. Suggesting content ideas and all these things that we're doing right now is we have a different result. Now, look at this sharp. I can help you to create content for 30 days of content that is optimized for your buyer persona. Here are some follow-up questions to help me understand your business and what you're looking for, really important. So in this, now that we have more than we add more information to the perm, Googlebot. Googlebot is asking us for more information so to create the best outcome for us. So it's asking what are your goals for this content calendar? What kind of content you want to create? What are the topics you want to cover? What tone do you want to do, and to use? What platforms do you want to use? I already mentioned that on the probability is asking again, and what is your budget in case you want to add? You are to create ads. And he's saying here, once we have better understanding, here is a sample. This is what he will provide week one in certain posts, blog posts, YouTube video. We chew, you see here all these that we will be having to do this. Let me reply to these questions really quick. With you. With me here, stay with me. Who are the goals? So be consistent. Posting for my audience. Excellent. Number two, if you want to skip the line to reply to this, you press Shift Enter and it will skip the line. Number two, what kind of content you want to create, videos and articles. Okay, number three, we want topics, email marketing and Instagram marketing, let's say just as an example, number four, what Tom, friendly? Friendly. It's on. Number five. What platforms? Instagram. See here? Instagram, YouTube, and my website. Number six, and this is the last one. $0 for ads. Go. Let's see what we have. I hope now we have a complete calendar with content ideas and also optimized for my target audience and for the questions, the answer that I just provide to go over back. So here we are. Here we have week one through four. We asked for 30 days. So this is what we have is suggesting three posts per week. If you want one post per day, you can say that on your prompt saying, Hey, create one post per day. In this case, we have an insulin pose saying oppose about benefits of online education. Blog posts about how to choose the right online education platform. Number three, YouTube video about how to get started with online education. And you see all these in front of you, ready to use. Of course, you can optimize this even more if you want. But this is basically how you can use the Google Bart to create a content calendar for you and for your business intelligibility. One last thing we're doing here, I asked IGBT to create these now in a table format, in a spreadsheet former format. So let's do that. Can you create these calendar or can you rewrite the calendar in a table format? Let's see if that works naturally. It will work, but its activity is able to do this and it's great because you can just copy and paste on Excel or Google sheets or any software that you use. And here we have the same. It's doing that for us too. So you see here in certain posts, blog posts and YouTube video, Week 1234 is able to do it. I hope you try this. And now we have a complete cutting calendar for you. Let's go to the next video. 5. How to write killer copy with Google Bard: One thing we use often on copywriting when we're writing copy for your website, for articles, emails, or any kind of copy that you are creating is called the copywriting frameworks. The copywriting framework are our copywriting styles that you can use to write copy, to create this article, to create anything online. And you can do this even for video. If you are creating a video script, you can write this script in one specific style, following a copywriting template. And the great thing about the copywriting templates is that every single template has, every single framework, has different style, different goals. So with that, you can capture your customer's attention. You can increase the desire they have for your products, your services, what you offer. So this is really important and I'll show you here in this video all the tools that you have in Google Bart and how you can use this tool when you are writing copy. So here in this model, in this section in the course, we will start writing copy for marketing and for other goals too. So if you create a sales page or any copy, you can use these copywriting frameworks that I'll show you. This is super easy and great. Here is how you do it. We come here to Google bar and we use these specific prompts, same list, all the copywriting frameworks that exist. Why we're asking this? Because if we just ask for a list of all the copywriting frameworks, it will, it will give you a list of five or ten frameworks. Here is showing you all the copywriting frameworks that this machine, that these artificial intelligence program knows. On this case, you see here we have the aida framework, we have the PAS, which is problem, agitate and solution. We have the BAB before after breach. This is one of my favorite, the FAB, the features, advantages and benefits. This is my all-time favorites for, especially for promotional e-mails that you send to your audience, selling your products and services. These, for me at least works the best. Between all these frameworks. Also the four piece, the product, price, place, and promotion, the 2080 rule, the problem-solving benefit. So you have all these specific frameworks that you can use. And the good thing is when every time you create copy, Let's say you are creating an article for website, you can say, Hey girl bar, please write a copy. Please write an article about this topic and use the copywriting framework and you specify which one do you want it to use. And by doing that, you are creating the copy, not just randomly. You are creating the copy following a specific recipe. That is proof, that works. And the beautiful thing is that you can create like 34510 different versions, each one with a different copywriting framework. And you can compare and use the one that is more attractive, that is more irresistible for your offer. Think about that, go now and do this. I usually print this out. So you see here I have a paper where I list all the copywriting frameworks that either chat, DPT, or Googlebot use to write. So every time you want to write something, I just come here to my list. Instead of asking the program, I come here and say, Okay, I'll use today the four, the four P's, the picture, promise, proof and push, or the BAB before, after breach. So you can choose any of these frameworks from now on. This simple thing guys, look simple, looks that sometimes could be difficult to use, but it's not super easy to use. And this is very, very powerful. That's why I decided to create just one lesson to show you this. So print this out, save this for later, and we will start writing copy right there in the next lesson. Let's do that right now. 6. Developing social media posts with Google Bard: In this lesson, we'll talk about how you can use all the power of Google Bart, to write, optimize, pose for social media. For any social media that you want, you can use artificial intelligence to write, copy, to create one or several posts for your company to promote your brand, your products or services. Doesn't matter what your marketing goal is. You can do this formula for all these course. Let me share that with you. So first, the first thing we will do here, here we are on Google Bart is to have to brainstorm with Google bar some ideas for content for Instagram or for Facebook. So to do that, you have the prompt list you can download and just copy and paste these prompts. We are using one of the prompts, which is e.g. let me see. Here we go. What are five ideas for social media posts for my and you enter your topic here. So let's say that we have a community where we teach people Digital Marketing, five ideas for a social media post, for my Instagram account about digital marketing. So you enter your, our topic here. And here we have five ideas or five content ideas that we can create for digital marketing. Specifically, if you click on the top you see view or their draft, you see other draft that Googlebot created while he was thinking about our answer. So we have similar ideas here. Actually, all the, all of them are very similar. We have five ideas on each. So let's take a look. We can share industry news and trends. We can impose tips and advice. We can run cost contests and giveaways. We can promote or blog and other content. We can ask questions and start a conversation. That's one way to have like a complete, a complete list of ideas of polls that you can create. I can go deeper here, so I can ask Google bar this. Please write ten topic examples for this post about, let's say sharing, sharing. Post tips and advised tapes. Advice about digital marketing. So we are basically taking number two. You see number two here. The second idea, we can, he's saying, you can share tips and advice. This is a great way to help your followers improve their own digital marketing efforts. You can share tips on everything from SEO, social media marketing, I like it Now, Googlebot, please give me ten examples of that. So let's send this command, is thinking about that. And here we go. Here we have, here are ten topics, examples for posts, sharing tips and advice about digital marketing. Number one, how to create a winning social media strategy, I love it. Number two, the best practice for email marketing. Number three, how to use paid advertisement to reach your target audience. So now you have the exact topic, ideas. It's the exact title that you can use on your post to create these on any social media platform. So this is an extent this is important now that we have that, let's say that we, we like number two here, the best practice for email marketing. So I will copy this and I want to create this post for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So let's do that. Now that we have that we can say Please write a post about and you put your paste what we copied here. In this case, we have the best practice for email marketing. Let's correct this excellent for Instagram. Enter, Let's see. We can repeat this process for each social media platform that we want to use. So here we go look at this, the best practice for e-mail marketing. We have the whole thing here. Now I can ask, what are the specific hashtags that I can use for these content on Instagram. So you see that we are, we are having a conversation with Googlebot asking then everything that we need to create a post to brainstorm ideas and to also create the specific hashtags that we can use. And we have looked at these results. Here are some specific, specific hashtags that you can use for this content. We have all these hashtag, email marketing or marketing tips, email marketing tools, email marketing success. You can also is saying, use more general hashtags that are related with digital marketing, such as marketing, hashtag, social media marketing, hashtag growth, hacking. So it's given us several ideas that we can just copy and paste and use on your social media. Now, let's say that we like that, Okay, Perfect. Now we want to create the same content for LinkedIn, which is a longer content platform. So I can come here and just write, please write a new post about the best practices for email marketing for LinkedIn. Hit Enter here. And now we have the same content in a different way with different words, the same quality about this same subject that we can use. We can repurpose these for LinkedIn, e.g. so this is how you use google buyer to create, to brainstorm ideas for content, to create this content, to actually write the post for you, and to optimize the pose by asking for hashtags or ideas. If it's a YouTube video, e.g. you can ask for ideas on how you, what is the suggestion that you can use to create the most optimized video thumbnail for YouTube, e.g. or how you can please write a description from a YouTube video that is related to that. So you can use this in several ways. I hope you do that and let's continue in the next video. 7. Optimized Keywords and Blog Titles generated by Google Bard: In this lesson, we'll talk about how you can write optimize articles for your website or for any reason that you are using Google bucket. So to start here, we will work with three main. We have three main steps will need to complete to have a super optimized article for SEO to make sure it ranks higher on Google when somebody searched for your keyword. And I'll explain to you how to do that step-by-step here with artificial intelligence. So the first thing we need to make a list and have clear on your mind is the keyword that we're using on these specific articles. What are the keywords? The keywords are the phrases or the words that your target audience will use on Google when they are searching for your content. E.g. if I'm doing an article about how to make a chocolate cake, Let's say I have the best recipe in the warp and doing an article about that, what are the keywords? That what is the phrase or the word that my customer will use Google to find my article probably it will say chocolate cake recipe or how to make a chocolate cake. All these keywords will result on my article and my goal is for my article is first on Google. I'll show you how you can improve that using artificial intelligence here. The first thing we need to do is to have a list of keywords and we're doing that here in this lesson. Also the second thing, once we have the keywords, we need to create a list of Title IV as if he's, if he saw an article about a chocolate cake, what are ideas that I can use to write this article? So I will ask Google Bart to make a list of ideas, title, title ideas using the keywords that we already have. By doing that, we have great ideas. But we're also making sure that we're optimizing your title, your content for google search so people will find your continuity article organically. And the third thing we're doing in the next video then, is to write the article using artificial intelligence in just seconds. So to start, we come here to Google, google Bart, and this is the prompt that we are using. You can use the same if U1 is saying this, Let's say I want to write an article about how to, how to sell on Instagram. So I have products, services I want to sell and they want to use Instagram to do that. How can I sell on Eastern Iowa? I want to write an article about that because I know that my buyer persona is somebody that will search for that type of content. So I'm asking Google bar to do this. Make a list of other keywords similar to and you add your keyword here on this case, how to sell on Instagram that can be use in an article. Make sure these keywords are related with what my buyer persona searches on Google Search. Wonderful, because this is a Google product. Bart knows and doesn't know right now. It is, is learning everything about the Google search, the keyword search volume and all that. So this, this is the best place to do the keyword research. We are using the best software, the best artificial intelligence for that goal. And say, I'm sending Googlebot, my main keyword, which is how to sell on Instagram. And I'm asking that I will write an article for that. So what are the keywords that are related with that keyword? That also my buyer persona that the Google Bart already know who my buyer persona is, is using every day to find this continent Google Search. This is wonderful. Let's see what we have here, guys. It thinking about it real-time here. Let's hope we have a good list of keywords that we can use on your articles. So here we have look at this. Here is a lead list of other keywords similar to how to sell on Instagram that you can use on your article. And they are on board. You see the first one is how to sell on his room without a website. And also given a description about the same, if you don't have a website, you can still sell on Instagram, blah, blah, blah. Okay, Next, how to sell on Instagram with a website. These are different keywords that we can use. Next, how to sell on Instagram without a following. How to grow your following? How to promote your products on Instagram, how to use Instagram hashtags, how to use Instagram story, how to use this wrong ads. So these are all keywords that we can use to write an article. So now that we have the keywords, we will ask Google Bart to use these keywords to generate a list of titles that are optimized for with these keywords using these keywords. And it's also optimized for my buyer persona. So super wonderful and super optimized. Let's do that with this prompt. Make a list of article title ideas for my and I have a niche where you can add your niche. E.g. my digital marketing blog, my chocolate cake recipe blog, my hiking block. Any blocks that you have, you add your niche here on this case, I'll add my, let's see here, digital marketing blog that is related. This is important, that is related. I want title ideas for my blog, digital marketing blog that is related with the keywords we just found. Google Barb knows all the keywords we just found in prior conversations. Remember to also optimize this format by a person. Let's see if we have a title ideas and what these ideas are. So right now we are, we got all the keywords we want. If you want more keywords, you can just say, Hey, make a list of ten more keywords to any more, keep more keywords. And now we are using these keywords and we're optimizing for my buyer persona and creating this list of topics. So here we are. Sure heater, here is an article with toilet. Here's some article title ideas for your blog that are related with the keywords we just found an optimized for your buyer persona. So here you see, these are all the ideas we have how to sell on insulin without a website step-by-step. That's the title of the article, how to sell on Instagram with a website, the ultimate guide, how to promote your products and Mr. Graham, the ultimate guide, how to use Instagram hashtags are beginner guy. So you see all these ideas here also is saying this title are relevant to sell it on Instagram. And it's likely to be searched on Google by your buyer persona. That's what we want, guys. We want you your articles there when your buyer persona goes to Google search and they serve for your keywords, we want your content there on the first place. We are in the right way here. Including these keywords in your title can increase the chances for your articles to be found in style. For people that are interested in selling on Instagram, which is the subject we are working here. And he's saying also here are some additional tips for optimizing your blog title for your buyer persona, use the keywords, make sure the title, I'll clean and concise. Use birth and a strong actions work and relevant images and videos. Perfect, but we have the ideas here. Let's try this. Please. Give me ten more ideas. Let's see if this works. So we have already a few ideas that I like and we can choose any of these and we asked for ten more here we have ten more, five common mistakes to avoid when selling on Instagram. How to get more followers on Instagram? How to use Instagram to build relationships with customers, to drive traffic to your website, to generate leads to increase your brand awareness. So all these is here you can create unlimited ideas for titles. And now that we have the keywords, we have the optimizer titles. In the next video, we will be writing an article with Google Bart. See you there. 8. Writing an optimized Blog Post in seconds with Google Bard: Now we have the keywords, we have the title. I want you to choose one of these titles. We can just go through the list and choose any of these. I'll, I'll go with the five common mistakes to avoid when selling on insulin. This one here, Let's say I like this one. Excellent. That's the one we're using and we're also using a specific prompt that you can use with Google bart in order to have the best article possible. Of course, this is not like you don't have to use my brown the product I'll show you. You can test, see how it goes and you can try different prompts with different information because your company, your products, your services are different than many people. And you and only you know for sure deeply there, what is your product about? What is your service about what is in the minds of your customers. So please feel free to make, to optimize and personalize all these prompts for your business. So the one that we're using now is a little bit longer, but it's really effective. Let's take a look. I want you to act as a blogger and expert on these Aryan. I add my topic here, digital or social media marketing experts, social media marketing expert. So I want it to act and telling these 2 bar, I want you to act as a blogger and social media marketing expert. You are writing a blog post for your blog about and you enter your blog subject here, the niche, on this case digital or Instagram marketing blog, let's say the topic of the post will be, and here you add the title, what the topic of the post is about. So I just come here and I'll copy the title that I like. And I come back to the problem and I paste this, this title. They post. The article will be about five common mistakes to avoid when selling on Islam. Excellent, I can put these, they can select these to make sure Barb understand that this.title I'm continuing here. These posts should be helpful for my four people in my target audience. And here you can add characteristics about your target Alice. On this case, we are working in the same chat box when the sin conversation with Google. But in this conversation we already defined your target audience. On this case, my target audience in this example. So we were Bart knows the buyer persona. So I'll just delete this for now. And I'll say this post should be health, should be optimized for my buyer persona because it knows already who they are. Continuing, it should direct them to. You can put an action that they can take to my website, to your product, to my offer, to my landing pages, to my social media. That's up to you. So it should direct them to my website. My website here. There should be a call to action at the end of each section, so it will write an article if you want. You can add a call to action at the end of each section. In this case, I'll add a call-to-action just at the end of the article. At the end of the article, the length of the blog post or article should be, would be, and you put a number between these and these number of words. Let me add here 500-2 thousand words. You can define these as you want. The tone will be informal, helpful, professional, you choose the tongue. I will say, helpful on this example. Perfect. And continuing, we see you should be writing as an individual blogger with a personal approach. So don't use plural first-person to refer to yourself. E.g. our, Are we use I or my and don't use passive voice. I want you to include these keywords. You can mention the keywords, or in this case, because we're doing this in order and the chat already knows everything about your target audience, your business, your keywords. In this case, I can just say, I want you to include the keywords we just discover in prior conversations. You can also, here is a list of things and you can mention other things that you want, e.g. affiliate links or any other information that you can send to Bart to make sure you have the best results. So let's see what we have. This will take a few seconds, I think, and let's hope we have a great article that we can just copy and paste on your blogs are right there. In seconds you will have an optimized article that has all use your keywords that is optimized for your target audience, have the number of words that you want and it's ready for you to upload. So you see here wonderful five mistakes to avoid when selling on Instagram. You see Instagram is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. And you'll see the article going with the five things they need to avoid. Number one, not using high-quality photos. Number two, not using relevant hashtags. And you see all the article, it has a conclusion and a call to action. Remember we asked the Google bar to create a call to action at the end saying visit my website to learn more about how to sell on Instagram and you put the link there. That's it is ready for you. So all we have to do now is copy, edit. If you want to edit a little bit and publish this on your website. This is the easiest way guys to create optimized articles and blog posts for your website that are optimized for SEO with the best keywords that your target audience is searching on Google. I hope you do this and I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Developing optimized email sequences with Google Bard: Now is the time to start writing emails for an email sequence that you have. I promise you that in this course, one of the things we're working on is to create a complete marketing campaign from start to finish. And one main element of the marketing campaign is the email sequence. What is that? You have a landing page, you have a website, somebody joins your email list. And these emails will start sending our medically. So when you go on the internet and you join, you leave your name and email in some list. You see that this company, this personally starts sending you emails. First is the welcome e-mail. Hey, welcome to the least blah-blah-blah. Here you will add this, this, and this. After a couple of days you receive another one. So there is an e-mail sequence that you can create for marketing purposes using e-mail marketing. But one of the most difficult things is to actually write great copy for your emails. Every single e-mail you send the copy if the content is not well optimized for your target audience. If this copy doesn't have exactly what they are looking for when they start searching for you, for your company and your products and services. If we are not delivering that on the e-mails, your email sequence, one half, great resource, so you won't see results from that. You will have a hard time converting all these people from funds, from followers, subscribers into clients, pay for your products and services. So the goal here is to show you that, to show how you can use Google Bart to write a sequence of emails that are optimized for your target audience and for what you have to offer. The basic problem we are using is this, right? And you enter the number of MOs, U1, Google bar to write x number of emails for an email campaign, marketing campaign about and you enter the topic of your campaign. Remember to optimize these campaigns, these emails for my buyer persona. Remember, Bart already knows your buyer persona. We chat about that here in the same conversation, so it has all the knowledge about that specific. Let's come here. Let's say that we want five emails. Okay, for an email marketing campaign about, and here is the topic. Let's add this, how to sell on Instagram. Let's say, let's say that that's the topic of my email sequence. The people that entered the sequence they want, their main goal is to learn how they can sell on Instagram. And I can add, of course, more data here. I can say, hey, the first email is the welcome. Okay, now, after that, please add a few value, a few content e-mails, content e-mails with valley valuable content related with what they are looking for, which is selling, selling on Instagram. And you can say, the last email is where we invite them to buy my product. Let's say my online course, e.g. let's see what we have. This is just a test. Of course, you can add more and more data here. Google bar. The more data you add on your perm, the best, the better result, results you will have from this, from this system. Okay, Let's see, he's writing right there for us. So we have all the e-mails here. We have the outcome already. So let's explore this really quick, short here, five emails for email marketing campaign about how to sell on Instagram, optimize for your buyer persona. Wonderful. Number one, welcome email high, and you put the name, welcome to the course, blah, blah, blah. In this email, you'll learn how to sell on Easter trumps in jaws, just five steps. So you see all the steps here. And he's saying, I hope this helps. Thank you and use sign with your name. Number two, second e-mail. This is the E, the content email number one, where we are sharing valuable content width. Then if you think this is too short, maybe you can look at this. You say, Okay, this is good, but I want to go deeper on these details. You can ask for more information here. On Google bar. You can e.g. copy this saying once you know the target audience, you can say, okay, give me examples of each one of these and you add that to your email so you have a longer email if that's your preferences. We have the second constant email, which is ML3, the semaphore, which is another content email. And the last one is the call to action email where we ask for the sale. You see here, I hope you enjoy these tips I have shared with you in this email series. If you are ready to learn more about how to sell our insulin and encouraged, I encourage you to check out my course and you enter your course name or your product name. In this course, or with this product. You will learn this, this, and this. Creating high-quality contents increase your followers. Thanks for reading and you add the link to your product. So this is just a quick example on how you, how easy it is to create a complete email sequence with Googlebot for your e-mail marketing strategy. And you can ask Google, but first, if you said the one, not sure if I will do in which subjects about what I will create, what is the main topic of my email sequence. So in that case, you can ask Google bar to make a list of the ten, the top ten topics that you can use for an email marketing campaign for your buyer persona, it will give you some ideas and you can choose one of these ideas and create these sequence. And you can do this for any topic that you have, and you can have any number of emails. I enter here five emails as an example, you can say, okay, give me ten emails to any humans, 50 emails. The sky is the limit with AI. I hope you try this. This is powerful. In the next video, we continue. 10. Developing sales page copy with Google Bard: This is one of the most important, most powerful copywriting is that we will recreate in, in this course because here today in this lesson we're creating a complete sales page copy for your website to sell products, services, or anything that you want to sell online. Why this is powerful? Because we put all the energy, all the work, attracting people to Europe, to your marketing, to your social media, to your email sequence. But at the end of the day, the only thing that will convert, and we'll do the last step on the conversion process from followers and fans to clients is a sales page. So these people will come to a sales page that you have where you are saying, you know what, come here and let me show you all the wonderful things that my product can do for you. This is how my service, my product will change your life, your business life. This is the benefit that you will get from what I have to offer. So this is happening on the sales page. So this is important. We will write super optimized CSP sales page with Googlebot now, and we will use different copywriting frameworks. And this is mind-blowing guys, because to know all these copywriting frameworks, which are basically marketing formulas that people develop over the years to make sure they create a desire for something that is for sale on the customer's hard. We have access to these technology, to all this knowledge instantly. Now, with artificial intelligence, let me show you what I mean by that. We'll talk about this in the beginning of this course. You see here I print out a complete list of all the copywriting frameworks that I can use here on Google Bart to have access to that. You just come here and say, make a list. Make a list of all the copywriting frameworks that exist. Exist. Okay, let's see. Let's see what we have here. We have a miss spelling error here, but let's, let's see what the result we are getting here. Here we have a complete list. You can print this out. We did that in the prior lessons. So you see the aida, attention, interest, desire, and action. This is a framework. So when you are writing copy for your sales page, the width, width, in this case with Google, google buyer will follow this recipe. It will first create the, capture the attention of your followers with the copy. Later, we'll develop interests. We'll create the desire and will drive the customer. I mean, the, the, the reader, the follower to action and convert them into customers with this offer. So you can choose any of these specific frameworks. The one that you like, my favorite way to do this is to select 34, maybe two of these frameworks and create two or more versions of your sales page. Analyze all that and see which one works best for you, for your business and for your marketing plan. And the specific prompt we are using now to write this sales pitch, is this, right? A sales page optimized for my buyer persona. Remember, it knows who your buyer persona is already, where I'll say I will sell and you put your product or service name and use the copywriting framework and you add the copywriting framework that you want. So let's do a test here. Let's say that I want to sell a course. Selling, sorry, my online course about how to, how to, let's say, use email marketing to increase sales. E.g. I. Will use a copywriting framework. Let's try one of my favorite which is this, the FAB features, advantages and benefits. This is not all that we're doing. So stay with me here because I'll give you more tips in a minute here. So I'll just hit Enter. Let's see what do we have? Of course you can define here. You can say, okay, make sure the sales copy is from these number of words to these number of words. So you can increase and decrease. You can determine how long or how short you want your copy to be. On this case, we see here, learn how to use email marketing to increase sales. And this is the copy features, advantages and benefits, call-to-action testimonials, warranty and a scarcities even adding scarcity here. So if I want to try another one, Let's go with the four Ps, which is product, price, place, and promotion. So let me edit this prompt and say that I want to use the four P's Framework update. So let's see the result. And of course, every time I create a new one, I copied the one that I just created. You can paste that in a Word document or something and you can reuse these copied. You can make sure you create, I love to create usually a Frankenstein version. So I copy a little bit from this allele from the other one. So I started joining this part until I have the best copy possible. So you see here this is the one that we are using, the four Ps, product, price, place, and promotion. So he's saying learn how to use email marketing to increase sales and grow your business. My online course will teach you everything you need to know about email marketing front, creating high converting e-mail campaigns to tracking your results late after we go to the price, my online course is currently on sale for $99. This is just an example. It's not real. That's saving of 50 per cent of the regular price. You can purchase my online course right now on my website, you add the link to your website. There is a promotion, testimonial, and urgency. This offer is available for a limited time only, so you don't miss out, Enroll Now today and start learning how to use email marketing to increase sales. So you see these and also, if we come here and click on view or their draft, we have different versions of this same copy that Googlebot created automatically for us. We're now on draft one. Let's go to the three and you buy just by clicking here you see the different versions is that is creating for us. So we have more and more versions here. This is how you do it. This is a simple way to add more information to create sales space that I really attractive. My suggestion for you is to create at least three versions with three different copywriting frameworks. And also very important guys, when you are writing the problem, this prompt here, asking to write the sales page is important to add more information about your product and your service. These that I add is not enough because Google actually, Goldberg, Bart, doesn't know details about my online course, is just knows that it's a course about how to, how to use email marketing to increase sales. But if I copy all my outline, the course outline, or the link to the course, and I paste it here and say, hey, here's the outline. All the models are here, all the lessons are here. So by providing all this information the system have all that they need and will create best, better results for you. I hope you try this and see you in the next video. 11. Creating Facebook Ads with Google Bard: The email sequence is ready, the sales page is ready. Now we want to create ads to promote discourse about email marketing on this example, to more people around the world, people on Facebook, maybe on Google. And I'll show you how you can do that easily with Google bar. So I came here and I want help to create the copy for Facebook ads specifically. So I'm saying this right, a Facebook ad to sell my and you enter your product name here to my buyer persona. So again, it's optimizing for your buyer persona. Also provide the ideal target audience, which is something we need to add on the platform, on Facebook. And we're creating ads are the placement where we should show this ad within Facebook and the budget and duration for this add. So let's add here my course name. Let's say that the course name is how to sell on Instagram. Let's see what we have. As a result. We are hoping to get a gray copy that we can use rider on Facebook on the flight for your buyer, for your target audience. So you see here, sure, here is an ad to sell you. How to sell on Amazon, sorry, how to sell on Instagram course to my buyer persona. So we have the ideal target audience is saying that via target audience for this ad, or people who are interested on selling on Instagram. This could include people already selling on Islam, wants to improve their results, or people just starting from scratch placement. This ad could be placed in Facebook news feed. This is powerful guys because Facebook half-life. I don't know how many, but I will say that 1015 different placement or you can select right now, is the intelligence, artificial intelligence is giving you the exact placement that you can use for this ad. The most optimized way. Facebook and Instagram or websites that are relevant with your target audience. The budget is saying, okay, you can spend one to $10 per day. This is totally up to you. The duration a few days or a few weeks. This is not ideal, but this is actually, this is a good point. A good starting point would be to run for at least seven days. This is what I always recommend to my students to run any ads for at least seven days. So you try all the days of the weeks, that week to see which one performs better. Copying this, the copy we are using on the on the ad, we have the image. What is the image? This image should be a photo of someone who is successful selling on insulin. It could be an image of a product or service that is being sought on Instagram. Of course, I recommend to use your product, your service, a photo of what you offer, not a general photo from the Internet. And the call to action is here, is saying this could be, let's see, a link or the people will click. I didn't like this as much as I like on chat DPT, because here is mainly suggesting what to do is say, okay, you need a call to action that drives people to our website. Okay. That's obvious, but I want the real copy that I need to copy and paste on Facebook solid. Improve this right now on the flight, You and I can come here. And I say, okay, now please write the exact copy I will use in this. And I can paste this that it suggests me here on the results. So let's see if we have a more, a more specific answer here with exact copy we can use on on Facebook. And now we have headline. Wants to sell a mortgage through the body. Cellular insulin is a great way to reach a larger audience, connect with potential customers, increased sales, Blah, blah, blah. Excellent call-to-action. Click here to learn more about the course and enroll today. So this is what I'm looking for. Now. We come here and we can say, okay, we have the image, we have the, but the copy perfect. So let's go to the ideal target audience. I can ask. Make a list of the specific interests for my target audience that I will use on Facebook when creating this app. So let's see what we have here. I hope it gives me a specific interests of these target audience that I need to tell Facebook when I'm creating this atom here we have intrepreneurship, social media marketing, retail, fashion. All the interests are here. Wonderful. So now we have a complete formula, complete copy, audience, duration and budget for this specific Facebook Ads. See you in the next video. 12. Creating Google Ads with Google Bard: Perfect. Let's say that now we want to create the same ad or something similar to sell the same product on Google. And inside Google we have different ads placements. We can create an atom Google to be, to be shown on Google Search. So when somebody goes to Google, they start for that keyword or a phrase. The first results are usually at. You, you probably saw that these are the Google search at, and we will create one example of Google's search ad. You can also create Google Shopping ads, Google display ad that will show in different websites around the Internet, e.g. if you go or any of these big websites are also small-world place. They have areas where they are showing at Google display ads. So you can create all these ads with Google bot, with artificial intelligence on this example, we are doing exactly that for Google Search. So when people go to Google and search for something, your ad will show that this is the problem. Write a Google search at optimized for my buyer persona. Again, selling this product or service, you specify that include everything that we need to have on Google, which is a headline description, display URL, final URL keywords that I need to use the most, if not the most important, but one of the main elements that will help your ad to perform better is the ad extensions that it can suggest why this is wonderful guys. This is great because we're using here Google bar. This is a Google services that Google Artificial Intelligence. And we're creating Google ads with Google part. We're only working with Google services here, Google products, so nobody knows, but we believe that this service can connect and can communicate with each other. So I hope, and I believe that this artificial intelligence will create the best copy, the best model, the best template for you when you are planning and creating Google ads. For the simple reason that this is also a Google product. I hope you agree with me. Let's try and see if that's true. I'll, I'll add here my product name, which is an old selling, an online course about how to sell on Instagram, e.g. let me see what results we have. We asked for handling description, display URL, final URL, and all this. And you see that we have, We didn't get an answer from Google bar is saying, I can, I can assist you with that. As an only a language model, I don't have the capacity to understand and respond. Okay, that's fine. Maybe you got your answer. So we need to tweak this a little bit. And here we go. The problem we have is that we were asking for the final URL and the actual URL of the product. And at this moment on this specific model, Googlebot didn't know that, so it prevents the system to provide an answer. So I remove that and now we have an answer. So it's important for you to see this because sometimes you won't have an answer and you just need to edit a little bit on your brand, optimize your brown, give more details and you will have the end result, which is this. On this case, we have a great copied look at this headline that we are using on Google search is learn how to sell on Instagram. The description. Our course will teach you everything you need to know about selling on Instagram, from creating a high converting pose to tracking your results, keywords that we need to use. This is wonderful. This is difficult to have Instagram selling online course, marketing and entrepreneurship optimized keywords that are being provided by Google itself. So this is powerful guys at extinction, where are the ads thing extension I can use for this one? The side link extension, the extension messages, extension, price, and location extension. This is how you can create any Google ads using gold bar. I hope you try this. See you in the next video. 13. Create a complete marketing Funnel with Google Bard: This is the lesson where we create a complete sales funnel for you and for your business. So by the end of this specific lesson, you will have everything that you need to create that complete sequence, all the elements and the sequence will be working for you, excited and ready to start. So let's start right now to create a marketing funnel, if you don't know what a marketing funnel is, is basically a collection of steps that you need to follow with your prospects, with your elites. So when you collect leads from your followers, your customers, they go through your funnel and at the end they end up purchasing your product. So the main goal of the funnel, if this is to capture the attention of new people that don't know about your business, about your company, about your services, your products, and get the information, get their name and their email. So that's the main thing. Get that information. Once you capture that information, name and email, they enter into your funnel. They usually download a free lead magnet. I'll give you examples of that. And they go through an e-mail sequence where at the end you will offer then your product and services. And they will say yes I want and they will purchase what you offer. So what, how do we start here? We need a few elements. The first one is that we need to define an optimize your target audience and buyer persona. And you say Diego weight. And watching this course in order. We already did that in prior lessons, yes, we did. So if you already have your buyer persona here on Google barred, wonderful. You don't need to that step and we will skip that step here on this lesson. So the next step we need is to create a lead magnet. What is a lead magnet? Magnets something that you offer for free and exchange of your customer's name and email. E.g. let's say half a course on how to sell on Instagram. I can have a PDF, a free PDF, or an e-book, or a video series where I offer you a report. Let's say I have a PDF with a list of all the top ten headlines that I use for to sell products or on Instagram that are converting the best. So if I promise you, I will give you the, my top ten headlines that worked for years on Instagram. I'll give you that for free. Just give me your name and email. That is a free lead magnet is something that you offer for free in exchange of your customer's email address and name. That's one thing. Also, once we captured these name and e-mail, what do we do with that? We need to create. We send them to an image sequence. So we have an e-mail sequence that you may be already created in the last lesson. So that's fantastic. If not, we are doing the dot here again. So we will create an e-mail sequence for this following specifically, on the last piece we need to define is a landing page. What is the landing page? Landing page is a page on your website or anywhere where you have information about your free lead magnet is a place where you said, Hey, if you want to download my free PDF or I have the top ten headlines that you can use to sell any products on Instagram. Just enter your e-mail here and you will download that. So that's the landing page is a page where people can download that will create a copy for that landing page here in this section. So let's do that right now. The first thing we need, again is to define your target Alice, we already have a target out is if you don't, if you don't have a buyer persona, you can use these prompts here, saying helped me to identify my target audience. Ask follow-up questions until you have all the information you need to create a buyer persona and target audience for my business, okay? So you do that, you follow the process and you will have a buyer persona by the end of this problem. Next, we need to create a lead magnet. So we will use first, what are elite magnetics and what are examples of lead magnets? Here we have a problem IN asking Barb to create a list of possible lead magnets that can that I can use for my buyer persona. Again, Barb knows my buyer persona. They know that they are interested on digital marketing and all the things. It knows your buyer persona now because you are following the process that we're showing you is suggesting here. Here is a list of possible lead magnets you can create with for this buyer persona. You see here a free e-book or report on how to sell on Instagram, a free guide or checklist on how to create high converting eastern Poles. Interesting, a free webinar or video tutorial on how to use Instagram for Business. A free trial of your online course, excellent African saltation with me. All these are free lead magnet. They are value content that you have for your outings in X and you will do that in exchange for their name and email. Let's select one of these on this example. Let me go with, let's see here an e-book or report on how a report on how to sell an insulin e.g. or even better. Let's do with this as a checklist on how to create high converting Instagram post, I prefer down. So let's do this. Now that we have the, we have a list of all of the lead magnets. We can use. Select one of them. And if you don't like any of these, you can ask Barb to create ten more ideas. Make another list with other examples of lead magnets I can use for my target audience. And you will have more and more examples until you are, until you are satisfied with the one that you choose, unsatisfied with the checklist on how to create high converting Eastern post. So next, we need to create that specific lead magnet. In this case, I choose this one, the checklist, so I will copy this. And I will say help, right? Checklist on how to create high converting it from post. These, I will use as a lead magnet for my marketing funnel. If you want, you can include this information. If not, it's fine. Of course here you can say, Hey, Google Bart, it, grind these and make it this long. These number of words, 2000 words or 5,000 words is up to you. In this case, you see that it's too short. So I will edit this and I will say yes. Use 2000 words or more. Okay, let's see if we have better. We can also use any of the copywriting frameworks that we saw in the past. I don't think that's very relevant to for this specific lead magnet, but it's an option if you want to create a video tutorial as a, as a lead magnet, you can say, Hey, write a video script for this specific topic. Now we have the result you see here. Here is a checklist. Now we have a more complete lead magnet, so I can transfer this into a PDF. I can maybe go to Let me go to I can create an eBook. So let me go here. E-book. And I can use any of these e-books templates. And I can start just copying and pasting each one of these 71010 tips to create, engaging in high converting posts on Instagram. And I can transfer that, make a beautiful ebook and give that to my outings in exchange of their name and e-mail. So this is the second part, the e-mail. The e-mail lead magnet. We have that ready. I hope you have that. If you again, if you want to create the video, Let's do that. We have a video tutorial on how to use insulin for business. So I can come here and say, write a script for a video tutorial on how to enter business. Make it 5 min long. I want that the video as a whole has five-minutes duration. So let's see what we have. Of course, you can add more details here. You can ask for more. You can add more information. The more information you add the best for your scripts. So here we have the script saying, Let's see, Hey everyone, Welcome to my video tutorial, how to use Instagram for Business. In this video, we're going to show how to create an Instagram account, blah, blah, blah. So you have everything here. All you have to do is read this in front of the camera and you have a free video lead magnet. So now that we have identified the buyer persona, number 1, s thing we did is we have your lead magnet ready. The third thing is to create this landing page. That is the place on your website where people will enter their name and e-mail. I won't show you now how to do how to create the page. We have a section here on the course where I show you may students how to create a website. So you can use that to create your landing page, or you can use any softwares that are available in the interim on how to create a landing page. What we're doing here is creating the copy, all the texts for your landing page. And to do that, we are doing two steps. The first one is this. We're saying write a landing page, copy optimized from a buyer persona where I will be selling and you put your name, the name of your product and service. Use the copywriting framework and you add the copywriting framework here. Remember we have at least now, if you don't. You can just ask Google, but what are all the copywriting firm framework that you can use to write copy? Include the headline, sub-headline, and all the elements of an optimized copy. Excellent, Let's add here, we have a service, a product which to sell an online course on how to sell on Instagram. Excellent. Use the copywriting framework and here I will use the aida framework. Just to test. You can use any frameworks that U1 and I again tell Barb to use the headline, sub-headline and all the elements for a perfect copy. And here we have C is saying this. Let's see if he's good. Headline, learn how to sell on Instagram and make, make more money. Sub-headline or course will teach you everything you need to know about selling on Instagram for creating high converting post to track your results. You have the body called the copy for the body of the the landing page, testimonials, call-to-action warranty and limited time offer. This is ready for you. All you have to do here is copy, paste this on your landing page, and your landing page is re. The last element we have, we need is the fourth element, which is an e-mail sequence for your funnel. And we did this in another lesson here on Google bar. So I will use the same parameter I have saying, right? In this case, five emails for an email marketing campaign to sell. Let's say here about, you can say a key to sell, my own line course about how to sell on Instagram. Remember to optimize it for my buyer persona. So it will write the five emails or ten emails or two e-mails is up to you that you will use during these e-mails sequence. This is the whole process. Let's wait for the email So we see the results. So here we have, we have the subject line. One, wants to learn how to sell on Instagram. We have the body copy e-mail tool, and we have up to five emails. You see that the last e-mail is actually a call-to-action email where we are inviting people to enjoy, to join us in the course and started learning how to sell on Instagram. This is the whole process to create a simple and powerful marketing funnel for any business that you have and to sell any products that you have. This process guys, usually takes days and weeks and sometimes even months to plan and think about it and write the emails and create the brainstorm ideas for the lead magnet, create, delete. Let's say you want an e-book, you need to write the eBook format is complicated, but now with Google Bart and artificial intelligence, we can do that in a few minutes. Do this, and I'll see you in the next video. 14. Generating Product and Business names with Google Bard: In this section, we will talk about how you can use Googlebot for branding if you are creating a new product or if you have a product and you want to improve and optimize the product name, the tagline, and the slogans of your product, your company, your business, your services. Also, we will talk about how you can create an FAQ. Frequently asked questions for your products and products description doesn't matter if you have a business or if you have a real products that you are selling online or even physical products, these branding session applies to all that. In these lessons specifically, we'll start by creating and generating ideas for a product name. So we have a product and let's imagine we have a new product or a new business and we want to create, these ideas were using artificial intelligence, in this case, Google birth, to create business names and product names. So let's go to go back right now. And this is a problem that we can use create names for. And you add a business type and the target audience as follows. Ask follow-up questions if necessary until you get all the information you need to create the best name for my business. This case, we are asking for a business name. If you want a product name, just change the prompt. So make sure you are asking for a product name. So let's do an example here saying Create and may create names for. Let's say that we have our restaurant. For a restaurant. That is for people in these specific target audience. That is for vegans and gluten-free clients, let's say. And let's ask follow-up questions if necessary until you have all the information. So let's see what Google Bart as us as more information to create these business. So heat or ideas for is already given us some names. For the restaurant, the green affair, the gluten-free food in the vegan than the plant-based palette. The vegan kitchen, very popular, and the gluten-free bakery. Also, he's saying, I will need more information to create the best business name. Yes, we want the best business name. E.g. what is the overall concept of the restaurant? What kind of food do you serve? Is that the atmosphere of a restaurant? Are you at? What is your target demographic or target audience? Who is your, who are your competitors? What is your budget, and what is your marketing strategy? So let's fill these up. Here are the answers and saying, It's a vegan restaurant where we serve organic products from the farm. We serve organic and vegan food, also gluten-free. The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. Relaxed. The main target audience are vegans. The, Let's see, what's the competitors. As I said to you that I'm not sure if you know your competitors, you can add here the next question, what is your budget and marketing strategy? I said also that I'm not sure what my marketing strategies and I know I don't have a budget for ads, so let's hope we have great names here. Here are some names that fit your restaurants based on what we answer, the vegan garden, the organic vegan kitchen, the gluten-free vegan oases, vegan farm fresh. I liked that. I want the vegan oasis, vegan garden cafe, vegan organic affair, vegan gluten-free cafe. So you have all these options. Let's say that the one that we like is the organic vegan kitchen. Let's go with this guy, this guy here. So this is the one that we like. If you don't like any of these names, you can say, Hey, Google bar, please suggest ten more names based on what we chat so far. Let's do that. Please write ten more names based on our conversation. Let's see. So we have more and more names until you have the name that you want. Of course, if this is not exactly what you are expecting, you can edit the prompt, optimize it with more information until you have the best name. On this case. We have here the green vegan vegan farm. I'm going with vegan farm. Yeah, I liked began, begun font. Let's go with vegan form. And this is the name of the restaurant. The next video, we will continue creating a slogan for these brands. See you there. 15. Taglines and slogans for your brand with Google Bard: For the slogans and taglines, we will use these prompts. Here is a very simple one is saying write taglines and slogan for, and you add your business type. You can say for a vegan restaurant, for this kind of product, for this service, you can use your imagination to have the best result here on this case, since we are already chatting with google Bart, we will use this write taglines slogan for our restaurant. And I will put the name here, vegan farm, which is the name that actually Google just suggested to us. So let's see. Hopefully we'd have great taglines and slowly saying that cyclists are farm to table vegan style. I love that one. Vegan food that is, that's good for you and the planet. Vegan food made with love. Vegan food that's better for you and the war. My favorite so far and matter which one you like. I think for the slogans, I'm going with this one. Farm to table, vegan style, simple, straight to the point. And he's talking about the target audience, the demographic we have. We have vegan people that like organic products straight from the farm fresh. All that is encapsulated in this tagline. Let's go to this Logan's. Here we have vegan farm. We're foot mitts, sustainability, best vegan food in town, place where you can enjoy delicious food without harming animals. The future of food. The best way to eat. I like vegan farm the best way to eat. Or even if he's a popular restaurant, or that's my goal. And farm the best vegan food in town, eat. Any of these will be my favorites. So let's copy that for the taglines. This is great. I'm not sure how long it will take you to come with these ideas, but for me, it will take some time with artificial intelligence, we are doing this really fast. So let's go with the best vegan, vegan food in town. In the next video, we'll go here and create product description for this specific vegan restaurants. See you there. 16. Product descriptions for your online store with Google Bard: Excellent. We have the name of the restaurant, we have the slogans and taglines ready for our vegan restaurant. So now we can create description. Let's say you have a menu. You can ask a Google Bart to create a menu or sample menu for you of all the vegan food that you are serving the restaurant. And here in this lesson, we'll create a description for each one of these items to make sure the description is irresistible and optimize for your restaurant, for your goal on, for your target audience. So let's go here and ask, what's a sample menu for these vegan restaurant? Let's see if Google, bob can send us, can help us with some ideas of food that we can sell here on the restaurant. Okay? Here we have breakfast or oatmeal with berries and almond milk, lunch, lunch, salad with quinoa, roasted vegetables and tofu dressing, dinner. You have all the options here, dessert, drinks. So let's grab one of these. Let's go with the avocado toast with poached eggs, I will use these prompts here. Look right, three possible description you can write three or ten, or five is up to you. I choose three for the product and you add the product name here on this case, will be the avocado toast with boats at x. So let's see the description in the menu. Usually you need to put a description if you have a product, if you have an online store where you are selling the, any physical products or digital products, doesn't matter. You need a description and this is the best way to create a compelling and optimized description for your products. Here you, here you go. Three possible description for the avocado toast with potent x. One, delicious and healthy breakfast or brand option. The dish fitters creamy avocado mash on whole wheat toast, topic with perfectly poached eggs. The combination of creaming, avocado and the running AIX York is simply irresistible. You see that? It's not just a simple description. It creates. It's fired the imagination of your client. It's creating a desire on your client for this specific products. So you can do this for all these for all these items on your menu. And now we have an optimized description for any products that you have on your restaurant or on your online store, or anywhere that you have this online. 17. Generating FAQ with Google Bard: The last thing we're doing here in the branding section is to create an FAQ frequently asked questions for a product you have on this example we are using, we are talking about are vegan restaurant and food. They're not the vegan food. That is not the best example to create an FAQ. Because usually people don't have frequently asked questions about an avocado toast with poach eggs is something simple that they read the name of the product array, array null. But if we, let's say we have a course on how to sell on Instagram is an online course. People will pay like $500 to join. Maybe they have questions and maybe they are, most clients are asking the same and the same question. So we want to create an FAQ for the most popular questions. On that case. We can do that very easily here on Google, Google Bart. And let's do that with this brown, we will say, Please write an FAQ for an online course about how to sell on Instagram. Of course, the more information this is important guys, the more information you provide to Googlebot, the best results you will have. So please just don't do as I did just a simple just write me or FAQ about these. Provide more information instead of just saying, Hey, write an FAQ about how to sell on Instagram course, I can copy the outline of my course and paste here on Google bar. So it will know exactly how to generate the most optimized FAQ for these products. Specifically in this case, we still have a good result. You see, what is this course about? And he's explaining here, who is Discord force? What I will learn this course, set up your Instagram business account, create engaging content, blah-blah-blah. How long is the course? What are the benefits? So all these information is here and this is important because you can also use these on your sales copy. If you have a sales page, you can add some of these. E.g. what are the benefits of taking this course? That's something that people need to know before they enroll in the course. So you can add an FAQ to your sales page to have better conversion and have more information for your audience. 18. Analyzing reviews and optimizing your products and services: In this video, I'll show you how you can use right now Google Bart to analyse the reviews for your customers to see if you have reviews, if your company, your store, your products, your services, they receive reviews from your customers, are from people that interact with your business in any way. We can use artificial intelligence to analyze all these reviews, to see what are the things that people really like about you, your product, your service, your company. And also we can analyse the negative reviews and see what are the, what people dislike about what you offer. So we can improve exactly that and make sure we have more and more satisfies customers, right? So this is fantastic and you can use that for your products and services. If you said Diego, wait, I don't have any reviews. I don't deserve is the products I have. I don't collect reviews from my customers. That's fine. Stay with me because I'll still show you how you can use this service to analyze any business e.g. on Google, on Google Maps, restaurants, hotels, any business that have reviews. You can analyze what people like about them and what people dislike. So you can decide if you will consume their products or not. But it's, my main goal here is if you have reviews from your customers on my case, this course, you will, you will leave a review in this course, you'll review is important for me and fulfilled because we use your reviews to actually improve the course. So tell us right now in the course what you like about this course. Why do you like about it? Why you are excited about this? And with that, we will use actually Googlebot and attach EBT as we did in the last sections here, to analyse the reviews and improve the course or your product. So let's jump right now to Google Maps. Here we are. And I will start for a sushi restaurant. Sushi restaurant. Let's see what we have here. We have one. Let's go with Deja vu, Deja vu restaurant. This is a great restaurant that is close by where I live. It's actually just 3.9 reviews, which is not great on Google, but it's a great place. We love the foot from this place. So I will use this as an example. This is just as an example. So you understand the process. So here we can to Google map. You can find your product use every year store, or you can have any business that you want to analyze. So all we have to do is just copy the link. And this is different from IGBT because in chat GPT we need to have to copy all the reviews, right? And, and pays their views on changeability because currently chat GPT doesn't have access to the Internet. Maybe when you are watching this, it already has. So we come here and we click on Share. We copy the link and we go now to Google Bart. And in here we can say, please make a list of all the things people like about these restaurant. And if this is your product, if this is your restaurant, you can add here your, your, your information. So I will just write this prompt and also paste the link so it knows which restaurant we are talking about. So let's go and see what we have. So what we're really thinking about it, It's processing is reading all the reviews and making a list of what people like. Here we have the list. So he's saying, here are some of the things people like about this restaurant. The food is delicious and authentic. The cervical is friendly and attentive. They bad-mouth. The atmosphere is relaxed and inviting. The prices are reasonable, the location is convenient parking example blablabla, excellent. Here are some reviews from customers, so it's also making a list from all the things that people like about the restaurant is reading all these reviews. And from everything that, that Bart learned on the reviews is making this list in order for you. So you know exactly what people like. Awesome. As a bonus, offering us some real reviews from people saying, This is the best Indian food I ever had. The service. Here is amazing. I love coming here. The prices are reasonable or blah, blah, blah, and I never had a bar, a bad meal here. This is a good, good spot. So you see all the reviews here. And now we can keep doing if this is your restaurant, you can say, Okay, people like the food, people like the service, the price Is everything. Okay? I will improve this even more. I can keep, make sure we keep this thing as it is to make sure people still like what we have. Also we can come hidden, unchanged this and say, make a list of all the things people dislike about this restaurant. Christo rent based, and we can add these based on these reviews. Okay. Excellent. And I will paste the link again. Let, let's see what we have now. So it's analyzing all the negative reviews now and he's making a list of everything are all about all the suggestions people are mentioning on these reviews. So we have here, again, here are some things that people dislike about this restaurant, the food. Sometimes this is inconsistent in quality. The service can be slow. And we see here all the reviews and we see what are the suggestions from your customers. So we can come here and say, Okay, let's fix this. If people are saying that the service is low, that let's improve the service. E.g. another thing that you can do if you don't have access to, like Google Maps, you can just come here. Let's say that we don't, that you have your reviews maybe in another website, and you don't want to give access to that to Google, but you can always come to any website to Yelp, to any website that collects reviews and ratings. You click on the reviews. On Amazon. You can even do this. You can copy the reviews from Amazon. And you can just copy all these reviews. This is the same process we did for the IGBT section guys in earlier lessons in the course. So I can just copy this and come here to Bart. Say, again, let's, let's edit one of these just to make things easier. Based on these reviews. And we can just paste their reviews. So we paste the reviews. It will analyze the reviews for us. Let's click on update and see what we have as result of thinking about it. You can do this again for any website that collects reviews from your customers or from any product or service you want to use. So he's thinking about, and here we have the answer is based on these reviews. Some people dislike the restaurant because the food is not as good at, is look, it looks. The service is not always helpful. The atmosphere is not always peaceful or serine. The prices are not always reasonable. You see that it's not generalizing. It's not saying the prices are high, is saying The prices are not always reasonable. So it's a little bit more polite that we, that the thing we saw in charge EBT when we did the same process. So this is how you can analyze reviews from your company or from any company here on Google. But I hope you do this in the next video, we continue with the course. 19. Bringing it all together: Now we are at the end of the course and you complete it. Amazing things during this course. Because now you have a complete marketing campaign that we created 100% using AI, Googlebot on this case. And during this course, we created and define your target audience and your buyer persona, created a complete content calendar for you that you can use to create polls and social media content in all the social media platforms, we optimize your website using Google Bard, we created complete email marketing campaigns, sales pages, landing pages, emails to sell your products and services. We built all that a much more using Google Bart's. So I hope that you now download this prompt guide that I am sharing with you in the beginning of the course, you can download, print out, and use every day to create all these marketing material that you learn here in the course. These are yours to keep. You can just copy and paste the pose that we use in the class. They are here in the course. And to create that from now on. So that will save you hours of time every day.